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Full text of "History of the conquest of England by the Normans [tr. by C.C. Hamilton]."

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"^ • -V \ v-^ 




€%t ^olc o[ Narmasbic 
atnoRg ni bonrt^ get. anir it^nllrtt cDct mo : 
et t|t Komannrf bctQ t^sf.Qes mnt, tltat brt^ of tfis* lontt, 
ainlt tic lotsr nrn at ^om 

(Kobert of Glooccrin'i Cbionklp.) 




. n Sj 


PBIHTin BT WlLLl»« Ctowri MD Ho»i", 



Tilts Work vas fir»t publinhed in 1625, and nppcaKil ognin in 1f)26; 1)Ut llic text Iiml nut 
tlicu bcdt ameUaratol, for I hiid been unable, ><> very voou aft«T having compUted tht' 
work, to g;ivc it ui mipaninl consldcralion, or to diecHrd the uriginul iniprcxKiotia ami iileim 
uudcr iho iuSuencc of which I bud followed uut to its conipleliuu vi luburiou» u tiksk. 
However, after the interval of four years, I have found mywlf in a condition lo judj;i; 
freely of the meriK of pages which have now been Bomc considerable liini: published, and 
to pcrfonn the affiu of a sercTC critic on my own work. I have submitted it, in all it* 
detail*, to a careful and contcieittious revision, both as to the compilaliun and the dlctiun. 
I have added and rcticuchcd ; and al^u made numeroua TariaLiuna, cither lo render thv 
circumttances of the narrative more prominent, or the lanpisge more effective and more 
clcjpnt. I flatter mysdf that 1 have completely obHtcratcd whatever the prejudices of 
youth had ori^nally prompted ; and aluo whatever, in certain paisage«, had been hrunrded 
in politica] Fcntinictils,or woa too caustic in the msnniT of cxpreuing them. 

I have to acknnwledf^e the kindncia of an Englishman, Mr. Wictiham, a member of hit 
BrituiDic Majesty's privy council, a* dtatinguiahed ffrr IiIk talent an lio i« xealoua in inquiry 
•■ to the history of his country, for my having been enabled ijcraonally to inspect the text 
of varioiia MSS. relating to the Norman Conquul, and by this means to furnish many 
facts which arc cnlirclv ncn. Such ore the details of the death of llie (jTenl pnttianu 
ehieftun Hcreward, extracted from a history of ihe Anglo-Saxona, written in French 
rhymes in the twelfth ct:Rtury ; and the narrative of the capilulation of I^^ndon, tranRlated 
from a Latia poem recently discovcted in the king's library al Hruaacle. This interesting 
docomCDt consista of eight hundred and twenty elegiac lines, the work of a cuiiicin- 
ponny poet, who described, in a style often simple and lometimcn emphatic, Ihe landing of 
the NmmanB in Kngland. the battle of Hastings, and the corunnlion nf William ihc 
Conqueror. In his noirntiun of the battle, the author, although showing himself devoted 
to tl>e eauae of the duke of Normandy, ^ivcs ample teatimony of tin uucompmiuisiug apirit 
of king Harold and the valour uf the Saxonx ; but, except lume circunuuuices thui pusKrsi 
litlJe iutcicst, the details furutshcd by him are to be fuiind clacwherc. This ia not the 
cate with that portion of Uie jwem dedicntpd to (he subsequent events: therein, fur tlic 
first time, is to be met a detailed description ot the state of I/indon during the month in 
which that eapiul was auhjccted In a blockade. In this delineation, which is given with 
much apiril, there figures a peraooage liitherto unknown, namely, the chief mngistratc of 
the eitixens, whoac ancient Anglo-Saxon title I hcliere I have discovered in a nsme 
disguised by a foreign orthography.* "Whnlcver may l>e ihe coneclnc»ii of ibis conjecture, 

* The name la Ihe po«fn ti«(«r«r(Trcd tnJHAnRKsrdiu; anil it spTCU* ellher mi>sulu » propn aamv, 
«r U tltc title «r> ^mo migUtnttc : An^e.Nainn MSS. havn nnt, liaieerGr, {^itfij th« lenn An«*-«nirW u 
spfUed lo swli an o(Bm, j« Uie onmpontnl wordu Aon« ami latrd srt of ernlciit nicanhiK. IltckcMii* 
rives Aoiu-Am u s efnaaym cf fDllrl.lioll : uid ZA. hyv tnukFr buryf-uearJ vonrtpoaA with (lie Icm 
biush-gMM«r. How U»e title W uuae ot antsanl U '«rj liul* rpiBOKJ. iu iti ti^arent form and 
drnTation, from tb« compound hont-ti^tdi aaJ in llil> pcMtm ws tlrridy bavi^ found Eifntril and 
Ant^rd deslgnUlag iht knowe nunt oi EdwiTd. Whither mf lumUc be Jim or (mbunded, tlM 
aarr«tiTe drawn from iliii Latin potm ii ntit xfTtcted ihi>reb]f. iPagt 71.) 


It advertisement TO THE THIHD EDITION. 

which I do not much insist on, the facts are now well established, and fill up a void left 
by the hiBtorians. 

The subject treated of with the lesat precision in the two former editions was the 
establishment of the county or duchy of Normandy. I hare retouched my account of it, 
adding thereto some new details, borrowed, for the most part, from the work of M. Depping 
OQ the maritime expeditions of the Normans. That excellent publication is one of the 
three which I recommend to those studious persons who may have the curiosity to inquire 
minutely into the facts which I have made selection of : the other two works are the 
' History of the Anglo-Saxons,' by the learned and esteemed Mr. Turner, and the 
* History of England,' by Dr. Lingard, who is eminently diBtinguished above all pre- 
ceding writers by his profound researches, and an uncommon insight into the character of 
the Middle Ages. My object could not be extended to the complete development of the 
political, civil, and intellectual condition of the Anglo-Saxons and the Gallo- Normans. 
On the contrary, I have been forced to neglect many very interesting subjects of inquiry, 
that I might not thereby encumber the historical scene in which these two nations enacted 
the great drama of the Norman Conquest. I have never departed from this rule, of one 
distinct purpose, in reviewing and retouching my work with the most scrupulous attention 
to accuracy ; for, in my opinion, every historic composition is a work of art as well as of 
erudition ; the form and the style is a matter of no less moment than the critical inquiry 
into the truth of facts. 

The long and laborious examination to which I have just lent my best exertion was a 
debt of gratitude I owed to the public. I have dedicated thereto, for the last fifteen months, 
all the hours which I could snatch from the sad attention to my condition of health under 
the sufferings and infirmities that have so long afflicted me. My labour is at length 
performed : shall I have strength to accomplish a new task of this nature, and make a third 
advance in this scries of literary labours, that I have long indulged myself in the hope of 
achieving? I dare not give way to this cherished hope; but so long as the breath of life 
animates me I shall never separate myself from these studies : they have been my strongest 
passion in the years of my youth and vigour; and they now afford me consolation wlien 
oppressed by the tedious assaults of premature old age. 

Car^utirantu, tuar Hyirei, 
Februmy 5, 1B30. 

*.* The present Trani>l«tion is amended from the Fifth Edition, and has ieen carefully edited in 
conformity with this the Author't lateat text. 

Chaklbs C. HAHiLroN. 

Loitdm, October, IMO. 





WiiATEVM clogreeof temUiTiFil imity the great modern slatea of Europe may iippenr to 
liBVc nttaino) — nluUevcr may be: Ihc eontiuunit}' of toannere, Innguigc, and public fcdin);, 
which the tiabit of living under tht> ume gnveriimeiit nml in the Mine tilnge of civilientinn 
hna iiitmluced amuii); the inliabit&nta of eaclt of those atatea — there is scarcely udc 
of ihein which does not even now present living tincca of the diveitity of tJie races nf mm 
which in cnurae of time tmve cunii: to^thitr in it. Thiit vark-ty shuwit itself under dilTcrent 
nsjiect*, wilh features marc or leu marked- Somclimc* it is a complete teparatiaD of local trnditiona, of jKilitii^al iitniirni''ntii, xiid n vurt of instinctive enmity, diHtiii- 
gnuthing from the great luktloiial uuum ihu |iiiiiulntiun of a few amnll dt«lriclB; and some- 
times a mere difference of di:ilect, or even of iicecnl, marks, though morp feebly, th« limit 
of the Bctilcmcnis of races of men uncc thoroughly distinct, and hostile to each Allicr. 
The fwther wo go back from the time in which wo live, the more definite lhe«e varicIkH 
become, and tli« more clearly vc |>ercci<c the exietencc of several uaiiooa wiiliiii tlie 
gcogrtipliical circumference which now benrs the name of one vnly. In place of wliat we 
call proTiocial patois we Gml camplete and regular languages; and that which iip|iaiTs lo 
us now but aa awnntof civilisatinuinnda reaiatancc tatbcpiogrcBsof iniprovemeiil. nnnumcs 
ta post ages theaspeet of originM manners and a pntnotie attachment to ancient inttilutiona. 
Thus, thin^ which have very little impoitftnce in mnderii society are tt-ry important in 
ktstary. It were faUilyiag hwtory lo intrm^ucc into h a pbtlotophicnl contempt for KVt-ry 
deputare from the unifurinity of ciiiting civilisation, and lo consider those nittiuns ns alune 
worthy of honourable mcnlioD. to whose names the chance of events has attached, for the 
{irewot and fur the future, the idea of that civiliulion. 

The (UfTaenl popuhitions of Lite Enropvau continent and islands Itavr, nt ililliTcnt 
periods, clashed together und invaded enrh other'H trrritorics, never halting in their 
{WQgresa until natural obstaclcb, oi n moic powerful ^e^i«lflnce, uccasiuned by a gmitcr 
cooccntntion of the ounquervd imputation, obliged them tu stoit. Thut>, the popalalionn 
cxHiquercd at various periixls have been found lying in a sorluf strata, in the differrnl 
iluectwns taken by the great nfttinnal inigrntious. In this movement of nucccsaivc iiiva- 
lions. the most ancient races, rciluced lu u small number uf families, desertpd ths plaiui 
■ad flod into the mountains, wherr, though jwur, they maintained their indcpendrucc ; 
while their invaders, being invaded in their turns, became »erf* of Ihc soli in tlie eoiinlry 
wliicb tbey occupied, for want uf meeting with a vacant asylum in impieguablc faslm-sscs.* 
The conquest of ICngUnd by William duke of Normaudy, \.d. 1066, is the last territorial 
ninqu<st that has taken place in tlio wentern fial of Europe. Since then, there have been 
iwtic but poUtical conquests, quite dilferent from tttuiieuf Ihc barliariaus who remored \Mtl] 
their families to the invsde<l Icrritory, stiaring it among DicmMlve*, and sparing to the 
Tutquithed tlieir lives only, on condition of their titling the ground luid temuning qniet. 

■ The priBcipal mlKnliam of jiopulitUon whlrh look place before Di« Christian «n oa iha w««|pni 
Mnitiaant of Enrop* have been tircumwuitiollj nim.t«d. uid, in mjr opinloi], wtlh ^nalcriUnlMgaoll]', 
hf Bj trwlur, Anidl* Thirrry, ia tHtttpir» Hti Gnuloii 



A I. 

1 2^ A. 

• • 


«enlury there whe imt b tirigV- CDn<]iicst thut wu not profiCbble u> the court of Rume n« 
well R» (« ihiMc wlio liftd ellccwd it by tlttr Innce ninl the "woid ; biiJ this otlicr fi-aturc, 
liithcrto ovcrluokrd, of the histury of the middle n^ta, baa excited in me, willi n'^unl tu ilie 
difTeietit national c1iurcli« which the cliutch of Rume cidled hereticHl or •diiBinatic. the 
iiMDc liiiiil of iiittrcAt uhich T linve ■li'mdy mnuinncil its relntive to tlic tiatiuii» themMrlvc^H. 
A* thv nntionB hiul fnllcn frum their indcpL'ndence, «n (hose ch<rrrhc9 nho feU, without 
there having exiitieil any [muttTe rijjlii for their dwlnictjoii ; nnd the iiiiItr{)endFiice which 
thc5 kid claim to with reaiwct to their iloctnuea auti thctr tclf- government wu uii inte^p^l 
]iuriiun of the moml libeily which Imd been consecritcd or auiL-rlcd by the ChnBiian 

In rciiclueion, I mtwl my a few wurdi on the plan and composition of thii work. It 
will be fuiind U) contiiiit, lui it« title atmoAiiirirs, n complete recital nf nil the particulan 
rdfttire lo iJie Nnrman Conquest, placed between two more uimmary nttrntinnii — one, of 
the occurrences which preceded nod paved the way for that conqueit ; the other, of thote 
which hitre been contcquetit upon it. Before briiigin^fmwnrd upoi) the stogc the charnclers 
who Rgiire in the prat drama of the Conquest, I liuve endeavoured to make the reikder 
acquainted with the grotiad uiwn which the diiTtrreiit icetin were to be acted ; fnr which 
piirpoic I hai^ place<l him somciimei in Great Britain, Eometiniea on the conlJiieitl. I 
Imvc laid IcTore him the origin, the iiitcrusl aikd exlenial situalion. the Aret muliml rela- 
tiont, of the population «f Eni^limd and thai of the duchy of Norainndy ; and the iineee**ion 
of even Is by which those relations were eo complicntol as neccwarily to hecnme hostile, 
nnd lend to a project of inva»i<m on the p«rt of the InUcr of these powers. The sueccu of 
tlie Norman inTaMuii, crowned by the gaining of tlic battle of llaitingi, produced a con* 
quest, the proven, llie coutoUdaiiou, and Uie iiumediate results <jf which, furm tCTcrnl 
dialinct periods. 

The finit perioil ia that of the tenrilorial inrasion. Il begins with the victory of 
HosttiigB on ihc fourteenth of October in the year 1066 ; it embraces the aueceBsive 
ndvnnces of the conquerors, from eai<t to west, and from south to north ; and ends in liic 
year 1070, when all the centres of TtsislaMcc havt been destroyed, when all the powerful 
men have submitted or have lied front the cotmtry. The second [>eriod, that of the poli- 
ijrul invasion, begins where the former tcrrninatcs : il comprises the scries of cfTorls made 
by the ronqoerors lo dtRorganise, and (if we may so express it) to deuatitmtdist^ the coii- 
qtierril |t(>put»tti>H: !t terminates in 1 07Q by the execution of the Inat chief of Suon race. 
Find the «eniencc of de^sdation passed upon the last l>i*)iop of that racie. In the third 
pt-ritxi the conqueror laboiint to snbject to regular order the violent rcsalis of the conqucMt, 
und t«> convert into legal if not kptimate ptopcity the lands which have l>ccn taken 
possession nf by hia soldiers. Tliis )icnod is lerminnl&i in 10S6 by a grand review of ull 
tlic conquerors jKwscstiing lands ; who, renewing their oath of liegc-boraajie to the kin^, 
appear for the fint time as a settled tmtion, and nu loii)i;er na an army in the field. The 
luuTlh is Rlted with the intminc dtH»rn!iiuiis of the conquering nation, and its civil wnts. 
either for the postcssion of the conquered (crritory, or for the ri|;ht of dominionover it. 
This period, longer than all the preceding, is cloacd, iit 1 1 i2, by the exlinctiini of kH the 
pretenders lo the throne of England, excepting one only — Henry, eon of GcoHrey covnl of 
Anjou and the empress Matilda nicicc to William the Conqueror. And iu the tifih period 
the NomuDsof England and of the continent, bavingno more internal qunrrclR to consume 
their Btrrogtb and activity, >et one from their two centres of action to conquer and colonise 
abroad, or extend their »u[>Temacy without changing tbcir scat of empire. Henrr 1 1, nnd 
hit luccesfor Richard 1. arc the representatives of ibis period, which is full of cmtinental 
wars and fresh territorial or jxiliticvl conquests. It icrminAtca in the early part of the 


ibirteentli centui; with n reaction tigaiiut the Anglo-NonoAn (lominion, so violmt thst 
Nomiuidy ilself, tke country of the kings, the iiuMes, and the iniltlBry ^lupulatioii of 
Englind, in eepnniunl by (nau that country, t<i whnec coiKiuerrtn it had 
givta binh. 

Carresponding to thue dificrctit pcriodK tbere are ouccmivr changcn in the destiny of 
the A»gl»*Su«a nttion : firet, it ^otfm its pTopcrty in the «oil ; thea it> former political and 
rcltfpoui organiiftiion ; then, fnviiurffd 1)y tlic iti*>eniions among iu iuBSIera, nnd lUucliiiig 
itself to the party of the kin^ gainst the rebelling vassals, it obtains coDCcmione which give 
it a trmmilnry hope of rmioverin^ its nntiooQl esiatcnce, or again endeavours, lliough fruit- 
Icsely, to frcR itself by furcR. Tinally, ovcnvhclmcd by the extinction of ilic diviaioiu 
among Ibc Normaii population, it cttucs to piny any politicAl port, loses its national name 
in tlic public dociinirnta and in history, and fslli into the condition of on inrciior clans. 
Its revolta, having become extremely rare, arc spoken of liy contemporary writers merely 
H quarrels between the poor and the rich : imd it im the history of a commotion of tliixkind, 
whicb happened in Londoa in the yvur 1 1%, and woa conducted by a pcisou eridcnlly of 
Saxna birth, which terminates the detailed nccoiint of the fuels relating to the Conquest. 

WfacD the history of the Norman Conquest has bccu brought la tbia point, tliat of the 
populations of different raees, trcntcd of in the coun^ of the work, is continued in a more 
summary form. The resistance which they offered to tlie nations more powerful than 
thcmsclvets their defeats, tlic settling of tlic conquerors amuog them, the reWulions wliicb 
tliey have attempted or accomplished, the events, irhetlici jHilitieal or military, upon which 
their iofluence was exerntfcd, the amalgamation of pninilu lions, Imigusges, and manners, and 
the precise penori of its opcrsliun, — ntl llicsc I liuve endcflvaured lo place in a clenr light. 
Tliis last part of the work, in which a distinct urliclc is devoted tu encli iticc nf met), 
begitia with the continental population* which have since be«ime French. Then follow, 
ia succession, those whicb are now called English ; — the Welsh, whose national spirit had 
such vitaUly that it has snrmed the conquest of (heir territory; — the S<x?[cl). who never 
wuderwent a conquest of that kind, and who struggled so energetically ugamst the political 
conquest ;— the Irish, who had better have become serfs like the Anglo-Saxons than have 
prcMTVt^ the small share of iodependcnec they retained, ot the cost nf jwace, welfare, and 
civilbation ; — and the ])opu1atiun of England, of Norman or Saxon origin, with « ham these 
BattoDsl differences have become adistinctionof orders, which time ha* gradually weakened. 
An error, apparently uniin]>« riant, but (vhicli, in the relations of niudcin htBtutians, lias 
cnutribuled to render this thorough distinctian of races less obvious, is the u»e of the 
English onht^nphy for the names of the conquering families and ihcir potteritr in the ages 
fullowiag the (.'onqueat. I have carefully restored lo all these names iheir true Nonnan 
shape. I tlutught I should thereby nttain a higher degree of tbst local colouring whivh 
■eems to tnc to be one nf the Tcquisitcs, nul onlyuriiislurical interci>t, but also of liistoricnl 
trittfa- 1 h*vc in like manner rentoted, according to their true and original character, the 
namrs which belong to the Saxon period of the English history, nud the Germanic em of 
the liistory of France. 1 have not applied to any one period the forms of speech of any 
other peri4xl, whether prevjoiis or aubscqucnc. I have avoidol, in relating the occum-nccs 
«f the middle ^-n. the forms uf mudecii style, and the titles or political dcnomiuations of 
fcomtdale. Thus Msioricnl facts, the detsils rvluling to mannerv, ccicmunie*, languajjc, 
and proper names, have all been cDMleuiiilatal by me, and faithfully depicted i and in 
testoring to each period of time, thoni-h perhaps confused or involved, in some degree, in 
the preceding editions of this history, its particular and appropriate character, its peculiar 
batures. and, so lo esy, its iiitci;ril}' and icality, I have cndcavuured to obtain fur this 
pertiOD of history that certainly and authority which distinguish positive science. 




nAM tm! •KTVuxn nr niK RRrrOK* to nut 
Rivtit ci(HTi;av. 

I lo anffml (raitlliiMi*. tlii< iclnnil irliirh 
tlw> nam* of tirval lliitniii, ivu i>ri|[l- 
,' isltiil iJiP munliv nf (I'rten IllUi, nfxriwaii* 
Utc Ubuxl of J/vmy. •m tbiriUj.tliciilBntl <if Urjti 
«« finals :' from whieb Uirt nonl, LiBtininrd. the 
> of Urltsiu M*tat to hare bem formal. From 
thf TwvatArn uitiquilj. Ihp lilaiid of PrjOalii, or tif 
firllalii, appi-am) lo ihnu who vliltcil It to hr 
lUiUnlt fr«ia (-a*! to wnl, lula luo lirite equal 
|Kw1iaRs ot wlu-rh the rivEr* rurlli kdJ Civile 
(omnt Ihi rommnn bouiularjt. Th* norltifm part 
mm called AI-Wd.> ■iguifying rtpii/a of mwM- 
Ataa*; t)i« oiWr. to Ike wmi, bore tfae lume of 
^nru, and lliU of Logr t« cIm; trul aiid wutb. 
Tb(b> tire dcnomiiuilioiu were iiot i]«rii«il, liLc 
tlia Cotmc*, from the nalUK or kpp«Br*nce of the 
Mil; bat fKMi Um uaniei of two ram of people 
dUCilKt from r*th other, who cui^ulullf iababltcil 
tlno«I (bcitbola v:itanl olMutliuni Tliitaiu. Time 
nrrr tk* KjnDrj* oiul tli« Lu-|r';>>* <it, armnliim 

tn ih# Latin or11iogn|ihf, Ibe Cuobruiw and Ibc 

The Canliriau luttiou l>uuti;il ofthe lii{tli»ui- 
llquit}. The)' '""} cuiiu- ill a bwlj from the caHlnru 
»<xtfvnutln ftJ Europr, aj-ruftK iUi< firrmijLTk Orft<Aii. 
One put nf iho cmiKraiuIi had tanilnd on the eaiM 
oXOftnl; till' nthrr Wl choaiTi tho [^;i|i<uiID itlion! 
of tl»« iifaU.* auil coiutiitnt Britain, wliich, u)- lbi> 
CmbiUa trwdilioDa,* had until llirn uo otlirr iu> 

kditeaaU thau Iwuv niiil nlM Cklllr; anil irh«ras 
fdiaw]MriUy. ibn nrvrolanlaU Mtalittiili(>>! Ihrm. 
hHiHi without o)ipaaltiaii, wllliiiiit ivarfarv. in<l 
wltbont riolrjic*,' u the flnrt niTupirni of the mil. 
Bm tkU hanouratilc tirrtnulou can barely lie liLi- 
Inricall) MippDrlv-t. It i» iiio»t probalik" tlint lli(« 
(TaabriaB ranljrnmlii fiinnil in Iht' ixlan-l nf ItrJInln 
am cf aaiMlii'r orijfin niid a illir<'ri'nt laTi^ioj^i'. 

* TiImJiI Tan fnd'ln. S«- I. 'Kr<fTl«a. Aialkvolcar 
WWala. m. X ».», 

■ Or .«U>. ^'^s, In l^iiii. MlntM. AlUni. 

■ MuvaMndl;. Lio-^ra)-. 

a Fv«taai OitUiibin. fffium M^iriiHirtint, 

* TrJA^M !■*» tSidilB. ^o. I- A'vlunituin of W>W, 

Mi. u. f- yi. 

* lUL Mi< p. M. 

whoM landa ihry iuvs'Jwl. Till* !■ Umtnit \\j 
many iiumi'i of iilnm fiiri'lipi lo Ihn I'ainhriaii 
timicui', aa we'll na h) rulna of ka luikuovii agr, 
aitrlbuMil b> th« Tulipir tnulltian to an extinct net 

of l(Uiil«rti who. imtfiKl of il<>g>, traiiirJ Kim uul 
wild call (o th« diMc.' ThU priniillrf jic>[mIUi(iii 
uf Britain wni Kniitunlly forml iiiion Ihv met ind 
iiuilli ()} tlir suci'Malvc InTiialoiia of (InngEnnlio 
liuidi^d in till" •>■!■ 

A|>ait oflliftdiultixHjioHpdllie wo, and rrachrd 
Iho lai^ Uliuid, whirli vat r«ll«d UrtH* by It* la- 
ha-hiUnti: and uprviiil to llii> i.>tli«r WMIvrii Ulm, 
pfoplrd. it iiuiuil llkrl). t) turn of itiu uiiio race 
uuil loncuBiTr aa llir nliui-li(iiul Dillon*. TboM 
nlio reticat«tl lulo Nortli UHtaiii found a>t iiiiprrK- 
nubk' ujliiiu in tli>> lai;li nttiuataiui nliivh ulrrlrli 
Troni llli> banks of tlic Clj-di- to llii' eilrvmiliH of 
llu> tUaiid : and miliitaiiipd ilii'it j>iilL>)wiidi>ii('i; 
nuili-r tlir name ol Gaeit or Onlli,* whicb niitiiv 
Lbv] itiU b^ur- Tlx mtiaiiin of Ihit di*[ioui.-aM.'d 
tacL-, wiioo- niiniWnt wtte inrrO'UiH] at virioo 
lii»i>< liy Hi-Ti-ml linmiiiTiitlon* frutn tlii* iilaiid u( 
Erin, Till mfil liii- iiojiuUlitxi of Al^tijf, or tlif AiyA 
lauiU of lIuljJi], > poiiubijon duliiut bfuut tbal of 
tbe (ilailw of llir <«i<illi| Mi>l >!■ natural oueiny on 
amount ol' ii<^i ilitar^' rrsenttncnlii ii[irui|pn)t from 
the luvmury oflhr i^ini)Ui-at. Tlir liniH at nliich 
lh«)ie iijuvcmtnt* of [>D[mUtWii took [itui-p la uii- 
ccruiu : but U was ■■ a latirr |iiTi'>d Iliot llii^ uiiii 
callrd iiTgrlaD* uia'lp lln-ir dr-ri'iil, aivufJlim tn 
til* Dritiih aiiuiiU on Ihr eauUicrn cout of tlia 
ialatnl.'" ' 

KniDi t)ii> Mine nvnnU it aiipcana that Ibty 
rmi^Cnud fioni itii' »niith-«ml ojiuI ot tiiiiil. and 
dwlrcd lUi-lr ori^u C-om ilic lame fAinili\f ttce ■• 
llif Caiiiliriani, trilh whom Ib(>lr luifiUfo mndn it 
rH>j' f>r Ihc'in to roiniiiiiEildtr. To tnako room 
fur lli(-w iJi'U coiui-ra. Ihi> llnl niloniata, i-ilher vi»> 
liiiitarilr, a* old tndllloiia rriiort, or (wliirli it 
more llkclj) tliroutch compol-ion, tiiT-iail Ihnm- 
iclic* along the bortlem of th# irrfl«(om i*a, nhitli 
IhiMirefomrartl louk (vidiulnflj llip iinmr of Cam* 
brill, nliiie tLc Lnnciisii* gair their onu linine to 

: ll<in> llrliliDiiw. p.ii- IViA. p- if- Thn* niat 

■- - -I,,...,. ., ,.., .„:j,.Ji 

nir ft.ii.™....!. r,.ll-l Tt"-:- - '.'■. -'-"f.J Jkun VIA' 0«»H- 
i-i-" Kilniuil LlitiO, Ar' ■ MBoI«. 

« 111 lalin. Inif. J- ■■ ■■•'■rrmlM. 

« Tin.' .i..-™;t«vr'l !■"•■■■■ '-■ '---■"-'■o' OwJ^Wi. 
!• TltonM TojirD'Uiu, ^w. ». AicltmilOfj ut Vila. 
v»l, II II, it. 


tlu [l((lnEi*a»lT(fiaii> lUnl. 

2 Chh'> latuMoo. 


IVopleuf ItilxTDto. 
U4LcHCufti Duitlii-m phWftua. 

Uic joulhrni aii<] rutrnt cOMU. ore* nhlrh llicjr 
WMV dbuibuud. AArr ihc &undui^- tii lhl> iic- 
cmmI colon)-, ihvn tiritud a lUrd lioilj of cmj. 

■tmiU, ■jirim!^ rrom Ibn tam^ primilhti rao<>, ftuil 

liki^wiK ipFALitig (he Hm« lungutp, or b dial«ct 
dUTtring but bttlc. Thrjhad ptvtioiulf inhahltml 
ihM pottiuu of ncnUru Unul, induikil brtnlil Ihr 
SeliM utd tba Luirv i utkd, like tlic litcgriaim, ibr; 
(^htftlnt^ Ijukda In Hritiuii,iritbvu1 ui* violent vota- 
lali. To ihcm ihf iuirl«it tniult and nuional 
poeiM HpeeiBllf appl; (he nun« of Brfthon or 
Britotwi wUoh In (bnrign toninn terrcd to dir*li{- 
!!«(« in « gcoenl nHrnncr oU tlic InliablUnU of thw 
WsnJ. Il i( ai>t pneiicl; knoirli wlicrc ihej i-jU- 
MUhfd tliMiMelrM: U)« mod pi»biit>l« o|ilni(!n ii, 
UiU Uielr locttlon *r*> to Uie iiurth u[ tli? L'uu. 
hrUm Uid iha Lcqcrtaii*, oii the Trjutii^r of llii.- 
Gaelic populoilan, bclwet'ii iho Ftitli of Ftirlh 

Tb(w« njiticiia ofiMic fAiamnn fxi^jin i»Pr**iiillciJ, 
UT*riouilimo>. Fiilicr in n jiai^lflc nruluxtlln intn- 
ncf, bj rarioiu Ijonl™ of Inrfignr.n. CvrOilii rnm 
froai UiM put ufllic Gaulish Irrninry now nllnl 
tlAtidm, iviag coinpclk-d by n grvat inmidnlion l« 
kbuulun Ilipir iiiilin> ^»iintty for rtor, cnini> in 

En boau wiihoiit wllit, ind'lnnrlfMl on IUi> uranll 
of Wight, and on the inlJMpnt wxuil. tint m 
•mirotiie )pintji, und aftrTwiiTtl* u tiiMiilm*' The 
Curuiiwu,* a jfci^plc of Tculoiik dtaniit, urlilim 
from a rountry irhioh (h« Britisli •iiiuli drti^ntc 
bf liw iiamo of fA« btnd iff luirtkn,* tnitn^A lh« 
irtilf fomod hyth<> monih irTifae Humb^i.&nd mch- 
IJiihed tbcmtclTi-i slonc I'le Wtikt of tJitl ritcr, 
lud <jii llii: ciuUiii twul, tbi» iliiidilig the Lcntriau 
ItrriWry into tivo |)»rtion». At U'U)[tl>, llir Rviuhd 
Icipan*, led bj Jtulu* CcMr, nufln u dnciriil nu 
IliB ewtern point afibe iFrrilnr; tchidi ti»w bran 
tbanimeorEmt (d-c.M). On tlicir landing, Ihtj 
were obalimlrl; tnbluil hj ihc LitgriMi Brilaa% 
inlnnctii^behiiiid tlieirwar-clivioU; biU,Uir«UKb 
llii* Inw-bery of Ihr forpicii IHb«S b™! iMJKinaUT 

of tlw ('artnlant. the Baninii* Man pi-n«lral«rt 
liUo lh« Lnlvrior of Ih* liluu), and pradualljr 
nnnpictcd the caDi|iie*t of ihe Ivra cnunirlca rtf 
Lagrit and C«mt>rU f A.e. I t» 40t>). Tbc Britlib 
tniiili nil Ihcfn C«MrMicf,* and rt«koa tkcin 
amongst tlie tnrailer*. nboat tlaj in Bnuitn vnt 
oaljr Inupururj . " fdTlugopprvMpd tlie liUud fur 
finir hutii!n>d ]>nn," anj ihcwr iiiui.-ih, " niiil (ifi'^lvil 
ail annial Iifbuie ot lliri-c lliuumitl (louiidt i>f mIiit, 
tli«y dcfMrttd f«r Ibv Uiid uf Rviuc, Iv irgxd Ihq 
Innaioti oflbe blnrk hanti^. TIim li-ft tirjiind th<-m 
antT lli«ir warapn and chUdn;ii of (cnrier tsjn, nho 
oU bcoune Cimbriam,"' 

(4,i>. llO'lIO)DurinKlhlaiojoi9maffoarceiiturJF«, 
(lir Roman* VKt^ud I'd tiicir raiiqurtt and dominion 
UT*r all Iha aiiuthrni put ui thi- iilniii], to tb<r (uol 
af Iho norlhem mounialiu irliirh lu4 aprrMt ai a 
nnMrt lo thi> aborlKiliH a^alnil thv lnia»ion of lh« 
Caiafarluia. The Icrrltorr. whirit Ihc Rntnnn tiira- 
■loa bwl iicwnl, nu Umllcd tij- the •uoe bouudaj}' 
obUli (ho invaaian by Ibr liritoiM h^l rrichMl i 
•ud tIttCiaclic rsN raniiiDMlfrM, while the foKiglt 

' Tiidiidd mi 1^^^^^B. K" ■ AMi»ol«n ol Walat, 
™l.U.».»»--l' ' f'iUl«>.; 

■ fuB«nkl.l 

■ Tilo»iU >ar* i~E><^i ^- ^'' *"<'J 

• (UI«rU*U.-(TiwiU>-ki*PrT-Uln. No.«. lbl<n 

* Ti(«»U anil rniUIn, Nr. t, .\ivl«iDi\ of waUa, 

yokvopimuiieddio mom uideul (xmigQi^ron. Thej 
innre Itinn uncc mmpFlInl tbc InipiTial ca^U-i lu 
rrtivat. and thrlr aucieiiiC evvniiou lu tliv iiihibi- 
lanlH uf SotiUi Bnl-niJi wka »lnfn^brrir*d tl^jriii^ the 
wan whirh ^^n^J had (n wagn with tlin Itaniin 
Koremonu Tho plundrr of Ihr Roman rtilonit* 
and niunlcipal (oirni. wtomi'd ivilh *iiinpti)iiiu> ]>ii> 
laci** and (cinplc*. ftlrthtr udtcd by ncir Irinpln- 
lioni, IliD natumul ipiril of nggrv-niua. The mvo 
af All>rn or tral^iloiiJa* pi«iiM th<> Clj^«, «*ery 
ipritifc, in oal^r buati Hivutvil ultli Hkint ; aiuJ, b^ 
roiDliif forniiilablr Id ihr Roninna, fiirctil lhi.-ni ta 
CDostruct at llic tiiroinlty of ihcii coiujutfcU iwo 
Immciwc ivilU, ilcfiiiidcd by toirci*, and tficIiIiic 
from M-iL to mtaJ Tbcir iiTti|i(ioiiu bceo^ing ■nora 
and mure frvquenl, ^ktu a K-xrfiil miumi to iJie 
|ioo])1e i>( Allnuy, uudiT (he iininp* of iSwb and 
I'klt, vtliirh aloui- \rv fiiiil cmjilojcd by [lie Latbi 
»utliuii, wbo term lu liaro b««n i^«r«nl of th« 
imiiid 111 Claitln.' 

'i'lm fint nf Iht'nc twci iiuni-i atill bi-longnl to tlifi 
inhabilBiili nf thr iulF of Erin, which in IIk' Roubii 
Innjiuc WM rallcil iiiditr.-ci-nllj llibtmia i>r tirolim, 
Thu conMbiriiiiiit> »I the Uiithli liiicblaiidcn wllli 
llic men t^i ilihprntk, elIiiI Ihi* fr^&fiii'iit <*fli]it;r.iUuiH 
of lli« p(>o]>lc u( I'aHi rottntrj lo tlm oilier, led lo 
lliLi L'oriimon ippp'llalifm. In Hrllsln, thr namn of 
NeoCi un* ^i\rn la Ihrr InhnbllonT* of the cuiut anil 
ibc Rirnt ucliipi-lajto on the uonh-wi-«tcnt "ide [ 
nnd lliDt o( I'icts to tbmp >tIii> dtrrlc in Ihe 
Mwt, oil the bordrn of \hv Ccrmaii Onian. Thp 
rmpe^tive (frriiorlrii nf ih<>iti> tun nallnna, or flla. 
(liict tribe* of tlic lamn ]io|nililli:in, iri'te ■rparali-d 
by thi' rlioiii of the (iraiii)Fku hllK at tlic fuol of 
nliich, OnlhwK,* lln' tF^ai cliitt'of lli* ror-rnW of 
Ihi- north,'* hail \nlinnlly fought aaniml the leifinnt 
of tha irnipim. Thi.' Si^oli uml 111'- I'lilndilTerrit in 
thdimynf life: the- funiipr, iidmhitiiic the iimiiu- 
taint, vcrr liunicra ik i«aiii1i.-tiBi; abrvlirtJi; ihe 
loiter, po«CT»inj; ■ niore inva li-trilorv, p<]ui-»nl 
a more sett 1^1 ctftahhnhtiif-nl, cu1ti\lLtl>d thi* i^rou^d, 
and hiilll dimbli- bahllilliiii>i. the niui< uf whU-U 
■till bear Itk-ir name. Winn they virrt: uol con- 
r<rdoraIed i>vi-llu^ fi>r an irmptiuii iulo llie auulh, 
ibu Kood undcnluulias ainoii^ llwin w«« aotne* 
timet nuijiendcd i but Wb^novrl an 0[i|ionuliitj 
of uMilini; the eommon rnvniy prniPtiti>d Itarlr, 
liieir Iwo I'liiefx, of uhom srar rrildpd at the mnulh 
of the [it IT T\y, and [he nlhr'r hetitern the Ulir* 
■■f ArirjU, bi'ninir brolhcn, nud uaitfd their sluid' 
anl*. Tbt Briton* of the *oijth lud the Itninan 
»j|imt><*, in llirir terrnr, or their halCMl, neivr <1U- 
lin^uiahed Ibi' Srcilii ftuui tliv rti'l*." 

raltcil for the defeiio.' of RouK atcaiiwl tbc InTiuJoti 
of tile Colhii Ibe Drituiu ei-nuil ti> »<-kuawl^d^ IIm' 
aulhorilj of lhi> Um\fD jtoioriioni who ruled their 
|in>rine6k and tnnTii. Thr IVirm an'l rren tlie name 
oftliowadinliiltimliHuprriJibiil ; and the auThuttty 



nf the urgent rlilcfinfiribei, funnerh aboliabcti byr 

I.'* Aiieivnlge- 

tl;e Uoiuaati loae again In thv ti (leail- 

f Vailiua Antuulnl. Vnlluiii llaWwil. |«ve^ ttrtti. 

• Vfnnet Hin-nli lefta |irrtrBW KriMitnia. 
€)u-- S<wUi Oal riem llui-i. trrt.^no miU-iu 
IWUfii FUDitnrB. Ilcto mixliiii', Ururai. — 

r.Va-Afini. '< Jir.f.i Gtlita, *. <1(. 

* In t^Un. Oatanrv. 
■« f^alidduD. 

>> tMldftxIi CicUurlltl'Maiv.Wuiin. 

» ZwitaiH. ■piid tnii<t. nr lldlk.H Fmric-.l, f . IM, 

naJogfai. prctcrrcd In ite totu^ t4 the pv«lai' 
ntkdril, kt tlie public cli«ic«, Ihc ouulicI>t«« for 
Ibe diuuilf of dikAaio of k nuton. or of « /«• 
tm/y: (or in the lUKiuire of tlw aacii-Dt Drttona 
lho«BonUwer«ijnumuiinu.*audiha tlcaof ktn- 
dtrdbnocdULr ImaIi ui their poUiUal orntnlMiion. 

TboM of llir Ivwnt luult uiionK Dun people Inuwd 
uid i*Uin»il tn th*ir tiumarf tlMir «tilire Unatg* 
•rilh Ih0 wise euv which in oilier luiioin tn« t>o- 
rulior lA ihn rich nndgnal.* For.Uii^ unrtaintiig 
of bia etvraitiry v>u the meww bj^ wliicli uij UH< 
loBi ivhelliei poor or in^Jthfi could ^oj iil'iuril; 
liu cti il ri){l)lii, and iMiin hi* Hlle to proprrly In 
■he eaaloci tn vtUeh ho waa bom ; bMa)iiHi vu-h 
dlHrkt appefUlDvid 10 onx &nclant llunllf, and no 
IktlUitj piMtemtA uijr pnrliiKi of the aotl Ifhc 
tnot of that bHUfi wbich, bj Uie incrtus of 

ban w) of iU pomtr, li«l fnnn^d n cl*n. 
JpoB Ihit niiftiilir aociil iinJ«r, EdmliiK in Uit^ 
MNanmaat ■ (bdrraliun nf pfdy ■ofproij^Upa 
Una* alMiiiL-, Kunctiuirt herediUty, thr Bri- 
. freed iitm ihi- iiup-riitl uitliavb;! inlnnl for 
tnt lino a powv-rrul nallonat x^vnigMj. 
Thfif 9Mb>d a ChUI nr thn rhlcfa,* a Itmg of ihc 
cuoabj, a* 1li4ir annaU Hiclurc; nnil Ihrj' mnili! 
tta dliinliy *lr«t]«R. Tlii* new )n<tiluUoii> Art- 
iIkiiI Id all appcaranne to f-Lie to tJie people grcaler 
■Nlan mmI iinti^rih a4.-ainit K^mifTi RprMtlon*, W- 
canw,oa the tontnr^.a •oitrrc nfinliTniMlTtainn, 
maluitic,*iBil, in • Uiort tinin, nfannlir inbjwtinn. 
Of thr two (TTMil pppniUilfiiM wli" •harrii Ihc 
WBlbem put of ihi? Ulariil. rv-ti pnnrndral to limi' 
an irtclaitiY* tiitht ta furiLiili csndid&tci br the 
sinauT-hy. The •tflt of thU «nit*«l roj^lj WB» in 
lh« funraiiynf lAEii*. in lli« atifiMit munidpal 
town whlrli Ihp Urllani i-iillnl Ijon-din,' ot Ihe toon 
mftAijiM. Hpni~i! it rcnullol that mcnrf Ibc Lra- 
Ctian rare idUUieil mace ptnU thau tilhen la Ihi.- 
dizmilf of chKfof chied- Tbr CambciniiT, Jntloiw 
flfUu* adnatm*, aa*(ft4>d thai tlii> rcijul aiiltioailjr 
bwfiUlj bolaVMd to thnir nirt>. m lit* mnst anctpnt, 
a* IhM nrUek mA hovpllnhl}' n^n'ivrd Ihn cilhrnt on 
Iht alMKV* of DiIcbIr. To Jiutlfy ihU ^irrtmilnn, 
ihrjt tntml tbr catabfiidimeiit of the pow.~r irhidi 
thi-T tr>-r-- Bsitiiti'tiH of rx<>iciiiiiif to a prriml br 
rstjlrc tUan thi> Bomiu ciinijui-ili, allriliulin^ilii 
tnaUliUinfi to ant Prjdiiii, aoa uf AuJil. n Cam- 
tetmi. wlia liad fannrtly. ihi*; uiiJ, uuiii-d Hit 
iata&d under niii- moturrfiiMl ^ovrrunii^at, 
tl»l Iha r«^l uuthnritv «hiiuK1 lie |>i>t- 
fo* pTpr tij an* of hia cn-n nttloa." 11} 
OIktr ftibiM tha mm of ibn Boutb ajid nnit 
to Ihaaa bblpi, w* ktimr not ; bul thi- iiu- 
k d>adl7 oa^, and all BriUfai -ma in- 
Ui dril war bj <(U»trel« «f linjfj. The 
BM of ihr foTcign tribrt, e/^notuitljr hixlilF 
Ptttttetaroirrmi bronchMof t'Mi Bririiili ptpiilalion, 
fbNiml<il theii illateBaiiini, uinl iiniirltlieil Ihp lUioe 
of IniiatiBe imr*. Uaittr a •uocnalon of <lilcb 

I tn Ik. BritMi luriiet BrMi, baidt. 

• /ValiaAi— caiiiil&iiillLR. (l««iafll]nnll Dda— Can- 
to* IhikM. »■ U r.M*> 

■ Ct iiwInUw tiim»i LI I'liil* '»! illlaiailii iiii|ii1ii niiillt II 
kmnmt.^ am •a[(m ans. alaVH. tad tivjuc ul •oitin 

I ^|4ln«iB f4 (iltrk f4ivn1, c*n<-r«<l'i1rtnl. U'r^iM.r^lfi rl 
IM^ fvnuaviiarral' (tiJrnldt I'amtmiulB C^fiiD^iripr tin- 
lis. c^, k<U.,Aii(Ue*, IIitaHiui'*. air., fj CiiuJ.ii. 

• IJwT^t inUiin. Lr^Bmn. 

• TtMiM )•)-■ I'lTdala. No. I- AivhwolafT of Wnln. 

«(jM natMiul, but ■l«n}i dbonikrJ hy « out of 
Uw Dalioti, no anay wai taiHd, hi jilui-r of tt« Ko- 
muL Uglona, U> guiirU the boBtlrra of ibn rnunir; 
agatnat tlt« laeuratona of the Gaelics iribra. 

In themidMcf Ihia diaocdcr. Ibe Pkta and Scota 
forced tlui puMn ofihe two pcU walls wtilrh tkn 
Komuiu hid buUl, and ulliM aawmifa, bo Um Iim- 
midoblr, dewtatMl ihr coaat*. Tbm«w«npii«iM 
fraulhe diom aiid itianda of lb* CternMn (hyvn, 
who cmncil artt tot plinidtf, and Ihrn ivliinitd 
[louii: ivilb tUvir boot)-. Wbra tho pkln hkw v)o> 
Ineti}:, «u aa to compel \ttjp! tchvU of Uonan 
ronilniellna (o retire into harbour, tli^w IVfr. 
bnoiPTO mvlHi«il their alMuler barki' imdcr full 
■all. and laud«d b* aurprite I0 niakc Iheir attaekt. 
ScTcral BrlUali IribM made freal t-ffurta aepareLtl}-, 
and fou)tUt •oniu fuCMSufut balUn ajriirut the 
tif nnan or Gaclti? Bg)[rc«oa. TW Inlnbltinta of 
the aouthtn) ooaala, who eonuiiiinl<M«<l frHjuptitlj 
with Iba dontinent of Eurofie, (oUelltd fcrrlun aid ; 
anil nnee or tvrire, Rnmon troop* who had roma 
OTcr frotn Gaul, fuufbi fur Dir Sriton*i and BMfatcd 

tbciD lo n'palr Ihn Biral tmlU cpwtTUeted bjr tbe 
empcrora Adrian and 8aT«riM* (443 la 4411). lint 
the lime anon arrivtul whnn thn BnmaRi thrattcIrM 
were ittiTeu fhmt Gani, bylhrMlnvadonaof liajha- 
riuia, in tbe aoulh. i-ait, luid noith, and the naltonal 
iuiut'rivli«n of lb« tnnrltiine ptvvlneM «f tbe weai.' 
Thp li>(^<in« fflt btrk upon tlnl^-; and Ih^^nrr- 
forwAnl the Drttona eouU nut lii^pv for anf lueeoitra 
from Ron*.'* 

At thia time the AijitHy uf anpreme chief of 
Utitnia w*> In (lit handi of a man named finor* 

Ipjm," of the Lrripiiin nro; wlio rrpnal^IlT in- 
tembleil mimil him all tin chC^fa of the Bntlnh 
Irlbet, in nrdra to tako mcuiim In canmit with 
Ihciu for the il«fitn<^« of the rounlry aitalntt tlie 
nonbera in«iidrni. Ilirre rdinttil tioT littlr union 
in Ihi-w cnuudt*! for, irhdlicr deicrvrdly or nol, 
CJtiortfjm had many ouDtnin, pniliculiiilv amoriK 
tho own of the weai, who would imrffly cTtrr ip- 
proTD what iho Lirgrian piupoaeil. Tlie I^egriin, 
bj Tirliie uf hia rinal pre-emiueni^i nitiilliea'lvke 
of Kvctal Iribra, hut without the riduaent of the 
Coialidttiui," RiillJriiljr r*«nlir.t In intnKttii* inio 
Brilain a race ot tnr^l^t Riilillm, whn. fiir iiihildira 
in inoni-v snil xmtiU (if linit, uliouM. in Ihii nrillnh 
wTTiricr. vigti war apiinal llin SioU iiid Pictt. 
Abuul thr |ii-Tlnd wtirn ihli rnwliitton wai latirn, 
* nieaauic, which lU oppottn Icmicd ccunutltw, 
rh«nr« hn>ii};bl lulhckhotea of Uriuln thr(>«irM>Ha 
of Ovrtnan eotaiirt, commmulcd hj- two hTotlveia 
t)ani«d lltngfliltl and Horn,'* wlin liDdcd In Iho 

T Quia rt atmiiirii:*!* }iirAlfim t&iona tmrhi* 
?T|itrfib«1« riit |,Htn Hliitn rulrarr nr^taaaiiin 
Liiilui. M uuita (ItuAim tnunfiEiilMB lAialtf ^ — 
(Hiiluu'il AiDlUimr' CflEihiiui mV'tA vn|rtn 

tof. G»11!p.»1 Ifnai:. 1am. i- 107 ) 
• OlMr itlMor. Hii. kti. ai-uil tri, Aiuli<.K-rii<). tun i. 
«. ni.Ualr. 

'Tq1v» (r« IrAftUB jinuiqinu. rjF<tia ni&tialrtllljiu Ito- 
mnnl*. OCoaltnoaapuit wrlia. ler. futile, rt t^inc. I. »>}.) 

"lillto IIMar. oap. avU.. aFiiil tn. Xiijltr. lerliit. 
lorn- i- i. •!- <ialiN 

■ > I7ipifmn. nn^irdliif l» Iti* CiaMin nrt!ncn^>. 
Hi' Anirl^f^i^'ik lLL>i^l*ik> wiitf 9Vyr<fft*K nt ffattig^fw, 
xhich. Iiom llti-ii miaon uP tmnauwlnt it, wuulij iquduCD 

■• TtivKxhl )u)i I^iiliuii. Hm. *. AtcltBolof) ol Wal>t, 

111 li , (1. m, 

^^ <-^ruii]<va Hi^ubtrnm » pl . Oihmm, f If. Iht fWvn 
orlhnmiilivlitlruRbi. Tim ■■rllta^itjniUiaaalaltiHi. 
■jhi Ac»ri ^r hiw. n Ibf li^, Thn f^xan^ mn*t]jr wvQouawJ 

^"^ \ 

ri;.i1 1,,' 


Futcni pirt of Kent, on llie nniv [raint nf luid 
ll aiiiK-an Ihal thr mm of llip iliri'o tlii[ii nuu« 
tt llii* liiitif t<i llrllain nn Tnidi>r>, not lu [linln. 
Ttivlr niitlaiuil KpiiHlaiion wt* ihnt i>f Oliclvi ui 
Jules; uiU tbclr ouliva w» unii^ wHiii i ^mt 
l(7k^c of the IrilicB llul luh*bil«il IK* mantiv 
»lii<rpt of Ilif orMLii la llto otirtli of Itw EEbo, and 
Mli»il ibviDwIvM Kcxnni, or »JS/rt-»K>or((-mcii. ' 
ftllirt (oafcdoniciM oixhf Hini- nalun^liwl almdy 
bi«A bfn)«<I iLDiDiiif the Tculonic tiorvlet, ritVr 
tiM butler In r»»l the KomUi*, or to kct nlll> 

KniiiT nil villi tng:« ngiiuti them id tlif> offoiuivp. 
'i'htii tJiprv liail >|i|miwl tuccM»[*<>ly. the bsifrue 
nr llir' Ali-inMLiii, (ii tkomtgit oittt, bdiI thai ef Ibn 
t'T*iilLi,orM< hnld in wm^-* Wh*n thri Krri"'il 
oil tUo cout of Orlloiti, thc^ Saiod chi(t> Ilriizliut 
oiiil Uona rMcivnl (ram llie ItritUli l>ii>i; liiitii- 
Vtyn, a aimujco wilti iLv olt'iT of a wllilary pu- 
gipment fm ili«inKl(i'B and iar an win} uf Ihcir 
counlryncu- To tlkrm ibric wu nolhuii; al nil 
rtnOftB in thu iwopoad. for warvti thdr Iruli' : 
Ibejr pranuwil a eouKidcnbU' tKiil> of iroop* In 
(ichiiii^ fur tlie ■mall itlanil uf 'I'lni-I.* fotmrit 
oiilb« muturKrnl by lli« rcu on oiit <ldc, and by 
• riirr, nUch (rjiantcJ luto iwo atrcwo*, ou (he 

Sotnntnm fthiiM eaiive7«(l ttoa th# norlh l)t!« 
uew mllilaix polonjr: Ihey almml llii^lr allnrtnl 
Lilautt, ar)(aiiiK>) tacnadmii accarUiDK to IlicJr 
cusluiiii lUilicr tbo conuiuud of llic Ino brMbpn 
wba ivcM the authon of Ihe cnlcrprit^: ami w. 
coind from their hofU. Ili« Itrltnnc ewiT5ilUiiK 
nec—ary liir ihcit npiion. UArn dlil ilirj %hi 
ToliaiitlT and fUlbfully for [livm, and nUr imliut 
tliu Scoiiaud Field iLviilaiidAiil of the ^Vhltc llonci 
«i rmhltin vrhir-li ct^rifun^avcl In llif mm^ of the 
IvTd <thl4>f( ; aiuj ollna ucrn Hip fi^I jaieliiia of Uie 
mniintnlnorra biabnii by the hc«iy Latll«-&i«a trilb 
wliich Uic Gcnnanic Itibrs uf llic Saiuii cuidutlcra- 
liott WGre cuitonuilly uinud.* T1k«* npluiU 
<-irilril ^tot Joy iu Brituin, nud a fnciuUliiji far 
ihp Hatnnt: — " Aftor orrrthrowiujt our ciicmiLV' 
«n>a an anrlvnt |io«<. "tbry Juitinl Willi lu ili Ihe 
njoiriiigi of nctorj i uitl va rivklied one nuocJii-r 
in gmtig IbFlii ^rclcooi'. But wuc lu ttir <I*y 
11 )<ci) vm \vn-i tlicm ! wt>a to Guorfcyru aiul hi* 

(t.D. 449 In Hit AtHl. inilM4,ilMi inod iinder- 
LltiddiDK bctMrrm tlwic ntbo orricd on the ym, and 
lt»i*c far whom tin mhi wm ouricil ooi w>* iidI of 
Icnilf dimtieii- 't\'r f»niM-r tocRi ■I«'iui»d>-'1 notv 
Krrtlarjr, Enoiv pnirlaloni, u»l mom fnonrj than had 
b«*ll Mpltlalcd fai In Ihc compart, and llir«at»lird 
ba |»y uemaclna by r<ii)iiiir*t aikJ plllB|C«, if ibcir 
4«aMM* were not wlifUvd. laaitlof lbo«« thmta, 
thry Itititcd taint fW«h baiwli of lUJtivA mtii friiin 
di«ir od-n nation In Jota thetn ha Britain. Thrj 
paNod b'sond Uia boundsry lUftl by ibu tnttly; 

IbvgMalunuiid) MilEdMuilsvhkh laiinil n (hall tn- 
fMally npplv l^ Irn^r ti ■>■ worAt nr Unaan nrl|lD. 

I £■»» HW, Ki". w^i, 4 «hdrt tvmtla « ^iIimb- iToW- 
■sr. ■it(n«- (lilnu. Wufcl'rt.) 

■ Jl!, ••/. all. Miliiul;; ~>aii. mtsat, nan. fial./^. 
^hA, rrrt. must rmt*. lalil i un*;. ^S.-* ibf l^tMiia aui 
l'1i4(li-i>« ill' Funiw, M<i Hl4lnn. tjH'Mo.) 

•liiDtltftj. : rv.K*. 

■Can lUi MOBtndi.Hai inAuniilliiit. 

t1aiUki|v l-t... li~Mlu04 ttul. lib. ti.. iI|ihJ 

nr. Ane"' "-nw p '■■> u SanU^ 

• A uiuiEil aHtfcf Ih' Hriltni. ( J if it l^ n/ li i n tinrri 
Ciiwl<rlKii ll^fvan r. ■ i:m. ,. Ut ) 

and, by dt>frtirt, a numrtviia Uonnauir jiopuiation 
Ipitlifni'l un ih^ <taM •>f Kr^I. Th-' lliil'.>ji<i, who 
fr-iipil thoRi, ypt nrfdcd ihvir «ui«tancf. tn'9l<>4l 
trlth lliDin aa wilb a ■r'pirTLte HDliati. I'miuml 
inUBMgca poMcd belwccii ihvm. ati\\ uriv (<otiTrn- 
lioiu ncra ooixlwlr'l uiil viuhitrd. * At Wlif[thi 
Ilici Inal li.u nf anitly w«r6 hroLcil; tb« SuoM 
fdm.Liil at) nllLaiiiv with Thv PIrU; Qiej IhvIIM 
lliRiii, by iimiliy inrauyr*. to uit'aihi tlm aoulh : 
nrid, by CaTiiur of thin dlvr^loni ndvaurrd into ttie 
iiiitrifr of UriMiiii <lri<riii^ tJi« British popolMtiori 
b'foti' Ihrai, at fortina tliein lo aitbrniMion. Tbi* 
laTlM dill not yl»ld vntnotit front rvaUlaniv : onre 
llicy rirorn Ihf Sia:ioiia lo Ittf Ma. and rumptllnl 
them Co re-ranbaik ; kiti Uw Siuoiii* rrliinicd trilh 
itiiTVUSrd nunibrn anil ngfiminlod furr, jtotiHited 
Dii'mxrivM cf mftny nii'kc* lA country On iLc ti^Lt 
liuiik of iJi« Tlinoifw, aud ne««r ulUiouiiU ijultli'd 
llipli conqunl. lint' of the iwn hrolLrn who 
hcadiril tlicinicat kUli^d Inballlti;' the other, fiiiiit 
% roDunmidcr in Ihc 6cld bceamr the c^iii'iiautlt-r 
of a prov^ricp; * and hit province or kingdom \vils 
ralk-tl ill SUKil), Kmt-tmra-riit,' or, tii «|ii-ak Ifii- 
■nodi-m Uncuasp, the Kiniploin uf tliu men of 
Krnl. (iMta-m.) 

'JVcutj-nvo <jfun afl»r the fimi di>t:iii1jiiiknli<>u 
of IheUprmnn*. anothiir Saxon cbUf, naiocd -EUa, 
minr nitli Ihrvi' inicU to Ihc wulh uf iliv li-rrilury 
of lici)[(41i lo HilOJ ; tuid, ilriiiCHbJiL-liUirltrili.'n* 
lownnU the north biuI nr*l, etlaliLtlied n «ci-uutl 
colony, which look the nonic of lliv kLDjidom of lit* 
Routh Sanona.t*' Eighteen yean aiterwuda, obb 
Kordlr," fuUoireil by the ciiuil pcnorful army 
Ihnt hud jct craMi>rl the ocl-iu 1o wek huili iu 
Dllulll. uudf a dCNiiriit on ibr nnulIiiTn cuont. tii 
the WTM uf tbr South SiLXuur, uid rounded ii 
third kingdom, callud lint «t thf W.m* Saxunn." 
{■tOi la aaO.) Tht chLefi ivho ■urceird'.'d Kcntic 
gnultuilly ntondcd their entiqaHt t« the hnrcb^ra of 
liie Seiem, llie anrlcni fmntirT of thi- (.'uinbrioti 
l>eu[?U : the Luradcri tliil uot Hud tliii met diipuieil 
tu Kiie |iliiec lo Ihrm ; on Ihr curiCriiiy, Ihi^y 
maint^nuil an nbaliimlK Mni^lc. DiirinK this 
coatnt. oilier entqnuita made a d»ceiii on (be 
eiLalcm mail, nni) tnuk pLHiemiaii of tlie left 
bank of iHe 'I'bmnFi nnd the tfrnil rily uf Irundiii 
or ]«nndoTt : liii< tt-rrilon' iti ivhirb tbry vMahU'Iir^l 
Ilipnt-i-lTe* ihcy iiyM (hal iJ ihi> Kait Kiiniia" 
(K)0 lo 3-1:1}. AU Ihew ciaiqiinrta were niaili- 
aolcly at the ni]>riMe of llie rountry nf l.uitria 
and the rw of the Lo|,-rliu Uiitoiu, wtiu bnd 
inTitvd the Stlolaa to <aine viJ dwell araon^tt 

I' ram Ihr moment that Londnti w«i takm, nnd 
the enaU* ot I.oKna ncre nenipird by llie Sasoiu, 
the king! aivl teadei* cboKO lo imke head i^aiut 
Ihc raiuiMTOts, veM d of Um Canbciui ncc. 

• Arymtt (W(n nww. (Cwil>kn ItHMra fuc ITM. 

ejim<»). |\, ..u dl-ra^i).) 

•Ill til:' - . .r-awa.n'rr, Tir Xainn f 

cmiuli Mk- >. :iir<^ii.'> tlLLiitiiijsl«a. IIM. Ill> I) . ■■•id 

p-i-Ai'alk'. KtliK-, B, lie, oi. ia>ll«. Del* iWorWtt 

m-l.hi>. II. nil It) 

*' Tn iitorrni Af mirlniil |*niiiinrt>iiinn. Jl vill \,t tot- 

'*^e«-A*>, nsn ihutll}, A'nl-^nw, i Cbnia. 
H*u«. fll iJilHia. f . to— 3n.} 
>• MadSr^rw-lir.KmmStnii. {1l<U. p. (■-»•) 


Swnb VM tbc branai Arthur, wtio Taiu)iiUka(l th* 
Suouln WToral liaiiln; tml. nolwiIlMUndlniclli' 
•ttviCM which he imilmct tn Ilia rniiDtrfincli, lip, 
Ukr OuofWjm- ^""^ raetuin amonit ihpin. The 
title of kta|[ nawKi him lo ilmw tii« (ircinl n^jiint 
UM BriUUiliAMtsf oftpn uicaliul llin fitr«i){n-'r; 
Ut4 hm vn* innnally nviuiuli-d In tt Ixitlln fiiii)jhl 
■f«liulhlao«m ni;|ihr<iF. (M'^ti>A47) llcivurmi- 
t«ji«J td aniil&ail ionoBi by riicn ucac AfaUacA,' 
kMr tJlMtaaliiiiji ou the noiglh nf ili« giiK ivhirh 
HMtlTW tbo vaten «r<h» Ki>*oni. Tlivr* h« difd of 
U*«»iiiiil«: btiCulI WBial IhvtlmKwhpn ih" W«i(l 
Shmb* InTtdnl Ibl* Irarilmji lhn><ij[li thr rmiK- 
i|Vr«t taMBlt> no one kaeur cxactlytlic cucuiDituicn 
of Anli«r*> <lmlh, »i>i the pUn> of bi( uttfrmool. 
Thb t^nnrtacp gnio to lii« nama * rnj«tPtiot9€ n. 
IcbfHy. Ill* ni-H[i|ii>MVioi> •m» txjioi'ictl luri)- 
■Jter bt in* na intirr ; uiil ihr wmni ot s jcrwu 
irBiUko clli?f kbic lo nTercumc the Ucimiuu, dou- 
riibrd Ihc niD hr>|i« of otic (ln]r bpboldiiiK him 

^«|B, ThU hi>p« m* luting; aiMl for Mr«i«l 
age* ih* hktImi wlileh had lirrMi Arlliiir wm not 
di*co«nf«id froea cspcciLog to ace htm retnm cartd 
of bb wMtadi.* 

Tha«iuiynttono(tboin)»bitaiita of tiieniknibn 

of til* EUb« anil thi! npighbriuhiig Itluult giK« ■ 

Ukr ilnirr uf riulj^'nUiny!, auil U'lttht tbv uaj lo 

Hritalii lu * p«<ipk.- kiitMitil Mill UiUior lu ihc cuA, 

w dw tMrcs of iba Balile^ wIm wen mUc<1 

AiidhdLor Aaglca.* &fl«reaajiti|r»oinci>cti<r and 

partial inruioiu of tho north-fail («ut m Ildliin, 

ibo wtiolc pojiNlatiim of Ihc Aufili'i put ilivintcK'M 

in OMrtioii. nndcr llic ruiiilutt uf ii wani'ir uamril 

IdBiiiad kb IwiflmKKu. (&17 ) Tlidi iiuiiii.-ruuBii«- 

mU npulet!>e lind liirtwi'^n ili» bukiiIu nf rh.- I-Vitli 

and lh« IVrrxl, Thr ln-rtlrr In ajuiirr thtfir ntu'^'uvi 

afaliut ihc Dritmii of thm pnrt of Ihn rnuiil.r}. ihcy 

. fnumcl Into an nlUancc mIiIi the ricls; and thaac 

.tsoMcnte eiinnicai ailiancing, from cut la we>t, 

{■track awib tannr Into ikc iialin*, tlul thi> kiii^ nt 

flh* ilnglra R<^<«d frfim them th4> lumanii' n( tin 

I yintrvud.' Notwlthalandlntt lux forocllj' and hii 

mnnfa, Malouail, ai ilte fnot of the mouutniai 

' wliBTC tkc Clfdf bu ita (Outm, i peupk that darod 

(o tout UtBt "Tkp Firrbanil caiuu agiuncl iw," 

I «n a cotanpoTarT BrilUh poac: "he aaluid with 

j a lirad Tolni, 'ITril jon pio me linnlagnal Arv 

I ]«> rrail] ^ (>wi-n ar^ircrpd, ihakuig !iU lance, 

J, • Np ; we will not jriti' llw^ hoilagii ; we arc iiol 

nxlj.* Then I'rien, the rJucf of iha 001111I17, 

«iibJ alAuri, ■ Chllilmt of on* net, ttnitrd In oit» 

a«a*, kl « tut mr •tandard on th? inoiintalna and 

r^i rfown tMo Uin plain; let n^ ru»h upon iha 

Firrbnodi and Inrolvc-, In a common eataagc, him, 

U* arviyi and hii auxlU<uin " " * 

(t.ihMTtoSGO) TheunisrTMn.atlhehrailoflhG 
BrttOBauf tlw uartb, iletcouilan:* uf ilie nuaiinit ctni* 

> IwaliAnnmU. 

* QafM adMs vrri IiniU ItiiURiv* vinpeliial Tdniunim. 
I iC^lWiipi VCmluwtvl*. 1k4t4ar-priK<q. p. 15. n1, IldAruDj— 
III* ■« AntmaoaiinallinaDuai nun hndtKnur 4c11ranl. 
rWiIMalllalaiMtart«oM<d«UHi.M.ABc!..1ih.l nn. I. 

at nr. Aaril*. anivi.. p >, ft. HMh.V-Otadiioi niiAam 
(«■■< BiHBi^ rw (^lUH^itn ilm*. rt (tn BnltBli> *d 

mwttm f^ paducvr** l Jo^aubn A-' Fnr^lhtn ^ni^rUntqi- 

Mb 11^ IBfOp- lit. p-Kiv f-L, |l4-«nip'.>— ^■1ln^i tii-vrt. 
Writ— -"f .teg- gtl«"l • ifi'lrtr AijUl-. •-.-ijit .ml i |> 111. 
•4 <H*- — VVMtb mI itf l.(Tt< ll-M-ni of Ibe Cvat;,l<; 
UalmtK*,f HI. 

a EkI*. Aurln. 


*TaliM«i. AKhmlac) of Wain. «wl. |. p 9r. 

granta from AnnorleatiGaul, i^tiHlwTora] victnrlo* 

1)1 CI lhi> eciiifrilente Iniaili'I* ; And Ihr Gennan rtiiaf 
poiiilii'd on the bitilii «f ihv (Jljdc : but a gtrat 
and dfiiMic battle bi^lwecu lli< ricta lud Aiitck* 
"71 the tpue ^il.^l■, anil Ihi' inmi uf llf vxlr of thr 
t'ljilt, Ih6 *hi>rvM of Ihp Forth, ihaaif of Dnifr and 
[if llrjriiicli * (thai (*, nf tlin inouiilaintiiu coiinliy, 
nnith of ihrlliiiiihri)!)!! ihr oilier, -nrai falnl Id the 
ndlkh iviuae. Amnag tbo ilain nrcrv inanv chiuli 
m«riiig tliL' <Dllar nf gohi, Iha bml^ ef hi^i Citm* 
inuii! amonf the Brttoni,^ of whom fw r«tiinied 
t(i ihoir hotiii** tVoni Ibis combat. " On thrli 
ruiiirn," taja an tmelRnt pn^t, " ihRv told lo ihrlr 
wires a tile of pcacr ; but in rnini nir the amrll aC 
blood waa on their i{a.mwiil*." " 

Thp i[i>toriuui pcopt* iprcad tlii*miplTM otpr all 
the eaiterJi eouiitry, beiwrefi Ihi* Fr>r(h tiivl lli« 
Iliinibcr. Thuie amuug liii' lauqiilkhril to uhiim 
the forrl;;!! yi'ku wu Inaupporlablu, fled lovlhwnnl, 
into ihv couiitit of tliv Cambrian*, nhirb had 
iLlmdj Be<)tiirea uid itilt Ktoiiu iha namo of 
Wain. 'HiL* (iCTman ciitii]uenira Lmtwaed iia timr 
naniet on tliL'uoiihc.rii tounlrir; (be; (ircwrvcdihe 
andcnt );*'^'l>n|>'^'^ dcnomioatiani ; and crcu 
made iwc of ihcm to disllnguiili their diflrrent 
eoloniv*, aieeording to thr place of their habitation- 
Fur iiutaiK-'c. Ihey *tyI«U llieniwlin Mm of tli« 
Norlliof Hiimb<:r,^Miii of Uejrfr, Mnicf Brj'ulcli, 
It according b> iho Laiin onDogT»))lij'i NorUiuni- 
briaoa. Dtiriatu, BcnuL'Laiu, Tlx aainc of An^e- 
land *" wa* giTCii oiilj- to a iDiutll pail of the ewtem 
c<n>[,whi!mQtiiB of that iiatiuii, before Ihe^-Tiicial 
einigraiion, huil fuundnl a cnluti} which, though 
Hut ver)' iiuinrrmtiaa iraa npahle, Ihruugli ibv prv- 
loi'lioil of tbc Eaal Saxuti*, lu the north uf nhiioi it 
nai) liliiatrd, of ii)aiiiluntii{( itarlf agaltiat Uie 
hndibt)' nf ihe iiutlvM. 

(a.ii. AGU) Th* Miflrnt [Kipnlation of thcCorani- 
ani. who had been ettabllihni far age* to Ihcootuli >if 
the llumbei', but wbom to lanK > tv*ldei>cc ainoiiK 
ilu- Itritntu hod bc4n inuiffimt-nt to r«eonriU vrtth 
thrtn, ixiluntartly Joined Ihv An^lo-Soxan Invadira, 
aa Chi>j bid foimertj' Joiurd Uie ILoiaana." The 
result nf ihl> alliance n» that thuir riiuun tw a 
people diaai»pear?d from Iho coimlrj whifh llie/ 
Inhtibilvd, but that cf Iheir a[liM wna not aulA 
ithuteil: btilh wvro Ituii ; aiiO llir counlrj' bnlWMn 
Ihr lliuuber and llii> ThiiiiL-* wai thencElbnranl 
railed ihe c<i«uilr] uf Mi-rk," iu Latin Utrdaa 
probably Ijoia tbc natuic of the ■oil which cun- 
ttaleil in gi«t part of marakc*, or ita fcordorins on 
(be Eree itritoiu oftht watt, of whom It formeif iho 
froDtier cr oiarcA," an caprmaion of the Gcrmana. 
Thcywrrc Anglnfromtbelcnitorieaof Dtiriu and 
Dcmiclo, or tnta the eaatvnt mad, aiiil fauiitki!, 
tindi-r iho name oS Mcitln, the erighth and lait 
Uermau (M)iuny in Britain.'* Tbo linundnrLoa ot 

•(HKrmi» flryirnt*. uid /ViivTOr Dtiryr. 
7 .lit.Turln t.^Httseio^or Wobv. \ti\- L 4.) 

■ H.U1 ]■■ »— It 

■ I<iiiitliuji-h;nilini-m«iD. InlJiim. SaiiaatjmM. ShiOr 

'* Eu( Endi'luDd. Eaji-EiwU*. lu LaUa. VHaOala Ja- 

■' »^ limp, p t. 

'*M]Tuui.M]*nuiiru. <Chfna.!law«. nl. (HWn.ja^ 

i< Hirrr. mttr. Bjn, narl . IMnilri. nt Momliaa i<- aBDilm 
Mynnlmiv, 'A*n>hf lud. (VMrilwUluaarliH at Waibwr. 
Ihm, ■u-l M«r*nl l.yu ) 

1 1 Thvi* iM [UBHillr nahnanl tinlj mfwa. Tfawa «*>a 

OUBWall a«itii4nl In IMHiai. 
ltMlaui>n>l lltUMt Uiallnl. 

Utnuft oainDlt* 111 CraL 



t'iviliulinn orilio Vinfrrtlis. 


Uio KCvrria)!*,' nilh whom *inn<- Coniiian* mkI 
Ang)i>* vi«tf> iiilpm^WAJ, nrrn iiol ftl &tvt ovlalnlj' 
Muvl: llipy ^jlnailfi! thcBiwIum ]ifogr««*ivit!y tn- 
warili llip WHl, ol Ibc i-ipetix oT titc UamliiiftiM ; 
■nillnminlt Oiv aa^^^il,M tlic rxnciueaf llioSwtaiii 
UioBiMlveN iritb wtiom tiiuj 4m not frel «> i4oavI]r 
eouBeeied bj % eemmmMj «f origin m Dm Sumiw 
w«ti> wtth on* siMthcr.* 

OrihMC olghl Kilnnin, priiiclpallli««, >UtN. or 
kii^filatai. WhklMmT tbey nsj be collodi thilx 
Tuuailcd in Biiluin vithiji the >p«Tc of a ccntnry, 
none tiHil knj- tettitarj on (he bonltn «f ta« 
irciHIi'fTi Ncn. <.-iM|it Ibe Wett Suun*. ttliicb, huv- 
I'vi^r, (ltd iKii vxlMiiI to Um! uonli of llip ^utr inlo 
iiliii'.U lilt: nvcr S«««rB Uk, Hcirif the nliol« 
extrut of ibc wcfUto <»>Mtf,fc»ni the moulh of Bir 
Cljjv to the Lund'i Etui in {'umwaU, fraiiuneJ bi 
|li« p)Mcu>Hiiuu ar thv indigenoiM nee, aoil ebietf 
■if ihrt C'-uulriaii Dtitmia. Tito Imgulit' fonn of 
ili<'"r ci?n>L>, Isulilcd ftiim Ihp cmt man of tliii 
hitluftii firi' ricr l)ii.- trilx-- ilvclliii;- in llii- hiuIIii Uiii cliaam-l of ih" Spinii, ami in (lii> 
north, Ijpj^ni! fhn SoIir»jr Frllh : ttoi lu'tTvlil Ihwin 
iiva upiMWtu jiulnu nrai * Initif anil raiTi|iM-l iparp 
wf coiiuirj-, lliuui;!! rarjiiit In bmulili tccotdiiiK to 
iht fiivjecliiri) iif llm nriftt iuto the ■e4. ThLi 
niinititqi'Kxi* nrL') uiifmiirul IcriMorj wm llicr 
Jwcllmg-jilin-.' of th* (!»ml>ri«i» ;* hf'n" iKfij 
ntr<Tn>] n ni/r llmnjili jionr ktjiaw la Pini^niiiu 
from nriy rozm:! of Brllalii — to mtii nho. niriho 
dUI l)»lnriiai, chotr ntlirr In Iciid « life of iaile- 
pitiili'occ ■u'l nf |<^i13tiua^ Ihan to Uihabil a Bdc 
n.iif.trj' "MliT thii tofoigti ji>lt.'.» Otiicrt «toMnl 
ilic u(4raii lu fiu'l la (tnol ■ liiul nhii^h thrirralhen 
li^id ppujtitil \t itie tita* limo with Britain, sad of 
wtiith Ui" iuliablunU wmc of Ihi-lr ovn tncr and 

(4iK) til ftOD) HatiTT««rb witli fuf^tiTm frum Rii- 
talii touched auceeiuiTFlf >i (he ir«*tenina*t [Mitit of 
Annodca, of which, iinilcr Die Romaiu ud ami be- 
fnrtrlbPii<.'oni|ur«t.rrnain diaUirta bad teen eallnil 
ibc mritoriFt o( lb« Oiiauiii and Vccctj, Wiih the 
rojui-nt of IJhi «ict«il iiihatiiluili, wito «rktioir> 
Io4|m1 Ibm ■« brethren of Dm nmo (trl^n, the 
new Mtlrni dlMribuI'd Ihcmirimt atrt thit whaln 
norlbt-rn coati. ai bf u th« little ritcr Coiaoon, 
W)d •oulhward at fu ut ihe toritorj of tfac dtj of 
UiD Vnneli, nim catlcd Vuinea. In thn extcot of 
Fouiiliy th^r foasdMl a Knrt of ««panl« ttate, com- 
jiTltlni; nil titn nnall placM nt^ar Ilie (mmjI, but not 
jnrludliiit nithin lu llmlli 1hir|rreai Unrna of Van- 
no, Nanto, uid Rcnacs. Tbo Iscroaw of (be 
populnlicu of thii wettern comer of (be countr}', 
an4 the gml avmber of people of tho CetUc * net 
Ud buigua^ ihua MwmUed within a narrow 
■porr, prfsvned II frvn Ibn Imtptlan of tb« Bammn 
laiiffur, whlcfai undor farnia mora or Im corni|ited. 

IfM tWlit. thro anvn. itun Ml. Qirt ifaln aJ|M. hi 
f vnic* ipf d^fVini rr>elubaii>. 

■ U]rmu.-rD«D-. Mtrni. 

■ lltw Stiteulw. lul. It. p. m. 

> (l«)ll Wallli. (TWHBln. ArHUMllon'tfVal'.Td.l.. 

• Ubnn (un IIVmMe MU* IbUan «H«mi ttun 
tnMicarr. •loiai h<Mlaa MliM ilmnlalo envllato. ^tl^ 

'inina SrDdihfaciiHa, tlb. II. np- kUL p, »»f , 
ed. Hrtmr ) 
* Colta. Ki>.n>, Uilato. M«» 

H«au>unie Uaiiif omImb. 

^nMttfnfrttmttBUnttnu. In ■pt^y tMstnae eliki lo 
■h* (Mpk or OMteta aainf I)m) (Shi t.'lllNvtieilM 

» flna I15 Uh 'irreki and 

ma grvduallf bceominii pn-imli-at lii cTerj other 
put of Umt. Tho name uf Hriltany vna a(IiKJ)«4 
to (heao Miaita, and (hi> aatnei of i)i<- xnrioii* Indi- 
irncut Uihei iliMppeued; while ihr Uluid ivUeli 
liail hcriiu tliia luinie fur lo uiaiij agn, nuw Imt if. 
and taking the name uf ili r>sni|ueTor», begMi to be 
oaiiad the Und of the Saxotia and An(Ie*, «t In oiw 

At Iht name tlnnwhen iba men nf Britain. Ryinj; 
before tliu Aiiflo-Saiona, ntabllilicd I he ■»«•.'! vii 
an Ihe poinl of lund wlikb ivn* c«lled tke Aem 0/ 
Grtuf/ Aoine SAi:<>rM 'tpatrisled from (icriiiuitj 
rune in aecilo mi annilier jioliil of l^e criul of 
Uaul, firtlier to llie iiorlh, in tlie tiviuitj of (he 
town of whleh the uncii'm name bu bci'U cliicged 
iiilu that cf Ubjciu.* At thl* tiu*e, aliQ, tbe 
Ciermimie leaf^ie, irbioh had for two ceoUirir* been 
called thai of tlie ymnka. i>t tlie ottrepirl, uilruiceil 
in (#Tml bodicH, frum the riiiMUli* of llii? Rlilmi 
and the Mciur. iul'> the crnlml Tirintficm uf Guul. 
Oil Ihc DlbRt aidVt Iwu iinlioiin uf ihu 'IVutviiic nee 
lud altetidT overrun and liei>..ini'>i-ILh'il ii>lriil.>i|i>ut'i 
i>f all Ihe hue prorineea of the aouth, hrtwn.'a Ihe 
Luirc and the Iwo«i-m. Tlii- IVeaiem (tnthii. wli-> 
look ihe noiite of Vfadgoiba,* occu)iicd thn emiiitrj 
ireti of tb- Bhune. while the Burgundtnni" hi-bl 
thul tci the exit. I'lie entabliahnxnil <if Iheve two 
barhnronn natlAn* had lieen Tlolent anil iirennip«> 
nied i}j HTvnt ravaeei ; the* hid foteihtv ii>iir|ieit ■ 
IMit uf t^e pnswuiuni of r«di uatlie iainll)': but 
iIkj \ove ef rvpMr and a tpitit of Jmtif e whirh dii- 
tiaKHnlirJ llu-jii bIkhi' the ullier (.■ermini, rnrh 
toftcited Ihrlt mmiiir'ta; thejr |>ri>ferr-H) tn lire in 
amilj wtih Ihe"' w)'<ini ilie^ hud iaiii[iiiihed and 
uhORi their laiei trMlM witli liiipartielllj, nml 
located Ihemarlir* near Ihe'in an tici|[htioiitv atui u 
friemh. TheGothi in parlicular wcrej^aitied oier 
to Ibc Raman iitaniirr*. vliieb ■■ Ihil linm wi-ie 
(bow of Ihe eiTilUrd inbubitant* of tintiJ : iltelr 
lawa Weiv in general til^ratly eppied futin llie iin- 
pratal code ; lliey gl'iricil iii the arta, mid alTceied 
the poliiencta of ^me." 

Bug fhe Prank), on the eontrwj, fllloil tli« north 
ufGanlwiibterroranddevsitniion ; atrangeMallke 
lo the manneni and the nrlii of Ibe Roman eolaniro 
anil eilien. Onry dcnulnlcd llirm renioraelenl)-, oiul 
took plciiutv in doin^ >o." Briai; «lill pn^^ii, no 
relidioiii "jmpathjf lempered llirir um>^- dinpoii- 
linn. Kpuinj; iivilhvr tax nor tgt [aj lhi> anei«r>l 
bUTorinns), bumlni chtirebe* iind houieii in tlie 
town* and eonntn-, the; |[Rulinll> aiWanerd ■niilh- 
wanl to iDTado Aic whole caivnt of Oaul; whlir- 
the Oolha and Bur^ndinix, impvllr^il hy a like 
nnbltinti, thou$;h grstifpng It lee* hartiaroutlf, 
toinellin«i uuiu-il. liul nftpner at nnr, Tiuiliod Iheir 
cmqueaca ill the oppoatle dlrorlion. In (lie thi'ii 
wfU atale of the cenlral proTineca, rtlU unilnl, 

• Etiftl^imnalmd. Etlo^atd, S*«(e fan^l— bjr ^tor- 
fleUai <il«0uai1, Kdulamt- 

r CW— OaUitr. tW uoui sun* iritli tlul at Qb •oulhtui 
MlBteif Itw btud ef Ilitiain- 

aVinU DiKUwr lllawr. mi •mtt- B«dil wti; KnkD 
aWMiMg — fa - 

• Wart-tMbM. In Uat,.mtftMi. 

■• tW III* L«l» wr nil-aii^ 4> riwce. lib *<tlW«. 

■ > niKcnnAaaai ManM, »»M»»i*.lnn no »ii n i i « limnt. 
nan>|<ia4niMail4eeU*Oii1ll>. ii^ Vri'nia feaUIVu •liiW' 
lUiiii (PHilutOnHku.*|<irf wrtlil. r*r. UoMim Kmw. 

MB I. !• WT) 
11 !W thl- UUN« nil rilMalrr de Fnara. aih gdlUee. 







Ikidiliin nf llir 0>IMnn rhuicli, 

CLoi M imibniM l^hriitianUy. 


Ikoialb but nninlnally, nitli tho Ruiniui emjiirt!, uid 
pniMindl; dlisuMrd wiUi ti»t rule (wliicli, tu uw 
iIm iTMdi of *a Mdcat OauUtdi jxicti " roult thsm 
bcav Um *r«iglit at ilt diadoir"),' Ihvr* vrM BTttjr 
rvuDB to tuiiMw tlut ttw iahaclUBia of tlisw nro- 
tImm*. IimmbM* nf n>*l«Uiij( Ihe coni|U«rinjt nsiiani 
who f nm ti Itaom nn ihre* •idea, nonlil rnpilntalc 
wltb tbc lout fcroeloiu ; In ■ woidi ibit ihcvrholc 
ofUtuI would anhiiiit ctlhrr I« Ibi? Uotha or Ihe 
Bupntduai, who were Chtiitiuu like Ih« UaaU, 
tu unler tu ncupi rrutii the liuiilt of Lite Fnutki. 
Burl) wore iti ilirt&lc* of lru« jxiliC}' ; bul thej Kho 
rolcd iu Ucaliuj ilnjitHl ollirrwiiti 

Tb«M mr« Cbo bittiDii* of thu Gallic cilicis to 
iTbam Ilia d«<f«*« oftlia Komftn anipcron liAd u. 
•ifiwd ft gNil odtnlniitntiva fttilharit} ,' uiil who, 
takins MlikUua afOtt Aiaurien eaiued by the in- 
Twoa of Ike bftrliMuaa, innenMcd iUeg&lIx their 
■Irrady norbitaut jn>^-cr. 'riii>biihnp«,whaatlhit 
timvtoak th»litlei>r/«i;«Mnr(»lhrrt,*nvrcUiopIffni- 
potniUulM IVnni ths Utullih nillea whpthor lo thn 
•■aflt«irMeliwuT«lrln|tfrani. or to Ui* Gwinnm 
who w«fc •pfiroftchlDcllinii. Thrjr camluotcil ihc 
(liptomatic jitgaUktlww * a* tlicj Ui^URht fil ; uid 
wiisthrr thtotl)c(i babit or through fmr, no mm 
rtood fonli (o contniliet them ; for thcii power of 
ppnftl lutUclioiia tru MniMiuiicd by the ntn^falnuy 
rrfvlaUuDi of poKvn in Ihe ilMliu* of ihr nmplir. 

Aa cUUivn of Ron^, uid buuiid bj' ttie tiap-cTlil 
M^iaunee* lo tdnwirlcdgv u thrir ronimoD 
p«lm« ftnd ImaiI, lli* biibop frf fA« tto'vul eity,' to 
(to nothing wilkout hl« nnrtioD, lo ctiiiiiilpr lii* 
d«ci«a ■« hir>, uitl hi« policy b.i Uisir tulf. In 
Doddlboiruvn hilhuiHUi hiB.uml BOtocuLiiriliutc 
by unily «J religion to a unity of (WV"fniof«l, 
tb« buhopa of th« Uaiititli prit-inrr^, Ihoiigh qiiiln 
»t liberty [b« MomMit Ih^ Jmpi-rl^ pon^r rrwfrl 
to b«ar uiKiD Ibcm, contlnuM In tct lu bcfor*. 
ThloURh iMtlntC or tliroii|[1i (slrnlitlnn, tJitj ■till 
1 (m mc of ihriBfclTct Km ckprsoml It,) 
innadM th« Mtithonty of Itonip, !>;- the bond* 
jloua n«pil, tho«e «iunlrfct iik wlii«h the tte 

|M>liticftl niliJMtioti hail been bnik»n.> I'lieir 
kTvntoa ot tolrr«tiuu fur \\ie liarbxritn cml|r»)l* 
fitMB Ucmiuiy wa* im-varrd, nut by the dcact-c of 
liutMrtiia •iiil riTficlty tii t!»- lall«f. liul aecopdim 
t* their fcmm«l aptitude for r*«ivini{ C'hriili- 
Ulltjr. ■• H vnu praAiH'd by Romr. Xuvr, tliii 
ftpUtuil* m roinidprnl to be iiiucli j;reater in ■ 
IK'ifilc who wen tlill p>i:>ii», tbaii In *chUiiiallc 
iliritOuns "bn Itid kiianiiiKl}- nml irllfull^r iDpii- 
raWA from Ike Rauisti Fiimiiiuiilon ; toth *-f<r« thn 
Qollia *nd Iba Dumondi.ina, who imfDHrd Thn 
bith DfChria! acrorilinK to th* doctnnr of Arii». 
Bat the Kt»«ki, at tlial tina, piRook tX no CbrU- 

* 4 , , . . . Piw1a«laii» niulinin (m(i«^iii- {Nuliinkl 
Jfcpitlli— fw CTamliui. ■imd h<n{4. Hf^ tiiilik. ti Knut^ic. 

• 0«H Amtdll M TlvwtiHll liinLoriL 
' IVi ■*• I »i->fwfi-ii ' rei*!* fi'-l.TutB I'RTcBnl, m >(* rrcni 

uMai^ua pdi oMdUlDn^iD* foiiuilur t^Mlonil Ainlll- 
Orui* nitll 'III. >i ' ' ' 

ml. I ^ in.) 

■rud vrlptoiaa rniiB UillU. >« Fnuitc. 

■UWUM fvovtadarvu. U(r«i <>d<' <ttl nntialtllu yt-ym urUi 
<r>T— — Wnrton tmtui*: tnl llln pri> l*it >li qnlilqiifd 

■■uk trl ^BDinil, {l-iTt. TlinHlnBli re VqlniUpiJtiVl, ApnJ 

•ntM iTt. Oalt. Hih iiiiaii *0. till, t, 11. TBI.) 
> IS>|mi*i> nillluan igxAi liubs. fiHnirv n«<it ibi>lu>nil. 
' ta Ucv ml n'W lEnroiin et Badn* (^iitiniil 
tealMete.ap^ afffMni rmmUalllr ft Fnn> 
■ >ta, HlllKMHI (14, to) ■ !■. 1*«,) 

tiau cifcil, iiuil itiia c^oaudciulion ma tufflrlent tci 
tucUne Ik* ktatla af llw Owiluli htehops lownnl 
iIkio, fead to EDftlia ttwu aJJ (m » nearly »tcw|io- 
rttry mrilM «j|»ri«iM It) dMim Iho dnmuiioo of tbo 
Kimnk* with iW nnlntir of mffncilon.* 

The portion of Ih* lorrllary nf Oanl occupied by 
ihr Fruik«,ixiciiiled fiom ihr lUunr I'l Iht SoininP. 
Tlir liibe (tliicl> bad advanced th« fvllicM tu thir 
aoiitb uid wvat w»« that of iko Mfronlngv, or Kill* 

of MAwrtg' (MrroTfe,) lo pUled fimn Iheniuno 
of «»• of (hpir ftndtnl chieb, retniwiiHl for hi* 
briwry and rcncTitpd by the irbolo ucojile u Ihi-ir 
comntDn kocntoi.' AtUic kMd of ihcduiiciiiiilaiili 
of Hfrowiy waj n jroung man nuned Cbludoni^,* 
or Cloti*. who JatBcd to the warllk* duiii; of liii 
)jr»dHeaMinH groUorUianof couiuMi and of •hUl 
(4titio403). TlMbHliopaofthatiiaitofaaiilvrhli-Ii 
wu BtiU suVJed to ibe aapic«> thiangb a iirccau tii>n 
of fuluev ttwvnia and their hstrvd uf the Anua power* 
mod rulan, entfr4-d of th«r own uvord into kUi* 
utco u-ilh Ihi* fntmidablo notglibanr ; they Mnt 
rrrqui-nt mmagK to him ropb>l« with coiiipll. 
nii'ularv exprmiona, ami ■rtijial ot thrm Tiailed 
tiiin nt hit WrwiMc, which, ■cpordinf; to tie {tMumi 
iiolil' idiniamUin-, Ibry termed n roytt rnnrf," 
Tim kiiitc nf ■!)!> Frsnki wat at tint bat little acn. 
■ibir In Tht'lr adtiluloQ, and be plunilered iho 
ctiiirchra and Ihr trcaiurcR of ttiB rlerigr aa befori! ; 
btit ■ prccioui chalicu eanicd off b)i ibe Pnuik!i 
from the eathtdral onthvlina, attached him bv the 
llM of intereit, and loon by Iboae of 6i«tdihlp, to 
a prdits uiOTo taleuhHl or woib fertmnW than Ihn 
ml. lluder Ihn auapiraa of Benu^ui, or Reml, 
bUbop of Rkeima, all ncuu evcini-d to ninrur In 
ftirwardiii)! the ^[reat pUa of Um ptinta oTGaiil. 
l-'inl, by a RixrTrllnvi chnnDe, tlie pafpto. wbi'in il 
(OM ilpurrd to cnfinrt to iho Ltirlalinn fiiith. 
married tbn only woman pmrewiiiK Cbriitianit} 
accordiDg to tlir Rnmnn diiffiiia Ihnt wu then lu hi' 
bviid among the Teuionk prioecly lanUlta. Tho 
meaiiM ot the faithful wife (»■ Ihe hiatofic* of the 
limn ilntiinaiB h^r) uftcneil by degree* the heut 
of tbp l-nlUlel tiiiitianri." InatiultlefiiiuihtaxBinM 
fi Gi-rmin jwnpli; who wUlnjd to follow the Knnki 
into Gaol, uid eoiiqucr ■ portion for thi'mni'lirti, 
(.'Ion*, whoAO •oldier* were )ti<ii>4 wvv, InxiLfil 
the god of Chlothilde. or Clotilda (Iliii iirui bi» 
brtdc"* name), uid prombted to betleve En hitn if 
be Gained the rlclory. U« nlned it. and he kept 
bU Tcori.** 

* C'lin obuks as ■aMi* dMUmbilt raiwreal »ji>mm. 
{flwipii. Tun-iii-i,!,- Hin. fmoc,. lib il. <«p, iiiii , apiid 
■citin. ri-r. l-iiltlr. 't KnuiFlc., i. U u. 113 ) 

I Mn- \\-,f \jtn,~, Piit I'llMfitie lie Praixw,' Mh (dilldn. 
p. So4, toT Ihr •iiHiDiiUiiaaltlUauiae. 

* M>imti'ii> ... .a qao PrnH H priai Utmtnti 
rnfciii ■nmi, pmpbtr iulNtai«n *M«lIrTi ri prii-lfnllagi IlliiH. 
iir fiUiEiiEii i*nf-fnllao«ra aixbil Fr^iinit f«i IihIiIiubl. ill laiUfi 

fnUK:., ainid a-iijit. nr (lantr. n Wnaoc, t. III. |>. 4. )-.' 
PrlDuia RV>B indaMiir tulsilaa Jtewnvn. 6k nijui ]«- 
irolU Awu 01 mliUlsaa liiuoifiMM, ImriaMO StcMDlininitii 
Toaahalo. Mtmiitfi dlAi niu. tUanoUl ChNUileoD (^la 
lulnH. ^\M.. |i- St*.) la Ihr Pnali Uajtuirh JtTmwr.ji, 
Itw tenaUwUnn ra; IniUmlMnlMHsa nr tve by ilnrral. 

■fve Iho LcUrm iHi I'lllmnlrr d» Fnarv. tth Alitl«D, 
f. »M 

'• AnU Kitla. fTlla )LVRbal. iimilKfif*. let. Uallui , n 
P^nrlr.v. Ill p. .H».) 

■ ' llilelli UsMrM mnjuon» rtn. rAlnMil (ThrnalmD . 
!•)•. ii> . .ainxl tcniA. in- ilallii?. *t rtaaiU.. I. Ok. f. 1H.1 

'■ (•(ri, Tiiiiiii. Ifltl- Fnnc. >|4Wm. ifiidHitpl tpi. 
liiUtlr li Fiaatk.. I. 11 p. iuo — Vila RraArlt rvimtii. 

hfitlMiarKlRi ttlmU. 
'n«- BartundlBni Arum. 


Til'" Finiik" •HfBhirOiirHlrtmlii. 


Tlie rKatn]>l« of llm ehicftnin, the |>tv«iiIi of 
Clnlililk ind ((f Ihr b!«hnp«,iml pi-rhtpn Ihi-ftMttP- 

lioM of now-lty, pIff-rU'd Kii'ivMiTi-riioiinf ■ numhf r 
of Ihr I'lnnk K<li11rr«, am n mil I lit:, laj thr> hMii. 
linnN <<' tliri-<' tlin<ttanil ; hut (lir)~ ronfiia llmt 
ihoBC wiiSi'd In ht baj-ilivcl onlj in oriiur to pliruc 
llM'lt Pliirf, tH-fi>rr lh<-* kiiont what bn]>lisin nm. ' 
't'lm «H'niniiyvrji»|w»r(WrtiiHl ni Tlhpitna. All tli^it 
tba trt* <>r IliMTii'. wbl(')i iicii' ili-iiiiivil ■bonl)' lo 
pnUh iti (iauli kltrr bai1[i)(t"i'iii'iijo] ■tdiilli}' 
iho IxirlnrUii* Uicniwliir^, could jtt ftimiih of 
•lilrnilciiir, wu UviHhljr vrnplo^rd in lU'Onnling the 
tTlun>](l> uf Ih*: hliih(i|M ; ilii> tirpttn wm> vlqm<>d 
nith tapiwtrlM; hnnKinirit iif niioui caloun, 
■iri'IchinK from roof to rniuf, lnipn*i*)itnl ilin gcWii 
■Bil hMtl af tbrsun, u in Iho in'n'*of <>>■' <'>i^^"* ; tbf 
pftVmaM irM aticivn nitli lloufrs; nutl |ii~rfiimvi 
warn banit u nftnli Ihir >ir. TIk' hinli'jji r>f 
Rlirinu, In i-inbroldrriil YC^mrnlh, nalVrii liioide 
tbe kii^ of till- Fmik*. nhnui hv r».\\Ht liii ^rllii«l 
•on. "Holy t'aihiT," Mitl Uir Utter, ruloiriih'-il 
bj tho fii>gt\tiifi-Brv, '* i* not l)ii* (lie Liri|r>i<^ii '-f 
liMiTvnIa wtiiclithmi i>niDiiwil« to rniului'i iiii> f * 

The nrw> of Ihc Injilimi of llir kiitu "t 1)10 
rrankii WM cuTlfd ra|iidl} by itniricr* to llir |m>iii? 
of Komp; on which ItIIpw <i( «niKinrulatloiv luii 
fflc'i 111 ship 1TMV kdrlmud fmm ihc Etrrnn-I Cilj to 
Iho kiDf <'h<* li*d bownJ hi* htMl bcBeatfa Iwr 
jslw; oDd h(s in iMuin, wnl ricti pmriiu u 
trfbulp* dT flihl ■iihminimi to the lilrued aniMtlo 
i'tliT, prolpctiiii; potrcn of the iiriv Ittfinc- rnm 
th^momiriit that kinedovu <lt^rlu*d hiintelf k ten 
(if l)ii> I'hurrH of Kortii*. tii* miiquuls In Gaul u'rre 
otviiilcil nilliuul further firuiiuii oS bluud. (497.) 
All ibu (vnu* vf till- iiuTlb-wcU, N» fiu' 09 thi; Loire 
■i>d the icrritorv of ibr cKiifTaat Briiooa, opened 
thcdr gstM ta hU lnKcii : thn halt im ortnmpi ataliocml 
'in IhCM plao* pniwil intntli«tMrr«lti(<nf ihrtiprinmi 
Uni^ anil dUpla^rd ainimK hlii warilon rlail tn 
•klni,' llir nrnviaiiil Fiiitinti orihr ilomiin. The 
Bail* cf lilt Iptiitoiy or kiiyfitnm nf ihr Fnnki. 
Wftviuaii iili^idi'd lAinnlt Ihf (oulh-H*! r uml at 
Iho inuisatiun nf hit plmit rourf^irn. Ihr royal 
nrophjnc narchiHl m hu'lllc amy IlirDUuli thv (nr' 
titurin Fuiiqurtrd by thf Eliiiininiliant.* (MO.) 

Tlic H'irpinilian* were Arlima ; that U, tliry <tld 
nrt Irf-Iii-Tp thai ihc •ccontt prrac-n i>f the Tfinlty 
nw KU«d likp lhi< Hmi; lint. DotwltlutuuliD; Ihia 
llilbrnice of docliiiK, ihrj did IIM ID ««y wiiy 
ptCKculf the prlrMi iiitil tiUlK^ii who In ilicir 
t«*t«a pnirnm-d tlir lo iicl* of Uvtur. Tbc bialiogia, 
Idlln |tr*tj-rul fnt tliin p'Drmiia toll'tnlion. corre- 
■Twndnd With thr Fninkaiiiordfr to inrifp Ihpm In 
kn itiiiwion ; oii M Umi. tvaX nilvaDlnge uf llu- 
iltirad of mcb tx innaUm to penutilr ilie hiuii of 
Ihi' FttRcaBiJUwi* t« «iDbir«c thv Kxioiiii cntii, 
whw-li lb«y wi-ty p)f««Ml to f»tl iLe only Iruv, 
i>ntit(vtlnJ. uid cirtbodox faith. Thialit»ff, ininml 
GacKti'hild,* Ihimi^ a httlanaii -md thrir inaairr, 
itukhI thnn with srvat mUdiint: whlli^ tiiey ad- 

■ nil aaoivB ra«la sairi tlia» lia><r|tu| curlobaM. anlia 
._.! —1 . (R«U-.c««. »-nu--. nil. LI.. 

hanltnaaM Hm (OfMKlivn 
•liU-.t. iti. p. ».) 
' J'llfiiiir. *^ larr rfniini EM 
rili«. r 


(Yha BcmlcIL avjd 
Arotunar. f'analBa, afaul 

nt. Gallic. «« Pr«*rv. t-lil„». kn ) 

'ih* umw. inultpn. AtnHtnar. f'lualu, anul 

nadck.. 1. 1., p w-.—rtoHirku. <i« 

.- .Bblor. 

Kilpi. nt Uanic M nat 

•ViiaK kroUfU. aiU..I.UI..lrTa. 

' la Ulin timtMa l i^t. O.W. ct*^ atfA, nt. *inla> : 
l«M. WK. M^. '^ ^ 

'\ tv mn\ htn villi nrnmrn and nrrotpuirr, railing 
him a inarimnn. in apoaintf, and a ivliW uininn 
Ihn law nf fiofi.' " ll ii> not no," rpplinl h» 
patiently, ■• I obry (In- laiT of (icMl ; but I nrtU nnt, 
like you, belieXP iu lliivc ifidH, Uniiln, if yuur 
(iiitli i^ the brfll, why d» twt yi-ur lirMlirrn in r»li- 
irliii proi^ il, b] prrni^ntinq: ihf k icgAf thi> t'rinka 
fmni iiiarrliin{[ a|,-iiliiil ui lu il»lrii\ iiat"' 

Tbr- ontnuiPB of thn I-'rauka wii* ihr only anawrr 
lotliiii niihnmwiliic(|ucalion. (•^l>l.) TlieJrpaiti*' 
waamvlird by uittnlFrnnd rontloi^liuii : Ihey Ion: 
lip lhi> vintt and fmil-lrpi'ii; pliinden*(l (hi>'i>nTcnia: 
oiTTlpd off thtf larTPil \«v»i>la, ami dwirojod Ihcm 
wllhoul 4^rllt■l•^ The Kliiit nf Ihn Iluri^initlnni, 
WiiiK rrdiiri'tl to riirrTiiliyi •uhmiltcd to ihr ran- 
qurnin, who )nip«<cd B Iribiilp on him and >11 hia 
lownt, m^Lilo him awt^r to bi^ Iht'lr fulun ally and 
aniilliir, uid rviunied to their land* north uf %h« 
I.airr with an jiimi(>Dtr bvcly. Thr nnhodoi 
rlnlfCy ralird Ihia MiiifuLniry rxpc-dtrioii n pinna, 
illiMlrioOft *^*^ holy c&fprf^ri»o for the Iruv nifli.* 
"Alaa!"*>id Ibe old taiiquinhfil kinit. "(^ui the 
falih of nllfiun duvrll Willi IhoM' ubu vovvX tUv 
F>nwratlom vf olbtntuid Ihlnlfot hiiiiiHii blociin"" 

The ilcxory ofthc Fruih* niri ihr Iturici'ndiane 
plated all the clllv* en the bnakaof the Rhoni: anil 
th« SaniK^ nndtT thi? power of the llanion ehtvch, 
aiid of tbu pa]ac« of Kl. John of Lairnu. vhieh 
WM rtcoTL'tiiig, plrao by pScM, Iho liifa«rltaiicc of 
Uienld Mpllol. (AOT.) n!\yr*nHftrrvrard(^ under 
(he >a)DOKui|iii:««, brgmithc wni with the Vl>l|{ciiha. 
Clari* oaicinbled bia wairiara in a rircio, in an ri>- 
tcniiie pLiiu, mid aaid (u tlitni. " ll tliijik'nii'i mr, 
(hat Ihcae CloUiB, nho fir* Ariiui, occitgiy Ihc heat 
jNirt of Usui : IrL us gu ai^iinl tht-m with thr hrlp 
i>fUi)di>iul driTe (hcRi amy 1 U'l ua muki.' Hicir 
land luiiji^l tnaa, Fnt il i* eirctlir'kl, *ii<t v>i' •I111II iln 
noil.'*'" ThhpmpcaalivnaplPsaiiiKlntbo Kniik*, 
who cotprvMiH Ihnli aiipmliaiiiin by Innd ■hmira, 
atid Joyfully bi'sui ihnr nurrh tiinaid the Kind 
Innda ofthn wiiiih. The tenor of tbvir nppraarh, 
mj lh>- ol.l liiatoriuiH, retoiintlnl fnon firni." So 
alamiv-l n^rv Ihc pi^opli! of ih" aotilh nf (iaiil. Iliii. 
In mniiy plaMi, (hr; finrind Ihry anic dri'^lfiil 
aign* uid prtmKit aniiaiuiiuiii; tltc ralamllira of an 
iunaivn : U Toulouar, il ma dcvluTi.'d Ihnl n foun- 
tain of blooil latued forth in ihif mitldle nf the city, 
and l)ow«d fern vhole day." Bui.Hntlilxl i)ie piih. 
lie rnn*I«imatiMi, thi>r« waa n rlnwi of m4iii nho 
rc(lioii(<l Willi Implitlnicc thRtlByanmipli-d by Ibe 
baihuiui IbrcT* in ihric mnivb. Uuintinnui, or- 
lhodo« biibop of BflioHcs, wna dclerled iulriKnIng 
for the niMiiy : aiid he wu not the «i>1y uithd 
|vi«i tiliu iptuned to ilnilUr prariir«>.'* 

'CdllHlIn *T>lMvlunirn tncfti^ fliinilrlAlda r*r#i flpad 
vciiil. irc lltllk. ct I'tnimV., 1. il.. p, V». luo. el IDI. 

■ ^i ^r^r* AiIh <wI ««ra, i|a4t« tfivdfDpl vrvtri sifi imp^ 
itiuut ivKrm Fraimftuni, tkc- I llm-. n- IlKi.) 

■ fla atqiir latlyia H etirMtaw n11]laDl* niluit Vnu- 
e»riiB>'httu. tViwK, UilBalU, apuilRTii*. rri, (Ullt.ct 
I^Iiele..Uiin. lU. (ta.) 

* Koa «4l flilr* bill n4 aiffiH^nliB 'llMk) M •ilit «*iif;iitH^ 

Ininnin. 1 IbU., loni. li ., ii>«.j 
* Ran n»Mn<iliti-<iii>'-iif<il.jl>Uifint. (|uU vililr Iwaaml. 
(OnU Frrim rrnnfoi. Mil . 1. II |h»>«.f 

^1 Cutri irvmt Krani^v^iTii tmiibnl. (Qn*i, Tiiifiiir, IIM- 
I'kiiTi'., IJ'-ii rajt VI. 4111.1 .cti|a- rrr. liallH!- H fiBltrw-, 

I. n. II. lu.y 

» lu BHallaTbubiiH ri*luli>. lanrnii rniyli. Praarnrun 
wln^iHilr K«ui. lUlalll <.^i<iwiic liwi., 11. *U.t 

" Vila H. Uiilnliuil. VM.. <. Ill ^ «■». VIdii Urrtot. 
T«H«. dr ApnifK^du. TtiPwdoffQ, Pfwulv, tli^ny^ttf. VoJii- 
•iAa«, L'1 \'rru. e^iw-yti. 




CatrfUln nf ilin HrMniu . 


The Franin pHftinl tin. Loire ; tnd »t tli« Ji^ 
M««f Ivi) ■ni'<nfniin l)w> I'll) of I'oicttfi*, ■■«»- 
nlMr)' BictKtn n« fought, in which tlic oUI luha- 
MtMtf* or<DD(hpm Gaul, the Gillu-lloiiMii pcoiilc 
ef A<|ultiala uid Anrcmia.' fau;lii •Iiiiik wiLh the 
GmIw tot Otv imknce of llifU ciriiuu>. Out ihrir 
mini, jnwaikil not a^i'^il llf coiufueriii^ ipUil of 
Iha l-'nnk*, whffh wti to jiciw>-rfully tiiii[niiti;il b) 
tb» AaUlekwi of tlio nrlliodiu linuli. AU-iik,* 
OC Alulfe hUiK of llir Gpilu. vai kliuu in Ihw com- 
lat; and the ArvcrniiiK loii Uw pciiiL-iiial luon of 

their Itttlobi wht^oit >»f^cr t1>v tnoisnur of tli^ Ua- 
K»u*,tb«f nlflcd wnWiiw. FoiroflhPdlkii wi'r* 
carrtHl by mmuK; Uicy werv uinsll) ilFliicicit up 
by fraaaon: all Ihuae nhow conicirticcs linil buvii 
aknned bjr Ibc Atiin inprrinnc;, revinjfvJ tlivin- 
*Hti« by ilt>i(V[ all (lie iiijuri«i> th«]r ■■'>iil<t te th«ir 
tanwiwt nwlen. Xbe UuUiv. tioinji; unable lo keep 
Iha field, abudaiitKl tl>e xiti^lo »( Atiuiuiiic. and 
cmaMd otw into S|ikiii, or Innt. rrftitif iu ilii' (ur- 
bVBca Bi^^Miil l« tti« AI'MliU-iTnnuui ; llii: ilctu- 
(iufW baailt iu wblcli mrv uoitcdi uudn t>iu roni- 
anad of the MmMrrteit futuf, liolll nl<*tln>IO (iftgkn* 
an4 itii! hauiet of orliioilaijr, tprmul ttuniucltn 
•««« Uu tmuiujr tu the fiKit of Llii': I'jrFlinw, jiil* 
iKgilis Uw lowni, ilvMltlliiir lti>; Hdili, uwl [ruUuiu 
Iha BUa Mllnl tl*ii» hustHtv vrns^n..» WUBre»Or 
fli^^ i rtciri w ctuirfgncuinpnl.lii. tunm* boait bf 
tK« odhedox. Cienueriiu, bial<»|) of Toulouw, 
wlM rtnaaiiinl tnenl}^ ilx}a with lilm, tMingvitirf 
da; U bu taliie, n^ccivcil fiucii hirn w praMaU 
cnM*«« uf ntili cfaklim and pnU-ns of Miior, ^t 
«n)iwii« uniTiriU oJ|nirpl*, t«kiiu ffni llm Anm 
•hUfohf*.* Another biiihop, "lii> coidd not gu Uim- 
mK wrolo Uxia lo ihn kiiig uf llir Ir'nuik* : " Ynu 
•hloa 111 luwn- and in majutj ; *uA nlien you 
B«1i1. OUC1 U the triumpfa."' 

8i>rh vnu tlip mrMpi flnmiootion whirh, «xIF>nd- 
ing froni lh( Khioo lo llic Pjt*iip«, eunjiilnlcLy 
bfmrDnl in. on all Miilrs. tlul coiult uf the writi-rii 
tKTTilAr; where the llnlutu, at Itntoiw, Uad token 
rt-hice- (409 lo an.) C.o«iiiure fruiii ■nwng tKt 
Tnukf nvrc nUblithwl in tlic r:liio* of NMit«i, 
Vutne*, and K«>in«fi. TlieBc ritio paid liibute lo 
Ibe Liiiip of lli» Fianhn: hill l!i'^ Bretuiitrrfiiordin 
pajlnbulTi aud UwyBliiii'i-i.lamt tuiillvmpi tIii-]iTc> 
wniLlkuiof tlHiiTlitil<'diitrii:triMmlIii:dmiii}<>flbe 
nal o<Ga«l. !■■ UiI' bold tntcrjiriM th«r« wa* ta 
llwiB an mueh Ihc more at lUikir^r, ns their Cbriati- 
tatof like llMt of (li'> tinth* uul Burxundiaiia. dif- 
Chunk. Hatint Vi-n rhri>lian>i fbr mtwiJ >|t«*> 
and fNvbai* itut b>>mI fccvciil Chnati»i» in lh« world, 
Umt l»d cdBia iatoGiu], itircumpaultd h| nrieita 
aad waaln of pml^r IpanuuK Btitl bcltn)' inlaraiiu 
Uon ilMtt tbowof tlM<i>olalrdraiitoii tn which Ihey 
MtBtM* Thty porlflt^d the falih, until then ttt^ 

■ ^i»fa« jWx f ln. .ArvaA. AflmHnf. 

* 4U 1^, lit rsHttly ■ Aii.rx, riiA. rncJiiMnniK.bnTt', 

■Ml brolEMfco. JIDOTlf'll. )kl<. 

■ OMawf^ limiuunUlu laiiliii'iiiv. Vtia !i. Ep'»4]l, 
•f^'vttpL nr. GalUr vt Fnnclr. i. ii. y. 3*1 -Mora 
(■■^ lilBiit at tdao* Inilinili oyuUbx. (Vila -■<- Ivubiii, 
IML. I. lit p. in.) 

• qa)llMBt«Hel»,ft<1ilM«lonU.ft*a|llM(H«*BIHM. 

•■■ ■■■■&* , . ■ . rt Im navaiM lunHmUw. >4 lofiilinii |<*I1 la 
■n ifw ra btMO. (VUn l!' Ormivil ■yteupt Tckunl. 

Eh*.!. ID. r-***'> 

1 O^ili iiiwiiii rilrpTir«iliT iliK^mia*. (BpWulBA*lU. 

T_ i.L I I T ylw lpl. >IU.. I. iT,f.lll.) 

> Dn* tVumw. HlMdtv4t arMtiacUL Ut. 1. |>. I— 

iiaptrh^ of ib« oiK'lcat udwblNuili pf llie cpunljy ; 
thty t\*n went and praachsd ({laiullMulf in l^o 
tiiTNundlt^g terriUrici ; and, u lli*lr tniMiuMiiM 
prcaeiiWd tbviiuvltM wiibuut siij luiftreuinl *itw, 
rec'CIiliic nolhiiix (hiin auy oiWi not eren fixMl n 
di'luk,'' llic][ n-vie viErjr uberc wcUdrh; nueaW. 
The ritiicui of lU'uui-a chuK ua cmiKiutt Brildll 
fur Ihcir hiuhiip : mid the Kri'lonii ilLL-nitrltn iii- 
ililuLcd liiijiup* iu toTiTil a! the luniii in eIilu 
new iruualrj- where thete bod aeier bcm an; be. 
fniCi Tbcjr formed their TcUgiuuN <» the}- hail 
tuniii'il tlifir civil MtabliiliEaMiti wiiiiout nuiiiy the 
permiMliiit -it lli« onuniifl ofui^ fi>rci^ pawi^r.' 

(x.n. -til lo .'•Mi.) Tbe headii of liio (bun-h of 
Hrillnn} livlil iiii iiitarcouria trllh thi? prrUlcK of 
Fraiikiih li«uli nor did Uicj rcjKur to tbr cuuunli 
of tlic UauU coniokcd b) the rcictiptof lliv Truik 
kint^ Tliia conduct •uon diuw in«in tlii-m Ihc 
halri'd uf ulhcru, The inclrujiulitan uf Tour«,who 
itylcdliimirif Ihripiriluilhcul vf l)i('«'h»l(> i-iient 
of I'ouiiiT] »htih ilic Kniiitii 'iiipciura liail rnlli-d 
lji4' ihinl Ljtiiiiiou ]Jimiiici','«uiiiin,oiii;J lh« cictity 
of 1.11-H'ri llrlllaii;, HI dwrllkn); irilhiii lii* niii'K-iil 
prfitincc, loncknawlrd^ him u Ihcir >ii.-hbiitiu[), 
irid to ireeiiie Iii* cunimuida. The Urelom. oi 
Brituuii dill not Ihiiik ihil the Imperial ein'iiiiw 
•criptjou «f ihc Ciallk tirriitvrica Iwid nvatvil liii- 
leut vblignti'iii uii Clirin l» nulilnrt Ihatr Uatiuunl 
church, traniqilinlfd iiv theniulvni from hcjoiid 
•ca. Id tho auihoriljr at a ntnagvx: bnidn, iIie)' 
«rctc not BrCTMIamod to atUidi the &rdiicpEH;u]ial 
■Nprcfnac>'Iati>epoa>eBdanaf«n>inrleularB(r, but 
Itidccrpp it tothctnutt wt-rthj Juimiij; ihrir biil>ii)i>. 
'l^ldr niLi^iimfL hi.^r*Ev<hir, inp^ui' ttziii \iir\xng ur.'tinl. 
iuKtuthepopuliLruIll, vr-j)iii(itioi>l<^ in tlie *»ll, nor 
liircHli-iluutbjr iMrlioilaldlTMoua, Uh^lttai Hlilch 
iW kiiiKnuf Ujiaiilliiai InallltitBd nrhcntbry Mode 
Chriniiaultjr an eaKJueQfiion.'niairiit. Tii« ■luhi- 
litiui |irclefiaioiia of Uiu pri'latcofToiirt hikd, thcre- 
lijri). iitt vuUiUly in lliu r}i<x of lh« UrrtoliK, <ihu 
iiiuJt II u Fir rn lint uf the in : Ihr (iullic biihii|i i-ivoiii- 
iiiiiiiii'ilt'd iht'iii 1 hill »Nll till-} itkii' IlK'iiin'lit* nn 
'lOiittTii, uwr vuuid llicj fi'i-l auy rcjjrct at liriug ■!«- 
pr Ui-.d rjf lli» roiixvtitiiioTi of fort^i^itrv from nvliom 
ihiyy had nlrcad^ HjianiU'd Iti cmiv I v ■'>.'" (r>r>U Iu 
jl n.) itiLi iht^ (irlhcj-d'Ji diuirh nl' l.iuul. irrjlau>d hj 
ihu rriiatoncc, atxMl after wuucd a^aiiwt (bi'iii a 
mare daiiKorou* war. The ullw vf Saaou*. tlJU 
pa^nitii who were Mltlod iicit ta Ihvir territory," 
bci^amc objefU oflhn triidcr wlidludeortbc biUiupa 
ufthc ueiirhlnuiliiic prnvinciv, nliu luifurluualcly 
«iertvd Ihemacli", iiol id inacU lo cumert llitw 
tiarbiuiaiMi aalo prctenl ihrm ftuiiitH.'iuci.*iruii'iii-d 
hj- Ibp Dreloln,'">d Irom ftmniiin ai^j uUinuur wllii 
ihuui di-clared Mhttuaallci. ** ^na niUeh vwr Ibn 
KaiatM moat mrtfully ;'* tbiu wtott a |n>et of that 
day In KfUi, btahopnf Nanii-i. "aiid >tiar«ddic« 
ki'i-pi oiT froin ihem llit Drilnn tiliu ii la^lnc his 
iiiBIcafurllienii"" Thaiil^kithn ^i^:a:.r<' ofl'*- 
lix knd Ida eoUcagupa, the Knxona nf Itif-Hix wan 
kqit pun from anj aUlaiic^owitJi thi^lr uoigbboiu^ 

I CmhrhD Bi.^nrhn'. p, 1«. at iImvwM D*«t.~a>Meh 
or ilio i:»fl) HLrttny ttvu Cyan- bj R<*»rtt. j. 1». 

■ Hmh IjililnMu. HMotn to IkMapw. t. L In. I. p. T 
awl 8. 

• 1 jmi"'i»n''a ""f "■ ■ ,i- , 

■ 'a™ |,.,1-ii,r-... Il«t <t«llir*v«ii'.«.t l»».lf.»— 1». 
• ' S.V r n _ 

■ ' l...iili»i>it« 'cin>>rni. •itil atf ttiilaanna {Taftanall 
Curm*'. •I'u'l Krtpi. HI. fuli* <* *V.»ci... i. a. ^an.) 


Pl-llEinn hi-nny in llrtialn. 

raMUaw ^^iait tli« nmHoliJ power; lliej mrv 
•vm entirfMl (^ittt Iham In an rvpKlltinn fnm. 
niMiled by Ibr Fnnk Llnjc HllfWrik.' nr Chll- 
prtlf. X baibarnax and unriilljilitaiwi'l diipptrlfir nf 
onlioiluKf I but dcTohd friend of the artliiit)i>x fnc- 
lacy: iKuly ihc irliola of ihem vrcrv cut in piec» 
bjr tlie Brvlon* <■■ tlie bank* of tli« Vn>iae. (£78.] 
Mor* Uiaa onw did (hii MikU naUon, «• ■ pu. 
nlttitncnt for Uieirrrtbcicitn linl«pi»iIenM, hm lo 
mmula Birollar MOtcks from The pomrftil ch)e6 
Mtnonf the aw comiBcran et Qua. (KD t« iM4.) 

t'lrr^ \-mr, irbcBflisrrMikhiBgaMoeiiitilcd nruuDil 

iliMB ill ihe^miLeaiindltlwnTenton urtht-trpro- 
viiicvi, tliLvp wlia in Ifaeir ungiiii((e ivera rill«d 
(I'ro/i,' luul nliuin the Osuh alflvil tVmib.' tlic 
Comii iif tbv rnuuicre of Btiitui)'' vnu interratntn] 
/i-t)-rrl iti)( (bu religiDisinriiili'fthi- BrHana. "TIu-t 
twLcic Dbt in llui Iran tmvoln," the Frank isptaln 
woukl rrplr ; "thcj ra]IawiiMth«*tnigtil[i*lh-" ' 
War, Utercfiire. wm mini aitnimi th«ni In niiani- 
mou KicUmtltin t and aa nrmj, oncntliltia in Ocr- 
■iMiljp and (Im Donhcm part «f Oaul, lnar^h(^d 
lo«anUlli»nwalhortli« LoiM. I'rlMli «&d nonkt 
m^tOfi lb«tr book« tod labi atlilo tl»f Ir long lobra, 
lo IbUaw, with (wnrda In ttifli hand and baldTUflii 
onlbriralMuldM. ihrnnrrionnf wham thr^(it>cainc 
tb« luugfaiiijr^M'k.* After tht liivt battk wn* 
gained, the vietOff pobliibAl, frnm hla camp on ili» 
ii«t-n Ellt tiid Stawt, utii1f>*Io< ronirniine tlin 
loiunra of (he riprk* titil Ihn ll*ni of ilu* niouli in 
llriiunri'Mijoiiilncthcin tofoUotr iiiftilui«,vndcr 
jiain of cortHimlchuliariiM^i, the ml«« and dofni* 
tAl* of the Romiih chur<A.* 

(a-Ik 3U0 la SIM.) All the dlffcwviKM of ophiion 
uwl af [mctioe betwcvn tht Ihlton* nf Uaul anit Ihf 
onhodox chordb ihcj' bad in comman with titr 
pfMYl•^of IhtMitMnce whoconllnncd lolnhiiliil Ihc 
iilAnd of OriUhi. Tht mott inportanl poial in Ihii 
■rhlmn wu Iheir refi»liig tu Mieve il)« ori^nnl 
ihjnulntioocf owtsature.and the irivmtuible ilim- 
nttlou of Infanti dying wiihout bapi i>m. The Bnv 
l«U tkoughl Ihat man, to brcomv birltn-, dor« nut 
thtiMl In nml of •up^rBahual ifncp to ctiliKl'tiMi hi m, 
withnotmcrit of Ua awn ; hiit that hin own will and 
FfMMHi, dulj MtnlMd, an miRdfuI tn clcn-alv liim 
t9 moni WDotb. Th«lrdiKtrinB had bn-ii uiufmcd 
friiM limi! inucfnutikl in Uk pocmii of tkv Celtic 
hint*. (lI'.Mto'tlll.) AChriilianprli-tlbi>rui»IlrU 
Uln, anil knc>iTii hy ■hl^ name of Prlajrin*, farri'd it 
win lht> Ku(*rD rlmrrtiM, and naito tiiinulf f*in»ii* 
bjr lilianpoaitliin tothr Roman doiziDa, nf lllrciiilt i)f 
all nuokindbjlIiF fall ufllicirCnt pamu. llaTing 
brpn drnouDrod lo llie imgwrinl Mi(!ioriti«* aa an 

I la U«>. na^m/'^: <k. .k M«t Hi|«r<rt*ri- tfilf. Mf- 
h>4t>, mnna. vircmiiiai: Rd. (iniat, famtrl»l.--ta>tg- 

T IlkiL Ptue.. UV T. lap. ST. afMI MM]*. Mt. iMllle. 

rt fnarli .1. li.p. «u.) 

1 i>»|f. f^f . fr^rf. fn^. ftrfft, |(OT«t«W, pNfM. 

• <'«■(■ Mar^ia miuuUrw. Id Uvmak toafiu, Bill> 
(#iw Maikf-Unf. 

• Fivriiml caat «■■* DOlaa, oat ilacBata Hrrah 

A tta en«a pM*. la fwnliLOH la«n. 
-<K'wl« NirtlUaMBra«> ina4(A» 107.. lUhBUayni 
«iii4.n<.(lalIlr.MPnvtr. I ii. ■.•■■.) 

• ('-.If. uHb. n»h«. (EfwiiU Ki(«III Clu«Mii. nu.. 
p. Ail t 

' (T4M 4* mB»malliaii noiuebanus tlUnm aanlaai. 
tint 4* ti m lamr luHi i un M i MHi. ItHiJaw inoJinM Kl 
iap#nMu. (LnaU U tli>[— H«ii] ipHl «Tlpl. Ivt. (Milk. 

rl K*wV, I 
■ Dii-tniu IllWteOtl |ii lap. Daoi- LolillUU. lliMoin do 

«neinr lotbc caUUhhed creed of lh« empirr, h« wa« 
btDiahtd (ram th« Romaii world* bf a i1cinw« of 
TheodMiiH and Af Honoriiu, and iwnlmrN of pro. 
•>rrlpUaii wer* paixKl anlnit hli dltnpJf^ The 
Inhaliilonta of llic Inland of Ddtaiii, bcinti ilri-adj 
>cparntcd from the emptrc, escaped lhc«« peracru- 
licpin nnd were at libertj to bcUcrr, iii p««(r. that 
no man l> born a tinner; they were 0UI5 ritited, 
srjinrtiinn, bj orthodmi miMioBtriM, who UtOM 
I17 aimple pi»nuurion ta bring iheia vicr lo tbv 
teurb uf the Rumao ehurcb. 

(«.D.4ll3l<i!U)0,) Alan Btrly pHiodoftheSasoa 
inraiian lh<>rD eamo into BHtain two Gallie preaf h- 
BTt, LiipiK, (ibhnp ofTroj-M, and Oirrmaiii, or Qw- 
miuui. biahop of Anxrm. Tbi-ti- uii-ii comlated 
t])e FebKiait doc1rin««i not by log teal anuatniai b«t 
hj l*sti and quotnlinn*. *■ How," aald tiitf, "can 
It ho malntain«il that man b bom wilkaut twiglaal 
ffnilt, whtin It U MpTvial; writtm. / mu tfifmi 
M in^ntty, and fit ria did my nuifjlrr rtmniM 
KMf" Thiaiu>rt of proof ■mu not without itt powtf 
over ■omc aimplc iatellc-la ;'" mid Oi>nniiou<i of 
Aniem tucrecded In r«>*torln|f in Rrltain tone 
dpgre* nfwh«I lli« orthodrj i-jIKhI thMhnaaur tf 
tht dMne grvM.^' It miut bi> Ibn rmlit nf 
tlili nuui, thai bi> undi-Tiaking to preach to tlic 
llrtloDi ifa« tbc eoiueijuroiec rather of hii own 

fietiiinul teal and conviction than of anj' miMios 
ri'tii llio I'untifiMl auihiirlly. Hi> |pv« pmof «f 
Ihia by marohluft M the tiead nf hla prowljlca 
«Rftlnn the eoniinerlnK Saioni. nhom he repuUetl, 
i a thr cry f/f A Ittlfia ,' raiapd bv hit wholp unop.'* 
I'AhnppMj it wnt othrrwl** tW Ihr aiyreaUled 
•ip-Gt* uf ihv Roinitli rhoTCh artvd tnninti ihn 
Uritinh nlublinbpd in Wnln. At (br tiiix- witen 
l)i« Anilo>Saion* had Juat mni|i1cird the <-oti> 
■liicl of l!ir mwil l«-rlilc portion of the Ulaail 
of Rrilaiii, (ASU to MS) ihn di|fnitj of blihop or 
popp of noind WW Sllfrl tiya iiencHu^eornHwu-m. 
mate abitlllcn, itnloui for Ihr pfoiinnaUau of Ih* 
calholicr fiilth unt for ihr aspviiititenieiiC of the 
nrw RoRun cnpirc which wa< thvn beliiK m(>- 
bliihnl in the lupremtrj nf Iha •(« of SI. pHvr. 
Thi4 mnn, nnm(4 (irccitrf , laboured ninwaifullv in 
draw clottr and r!r»i»r uround Ihe mrtropoli* of 
the wnl the Inflnrnrc of the taevrdotAl luTarvbr 
crealetl by the pollcyof ibe ernpcmn. Tlir Franli 
kiof^ beSnj tno orthodox ehirfi of armii-* iilill 
temi-pt^n,'* wer* the hlthfnl alUfl* of pr.™* Cre- 
gOTj ; and llietr power, rlnruti'd Ixr nun wide, 
■erred for a tuppnri ami Ipmpnnl mnrlinn In hit 
poiitlflcnl decTon. TThcn he thDHfrht lit to Impow 
on llw> bikhop* of Gtul new Uwa of tobordi nation 
to bimtelf or lo the fiean «f hi* rhoie*, be ad. 

• Uiriifuaat. oanNa^te h»i*ti(»i v»I ■chUauUnia, ur* 
AfliHvl« uflttim ilL4t"r^riint ttUmiBitri dnlvfo ]Pt*ripicnii«, 
(Th'uAm' 1 VKlaiilnlMiit nacrhx.. lOBi Uli. spuil Kiitit. 
Ht. tlatltr. (I rmnri'.. L i. p. Tia.)— Hwaian iraral ntM 
ninil. (nim^Kia Itmfii Trnnlii lU hu iit L h arUaU. 
Ii£l . T. n>;. 

u IW*P>«lirtmtirM«l>. B«W>*L.llli.Le.l1, »«■ 
rlM llanUiwdDn, HIiMHla.llb. lUapad tir, ABilk.«if«, 
b. Hi. nl. thvOa. 

Hnia rwrii HM. Ewlttlart.. UK. Lap. II. 

" AHelak WnU niMltuta. (tUM.. »>>. L atp. n.) Hni 
p.ail.irf. ittiila. 

ild lluaUnailati, IDxorla, |ifa> iL af^ m. AJ«lla. tnipl. 

" liiairMlanltont tdl toihaii. ul lUilta ftiaB* iu|w- 
iinlMii rliui 'Imitriil, Iiununat hoUii tbiMt laqtetaisl' 
ll(U iliijii.'- ' I .h,.i'-niH- (pRFotilu. tab taao t|0, 
uilcvkditpt I p" -"ptn.-ioiFi if^Srv /.^Ar*! 

IQUi^vt MATlMahlMii. 
tt m ^wy HO* ■ atolnn M Kachol, 


Thnddik ■*! TlHoMxn. 


4PWMd lib iinlkninrot In lltp ^briuwi pmmuifM 
llUdcbcrt (or CKtlilobni) anil 'J'hrnJcbrn.' 
< thafging Ibaa lo luire It necutnl bj Uicir Tot/al 
IHiirwr. kul lo puiildi the n-lrmctorjr.' Ciicc>*t>'F 
d ittny ; l he (r|>illiiita of lOMt ^ut<WMU. miuf f>M«i, 
kiul wuHt rknilian; nilli IIih •eniltiii{ of rurtnili 
Irlin U) bu •ruru uii tbi- [iiTt. in liallU', <wcrr rht 
I cheap nunmHraliuti fiuni itir Kuuian [luuiilf fur ibi' 
I g«y4 oAcn of Uia l-ubariiiu kiiiic-' (AtU<) 

■Imlltr alliaiK* with thu iiiii{|Urrun »f Bri- 
' lb* liinliBmiM or tha orthndaic bitk nnd 
■taautp nf til* ponbCol i>ii[irrniarj v.-ja m 
jrelijivt of tlic imI anil tRibllnin oS pnpr (iii:- 
■jkI br nniHi fnnBcil ilic desiipi of muvcrliuK 
ngln-Sunni tn the dnrtiUm of calbolicuta. 
of ttinplayiiiS lJi«i &atbiint;r of UiHr rulri*, 14 
wdU ■■ of Itio Frank Linn. I" lh« titirfikU uf lii» 
•plrliuil THfUvr, utik-li liltbeiio Iml u»i been ai;- 
iiiifwlrtlxnl kj Ihe CbHitlkn* uf Btitaiii. Tht 
^|io«( cbiiMian Oriloiw. dcfintTil snJ UiniioivotdJ, 
RM us Ulldr»ac« la tbo lUiniiii jwiittlf in bit dn. 
I(M, not dtd Uirj •ium|it, vilh n-iiard In Uitlr 
l<]i*RMi EHHBiiM, anj of thoin preacbltiipi wbich \iu 
I^Unmli «f Rooie rti-r »lled inUitioua wlieii not 
_; bom bendt Thidr reneutmmt a^nal 
iMiin OHVpsliait, miul llic cxr* of llipir na- 
■I 4«ifMiM, OAraiTtiif! iMr nlio1«lhaiigh»^ IcA 
Itam vvUlirr t&c wtll nnr tbt> Iriiorv lo contnot 
M17 ties nf minlly Willi Ihcit CQiii|iKron.* 

Gtr-fofji iherrforri hnil n rlr«r ftc-ld ; bikI, Uir 
. Wtl>^ to iiMpire fat hi» cdl, he orJcrtil 
nh to be mide in the Tirtoui •l>Tc.Tn)irk''ts, 
■SID» yvunj mrii uf tlip Aiifrlo-Kniou nM, 
BR or cixhlnn <rean ofa^.* tjnlieir, hit 
■genu BUiile purrJiue, coDTcrteU iJirm into uiMihii, 
■mI ImiimwiI on (bam tb» obligkiory la*k uf iKijub-- 
lillC •iwilt k kAOMlodpof 111* >lurliii»v> nC tb« talha* 
Ait futli M mlgbt ba mfllrlcnt to «Dablii th*ia t<i 
fkch ifaf ■am* in ihn iini[ua|{n of their lutlra 
montrf. Il kp|iran Ihot Ibn nitHioTiMtei. thu* 
(irciUjr cvmpdUij (u ihc u&ilFiUkiaiti ill-annrercd 
. thf lifyn uul inilructi'in* of their marten ; ttt 

Eijt« tiro^r)-, r«lmquitttln|^ hi< whimikal <^ipe- 
Htt, abcwtj) aAi^miRli dt'inrntiitd M Mod urvr 
one KtMUUi* of iriril ftittt, aiul i;nrU oiluntlon, 

■ ihr onMrrninn of ihp Aiiglu-SuuiH. (JM.) Al 
I tlvrhnd -ifilu* (dImIom w«» AoKwMii) ; hcwMCOU- 

•■rrral^l •ml entitled btrarebkndALiAoj»^A'ii^^itiH/. 
Hia (aad)iilan aconmimiiiiMl him, full of scni, m 
bj- •« tbo town uf Au in Ptoiri'acF ; bul, having 
pnimdril ihin ftr, Iher were fHKhtened nt llitr 
miilcruLltul. fiiil dnircu to rvlnns ibeir Bt«(i*> 
I Auj(U(tin k( out a(«t& Minna In kik af Gmiti>n in 
ttt*)f nana 1h« favour ef beiiiit «iomiilril from IhU 
ijourne;^. Ihe lacmiful luun of nliirh, he 
• a [leople cif whtne Unipugc Uirjr were 
ttonMUb V* prolilomatloala and mora tlian dvnbu 
[M>* 8«1 tbo pop* wcnid not be [■erauMlf'iI : ■■ It 

<tM ijniM nil rib*ilredp Pnarr. SIh e.Uu Cir lhi> 
tif^lmlk* n( llu-v uunn. 

■ C|4A«B ShwdiII iiaiiK ail FflKaiHH tiillbi et M Chil' 
4ebafi4B *t^Bt *^4 vrifA. rei, il«lUr<.«i ^ftfic, folii'-t 
It •■ IR. 

■ (^iB toU* wapmir*. a milii <idii»I~i* xm MhiiIui, 
<a«M*iaamP«'nm»i^ChtI<l>i>'K'<a.tllJtd..VTl, n.r.p'1 

« KpMalB UMgnrU l^t^ puwen. 

* %*>4aawt MdlUnlo iiu . ... ptmH Aa|[l'»,i|-il •iin< nh 
aaay 4aaHi et oMaai, nil dacnB atocfei, at 111 nuiimirnii 
tvn tVA iMAMud, MBfBoM. fnntnril piw a|.i.l.i|j> ul 
(!asilMuBtral>>1rrna.apHL Kilfii let.Galllr. a Fianrie., 
tat II 11 1 

• HadBl'MfrTt.lUMia.BeriMlML.lCb.Lcar M. 

la Buwioo late," lie rvplivil, "lo reeede; jou ntuit 
occitrDpIiah ihe nilnpritv, mul UDt hcukeii to Ibe 
illMUAtluiEi of UUinrauiiij; mrn: I cuutd wiib to 
h>1>i>i>r>inj>«lf, witli«ll nt} livstl, nlvuK willi tdu, in 
lliii ffooil work." ' The iiiiMJotianM all b4|ong«'d 
lo > convent, fnutidpil bi Iho Fom oft hb owm do- 
mcBue. aiul till- bouK- in which ba MmMir wm 
bum bail bDc«mi! llir ronicul. Tbef had nrara 
obnliencc la Uim an thrir npiriliul niher : tlicy, 
ihi-n-fiir*, ob^^eil, HO'] wrni fitvl t» Chalonat, iirbera 
dwptt Th*<Mlarir, mh «( lllldebotn, king of half 
Ibn i-^iiiPni portion of llii> coiiiilry ronqueKid by 
Ibr I'nuik*.* They aflprward* rrpalnd to Heti, 
where Tbrnilrbarl, aUua wD nf fllldcbtrU rd^od 
oTfr ihe otbfr liaLf." 

Tba ftomutt pmaMited lo IhMeltrti kiiifta kllctv 
rvplele will) adulitnry FompliiuPiita, raleulated In 
rxcite Itii'ir xtiotl-will by flatming Ibcir Taiiil; in 
ihr biiihi-»l di-^<.-e. Viiiie OrgfDCjr knew that ihr 
i'rauki ni'rc al irar will) Clieirtiurl1i«linei^hboun, 
tiie AkittiiH of (IvrtiiEitiv ; uid, rtrlviiij^ iiji llii^ fart, 
lie did tint h mi lata tn ilmmiinla an mibjnirla of ih* 
fnnka the Saxntii dn*i'llliif[ bnund a«a, wtioni )ili 
nionka weie Ruins to cunTcd. lie nroln a* foU 
knn Id llic Iwv auua of Uildcfccrt : ** I Ibmiglu 
lliiit yni mini anUnlly dnaire the Imppj conreriMMi 
of yflur aubjeria t« th* fiitii which joupmIvm [ir». 
ie*», jni]^ who aiv ibnki mailpra and tholi Mag* ; 
ihrrrforr il was thiil 1 deteniiinrd to arnd Aiipia. 
tin. the bcariT of theic pmrnU, wilbotluracmnla 
of Uoil, to liVcur jondrr under your aunpice*." '" 

Tbe miulon aUo delirerxl IMlen lo tbe grand, 
uolher uf Ihu [no j'uuii^ klnj^ widoii uf Si^lie. 
bett. the filter uf Hildrbrit, an ainliitiuua wauiati. 
eudUiiK in Ibo tntrifuca of niatr.pulirv, whu, uii> 
del tba nawo of her two woiif, troreruta Ibe ball uf 
GauL EUi« WM of Ih* Gotliiv uation, al dial limn 
driTpn, bv the Fimnk ttitMrian, borood Iha Pyre. 
niwK. Boibr* her mirriaite ahe had oorae the tuun* 
nt Onme, which, in llir Ci crttiaii laoKtingc a^nifled 
BrilUaat i but the I'ntik kiui;, wb« bad iomIc hci 

bin «^if», wjabtitg, >ay Qw hialoriaftt ol Ibal a^, to 
vmlirlliflli nnd Inigphi^i hni lutma. railed her Hmne- 
hlldr, tbat k», lit irHliatU girl.*' She w*> at £nt an 
Annn. but tipramr a ealholic : alie waa aaohilcd wllh 
ilic hul) i-hriam, and thcncefunranl diipUyed the iit- 
ntc*! ii-ul for her nv-n kivA ; llie biihupH riralled 
e*eb other in lauding the purity ofhralallli; and, in 
favuur of her pivua wnrkt, neffloctpd lo rut n re. 

Iirutini; eye on her lome inorala,hcr Ireachrrlet, or 
lei iKilitirU atwirlliea. " We pray ran, whnte 
aoal la ar<l<-'IJt, irhcue ivfirk^ are pirriixLt, and trh<>«4T 
■ouiii alrf^gOieti^d by the liiir of the Almighty," 
wo did Ute^iy irrtte nnto thia noauiii, " lu aid M« 
in a mat laliour. The imUod of ilw Catgliah liaa 
nwdt ULunii uiuo 011 ihclr atdrut doalre to rt<eh« 
tha &ltb «f CluUI. and wu wiah to (atiiiy tbeir d«- 
«Ira." '■ Th> Frank kin^ and tlwir grandmoihef 

1 IMir freriwi- IIIAir. Knloiul- III1. 1 raii. tl. 

■ Ovt'rftuikiKivrike, O-Urt-rliLC. Hvlffi'liiiJl rM«1-l4iid, 
la Ldtln, AnilrKtaiirUi. Auiinit. ALidnaia. rciniua utlni' 
itlo. )!•«' l>Ur« (ur I'lluiIi-lrBdii Prtuua, billed!;:. Ltl- 
tff X/ 

* EfMots nr>fn(11 tHpB,p4iiin. arnd teii^, i*r. OilHi-. 
a! VrwdK, »!. ». 
■ • fMiMtrliia tnUm .... tern r\ ilnnilaL I>|aia Uitfiiili 
l^|i», tnX. it. p. l"4. 
" \ lume Rimplnl \n nraiicliaai : In faHn. nrnf. 
tMtti, \A mttnen ojiii urnitiiliiia <A tuiMwIiUB. Grr^nr, 
TiatiiB. Hia.cvUi)«iaU.*|uidaiiiiit- ra. Frasrh.. 

'• AnKl'iim r*"'""" "lli^ lleil <hrl>liitn»ni. (Ot*i« (Itr 



gitr^ thetmuijtt lillli> conram to iivqtiiri! iu to Xht 
et oftliti anti-Ill driiiM uf Ihe Aujtlu-iiuuii people, 
<ir Id i(rroaril« ii nitli llip ptiilvucc of die temn 
mm! rvpv^oMin) of iIm oiltaloMriri : llirjr fla/dljr 
Ml(nung«d llkC iiilmion, *iul ptalcclmlit on iU 
Jnunitf le tli* »n.eoiut. Thf kinx of t)ii> wrBirtn 
FruibL' tlivu^ It WOT irill) hii ntli-rn rcliiriii<ii. 
rFoehed llu: Baman mlainuuiri no li'u ifraclmnlj 
ttinn ihvY but dour, anil pennilU^ Ihi-in 1o tike 
mail nf llir Fnuk dklioa *• uitvrjirrttMK trlvcca 
Ihon niid til* Suoiu, who <fiok« nMrlj* I]i« niuc 

By > faToiintik- cliaiicc. It I>n|ipmi^ Ihil nni" of 
ihc mint piTTfrful of ilni Anitlo-^K.'ii clilrrs, 
dhrllicrt,* k.iii){ uf Kl'iiI. hnd Ju»t bcfort rnuik'd 
R Fnnk iromwi, who pror*«»Hl the ntliolie »«lj- 
^iini. Tbi; iit-w» erf Oiut nenl raistd lb« c«iungc 
()( St. Auitukliu'i roniptuiuui: tu<l tiity luidnl 
with routldt'iirr ua tb( tiuiir poial ufUio blaivl af 
I'hinvi, vrUIi-li vru kltc^Jj fiiiiJo fnuioiu hy tlic 
dUcbtbaiLatioii nf tiM- a>K-i>-til Rotniiii*. and vf Ihr 
liVD brotb^n wlio h«d opmcfi for thfl Suona lh» 
uit to Ittiiaiii. The Knnk inlprjirplm tvpMtrnd 
Iu Ellwlbcrt, to atiniimii'p thr arfitiil o( mm irho 
bad (Vine frani tttu, la biiui{ liim gtuil tilling*, Mid 
Ih* offer of oai millcn r; i)pi, ii h" m.old brlii-vi' in 
Ihvlc nord*.' 'Die 8ti\(-ii kinf- nl (ir«I |7i<t« no 
|ic«lllw annrer, and nrdnml that llio ilnnijr*n 
•bonld aajoum In the laland of Tbanet unlli he 
■houldbBTr di-lernuDedhan'toat.'t ir>i|icctJDgtbi!iD. 
Il mny wtll bp nopjHMiril tliiil thr lhri"iiiin Bife of 
•Ji» {laj^n klji^ illil iini r*mairi n|Milhi'tlf yn Ihl* 
peal iiirMlnii; but that all thp blundlnhinniit* «( 
dMOMIictmilenmB were «inj)lujnl lo n'luti.T Klhf 1> 
ben fatuunMe to Ibo iiilMioaiu{«i. He coiucdMiI 
(o bull! •«otAMne«wiUi ihvoii ytUOmv^ Mm* 
rrinalnliu: dialnati, Ii» «Mild nM tmalv* l« m-eivo 
ihrn in tik hAUM, nor in hiaroj^ city, but went 
In meettbem in tho iaiuid of ThuiM, wtiw«<,inoni. 
nrrr, lie cammiuided ibat tbe inlcfriew ihonld 
iiki- (due iu tbe open »ir, to prettnt the eflVct oif 

■njr uircerifis in com- 111* •Inneeni dnipinl *urh 
a>!iti»t him.'^ Th« Roimm, with tiiiriloil pomp, 
niBivked in flir to Ih*' ptaca tA mewilnir, prroMled b) 
• Utk* tilTcr tn)« kud * plcluro nf Chrial. Thrf 
tliii atalKd Ibr ntdtct of llujr Jotimey. Mri mndr 
lh«if |iixipo«}tio(w.' 

•■ TbMc BTt fine wor^ and flli» promues" n. 
plied the imjnn kJil^ : " but. an alt Ibiii i> ()iiili? 
nrir l» sao, I nuiuol iinii)«lii(''tv piit Ikith in il, 
anil abaiidoii llic bvlicf whirli I i<cule>« in cuuiinun 

||*rit Rtfa, tnCD- It. f. M/> ^K«n<t1rntlft "x^ T'^tn i^uv 
pni>H iBtualanontnUsH nictUiiit. (Enlil. Ortx p*)*. 
■|i«4wtIb>. ivr.Clallir >l n*i>H'.,lnai.|i. y. II.)— lodMi»[w- 
Milia Drt UboIv. etnUutl* t«U» una ■alldtMU llnBaU. 

■ W««tei-h*n1initft«. Vol-rtkr. to I^tln, VnWiTun — 
bf eafniNlDn, Neptrtmsi oi Wrrffi*— ti> mmjiilmn. Kn»- 
trl(_i>VMBmtJiat*)>''-ewtl>a Ij'tliva wii rilMiind* 
Fr»»re. lUa irtil. l.rtsn X. 

• NaiunlU rrfn liD|a> tVanronn canniunlcBl nm Ab- 
■It*. « nuui da Onouali cvau aanto (ffnlMtcilat. 
(WDMb. MalMHb. da flHL nd Aul . llh. t . tfUA m. 
Alullc aM.. F" **■ '^ ''**'^ >— llnt> pmh}t. hMn. 
awTa-t"" ■"■ *- — ■■ '• ••.-!«. 

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d— it»i 

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hMll. ■ 

'Ihl. ^M. tflUal. tM. bO> 
4y>Ar, tTijAf.bnlllaBi. 
. ... > . . , . ■lani In iulla MuJ i>. n 
1 wv %n9rl «v(^» (lt*fliil't ilumlnc^t. 
r kaitk •n>t>t.. p. ni. nl SaMir I 



with my irhola natins. Hou'eTi^. aiore jou lure 
cama frmn mi fat In rnminmilrati* f> ui «b>l job 
youneltm iretn tu me to cnnaiilri iia iiw-fiil >ii(l liur, 
I shall not uw you ill, I ahall fiirniab jou with 
protisiona and an &bode, uid alull U-arc yon frt>c 
lo piihtUh yoiir doctrine, and jemuife nbom yt-u 

'i'ii« monli* ropnlred to th? eajiiial tuwD, ralird 
ihr clEy of ihc Tiim of HrnI, In tiiuuii, A'dat^vwra- 
6ynJ7j* and entered it in pToeemicn, i'«ir)lnK 'he 
cp nu mid the pielun^, and cbiintiiiif Irlnnim. Thej 
toutt had jiroioljEvi ; a ebureti. buiil fnrinorl)- by 
llir Britiiii*. )iut abaiiduiied aiuui the Saxun c(iii> 
<jvii.*al. MTM'd Ihi'iu fin- the cclebratUiu of (he moa : 
tlivy iRi)irT4«.-d tin- IniaKiimtiMia of iba people by 
Iheif (treat auaTcrilipa ; th>cy Kvcn pi-ribriiied inin- 
eli-a: atut lliiF aight (if Ihexi pltKlij^iaa ninod thrm 
the hvarl of kiiiit Ei>iellim1, ivhu hail at flnt ap- 
pcBTcd lo u|tptrbi.-ri'1 liicii civmitng macic ut*. 

Wlii^iL lliv I'liitT v[ llic land of Kent lad received 
bapliaio, I ho new religion liivinie Ihv toad to 
faraicr: and m«ny men rof^rly aoiifht ihat rtKid, 
Blthoiigh, Ety llie hialuriiina. kins' t'-lholhert wniijd 
nol coinprl any one." Aa n pleil);r of liii failh hr 
KBTc bouacB to Uia apirilual falbvn, and cndonvd 
them with Uitd* i aurh wut, ill all emmlrieaa llie 
Srrt i«inun»ntion riatmod by thf- priMU. wbo 
trere nmisnm of barbarlana ; ■• 1 enlivat Ilij 
gmtnci* and thy niunltlrencei" wld Ihr prlrat to 
ihe roftl niopliyte. " to firr mc n porlion of laud, 
with aJ] lla n-vaituiTHr not fior jiij-vK, bi>% IrT Chrial i 
and lo pniit il by n mli-ntn ni-t nl ci-aaii}!! ; iliai. In 
retuni. tllall nili\i1 neqiilrr a ttml Tiiimlxir iif (k<*' 
atanionj in tliln woild, and a nill i^rraiei in tbe 
aetU" To which thr klnn rcplii-i1, " I n>nlitDi Iu 
tier the prapetty. nilliout rcaerif, of all th-v di^ 
mftbi altaeh^ to my eKebeqiiri, in order that il 
may be tliy eniiiiir^, and tlinl Ihou mayet cMae to 
he a atnivvr itin'iut iia." ■< (5flS lu 601.) 

Auyu^ilu tuuk l)i<: tillc <'r bl»hui> tif ilir Uud (>r 
Krnii (he ini»ilim latnidcd llf (nbom* bt'yund 
that lerrilorj ;" and, Ihruuith the inBiiejiro of tl« 
eianiple vibtrli bod been act. it ulitniued aomc txtr- 
rcwet aiuunv the EMt>lMUiaDt, whour chie/, named 
IJlfcbcrt, waa o nlatiTC ot* Pa|ic Or«- 
Rory lianit^d willi excvcdinit joy tbe iv*ul( ofibo 
preachiDfT whidi hild lliiu iiuiU chiiillaiti and ca- 
iholica nf a pottioii of the conquriort of Britain; 
irulh to say. Iheit lallci (|Dility tif ralbolira waa 
what he h»d tnmd desiri'd ; f'lt lii» uttiielinirnl. to 
the Cunnulary o! Jii<ntm, and tbe dvttriiie of Hi. 
Attf^ii^i'iMit rrEi'Irn^d hltia xn tjtirmj^pmminiii^ rnrniy 
ofrvrry ttiinft«'lklehl)rralhiMlheiv>ivi.iit]d u-biama; 
and 111 lbi> ttrlrlneuof hii nrtliodcxy br ivpiiImi far 
w to deny thr cdicacv of tbe aaltutinii In heretic* 
who emi had died ^r (be fiuib of Jetoa C'bmi, 
" The lianeit n lUi^at," Au^diii wtiitp iilni Wfid ; 
" the lahnurennv 1on^«rauffiM^."'* On Ihr irrii-kj 
ofltiMe tiding*, a tecond body of ralaalonuir* wt 

■ 1Mb PMbyl- Hi«. Ko-lnSail . in*, i. np. » llentlrf 
tlontlBHl. t1W> ■]«<l iri.Ka4lK. •ntyt., p.Ml. 

a Or Vaml-tf^r^-ivng — lij rttnrtylkvn, VAtt^rrhMwy- 
'* IM*|i>nb)ri.'Hi«iu. rerlnlan^ ilb, i. •■)•, W^lltai. 
ItitnllaM. binn.. llli. Vl,. anud rti. AbsXir. uiiiii.. v. asi, 
cl. ttailK 
■ I Vio 9. Jfainiin B^'lmlia. apiirl H-Ttiit. nv. ClaUle. M 
Pr*...'. r..». ..> ... m. IHplaaisu ia •].|wu.l. ad Unym . 
Till -I. Riiiiiial. 

I ' .1 :<*r van. In Lalia raaTa^i^i. 

' 1-:. ,L .. iiu. rtcloiiul., Lib. i. tir.t«. 


Mf-auM will LnuMiUiu. 


,\u(uata'< mIimIm. 
LlaaatllylliiBiariku ehodL 


<><)t from Koni^ with littrn uldtrMFil to the 
Udwipi of Gaul, knil h «ur of iKplomMlc uM« for 
AogiMin. Ukp $r*«i [■iMilpoti-ntiary ofihp RoinaD 
ehnreh hi BrltHln. Tli<> pii-Kiipi kddreMMl lo 
Melliltis umI LBi)mi|]M*,i)tr Ix-nbof iho LL-vrml^ 
■loDt WM covclml in thvMt UTiua : 

" T<«i will 1*11 Mm" (Au)fu«lm) •• tlinl •Act 
■nuora kmI gnxn ilrllbrnllon on thi^ alTnin of Ihn 
EInyludi paapl«, 1 lu>v vltU'il in toy tniud wnrral 
itninrtiuit puitit*. In llitr lirtl plarc. carv muiL Ik 
taken uni (u dcitju} lliT Unipln uf liii- idula: Uic 
UqIm onij fnn>l li» iIvhIhivi''! ; llirii luiljr walvr 
limit bp praililwl. Ihd t'>niplii mini Im* wslnrvil 
Wilh ll. altan Enlitt lin tticiviti (•rvrli-il, niid rcllra 
ptami upon Ihom. [f tlicw irnifilH l>r wrll biiUt. 
11 !• KOoi ud lurful ih-il XUey ihntilit Iif IruLiliTtcd 

ftvw ill* iTonhip of diPiUQiii to tliv (cmci! of the 
InM Ood. tor lo l-inic k* iIi<-<« nnoimit plar«« of 
ArvaUon thmll utlhim, thi> iMtluii tvill lie dU|iiMpil, 
Umni^i itif foTCF uf habll, Iti tv]>:iir to tJivui, lliore 
tw wdon Av Irac (iorl.' 

" Bpraodly, — It la ttH la be llir enxtoin ofllic 
n«n >i/tl>al luUou, (o olfifr oii-n in •rx-rifioc. Thi* 
ciHIoni rnunt be tliaii;i?il far thrin iiilo > chrutinii 
mlnmillf ; sad o» Uic da}< of Ihe drdirtlion of 
tlwlr lriaf>b.-a luniFd intu churcfai-*, ai wr U aa of 
111* feaMa ot Om ninl> nrhoso rdk* tkiill bo lLi;Rln 
t, lb«} Uiall lip ■llBW«d, an lii'crlafure, to 
Lthtlr hull ft hoiiicha round Ihrcii iMTila 
lo aaWTahU Itinv, and Id tciul thvrrunio 
aatniah. whirb ihall Imi killrd by tlii-iii, no 
•a vhrinc* to tlic devil, but o-v chrisiiaii 
in the name ami to tlir h<iiio\ir of God, 

tkej ihall Kriiilirr tlmtikx Hhcii ihcy h^\r 

ihctr hi(Dp!r. B} mprviiii; lumttiiiiu fat 
I'a otttiranl Jo;-, ^ou viU tlii! mora euUf iudUM 
tkam to reliili iaicrual joya."* 

HcUiloa and Luun-utiu^ dtliTCtvI lo Auxuftlii, 
wUb tbraa lanlrortioiiii, Ibc: U«v:i ration uf ihv pal- 
llWH. which, atcnriliiift to thr pi-nmntiial irliirli 
tba Honan rhurvh lud himonrd from tlie Roman 
amplnv itM tliRvliiblc? and oiliciil ttipi of iIil- li^in 
cd authority over llic liMhofB. Tht'V lir»iti;h,T, nt 
Ai- •^•iw limr, the plan of an »crlnti»«t ii-sl cointi- 
' .in^il lM'ti,rirbani1 il Roni,\ tii t>i> ajiplinl 
try (if ihp K(iili>)i, In a iiicwiiip for- 

I.-.,.. -^ vrllli llu< r\triil of clii^ ilomliiiiil^i of Ibf 

afMiiUnl miuiurrii. .\iicordiiuf In llii> u'lti-mr, Au- 
(tiaitinwaii lo ordain IwcIvp biiliojii. uiid lo Sa in 
Ik* rilji of LomloD, when thit i<ity *hi»il>l 'hfromv 
•Imiilaii, lltn i]i«trop«lltai) »e<t, of tvliicb Ihi- twrln- 
■iMr MM w«r» to bo the Miiminut. In Ilk' rmii- 
acr. ao aMii aa Ibr nval nnrllK-rR rii). lallnl tn 
Ijnil* CT a n tanw. and In Saxon Bptr-\rip.' •houjil 
twtat r«^4^>Vr,l rliriAlJ&mty, Auj^iutin wiia (u intti- 
tut* a biahoji tbcr«. arlu, in hit lure, rviririviiui Ihc 
^■rjbua, tru lu brcuinc lb> lui'Iiupulitaii oflwi'lre 
•Ihna. Thi* fulurr mftTKpolitau wai Irj bv dc> 
pltihtit UB Auiruatiii, during tin- Lifi.- vf tho hllt-r : 
baS, ftudar AuciiHlin'a *ur<-f*>i^i«, waa to iiald of 
KiNM aUmi>.> (i''Ui to £04.) 

If ari> ronaidrr lliru airsntii^irnta iindpr Oirii 
Raufrrapliii-al Ijip" ■I"'"'. «rc might imi^iiur thai 

■ Unricl RmUdpI. Hl>in..lll<. lil., ipui na, Aatllc 

• UhJ. 

* Or Jfi^r WW — brcnnltartixn. Tirt, 

> •a^vnaabfi.HifUii.roci'^iuL.llli I. Mi>.n~II«Bi. 
RaatiaiA. Maor-. apu^ '*'• An(l>'< •rriin.. p. 9t> "l fji- 
«ta.— *>•« Unwiirtl papv, rul. It. j,. far.— Ilutv llrtHn- 
■t-TiTll, f. «M. 


wp btrhftd llie FCDFWiU noiliT clillrickldtalflMUalB 
of lli« alloliiiciil of proritici'a, lubjpptcd, or lo Iil- 
ranqaercLl. wliich ixt bj^jonii ag«« had often otto- 
piMl the dclilH-rnliocii at tht 'RnmaD wuata. Thn 
a«« ef tLo Itret aivhtnitiaii of ihc Ijiaiona tra* n<il 
cMabHaliMl ill l.uiidoii, aa diicttcd lij (lie papal in- 
ttrurtloni ; siiil nlx^tlM'r to plaiae iti partii-ulai ttic 
npw rliiiitiaii Ihhk of Kent, or tu vatrh him 
more iiaiTowl), bn<1 lii* beltrr cnablvd (o mmbal 
any inclination he roliclil oriuce to rriuni in an- 
cipDt cutlom*, Auj[iiKia &xrd liia rcaidi^ncR lu the 
city of CunrlFrburT.atid iu llio vrrypalirv of Elhi-U 
bert. AiK)(h» Horoan miidonary wa* (wtaMithoit 
■iiiipl; a* bishop iu Umdon, tlin (ttpiinl of the 
Goat'lSiuioii* ; luid a Uiint in A^na-birfrr. now 
R<»tbF*lcr, bctn-nu London and Canlrrtiury, waa 
tlia avat of a ■i>rand Ualiuprlf. I'lic luclropolltaii 
ami bia two lUlfH^iana had Iht roputktion i^i \m- 
funiiitis miriiclo. 'ITi* riunniir uflliMt mir.irainDa 
WurLa »'ai aomi iptcad rrra In (iaiji. I'ojie titv- 
(forj oa((til> aWlL>d hinnclf of ihia InlPllii.'LUce lo 
mriir ill llir hparti of tlic t'ranL kitit[v Ihu loir 
and ftfor of Roin#.* Uui, although ho lunipd Ihi? 
fiunn nf AiiKuatiii lo hit owu advanlagr, it traa not 
mlhoiit Jraloiuy TJiat (irPKOi^ pcnviteij thai Itiinv 
incmiaiiiB, and hi* aulmlti^ii a«citt circled Inlii » 
rivaluf the aptMiW." Tlivrv riisU au amlncMnna 
l*II«r, in which the |>o]jr, tmi Jariii)^ t« caprtw 
all that h« Ihouf hi on iliii head, ai-rnu la tram tlic 
apoallo of llir iMaoun noi lu forK't hli rank siiil 
hiadiii;, liiit oiutlvatl} to ivlax iatho raarcbe of hia 
•up*'rnatur»l |fi>wv».' (OM to WS.) 

"Oti IcamlnK." •«>* Orcgory, " the (crcral VTon- 
dpn whirii il hu plf-iiird (ioel to wurk by your 
hauila in tlin ■•yo* of l)lo nation trhjeh lit hua 
duNKm, I rrjoicpd ; for Hil^mal prudi^n ara HH- 
caciou* in int.-llnli>( aoiiU tuwaid* iulrnial gnn- : 
but do yourvlf take lieed ihaL. in the midat of 
tlkcM inln<|p*,}otir mind dom nol icrnvr piouil nnd 
bet^mv pn<«uiii)ituuiia; take h(«d that irhal ratoc* 
you U) outward cuuaidfraliuii anil bonnur, doM KnI 
ptovi- ihi- (ii'i-aMiui uf jutir innurd fall, thruugfa th« 
h«ll of > aiii-i[lory."' Thmc couaacU were tinl 
trillloul a motivo; Ihn ■itihilivin character of 
Au^'liii hail already rrTimlMl Icarlf it> Ma patron, 
2V(jI latiitkd Willi hit diKiilIy of fiitlrupulltaii 
aiiiuiik' [tiL- Enxliiti. lie had aln-aity coivird a miirr 
ttalltriiig. and at ill u Minic lime D mnrr Imporiaiil 
aiiprtimapj o*i!r u |iro)dr who had looji been clitit- 
liana. In on? of hi* d^apaUbF* lo ftonin, thftf 
waa thi> hriaf and pprvmiitory i|u(>aliuii; ••How 
tnual 1 art tonardi ih? Iiiahojia of (laul and Ihr 
biabop] of ihe Diitouii f" • " Aa for (ho bi>lio|ia of 
Uaul," rftumoil iiregoij, a^mrwhat atailled at ihc 
drmiuid, ■' I haxciiot sifcu, nor do I giio thov any 
BUthiirity vwt Ihem : the prvlair of .\rlaa hai k- 
I'l'iii'd firiiii me tllr paUi'un .- [ cauiiul deprltv hiiii 
(if lli(niill>'>llty : ho ia Ihc licail and ihcjudfoof 
ihv tiatiiti aud ll ia (brlnddcii Uim to put Uic 

*■ K|ii<UI« drntorll rapir ii4 DrunlrlillitnQ. ul Tbraibt' 
linini. Ill CTIiliilatlma. tjmi vript. m. Gallir. it Pnarto.. 
Tol. i.. nil— M, 

a I'l i|aHlii1c«iiin lirtubi^. In alfnl* qa> mliibft. ItnHarf 
<14f>,Ii>i. |K|>I-I Itnii. ■•i]i.> 

a N* ttnim,,- in *ihl inviFnikiLun^ t* Aarti. ri imil^ 
foili |>ri ti'moii-ni r>Ii,iur. Iml" i--i lu.<n<->ii Kt<"i>i>> lutii 
miUI, iKnlo i-mlnl. )IUl m-1i>i>,>l, li>> I •'p. 11.) 

* Umllivr ■li'ifiniM cnai <;*lliar>in> ni^ir lltiUniiuiniii 
iitilKV|iii *(••■ I I0f*fa OMfar. yap. tat. Iv. tia.) 

14 Hint ti L^vijMLB tj^iidiicriii. 


Staon* iui-iLilr Kdilli VthIm. 

Myllie orjuilgBipni in iaathcr'» Srid.' Bui th« 
biahopB of llir ftrilit^i ran- 1 roiifldt' whnDj to llu't> ; 
■Mrh the ivuuniiit, ktrnij^hifn tlic n-eak, and thu* 
li»« the bill, at Uij ^Iramin." ■ 

'I'Kb I'H'inmmn iliiriTrtir*^ wtiich tie llomaB 
paBtIA' IJinunht At to fHUlilisb Iiclircpn the G*ul*, 
Wboin ha ilMTnniliHt u^olnat the jiwrU-tudout at Au. 

fiuUu. uid tlir tlioibriaiu, wliuu hr abaudouctl (u 
im. wtli be nadmnttm) wheu li is recolLccti'd tliui 
tb» CambriBna vrn ichbiMtk*. llicae luiliappj 
•utvtvon of a ^rvot notUin, tneloMil In ono ciu-iivr 
of Uielr nuolntt ciMUittT, had liui «I1 (lavi one af 
ihclr nltl twrdt *) bm thvtr nuap. tli*ir knguiito, 
uid Ihrir tiod. Th<ry held u to llir mlUTC of tbp 
•tivinit; tli« muuo upiuivu u the Roniana ; llicj 
MiCVftl In cn« Gori in llir** Pprwix, whom llic^ 
■XKUMCRdanrnra-ilcr indamij^, hut nnt viahlo^, 
MCCffidius tu iht doi^lriiit of ihK mJinllr rtiiiivA. 
iho iliii of llir fithcT upon his portrrltvi hue Im- 
jMcdiig llie pA of gTKcr to ivhaamrTpr prnctlsnl 
ri(tht4>aaiii*pi, unil not iluaning pkitdrcn thnt die 
Wora th^ ran hirp conumitud lUij- •Lc. TIic 
Invach otmudoiu^ by IhU dilRrtMin bcln-een Hie 
(luciriiK of (bi! namUi and Brl(i*h cliurcbr* 
iri» (iutbrr innvavd hj tkc otwrwtiiw uf waiur 
ri-ll)(ii>iii( formnlilic* pMi^ir In iho Britouk TLcj 
iliil niM Hi 1h« fMtir^ of i:i\(ter pKL-iiu-l) \\ the 
tine apiioiniml bj llu- |n|ial onlinanw*: Ihnir 
wanks tri're nor linliJii'il, niirtbclr privMi (Jirtcu, 
ill Uie muincr of iliowt iriia folluwvil ihe B«uiin 
ritiMl ; >nil, nborr nil, tbctr monks ware laurv 
ItborlfMu Ihkii lh(> «ath6l>D iuIm onluiU'd ; fnr tio 
ODpvrx Ton-lFrd Int4 thi> Britiik coiiieuii utilrta 
lie linrw tiotnc ml or Indp ; ' tlir rxligiiiui o( i-^i-li 
MaTrnlWvrc diridcd iulo tiroboilii't, ivlm nltcr- 
iHilrly rcnulncid M hornv to mmv, and wtiu sItotmI 
■owotk.* Th« CunKritn* luul hiahoiMi but thp} 
wttv. tluiiny: tbo gxcatri pntX orUirlr (imt, i«itliMil 
any S%rA epncopal wal: ibnf (twrlr, like true 
«w|itnbuni aonurlimta in otip tovn, aatictlnMa in 
<UMtb«t ; u<l 111 cir aniibiiliffp, Itkrwlw Uird, Inillf- 
(ntmly, M KrT-I^Mi<>t>n the L'lk, t>r nl Mca«w,* 
now Sl. Uarifl'i- Thliirflihiihnp. iiultpeadt'nt of 
oU foiriipi anihurii)-. nrlilir-r n-n-iinl nur tulielt«d 
iho pallitun. ThinctrtiTaiipanlonablFoffMicat in 
ibc P).^ uf llir Huinui pricMliooil, Ki iuiulcnnt iii 
whatFtrt inlvnntvil (be (SpmaiicyortbcirdiLUxli.* 
Tliii w« inBctonl «Mm foi- p«|i« Grr^nrj- to 
ackuowMg* nmut of the BritUli tibho|n t* loll- 
RtiKu witboriiiri. bui to delinr lh«m ap i» ibo 
tiiU!ag« and com-clwii «f otw oT Ua mloiiannriif . 

Au<Drt(n, b)f «i piprcH mMngo, ootamiuilcainl 
10 the rJPTfj of III* i,ini)iua)i#il peoplo of Grral 
UrtUin tbo wdnr lo ■rAnnrb'dftn btm a* arrfa- 
bStbop of tbo whole taland. ou |«ln ef tncorrii^ ibe 

■ ralnn jndirii oiiunn luB polM [r tUaMdi HVHtm. 

■ HrlMAMuiin miloB oauwu aulHSKB *■« ftaMaiUiall 
«Miniuiaiiu.atliidarUila«H>BlM.liifinBlB>t«u«Mw nta' 

IIM. BclniuL Ub. I. in. »J.1 ' ' 

A« alntaiw dabwut. nl sx itiBm iii>iin<jn huiIUimib 

• llonr BHlaiiaio^ IL Mfc. 

' <lt JV^y*. In LbUb. Jfnnu. 

• 1"tei«ll»l«™*.«hUlu««.l.r-ii.l««», (tManrabyl. 
If"*:'- ?^''*^- '"■■'■ «!>-W.>-T.l«AI tun ftj*.U. 

ingrrufthe Kotnlshr-hureli.uiWL'll u ufilii; Ait(^i>. 
SiKon kinga. Itial he iiii^bt ilelumuilnilr la llie 
Canbrian priests and nioiikH thv lexiUmac; of hU 
pnlODuomti hi! a**iipMni tlitirt a conivrcbn: on the 
hanks of IliK SnSni, (lis limit bctwecut llii-jr trri" 
lorj' nnil Ibtil ot Ibc Mini|U(rars. The nssriubl} 
WM hi'U In th<> npini air, undrt u Inner iHik." Au- 
ffinlin miiilml Itiir Itnlnns to rrtarm Ihrir nlislana 
pioctictB acconllng lo thetwafci of Itomc. In rnliirn 
to the Mtbalte w«n, !<■ be oljinlir'nt to hitnad^ 
and lo eiBpb>7 tiiemaelvM, siuIm his direction, in 
coonitUif tlie Aiifrlu-Sniim*. Inntdorhla ■tudiMl 
lisranifu*, be M-t bcfurr (ticiTi a mnn of ^xud tiUlti, 
who lie p(Fli*iiilvd W2t bllni), and reMorcd hiiu lu 

Nxbr."* (COS v> em.) Hui ii':hhtT Ou- ii«n»u)*B 

elM)n«ncp, not hi* (uirMLe, had pawirr to terrify the 
Ckmbriiuis and nnhc t}iEfnah[|u« Ibcir old spirit af 
tiuIepeMlcncp. Bot Augualin nru cot lu be ftia- 
oaura)^. HeapuointedatecDndiulfniewt irhichi 
with a degree of comphiBnce tbat attcstrd tlmic 
[fooil liitMil-tatife, iros a1l<'ndrd ii* m-«i<» fii«hop« itf 
BHiisli rnv. led a nuinbtv of ninnli. rhlpllf frwm 
■he ([TT>it niolinlIi>iy Ramecl Iluif^r." dlualpd lit 
Noctii Wnlfs, 011 ihc bimks nf the tivrr Ykf, 

The Romin dtidninrd to riw fronn his aeat tm 
iKi'ir Rpi'rnirh ; and this mnrk uf pride wounded 
tlwm »t \)u> ittj flnit. "We tirill infier ■cknoi*'* 
Irdfp," aald the print who wns oppoUued to apMik 
nn tketr part, •' ihr prtir-iided rlKbu «f Itmua 
amUtJMit any Rioirc tbiui thane of 6aion lyTBUji 
We swr to Ihv Pope of Iloiae, it Istruv, ■* to Ul 
christians, tht> nibmiaiJoii of fnltmal ehirilj ■ but 
ai for llir nibmiwlon of obedwiire. we owe it only 
III (ifl-il, aiidi after God( to our Tcncrabk tuperiur 
the buliop of K«r-lBOii OB the Unk. Braidcih we 
Bik, why have those who bout of ha*iji«:couieited 
III* Suont n«Tcr teprin&ndod ttifni r<ir (hmr rio* 
lenM'i n^atutf on and tlieir umrpnllona ovrr ml" '* 

AU;i;ujRin'B only ansurer wiu, a dnAiillivi' auBU 
iiuiiis lu tbe \TrUb primls to ncknonlcditv him aa 
Ihsir aicblrisbup. and to sanM bim in eon*ertinK 
tlip Grrmniis in Hritaio. The IVulsh rrplird ima- 
nimmuly that (hi>y would nowr W «>nnert«d by 
l\ia ties nl' t'llonitshlp with Ilif Invailcrs of Iheir 
roiuilry, aa lonir m lliry should not hare rrwonzd 
ivhiti dicy bad seiicj unjustly; "and that, ua fur 
tlif mnn," tliiry udiit-d, " who wouli) not fix brforv 
ihrm whon \if wm but their eqnnl. thf'y would 
opTst raake btm tiiv\i superior." " " Well L" e«- 
Hoimri) the inlnioDBi-y 111 n inL-naelno; lone, "■■dcd 
)9U«iIlnol hnT« pru« will] birlht«n, yim ahall 
hsve war wilb roetiiie* ; ducc yoti nfiaM to loadii 
with ne, tli« wsy of life to the Ssxuns, Iwlbra 'tia 
lanfi, by ihe ligbtMMis judgncni of God, they shall 
Iw unti> yuu tbe mliuiUrs ofdealli." '* 

So It prottiU that n short time oulr Hiipsed 
hcfbrc the iim of aji Anylo- Saxon trifar, stiflpngaii, 
nareked. from (he nutlli ciiuolry, to the i<-ry spot 
wber« tbe eftuferane* had bffn held. The monk* 
of Bingor, on Uie Don, rMneinbetiii^ Au)[u*llu*( 

■ Thla im «n> loDt oaltnl Au^uun'< «ah. In S>iKUI, 
dr^ttlfn-i. (Ui>to|m4i)t.1liH.>>-rlMi>>> il.fnp-I-) 

" AlklwsM iihUsm iletviHTT Aarlatuiu lun i-rliutiu. 

X Or Biw "tte. Ilia fraii rbolt. Ibr cimI iliurrh. 

•• BflU>UM.'<^..<iuainllalh«MnuiilVoliinieo(Uu'IIorB 
Brilaniiliw. p tnr, h« 

•' (fl IBi>di'Uirl>i-IUUfcicI|l>|uU.>|UliaiCriait[|t.i| FlMtldl 

cmsTUbim, iim |ita nlhllu BouUmurt. (llnlisiimlM. HU. 
i«M<9Urt. lUi. ii. r«p. » ) 

>• tUiuliimi .^ncloram oalutatnl tMm vHvpnpDMi*. 




HkUot Man W Fataniam. 


Mi-lliiuii Lidio|i at Lao<laa> 

1 V I k<r (if IdiATBttllUL 


ihmti quitted titcircoartat in gn:at cuunUTiialiuu, 
utd ftrd la llw BFDijr whidi WM aMUDbllng iiairi 
the ehief of the Vit\eb ptowinn of PowU. Tliiii 
•nnjt WM deleaWd : naa in Ilia rout which vnauvd 
Um pasui ooaqiKroE abMUTtd b troop nf iimii nn- 
nlarl; listitUal, willwat ukUi sod all knpcUag. 
lt«' ITU Icjil llmt ikaj vcn the pojik oftlM ffVM 
nuituMt ry, fnpttff br the m&ly uf tbulr cuuutrj'< 
tnvn. "U thn an crj-uig to tbeii Cioil fur ny 
iiiiiiiIm.' rcptind ibe buun. "ilitn liicy Sfiii 
^■iiHtiiKftliaiisliwithautjmiu;'" knilUcutilcivd 
Uivai «U t« bo RMWMcml, la tli* uuiubi.-i uf two 
houdMal. TIm moBWtMy of Bao^r. th.e chid uf 
wkick hftd ^oken in ih» &ul Lulmicw nith 
AucunLa. wai ultfrij di-Mrofrd ; " uid Lliiu,'* k>> 
the MckaiaaUn) wiltci*. "ibc ptcdicUipu vf ibu 

ba^ }iWI(Ur WH BCcampUdirili utid t)uiH- fakllil>.-» 
nen wen, In lliU world, pWdx'il irltli disth. who 
hwl dlwUincd bia MUniMlt for tlii>lr eternal uln- 
Uoa."* It n^UieiuUoiikl tndliioD of IbcL'aiD- 
brteM UhU the brad of the nfW church of ihc 
rtnglaiS* twill liod rallod down thla intw^uii, aiid 
palnttll out Uw inouaaUrf of l{ui4,-oi to lli>' {Mf uia 
«ritoitbDmbTii. It t( Uu|>oMib[e lu c«tJib)Uh uif- 
tfcli^ yoaltlr* aa (hi* quntiuu: hon^rer, tho 
Hjuwiim of tho iliU> nmlerrd ih« linpulatioii 
■tiHiliiiiti nrlghtj tn ^ve lliu Eriend* of the 
Binnhh churcb a ilc*iro to dmlroj Iho record of it. 
lit elMort all thu Haa. ol th* only buUrUn of 
thaaa ««wiU, they adiM ihii inlirrpolatiiut Uul 
rt^HllB vM dnd u tbn iwitud when Uw battle 
withtbe Britoiu and llir luwavri.- of ihennoka of 
BMIgDr look ptai-c.* AuKunitD wu olil at tliat 
perittdi hul he Untl at K-ul ■ j«u ift^r the 
uulitMj «ti>culUa irtileU h« had prcdirl«d,* 

(ki>.eoHioBIIL) i.>nthad««thof AuifuMln, Lau- 
rvnltiM^ Uk««lM o Itonun bjr birth, hrcaiue arch> 
Miba|> ia hia roonn. MclliiLia ami Juolua wen 
Uabop^ tkc nut at LodcIou and llir »t)ia^ al Huchiia- 
Xit ; the lonMt had ^irivil ovtt to C'hriitiaiitiv 
Ktj^ebcrt. a leUtive of Eth«llv<rt. SigliRhi-il. nut'- 
WllbMBMliug hia being to u «w) jcon*Rttci]. dUpUjrd 

CM Mkli anil bMIowcil bonnura and aniliurii-j' un 
riitawclnKr. ButthUmuDolof Umxdutativn: 
lu* »iJow> tiag waa Bix<««(l«d bjr ollirn 'ithnr 
latai—wa OTMI-itli»pea«d lolhii new wtirahlp, Uhi-ii 
tha Im ••■• of Si^bcrt. biuiliarLi) rtdleil Suhrii, 
tob. or Sib.* had laid thFirEttlminllic lonih.ihi -y 
Momni to fagiaina. uid abulithvd nil the lana 
llMt Iwd been prooittlpteil ix*^o'*t Ow old nalional 
>«Ucl«*> B\i1( being of • mild clKpiiiiiiiiin, tlicjr 
dij Bol at fint [■<r«'t'(iti> rilhpr btiho|i Mcllitu*. ui 
the amall nt«nh«T of tiun MlrvrrnwUu penitii-d iu 
liatMilUK lo him ; they would ncn gn Xo ihr cliti>- 
tlioa* diunit, u ainiuJnK lo liiit, and piiThiiM 
|ll«oii||b « ■rcrcl UBVPttaiiiA) of mind. 

Otm d*]r, whMi the Komui waa admiiJilcring U> 
th» Uthiid the Fominutiioii «t the Euohiulai, 
"Wbja" will otic of the jrouBf chlcb to hlnii " do*l 

■ n adTrnatai am kI IVuianuai d*nuit. piuCrti'^Miini, 
nuavia ana* ann icnat. mntrteM piitiual. (ItnUriim- 

* Ot Mapocalli tntcrtiAi itlilMMM MOMbFol ivrMi. (inoil 
1*1^11 <M»«rft—Mlaifa*oaMlia^aei»«*ai. (Im.I i 

* CI<*^<«li«>>laaia»iltaaMlat«Bpw*.Bdcali«ijiiT9ii* 
tTiMln" (Int.) Ii litki aijiiiilnn nt Uir prlphni'vl tliKi- 
t^lta^i rpQ«dv|a u^ l^r« llAumniul, tJi^l tbfiH monU It4i« 
*■« lale>«aial<4. (tn- llcinv Hnlnuiilm. It, I'l ) 

l^ifcllL lib. tLni|i.t. I 

* lb* au ordiafnuu-m. Ua naiui SiR oilNi la T.aclMHl. 

thou not offvr to in^ aa ff«U u to tli« mm. tlii« 
brvdcl no nliiu nliic-ii thou gavNI to our bllitt 
ttBh 1" " " If," uuwered tho bbha|i, " }au would 
be waihinl hi the foot of nirallon ■« jaur &tlirr 
waa waalmlt )piia 11V« him. *lt»ul!l han j'oat ahue 
lu tlila holy bt«a4>" " We will not cuter the foat ; 
wo biT* no need of it ; yirt wo dctire to «u of iJio 
bread." • They renewed tliU wbimnical n<|ue>t 
■erenl timr*. tlie Koinau nuutkstly repoBtiug thai 
be eoiikl nal acccilc tu it. They, biiputiim hia ic* 
fuaal tOpbaliuaUiU-will, boutue aucry. "Since." 
nJd they, *■ tiiou wUt iiot cnlify iia In ao «wy » 
thlw, ihou ahalt nac dwell Tongnr In oar bnd." * 

TFioy, occoTdiUfly, stprllnl h[m and til hU com* 
patiiniu from Loiidcoi. Tlie ciilea rtjinlred tn 
LtUHcatiiu and Jiutiu, in the prutiiuc of Kcitl, 
whiiia ihfy fouud ■* much dikhcorlcncd by thu iu- 
ililfiirelico Uid the little lotv eihitiited toWLRJa 

th^Di tiy the *uoc«a*or of EibL-lburt- (<tie.) Thry 
all ckiue lu the delonuiiLiliuu uf paaiiiif; over inlii 
GauU Moltitut and JiuiuaiKluutiogtitluir. Liu> 
reuilua, on Um V^iti^ of following ihcm, nsaolvnl lu 
raaJto one lut afibrl to cIiaak'' i'"' hfart of tho king 
ot Keut, «rbmi bn beltntril ta be alill irmolnie, 
and ill-aaured in the luiiti-r uf liii rrsatnin^ the 
rtJi^iuu uf Ilia aocealon. Tliv Inat night which he 
v»i tu pan aiDuuK thi.- Hnxoua, he c«uaed Ida bed 
to br jHvfuirml ia the churuh of St. Pdeci boUt at 
CaniMhiiry by the fanner king.* In the morning 
hn Inti Ibn rhiitrli, eovet«d wllh hmlaea and womdi, 
ntii) irltti l>lnijil. In iMa coniUtion h* nppeareil 
bttftiic &lh;Ll>l,>* Ifae aan of Bthelbert: " Behold," 
aud he, "whac the «piMtlt I'ciei ba* iloua uulu 
me aa a |>uiii*hi»«nt lor Imiiiig unlerlMneil the 
thoiiichi at i|iiiltiivg hi* fiach." " The Suion wu 
EiniL-k Willi hsfTor at thi* >|H>rtute; and tmnblcd 
lerthc aboutd hlmirlf inriu the «oiixt«nc* of the 
holy qwallci whi> chaalitcd cnn hia frleildi •» 
unnemfull)'. Uc iiniiid L*tinnUiu tu teinaiu, 
recalled Ju^tut, nud pfornivd ti> ■roi|i'lov lii* ffuvTr 
iu ro-conf<eitln2 thoae who by folloirinj; hi* t\. 
ftmiile hftd hdleu iutu apualaci. 'I'hiukii ta llie 
KMUlanoe of tlir Icmjioral nun. the- fviih nu 
revlioil on both bank* of die Thamcii, uctrr muie 
ta Ll- ratiitipilihril. Jldlilu* miTtoeiitii l.ikuiiiiliu* 
in tlu" iri^hiepiiKipiil we, Jtntuarrpliteril MrliilUf. 
mill Kdtiskl, king fif Kent, «hu had bt'rn dparon* 
i>f Uuiiinluiig (hem all, wu coiupliiUMiIrd by Ilie 
BOTDtetsn pimtitf i>u the purily uf hia bith, and the 
pirrfeotfon of his rhii-liivii woiki." (Qlfi (■> itl<i].) 

A Thw yea" ■fli' thrse fvimUi a cmlec of lUihilil, 
naiiifd Klhrtbtir{[a." wj* marrlnl tn |he IiagHii 
thtff of Uii? foinitrj norib of the tliiiiihrr. The 
fanilr dc-|nrtRil fiom Kent, an'onipaninl h} a prlrtt 
of Itomou birlbi uuucd I'auUuai, wha, iu pioKpcct 

• (jiinrr- D4D rt aolitt nili-lptvi pj*nm itfcT^U? (Unl* 
limbvLliU. mlaalat. IU-. II cap. a.) 

• N>iluinu> loaMn illiiDi Inimn.. .|<il( ■«< DIoopn* on* 
liAliric Binlnua. tnl tamcn i>ani' illu idlrl talBBU*. 


iDMV^IriDii iJikLoni |j.m in (hrtri |H.ittiHildili'Cn.iran- illoil.) 

• Jiffl^it in <w|4«i^ , , , - . vtantiim ur.i fwhfttri- ^11.1(1-1 

• ' 1)1 iUdkt/d. Saitald. E^.ioM. liituiuuri hiJrf.LwU 
(<^i' k:>tmtd L^e'i t;li»i »Ty.> 

• ■ I'mfiWcrl qu«l DrI (ircnB <**^ rwlbioiiH. 

(Chna- SuuD- (d, (;iiMiu. p. h.) 

It Bedv i.i«l>]l. Ill>ln. aKlniHt. 111., ki. n>||i. ■^ll.^r. 
KuBUnid. IliMai,, lltL iiU apad wa. Ma*\\t. iiilpl. f. Wo, 

ttr/i, iHiuUj. ffmrtar. (natwlt— 


WlOr-Iln (Ill'lUllbl uttli* ttouMM. 
IJliimima prtbirt a— nai bly- 

or *ur(<t«, ma a>nt«et%tei archbUhop of Y»rfc, 
■nciinlliif Ifl |Kipe Uirgarf* plan, nod in tlic liupo 
lliil llw faiiliful wife niiebt nniicrt tliv tn&ilcl 
hunband. Tbc kuif vt NorlliuintKli. ' uatacd 
£il«iu.* BllonOil 111* wifo F.l)irtb<]i^ to pr«frm Uiif 
rhriitiLn rcllpon unilcT tito uatfUta of tlu< man 
MkuDi Bliii had brought with her, irhoM bUck hair 
aiiit hli tiroira and tfm ringv were an objoct of 
furpiian lo ihc fur-hutwd Sahabiuiitaof tbi^uanfa.' 
When Edmn't irili- 1>i:c-a>ne » mutJiFr, Pnuliuiu 
gravely aunauDrwt to thv Anj^ln-SkXiinkiiit Ihit he 
Iia4 olilaljivd for herlli" (avaiir nS rUa[j iflviiiK liirlh 
and WUhom pain. i>n Ihr niaililion iliat Iha child 
■hunUl hn Inpiltril lii tti<^ nama n-f ChriM.' In th<^ 
«T«rflovr cf lil> pntcnul jut. thv pognii gnintLil all 
lliat bi> wUa ilMLrcil; bul ■* to him*vlf, be would 
liihm l« no propotillonof hMb«lM baptlicd: hi 
nrrvTtlitlra allaom] lliOK irho niMicd lo conTvrt 
him lionloiB of *pM«h; but ho nvumei vllhaad 
tuinttiiiiM emtxTraaicd (hem Ui atguoienl.* 

To atlnft hiiu, if poiublc, loirirda Mlcitial 
dbjMU bf th« tcmplilioit nf («rtlily guuili, a ktli'.' 
WM arnt from Itoiiw Ljr popa Honuiuiei addraamJ 
lu lAe jftoriauM E^niu. "I tnnanlt tOJou/'mtMc 
tlie punliC " Lho beiK^diduni of ; not proUclor. Um 
hlfwd Pi'toT. priiico of tlieapoatlu; that i* tuaay, 
a lincrt thiri ambraiderrd with gold, aud a tnimil* 
of lins wool of Aiimiin."' Ellirlliurga likewiac 
trrrimt. at intimonlnhi of |]i« twacdiutiau vi llic 
apiHili- Ppler.a |[)llLvul]r eombaodoallTiiriuitrur/ 
'riioi- 1^114 WOT« acCAptnl, but Ibef <tld iiiit nff-srl 
tlic d«rt*laii of hlBf niwin, wliuae ruIlivtLU^ mind 
cuiilil t» ovrtcaaui oulj bjr n altouff iii<vnl imptis- 
aioii.» (OIA to »3«.> 

TliiTT 'waa ail csUwwdlnarj- utTcntorr Jii tht 
life vf tbs Saxoo, (lie M-TFct of nbich he thi>iij()>t 
h« bad kepi fh>in all tnco ; biit It hail probablj 
Mcapcd hii Up* In ihc eanlUi-uiw* of thi> ouptuil 
bMl. lu Ilia yoiith, anil bdliro hv itaa hiiix. be 
kail IwTii oura in mcu pirril ; li« irw aurnrUcd bj 
curlaiu vDciitk-> n bo wtahcil hi* dndh, anil fell liilu 
(larir inwvr. In Ihi- priioD whprvin h« languiitied 
n-llhiKit anj hopr or beiiii- tarvil fnim ilcalh. hi* 
Imativl iBinginaiJMi rcprEwalv<l to hiin lU a drenin 
an vnkiwim pcnaaagc, whoa appioMlitufldin wtlb 
a gnn Bip«<t( nlJi " What nuulil't Ihou prumlM 

(ikhiai whuHhaalit li«alilr alul wiJliud to aare tlioci" 
" Alllhnt shall (for hr In niv puin-r." aiuwrrod th« 
fintiin. " Wrll," rrjoinnl liie imkuoirii ptTaonagr, 
■■ if 1m who (oulcl Bivr thee Wen- oiil> to mjuirc of 
thee to live ««ixirditii( tu bin roncaeUi ntiuldit ibuu 
folluw Ihria V* Kilwin marr i<id» mi ; luid thai no- 
parilioa. HtrMrhlBH forth it* hand, and plarliiit ll 
UlkHi hU lirad. aaU in bitn, *' n'hnn aiirh a aii(ii uliull 
Bjcaln appear la Ihcc. rvucnilirr IhiaRiomi'nt and 
time wonli,"* U; gnal saod foriiuic, Kdwin 

■ Kadi>iiBlflU. lBH*\nn. .VWtiM-**Hln> J^Mj.or AW*< 
^■■^iTJirfct. llitttmtn li'-rtli •>( Uir Hitiilwr. 

• IMM^l^tm. HJ. rnilBsaU: Hia. IkIsi*!. ttui ram- 

' \it liKijw tIataTw. ptnlikliim Inr-jTnit, n^^rat mpllli^, 
h-H mwilniU. •-•'' •li.™" t-'T*-*-!, >fiH-nl*U> tlmul n 
IcrrAaU* uucna. iUnlii pi«ab)l. lUiWt. oakalaM. liU. It. 
<■» K.I 

• IjHhl pmnnu nil oMtuMiil apod Dfiua g| rrfina 
•BrtM khanr ilobir*. 4H«>tri ItsDUDsd- HiaL. lib. Ut. 
•|M.I m, Auall'. arilM. |>- Mt, >a. flaill.'.) 

' tjiii.l neimtuilia*!*!. «tt ntl»ii ni^ri^toini. (IbU.) 

• l<l«i mailiUai <«w« .... IthU.) 

< Idal. iwitineaaliiitwanawataB. (tlilil.) 


farape'd fcum thn p«ril; hnt th« rwolWtioii of k^ 
dr^Ain wu pmrDiiiiilly mitinviia on hia mtiid. 

Oiin (lay. whrji lip ivui alone in. hli apirtawnt, 
llic donr aigildfiily ojicnrdi and he aiw a Ukuk. 
■DUviDK alawlj' uid ■uli-malji like thnt in th« 
dn>ani. u,-hl<h appriiu-hril hlna. aiiil. nlthout pro- 
itouui'liiit n 4iRu1c \ioril, ptu-?d hia Imiid upon Ma 
h*4(l. I'liia wu I'liiillniu, lo wham tli* Holf 
(>hi>«i, aceordloK tu (hi' cecleslaalkaJ hlatociana,'* 
bad rrvea|i?d i\w inindililr nieaua of o\ercoiuln< 
kia ohftinac}'. Th<! ilvtury wa< complete : llw 
Saxou. ainirk with uloul^mMU, feU witli hi* 
face to the )[niiinil ; and lh« Koman, iiuw becouie 
Ilia iuu>I«'r, taiard him iip wilii (entlrunt. Uiiui 
pn>Lul><^ to be a i-hriatiao ; hut, uinhaJieo in hi* 
good aeoae, he promifi'd fir himaelf alone, aajiiiy 
that hi* BubjeeU would of tliciun'liM perevira what 
Ihejr ought todu." I'auUnua mjuinced hini lu roii- 
TOke llw KitM cotiucll of tli« ualton. called in 
8aaou tbe \V lit^iia-OluTmatc, or Aaaenibly uf Wiic 
Mini, rouTaked bj [he (iermanle king* on all int. 
pnttanl oocuicini, and altEuded b; thcma^ttataa." 
ttie rich laudholilera. tlie wurrion of Ugh tank, and 
ihe prietU of the Kuda. Edwin laid bcfure Uiia aa. 
■cmfalf tbc motirta wf lua chaii^ af hi* belief ; and. 
addrraang each uf Iha aaMnbly in theu' turn, a*ked 
whailhcy thought of tbla, to Ihnm, ii«w doetriiM^. 

Thi> KnI who apoke wai the ehipf of ibe pri«att. 
" Aly o|iiiiio»," said be, " b timl oui iroiU hate 
uu puwer ; aiid it is foundied tin this ; Tliere ia nal 
a inan .ijii<a]t.C"^ that wtioJa piiQpla wlii> bait >ceT^ 
thiTin wiih iiivalrr leal than 1 have; iiDii.'rih«l«w, I 
Bin ftr fiom bettiit the rlr.lical aiid lutnt hoiuiuivd 
aiaonji thr |ifojiIi! ; iheirTom my opLninn it. Uiu 
our icoU are witllout puiTec." " 

A ehiefof llui wurioni Iheu roie, Blld apoko la 
Ihele tenna i 

••'i'hou ma) eat rewUivl, O kiiii;. n Ihiuj; wbicti 
taiurtitiK* liapprua in llir Any uf wiiilrr. wlien 
tliou att K4tcd al labl« with U>) e*(iluiu« aitil iliy 
mon-U-araiK." when agoud Hic ia blauiiu. <vheu it 
it WBDu in thy liall, but raina. anawa, and ilonua an 
Killiuut. rheueoinevalillle bird, and diit* aeraai 
the tiiill. Hyiiix in at otic douc and. out at tlie alWt i 
the liiitaul uf lliia uaiult la awcct lu hiiiia fur (bcu 
Kc IVeU uettlivr nia uor hurricane ; but Ihal in- 
alaut ia ahort, (he bird i> piBC In tlie Iwinkling of 
oji eye : and fnnn winter be |natci funb tutbc win- 
ter »if»in.'* Siioh to me ain'ini tbe life o( men tm 
tbia eaitb ; aurh ila inotnt-tilary niurii; romiiaied 
wilii thr len^ afliuic lltat jjri^ccdL-i uml foUowa 
it. Tlial a'la'E'iiily i>* 'liirk and i-^Lpf^rllrw In ua ^ 
turmunliii^ im h) tli.e tui]H>ultilllI> uf inini pet hinil- 
ing II. If, thru, ihia new docliiiie can tearii ua 
unvlhinic certain teipeeliiig li. it It Ut that wo 
ahould foUow iu- ""■ 

tmwria >; lni|iu1ai naina. ( VieOu iiraliTl. I1l>. (wlHlaU. 
till li Rii>. ii.)-Ilnitli'l HuaUngj. U». Hi., apud tia. 
Aulk. Kfifl. p. Ill, (4. Savilo. 

'• tlM. I'm'I. 

" Vl'ilil ela Vidrndir .... ut «I at ilU radem (um r«mlii* 
*Tll«n tlhiA. oaf' »<) 

■■ t'lJi-afaa, at SaJ'Innttmt, ^rnliim, 

■■ Sinltl oHlen aunl iiiU ai^fufa beiieftrii i ti> trva^nanl. 
nnXa nil i^na im» bivlKii. (1|,>ntitt Hunl^fsfi. IliH' 
lib. ili.Bpiiil m. AnalV. •criif. p. ICi, «1. farilr.}— tjula 
nihil 4di1ittia tlTtiLti^hftU^ nlltfin UU r|iiaik. hur iiauavW 
UHlanui. |D«I* |>c-,:>'>l. Illal. hiIaU,!.. IU- U. cii|i, 11.) 

■• Mill >;imiiin. Kt [ilnriBMaiaai and Hn-nuum. iSaiaa 

h^-"!.! f II,. I..'. it..i...j.) 

" I . < 11 rciwrlli. (IlJlit.) 

. Ilui lib. in. ■I'.id ru. AagUo. 
■I... i - , .... .-.. .ii. 


Uw aty 4hri*liao> who fvll >iilllrlr.nil] flnu in hia 
«gMt*fa1ii>ti U braro ibp iloiiiii'n nf mdi n |irufDiu- 

Wlten llf otlwr cliii'Ji lud )pot(cii> uid tl>e 

|t<mlWi tuJ pro|iiiiiiiitcil hit tloclriiii^ Oir utatm. 
Ut, Tolinf ■■ wa* thflr outi^m i)i iXc •aiiclioriing 
of llu^ nMimul Urn, (ulDinnly tMiouiirvd Ihe 
wonkip of thi-i' ■ncictit ^il>. Btii, whi-n the 
mtwliiiwrji propfiard Uiit tliL-j iI-jduIi) ilcWiuy Uie 
Ionia of thofp fxln, llirn* nu iiiit iiiiv umong 1 1 " 
nf f.ieh 
unptiitx onlf llic hi|[h-[irtrst. IIi^ Af 
maa/MotUx klnjc nrmx nnd a itullinn, tliat lie 
■rifilt dimbjr lioUtc tliQ nilv of liit onlcr, witii'li 
fc(l*il Ike pri«*ti to War finj' ntirlikn IiaIiII, nr 
■HMua uit k&lml hut t iittl*.' (iin wilh s iwonl, 
■nil brmnunliti»s a lant-v, h« pillii[ici1 ii>wuil lU* 
mBpIr, aail, lu itli;l>1 of all ihc [i^oplc, xilio 
thouKht he had liwt hb icnact. ilnii'k tho wallt 
anil ihi^ iiRHKm willi hit lanc«. A wuodiMi builil. 
itiit «a« ih'-n Bi^clinl, in wliirh kin™ t/lwin aiul i 
^at iiuinlM-i III nit-n wrer JupXitn\.' PniiUiiua, 
iMTkng Uiiu acquirci! in rMlit} thtr (Hiliojiric, of 
wbkll ll« had beCutv lickl oitlj ihc title, travrllrd 
lluvOxtioiM tli« cvontrioM "f IK-Tnn' knit Ortnieiii, 
bttf (Ming in tti* i«sUn oftho Swale anil thf Qkn, 
•Mch ai wvK vafrvr to obey Uio dcurco uf 0\p &»• 
■emttl) of Ibo Nn)(f«. * 

(a.ii.il3Hi(iAa3.) The |HiUtkiillnfliimf«of till) greai 
kiagdamufKorthuiB^iiii t"'r>'iulc>I io i.-liri>iUii>l}' 
Ik* |>«{titUtiori Df t^IC Eaat Ai>^-li:>, iiili.itillini; (W 
«««tBlrj' aouth oFUio lltiinbi'rniii] rv<.ni^i iif ih>- Rut 
Saxona. Thp Kuiuaii bi«1ii)p« uf llii> •uiuxh hxii 
almulj pr»rhci1 1« llita iiciiplf: litt fhn twci n^- 
BgioOB Mun ■lill t<i oqtull] bilmiceil union); Ihc^m. 
Ilwl tbvir rlucr, nnniuil Krilwalil,' linJ vtiwled hVO 
Alttn la thf nme Ipmplfr, ane l» C'bnul aiul Ilie 
olbvclollH' ToTitmiir ilcitbi. Mid ptnjcil ti> ench 
•mnavlj* (t.D. iSSft). 'ITiirij yi-iranfirr 1)11- i-un- 
malOH orihc inhabitants uf Itii- Limki uf lliu II lun- 
beft • Wvmali of Ibat rouiilrii rLmii-rli'd (lie I'UUf 
of thp LiuipJom of ll^ivia, w^lrh it thiit titno c». 
tctiAtd from tht Hiitnbcr la Ihii Thamm (a.d. Stt8j. 
Ttw Angto-SaMtn*. nbo krpi thHr nnrii^itt iTDnbi]) 
tW taieM( mrc tlmaa nf Ihr nniithi^ni rnuli, whu 
ilU not i«B»unc« h unill ibv cloiu cfcUc ■cicntli 

Bi|fal Knitmn tnonhi yrrn itiFi.-«n[ieiy arph- 
ItelMipa (f Cantecbnry. bHun- ibai ili)pliy. iiialUnwd 
far lie SasoDi. wai hclil l>y oui' uT ihe Saxon 
nc*< * The ■ucctaMrra uf Auiciwlin itlil nol r«- 
IkHiniiti iImi 1>o|« of iTniiiju-lhtip; tlic Cunibrian 
cIm^ tu bow to ihcir auihorit}-, but conijiiin^ in 

' A«anMntau ponllflera Molnrum IHW 
maaiaabi lapn Muia n|uil>». EHoiiricl lti<nlliil>liMi, 
MM. lib. tu. (ivil in &ci|tk frit>rt«i». )■- =^- •■' 
•uU< ] 

• IWftl— lin i-rt 111 il»ui<> lirn**. (VL (»niiiw. riiiiDsc 
a— Bf litniiii" llaintviiiriiii. aiUHl llhtai. ABtlic. Hrlpt., 
•vl. U. «ul- lUa. »1 ti. I.l«n ) 

> II) ninvfthD, lukwl «( ttxr Canbriao IWit vt OiillV- 

• AnrvtllaMlBi. Ktl-npoAm- Kagik.i:nYt.,f. Ml. 
Hi. McttU. 

• t»r llb* J *i« H . JL<4. h4. muJ. wMinwI. (ouucllal : 
#'^■4. vrvU. B^n, |uw<TfiiJ. Ed^vrniaa. 

a RfiltsMu* . tnllmu j<iFiiiini. ali uinrc aiiArt a ihI' 

haadnat f n wU wlmiw. tii>i»-iMi •li>i<-Oitl<tl ,-> .tniK-nu 
ia >■<— hno. {Ilci')" tluniiiie>l lliai. lib u>. apuil ht. 
Aulk. Ktirt.. p Mt, «1. Sa>llv t~tieAr |ii»b)t.. Hut. 
awTwiil. 111. U. ety. It. 

> lUn. nuaMKfd. ItW.. \S\>. Ill n.|ii<il m. Anflif. v-riiM , 
B. n*. M. Nillc-~An. vaiitilk.raBtuui. luclQR <irr»u. 
boMkarD-BBml lIliKn. Anglli-. WTfiM.. >ul, li. e»l. Mil ul 
^d. fblW. 

' HnM-vaU, ot Biilh-wcald. 


prw the Vclah pticata with lomraonac* and iii>r«- 
augM {*.b, rtni* lo lliftj. Tbej eTin i-xtniJcd Ihrif 
•■nbitioni pretiMiiioiu aret thp [incal« of lb« Ulanil 
of Erin, nli<i v/rrv a* iutltputiilt'iil at the Rntutit 
of nil f<)Trij;ii *ii|jmnui.7, :iik1 »ii tpa\init fur Uif 
cbrul4»ti iaiHl lb:it llicir ('ouiitrj- naa rallnl Ihu 
IdaiKl of Siiiala- Bui lIiU mviil ••! innriitj, irilli- 
out a Min^leie aubiniulon la 1h* powc; of thr 
Roman pliurcb, nu nu^lury in lliR Riliniiii'in iit 
the incmlKra nf Ilmt rhurcK, who hwl Jiwt uk- 
nreiti'il in cOabliBliine a vpirllual iloniliialbiii inn 
ihnt jKHtioli of Britain «o»qlI[^rnl bv the ^^D^lo- 
Suona. Tfl th<* Inhabilnnla nf Erin Ihrj «>iil 
tnraiayra ti'plclp with i-riili' anil niicour: "We, 
[be drpiiti4« fnun ttv itjMiiEulic nrv tti Uiv wptlpm 
irfponv albrrllmca fi'Olithly ^«i- vn^iUl lu your 
i)4aud') rcpulniluu fortoncllly ; but mi uovtlusw, 
anil can nu tanif'ir doubt, UiaC yuu ue uu b>-(ti-r 
Ihiui the Brllaiu.' Of Ibia ibc Janmof of Coliim- 
baii iiili) Gaul, anil thtl of one Dn^nniinan in Bii- 
lain, I1U fully euniUiirpd ui; fiir, ainatigat olJict 
thliiici> t>ii> Datrainmaa, pmniu; thnrngh the jilaro 
wlii-'iv HI' J1^'[.-ll, baa icfuacil, not onlj lo cumv and 
i-ni Bt our Ub|p«. but M-en to taki> hla t^paU in thd 
Muiic Imuai; with tin." '" 

(A.i>, SM lo 610.) Thl( joiimey into «iii]. idLwrwl 
aa a ■pwofaf ihi? rrronrmia i]a«trifint and llic |ir(> 
tr<nwiiir>i of ttic chriitiaiK of lllbciiiia, cilToni *uni< 
citciitii>Iaur>f« which dfsrrtc to be narialc-J n.t 
Ipiitflh! Cotunibaii, or, more nrveitcly, Colum, 
hailcoiniiieartnl lil« caren-i ai a vnriaiiui prcwher. 
by rrnwlnc the fiilb* and likn of North Hrilunin 
a irluker boat C(ntn-il nllh aklua. In ilalt, in iha 
nam* afChritI, thruingi-nRcof n«rlli-n«l Uit;lt- 
Innilrn. No rbrlitiin wnmnn wa* ttitui lo prr- 
inarip B imgan liinlnnd ; niiil (Vilum had ua jnirpli'- 
bunlrieil luiiira, n<rrm»iitlnof line wool, luolTi-r in 
ttiL- nntnr nf Si. Pi-irr : lie nraa piior. wui ofti'ii iv- 
puUcil, and frrc) iicnlly in danjter ofhU lifu. " Ilu 
foiinilMl no biihoprirt, nor ever ■Iflul blimclf 
buhop : ha only <4ilabli«h«l, on a loch at the I [*- 
bridpa," a athottl and a couri-tii uf mvD. |iuir «ud 
Inborioua Uke hlmarlf." Aftvr CMiirrtiii;, by hla 
own exrrtiunj alone, ntny uf the Scota aiu] Picta, 
lie Tviiiuird with ten coinpatiiotii In Gaul, Ui 
prvarh to tlia trood-enltm nnd goat-liciTdK of ihp 
VoagM. Th* ni-u of Etin atopjicd U Ihr foot of 
the mounhdni. nrot n hot iiirinK. at ihn nilna of 
nil anelenl village, called in Latin I^ixoTitim, anil 
Luxen In ihc reniaculsi Rotnon dUlccx of th« dU- 

{a.t>. 609 to GIU.) Thit place formed pan of tho 
territory of Th(.-udvrlk, kliij; uf llie Eitt Frniik). 
n bo, allmctvil by llic pulitir luibuur, ^.-aintr to init 
tlic r«iei|j;UL'n, and rnjurat tlirir praynrv. Culuni, 
Uimaed to uliln^i iiuletitaica, ot fi> tlir rmiilojiiinit 
□rreipcelful dlKiiunD, rcmomlrotej leirrit) wilb 
hi* visitor on bit morado. and tho licrntloni lifn ho 
\rd witli depraved women.'* Thew reptoMbra 
wi^n; li-H dUpleaaiiis to the iun|,'tbautii hUsrand- 

• Mini •Iwn'iwt 1 llrlloolliiu. flMa pmhfl. HU. 
reclriUrt. lib. II eyp. t. 

" \u4 *»]iiiu HlHitn iialtiviiTa, irtJim in codeia bo^Ala 
qtiit tem-tmuurH fiimitr Ti^lun- (fbld.^ 

i> llor* llrnuinii^, Vi. ira 

'• llir I'ltiul '■' III cH lilia. t (\ibim-tll. 

I' lliiiriri lliiiiiiriinl Illil.. lib- 111. ipad nrr. Awlie. 
■cfiui .f. Kti). SiillD. 

>l L*i nxn'li imilta aa .... Iu|niutbu ilAnelui eiurt' 
^n* |'>iiil«fnrUI-'jM>a.. apal aerl|*. m.Onlllc el FnjKit, 
Ml], a. f. tti- 

<^t1lLI||)4k»i|i Wlltt1iH->l f[L*lll 'I>i<i], 





Hiolhrr, llial Mina BrnitetiiliLe. wliot* fiioi; pope 
biVKurx liul in romplaiBiitl; Uuded/ anil trha, 
Id nbLnulii her infiuvBcu orvt bcr gnaiSaou, dii- 

■UH'lp-l liim frnia inarriaj;v, anil was Fkrafiil Id 
fiifoiih him wiih woinrii of dUmutu aiiil lioanCirul 
idavi-t. At Uie iniiii^tlun ui thi* queen, an uon- 
utiuu cS h«tr*j III ilie fini itr|:rrc wna prrferrcil 
in a coiLUcll of blaliopa BX*ln«t ibc ia«n who li«] 
tlnrtnl to *ht>W lilmelf morp nice thui Ihr Homaii 
rhurtb Kapeetlag the monlity o( princfs. lie 
miB eoadtmoad bj aa uionioiom ■viiicnr*'. uid, 
with U* compauioiUt banhhvd Tnun (jaul. From 
Uuaaeutnicp, pprbap*, it wma, that liic l>»1i<>ii« wf 
8*xou Britain jud^-O ihid tlic chrlallunit; uf it)« 
inbahiUiiU of llitnuit waa of a itoiiblful natorcr 
ftml narilnd I4 lir purlSod bj Ihoii IsMotia uid tc- 
fonnMl hj ihoir paiirr.^ 

(«.n. lilii 10 i.'iS.) The Mtnc church »bkli 
ctpclW from Uaul thmo trha centimd thq vUv* 
of iLd frank in(>narch« gB*D holf croMTi tor 
tianilarda in th< Aii)^(».Suam kiiw<i ^vhpn t)ivy 
nmt fortL tu f ileniilulUe the Old tliiitUana of 
Brluio.* Till: liltur. III thoir nallunaJ jiucmi, 
d»r)(e m pan uf iliclr diMMi^r* dd u forewn con- 
tplr«c;|i. anil ou niqnks wboni ihi'jr nil unjuit,* 
Intlivireonnclitfi(ifllu*Bi*l«(oli-ii»ortlie lUmiaii 
ehaiwh towaidi Ihan, Ihe^ baeame »ti-ciigilitriiMl iu 
Ui# nEMbittan of reacting hor IciMU anil her 
ompirr; tliejchnM! rathMlQapDl^, uiddStltttnall)- 
applyi KTcral tiuir*tutlivcliiiicuorC'«ii*lauliiioplei 
tot ci>iiii>*-l id llii'ir l)ir»li>j|;ii^ ditHcultiiM. The 
iDflM r«nouiiotl (if iJiDxr aiii'lont Mtfca, who ma 
lu'lli n liiint unci n chnitiui pmsat, caraed, by a 
kriiwiirir vliillxd ill iioc-[.i,ii llie iie)[lt(cnt alicplicnl 
tvbu V<Tp( ii<M tioil'ii ii>ck bom the woWca of Uunir.* 

Vc( ibe niioLrtcra BQ1I Ui* l(]^ln of Itu.- jioiiliH(al 
caiut,tirmeatM4lftheieli(iaWMitg*<Ii<»i Inwhleti 
Omj beld Ihe powerful lu^ of the Anglo-Sajuma. 
nvrr enahinl by irrror to krekhdotrn irriidu*!!; lhl< 
tpitit at lilit-rl) ill llir &i(Ur'!i ctiutiJir*. <a.D. TS3.} 
Iu tlitf «iicl>(b tfiittuj, a bi-liup vf Nurtb L'anibila 
n-Jvbrsli-it tlv Ea*Ur tjslivul on t)i£ (lay prcacntird 
by Ihr ralholic coimcila; throUit'rkiibDjHi raiitRl 
(he iMKn-Ukm : uid.onlhoruiainir uf Uuailuputv. 
the Anffla-84i0na maile an iirupllaa into tb« 
•iHithirra prorlnctai vh«re the cppoaUion kail naui- 

fcalCd ilwlf.* Ta airrt thr vtQ* uf a lor*i|pi war 
■nd tlio ilMolatlon of hi* fouinn-, a Wrlsh cliicftiln 
•lro*a tonnction hjr hlndvll Kuttiwilylbpaltcntiim 
of the nnrirnt relisloua runotna; but ihb atirmpr 
ii— >■■ ' "'i" puhlic npiril to nnch a dptfir*-, that 
• litiniBarcivl<,(A.».1TT.) Ilowptfr, 
t.< 11 I pridp ti>on declined, anil th<' hanac- 

■imt of a BtruicuU', im> fn-qucntly reiicwi-d, limu^bl 
U iMiftlh wiUiiD the pdlf uf catbuliciam a coiikldcr- 
kiU mnnbiir of the Welah clctvjr. Tbo rpli^wiM 
aubaiMoiou «f lb* couiiti; ku lliut •ffrclcd by 
itr^TTM ; y«l, QDf «tlhriBM, it wai not ai any tiiko •o 
coiuplrte as in Eii^lsiid-' 

(t.n. 000 lo OSa.) Tbi> kiiigt of ilii^ Satonn 
vti Ao^ln Hutortatunl fur the cily uf Rome anil 

> K[lwnli> Gnfi fapa ail Rrcnlititl.lmi. DitJ. v«l. 

' rreirtmii SrheUiL I'tiraa.. Ilwl. nil- U. v|'- 4}k— 477. 
Puw t oMj Mii, KbI. Jj B nUi »*. tun, i. lip.f |> ». 

• ■ateHt^M.HM. tadnfcu.lm. Itt*. 
< Kmb IMm. U. tM. 

• (Wai^ )I«n BrtMiDl^. It rn- 

• EunHi(kii«Can4Mia(U>B«i«n.aW«UliUatiaii. 
>■> Bf««ak>, R Ml- 

T Itor Ikttik . H. SIT-^fC. 

aee of St. Tfti-r n reTerent* which Uiey oltoD 
belokmcd by rJrJi nirrrluK«i nnd rvpu hy sn 
uuuual tribute imdiT tliri name of JCowuM rmi, 

or ]fui(.reny« ij/" M< (Aiinil. 'I'lw •ucccwon uf 
Uto old nlralo chiefi, ll»fpii, Uohm, Ksrdir, 
jEIIb. and I<I». nuw UUirhl by the KomUh clatgy 
la aiictt ihcniK'tvt'* niib iIil- iMcilii: r^alia nf 
ihcir dipilly, aiid li> lii-ar, iualriul uf thi; b«ttla- 
air of ibvti ancotoi*, (ci-ptn-a eitibD«*«d wilh 
gul<l, cpati'd I0 eaati^er imtlilir "urtciitru ■■ the 
mull iiupartnnl.* llicir ambilion waa, not to 
*cv around thtic numeroua buidt of tranion, llk» 
unl>> their fun'&ilwn, but hiBu inoLiiaiIcrin>ori)iir 
rubi of St. S«ui>iUc(. tlicn the moA in loTaiir nllli 
the popck KuiDovriTc knntn] fo cut sIT their lan^ 
anil lluviiig liair, and dovolt thpRitflvea to leclu. 
aiuii; and Ihry. whnm lhi> di^Lrp of n morv mtUvv 
life tetaiuril in the adiniiiintivtion of public airain, 
accuuutud tJie conarcr^iion of ■ moiuaterj a* odc 
■■f III* Rioot niiiij'ifioiii <luys of ibeir rclgn. 8uch 

ut riecit wai (<«l«bn>t<s) wiih all the potnp «f a 
nulioo).! solMiiiilt) ;* tin! eiiicfn, ttio bldiopa, th« 
murion, and the Mgca asaeiulilnl. and tlie kini;, 
■Qiroundeil by hia fctuU)! aal Iu the niidtt uf chcto. 
When (bo ncwly-bollt walla had bvcu i*iuiLi;J wiiii 
holy walei. aJid eounerrari'i! undi'c llie imue* of the 

bleiMMl apoitlii, Feur ur Paul, the Saaon kla^ 
troae. aud aaiit nilii a loud voii^— "* 

(«a>.6M.)"Tluiik>belutheinuai higliGoil ibat 
1 ha*'( been uble 10 d-.i auiuiflJun^ fur llic hoai>iv fif 
ChiiiR mid of b)< holj' spuiUrn. All you who an 
here prewiil kewitueHri mid ititetici nf thedocia* 
till]) iQide by nie to liie muulu uf Ibii plaen, i>f |br 
lauilsi munbci> pimtl*. and ntii-ninn hrrralltT lueu- 
tiaiiud. It U my will that tbej liulil anil poMc** ihviu 
■iiijily and ant royDllv," ao tbit uolax iliali bclvtted 
upon them, nor Ihe inoniMIMy be miVigect 10 any 
povpt on *uth, eiei'iil tlie buly aee uf Konie; for 
it if therein llisl Ibuntaninnif <)• whii utuiiut rrpaii 
to Rome will Mvk aud iritit St. I'vlcr. Lot ihoae 
who ancci-i'd uii' — my »i>ii», my btoilicnt, or nbooo- 
erer Ibey may bii — preieme t)ii* )(i{t iiiiticiliito, if 
Ihey wuulil ih Eire etfi'liuiiiiitf life — iftliey wonW ba 
aaved butn cierla&tinfC fire. Aud wlioi'ver ahall 
take uiylhiii)[ from il. may the tioiieruf the gtic 
of hcnrvn bkkc the lik« bom bii pvrtiuu in buatcn : 
b* who (ball add anytbuia tti it, may Hit pcirter of 
Ibc gair of heaiea add I0 nli ponlnii in hra^iln." ** 
The kln/lhrti took Ihe roHofparrfimmleimlaininK 
Ihe- art of ilonailoii, and (raced a rroai upon II : and 
after him, hin nWt, litt miu> bit bruihcrt, hit »lMet% 
the bi»hoj>i, ibi- »(Rc(m of ■ule, and all th'- per- 
•onaf^et of bigh rank, aueeeaaively inwhbed the 
■acne ai^u. repeating this fonsBla: — '* 1 eoulimi il 
by my uioulh and by llie cnna nl (Ibilat." " 

44.U. tW to AM.) "Hila irouit uiid«TMandiii|' 
btiwccn tlu jLngto-SaKMu and lli* court uf Bvnic, 

• EiririlliiiB unnrnai In 4i«iiDt1( |ii«htiIm 

'R- ■' 
■ III',. |i. ini. ml, Saiilr ) 

yjil]iia>b,4 dc Itnt frn. 

• IIVHTIIM. (VillulnMi 
p\ii(fl'. lib, lit, p^u4 r«i. Aafhif-- 

• Jiuilt fndicl wrUiUiii BflUitn'm. omnltinii tlunb. irrfil- 
r|hiir»}if> f-|fii«o|J*, runblilaiu. «iMlli4>HUc t|iil tHriim ^ilifr- 
not u( ml w vvnllent. nt eauUinli dirm i|iiu inniaMifrtun 

■ < Adri »««)lt<->. <i<lnb|Un h1>*». l_r*iA.f.M) 
I* QiiloiiiLiikif iioaiiiiDi aiiiu*i* aul Mu<riu» 'ujujuiin 
litni viri aiiitui tltmiDnrril. illminuHl rji» jiirrrni Fvlnib 

Janilui IP nfiin nrlumm ; qu^^qU n'Tirm id 4*l4Uirrii. 
ijiLiil*rrtl <^»B |4nein nalMM 
Jl.l.t., I- V f 

uLiiijr'il •^••t iMilein nalMIa )iiiilui la nrtw mtlnni* 
■|,l.t., I- V f 
" Clirou. Su>Bi.. oi. GibMB. p. b— «'. 





Run dnfiA MttaMar- 
Uaaiof the AdiIk »un». 


'Hi* NV'rlih ^l"■ll■t■^lJ^^»tJl, 


<it nlbN Ihrir plenary inliini*»oti luthe dicUtci 
of t)>«l cOQil, vrhkfa Mfip bj alqi vnut lra>ii>roriiiiii; 
jBi rpUgiou* (Dpnowc; inlo • iwltllril oKvnilaiic}. 
WM not of T«(y Ung dimUon. The ipcU upuii 
■he Inaginuloii ^nw s«ak*r, Mid the tfiua« of 
dvpwiiilrnrp bcMinp fRKtually fi-'ll. While ioini; 
kloK* bowtd tiicir f>iclu.'id bpfor« tbc n-|>r<w-ii- 
UtiTc <if Ihv »)>oalli> vibo np«iii.-0 knil «liul l)>c daar 
«f tiKin'n,* Uuttd ivcre Mhcra wbo ou«nl}' rqjocted 
the jdIld «Lf the ftirrii;i>vr, pUtuiDlv dllRlU*Ftl 
Madmt tin mnw of llie ntliolic Utb.' (*.Ii. (UM 
10 M0.> In lltiacinttf*!, tticnanbenvf llic S&ion 
4let^— tke tpirilanl r hiUlmi oftliadiurch ol lioiuc 
— iiorlmnd at SnI Tor Ita ntuap, mxi delenAeii iu 
•mhorttfl* but aft*nnr^it, boHie BW«y bj Ihc 
Utnwof nftUoiul opltilan, thej UienutlTM aimnl 
M bdnf no l0R>«r mlifcct to thu uUnniuiicaiii^ 
^MTCh. cxnpt in tbote airaple ilutiiH of napect 
wUcb die Unliilx'brutinDi l»'l iiITirimI tarmdar It, 
«ad Whifk it H> rud«lf dit<Ul(i«<il.* (A.n.^OO lo lOOS.) 
TlwnduL (hr Aiiglo>S«xmif bi>rain* to the raurt of 
B<Nne what tb« CMItbtlUW hoil lirrn iliuiQc (hr 

lioM otf their Khbn ; vlopiins • Unc of condnrt 
ItM dtristUa ibui politie, tlip «■■.■ of Kome tli«r«> 
■pan kaguad Ila*lf with their cnpmlat, and eneou. 
nyd fawlya nywiloiia upon Uial mllon. m alia 
had vneocificad Ihur own ninliltlnn n)(Klmi ihe 
lli4lK«lloaaiiopuUt!«n of BHiun. Rome proutiaad, 
In the Bane at 8l> Peirr, Ibeb i^ountiv uul tlu-ir 
wolllu witli ■baoluli'iii vi i-trcj' tin, to aii^h u 
^MMtld imrah adl^'iHl thf Aiittln^uiciit : a[id in 
Mcttre In tlw>lftlii»a inbiitnoiifrtnKjrr, nliii:!!i liiul 
ml flnt bxra vnluniarll; pairl iii<l aftrnri.nla rcfuacd 
llltuiICk ■ nluMloa uf kc*I. or eUc throu)[li a 
public (piril of ftfaomy, Ui« touil of Itome M^iigcd 
in an eolcr|iri*o i>f ''n-kieh the otje«1 wm the mi- 
1. riavinf of thu i»tiuii. 

(ft J. 000 to t*oa.) The (Iftail of thone aubie- 
«rat crenti and tbrir cuiincijucucitN will octiipj 
tbf gnrBCft part of Ihtii hinliii^, davatitd, u ita 
titl* iin|H>rl>. t» Ihr iK' nf the downftll of 
the Anfki-Sixin pvniilc. But upon thnr evcnta 
It i« Jtt bM> nnii in rniir. Thr rndt'i'ii imw^- 
Maciou niaM he tulfirnl }M a nhili? to dmrll on 
A* OcRwnlc net thu, ircre «lcl<rrki<iii, am) thir 
Caltic race tlul hul b««ii ranrinliUtril— on 11i<* 
wMlc tit if lh<^ Saxana Mid Aiiplcv n^ililnn 
hnhrr ftiiJ farllx-r Iu llie wml lh» t«^1 stxndaH of 
Ibe Kjinry*.* Thi- Aniflo-Saxnii fmnlirr, rnii- 
linually i-iicroactiliiK on (lie wttU n^cr bciag 
c&lauiMd iii>rthwiird (» ttic riven I'orth nnd L'ljilr', 
«»[• M'TCTthcltM iiArriivred «n thnt vhlp M thmi'I 
at Ibe mrnth emilu^'. Ttu' Snnt niid Piriii, 
Wln« ttltirki'd bj t^-frith," hini; of Konhuiulirla, 
■kilfuUj ilrcn him iiilo the ilcfili'ii ol tlidt nioiin- 
Iklna; drfvalol himi uid, aft" Iboir vlHarj, 
kdrmiuwd In (hi- -.•vtU at ihp Porth, aa far M the 
r{*iFrT*rv>4><l, oil thr banki nf whidi Ibej: Ibi^ l!s<.-d 
Hut froiiilPT of Ilii-lr Ipniloij-. (a.d. AAI lo 800.) 
Thlt linll, nhkh Ihr InhabilanU of the auutli outer 

Frtno turn tityt talimm apMiat rirffonn 
mbmiai. (t'hHa. SMan, rd. CUpho. V- U.I 

• Ctlli 'lU N. VTilMdl. *f.,i If, Ai>(IU. antl*-, n.1. ill 
>«l.<d li*la 

• iWi> B'Maiiplesi. I>. 3»— MT. 
, • N« B. M. 

• Th* aalinail pntp ot thfl CimWIkm fiialwitlniil; 
inlcni'T ttiaa nru bofinT flap b;r Iha ntiiia cf IJU IM 
OnwM ■■! U« r«ir« fMi^. 

■ M§, Mtf. •lu'i'. nl;M; fr,th. fiii, finl. fi^rl. f****. 

aftmrud ivniovcit, hai from llMt ilaj aniLrkn) the 
ntn tinu vf utpitntiixi bptwi^eii tli< two puta uf 
()n>Kl tliilaiii.' Thlt Uihm uf ^n^lo-Saxoni in. 
hnlilliiiif Ihp pliln bpiwoon the Vorth and th< 
J'tirpil ucrr, hy ihia change, inrarponili-il u ith tin- 
pi>jii)!iiuon of the Scola and Ptrtii, o( iJie >ini((A, 
ivliich toou betunc [be aolc ujoc of lli!* uiUrd 
pupulalion, uul from which the raoduni name 
i>f Ihnt euuntij waa iarmeA. 

At Ihr olhM (-itipuillj of Brilniii, the peofiU of 
CnmmtUiiiKilatodaaUiejr wcie, luug mrusgUd fiir 

indcMndaOMa dtkfly auppurUil hj tb<? lurruun 
which Ihay DMaalonaU* m.i-lwtl frviu tin- Uriluui 
nf Arinnric*:* at ln>it,liow*<rcr, (bvj^ l>*cainr Irihii- 
tarj'ta the Wift Sasona. (i.D.TAQ.) But th« popn. 
laliun of Wilra noicr becnm* ao. "NoTsr," aaj 
thcif hardi. "no, iierrr xtll the Kjiiir;* (wj 
tribute i thi-y will wage vombil, ud lay •Jown 
Uk-'LI' livM, for Ihe poweHion of tin leiritt^rj 
wiLterv-d by tho Wye."^ (a.». 7M to mn.) Tbr 
batikiafUiatttrpamarrMted, Infirt. thp ptocTentuf 
l)iu Kuou rule ; Ibc laal chief who riiendi^d it 
irat • hiUK uf Mci«la, aanoil Ofi." Su (toMciI 
tba Soiuu, and Iho clKia of naiinUhu irkidi 
noa* h« callod Iha ApmniiiM of South Britain, 
and wldrh had utiiil thcii pmtccuit the loti 
n^liim of the nutquinheil. At Ihe diituiee of 
nearly Sfly miles weal uf the iDoaalaiu»i Offa 
ccmtruFtaui. tii plam uf tho uatutal booadury. 
a Inag ramp^it wicJi * ilyV*, pilrinliiif; ^iim the 
•^onne of lh« Wye lo lh« TaJlej of thi- I1*i-." 
Tbm, wu ««Ubllahnl, fbr OTrr, Ihe fmniiei l>p< 
twlit th« nro lacn whih In unequal iKiriinua, 
co^Juinlly iuhabilvd ail the aouthrtn part uf the 
uld hlaiid wf Piydain, ft«ui tbo Tweed l« [lie 
Land*! End. 

( MUO lo Bao.)OnlbDnattharthnchMiDitIcf 
lb* Ike, tlii^TOuniry ancioaed briircen thr> mmiti- 
IB-ina and thi! sea bad, half a century brfoTe, bom 
«t)b|j«giitrd by the AagW and depopulated of the 
aneientBrilaiWi. Th« lugilites fruin thatdiilrict had 
raa«h«<l either Ihs ;T«al (ffujK uf WalM, or tha ati^b^ 
of mouiitalBOiM land nraahed by the Solmy fiith. 
In IhU laltcr rnr^wi tlicy Inoit alW prracrroil a alair 
of wild Indrpeudcacc, and were dlvtlngaiabed from 
the EnKliidi raee, cvf ii ia Ibe £nt(U<h lanKuaKc, by 
thu ninii! of Cambriftiu ; and thi* name baa rc- 
tniitii'd ottaehed Iti thn cmiutiy IIiiL betame lb*ir 
hbtIudi," UeyuiiJ Ills plain* uf ftxllinriy, iu the 
derp Tnlle}-i lbn)iJi;b whtefa duirallie Ctydi>," wiiuu 
petty Ilritiah lii1it<S which, fiiTUiirvd by Ibcii pi>- 
■ilifiii, bhil prvKfm^cl th^ir frv^ddiiii bi ihn tiuilxl 
of the .Vnirl'i'HiivniKi, hi'Ul out in likf Riaiinur 
asaiiiat Ihr MnoU aiid I'icCik nhrn Ihe latter had 
eoniiurml all the Inir Undi of Sciatland, to the 
dalr of Aiituin and U the Tweed. Thu tnat tvat- 
iMlll of Ihe purely Driltah rare Jiail for llH.-ir rnpilal 
and (brtreu a loim built iipcti a rarh. Kill nt the 
pretrlit liuy oallnl l>uiDbarton. " Sonic inifH are 

' ^c |4r^ ^- rirtllvrrmfn tivpi, ni}aa Mrlin tr-Eu4>4iil 
Anjll. riwiim»*rrHiii (llenrin lliinllncn- HiM.. lib- ill,. 
*|<iitl i*r- Ah|lia wti}^ , ]>-ni^, «i- S*\iLtf J 

• L*»iBiliK (i[ LloorariMi. (H><nt Biilaiiiiirr. 11. lai.) 

• Arym** I'ljdabi nwi. (CanlnlaB Korlun Dw im, 
B Mt clMq.) 

>• (Mm. iWk !**». nlld. oianraL 

■ I In 111' Cwabri-a Ioocm. Omi ^fii. Ia CaflUh, 

" It u Buif CTlHil Cmhftimi-la Of iM Bana. &■</»■ 

■> Ytind^MTd. 

>> Or ni>V>'nn, tWUmn tdAt Biiitin*- 



mill Aiikflo'i^lout. 

lo bt tavnA of Ibrir Imjrpi'nilrcitPiliilmK* naUlciy 
M the trill h cfiilury: liiil frniii llitt pvrlinl Ihr; 
MtMCil ti> til- diiliiiKubhnl hy lliclr uwkuLiuUiiitikl 
nunc, haiicig ritlicr brcn xjiIiIitiiI) amiibiUlinl in 
w, or tiiw-iKiblf riin((>uii(lv<l wi(h l!ie tnoM uf Ui« 
•■imiiiititiiiK |iupiiluti(iu, 

'lltiLi iliu[>iii-un'it fn'iii Ihci whole bland of Drt- 
lain. cxcrptinic oiil) tlit' ta*]l tnil Wtrfn councry 
of %1'iilp*, the •-VllJe rwo of Cnmbrlain, L/rxrinn*, 
mil tlritorif, |>ri-iprilf ut (altpd, <•( whom )Mr1 hid 
<-m>i;riil**l dirvclly fram iho eailitm ritrviiiitj' ur 
riiini[ii', mill pxrt bail rome lulu Urilniii. alltr a 
Iwitfcr oc iliotlrt aojuum on thu wt^ilrru cvul of 
Uaiil.' Tbf>v fcclilc Ivt:lllL]l^^ vf a grist p'lipl* liul 
tliP g\<*tj nr krrpiii^ jHiu'siimi of lli> ir iuB4 comet 
«f Irrrilurv >j,-aitul thr rifurta of an mtnnt im- 
mrinctx «u|itfttur iii miiDlicTia and nsDurets ; lliaui;b 
oftrti >niiiitijslinl, Ihcj iTcrc liM^M subjii^titl, 
bvariiiK ill miiiJ, lionti the lidc i! rmluiins Ui« 
TI T >* h ft k <iN n^ritirtion lyf ■ ii4y«tt?rir:it4i iili-E-nilir t-r- 
wrrtd for lb^^r nainu ami th*i» lanjiii^^. Thi* 
itnOMnnllty «s* Ttiroolrl 1>] thr Wi'liih biuxl*. from 
ihu AnI da; (if lhcl( [lutiuiml lU-ffiii) :' niul irlicii- 
rnr, in aftn limrt, n lu'w {an-in" iiivMirr cniMul 
lb<> mmuitaitit of CnmhriH, af\cr ihi; mo«l coinjilrt^ 
TiPliiriM, hit cipUrM wouM Tpptni to him: " Thy 
(•tTmli nn> vnlti; Itinu rniint ilMlruy iiPillii.'T our 
name nor our Iaa)^zr-" * Fortuur, hraiciy, aii>l. 
•hme all, tho nature uf the uuiintr^, formed of 
tocIl*, Inkct, (ml biihU, liiiv juntilit'il tlic-fc darlnK 
preilirtiotu, nrhl^h, it tnu*t bt titii.ri<iwM^cd, alTanl 
a retnukabltf LTiilputw of lijcuruus iimgiuaiiou In 
the dlmluiahcil triLr ihni unlmUalinflj a>o«r*d ha 
Uth la Micb puHutic lupitiitiaiii. 

Il i> tianlly too milch tu niiy tliat Ihr. nnricoL 
Srillkli WiT» nuilurrtl by partn ; for, in their 
politlrni sxiomt trlik'ti hare h*m liunilv<l 'lon'ik lo 
■w, tlui bar], At oiMV n port aixt iitii-li-iitii, is 
plafMl br^dR tli(? BaricutloriaC and tin- arliaii, m 
uiKt nf lliv (lirrc plllais of focial \ltt,* Thru \Mivlm 
haii ^na f^at uid oIbkmI miIj ihcinc — tlirli vvuii- 
trr'i ilMtinlc*, her miiforlunn, uti hrr ho(i™. 
Thr nilloii, piLvllpat iu il* ttirii, esli-u(l»it the: 
butuidi cJ tKtJou l>f aacribiiig fautaaUir mvuiin^ Id 
their ilmijiai irorJ*. Tho wiahra uf the bardH 
w»r<.> r«cciiTd a* pcvaniM*, thrll opwUliQiu a> 
prophtcici : their vrri ■ili-ni.-n u oii alSnnaticFii. 
irihrf nn^but t^Art'hufadratti, il n-u a \mnit 
that Anhur y«-i tivpil: if Iho htrpnr undniKnodl^ 
•oimilc4 MMiir meUDcliuly airi the mind* of liM 
kMr«r* ajMnUncoiuly llukn! with Iht* ni|ue mcloily 
tBi> fiatn« of aomc fejKiil n^ndi-^'it Enniimfbltj laflKUM 
by the loM of a batilo i)falii*t ih* fervlfn oenqiwr. 
on.* Thi* IITe of hopn .-init rwrollt^i-itniit n«v 
oharnw. In thr «ji« uf the lairr {'ambrlaiw, taihi-ir 
coiuitr; of racka ami inijrwwM: thuutch jiunr, llu-y 
««fB gay tad mpSsI,' tn-niiiig tlipbtinlvnuf fliitrtu 
Ufllitly M ■omi- fiBuIn^ IfiivinTMiUncv, looking 
bnruil nilh uilahilrd cnntiili'iKV' fi n gtifM |M>Ii. 
lii:al truulutinii, by wlilch thry alioultt tvicxlii all 
thai tltcy tuul tml, aud (w one of tl>cir boriU «s- 
jirvBJW it) raenr* r ih* Mown of Vritua,* 

' Sn u. 1. 

• T.ll>i^. Ak^-^-v- "■ U'*lf«. rat I. *». 

■ frr Ilonk M '<rt >• MliliMy, 

^IVtoaUk. <iii.UFft.>l, Ku. I. 

I it. 


ISn UoaK IV ar 

al«Taf W^ln. 
• Mfi^ At. ' 

■ (iinliti riuili^n«ii< lltnmilan Williw. ntaloi 

lt-«li -AKtmeUn rf Wja-fc I Bi. Aij-Bwi Pi)- 

IM)*, yvire. 3igE>. puaud away; bul, Dulwith- 
Btinilliiit Ihr |imliiiiuiu (if tlir btifilii, the fnniirt 
vouiiUy of till- firiioiia tuiumeil iti>l lo iIic jhji* 
«r*n(wi (if Ihrir di'WviiHaat*. if llii^ foiuifn o|i- 
pmtor WW vanqulfthed. It wm iiul by ll;e naliun 
nhlrli mtjEliI pJoIid victory nv a rl){ht: ui-ilhrr hii 
itcfrali nor hta ciialaTrniriil wi'rr ui aay ailTutiUga 
to Ihc Tefa^tva iii Watn. Tlic rrciul iif the niw> 
lot1uiw« of tbo' AuKlo-i^tuon*. xib) itjfiiifd and o|t- 
tirH*»d in their mm by a p«<>plt luni'.iiijt fruin 
Dpjund wa, U uinv Id bi- iiimlol in our juttf- It 
I* Ihua itaat a race of lui.-ii, liitlii-i'Iu lictunuiu orar 
all Uiom: thai LwJ jirvccdvi) itvn llit- autl uf lliilain, 
cdIU for II (lortlou of oui vyuitHilh} nbieh ha* 
liithpTla bvoD n'ilhbelil r far iU iuiui> Ui<<oir>i<« tli* 
ri^miu* cauau : and it ia bi-oiwfanranl lo b« 
lodknil on u aauffcriti^ uul opprmrd (woiilc. If 
dtftuui-c of linm -a-mkoua that liirly tnictvit whlHi 
('oa(<iiiporaryniiBaricalai|uwa qui fnlfnK> t* 't^> it 
it bccauMA iibliviaA nf^ora iriib iIm la&ntie and 
obamtra, dmibllrM, thn HulTpriiifpi (if thuac n'ho 
haie Inilf cviunl In i^iii. llul our uit«ntluD boiue 
mialird hyriuiit-dDoiiiiciiliiuf oiitifjulty, inu'liidi 
llie ilcUula are rrninli'') vrilh ihc (inplr paibu af 
truth, ipTiiiAf 4 nc^y rkiti4.')*cir to xhm DAtncB of mm 
of |iaiii ii^*, n «{^iilim*nt nf^'im^iauiaii ii awakcnoil, 
anil ihp liii[iBni.ility nf Ihi- tiittiirinii lUBuniM a 
hiIUt loni- nf nanatitr «iibi>ul n'litiquikliinjf liu 
thonctei foi honciEjijfooil fullli, anil uijuai Justini 

HOOK 11. 


nKOLAhD ro TUB LNu or tiikik uouixkiv 
oven II. 

(a.d.'iSI.) Konmort iban a c«niuty and a half 
neatly the irholo of lauthllrlulii hinl hnnii.' ihc a|i- 
wlluiuDcf EtiKbini), aii<] t!i<> iiaiiinii tlrtlon otUael 
IiaUi iu iJis •Blinialion of ihi: Oi-miiin rulrn of ihe 
itlaiid, IIm mvanisjf only of ifrf'cir Iritiiilaiy, vihi.-U 
■omo ilranpta, arrirtug ill thr(« \ t «cli,Utid >-d U one 
c>f tUo poriKon lh# caalera coDal. Tbrliixirii magn- 
Irate of tbo |ilacc,' In order lo learn vrbruce they 
came nad what llicy nanli^l, wml ilimu to Ihe 
bcuh; Ihc (tiaajfcn aUiwcil hi:n tu a]i)>n>acb,Buil 
«unound«d him; Uicn, auildculy filliiiK u|»>ii him 
and Ilia vicorl. they alewhim. plundEivd thr>tirijh- 
tiuuriii); htbllaliuiu, and iniiiiodiaicly if! luil."* 

8ucb ma the Utat apLtwancc Ui Cngliiiil uf ihr 
norllwni (liratcacaJlM Danct " at Noimauii'* ac- 
Coldinfi u Ihi'y taiiiu from thn iilaiidt uf llw ftnltic 
"pa, or friim ihu eaaal of Soni-nj. Thry dnoriuleJ 
froBi liiraoDir ]>rimitiic nee nilli Ibr Auf^a-Xas- 
uia aud ihu l-'rjuki ; nnd I'Trii ajukr u Ulqlna^o 
iutvlli^tblc to ibtnu Ivro uutiona. fiul lUia mntk 

•Ulu. itiiil., II. U>-II>».-AbIlfilau m-iddta. ~IbU.. 

* IftaU, ■ 4la>D. ■ dnnimb . tlantnaHi. ■ Rnam. 

aloaa. aonuvil. kitxl lllilar. Anttk. >«i|'l.. tul. \\.. i-J, 
■Ipfi.) HI tenia WalUcua AU(ili;iiEi Ii^uidcv — ^i t 
(IjWH Iir.flri. n. )<ht.>a. Julian. llraiHaD. ibid.. *ol. I. 
»! t«.l 

• Ut¥*fa. anif. oraM, In Uic Frank illaliwl. 

I' ll.iiii<l llii.iiluF^ IIU.. 111-. Iv . ai.iut »T. Ai^i*. 
KrInI-, [> Siv nl. Siiilp. 

'I In Ijaliu, Itni. fWan. l*irMI. tlmiiki. 

" III Liilii. Krrmmam. Hatfli-mm, lrv'kmat)nt. mni 
iV Ihr ii'iilli, TMi la Uio aarlnl Billaual oaiDo tit (ha Vol- 







r.mtdlri oC iJiB ItBiH'a. 

TIIK NUBJIAN CONUL'EST, lonw.ii- .. ^„ 

(.'.oaiiurvl III Rufladil l>][ tWrmncb 


At inriwl (mtcmlif |ittiMin«d from Ihair bMllI* 
lacanloiw neitlicr Haiun Urilaiii nar FmiL <iitul, 
DOT cten tlic l«Tiloqi bcyoiid ihc illiiiio cxdu- 
iitr\y iuhkbiied bj tiertnon Uibc*. Tbu Mutct- 
«l0M of llip 'JViiUinlc tulmiB (if tho n'Ulh to the 
flhriillu rvllijikjn hnil broken evriy TmtvnMl lie 
brWMN tbi-iu iiid the Tniiioiii^ >i( ilir iiurtli. In 
the nlwli «>pnturj die N^irtli-mikii iiiai tflnrlvd lu 
ihe tillr of aaa of OdJOa and treated Ihc Urrmaa* 
wbo w«r' wotL* of Ihr clinrtli a> bi»lu\I« mad rvac- 

SJ<«{ makUix !)•> <liitiui'ti<in bclWM'U Ihem Mul 
» nwiquMM DStiont uliow wonhip they iMd 
utu)il«l> Fnuiks ui Usui*. Lonmibunlt ur IdllUi, 
•II wtre tUkobaierul tollicmBiiwho hait leiukiuiMl 
(UilifU lo Ihc mi-Iciit dlTlnliic* of Uvriniuiy. A 
•orl d rtUpoiu nod pntriolic EiiiiiiLUin iru ihui 
allied in Ihe miu]!! at thp Snadinkriins niih their 
dinrdctli (piril aud iimlikbl* lliinlof ipiin. Thcj 
Aerillie •IdinI uf piii-iU with |iL*aauri-, were iJarli- 
cbIuIt ipatiilEd iu |Ml!niriii;i diun'lii'ii, aiij litlncil 
tbolt k(M«M Id 111* eii«]»iU WluuKiiitf li> pxlati-a.' 
WliMt lh*]p Iwd WMtod nitli tire and iwunl tninf 
cnilCMi of lbs ebriiliui tcrriton-, *' Wa have minf 
ihe mMof Imacd," Ihcj itduIiL my in derialon ; 
** it btKSO »t lUwu af inurning, anil hu Ustcil until 
.,(^|»l,"*_/i.i,. ■JKT Id MS.) 

Favonrvd by nii Miii^rly wind, the l)«ni»h and 
W w wtntM flpctc o( biuU ItatlliK Im) nlU, writvd 
In diTM dap ofr the louthcni rnaat of Brit*iii.* 
The aoUien of each iLcvt g-rnrnklly oWycil n tiiiKlc 
chie^ who^ tf«cl WM diitiiigiiwiicJ feurn llic tt*t 
bjr WMIM peniliarcmginient. The aamo chief >llll 
eonBUmdail. whi>ii thi- jiirnlei had (ti<ciul)iLrk(<J, 
I mirL-biiiciii Inililioiiii, n'hclhrr on font 
I borv^Mck. Ur wa» »»liileil bj the Gcmianlr 
' Vats :* l)ut he vnu a kiii; oaljt at «■, and 
abate ; ft>t in tlir b>i»r of raput lfi« n^mon 
■I Id ■ drrle, and the biur-ham putail tnim hll^(l 
ti» hand, wiiiiout disiinclion of Hmt or tint. Th« 
•e^kitif * mn ercrj-nticrr HiUhfult; fDllnnrd, uu\ 
alwaya ivaloualf oDcjcd ; far he iru ilwajs rr- 
ninriiPil M llio lirair*! of iVie liruiro — •■ hp who hid 
nm%«t "l^pt bni«atli a rafl«n>dmof,tiori*v<>rilnlu»l 
the tRnrI bf a ahtllt'ml b«art)i-* 

UbcmiU Biivcm a \oairl aa th« tcorid liararinui 
BMaaco by bone i when no a Tojagc lie ro uld ruii 
uatvm Uie oarn while thcj wen- III iDOtioti; liu 
«o«Id Ihniw1hre« jaieliDitd l}i« mul-hi^ad, said 
Mtcb fhrm attKrtitil'.-lj in Iiii hnnd. niid uruuM rp. 
ftMlhla iTlilnf tkill iiilhiiiit uliri'iiiioirii!.' t!quAl 
wain aiKb adticf, »urp(iniiu;li^-titl] thtirmlun- 

■ CTlsMal immriil eruleliAi riwnmiliwntnr, nilMnT H. 
yta— a. »rtA hvIm. iri Noinun, y. Vl.)-nala Kv- 
■■■nMaai ■MtKotloorindiiiyni. (Il>w . |«iilin.>-- Aqiilt- 
mal l» Mflllt *r(li <:<{<■« ••■»• ilatiiiliul. (L'hraiibuB. 
fblBaBal roatneU. aviil kiIiiI. ret. Cullk. hI rikiuir.. 

* AuaB 14^ (at*a .... total Womll ll'lriiture 
nwot. p. 3IM.)— wriMoM imin L^ntmnim.^ul.t.XIi,— 

■ nanClnii hmii-trlilii^ieU nnilnnlUT. (AnDrtln nni- 
,IHd .laUl.tH-l 

&***?' iP*'S* A%*^*fp A"***; ill LrfUtii. ilrr. 
J»»r, JfBf.'f. Ptml'ttit. QranJ, ('••#■»«: .lanlMnj 
t^* I1f4 N»f |I'F tBi-uiti* •ani<llEirir« iflrr 
ih« -ij. chief u[c'>lefj. kia^ orVinifi. (lliw. 

Ul.-. - . . . I 

• .■M'-Em. iirz-kcap, .S><t-tea*af> "(rkmn)!; Xfli *iig. 

■ la KtiiU »■ aMlUtni. iihI •■■■ fuHiliMw) 1l(ni> •»» 
noM luairais ts^ii-iai, ni« aal* Ana ra nnnii pritor* 
■Diliiliaa «nl- fllm*fTr'i j-ajliajpa fa-cap. TU. tx'i l.p-tu.i 

' Sontte* AiHili^u'i h«lauhrln|la. 0U( uvi{(«4iua'> 
^n, (Of. tt. Tfa. 1. 1.. 111. 

lAry aakmUainn, and thr weij;hl of (livlr eual of 
mail, Mhlcli iliBj jiminiicJ IbvuiK-lm would aouii 
br rliuimi-il fur mx ei|uul irci;lil iu kj\A, tlir Itainah 
piratcK belli 111) iIkit coiim kiuIj.iu ilivir vl<l uaUcual 
•ciif^n t'k{»vw if, in lln- tni.--k of the iwalu,* R'>inF- 
liitiea till'} rriil<etl nfnr the euuta, wntchinji; f->r 
thi-it i>nein) in thr *tmu. the Inj^iuid mculiirdi: 
rr»iii ulilvli nictoin tiiejr nriv r^Jled Vikiiigi. or 
cliildreu of thi: ciccki i and at uiLvt limva ^lej- 
would ipTv (baie auU tinet aftuM IheiK-eaii. Often 
w«Tc theii fia^lc barks WTwkMl and ditjimpii l>]r 
Uw violent alumit inf ihn nnrlhrni lefui, iiflrti (iid 
the nlljing ai;ni rrmain nnnnxwrrrd : hue ihii 
neither inuvnacd ibc tnrei ntir illminiihed Ibecoit- 
tUunro of the lUttlvon, nho ltMi(()w<l ftl lb« itindi 
and Ihr wareaftuin which Ihejr hnd »*e«p«l nnhitrt. 
" TliD foreti of the rtonn." they would ain({, "ha 
help to ihp nnn of uitr tuwrrra ; III* hurricane \i in 
our lervire ; it tarrii-m ua ihc way w* moaJd eo."* 

(a.d. lt3S,] The lirtl ^at nrmyof Dojilali and 
Nvnuim i-pciiilit* whirti directed it* roarie towanl* 
l^ii|;tuid lindril on the coati nf Cornwall; and tUe 
anfient inhahttaiili oftlial eottulry, redutcd by the 
F.ii|tlUh(o the builconditian of tributuiei, joined the 
•aientiea nf ihcir mnnucron, nlbei iii vlie liop« of 
n:galnll)5 aomo imiLU {lartiaD of th*ir liberty, oir 
■imply ta Rialify <h<^ p**>ian of niliniiil Tt\t»ifi: 
Ttie iiurihurn iiivsdcn wvrc rrpnlHid. and \\it 
llriTuiit iif Cuniwall icinainrd luiitrr tbr Saxon 
yoke ; biU, al]«r1ly altorwaida, Otbcr flrrla brouxhl 
iho DiLiK'i tu lh« Mal«n> eoaat in audi aumbcr* 
that nil ftwen could prevent tbem from pwdratinj 
into the heart of Kngland. Tbey airmded Ihc 
KT03t rltvrt iiiiltl thi>y found a eomniudiaua italtoii ; 
Ihi-TR thry ijullied llirir boika, nnd inoorrd lliem or 
dn.-w tbcm at(roiind ; thrn, icalU-riui; ihcmichM 
o^vr the iieiKhbouring eonutr^, tliej corrioil off alt 
tli<* beaiti nf hunlrn, and, a* the rhroiiinlea of thai 
day " eafircM It, I'n.iiii niarlneri they IjoramB linrao. 
mcu. Tliey nl llr>l i^nnHiii'd ihrnnrlrea to plunilcr- 
iiijl and riiiird linme<liiiii'ty, IeD>i[iK only nome 
niililajj jHitta and «na]| etiti-erichcd enmp* on the 
ooaala, to cover their ipi^y ri'tum ; but soon, 
chaiigiBg ilifir puliey. tli"J li»ed Ihclr lesldcncii iti 
the rwuutrj , and bccnillr iiiiuncn of llie uill nnd of 
the inhabilaiits, driiuiK the KnKli^li population of 
lllU iiortb-coot toward* the louth-wenlvm |inrl of 
llio inlntul, aa Ihc Saxooa had formerly ilH ten the 
Ilrlrlth pojinlntinti from Ibv Ktiglisll chaoiiel to Ihc 
■ippo*!!.- nca.'! (t.». S38 to Hflfi.) 

(t.r>. tiil.t.) The scL-kiu^ wboae iianie<i we find 
allarhcd to tbii c^i^it imuBivUi wetv Ri-iri)Hi<I'i'<l- 
broii nncl I)ij4l)iri'v*mi>i, Ilubhn, Inffrai', iirid Atfi-h-ii. 
The tuntame of Iho filhrr, whieti sifmifled Jmir- 
brvi/Hf, wak |[li«n hfn) rai aceouut of hii nnuilly 
l>rliii;rlul In »>diT trniiim of soal-*kin, avieh aa 
weri-u'om byl]itS^rimdlnaT)anmariiierv,andha«uif[ 
lliclinit onlh* uut*idci>( Ihp garminl. lie wa> tho 
ann of a Norwririan bjr a dan|(hioT «f Ih' ktnir of a 
Dauinb iiland, luid hid (ii^iraafii hlmielf. eiihrr by 
the goodwill wf lb* inbahllani* fir by foree of orma, 
iifllie ■o*i'rrl)[iily of all the bdandi bvloniriiig [o 
Deuooark. I'ottuDe, however, dewrtiug liim, h« 

' Vttt tiran raile, 

' M iilnx li-mpHUlii innwt'a aalrta wrHI ramlflli. 
I Al-l-i riiit t.-'iHlV •kiwi •«i|'l . in. Niimasn.) 

I" Wnrilaa riimMe. ^Chini.Xas>a. td, titbtoa.p.lM 
*t MBin - ) 

■• <:iim«. au. ad. nnaok p'7t> Chran. Jiikaa.vrd. 
lldflbnl. jpint rat. Aui. mli'l.. nl. Ul. tn. >U, ad. Oalo. 


nrip|ir>l<ifliUtcTritorict,ni<!,lia^iiiif fitful out 

TVHriK, b'' luuuicd IhL-in with K body of 
I**, bikI tii^^unc n kca-kliii;. Hit Bnl MprdU 
&ou> w<<Ti< in (liE Baltic, uiil lu (lie cuailii uf I rici. 
I«n'l »i)il Suioo) : he «f[<imini) ni»<lo n-iiril«! 
CKi-iinUini 111 llriULu nml ^] O^ul. Hl- ■wu ptm. 
fii-nui in I'll hii piralic riititqirun, suil nrtiiiiml 
hair utxl \inllfi. \ftrr Ihlrlj yirtr% of niiiTiliiiii> 
«<itvr». ivilh (irnpljr A HncI of birkB. luph M irvn> 
(-irniTmin ill lii« <l»}i>. Loilbmijc. "ow *ntcrailnii\a 
mijtv uniliilioiiM lirm*. intilr ct»y or hit ikllt in 
ii.ivi;,'nli<iii oil* K-ivmilU-xutc.auJ coattcudcd tivo 
ililji-i uf i[ii::ilTi diiiivii'i'Jii* IIiU) hmi hillirrtn liv^ti 
kin.«.i in 111.' north. Ki« wift AkUugt, fiidftwed 
wild a il(;n* of fotrtiirht am! luoil d-iui', wliirli 
•BHiril uiiin>>ii of Scitiiliiaiin wi-rt ti'iiiiwacl for, 
uiJ irturli »ri|nircil ila-ui The rc|)ut*liaiL uf l>i'ins 
poucMol of > gift uf pmpbi-cj, trii^it iu iniii to 
iliHuwIfl liiiQ from tTnijiting moto tliui onliiiKry 

ppiili !>}■ luch aa iiuu>t«iloii : hi> rcfiwRtt lo liM«ii 
lu Im renituatrauM. and fmb.irkrd trith Kome 
luuulnili of bia Miowrn. lOnsIanil ii-u the Hra- 
lliutiuu nf (liU ii'nTl I'Xpc^liliou ; tbepinlcacxuli- 
higljrcuti llioir I'nbln, uui! <l'tUiiH), in Ibcir uttinl 
jMrlic *lf Iv, ll»t llicy tiivd giren Ili« Kim to Ittclr 
two gR4l *oa.tionifs.' 

Su Ui&ir ■• tlwy kppt DUt at wi, Rpt^iat-LtHlbroift 
and tila i&en mat wlih na tmublr;, liiiL illRii'Mltin 
naKllcMl lltrin on tippraachini; liiv £iif;lii)i coaal. 
Their Isrur »hif». biing iiutLill'ijIly n»>itf»lrd, nui 
t^TuiuvJ, iL»'l were wrr<'kr<l <iii choab arm viliirh 
llie ileplh of mif r wnnlil hiiir prrmitti'd Datiiih 
barkiuf Itie cinliiiar) burihrii in han' punrtl. The 
cnin ntn tlieo commiiMKl to land In a pUxlil 
alTofdiiic thun nv inoaM* of rctr«>ir. 'Ihv *horr. 
nrhxr* (liej diaoBibarksd agaliut Ihcir will nas in 
NoMhumlirriuiil. Thojr adToncnl uiEO tlie interior 
In fiioil <irdi>T, tad pIuiKUired and laid nait«, nc< 
cnrdlBJC 111 tlicir tmfp, ta if tlieii jMaillou bad uol 
btsii «uc of flr«p« ration. Onlli«firil rtpult gf (he 
■IrTBMalioDi thiry virn raminilliii^, -RIU, kiii^ of 
that leiritor^, morrhci] agatnil th->in, nml il)arkr>i| 
UiPin with itiprrior tbrcei> Thr rombil. allhonftd 
■ucqiial. vm* Tigoioinlf fiontiiucd : and Lodbrnx, 
marlns • maiitlo prVBr.iii«d to bim b; hii urUc on 
imliiiff, |icu<tnlT^ fouf icitTal (itn«i tb* ninV.« of 
llm riii'inv. Mn>t nf Iti* fi>Ik>w«n fasHng (alien in 
UiB !lcrr« oncniinif r, he w himavlf lak«a alive by 
liin Anfflu-Saxoiti. King^lta treaUd hU prMOu«i 
wtUi bMbftritjr ; jiirriom to puttiof; him lo dnth, 
hv uifltcled nauaiial Igriuni). LMlbroy wiit Un- 
pn*tnM<d in a ituiig^on, a<cunliti|[ lu I bo dironlfl**, 
IntontilehvlpcnuidaddnM wn-repiit. Thadriiih- 
•ong of till* ftmoin ww-klnR U incknned i Rnv 
•prdnca of Scandinavian fixuj. It bu bcFii 
•ttrtlMiUKl, nn inauffltiant proof, to the hvrv btiii> 
»olf; but, wIhwicc waa (he author, tliU niinuirv 
Iwon Um atamp of Ibat bnalidtin bM)i In r<'lljrli)n 
and wat&R which ini|mMM uo with aurh loarrnl 
Idna of tHe Daobk anil Natnao Vlklnt*.* 

*■ W« MUMc with our avrccib. In (hr daji of my 
youth whan I w«nt Ivwanlt ihn £wt to nrrpan lb« 
rcpul <>t caraadjo for wdIvh, and in thai mi^iy 
lialtki In whirh I •eel lo llw> liatli of Udiii Uir 
poopla of HfWo^ia. Tlinirit our birki nrriixl 
ni Id cita mowk «( ihr Vi>liila. irhric our Inncea 

• HUMn bT Itaa AulnHunM. By SbwosTanui. ml. L 
tt*. »l*i lAi.. Lna4..T*M. 
< MdlM. tlW. ilu 1>uinuKk. inn U, m. 

inin>ipi>-[Cc.Jcuuas>eH, nnd our nrurdi rut bucklcta 
in twii. 

" Wn «niatn willi our twnnla, on th*t dij nbcu 
] mw liimtlTPdt iif nnpmlttt tirtlrllpd on the aanJ* 
licni ttb iiTi Kiijcliah hnadlnnil : il«'tv>dniji( of blood 
firll otf nur Hvionti ; mir arrinri auiiK 'n the wind 
when tbcf lotiKhl the hoUuela; uuil It K*Tr me 
dcliffhi, ii|iul ft tbnC of repoic t>} the aido ofn 
b^aiiliful tiiaidon. 

"Vie iiuuie will) our iwortU. an thn day when I 
«lriii-kdovm th«i)aulh,iuprouil i>f liu flow iiig hair, 
who from rarly int)cu iitireupd nfter Irndrr TtrRtB* 
anil auui;lit tliL- socioly uf tlic widow*. What bio ao 
(i( ftir ttiii limiif at III li* thi! tir»i lo fall in thr BrMI 
Ifo wlin liti'pT mcliPH a WOUIld iMdi a dull 
life: it Ih oo»Mary tii man Id inak» attack ca 
an oppdiirnt, onrl In ri'tlat hlin lu the |ilfcy of 

"Vff imale with our awonb; but now I find miMi are Ihr tUvei ofFat*, and mint bo ob^ 
liiiORl 10 lliv i>r\lL-ni rif rjirii-a thai praaidfd ovfr 
tlK-ir III rill. rreiMilid I ttiiik to mret dratb from 
[In: bniiil of .Kiln, wlivn 1 RjH-tl Iti my prows of 
[ilntik OKrvtn ihv wl<lc foiini ul watcra, and gafr 
fciuU In (tic flciih-d(ii.>urin^ hmtti. Vot 1 Uu^ 
withiU'liglit III rotitr mplntiiig that a [iliTf \a re4*rvod 
for RIO in Ihc liilla of udiii, ntiil that (hpivin, aoon 
seated Hi a apknilid baitqurt, no ahall qualTbeerlil 
our vTEtflowing cups of horn. 

" Wo ■male pnl with inir aworilii. Did lh« oona 
ofAilauga know tho anffuiah I enduTP, did Ihcy 
know ihiitlhe vi<no4iKiiicbli][«af uiakca.llial twina 
nli'iut lur, BTc cmrilni: mc witb their tlm, Owj 
irould »hutlilcc and would ll} to ibe cotiitial; for 
llic mother 1 tcavu wiili llicm ki>*^ llieiu iloiit 
btftrtJ. A nprr ia Ivnniig ciprrii tiiy bmul xntl 
■wnrtrntitig In my lican ; t am n.iii|aLilieil • but I 
nopo IhU iDOR may t)i« Jaivliii of one of my aon* 
tranJpierfB the rllit of^Ua. 

" Wv miotc vtilb our aivorda in lifty and one 
linlll«>. I doubt If, sTiiiiug tnoii, Ihi<rv 'vrr vraN a 
kill); more bmoua Uim 1 am. From my bojbO'Ml 1 
)iii(i> ahvd blood, and haiv 1oii);mi for micti a daalh 
ai Ihlt. CioddcMn, icnt tnwaiil inr by Odin, call 
and Incite m* ; I aw ifoln^flo drink, with the voda. 
brct in (he hl|tb««l ocnla. The houn of my Ufo ar« 
ful cbbinji: ; I am ■railing nndcr the band of 

Thit haughty apjieal lo Iho iMMioiia and ren- 
gcanco of Uio warrion, »unf in the fint inatauce at 
a funeral ceremony, pM*nl altffrwviU from muutb 
to maiitb, Ihnni{[hout thoM rvgioni wlw'jv dwHl 
t!ii> ndmlrora of RAgnar-Lodbniff. Nat only hia 
mnn, tiK n-ltlivoa, and hii fritrndi, bui a rrnivd of 
ndTrntnrcni, andof youttuouC of eTwy kinedom of 
tlicnortb, [caponili-iSlolhceall, ((.cNllI.} IiiIph 
thnn a yenr, without uny riimoiir laviii^ napbrd 
Knzliirid nf the itnlfn. i-titlil. itna-liinga aod twenty 
iDil*. or ■■■piiuiUiy rliiiinaiiM, iiiillinf tn a Impte, 
rijuippi'd itvlr IIiTUi and riiiliaikrd (lirlr Mildlcn. 
Ti)i* iiwa the moit ntuiicroua fleet that had ever Hulrd 
ftomDtnnuuk Dnadi«tiuitex|Kdi(ioii. 'rhpirlntoi- 
linn woa to land In Kotlhtunbcrlaud, bni an arror 
of llie piluta fuuaed Ibe lletf lo nnivu al a mon 

• Oi<tVa(«ll l.lwraBm Siaitnt. p. Ua-nt.-IWao* 

■llil nril'- Aiiil»-?<*anni.Tnl. I iMi,~Thi> rmm iraUlB 

in Uiv tri(f|iflki1 Ittt 1t*« lb*li l«rat\-ll^UR atf^-lJir,, t A* 

uI<II(r1 la oelt llir lillt kil llirw. iii-l In alMM-e t)ii Iv 

TliT) l«i ulc Uw Nnlfa. 
VUuB k*al ('MkUlul 


M»i— i C^ i nf Dili nnak* thv^v. 
Thai iD>nuaiir> burni 


■ovlhmi DMrt of the cowt ■pputeiuing tu Eut- 

tJltftble lA repel •« fbraiidablF an wmmi>nl, Ui* 
p«(mU 0( tlut eouitlijr rt«>>itiHl tlM Ilnnm ib ■ 
paettc nuuirr: ihc) proBt<Ml (lii>r»by In KcjaihiiR 
M^|iaa otf pruiitioiu, cullcL-liiiiflioiir*. anil awUlM 
muomaciiu fram Ix^outl kb : kfturwanla, vthea 
tbof fait Mauivd of tuccsw, tliajr iB*rol)«l up«n 
Yarli, the capllat of Sorthiimbria, ilCTMlaling with 
lira »Bd (vo«d lb* <«uiitrT ilivy Intttwil. Tlie 
two «hlrl* ol that kiliKiloni. Omlivrt aiiil .ClU, con- 
octitniril ibrlr fortes l>ciicu.h the n^lU of tli* rit), 
irkcn B decUtvD bUtle «u f<iiig)il. Ttic Suuut 
gkluril kt firtt tomo S'liniitagr ; but they dulictl 
farWknJ Um impiud^iitljr in th« punuft uf (he 
ralfeKtlB^ foe, <vhu, |ii>nFiiiU|[ ihp tllii)r[]«r nhich 
tUi nalliUM Imd r4u»Lil, rrlumril to the attack, 
utA uoiij ieCeuti thru. OtbtttirM>l»lii whIUt 
Witing v«U*iill;r, bu(, by a linguUr dMIuiy, AHiM, 
Un alivn into the po««r ttt th« ton* at Lodbrof, 
uid Hptiind, DtirlpT tbo mod oulueanl.uf lurturat, 
tlM miAniiii* Inflicted on tlicir father.' 

r*.»<MntaMTO.) Veii^uiceira*lliu>fu%lalfn; 
and Don ksothct pwnou, llut uf itiiililtlui'i wa* 
p«rlklp«(«4 in hj thv paiilinlirrnti- rliicfa. Hirinft 

uad« tVrmifltTt mMUK of a dlKtrlrl narili uf ilie 
Htiaibt(( tad briac iMureil bj imTota ofihr luh* 
mlMlOiD nf ibr rckl uf I'lc Niirliiuint>rluu< ihc^ bods 
of Rq(iuir>Lu(lbruK rtDoliuJ on itukinltuiiii); lhi>ir 
r<MM{Uril. Tiiej (fi(Ti»<>iinl York in<l tho jirlnH. 
|i«l towiM, (ppD/tionrd ciilnlei to thriri'Odipnnlnna, 
and oflhrnl au M>*tum tu tnim of all rank* wlio 
ihoakl arTttv frnui llie SotinlitutiUii i-oimtnra lo 
Jain llic nrw coloaji Tlius Ni^rthimiWrku'l rii-^K'J 

to b« ft Swton luaplotDi it timiix: Ihi- nllkiiiu 
[><>lill </( Ihc DaD», irlin iMtili-tiii'litixl th<- <.-»ii- 
<ii»Mt «( th« iMidkpm portliiii of Lii(laii'1> Allft 
lluM inn ifrnt In thrlr )UTiniatuiiiii. the Iniail- 
inf mj Mt uul. (.i.D> tno.) L'lidiT llie emidurl 
of their ri^it k!wn> t)>«} dcwtiiilcil tli« Uumbn 
U fu u Lindcw}. nli'tp linving 'tiicmbarkwl, 
Ihff marrlinl in the dircclioQ (i«m iionh ta •oulh, 
ptunil'Tril \he Fitiri, mUair'n-il I1i(> liiliahtUnlJi, 
anil, wilh llxrit uatiijnal fiuinliriun, ihrv ttc- 
tniftA l)T flnt Urn chfUtlau churehv* *m nto- 

"nM yvi of ihv DabUh ami)- w«a appr«LchinK 

llu wtelmtud abb*} of ('im] Inml, n nainv ili^itiiicU 

Id llfun uAmi m Ihia htilnrf, wlicn it mcounlcrpil 

a MiiaL budt of Sasnna, nliv, hj dint gf lalaut and 

•lucipliiiF. <li>pul«l ill advauc* fur aa rntin- dni. 

TbliTraa ■ leivof nil iti* nrighbuuHu^ population, 

Ii»a4«j b]rlh«iDr(li«rtl»ca4f»mUMl»tm,a)i'i bj a 

aMlfc*<>*i»^f'>uTuli, who, hpron>hpn*iinnril the 

Jd mtta, had hi Ilia joulli bninc arma.* 

Tbiva af the Danbilt klaii ncrc aliiu la thin m- 

ttoa: buta wliTii tl»c olhi-rt li*d come iip, the 

i^sona, ntprwiicliiK^I bj kupcriarjty of bumfccn, 

ittxra Ihi-ir liv™ in drfoocc of their piwltiou, 

hat frw of tlieni ivcapeil. Some vt the fuxi> 

bariciml to the maiioili'r} to aiinuuiici- Ihb 

nlllotlB lUoMtec and the apiiroarli uf llir fiagaii*. 

■ tM-Anelta. ■ Lalla tma otthv Asvm Rw( *U([ls'l>r>il. 
f7>in«-t«»i*-. lul t-MI-i 

i* Tni<»***ll>>*- tiltn ,ia«li>-4AiiiB(. lol, i. »}i. 
■ nu-.r iia 
• n— am AIIsmU. auiUtw dlitak «a(l)>. rt wniila urm 
ilalfc'i ■'*'■"- «l U'lr^^utbhiti I'll* ■^irwi lilt* itMiiUHn* -If^ 
1^^,,.,. I III ... . Qialiut 

I^, (IIVh.I»s»W. 

Il waa the bfltir nf niAllna, ami llir nioiik* hi^l 
ani'iiiUrd in [lie cboir. IW »bbul, a intctsMii 
inan, Ihiia addieHpd thtni: '• Ia^I nil i-ufh td joii 
■■ tn* young itud robuw betake thriiiaiHini li> »<nni< 
pbce of ftMiuil), eanjituc uiili Ibcni thu ppIIh (>f 
the aainu.toKrlhvr vrilh our tiuvks. unr charti-m. 
and uiu talunlilii lliiiin. 1 sliailaia) here nltlt ihr 
old Blira anil llir rhild[•1^ acid j>rttiu[iii, by tkc !<• Ip 
of God. the ruMiiy iaiJllidiecuinpu*muii uii ixii Irp- 

Tlie ablfbodied monk*, IhirtJ In number, ladio;,' 
a boat ti-iili thr tclin anil Ihr aarrrd tdbc*. (jiiiiitil 
the ubbey. uid airaglii rtfij^ iu th« manheit of iJiai 
TlrliiUj. Ilin* felualll^d in Ih« thvii, the aliUtl, 
■omv *^ti nieu. two of ivboa) were one bundnd 
yean cdil, and aome }oiiiig lidyi, whoto their rcU- 
tiirs, accordlujt 10 Che deroliuoil ipiril of ilic ntp; 
bail placed tlier« fur Initiurllau luider Ihc ninniiii- 
tit? h&bil. Thuii mumed thr chatitiliii; ufanlliiinu 
at the pre«erib"l houm ; aiid, when thai of the 
mua hid amtuil, thi> abbot {ilueed him««lf bilon- 
the altar in macirdoul lobn*. AH ]>rf*c-ni pdrlook 
af the holy com m mil an, and at thai InMaul lliv 
Dinn mitvred the chuieh. 'flic chlcC »liv nianiied 
in at fbeJT hrati, alpiv tvith hii own b>nd ibc ibliot 
at Ihn flit (if ll)« altar, and the anldicni Kited t)u< 
frian, b>ith youiiK and old. who nere (liipciilii|[ 
with alf^hi. Tlirte they tdrturcd, one by udp, I« 
iiuke Uicjn dedare where they had couEeMod ilirii 
trMKure, and, on their nfoaai lo ftna>Tt«> Wbeadol 
them. At Uie mou-eot wlion th» prior mu ilnirk 
dead, onn of the buyi, wlm iru ten years old, 
iiBid Imod Ihn leiienblo ahbot, embmerd htiu. 
Irani nrcr him trrtgiin;. and (Icmauded In abate 
hii death. IIli loU'v and cuitnirunuL-o tlrniiKl} 
iiitcroled oni: of the Uonitb leaden ; mIicii, lliruiu.'Li 
an emotiiW of eitnipuuuti, he vrillidrow lli>< rhild 
rrem Ilie IliroUf;, and. lia\>ii(^ Iiikru off hii frorL, 
aiid Uuiig a Dauiili military coat an hi* ahouldi'tn, 
he taut, "I'vUuw ■ne,aud do not quit mc." Thus 
ha retcucd him Eruiii the mamcre ; but itu oilier 
vru Hpari'il. Xn*T M-ati-hiiw; fnutlraaly fur Ihi- 
tr<>aaun>« of tlif abbrjr, ihe MAM demalldml Ihc 
marhli- Inmlii nf tlic rimreh. and. in a race *■ bein^ 
diMnpolnted of the «prcted richea, they dlapcnrd 
the bone*, and »el flrt to the aacied edlScc, 

Thence tlioy dlnctcd their niirch tonard the 
e»«l, to the mortaalery of Petcrbotousli." That 
muiiiiBirry. a iiipcrb •peeiiiim oflhc Mcliilr^Iurt- of 
Um! linie.had. ill t!u-SLiiijn»ijIeuftiuiUijis,vpi) milt. 
■iTp imlU, livhted by nnrruw HitiitunT.iurinuiitiii'd 
wilh a ■cmiL-irvulai a<i:h, and therrby a defence wns 
tlip nwt* oiailitbli'. Thr Dane* (uund Ih^r ii'>i»t» 
■hui ajpinM tham, and wrre reeciietl wilh mtKiIfk 
of arruvt aiul •lone* by th» monki and ih«> rouij. 
irymeii, ifho had Jolnr^ Thrm iviihln Ihc uaili. 
At iht Orel BMauLli ouc rJ the mo* of lAidbrnii, 
ivlioac name the chrontclei do not giic, n'a* mor- 
Islly vminded; but after two note allackt the 
Danea tiacined Ihr cdifire. mid Hubbo, to an^e 
hit brother, alei* with liia own hand all Ibe monk*. 
Ill the nnmbrr i?f eiably-lbur. Tbo |t«0^ wtie 

Cud (red. ihe tcpuUbxea toni Opelii and llio li- 
ry riDploycd to f>«<l th« lUme* of the biimjng 
eililli-e*. 'ihe eontlagrallon of the rcUyioiu [lik 
laaled llfteeii duyi.* 

* mr<M7. IIi<<-'dUut-.iiM)i or >n. llnMllfk ITU. 

* IIUI. Inrall. I'riTjIiiii'l , niaiil m. Aailtp witr* ' >vli . 
m. n, ed tilt*.— n«i> . tIM. nelnlHl.. lam. 11. M« 

I rinu;. Ilil-I. 

ti l>u»*Ml4a.'i but Anclli. 




During a iilttlit-inar«hi which llie Utiuliii; mth; 
Bmdc ia ibc dimclion "I" Hiiiitifipliui, (V I)"y 
tvti<»4 lift' li^ bvon MTrd nl Crojlnnit hj' t Da. 
tilth raptain mult hli mriipo, aiiil r«)pl[ir<l oloiip 
iltt^ ruliu of III* inrivnt nliiiili'. EIc roiinil iIiitp ibn 
■hilt]' maoki, who bul rdiiriird, ntitl nrrc ncru- 
ptcd Id allnKuUluaK the Hrc, nrliich alill bUaed 
•iDunj Ifao fsUcn ruiUH. It'> rcUl^il T(i tli«iii (hu 
<'imuii*l>UMii or the mitwvtv. inil, oicnvhdmed 
Willi ■iii.tniHH, ihcj' bfjt>n a M«rc>) tat the IicxIIm or 
Ihi-ir brrtliiYR. ATltt bitiouritix »(iTcrD] dtjii lliry 
diHxivrrril Uut of the abbol, hi-wUcn. imd oudcr- 
ni-ulh u Wtfitf b*Mn ; ibp rrti vmib anrmxrili tlug 

DUI of tbe ruin, uul buriuil iu uu« gravis, ucar Ilie 

Tbne ditBittn touk jilicc psilli in tlii? iFrrltorr 
of HcTci&. uul pUlJ) in that uf EMl-Auijlia ur 
Uti^MB pr Oim caiiUtm Eiialivh. Tlio king ef 
th* iHlir Halt, bf lunie Edmunil, bid toon to 
pay tlu> lAfnalty of that •pathj'wjilt wfakJi. ihrae 
jwui kBt«coEl«ntI;, h< had ivitntonl chi^ intulun 
uf Nonhumbrts. lie wu )iurpit»Ml in hia ru^al 
TVfid^uM bf llic Uaoci, and cvnductvd cspliw^ to 
i)i« auD* cf [,<>dl)rog, wlio tuiughlilir auminouod 
hiu to ulcno-nrlcslgo liimM'lf Ihcir taawJ. Edmund 
In-ttiiiM-iutuly tufuwil [» <ti> »» ; anil Ihr llniiirt, 
Uivn l>iii|; tiiiii lo a ti<*c--»tRni. iimrlUi-il BKaiiuI 
liliu lliuir oLUl lu diawiaff ibv bow ; tlicjr aimed 
llicu- alMft* ut bii ann> and \egi w-tlhnDt hitting tlie 
body, and concluded tfav bitbarau* ditcraion by 
airikjtiff off Oiif haad uf iii» Saion kliiK with a 
baOjv.aL. Uc waa a man at modcraW merit nod 
M Lilllti nli'bcilj ; lict lib iltatli procured him the 
bif[)>r^ miuwti i)f thai tli&c, uamt'ly of a sunt and 
niuijr. It (iliriud, for tho fint umc on n^cord, 
iiiMi of llin nKiM r^mivkablc (oatutrs uf Anicln- 
Kiiioil chnrirtrr, the iiicliiialind to jfiir i tcUeiuiu 
cnliinrlnic u piilrlullc k«1, and to cniuidcr u iiur- 
lyr* ihinc wtit>, •Inline "'^ putilic caianiiticit, had 
iMciifd ilie iijni|Hithy of the naUon bj Iheir gmat 
niil&riiigi, or bj dnotlng thKuarlTM nobly for 
their coiiiilrj.' 

P.aiii.Aii)tiia, now ramplfrlclr ■uhjcdnl, TircaiDi', 
Like Noithnoibcrliuid, a Danlib kin][d«ii>i and a 
ilMtination for emi^p^nt kilwnturcni from Iha 
DOftb. Tbo SauMi king was reiiUc«d by a >«' 
klnx iwmvd Godrun. aud the Anglo-Stiun )iu|>u1a> 
lluii, rrdiMtd UMuljF to a coiiditiun of riairryt Imt 
111 ri^bt of liibcritaaM, aad tilled iLc laad for 
toniffprt*. Tkia e«iK|<aM( liad brovhl lli<r hiii);- 

dom at Mnma tnUi Ibc gnilect thiigcr. wliicli. 
alrraily mnoarbrd upoti at ita oaatem |iorftan, had 
Ibn [hapt located un Into of ita finnlien. TIm 
aacinu kinKiluiiu vf Eil-Sn, Ecnli suil Sulb-S^x 
h*d lirtl tliA-ir iiidf jtfniU'iiair J fcT klK^rai a <vntury 
lhu»r ■!■!« hul hrrn mrarpantrti iirilh Wml-Sna 
m thit Wcitfm Sitotii.' Tlimi thr eniitpcl wiw 
abtwl lu be ir«i:nl briwircn two Daniih and two 
Skximi kijigidiiQiii TIte kingn of Mcrcia anil of 
WoaMi, who h«J to^ b««ii rivsl* nvi enemies 
tomrA • iM^nt forth* i»tmn of lbo«f part* oflbc 
Ulaud Ibu itlll tfiJoTcfl fr^rdam j but. dpffilcc their 
twu r Sbna, all ibo tcRitoi}' to tbi- noirlli of ihr rlicr 
TtmnM n* OTeiran b)- tbe Dnuct. who pnuewril 
tbnoMlTn of Mrrcia. t>f llir ei^tit kiti^ilntni 
flnN fodtulnl 1>y Ibu KMon* a»il tli« Ai^Ua, ih«re 

' Flmrr. lllM.*«'li(lait..lHi.ii. taa. 
■ THrut'* IRm. of IIh \nt)n-S*umt, tit. I. »>P. 
' WnVHMiaabiul. Wovwatairtnv— l^>sy■ 
Lul.1(ul•. ajuJ wn. Aa«IS«. Kcipi., ml, Lll.(d. O*!". 

rfrmaiued but ucCi tliat of Wctnt-i. i-atmding IhNn 
till* muuth af the Thainc* to Uic gulf ivliicli ci-eciTca 
tiio Nevom. 

Ill the rrar 8T1 Elhrlml, ihn tan at Ktbelwnlf, 
ktnK of Wnt-Srt. illnl uf nouuili tec^ineil in a 
rombat fnughl with the Daori, iiho lutd rfTcctcd 
the pa wage «f ihe Tliame*. He left *ei'cr«l diU- 
ilren, but tho (holc« cf lb« nation f«II on bU 
brutb«r Alfr«d, a }i>*uig prince twraiy.lwo y«aM 
of aitv, wliiJiti' taloTir and mttltAQ- •kill L'lR'ciuragcd 
thf itn:nte« bujwa.* (A.ii.milaSlS.) AJfrcd tnioE 
liod tlic foniuM, cither by combau or avrociati dii , to 
mikc thi: Diiici quit lii( kingdom ; he rc-pu]>w<i 
(ht- aiK-mpU tiy kb maUe aijAiiiit Ilia loolhcni pro- 
vtiiei-*, aud <li.-f«n[l«<l dDrli]]{ •«««! yean tin- batiks 
of the riit.-r TliauiM. It ia pomlble that uu Da-niati 
ariDjr wuulil liatu crtr a([aiji forrcd that frontier 
if the Liny and tlie people e>f Wowi liul been 
eurdjally united ; but tbi-re were e«nain grrmi of 
dbcutd, of a lery aini^liir nature, aridtij Bmong 

King Alfred bad [>[t«rculcd iludioiH bqulrirt, 
more aticceHful!} thin ilij any of hit feUow-c«un- 
trymen ; whim ho wm Rliil )'>iifiit, b* had utieady 
Tl*tl«it alt Iho ■iinlbcm cniiiiirtos uf Europe, had 
nbMrM'il ibi'ii niaiinirrn. u'u* ■ir>|iitliittil nilh the 
Icarovd lanictiageK nnd viitb manj <villiii|n of iimi< 
ciuil), I'luin iku *upmorily i^fliin iiv(|iui<:d kiivw- 
Ipdje^'t thct Saxon king ivai ijiducvd to tr«iU vitli 
riinletnpt Oit nation vhuti! detliuiev he prMided 
ovci. H« (vt but liiili- lalun ua (lie Icgialutife in- 
lcl]ii{nncr, u^ pruilmcc, of ihr Jtrral ualional coun- 
cil of the Wittonn-ichciuDte. Full of thir idt-u of 
abiolule pi>«cr which m uAca pivni-iii ilirin'clvea 
in tbe worku of BoRinn niilbnrs, he hnd a liolcut 
deiirn iirpnljlicol ru forma ; and o(iTii-i>lin(l lntlittt> 
liuiii marc ntiiinal, pt-rJu{Hi. ttian the aneirnl An. 
elo-Saaoi) cuManWi but nuiling s"aIr-[ aancUon 
Ul tbe eye* of a peopU' whu Dciiher wiahcd for 
nortmdmlood them. 1'Ta>ilt>oii hm vugnely |ir^ 
lerrod aomo hanh nnd »fverp trait* in AJInrd'a 
(^rrmnpnt, nnd, liini; sAcr hi* itealh, that pim*. 
liTc rijour wn» apaken of with ivhich he ptintohtd 
prcMuicatJDig, or cnniipl Judi^n.* Althaufb auch 
MKrity irai intended tabcueSl ihe A Uttlo-Sakooa, 
Itroulii i)utbi>«athtwtory to a nalicumhipb thought 
tliv lif» i>f a ftT« lumi of niuip itnportUMe llun 
rriCulnriCj lu public allUrt, 

Ruoldct, ibU ri^-«iu of king Albrd toirards tbe 
ffrrAl >ra> iiuiiecoin|>iinind by uiiy ttfTablhly tii Ihoae 
of iiirmoT ilntinu. He derrnded them, without 
a-ppearing tn Ion- ihen. He rri^anleil Ibelr vup- 
pliealiona ta iinpunuiiitiea, and hii kbIc* vi>-r« 
rioted Bgaitiat LUen. *' If/' aayi a ruuteniponry, 
■* hiu «id vm aoiigbl, eilber Iii priumal tievcwltlc* 
or Kf^aiiKl Iha nppmaien of tbn pow^'tfiili hi' -lia- 
lUini'd In rrcrlte anil hpafkni to ttie rairplainl ; 
he Wat tio auccoiir to Ihe we;tk, and acroutitutt 
tbem »a nothing." " 

So th»t whrin, aeien yeat» jiflpr hi» rlectlvn, llili 
kUcrt'l kinjr, heenme bniefiil wllhuut aiMpc^ting, 
or h»ltu williiiflly tcl^^^n nn; eauip bit il. had 
tn rfpel a fcLTmidablr uiack miuU b) Ihe Dane* 
on the wottotn cuimlry, and called tround bk 

* ToRin'tllU. nFHK Jtaitl(i-!l*»w, Tnl.l, tic 

* Hartw.— HIrini (ur fiiMiia. laU. p.ri*. 

■ Ilia Trrd nalDii fM>iiilln.ii*«alii)ucilBuu)ium Inpn- 
da W. anl uninliiu na iilUlli pradalut. | Aaanlu* Maienn- 
•It. da jnttcdl rfhus (eifl«.-^l!uiida, AdkIIu, IlibaialtB. 
he., i> III, 




DiMB land* WrawE. 
AWM bombUi hiiDwir. 


A\frt4 r«Niu(ii:im the 

TanUh mp. 
DrCnU* Dm rnnn. 


MAdud th« praple nliom hi* rUidain hml nfrvnclcd, 
ba WM Icrrtibd at diidlm; locu but Ulllc cllapuwl 
to obey lum, and ctvh mirlro niout t)io eominoTi 
danger. In vtin dtd Alfred tend' through tlip 
towiu tnd hunlrf* hi* nmwagtr otyftur cs-njinn 
an arruu Nnil * nakpit mnonl : iu itiii did lir |)iib' 
Uah (fan oM oaliuu&l |ii«cbni>tJoa, nlikh do Skioh 
r afhli of b(«iiiif Ktuin liul i-icr iviietcd — " l.«t 
t««i7 man that in not wortblcH, nrhftbrr in th< 
borough* or out uf lh« horanghi, Icnru liis liotite 
and coniE (bniinl."' Few mvu cmui*; and Al- 
frrd via left atmuil Mlonp, with thu Bmdl iiuinbRt 
of IVi^iw!)* wh^m livi triif-linijtcil vrilh lii" li^nrfijiif^t 
and afl«n mnv^ tn trnra hy thu i>rni»il of hit 
wrhUig*.* Favonrtd hy thi* JndiRPir'nrD uf !Ue 
tution far Ihi* c;hlcf rhnvn liy ItK'ir. thv ciicnif 
nu4« • nfiA nfogrett. AltreA, thus dcaeilcil by 
lib autijccti,* ifncrleii them in hi* tiirs, ami Bf d 
<^)* an otti hiitorian), ■bandonLuf hi* warHora, 
ilia (aptatii*, hii thipa, hia InuuMia, and hla whol* 
fftofte, tw *a(p hia IIT*.* Hp «ii)ijibl in cnnrral 
hiiMlf In lb* wooda and dractia. nl Ihv utninil 
Unit* «f ilw En^Eab Icnilot? ami ibat vf tlic 
CofTibli Brilmu, D«ar the Fonnucncc of the rirm 
T(«* aftd l'*rr«t. Here wiu a pcniiuula n*»rlT 
•ucraunddil by ivanijii : ttit Simuii ki&K (■X'a 
icTiiH' IhriF, and uibudL* tiiultr a f('i;j;ii<-d ■umi:', in 
thil hMlefa fiaherinau: Iiriru cni|il<i}ed lu bakbij( 
ifa* brcwd, of which ttw faniti) of Ilia hotX emidc- 

■uaJaJ In p** htm a partion. Thur# vietr bnt 
ftnv In Md Liii)riluiu vrbu kiiinv ivhnl had bvcnmv of 
Um;* and tbc Danbb anny rntrrrd it uiuippotrd. 
Mmjr of tlw! inhabilaiita cnibsrkrd on ihr irFiifm 
WM la, to awk a ft^"(r*i rilHpr in (ind, "r in (hi 
laland of Erin, othicb ttip Suonn titlt-d h«laii<1 ;* 
tba KM tabnilted Ia pay tribute, nnd to inbout for 
Uw OaPM. Uul it waa nM luii): bi-furi' tbcy fuuud 
thr ptD* of Uui rmiqncsl a thiiiuaud litur* wonc 
tliau ihcw ot ALTrvd'a tultUt v>lilch In the i&aRiciiL 

of Mllffriilg had t»iUFd iiuu|>pnrtjtbli'. Tlirj, 
IllWiiftil*. itgnlt«d Oieit farmer rondition, and 
^nm tba Aoapotion or a kiug bom aiuans Ibcm- 
wlr™.' (».n. STP.) 

Alfred, iDo, redrrtal in hIa miaTintanri, and 
tUcAitaUJ ciD lb<' mtaiiB vt taiiag hi* {ftotiU, If it 
were poaallili', and at rt^lnlng thrit hvour. For- 
tiSed in hli Uland afpiDil b vurpHM frotn lh» 
many, by FiiircntihmniM of «nr:h aiid wikkI, he 
led tltr hard and uvn{F llfr rrvrrrl, in rtvry con- 
qurrcd coimtjyi for sucli of the vnaquUhcd a* arr 
ton pr«B>l fcir alaTcry — Ihnt of a frfwboolcr in the 
woeMt, morawM. and mountain ilpflica, Al thi> 
btad of bii friendi ronuod iulu baiidi, be jiluudctcd 

I TW wr« un'ttifliliiir - ..-(^f pnrtii jinil nr tipfvljinfl. 
I j Timlin , FahUB. nl. '-i^i*^ti„ |i. l-tS.'} X-Htimg, nidint^^ 
wv4^. WfCltft ia itiwUrn Efi^lLBb. ■fr^'^^y. >iL'i|iiiiiu» 
atMLini. — Aa^l . . ■ aihll nUnliu MVnunt qnin hnjiiknoHi 
fc<a<»i Mcabiril aatart. (HUt«iu tWl>. VulauUa lotl- 
B*M, inw 1. ad Inltliw. I 

• i'l iii4lr iii|b »i , . ■ bmynosaaqaodnuiualA >iHcii>Triu( 
muma*. (lUMvctdl tllil.apud rat. Aa|lk. Kikirt.. r. "1. f^- 

■ tVnena ■aoran. CA»«rt. MrniTitnli dj ^flwli n hm 
fM;4. riMl»a. Awlim. HikiHiilM. kn..|i.«.>— C>r«a iim 
imm dli^JlB. (Clutin, JoIiDD VrUllD|(i(ta. ii|nlit rei Anuli^ 
wft|a.. tnl. m M?,nl.ialD.1 

a Ilia LviBp'u cftJItf fdttrt- ami h» HrFr4cgfo, amt fall liU 
ttenir I ^t*^ iM 111'- liiiiKli Miiviia, Vhd. n, H.) 

• 1 ' . . I lAmtr. Mmm. da 

jBff '.p. »*) 

a ),.:.. < I ..... .[.I 

• j^Hi|.>Lcw>,ua.CI(inUi<liU>(MUi,Cao4tn,ABilln. 
WlWl ato . ftp.. ^ VO. 

til* Dauea laden iritb ipoil, and, \t I>ui«t mm 
iraiiUiig, lliB Saxon who vbrrod the fontgaera and 
aaliildd ihrm ns hia maaU-ra.* Such aa wtrv tind 
of the fcin>i)fii }ake, or had b««n guilty of high 
limiHiti hgainat thn mnqurTDr*. tti defeudiiig tltxit 
property, their wtiM, or Uirtr dau^ilera afaiiMl 
llteni, i-atne and put tlicmaehei uudei ihe ram. 
nvand of the unknonn ctiiof, wh« dindaiovd to 
ihar« the gennal icrvltnde. After nix mnnthi of 
a wardini of ttralagi-uitt and mrpriaea. uul of night 
combat*, the partiaan leader rrjclrcd to ilprlara 
hinwtlf, xo c«Il «s Uw peaple of thr nbolc nrtlvrii 
i^ountry, and to an oiwn iltack, uudcr the 
Anglu.SajiAn ataiidanl, mi Uir firinrijial ramjior 
Itiv Dtni^i. Thii camp tru ailuat«d al Ethtn- 
diiu, ou the honlcra of Wilia and Somenel. neat 
a fufcat called Si-l-vtood, iw Ihc gtral wouil.' Be- 
fore yiiiiig tlin drrided ttgati, AlTitd nialicd to 
ohwn-p in pcraoti tho prt«iti(.u of Ibc toetignrrt. 
He Piiturrd their Camp In lb* dnHt of a hsrprr, 
ami diirrled the DBni«h aniiy wilh hit Suon 
luiii:^, ihf liinKUagr of wlikh iIilfiT*tl but Itlllo 
fmiii Uii'if imu." He n cut fioni tent tu luiit,wid, 
nn hU rettini, ehangiiig hit i-baradei and orrupa,. 
lion, ho criil ini'iwpn^rs Ihrongh all Ihe ■ttmninil- 
in([ rciiiiiiry, nnil nmltrnvd, at a [lUceof nweliiig 
for all ^Dietirt who would um and fl^lil, ■ npnt 
called l^gbcrt'i Stuue." ou the raetcni iklrt iif the 
great wood, a few nide« froulbn nirtny'* eamp-" 

During Ibrrv lueeeaaiTc data, armed ■n«B ar. 
rtvf-d fmiii eiery iguaiii-T, uiin by one, or In ainall 
hand*, ni lUo platu upiHiiuIrd. Every new rontct 
wni aaluicd tiy thv nnn»i uf Lrotlirr, anil nrl- 
comod with lii«^lv 4uil ttitntiUiji>u« joy. Some 
mmoura of ihia agitation rcacbod the eBin|i of thu 
Dnncs. Tbwy diirnv<>ri>d ait^a of a great ino\e- 
Rietit around tbi-ni : but, s« itiL-re wai cot a liiii;!* 
Uaitor, tlicir infurmalinn wii» uiieerlabi ; uul. not 
knowtDf; prccUvly irhcre tlie iiuurrrrtion waa lo 
hrelik out, (h(j nude no niancruvn-i, and wptt 
rnnlfTiipd witli duubliiig IhHr outpoila. It vnu 
not loTiii, howtver, b«fure Ihey aaw the banner of 
Wpit-Ars dlRiilai(i(l. which bureihe emblrni nfihr 
triiitc horar. ALfcrd attacked their rtdouhiB nf 
Ethandun on tha weakest aide, dmrr. tliem ^efo^e 
hini, and (»a tha Sason ebraniele aayi ) remnlned 
uisalcr iif the field of fnrua^." 

Oiitc tliiprrwd, ihn Uniiri ni-»pr a|[ain nltlH ; 
but O'idruii, their king, did »hal Ihrar iif hb 
niiliuii oArn did nhrti in peril i br piomiicd that, 
if tha rirlom woniri detlit from piirmini; him. In- 
and tiii mrn irauM be hoptlipd, end would retire 
to tlic territory of Rrt-AnsUa, to dwi-11 tin-re iu 
peace. The Saxon king, nho wn* not rtrwnic 
rnuiigb to carry on ibe wiir to the utino»i, aitvi'li'd 
Ihean pn>pMala bra peace (.t.n. 870). Godiunt-itd 

* Nihil enioi liabitol qao nMrtnr. niil <|<i«l k panala 
till tCimir i '■hti«i>nU qai ■■ patBanran mUi'lcranl •Lml- 
nio, cliin nut |«ltgi nitjlnliartt. (Anet. Kmcr., Ibid., 
l>- "O 

* Sfur U» ttnvn nf FmBie. tliBOfdffahanfliuodfff tihUll la 
nii1 ri1lrdrt'ii«(.lria.f. 

I" LlrifUB DuDivnm AnEltotiur Inqa^taWrina mA. <('hn>. 
aaln|[ii> ret. Ivpiiiui., apud MtipL rcr. Haalc iiri. *. M.) 

I ' E^Vnhn iKiHi, 

■^ lti-i iy^ ^niE^Fit M r«u jmlatofi*fn, fi*«i(nld chharA. 
lenuiiui LhrnoTum adill. (1ll>l. Inritlf Oafiaiut-. anil 
»(. Ajiill4<.aHii>l.. <ol.l.M.*l Oal'-iKWill'tn UiiWmIi. 
dvr«b.Bral. Ad|1.. lib tl.,*tiBd»i. AntUa. Kiift., p. 

>■ DtraglalmuD.TMM***. lCkrao.Saa««.,*d.aiteao, 

^ Wir in ill' ihifTli. 


Iljirn Liliil In llut-.tnilU. 


tlw other i>«)[Bn capulc* nron^bjra bmcelct «iiu«> 

ervlcd Id llitir own !C<>^' to t<iMn« lianliwu futh- 
fullf. K'tif Alfred terrfd ** iniritiMl Mbertothe 
Outiitb i4iii-f: wlio ihmr arer nUeoaiaf niBil ilic 
irMIs rvliF of ibe nNphjtn. and deputrd wiili 
the Kninuit »f lii* tiowi)* f'>r ihe trrritor; of Kosi- 

An^Lw, rrum irWneO \tv \iii comv, aiii! whioii Uv 
cngRfvd ntiTor afcalti lo <]ul>. Itir llmiunr iImi 
tmi pnpiI>iloD* ivprv flmi tiy a ilfHiiimn IrMly, 
■nom lo (u iti ptvamMn kpM forth) hj Alfn-il 
ktntr. fiQilniD Unjt. all l)io AnKlo-Stifin ugi^K, 
iiii'l iiM ilic DaiUah people.* (a-b. VTD Iq )*».) Tlinc 
linutt wnv, on tho nouth, Tlie wiirw of tbc Thiuin 
oa &f at ihe taiall rvvrr L«ii. whkli fiilU Solo it 
I'l'lnir Loudon; inil nn tbe Donli ani] em, tin- 
rlier Ouae uiil tlir Rrrat wnj roDMmcicil ti; the 
Urliobt, and Tc-cunavut-tL-d bj ihc Itonuuti, which 
Ibe 8«loii* «aUe4 IVtMiinya-ttrrtl — the road of 
tba loaa of ITaithli.* (a.d. HSS.) 

TIM Dan«c cantuiicd la Mctcin anil Che wliolf 
caunir> temth aiid nntth of tlic Humlicr did cot 
think ihcnuelvFt liound bjt ihc caniiincl lii-tivcpa 
Atfrvd and Codnui. Thui thv war did not roaac ; 
hut «»■ obIj rfinoTvd to th* nnMtii>ni fronli^rul' 
the ItrrltAry i)fW*«t.S*i. Thfunrivnl kliicdomii, 
(if IhP Sntilh Saiotu or !tiith-S«-i,* and nrK#nr. 
unaniTDotitly prorlulmrd Alfmt ai their dcUirrrr 
and kiiut- ^oi a loicc vu laittd at^noi hlirit 
•■ith^f in hi* tnm caiiit\ry. nhtie hi* farmer ua< 
popularity waa cflnc^d hj his nri* arrticM, nor in 
ihow irrrCturlra which )iU anMKtara hid hj coq. 
quiM bruuicht undvr fhrlr nilr,* 'ttM pan of 
ruitUnd which tlie Danrt ua lon^n^ <<cru|iicd was 
tliii* fiirmxi) iiitu 1 ■ill^it >lat* ; aixl Ihun wnx uini- 

hilainl thf iiiicii>iit ditiaton of iho EiiKllah pnoplo 
itiin u'li-r^l CDtJani; — Into u many iinlioniulhoro 
had tH<cii bandi of cmisranta from tlie ihorn anil 
Uamla of OFrmuiia.* The AoirA nf thr DnnUh 
bmtioia bad iwrrpt away (or eta the llnrn of 
fcrtr wa ta wfalfh had prtTioudy bpi>n rvsMrticted 
Ml the bordna of csieh n^lghboiUTing Idngdom ; 
and to BO bolalloD wmMlRm hottlT^ tuccceded 
iliK uiiion produml by tbi- it>i&mun ntl«furliini*a 
anil cenenJ hope*. 

(*.n. 883 lo hHS.) From thp momcnl wih*n thn 
KTHt leparaliOB of Cugbuid ialn kinfdomi traa 
ab<iliih*<l, Ihe utliM t^rrilcirial diriaioua anumtd 
an tiDjnirlniicu wliSch, mitil IhrDi liful not be- 
hinnd to ibi'ia. At thb limi? it it that ire 
Bitn hSatflriaa* brginninf^ to tiihIc nitwit i'vii of 
Mm , teirrt. Ml"**, attnetiaatafkingiatits,^ and 

• Oa tliaa lialfaa Waor. (Cbn&SM.nLOfbna. P-e9.) 
■ OI-tnl«<rauicand /lalh-nui nnbu. and <«I1h AnKrl- 

klnn *ltin Mid nl •» Uwol ilw an Cmi* Railuni b«xk. 
(iniMBa. l«aM Aa«lB)tssan 9. tJ.J I n mum Latin id*. 
Ailrrd md*** hi* Iitl> *l >y»'>p l>7 Ih* ■nid ila* — " Km 
Klfenldas." (VliMta Mb aaiHi tea. tnam.9mjimk.til. 

> Hmta (inaiB dill Withli' n^. al- orlnUli ravl iiii|u) 
■d ambatsla. |*r Aii(ll;an •Inviiuni. 1 KiwRl do Hin*' 
dn. AbboIi^ t»n hIm. |> 13), nl. )!»<>U.) TIhi wwd kad 
tmrnnmlj IkM itf attouiva i tiul U l« aum ptabaUc IbM 
r^MA•y>>^(lM aaiaoli^tlvlut* UhmUhsd nl thp llrtikh 
OnMn'taMH. itfUfyiw Rrad >/ («« Otaft <lA* /rlit). 
■hliik t' a inT lAsll naau fat ■ nul ItwHujC Iibb Dvih 
■a >W Cl«kli« nul. 

• Oi a,mtSmnt-l*»i. StB^'Aiwi hy MFn«i«lini. ."iik- 

• lime M riih i»)«opna nneqirtF (swiL. (EUirUiirdl 
lllH 11 > 111 iii.df . Irivlr: irillt.. ]t. M«. fd. »alUr.) 

- ■'■•. AiwInniiB — l«f»i Ufia. 

• in MaOHU ea{IW>, l«llfrr. 

of hutulrod* and tnia of Auailin*— imilorial 

riiTiaiorw and jctcsl rircuin*eri|>tii>nii, irMch anr 
a« aid in Eng'tand a* thn cstaUinliairnl of lh« 
Savcina and the \agla, but nhkh woidd If hut 
little rriiHrhi-tt, ai> lomr ai tli<-fr wm ahnrr thrni 
a more KTiwral jKilitital diiliinii. Tho nialom uf 
counting 0,1) fgin>lli>« m kimplo uniii, and sjgrrr* 
^tilKii,' them in irni and hiiiiilr-dit to farm diatridi 
and caiitom. wnii kiinvn (0 iill nilinna of T*ut«ii>c 
ariioii. tf thn iniiiinUnn play* a mii>i|iteuuti* 
pnri iu th<3 Uwa ivhich War ilir atoit of Alfred, 
i( [■ not lliat h« miFiitcd it, but tlial, on thi> cod- 
Irary, he foimd It rvio(«<t in Ihc noil of F.rigUnd, 
aiul almn<l tintrormly (tli'nding ortr all the coun- 
trie* which he addetl ntihout liuleiici; lo hia kin^- 
doin of WoM-ijn ; to that lie ma iircrMlIatMl 10 
make it the principal faoaia of hia tjMaa u( puUk 

ordtr. lie did Dot, properly njMiilinj^, inalilBte 
ihli orgtmliatJoii inlu (liitnela eampriilng t«a or 
a hunilreil fiuiiilin, nor the miuiiHpnl nffieer* 
iianicil lyl/umj-nifn and hundrttt-mtn,* nor txta 
■hi? modu vf Iriid which the itilluencc of lune hna 
Fiiodilli-d, 111"! nhich «b\ii riw lo (rial br Jury; 
alt ihru initJiullon* nltied among lh« SaX'Xii ani) 
An^tes prior In thnir im migration Inia Britain. 

nip kinii i)f Weil-Sri artiiilniil, alnee hii ti". 
ilaration to trgai aulhnrily, in much rclrbrtlv for 
rnloiir, and, aboTC all. for vrwdont, thai it la diffl- 
rillt t(i Hnd iu htdory ihe tracv* of the n>tiona) 
diifaTourundcrwMirh heone« laboured. AtthcMigh 
flvnr nratrhfnl for the preaprtatlon nf tiiv renneml 
iiidcpcndriice nf hia nation, Alfred faiinil tiiit« for 
those •tudica which ho conlloucJ lo luiv niul la 
rulliiate, y*t lii- no Iuukt prrforred hi* pirnuila of 
tFornitift aliuTD ilie [x>o]ili> nhfltn h« di>ktlneil la 
rraliK? llii-ir fruit. Theti- srp eitanl Farlima poetie 
atiit pttitn proiluriioia of hia. rniiarkabli" for Uial 
rich iiua^iitatiaci ami fur iIidbc? Eplciidid mrtaphora 
which ai? » Ihnvwn ('hniHrtcriilic of the ancivnt 
Hl<itat«rp of (jJcriiiany." 

Alfred ptiMed i1m> mit iif hh 'layi n)||«g«d Hiber 
in Ilia ftiTDurlte rremliou of aiudy, or In war. 
The (laih (^nm tc him liy ilir Danea uf Kaal- 
lAugliu. Bnt on tlic bmcclcl of Odin, iiiid aflrt- 
wurdi ATI tlie eroM nfClirinl, <n>i liolulnl hj ihrtii 
un the llrd appimmnee of 11 flret uf pirale* on their 
rttait. They haileil the new eoincr* aa bmlhreu in 
amis : horne ana; by The force o{ old reculIerlio:ii 
lud iialiuiial rjtupnthy, thrj <|iiillod thr Aelda 
wliieh thi-j WITT Iilliiin, nnd look (lr>vi.ii fnim |ha 
■maky beam their Rml h«ltU-fti, or Iheif heitvy 
mnce. (tudded with itoci pulntii. irbleh vnu by 
ihcm named the mcrm'njrtBr.'' S-oon ifltr thia 
anital, thmc Dane*, aUu, who ilirelt on the b*nka 
of ihc lluntberawithoul *toUllug anytrraty, niored 
l«w«rda Ih* MUlh In Join, w4lh the men of Eat. 
Anglla.ihfamiytifthnprMitaM-ktnf Haaiing.nha, 
«*y the pnaU of th( north, maklnH Ihtr ciocan hta 
dnrlllnjir-plarr,'' pwsctl hiaUfc in naTlcalilU fron 
Dcanuik lo ihe Umdct, i>i Orkney lalaudo, fro« 
the Orkncji tu (iaul. ftoni tiaid to Ireland, toA 
from IrrliuKl lo Ei^clatid. 

(A.i>.)Oiftti>h'!KI.)~IIuilti)irinindihe ensllah, im. 
der kitij: Alffi-iliUi.'ll prt'pnn^d lo rvcclvr hhii — ImIM 

• lltiiultol. niUtnii. 

* rythu^ravnii. KniiFlniilaril. 

'* ^«' >tMi»n t'tiii'i'i llviDtT nf lb* An^eSaaant, 

lot ll. 1 IV 

rinn-. ir.'in"l>ll Ktflll CnitBra. anad 



Ih-fTii orllMini at ItfMuf. 


ttpfml. Iiuu-v. Biiba). fet. 
Aiqtlo-Suuii Hag vtuUn^ 


\ hul It on onpnj'. Hr wu iIi^mMI in 
batllM : oni> part of hi* roiilril mrmy rp< 
U(«d vinonx ttin Diar* of Nnriliiiintirrlftnil; nuci- 
tber |Mft beiminc inrniimratnl ivilh ihir Dnnrn of 
U>v«Wt ««uiil>], 'I'hotc who had iriiiK^'l "'y hooly 
on IJUid w at lea Ktllofl (M tnulci]ici-|>U in llic 
lOWIW. AOll U A^ITILltUHittt til niTul >)i>Iriotii: 

trhlU Ik* poor**! i«Sti«d their aliiiHi. »iii1 fultuni-ii 
the Indrbllttmblf clilrf in nrw rxiirililioiin. I'hrjr 
pwHcd lli« (trail ofCitiil, nii4 nwrcnJnl ike ruttnto 
of Uie Seine. t )|ulinf-, from the Wii^\i pruwofliU 
TPitet. rmltinl hi< lr<]0|>a lij blowinu an iTory ham, 
^^tah buns bum hii ii«<.'k, nrul nliirh Ihi? iiilm- 
H^^^fcftrOmul auniminp'l M< lAiui'ter.' (n.ii.VOSIo 
^H^^^ Cto MOAcr wtrt iIitil- fuarful vouud* heard 
frncn ihr tkut (ll» Gmiliah arrf fliilttnl Ihr anil 
of Uie Rpid la wMrh he wu ■itnebixl. nad Rcvi irllh 
hiB tlendrr itixk of Riorrabln to tlip dr[iih« of ihi> 
nridiboutinK Ibrnt ; nliik tite noble Fmnk, uriii-il 
wrat ike Uke ttmr, iiiu«d the ilraw-briilgcD of hi* 
fcittiSad e^li>, limlv^Fil t>>l)i>< krvp Id prrpui; fall 
umm, tltd orftiwl the tttbiil» in iconcj' whlfh h* 
fa>d irtmrtlj IcTlvd oti hl« domiln U> be bnrte-1 in 

Ihi- r*rth." 

(A.ti. Ml.) On IbR icoail klnit Alfiril't ilrkih, hi* 
•Ml Ritwitil,* tvhfi hul •liitin)ii.ii<liril hiii»ciriji thr> 
WKrwiik Huiicic.ira* i^Im^c^ by thr Auglo.Saxnu 
«h(H* •ml «ae«ii.* Oil* of Ihi? mnM uf Ihu tldpr 
biDibrr, AKrtM'* prtrlei-miiT, ihuuicbi (ii lo ]irolt^ 
•y«lna( ilil* drciivn by On- iiuioii. ntiil iilciilci! \m 
h'redxuirj tiiiitli. The claim mm "il ujj bj Ellirl- 
mid,*a&n of tth^ltvd, vnut not aidi r>'fti>ril, but, 
■wnmcr. (ttclirfcl 111 Diitntge ipIiMl ihp liwn, 
Ui4 lb* Wliiiirna-ghpnidTa buiiithf^ him Ihi* rmilm. 
(■.D. vol kiUUii.) Thai prinrn. lnitrii(lorob(-;r)Dg 
llic Mtntmcc kpllf pronduncnl «ffiiliu>i liim,ihn-w 

UniwU^ wilb • frvr hroaim of hJ^ mnKjIioti, liilv 

I1h> town Af Wlmbom, on ih« •ouili.opit caul, 
■WMvlait to hcvpll nr to prritb Ibtrrc.' But he ilid 
not LcPiibli ailh; for, mi r in- ^jjiiroiirh uf llir anny 
of the Eivllili pniplc, hvKM wliliDiit lU'b'iiitt. and 
wmt rniuDK tbr Dmip« of NflributiilicHnuili wberc 
be lHW«m«. Illcp them. ■ [m^d mul a piral^. Thuj 
■Pftoinhnl him chlrf irf the wiu ngailtut liin rcunlry- 
OMU. KibrlwaM luvudrrl llii- Aui;U)-S»i(in trirl. 
Utrj, bul u-ai Jr^lnl and dniti wliil«[ tlRhllna In 
lbrr«nk>oftbn*<-r>t<'iKii<-r>. (i.D.lWi l«934,) Kinu 
EilwvM t\nx IfiiA 111.' •iflViuiiT aj:iil»*i (lii^ Dime* ; 
be tMoMiwprd ftntn lli^in tbr (•■xtrrn roiut*. rrom 
tbrauialli of llir Thimn to iho n'oah It B'n- 
toa, anil ihat Uinn in Ihrir nmlboni (rntlnty tj 
a UftB of (urtrtMKi ritcti-il hrjocd thf lliimhiT.* 
(»-n.9tt («977.J I(i> ■iir''<>«oT, EtliHman/ pivittd 
the Humber. took Iho city of Vork, and toTctd the 

. . . rl *pi>|lniit iu iMhn Anruioa flnml- 
iiaaiJ„B|Hiil[ar. Anglir. ipriirf..ici).ill. 

• M*«iiiia<hll 
!•■ < 

. UblWI cbuinn. toiiitniiim nuiirapitii. 

Ajik^-, till, ki , apiiii (rr- 

• (iM«f*a ta (fogi (ChnJD. I*ftX(n^.»l,Clbuni. piwln.) 
— Aawi. Stnav. loiBil.. ainid «r. Anilii- •rrliii., .(.L iif, 

• •> X'Mm*i.'4. EtJiil, ddMoi wMji. wiM. t-,ilt. 
■ - ■ ■ ■ 'iiiiif, 

I llBuil DilTlirir.aat I'll lummliRii. (Chtio 
-••t- IW)) Hiuitc. H»aii4ic4. in-a., lib. •.. 

>rM>i', ihir :!aiap aiiivrhltlB ntttM. 

«Aliii)iMi of SeandltwTlui nun la iwost, tc«ont> 
ing ti> thn sti^rrd fonnulBij. to ilo wIiRtoivr h« 
khflald nqttirr,'* Duerbicf uf IbccuaqiiDred [)»>■-( 
mu cooduclfil nil)) faoi.uui la the pUaoc of Ilir 
SaioB ktiafCi and ailmilttd lu hw tablr: but cTea 
(ftor (!*)• oft ii»ii.'(>fiil life wnrp (tiffiri«al tn wcajj 
biin. Mr look to Dljiht. rmbiilti'd In hit piralicat 
Tratrl, and pot in itn, bi-ln^ u mcapabk (mj* Ibe 
oncknt hiilcirlui) of liiing out at (he ivaUr M a 

(^.B-BZiloWM.) TheEii^ii«huiBf*drui«r(1l« 
thobanlunf lli< TwMd; and Norlhumbcdaod itm 
■ildeil la lbs di>ailnlona of Hihtbtan, nhu traa thn 
Rrel that reiKn«tl mrr all 'ZagimoA. la the anlouT 
of thb cotU|Mr*t. Ibc AnKlo-SaMiiia cniat^d ihrit 
nw-imt nurlhrrn limit;" »nd dLtlmbed with ■» 
iiivuiou Ihr dncriiJiuiti of the Sco4a andPlclii,and 
Ih« tribe uf aucivnl BtitoQi tubUrilLng Itie tbIIc>- of 
thi> Cljite." Ail ofTenriTO lisfiVB nrn catered Uita 
bjr llii^tu iliflcraut uatioti* wUh lh« Oui*a, who 
cbmr: fiuni )>ei«i>d rn-a la dellittr their CDttnlt^-iatni 
fmm the nnwar cf IhcAn^lu-ttitttiu. OUf, jioii of 
Hiibrik, Ihn lul Dautih king' of Notthentbrti, wm 
madu gviicraliBimo uf ibia conicdetacj. In vtliii'h 
ibv niutUariGa ircenUjr arrii'H from die fialilo 
verr joinfi br lh*i Daiii:* of lbs Omi)p«,thp (Intl* 
nf thv Hsbriilf*— &rmtd with a lon^; two-handed 
broad-iword whi^^h Ihcy allnl flay-morr, elay. 
niorr, or the ^rral aword. — the (iacl* frDio itip fuui 
uf th« firanipinn miniRlalli*! and ihc ranbrtaMt of 
numbs rt"ii (Duii-ltrili>ii)itid(.i«llona]r'* — <aTnJIir 
loug «l«nd'^r ji\4-liii(. Th« tnro anni^f met, (vK) 
north of the Hutnbcr, al a placp eillud, in Saatjn, 
Bntinli-biir^, or iltc linm offtntitaiiu. Virtiiry 
dfHarcd for the EiigLiih, who fom-d iIk cuii(p> 
il«ralea to rvlnat vrilJi difficulty lo tlicit abipn. Ihrit 
lilalida, and t)ii>ir miiiialsiii*. Tbi-i Batn«d Ihin 
tiiamph Ihfti/ty nf Ikt flriM RallU.^^ and nxng il 
in their aillonil pucmi, aomo tru^mraXf of irhich 
urp illll niaiit : 

" Kinit .ilthelstiLn — the chief of chief*, the 
((ifrr of collar* to Iho liia»>-^ — aiiil hi* brollicr, th* 
nfitilp Edtntind, hacc fnn^rfai at l)miian-hur|ih with 
ihe wl((*nf ihpaword. 'i'li»y him' rlLiven tbowaJI* 
of ahlelda. Tli»y Iiavc aCrii'L ilnwn thir narrlor* 
of rennwn — the race of ilie Scoii, and the mea 
from th« *bip«. 

*■ Olaf lin* fled, foUixvvil bjr few, and haa wrpi 
upon ihe warn. Th>-(lnns«*i whi*n aealtMl at bii 
llrF-nd*-, tuTTouTiilnl bj hli nunllf, will ui>l nrlale 
tl>li batllr : for in ll bio Viiiimcn liaiv fallnt— frvm 
I( bin frii'Ud* hgii<- ii'X ri'Iiiriied. Tb<- klum of Ihc 
norili will tamerit in their eouneibi that their i*«(- 
riarndmirrd lo plafaLthe^ameof nniagewllh the 
aum of Kdirinl. 

" King .J.thrletan aoil bis licolher Eilmtmd 
retuiB lo iho latul of lh« TTtauB*xaai< Tlivj Iruii- 

" So onua illud hnumi quod d itaiiin mi (CLkm. 
Nnon-. I'll, (libain. r IIW.1 

II 111 aquit tic«ll }'ucU >lt<r-<- «Miir1iL» (UMIr^ffir Wi^ 
lanb. lie i'PiL. iBff. Aii;;l4 li't iL., ii|iuil fvr. Aujrlk>'. ^'ilpii, 
■> ii^fil. ^ttic.^-IIM. Inodl. Ci»Tlaa<l. iMil . ivl. L ». 

'a !«»oBaok I. p. 1>. 

II Ibid. 

'* 111 1 jtin. Cn'oiiiftn, 

i> linAi. f\ >uki'.i>«iuiiultRa>u, iKllnBTBBnonlfwtor 
nui|iui»>'> (EiIhIoi-iiCI Hi*!-, Itl> iti, ainul in, Au^i>. 
(frill., Siiilii.)— Will.ilm. Malmnli. itpMI r*c, 
Anul., Iil-.ip .ii|ii<il fi Aiitli' . •riifl- i>. aajn, nlT ¥«iaf 
— Illtr, Ininlt. Ciojl-und.. avud rrr. An^k. vrt|iL. >ot. I. 

Tllr* WgUl IMT trilviW. 
Kilcaiul Ui* NnrtluiIiilullllB. 


FiinrMl anne. 
Tnli- ufwib. 
Till lluuH IspilMrii 

bcliind thrm the niTCD fncdiu^ un tlio carcaara of 
tlirir t<ttm—lh9 bt'ck nmi wilh lii> |ii>iiilrd LksL. 
•aJ th« (iraakii>|;tnBil, ■«><! thocaxl" )iiiii([vriti^ nflvr 
UmIi, Uld Iht frwdy kite, onci thv tritil vcilf of tlw 
wood*. fic*or wna then? sTi^klcr carnafc in t)iia 
lllanil; Item did mote mEn pcrioh by tbv tdj^ of 
the fwwnl, >u>m lb* daj- whvii th« Suona ami tlip 
Aiii^Im «atne fittm th« ?mi arr^M the o(i>nii, — wlicn 
ihiian nobl« pr«rtu*r»(if warrsmi-lnio Hriuin,«'h» 
roniiuprpil lli» Welth' anil loiil thdr rniiiiuj,'* ' 

(a.O. mt VO ft;n.) Klhi'l>la» inulc the Cimbf inm 
of tb<!*ourli pay doidy for ihc u«Uliuicc nvlu^li tlicir 
bretluvii tif tbo iiurlli b(u) ^■jtcii to bin ctivniifs. 
U« riTif^ (hp temlori«a of Ihe Wi>Itli ; hi- im- 
(Mini a (|u[1.r(iil ujioii Ui«di ; ami Ihv kiiui of 
Alicr'fmw (at llic oM ani ciprcM) paid trlbiiM Vi 
ilic kiuit uf l.ijiiilaii, ijL uufnc), o>«n> (klcoiwi and 

hiiundn." Tlic Brltorw of ComwiJI Were drlicu 
£fom the eilyi>rEsettr, wlitrein ihrj had unlil Iben 
dwelt in runjuiiGtiitii witli ihL- Knslnh.' Tbi« p«- 
pulalion >«»i forteJ ■uutliwinl. bir)'uuil ilic caunc 
oi Ilie riycr Tautir. wliicli ihcn bi'camu, and al 
lliii dajr raiilinim la br, n fronlirr of Coruwall. 
Glh«t(tan bouttd In hlsrjiirtnnof havin^anbdufid 
ntry mopir fnrrl^ (a tint Salon nuv, inhabiting 
the Mluiil of llrlliun.* To tbr AnslD>nui«i uf 
Nnrlhnmbrln far icaTr a Nam-e^iati tor IhEir ga- 
Tcmvr. Tlii>>Ta«£ilc, von q( tli(i>l<t,iui old piraU 
ivba tDlrxMl obri«ti*u t<i obtain thi* ^v<<rniiipnl. 
(a.I>, tiXJ.) On the <la« of hia bapttam bo tvrtm to 
lt««p and dtftwl Nortiiiunbortatidfrom tha[)agant 
aiid pltatM.* and from heJiiK a an-kiug ha bcamc 
Llufof a proi[Dcc(aB (he SoaniUaKnani' nptcated 
it). But Ihti (no peaceful dignllj toAti gr«v itk- 
aornc to hitn, and he bnlooli bimiFlflu ItU ibip*. 
Aflpr an abtrnei* of ■■nae j-ean, b* rvluriied lu 
iliil the North uinbruuii, irbo pilv him wrlrunKr, 
aiut n^-appuiiilcd him tlii-ir vhii'f, witliujt ibv coil- 
hi-iit of tt>" ftiitoJt k iti^ h^tiiTil,' HijLc^coiThir Ut llic tun 
nf bUlixUuu. (t.D.tidi.) Edml marched tgainal 
Ibcm, aiul forced iltPin to abaniloji Eric vlia, in 
hi* lum, in reirnitc bt thi-u drtcrlioii, nmi- iiid 
nlinfkc'il ihrm, aloni; viih fifv cunnir chiefa {ton 
Uciuiwrk, (kc Orkney*, and (lie Hrbriclet. 11* 
fell iu tlv« fint tiattk, l«gMh*T irliH thf Rt* en- 
kin)p, hl« allic*. Thla death, rlorioiu (o a Scan. 
■Ilaarian. ww wUibntpd by lim aealda. or bard* 
nf the uorth, ivhoi nllhoiit taking iuto ibeii ac* 
count the baptism vbkti Eric had ree*iieil amoiig 
the GaKtiih, |i!««d him in an ide«l paradlM, ^ui(v 
lUdbrtui from Uiat of ITio chriitiana. 

" 1 liaie had i <L-daiu," tablUie p«n<vp'lKiorihp 

erald i " I foiinil m}*elf at (he ilawn uf day in (he 
jl of Valhallt,' iin-parlnir I'll ihinj^ for the recep- 
tion ortho*e flain in t-illlr^ 

** 1 awakened tliu lit-nwn Iniiu Ibeir ale*]! ; I 

■ T(«Oa, nValiiiM. fVirA. ■• ih( K*<3Br(r aao»()*gD bf 
llw Tmlnw* lu tluiv ol Uir tVllic ut bman ranw. 

• Cbian. Hum. kI. tiiWvL. g. ttl-llt. 

• t^nuritywcUn-la, llt».(ILe( UccaVdllnt.ed. 
k WaMo*. r- I**' 

t QtetvuiniifflrU v^Hi* evn AqjIU Jurv InbabiurtnL 
(iniltlB. liliiiiHi*. lis (nt. rr. Aa^.. lib. U., spad l«, 
jU«lh. -nlpl..p.ft«, Bd. B»i1*.> 

■ A mapaiv lAhcMsnt. s<ii leiraui i>rim Anilman 
aanx aattimu qn» IktunnUra IihIiiuI ilUi imli cibiail* 

Sllhan* l^d(*'^ r^U ■^4 M«Ni««a Anxtlnuii*. D'i|;' 
kU. Ill- 1 <M.> 

■ . . .IViiiTtuT cet*t» Idtam *ll*ti|4* (itniM. f*t,»tn't 
lUlaukilMt'. II'Km AAilMiu'* fnuB iMa. *u1, 1. m.> 

T 1%H<fw*Jaa. fMWKytiu. JUIei-riM. 

' jfd^>tfrii«mM«M-u«7 

• r«.MffailfBilMlW4r*ii(ni>"lM4. 

pennadeil thrin to rite, aiid axraup ibc bcnclM^ ni 

pr<jinrTlbvdruikili>;<ii|i<<i wfurtbv arriiilof a king. 

"'Vbeiirr all Ibis t iimi'M 1 V rxi'lalaia Bram; 

■ whenoo la It that to miny men are artiio la 
plarlng Itio lienchpat' Otiiii ri-pliiM. ■ It ii bc- 
canuR Rrk I* cmnlag; I cipcrl tiim. Atiwr, and 
gi to iitc<t him.* 

•■ 'And whj doc* bii coming ffiif* tliw wore de. 
light than that of another kingf •Bonitiwi manf 
ar«> (lie plneea in wlilcll be haa tlaln^ bin aword 
with blcKHl: maiij' arc ilie place* Hhcrr hia bloud- 
■tolned tvati baa bona ilrnvn/ 

■' • Hall to (hre, Ericl Drave warrior, enter ; 
thou art welcAme in Ihii abode. Tell iia iclml 
kiiitf* accorapwiy tlieu. Havr luau) coats nilh 
llice frutii ihe ruiiibal 1* 

'* ' Fiti- kin^ cuiuc.' aiiancn Eric; ' Kid I an 

Ibir Mill..' "I" 

(A.n. tllittoDIS.'i.) The land of tlie KorthUk- 
briutu, whirli had liltlicrlD prvstrved ita anelcmi 
uimr at tiiiffdom, now Inat il, atiil irni diiidcd itae 
soeml i>n" incea. The eoiiutrj tiluatcd LelYfwtn 
Ihe Iliidiher and tlic Tee* vtm nsmed (be proYltiea 
of York, In Airg1'>-Ka\"m Emrve-tim. Tho IWrt 
nf Ihe coainlrr. aa far ax the Tireeil, kept the gnne- 
ibI nam* of ScrtliiinnbriK, Xonium-laanfim-laad, 
althoiigh it ronaiili-ddfririaiuleiriLnrialdiiJBicina; 
*1». the land of ibc CambiiEUli — Vaml/nclandt n«*x 
(he l^oliray t'riUi; [be lurid of (be W«AUm mi>uu. 
i»lii^~iyMt-Kormya~Iiirtd : and, lull;. ^'orihuH- 
hrla. prupeilyau called, out bL-binden of (hrnanrm 
ira, between iho rfvcta Tjtic and Twrcil. 'I'he 
Northuinbrlan «hlali, under the aupcrioc authorili 
ci the Aiif^lu-Haion Linf*, iircti.-rrc'd the Ualiuli 
title wliieb tUrT- had borne *inEB Ihe iuTBainn, and 
euDtiuued to bo eallett iuli , ar eurli, auranling !» 
tlie Suou oilho|[ni{ihf. TUi» i« a nord whuie 
ori^iiial aifnifioatloai ii duubtful, but which the 
Scandiuariain applied Is (mtjt ■<ii1 of cuiimtaiiiicr, 
irlif llicr military or cMl. ncting ai the IieutcnaB( 
uf lht> aiipr«mi> i-JilH^ rnllril king at kining. 

By deip-era, tlin .\nf[ln.Saiani introduced tlib 
ncn- tlUi: inio Ihrlr ti^rritniici of tb« tiaulh UHt 
n-r>li and made It the ijuaLlyof llio*« inuntrateate 
whom ivere dell■(!a(■^■.l (br goTemmrm of the giMI 
provlnrm fomierl) callnd klngdoina, vrilh thn au- 
prerniiry over »ll tlie looU mafbilnite^ o>ei (be 
prefveu of ahim— ^Airv-fKr^n «» »Au^-r»re», the 
prefect* of (uwiM— ^prf^^nWi and the cldcn of (hf 

Sieoplf— (Mir-mew*. Tbia laal lltb: had lirea, he- 
:>re Ihal of tort, the generic name of the pvU 
Aiii;1o-SaKOit DnagiaCraclea ; ihieticeforn-ird it na 
loitcfrd a alcp, and eitrndvd nidy Iti iiifciiot 
jurifdi<li«iit ami cnuiuvii'Hl diguitiea. 

ThcitrralniMaortlvc IJuix-t, iiow bceome <i(iamB 
of En^and, etnbrairi'd Clirittiuiiilj, lhi( they inlihl 
ecave lu be rvL-kutieil fiiri^iuiicra. I^eieral, in run* 
■idvr«iii>ii uf cr^iil* i}f land, (onk the ilttr ainl uAcc 
or iK-Tpctual dcfenileii of the churcliea iirhl(]i thejr 
hail fuiiiivTljr ilcvaatalfd «it1l lite. There ««« 

*M-n umr Dune* who entered the religloui ordcn, 
■lid embraced a ml and ftooniy prufeHlon, whioht 
iu anoilicrtonn, called to mind the anpetUj af theb 
fomicr waj of life.'' 

'* Tinf<M lUsl. let. Nnrret .part irriiiiila. lili.fv,<Bn.ia, , 
f. 1»1. 

1 1 ifuamiu roatlh'x (Mo. Tir . . - ■ p>n-lm,w|< baIiui- , 
Liln . . . IdiH el <^«aainiii InlMiilaioin in.OvilHlla o^iiri**' 
ilU(. ((hitirnii, maUikoB ■ittd-f, Caaiuai. Ai(Im Mcm, , 
<0l. ii ti.) 


111 «o»qiiaia» of ilt^nllKB. 


F.ltWilllIlKJItlKIDUlllUtf. 2H 

(±.a. 9M ID075.) In llio rcmlution whkli tuiitrd 
ill Eogtaml,. fiom thr Twi-cd la ihc I<aiict's Enil, 
In ODC anJ (lie uini? pnUlkal body, ihc pirnrirr of 
llap kifig*. UDW liccomo RtonBrrli*, iiic»a«sl in 
ttn-iifth «■ ll iiirrv'ntei) in »Kl*nt, xiti bM^mo, tcv 
Pith neirly-iiiiltpil itilie, morr oii|iiv««i*i> rhiin Ihp 
ilirit-iil (iiiHiT (if liirlr hiful kinip liml hrr-ii. The 
■wiiriatiiiD of tlitr Aiiglo'I^auii!! with ihr Angln- 
SvMA ptortntwt nc*t*«iinlj tlinv upon Ihf JbiIit 
tAmcwhal «f the hnr*h biid Jcalaut rule whkh 
wvl^Mt bcaTiljr upon IhP fi>rm<^r, u being |i*optMl 
With foxngncn forcibly vubjecinl. Th« Hne king*, 
ncTCUJng llirir ri|i;bt iti inr itonh at co(ii|ucro», 
■Uil in the wutli w Icx^l)) clii>*eii wtGrritpiHi vt-n 
■oon l*d tn mnrounJ thin Iwufolcl rlianclpr of \htit 
•utbotltr, anil to tnalur but a ilij,'))! ilitlini'livn tic- 
IWMV 11)0 Anglo-Duui nijil llic Aii);1i}<Shiui), tlip 
Ibrrlgnrr utd ibr natlivi llic (uIjjiti-i uuJ ihi' free 
clti«en> Tbue Aniflu-Sa^iuii iiioQ«rf1iv coitrcim) 
•n Fi«ggpralo<] »piiiii>ii nf lh>'mi>eK(-> and Ilirii 
iM>wi>r; tlim- (iimiuniLrd UicuidfItm nilh a puotii 
b*lloT* iinkRowTi; uiil Uirj craned to be populur, 
liVr Ihfir prT'IrcrMnri, wLo, takLa;; liie pci-pb tat 
tlwit tsmn>*Il«r in all thiiiai,' f-uml il alwnji rntljr 
ln|t*tlii<mlliil vhicli iC tiailitwIfdn-rFn!. («.n.S73 
toBMD.) Tlimwaroir nrwenutP) of nmlioTial iipnk. 
■WW In Bnitlutil. GrvaC u ulir Ihpncrfonv-Brd 
•ppmrt^ VBiIrT rliSrC<. to drmrrltiF whaie liilt-t of 
bottODf lUM lUUty tiaci,* ibir nai it) nolity 1m* 
CM«bl« of r«<i«ttiiK mu c^xt'mal pnriay llian wbcii, 

reaneed. ta a ■mall number <if protinotR, but 
fovcriKd without either CMtontiilion or ilraporian, 
hit iialUi&al 1m bnn- no olhrr ■i.ipriwriptlon tiinn 
»I. Alfrrd. kinKoflliaWcn-Saaant.*-* 

TIm Daiiiili popuUlion in Eii|{lsnil. >ubjpcled 
irith drfn rcKWl to •ov*Tei(rTH viba vet* laro'mtx to 
ihHr Batiaa, coiuUtLtly lurunl IhcJr vyt iipun iho 
a)w. Iui|ihigr that each breeii' wduIiI briiu* lliem 
dellTmni and chioia frain lliuir lUinnlt vutiiitry. 
Pfocvra* llwir rxiinrtaliriEi lori^ frtiitlL'n ; ftir in tnv 
rvign of fUbsItvl, anii <if KiIkix. tH<' i^uiiirralinlu ut 
tha ptapl* {ir Uia north Into Iliilmn, wlacli Imd 
aatvrantlivljfnwed, all at onrir rr-uftimnl a hcnu 
tlterfaar«ttet. Kctemhlni iif war rame to thv cciant 
of KeKt, aMl nlandcEVit ibeiilf erTlim^-'t. Tlirre 
«Ih«r ahlp*. «b««Sng thplr rniir«p ar.tilhinril, ra- 
Ta^pd the plarri ationt Soul li am pi on. (a.ii. 9H!*.) 
Soaa troopa aim were Isiulnil. "who iiTrrrsti tlie 
caatcmpartA, and rnimirhriil iJirniiclTeaoiiicvcral 
point* of t^tl-cQaft. The alarm >pr«ad a> far ■• 
lAtnAoa lAj,.t^\ io!i)l3)i uid Eibclr«il nMembkcl 
th^peat iMiMnt (eim«ll, wlilcb, under tlilt indolent 
and TalB-slork)i)a tnontrch, nna an uaembly of finr 
ollMTii tliau p»|ii!« and eoiirtlm, more illipoard lo 
Hatlcr tbe pildr of a aavDicIf^i ihaa to offer wUe 
evuDavl*'* f\tnfumiiii;f their opinioiM to tlic known 
at'WrfiMt if the kin^; to any bold and eaergctie 
DMMnre. tiM'jp (h'luitlit it bm tu ptnuidii thn 
Danra la tlriatrl liy llir olTi^r ufaium <'iuiTnletit 
10 llio piufll wtikli lliiiiH^ plratci eajiMlcd lo make 
bj IIkit iBTaMun of Eiif^l^d. 

■ ilrfr, Rtf^iyyi* wr*^<i*nr, Sn- ihv praanUM of the 
AM^taaisliwIaHiakorilTlMKiiini* Llutuamni Sv|ikiii- 
nlH^laiB. nl. 11. la liic. 

a nacAiW. MunHtlmi AaiKeaa.. till. I, t(i). 

■ jCfuk. Mf'Mui. narttortaliui Smmiiin ll*ii. 

' ■rai>alO>i^>d-<'>tiBlea4Ha>f«clu>. (Aitkin >lul<uo>1>, 
df pM. nv. AIM)., lib. a. *pii<] IK. An(ll*. tii\»,, |>. ai. 
nL M*1lv >—•(•■ .... iiilwllk qalalBbnllll*. iii'u.i.l,<,m 
Hl*> maai latllifB BrtaDe paMfOdabaL ((Mxini. \n> 

Thorr ctiaiwl an ancient iinpmt, inoini hy the 
nauu of Danc-|Crll, levird, frum time tu time, fir 
maliitaliiiiii; a coaat-guard aHuiutt the iiicunlou* 
af SeoDdinaviau HirMlra.' It w«a lliit idriiiL'iil 
foEiil vliieb wai oflkrcd to tha now Intmrten naAet 
the iianio uf a tribute; IhoM innnuden j[\ni\\\/ ac- 
ce|it(il il ; aiid tbo lint pajineni woi a niiii) uf irij 
ibouaaoil [hjuikIi!. viliicli lliuir n.'n:itc4 under con- 
dition «f <|iiilli iig Kii(laiic4. Thry aiLiliil atra}, ll 
ia Imc ; but ibny Hion irturaod In |treal«r num- 
bera. in ludrr to obiAin a ttre«ter *um- Their 
dei'i aioeiickd Iht lliimlirt, anil laid uatlo balJi 
Ita hIiuci-b. The Anglir-Ktixon iahaMiaula of ihe 
ueinililHiuring rouiitiri look up ann< (•> oppi:ii« 
Uicin ; but. when ahoul In enlace, three of llieir 
cliielii, of Daniah orlnln, betnyeit itiem. iinil wont 
uTrt to tbe enecny* AU the ni-wiy ■(■oniertnl 
Dane* of II^rtliuaibCTliuid cntfii-J liitu allianre 
anil amllj uitti Ihe pagan* iKwty Brtirvd froui tliit 

(a.i>. !)D4.>'11ien-ir)«!tofc)iri)i^M)onbrBiig!it into 
the 1'hiiniei a deet uf ei;{hly TeHela, cnrnmaiidod 
bj two kiiitfa, Oliif of ^Dmay aiid Rirrn ' nf Den. 
mark ; the cerondof wlioni, after rcceitingbaptiim, 
had relnmed ta (be woohiji of Odin (».i.. WM to 
1003). Tlie Iwo nonheni kln^ In toktn of havliij; 
taken iKMoeMtun. jiUtUri] a lanee on Ihv thoiv, 
nnd cut anoihei tuto the itrrun nf the Am crenl 
Ti*ej wliifli thej pnxtcd. They marched (lajt on 
old hUloiian) vacurted by file and awonl, Uicir 
ordinary wtvllllea.' t^helned. whom Ihe eon- 
«douani--a of hia tinimpulatiiy made fearhil of at. 
pejnbltnc an Brmy,^B|[a]Ii pmpaatdanun of money 
lo the memy. If lliee woulu rctiiv bi pmce. Tliry 
denanded twenty -tDur tliouaand pound*, whicb 
the Kiion kinit initantly paid M Iham, and hr 
hlm*«>lf wai uiuScil tvith ihHr proniiMa, anil with 
iIm' run version uf a nauiihchirr. nho recnivod with 
Rreal iTrvnioiiy, in ihrcalliedtal of Wbic)ieaUT> the 
rite of liaiptiHrn ; nhieUi otui of hi* njinpaiiiovia 
Mid, wilh dpHiion, h' harf hiniiwlf atr>adv Itv^e■<ed 
at leaal twenty tiinea. '* 

(*.u. UKr.l.) Thtirureoflliptimderawaafkrfroin 
liviiii- peareful, in Ihe plnon whet? Uicy were e*n- 
toKeil: lliey liolsted ihi' women and killed the 
men. " Tn«lr tniot^neeand thai|reif4MeB,etpiliiig 
tile reannlnienta of lh» native ponnlalioii to Ihe 
hifthsHt pllrh of fury, ahririly hrauKhl about one of 
tlimr [ini rf natlnrial irnifanro which il larrjunlljl 
ilifflculi tu coitdcmn t>r lo jiulify, ber^iuc a nobis 
palriotitm and a ditJain of opprtcMon are iutcr- 

■ Tim'igi't, B^HTfttUt in latin, l*itnfijtfiint. (Hae- 
ilnHm lUiuiiHel ini(i|uaqtia hliliintim lu'riav td rviiJn. 
milM rm i|Bi plntarvn lR>-|ill4inl nuiUwtt ulniueiil. 
(Lein Kiimnll.Miid'Wtlklai.p. ■*■.) 

• Ml*, ln«Bl(. rmylin.l., apnil r<r. Aiitrll'. •rrlpl ,<n.1.i, 
» . Ill, Oilv,— (liiun. JiAan. Ilhtinbia- *i>uil hM. /tiitUr. 
mli>l..iul i.mi, tll.rd.lttiLJni.— R(iln(TlHl<»r, nAwmm. 
lih.V|i. Ial4.<>>1, ^idni.— HltUlni. Milsink 4> (nl . iri, 
Aiiitl.. Ikb. ti.. (latilm. Anxli' KrIpL. p.*a. cd.lteille. 

' .^^'M.ft'iHUd.Siivyi.tiyHy*. ■ )oun|| BtB. (Kiv Ihn'a 
01 vw.) 

■< l.^im iliiPiliui nllli* Marie et Talunfl. fChmn. Jnhin. 
Diniaiuu. B^dKlai. \a(l, Kri|'4..>iil.|.(ol. •»>, «4 Srl-lni ) 

' FitmiiUD* awrluruai Euillum (ibl Aikltn nnunu. 

(Wlllrlln. Malnirdi. p. M, ni Kaiils^ 

>* JaniTlciBhIclMiuwnu.lMmuliiuhnditiiillLiiiid 
■rti|M. rr iinlUt n Fraaiar., *nl. t. IM.J Dimn, Jokia. 
l1n>iBiJin. Apiivl llirt- An^. HTlpi-, vol. i. col. a*«.— Chree. 
^tiai rd *i\l*mtu, p. IfT, 

1 1 JhiD i^uA p««vBi ftdacd ..... uaar^ . . . vl ilU* * i 
xuiitiini-rr praauniHraul. IMallurl WaMncoaM. nan* 
llui.p.tiw. FnaeOnLIMlJ 


Miamat ortlie Diian. 



wtu i-rili'roi] iuiu, uiiitrr tJii> ejuu, auil wilh Itx- 
eoiiiiitviici-. of Itiv mwiitnl*^ and lu^-al unkcn, 
iit»iiiiit llii' Ukoro af the im-jil iiiTiiHian, of vilmui 
tmili invn, iromsn, anil cUldfVD vnv iudlwii- 
ininalel}' ■•■•ili.'d in tbctr mii cral |ilic(s of sbodv, 
ud were kll (laut,-hlen<il, oit ui it|)pc>irilcil dsy nud 
buur. Ujr Ut«ir tuinl' mil iboir nviitUliuun. ' Tbin 
mUMKW waa louiUj iuTci^bpil msinM. nl the Utar, 
umL th* pdium dI It MTOd mi nn imniUci cbkn(« 
k|pill>*t ^1 EngUah lUllon Ity tboir vncmiM, on 
«i])tw><)ii«nl aMaMMiso(i)iuuT«l ; It took pUrn en 
Stini Itnce't daj. a.o. 1003. Ii did nut t'Ktciul to 
llir nortlirru imil oMrtn (iroTuvmof tltekuiKdani, 
ntliuttin tbc o)il>««alilUlivtl Dmic*, nlto went 
IratlfapvpLf and ■^■raltiiriitii, (iirini:^! Ihi' inijor 
ptttMlhep*ptiUtlon: but Th^cniirt' Imly (if (h« 
now miqapron, wUb tha »cnpii«n ol'n *i-ry ainm]| 
niualicr, priUhrd, aa did alao on* of Ihr klnK of 
Dpninnik'a uLiicn. To t>kr rcveapi; fnr tliat mur* 
■Irr, aiiit la indict x rp|ril)uti«p puriiihnicnl for 
wliHi li« dvsi^atril th* lT«a«iin of iLu Euf^iitli 
|i#opli^, Kinx Swi^n' aMpmblvil an nririjr loui-li 
nMirc ninncTOiM llinn Ihr- Ural, mil in ulik-h. it we 
«r Ig liclitic thp anririil namliTra, iher* mM 
ncillirr n alav. nur a (rM-d man, not «ii oM inUl { 
liut ourh vomkaUat wii fivp, tlic (ou of a (r*o 
luaa, and ■» IJitr *i^iu of hb ag*. ' 

(».P. 10(M,) Tliia annj iiutiuked in xeaH-li 
liavtiijc hurli dcrkli fDrh bl-ariliK l iliMilicUTV eia- 
bk-m which dr*lKi>B>'''l Ihc cuiuniaikdM. Some 
had. at thrir provr*, E((iirH o(lianl,l>ullii, dulphliia, 
■>r iiipii. of ^t «ipprr ; >t tiic annM-hndi nf oibort 
wtiv binl* i>sii!iiiling ihnt ninfi anil lurnina trilh 
the viud 1 tliB Bidea of ihr )hij» vrcrc painted ui 
JiSatnA c«k*ur», wid *ht«liU of pollahcil drcl vent 
huOK upon lhi>iii in mn. * The kin^a ahlp had 
lliplrn^hpnnil fiirmof avcrp^iil, lit hcadadvaneinif 
lo Uii! pmn, and m l»l niileil »i llw tlcni ; better 
il wu called [An tirrat IfragoH * (1001 lo lOOU.J 
At lifclrtliti'iDbaikiMioTi on ihc Ei]i;IL>li maal, the 
l)aTiMt( turmcd into huttalioQ^ uoTucImI n mja* 

lartima naadud vhlch they dmombutfd tb« 
ibnvn. Il waa a banner ufwliitr tUk. lii tho<«nlT« 
of which WM canbrDldrivd a raira, Rilh npi>n brak 
aoil nlciiikd wlnm* Umte of Iudk Swpin'ad*. 
Ifr* had pcrbntidrn-tl it in a Iib^i4« aomniMtiTtctf 
ihfir UtK>ut with na^if iiirBtitatiOaa and gcatietk- 
lUtuuv Tliia haanor. wlili-h, aipwabl; to the 
aaprralllioM noUun* of thr Srandlitavlnn*. ww a 
■vrr nltdica uf ikloryi iurrrun) Ihr nrit»ti( aad iIm 
(«aMrac« of tlic Iwab intAilcra. ]n ricrj [ilace 
Ihniugli which th*]r joaaed, un Bticlrllt lli•^>^iun rc- 
niarka, Uwf g^\f partook of thi> rcpaaU which 
were uninllingl; prvpanvl for Uwib ; and on thoir 
dcywtun Um; daw ih^ hoti %v*\ bunii hii ttnuM. ' 

I MalWiM na Uhavl., (HM.) 

* HoBtttanaiwli Snn. Sata, Saraiii. xai ^hnrtn: Ibm 
■*>• wntal tMn^ kl«t* at tUm nt>. Tlix hliba^a, H. 
Thkft}, al««)* iriliai ^ttil intfalily an laeiinil luitlMni 
■i*lKa( : biiil Uw (urn nf »-rrj*. vhlch apfin^**!** la 

' Nulliu wit lU. nntfiii n vnu lilimtu. nulliu ^ puiMll. , 
■olIlLi •rUlll lAllc •Ifhib*. (kmiiMa tnni nntrfln, nina>f p|*- 
DtttBUibfDtnmnluUa. (Kana* rqctnn l^ixanWin, lund 
■TtM. iwr, Nnrmaan. |>. lis,)— Cliioa. KaioB, ol. (HLhu, 

* Rn)i(ui Emma Encoailua. WUt . n. tc*. 

* Snam; llflBHtnBcU. UmU iIhb HadrUn «a(«. 
"I'.al, Tul- ll.t^ lia, 

* Oirnii UaM Mn amu l iiM i M alu. (Komui nvlo* 
Kuonliiai, a^d (cnnl. m. Aof auBO^ p. ITu,) 

' faldi^aBl hnnrtu ftoa. h aiii Uu fcrnBaa. fllmwl 

Tbry CTM^-whoiv ^rriod off lh« hono; aud, 
becainiitg nTiUiort, scrciding In ilip tulica nf 
Ihiir ptcdeccMnn. thoj fnnrdipd rapidly arrov 
lliv cuuntry, luddenly pm«Diinc ihcniaclyea when 
ItiFf wer« Ihouglil to ba al a distance, Uiil t^t^~ 
|iriilnf Ihg rortm^d ratllvt mid titira. In ■ altDit 
>I«ii> of lint'* ibi'j had coiiquarvd nil the aoBth- 
r-ulrrn provliirr*. from tlii! itiuulh of llie n*vr Out* 
to ihc ba} of Sciutlirkmpinn. Kiiij; lithelmd, who 
noict wai prp|iiii<'d for liutlki cuuld uot ImaglBe 
koj olh*r ilfTirrr than that of putrhaaing hj paj- 
inL-uu uf money uci-iuiunal Iruwa of a frw oajv 
duiution.Bnil tliiitrinpuriiiii^ policy fibligvd hlmio 
ojipttu Ills pruuli' Willi iiL'w and monbatlhenMNnF 
Iiiiptntt. * Suck of the Euvlish aa had the piod 
faitulie In he ttill pteSLirtod fciitn th« Duiiab plan- 
dvrvn ticaprd nnl ihr niyid rxaclloiu ; and. 
Udder one farm or ntiiT, the inhnblianlt of CMb 
district were niro to hare ercrythlnit toira from 

Willi* tliciKp who gfiremeil B>i|[tand were itliu 
miiklCif eompa>-l>i with lh.> {arf\gn*rt, at llir r«- 
ppuir uf iho p^nptp. thi-rp wBi one itian who, 
Ihuugh K'^nt and pon^-ffid In Uir entiiitr^, cIicmc 
ralJicr to die ihun lo niitlinnur auch daalanlly con- 
•luiil by hii riimjilc. Tlli< naa the Btcbblihup of 
t'unlcrbijry, tinmed Klfrg. A ]iriaoi)Fr anintii; the 
Dunn nflt-r (he niege of Ihe epNcopal rilj-, atid 
dmicerd bj llirui (romoiie raMinipiiti.-ui loaiioibrr. 
lie ri-inii.Sncil Iciik in chain* wllhoul pronuiindng a 
wonl nboot n>&*oin< Th* Dativa fint hecatne 
■irrd of Ihit, and prnpoied to thr-b C«pti(i< lo fw- 
•lun? him lo Lborlj fof % nmuiin ef ihrr* thauainil 
potiuUi. ami Mi [iromii* to |ii-riiiBiIr_,ldni; EthrliMl 
li> pny lhi:in a iiundniptc sum. "I hue not tu 
uiucli aiuiii;)," r?ptied the SiuaiiarchhUhnp ; "and 
I irill U- !i co«t lu itu ouF ; nor uiti 1 pounacl mj 
ktiiflo anything InfonsM^nl wlih ihc honour of 
mj connitj."' He Iriudlj dwlarnl ihal he would 
scrrpi of nn pmiriii fiiini aoj rotvaida hi* raiu«m, 
ami ritrhiiili: hit filrnda lo ■iilifit aii)lliiii);, aiylliy 
tb4l it would he iicaxuii in blin lo p*y Ibo rnciniva 
ofEiiftland. (i.D. 1017.) TheDani;B,Utinlingiii«r* 
for iDuuiy llinii fur llii) blood of Ihe ardihuhoa, 
oflm rfpL-atrd I b«ir dcinaiida. " You arne Ma Ui 
rain," iejiIIciI Elftrj^i " [ am nut llie nun lo pro- 
vldo ebrittbui llvab fvt pacau twili to dirfoor, and 
it would ht ao acting If I ilrtincrrj unin yon that 

which the poor hum laid by foi tli*lr •ubanU 

The Danci at lenj^li to*t alt paticaer'; and ooo 
dny, when Bomc! hoi^-Bhcait( of wine hod beta teat 

lltrm from tlir louth, itiry draiilt di-rjdy, aud, a«t 

knowing with whnl lo div«n ibtmMlvct nflcr Ibelr 
fcMt. ihi^ rviiohrd by way of paillriio lu britig Um 
arcbblahnp to tiial. lie woa bniu|ht bi*fon> Ibinn. 
tied on a aoiry fMtj, la the yUc* when wen 

tluniinrbtn. Illi*., lib. tL.aiivlm- AaglW. anlyL, f.Mt, 
pj. SivllF.) 

• lllil. Ingiiir, ITioylanl.. aiM4 i*t. Aaalb. iivtHt. nLt 
apvit riv Aiitllr wriiA. p. Miitr.) 

■ SI . ■ . FklsiiiBpU* ■! aat ««(jH>u4ica> [inwi aliiw i n* 
■TuilUlimipi.mittf^ditrm train vilmHn-fi fiiHtiimai.&iltinlal. 
(_J».h^ini. iiln * i:iphra-i. Aiiiilii •ju-iB. Tol. it IM.) 

'^ l^litliiuiiiinicn<'-*iiira |i«K«uitiLnil.TmrfatUVPDiijadMa. 
K(d t>|tiU.m U ^0401. li nuai uutvrUa id ^lum urmv 
nil "Wla bw mwiUia* ataiMMain ImUia. ( IM ) tint 
nert UM. UK, IIU L p. «. ad. 3eI<Ku_— ll»t. la^f Vny 
Uh4. «in»l m. ABflie. trtift., ml. i a;, nl. "-I- - Cktut. 
John. llHnDiMi.a^ haaoT. AntLaniu., loL Lai, 


IHnUh niliurv ultiiiii;il, 
6«i71 kLii!;utKlixli>D*l. 


IIiMh4 Om to MarMMdt 
Uulbel nsa df Uw fni.t.. 31 

ortlinirilr hcM Um couut- it uf ww mud ilic militiu'} 
Itiliuul -. th« chMi BUd MnrrioTa of htf{li raik 
were wiuil SB luM ctodM Ihit farrricil a niilc 
nimwhiJ rirftr. nnn it no srrai ilntaiu'i' ih^rr wu 
sn BKKVOBi filla oS buncd of dieckn uiti Iioiui ut 

Sii •MID ■* lti« Anglo-SftxMt |>rlmaia wu Intio- 
docad within Ihu rirela thi)r«Bro«i^ii|:mirrj ^tn . 
bII (MMtUn of " tiult). arclibUhnn, (old! — or trt 
«ill nulie ihtf |iUj a, fan ihut *li*lt rrniLcr llicc 
faHMHW iM Uic wo(l<l." * Klfcg calmljr isailr hm- 
•war; "I offw unb> you lliu rUliM Af wiadon, 
irhcnbr y will n-uouiici' jour •uiicnrilliHii, and 
UcMivert yau tu tbewunliip of lUc trtw (idiI ; but 
tf y« dcapbc vy comiMrl. know lliat jrr ilinll pcrUh 
>• did Boiloaii uitl yt iIiaII not tttike root In tfala 
luid." At thpiv woida, which kjip«)>i«L to th«ni 
k AtiMN and ail iniulc to Ihrir rGliKiou. llir >clf. 
COlMtUlad Judm <|uHteil tbuir araU, niid. nuliiii^ 
vpoo tha archbialiop, Uirew him to IIil- c«rtb, 
•rriblivhlni nlth til* bMkuftbcit tKiehicla;«om« 
«f thcia nut to ihv fUo wf boim and hona^ uuj, 
lifti^ tbrniflhrtv lh*m u a ahawer up«ii tli« 
II Mto Wainn. ihua ktao kPRpintf oCtbn ctoArd that 
1mm nmnnd«d htm. Tht atrhbiUioii cMsjeJ in 
vainiapkcr hlmitUin a knrrllng iKMiUuti toptaj*, 
aail foon hll (bnrard half <1'C«1 j h>* d«atli iracoii- 
•uouaatcd bjr ■ aoLdiM whom h# hud c«n*mt«-il mA 
bafltaed Xht preetdlli^daji, Biid who. With a ^a^- 
bafUn'a emipuaiaii, apUi hi* limd hj i Unw wllh 
a haale-ajb aoaa to Icntiiaaic his MilTrrlnit*. Tli« 
omrianre wtia at flnt yoinit to thr«w the corpM 
lalo a ncii^ihouring ditch ; hut the Ai>f;l»-S>ion«, 
vita Wwamil Elftf ■« a uurtyr fur C'hhit aud for 
hla tfounlr;, piirdutpd hii body fur > lar^e >iitii of 
monpf, ud buhtsl him at Luiirluii-* 

(*J>i tl3 to 113.) Mi«litiint kiuc EtbplrL'J |irac- 
tlMil vrittivat aofufrtc wh^t the iurti(>i»iicjjt of Cm- 
l^rbUTTt at the |>*tU if Ilia own llf). hid M-fii>rd to 
advMe. One duj hb l>x-ipithrrvni* laiurit Irihutn for 
■hr I>aii'4 ; ii*it ilay thr Ihinaa pmcniFil llicmiclvp* 
and uucd on Uidr nim Mcounl ; ami, on thcii de- 
pactwni, the rojml agcnli again apjicnrcd, uid 
treated tUc uiJurtuiiaU inhahitftot* with ^Mti^r 
hanhuai than befiirp, Ftllinii thcni inilioTt uul 
pmwygn to Iht raccny.-' Thn ml pvrrcjar lo Che 
awnjtt Etbelr«d, at Icnitth « rmitd thn patleon 
of the peofile itho hid inndc him kliiE for the 
ft«U«iuf defence. Hani though the ruli; of fo- 
nlfavi^ it wai fouud betlcF to rvtign lLi'iut«1*v* 
It fUMM, than to awiit. aniiil iinupgiortttblu ptivi. 
Han* ander a hlii^whuahancd urillivr»|iitil iiur lir- 
nM>lh«n»amciilvf«la*vi7 ihttcoulil iiuibcavpnad. 
(a.B. 1013.) (tiFr<rr«lof lhce«iitmlcoiiiilic( i>>Iu>il>- 
•iljr NRTf Bd«ml to thr Daon ; Oxford iiiii Wmirhi!*. 
l»rrfu>nljafl«t\ianUo|iEn«llheltgaui; uidSuejru. 
adnnciiiii into the wmlrrn raunltjr oi far ai the 
lof kilHf of all lllii);liiaJ withciul aiij' opjioniliuii.* 

•ttiaiLS cdtbIIiu*. [niKin. H>x<iu-, nl. OIlMen. 

I. aanuB. (CMwrat. tu> Elphffl AnfUa aana, 

Kiua td. llilwin. p. tlb— Clinm. luhan. 
>. *|4il bid. An;tt' vilpt., nt. I. lol. (M. n!. 

(Itl>1- ir'>ir Ciofliad.. ap«<l m 
.ii4.l. H, isl. Uul^O 
fnifia pmlMorm rt tkauunin iDuriuiam, 

'•"Kaa Kli>Mrtua:iU!*(Sw*»- (Chran. Sax. Ml. nDam. 

F.Ui«lfHt, taRiSml at Iha mand d«0r1ivn. 4ad 
td thi- ania.IJ isi« af Wliftit; Bad fr«iB ibokM 
croaiod thr Chniuuil intu liaul, to aik tn BBilutn 
Ironi liii wife'a bnifher, tli« cbi«f of oaa of iha 
wctteni fvoviiicca a^iaMUt lo the tnvulh of ilia 

Ill niMning a bMlgn wanan, £th«lnd had rea- 
cwived thana|iaof ahtatadig MKaaKlBtaimagala*! 
tha Ifanra from hli vritt'* powaiftil ralalitaa: but 
he ma deueind In bla upoctattona. This loat- 
riagc, ivhieh naa lo bave procntcd dcfeadtr* ht 
Kuf^land, * hroiuihl from K^rom libc acB ouly piacB- 
hnnlcn aiid umbiliutn in«n, rtaritiit muoej and 
dljtiiiliM. All tliw tdWDi uf which the ciutudjr had 
barn girtn la thoac fbreifiiirn wen ihc tim that 
were nmBdctvil tu tliu Daiiei." Uy a (intpilai 
foiiicidmce, \lw yrini:t* tr-Huling: la Gaul, vrhuatf 
aUianc* thn Kaian ktUf; had an^inht aa an niiiihaiy 
in hia conlctt with ttin anniea uf Scanilinano. ma 
himielf of ScandlnaTian origin, nnd dnrrndnl 
6on t,n ancient chief of ]>irat«a. wba naa the con. 
qncrorof the Oauliih proTiitcc then, guvcmcd by 
hb po4t#riij in rif^hl nf Inharllanc* ; tbediiefof 
thli iiBw iljiinaty. tflct baling lanifdt^vaiuled that 
cnuTiTrT, had ttxpil tht^rfln ihp artlled abod* of hia 
pirallcal folloum, and founded, lOKethri with 
them, n Dciv dominion or ital«, which tvccivrd, 
fromllieit own >p[>eUalian.lh« naiDeofNoimaiuif, 
01 tcmtoiy of the Mormani.'' 

IV'urtiiiudy woa contifcuoui, on the aoulh, to 
Little Briltiujr, h atate which wo haie almuly 
•bo^ii to hai« beau foimdrd by iha Biid«Dt Bri- 
lidi aniigruil*; and on the raat 11 Joil»d tbo 

krgar ODontry frnm whirh it hud bwn dlunni- 
bomd. or noTlhrrTi Oatil, irhleh hid rrrriird kla 
newnamaof FranrobTlbrpitahlithinpntllirirlii of 
tbcFranha. (i.ti.fiUOio 1013.1 TIip dcicmduiuiof 
tbMc cmitmaufroiii Uertnanii atill dwrli there, 
aiid after five pmluriri wi-ry lo bp iliilinjpnilicil 
from lh« abnriiciiiid L'vUic racv, or Gaula, lc« b; 
mannmoT liiti^nait*. than bj ihrlr aocUl I'ooill- 
linn, Thr ImtirfM of thr dlnlnctinn of the tcrcral 
nee* noa ciidmecd In the daejdy tnecd diRereace 
of llisir aocial inittlaliena, aod in thoa< deai^a. 
lioua whinh aiprr»Rl thpin. To dfaifro^la civil 
liberty, theic wo, in Iha laitKiMK* comenuuljr 
a|icjkc3 iu t'rBi>c« iii ibr teath cvDtuty. no other 
word fur it than thai of /m mKw ox JiaMcAkr,^' a 
dialr«ItR iiiii'lj of iiraiiuiiciation, aud fmne taaf- 
niHcd,*ton« and thn lametjme, Iree. pawerftd, and 

(A.11. iW to 801.J To found, in thia dctirM', the 
KTcal iircnondcraacc of the coaiiuniiui not, th« 
ioTMion by ths aona of Mic^nlK. and ili<?- cunnrr- 
■Ion of thalr kingt to Iho Rnmith Allb, woukl 
prohahlj. tmaadil^d by olbrr iiiQumci-a, bate 
jiiokrd luiuffirieni. In Ina ihim tbraa ccnlimei 
after their eatubUahint-at in Caul lho« terrible 
Invader* bad Ihemictvea alnaiiol bmoiv lik* llu 
Uaiila ; tha king* d«a(«nded from Lulwlf, Chin- 

T China. Haun id. QllMn. p. 144. Walelm. KalonU 

d« t«4- tTf' Anrl.Ln>. lU. •|<i>J rvi. Aii||llr -fiid., )',■», 
«!. .■iaiile-'-IlaiiT. lluiiLlncil. Illil., Il>i tL. iliUl..l> 3<a. 

■ Ad ifiiii.n ii-Tu t< nti^trQi**r*'iUiwta t«tfni buq. i Ji^n. 
Brimt., MHiil lilil, Aif)1. Kil|4.. n4. t.oil. aat, r4. JirllfO,) 

• Mmriit iliiMlnB<lBiM..llkH.apalr(t.AiwllP wHpC 

II. im, nl. iUill*.— Ricn. da Huvcd. auiaL, y»n ptm. 
\a.\. n. 19«. 
•t Qoua N'wtHiaMiUm TliiiHtanl vaonmiit, M ip.d 
d» K<Bib»iiri twa^ aaip t . (amiib m. HoHaaaa. f. t.) 
II lBUUB.>aaWaa.,' " 

32 Kmiiit* at Uhul<ai><Ba. 
Ui* *iD>BtM abiWUH' 


dmrip or Clorb, u inolToaatto •« Ibrir foivfalhm 
IndlNMi fen>cfou«i liratted ifa«[r utibtllon rn tHc 
lu«wi«i oflUe (able, uiil to |ilcuai)t ncurdoiiK in 
thdr ro;«l waia*.* 1)«(, M that perlwl, thrrc ma 
|«t»le>l, bvtwMm Ui* rtvar Shhit kad thi? farMt of 
AnlannM. In Iho tBtrilMfwhieli the Frankn ffdt«(l 
tMttf-riii*, ox tli« L-aiUTO kin^otn. u tribp atiiLiuj; 
HhiiiKlhc Ttuttmicth.-ua.-iprhidlH'lterrntitli^Jllie 
liiUucni-o of (bs iMtnla of tlie Mulk. Arrivrd Cbo 
iMctl lilt Uu' ubi«tna«nl<i( lli« oonnuMI of Oftal. 
Mill lUJiMTwl Arom Ita poMMrion of Ihn rprtib ^ro- 
viiweamnd (lopulom ritimof Ilia«nuIIi, It alill aipiivd 
U> obuinar loiunsp > partinnnrrhvm.uiil tratdi-- 
•kow afsuppbrniiiKin iti''<' domiiiluti thi- Ftniiki "f 

MvpAtr-nW, <•! of ihc wpatTii liing^Lnm.' 'Hiiii 
dwing f NiJMI, foUanwd up for t> In'i^ pr-iini! wilh 
vuiom ■■BO W . WM U ieiifnlii In tV rlxh'ti enn- 
lurjf, •cromplbhril ; uiri, Diidtr tlir niilvnM itriii- 
bluicc af ■ TCTolutt«ii In ihi: rolil pthor, k real 
[iiTMiuu vftLo N«tMH«c bjIbvAimnmimi t'nnkB 
to«k pLftM. A MV0bd diviiion at Uclrd pr>p«rt}: 
WMvarfn in alaaMlvmrydiitnrtnrOiKtl; uiui^Dritl 
rw* of ktiqca arMv, tuit n-blvd lo Ihi' prii^riliiij; 
djMMly ; anul the ooiu|DnT of Oaul, renewed iu 
thk Dodit, MBumnl a inor« luliii|; furm. 

Thi* Riw not lhi< liiial noiilt ; tlii- n-arliliexrliiUy 
of lb* Frank*, nmiiiml lij>lhU|{msi Impolip, nritmt 
IlieMi in vMnr dtnjiHkin, bajAnil \iw tMiiiniiiriL-i uf 
Uidrlatc tcrnlnTle*; ttirv nair FiIi-nilrtlthrirLCiu- 
quoMMlOwardi the IJonubc a»d \l\e V.\\iv,xiiA^^- 
yosdllM^mnra* «n4 (Ko Alp*. Mi>*trno(G*iil, 
and «< boHi bunk* oT th« Rhinr. of tliii aoiilvtkt 
Icmtofy ofihe So«on coitfcrlpmlloii, of n porllnn 
ofltir ilnnilulrini of Ihr Slnrl or ScUtonlBns of 
lUMily ilio entire of luU'. «nA of tho north of 
E|paia, iLr Mconcl prinot- or the n«w Kruik (lyttMtjr, 
iLul. ramiMiMd ibtf Gritxt, whom ve ctll Chu'le* 
manne, cscbani^ hl> ttile <if king for tlut of eni- 
prrur. or (.'»«ir. which Imd for tihtn* Umc htaidrrd 
jreanbivn alH>b*hrfllQlhe wr«t (k.o.SOI.) Mcnae 
■ uuui uf iiidcfntifradlL' acliiilT. Ulil giftcd witli Uint 
Ulvnt fo« >dBiini*tr«li<ni wliirh dracsndifrDm (lio 

nwt compraliraalmTlaw* tn««rry minor dolBlI, uid 
nhk-h, by * iwnrtaMe panilM, I* btbh m iridrlj 
illffjrcnt *pott» lo rr-appnir in pariidn-likuUc^ 
irmiuKi. Bd( tliM iTTtal ttlcnti in tpito of its 
nUural r«aour«p*, CMild never, tritli«til lli« potU 
Ikal wtwiwi o\ iMMiy wMi iri ei. nnitgrnMatf in one 
xntilra ao mkaj^nuiontaf nrtou* n^sln, muuien, 
ana lMiii\iaeai nnder in j Minbl»nre of retl unlcHi ; 
lbanalinnl*UiKl«<ici«of cschnallan tubriftoli aad, 
la rr«t«ii( M nU|)btr to tupirp (Voni fulUiiit lo 
|Meci* ia Its ^«t]P moment of «fc«lian, it required 
the UMMeNbuiil of Ihi* firvat «n|wr<iT Iu lii^ nip. 
•UntlT appliML (a.n. flOl lo 1414.) So Imi; u 
CbMlim«pMbrami(l iha mtionBof wnicrti Eu- 
tu|i« rtM«ln«4 c«lit->lidilt<d undttr hU wida-cx- 
t*f>d«d rule, a dwnlitutoa forrlfn lr>tli<>milt,tli* 
Frank nalicti orilj riirjili-d; but Ihnw l>i<^n to 
break ibe band of Uiti ficlitioni nnkon from tbe In- 
M»M wbcn Uu Pruik Cnr deiccBdrd in iiln ioi- 
p«Ttel iw^ iato Ih* vrpuMual vault of Ais-U- 

( N]4loK41.)A KponiAn«[iui moveoiftttofin- 
sunM-llon monllnted it*clf anunn ih* naUnna ibM 
had been cnujpiliMinty united. Gaul Inrllnrd lo 
*rp«ratc frMO Uvnnaniai and tulr to d^ach ludf 

) riMKn tubal IrAMUbmNMiM. <A — alu Firt*tiww. 
* «MLrtbauitnirtali«ternda,MUB«taa.t>«ntTX. 

fttUB both, Earh of tliwa \pm iiiiwei of m»n, 
ihiia [lui In motlvD, curled aJoo( with ilicca, in 
ilir jjii^iwcutlpii of ihalr atfisct 04 litdejieii<Imr«. 
Ib>t poiiJ<in of th« ooDqueibig p«wpk irtio ilir«k 
nmoug tbiMD u muleit <4 lb* (oil, and wtra deco- 
rated cillicr wiUi Lnliuot Ciennanic titlca unpljli^ 
pO'Wi'r aiid ImouuT.' 

l-'ntiiLa drcvr thn iwurd agunat Fnnka ; faratlwn 
iL$iiiiut broitlitii ; fiUhcn igaiiut avu*. Thrra of 

Ilir (^THti'liuiLi of Karl tUa tiirM gavB batlJi; to MM 

uii'Oifr In til" cxiiLiT of (taul : oiu at Iba bead af 
an Him; orCiauU and (> alio -f rank*, aiitil bur fill- 
lotvcil bj ihc llnliaai. and thr tbini b;r TcMoant 
tiid Sclikvonlikiis.* The d<ime«1ic iiiurrcl of ib«ae 
Liii^, ili-Ki'ruiKiilt of Hw Frank ('««ar, naa btti a 
rvtivction of Ibe quantl of the Wittitmt, wMcIi fa 
Ilir i>ri;('[ti> KaaiHi that It wai M> Vam^ and ao olMi. 
lull'. Thr Ui^t niado and re-nade Mi ditfartm 
IMttlilouiuf that «mpir« vflilchUi* ueofilvwiahnLw 
(liH^lip. TliTj' cicluiDRcl oaili* ti) ibe ToBMiile 
tnd tho vulptT Unman longnn,* and hroka Ibout 
iiamciIiiiUhr, bain; brou^t baekt«diaeDrd,afaBeat 
iu ■(■ite of tbenwliea, by the tarbulence of tbv 
mwwH, wboni uu irrai^r ciruUl wtiafjr. 
(a.d. 641 to 87*1.) It waa ia di« otklat of tUa 

cutnoiotioii, irliiUt ciiiluoiu'iu Tafpn^frma oav 
pnd of lh» InvaitvriBv Mnpim of the frank* to Ika 
iilhpr. lh.7T. Ihn Dnulah or Niinnaii lillufpi (tba 
HAmr of NomiDiiii \tta hrllrr kiinim in Gaul) 
uuctiled tltc fiiuiitiy b} oli'icpralrvl tDVaaaa. Thrlr 
intiile of wariarv vM enUmly new, and vraa ralci*' 
luttil to dlM>MiM>rt thoM nipanim of defcnc* 
ihst would have perlbetlf nnawcred iu any cMbe of 
oidioar} miiMiTiiii Tttclr fladh vootaaittiir of 
barka with uan anil aaila. vaUreO the uatuarie* nf 
rliL-ia, and aavciulail iham Mpmatiaar t« thalr tm 
Miiirec*, diM>iiibarkui|( aUatnataly on nilher bask 
tiaada «f bold and dSHtpIi»i.'U mnraudan. Vihrr- 
rrrr 3 lirlilj[o or any olbcr obttacli' impedn) itw 
iiaricoll""! <l"! crcirti liaulini; the biikii naliar*. 
uiiIuhIciI [hcin. anil uioied tbon on Ibc d/y land 
until Ihcy UnA panetL beyiind xirli imprdimiMri. 
Krum the ni>at riicra they aall«d up Ibt Immot 
Hin^aina, and iiaverwd from ona rlrpr lo anottiar. 
wliiif on all oootldrrabk lilandi, which they for- 
lifted tof their wlatcr-<]uarwr*> and a* place* of 
iIcpouliii)j, iu hiita built in lows Ihcir booiy and 
their captives 

Thus altocking unau'am, and, when gntnled 
KgaicBl, uuD,kUiJt Ihrir rtflncnl with smal te^tlj. 
tticv vicr« cuubled lo doiuiUlc mlir* tDUDtiini 
and llial to tuch ui Mlii'ia* of piUarCi that, at^ 
c'flrdiiig III wi puprewoii ofroU inporary rrlulcrt, 
nntiiveaadi^wa* tob« board berkiuf. (i.i>.M41 10 
Hii).) Caslla and tortJAad podlioua wrre ihi-nnly 
niyhinuarainil thcit allntika;taut at the dm |«inl 
of their irmptioni thcrvirtie Irw of thno, and lli« 
v-all* urn of oitiri biiill tiy tliB RumiUM wwm (■!!• 
iixg into ruin. Whll-it vrtoJtli} pomnaonor laMi 
lluik«l lli*lr lUBiiDrlul iIwflliiiKi wilb cnntlatod 
lower*, and •urtouiiiln) ihcm nilli deep moata, itac 
InhatilUuM of llic chaBpalfD eovDtry emigrWed In 
luge boilin rrain ibcir viltn^icii, and tMlM* ttMw> 

tdrea to a asigtibouriDg IbrMT, tticaapln; tB hula 

' Uao-i, l:aa»in, Jiutioh MlM. PrvtwU, l lf urtL 
ft*. ff-*f.»AaAn. Uittr-trXnArM^ AloT-Mii/Ac*. fc 

' Al F'liiivati (FUilomttmm) mar Antfit. 

• MlUrJI llU«la, spad (nlfk toi. QmWit. «( Vaadt, 
lot. tU. la rt tl. 

Rba«fM (f rnnte. 

tntamf. AqMaiM. •». 


tU«M K«*i|b<T. klB« ot 

4ttt»tei brlrnn Wd tlown •• «i iniTmctunuiti 
■nd h]r pJUadc*. Bn»g iMulljr protMi*d Iij Ihr 
kii^, iluk«<^ i»d aAUM* of iktir nuliio land, whA 

A«qiimlf ncMad wMi Itia ramv fcr tfaolr cnni 
pOMMl wfc iy, M lh« upanw o/ike poarinh*- 
MWDta^ Ik* MMMla MMe(M»r«UM«ie4 s dFipenM 
««(irace, tud. Mined onljr "lUh «ta*«*, brsiii^ ih* 
WtlU-UM of tit* Noroiuu.' At nihnr limn, •(«- 
bag M rrdMiim w lm . dteewifvd uid dano- 
nOwd, Ui«7 wunicMl Ihtlr b«pii«n m tirn ihu 
WfMfc af lk« pafuu. umI, bj way «f jpii»| • pniof 
«f dWb Ml*—""" in t>i« wonliif of lh« nartbrrn 
di»killif, litrTUA \ht ftNh of ft tiMM immaUwd 
in Mriific*. Tliti tpocuej wu no4 uifrvnunitl In 
(urli kmJilln u ncTD the moil rxycmrd to tiic 
debtcfcatloM nf th« plntctj ihctr tMitd* nm were 
neniiMd i; aen vno bad lo«t alt U>«i(foad» b; 
Ibair ww y aj awi anelnM fclatorluia aflna IhM 
Iks IfciiiiiM Ma-kUig Hattbif waa Uia MHi of ■ 
iMbaant of the miirou of Tiojm. 

>early t rcautrj IniemaMd bMwcev ihc daii;* 
of Uw Am auillbc iaal dcK«n* otcfce NvrmuH in 
U«nI 1 wl ik Ihda intenol waa MMnii|lUbM, uniil 

«Mf4f«<b(iiide>l bj Karl ibtGnu. Mat onil; wire 
ranmria knunn to ba dettclwd from the Gallic 
tcrritur^. of wUlI ilka 6«atiTT ma> Ivmml bj- k 
iiMnnl b*trier, bnt in tbc y»rj l>Mft of Ibu tncri- 
i.irj * panUl aeirMiCinit wm rlfccuid, aulublr lo 
fwc^MkiiUeal aftltudv. 1m*1 uadilino, >»<( ililTcr* 
«fte« ■# laiigMHil or dMcrU UnU^iii, nliich libd 
liwiailliil laibpMtdcnl vf (b« tint Fruik djmul;, 
U)4 bd bMB ra1i}arlB] bj tLc ivniuil, or tlMt of 
fhnlawHllli. oomuMateed xbe Diuvvmt-lit, and be- 
(UM out* moiM m arpanlc vlUr, u rarlii m llir 
■ntbalf of llwiiiDtliDBiitury. ltui:i|uin.-JpiiiiTt'i)Lir 
in nvk MtisB. *fa«Bdnl«l Irvm Llkgiiuoc i« uij 
Ibrd^ Ihfa lixdi mml Mtnu nf it' iuliT« cruifo 
di|Mli»il. bj: rifb* nf onnqumt, Uio muAttai of 
ChutaMfMr of lb* lowm of Ritanra, >'iuiiii-*, aikd 
HmMM- FMj jraii btn, llx* iii«i«iil kiii|iiluin of 
dw TiataMli^ Bcminlijcompn-lic'iiilcd Winrciillii; 
Lsifti UM Rllwnr, IImI tbr l*jrcnc«i, riArr liaviug, 
Aifiaf ft io^t f*riotl aad with Mhuiu chbu^cit vf 
fclliillai alllnilantliKI Ibadauiuioiiof llic Kraiiki, 
Iwaiwai. «ftd*r tiK *|ip<llMion of Atiultaiuo or 
Ouenii*, a dUilwt *»\cnigiaji »'bil*i, on the 
otbar oUtc uf UtF il^ci BUnc, u new »>>itci«4Kiit]' 
waa bIm) (oiincd of I'roTcnce ruiubioiMl wxlh th(^ 
aeaihani portian of ibc occirni kiugvlom ul ilic 
BtaymJIawa, Al Ibe «iiii« iu»r, iIk pmiiiii'n 
mIJmvW. 10 Ihr lUuBc, nliitlirr llie Itde uf Ucr- 
Miaok l«i>ubii had curirJ tlir uM vf tLv Tuulonic 
kdtoHlintMd a poUtical btmct.duidLB^ llircn fK>iu 
tb« rMaitnlBwUefatheJt/-'iniia»qiio limguagt naa 

rbm. In tht iDlomtTitiitu i|ai:E left biiad Uf 
■r nrtr (tatct, llini 11 lu >•}, ibe cuuiiUj bi"K 
bMwtal ibc Luiic, tbu Mvuiv, Ui< BcLuldt, luid tliu 
■vatAU ftvttUtt, IbB kiufplcnn af iIh: GaUo-Fianka 
0* af Ftanco, ma ibcscobrward rrilriclnl wtlhin 
nsmiw UhUU- It* rttrxit mta prrcitclf Uit- 
•a tbal of Ttctnii'i-tiLc, ur ICeiuitnai a( ihu 
anrtnil FibaLii ) but lliv iiunc af Nciulria ira* al 
lliu tiinp runiliipd li> ■i(C»>f} Ibii maritiaia coMI 
hdb**! tultii' WNI : ai tiMi nuar, in riMUii^ ion Willi 
th* MMe ■!«■ of 0«ar-tlkp. or Anitnaia, trliiirb 
mt WH oypUrd tu ibc riitlic of <icna»iiia, wm, Ly 

* Adm^ ii» nnrta> rrn nipni hm nii1tiiii|iii A-trn 
«U MTnall mn pnaMpapairt. (tTlirua. SDDnwcaur. Dam 

InanialUa dtyw, oMudsDcd to llw bntlu cf the 

TbiK new lungdota«f PtaDcF, abw** dM«ribrd, 
dMtrac nadlo of modBra FnaM,«eMalBad«BibMl 
population, of GaroMOi In asm of Ho ■qMctk and 
In the Mbor Onnttdi and ttomvt dtocendnMa: an 
tlMl tmig^ nnti«» gavv it a varietj of aaaoei^ ac* 
toi^aifto tke paint of Ttewfr«nvbi*4itlM|TlA«b*d 
on It. Thf ItaUuMb afonlaRli^ and Xn^iah. ww 
aoii* oibrr ilian TmilkM Id GanI ; bnt Iho Ah^nt 
Of Grriaana, claiming aa Ihclr own the noMr nnmr 
of tba ftaniia, wfua i d il to tbdr wntoiii ndgb- 
bMiH, wbOiB titty ealUd VaUoM or Wvldi*** lu 
iho tBtorio* or the blugdoai ItartC aiMtbn diaiine- 
tlon WW Bunlt : (b« proptoior oT a manotUI da- 
■KSDC, vbo ntULti anldalhk nteincn aitd fumm, 
Kvupifd biiaaiilf aoklj wlUi bu military wca^oM 
and in hunting and in tbat nanntr led a tprdea 
of lift eunfonnabla to ibo etuUnn of Ibe anclMit 
t'ranli. aMUMd tba tlllo ef FrutL-man, or uf 
Karon, both worda bcin( takrn (ron thr laucuaic^ 
of tb« coDi^uoiU' Tbwt who poiacand no xix- 
nviutal mAuaioM lived indiaoriniinatcly iu the 
Kaman maiiiiar In the lowni^ bormcba, aud ham- 
leta. and, deriving fnun tbat ctmiOMUiirv au vapr- 
dal Bppcilallan, werr cnlbxJ nilatti and utanralfn. 
or, in the modem dialect*. ci^tM and Manajit.* 
Some of the Tlllaitii wn« actoonlod fr«c ; noiue 
tilloliu werv aorfii of the aoU; yel the &f«dom uf 
ibt braier dua of thea». coniitutly andaojcn-Ml 01 
intnded by tht MlipwDrial landhola^ra, waa preca- 
rioiu and ill-calabliahod. Sudi nna ibv kiafdom 
of FruaiM! rdatiifly to it* ostttit, andtothe lajioui 
claaiMi at lt> JnlMbitKiiU, at U» pvrted nf Iho fn'it 
iutnaioii by tbenartlteEinplntM,Mbichwa«d«atiii*d 
til tH^ (ht Uil, nod to du*f iha long aerlM of tluMs 
cakniiUi:) by 4 (liaracmbenDcnt of tba Frmcb 

(A.i>. K;0 10 It9i.} About tb» «nd of tbo ninth 
century', HaruM Harfmbvr, tliat i« to wy, w«U 
hniMi/Kl Jmtr, ih« kiiiK of * Jiail of Norway, ra- 
iniileiJ, t>v furci; of annti hia authority aivr ihir 
fiiUie <jf thateouiLtrjiWHl <«iiToned lllnio h aiiigl'- 
kit>Kdai». Tliiaddtructioaof ■eteraluoalU'r olatta. 
whirhronnerlyeiyoywl iiidi!piuiden(«,dldnotlah* 
|4ace witbuut rabtaQce : uut only waa tba gpouad 
nwnfiilly diapulnl, but, allFr Ibf touqiirtl wa* 
cActad, many men picfcrml lu rapMtlBlc tbcni- 
■olvrt, Biid tu liFul a waiuIcriaK USc by *««, rattirr 
Ihui olivy a king fiiMlfii to Ihoir own parllrulir 
diiiiicii. Thua diiinbcrlled of thrtr ptiairiaioiiii. 
they infcaUTl tbi? itorllieni »rtx, niTxtcd the cruu 
auditlaudi.and cacilnl th*)( countrymen to iuaor- 
rvcttvti. From th«*« cauaeo poliliraf lalcrCUa aooii 
ea!ii*neA tho conqncror «f all Norway into the 
bitltirrat niemy of Iha piialoa. With a auntenxia 
flod he punuca them along ibc roaali of bis klDg* 

> Alamuneltwieiilna^IUitnial p>t">li,Oiii isivntHl 
Trvi-iTilniriiBi nibirftl *diii, nacU pinpitt ■* rimun >n*>' 
I4UI JuVffBl, pt nm quw Tvjj* piiiBtauh l^idMB«, QalvnUh M'i* 

JiioncalHilDLqauK^Vliv imsnyuiv | VilHw-McAMvli. 
' ■•■•. ng. Aul-. til., i., iinvt loi. \a{l. wTtpi.. f. It, «L 

> Vivna. baUtua. BiHvdnii. WBM rraawmm . . . Fran- 
i^ttiaaia. (OlaB. of t><irMtfr.)—J»u^lmr*.i^n. »— . a 
man. ■aMlaehUd. iCIoa.WaiMar.) rMn ibme are dr- 
i^nA.Uf.iir^^'na ftonuB W lomanaMpw 
wonla. _ 

• Id IdtlB. vlthie riiltti, mmami**. ottaC. Tbr Mol 
nK*. wWli It" Btj«iuB«u»«i<i»>7»ft«yr f ™o>*»y-h ,w». 
■ M emji'")*^ "< •!> Mly patluil. In tbe nwl'ia tiina|4 
tuliadlulnii. UiAw«**ii) U»d tl lahaldtai [Jaca. 









H;JI -I Rnlbi 



(V>) imi m ■nuamml. 

1l»t4>ln NvrlKiuily. 


ikiin. and u te u tlvir ruailMrtti iu Lbc Oirtdea 
and ili'hvldcs. sinking (hpir ivaicla, »d'I iloantjiuc 
tllo oUhlUhMOiU co«i«Uiicteil b; llimi in ruloun 
Idaud* of Ihm Nartli He*. Ifp, nu>r««>er, r<nt»il 
IhruuKhMil hi* (tomlnlani, Ly ik* Mvrreit j>i!nal 
hwt. wjr pincy or ■jiieia oT eKkcUons I17 unmt 

It nrut an imnmnorU oMgi; iDKinir lli« tikin^ 
or \ho Dottli to cx«f>d*« on &U the tomi*, wiUiuul 
iluitiiirtiiin of Itingilonu or cinnittEt^ ■ rlfffit wtilcli 
lh«]r mtn«id MtrumMujf, at IbicMl rnntribitfloaM of 
ptinldona. WlH>n«v» a rni* of any bMk, whoa* 
ititvply of couiMtiMpi tru ti«atly chbauaWd, firr- 
ivivi'ii nahoiv ■ Sock gunrdtd b; frv ihephirils 
ib« pint?* l«iiik>d ill «dncitnt ftminth, *it»tii Ibc 
oxrn anil ahrrp, XUM <uii( nit lluim up, niiil lo i«. 
TidiullMl Ihrir tonrl urilhirat oKcruig pAjunnit. 
frral anj litne innni tbnn the •malleat tMnuorTaLion. 
The (Inndhag, ibcrrfiif r, wu the tconme uf tlie 
diiuitt* bordrriiifc im thr nca-ihom, ana llie p<r- 
pptaU (Irenl of the cultiralon : it w»« oR'-n, 'iIkj, 
•■nforrcd bi' *tuth u did not follow thn profii-*lt'it 
ofpincjibDIirtiMC power and liriin M*nn\l IhiTtn 
II f Impuiiil}^.' 

Awougit ih(- \arli or cliicfa of lli* hlfh«*t rank 
•1 Utc toutt nf Ling Harstd, ilxrv « u olw lriio«« 
iiUDP w«* RnjpiTBliI, pvntlj bulciwl bv thai 
iDontrrh, »tid vrbo liod *mni him with «eal in at) 
hi« pipnJitiiini. Rn^ralil ww tJiu htitrrottrmi 
BOtu, all nrthrm irnonttcd fol Tntmir. titiil urtlieae 
ihv mod ((jpbrntril ww Rotfi RuU, or lti>llui a 
immt niiiinmiu\[ tlwt drfp«e vf eaphmijr which ie 
TVraatfc»<J titattnf t)i« Trvloni« atipellklivpt. H« 
m* ao hijfh urntture, tliat nor 1h4»; atili.- 10 ob- 
tain ffutn lii" diBiinifliTP breed of licmn In tlul 
cyiunti} unt St fur lilm la moiurl, he liabilualljr 
ircut ou fool, fnnn which circumiUiKvIiv rtcc j irtd 
Ihff ilistiugulahiiig niunf of Oanf-UoO. One*, 
whftiihi' kAnofBognivMwurtnimliiavllhnianjr 
riminiln froni a orvlM In tbo BoliU^ Mforo Und- 
liu In Norm}- b* toocbnl K iho iiroTtnc* of 
T%hcn; and thcrv, nhtthrf from voniiNa tt 
tniniaJDiw, or tcinpicJ b) llic fcv«anble opipor- 
tanilr, Ut hiul •Fcoar** to tb« cijieiliciit of the 
UrftitJhuy {SBSJ. fhantP tronid liive It thni 
kfiiiT IlanUI «-» liiintcir in iliutc ([unnptc, nuil 
)iiL.ii<t tlir i-oittii>Umti of lllt^ (ulllTaton ; vrilhuiil 
inkiiii; iTito any rousiilirrrition ilue coiuidi-nMir 
iiicnl* ••( ihp lo-itciii Kiiilty of lIiU allrip-il criin<>, 
lie lrnliw«dl*t<>lj romaluvt t ThiKf, 01 gTAil rOQrt 
nf jiiillrr, (inil pot Roll upon hbc Irbl wvordlnr to 
tlii> Uu-i. B*i<m tile iccoaKt appraird In Ibte aa- 
armbt], wlilch wn* rvpMlcd to prvmonticc iijtninil 
liioi a 'rDtiTai^c of boiiiitiuiritt. hii nidlrci bttipocd 
lo trpk the king, and Iu implon- n panlun ; but 

Uarnlil via bi«Mir«bl«. Thl< voni«n, yicldliiit to 
Ih* IiBpalM« ef aii^t ittd of nnimidl olTwiion, 
rainnicaccd an unprcnnliiUrtl InrcvUiCi yvrj fre- 
i}ucullr bill iiIIjrJ tub} S«iMliBariM»wh«ii»tnm],-l} 
Fi(jl*ii- AdilrvMin^ ths LiiiK in a ulnin n( irr^, 
*lw MtdaiMud, "Thou dtrii^ liuin tkj kingdom 
mil trvvipit M ■ loo n man of nnblo mrn : linim tn 
llirmirdi la|;>caL; it la daiicrniw to Ktlwk Die 
wot£ and wfam Mi«r h« it nnncml bownrr «( lj)c 
Aotb that rtnj tkroaj^ (ba fcnM." * 

■ M(B*I. )ll<iuui- ^ I>uc«u.Mfc. (Ma 1. m. 

■ Itrf plag. IIMMtr (In rapvdHMB MuHtect iIm Kof 
■indk M*. II- 'hM. E, p. It, 

IIkoU IIUFfa^in HVn. c>|>. aitir.ii.l. I. W.— 

■ ftKMN** 

HallfV. Hhnnirr rti l>Rnt**rrk. Un, i. r« 

Notirltti<t:uulin| thin u^nw, which nraa MunA> 
w4ial cni^iallcal, iciilaiw* yn* |iraiiounaBd. and 
iioll. bearing ibo doom of iiu|wtual bkoirfiaMM, 
mllci'Utl Hiinc b«k*, uuil ail4« tall toward* 
Iho Ilvbiidea. TkMa Ul»nd« Ittd become the 
ivTiitce vt li paniua of thoat KonrtfUiM who 
had OKiixnUrd iu coiuMjuimni ai ibc (oa(|UMta uf 
kinc Hanld. TIkj itrie moaily dhu oT high 
biith ami uf Kimi uiiliinry renown. Thr mw 
CMiie uiMrlateil itilb lliitni lor fiirMi* rip«ilt((uoa : 
thoj unltod all th>ir barka, and Ui»< celiediJ ■ 
cimaitlenUo dmtt, uitdw Uia winnaad ot uu riofto 
chlal', but of ifan ciinfMloratc rnptaiii:^ luiil in which 
Roll obtainoil no |»r-ciiiln(nce other thaii ikat af 
jimmuJ lunjl anij of iUiutri«u« bbtk. * 

Kntlnj; nil frum tlx^ Uebriilcv, ih» fl«M doubled 
Iho hvwtlaad of tlcutlnnd, ui'l, Etrc rtiw to the «Milh< 
cut, ihr; nriired in Gaul by rataring Iba inoalh 
of the fMiuIdt : bill a< ibc cuuntiy. miiinill^t uu- 
Ivi-ul*, and iilcvailj dciaaialnl at varioiia ttMes 
offered lilUo haotj, the |iiniti-t voiMi |>ut oul tu te» 
(SIMta ftflf). FtucMiliiiitoiulliu-ard^ tli<>} eat— mi 
tfau Hoinc. anil ■*rrnd*'il ilist tim to hiniii^gia. 
iic Icngan diitanl l^nni Koufii : at that tinw Ifcv 
liuila of tbc kinsdotn of Frame hnd )ual bccu <W- 
Knltitrlj flxpil aiul HrriuuH-iiUcJ by llw eviirtoef 
tho rlivra Loicv and ilvune. To (bo li«ig roiwla. 
tion*. r«Uciiijf Id lerriturf. which baJ «<>BfuUMl 
that kincdouj, there bad ■iMoodori n politick t*- 
ndaUoHi of which tbe ubjcei. n^unl nnt twiitun 
1&I*T, wat 111* expalaii-n uf Ibir ■cnoDil djiiaiit} of 
th« Ptuik kinK>. * Tlw Liag of Uio f rri>Wu a dr- 
Bcmdant of Kwl th« GrMtl, w«* nkntedlikr kb 
anceitM' Karl, but the nnl^ rMMohUiiM whk-h ha 
borr In him wia <ll>]iallnf for the eruwn ngniatt a 
corDpctJIorwIioMMtmilon hail net rf wum it. Ilf 
torn*, rin^iiiahcn nod vaixitiuticd, tlio kinc bj 
bemiiUry riflht, and llie rinnl kliix l>j ij|i>olia«, 
wpiK ocMiioiallj maater: but nKKhtr nf (krm %•• 
Miflicieulljr powcifal ki pmlKt tiv counlnr fniaa « 
forvifu innder : all thB finvra cf the Liiijttfoni 
wtn emplojcd on cue aide ur the olliei in -wajria^ 
a d»ll ■»»[. WkFreTfi* do anoj piiwiiteil iindf 
lo Ftaf lb' [itv>freM of 1h« d«w body of pintn», 
or pmi'iH ilir'Di from |iUbftn^ uul dstaalMlbif 
hy lire boiU baiiL« of the Seine. 

Tbc ri'pori ofiliifir ilevaMMJoiialhTewtlie dtjoT 
Houen into a >i>lv of gmt alarnii The lirwDunen 
yftn willioul liopo of ■uccwut nml doaliaiiwd of 
being ablo lo dnlcnd their wnlla, wbleli Md boeB 
IKiiliiilly dmtroy^ in preceding initLclaM. Knl> 
ivilbnlaiiding Ihr Kcnoul diaratirigrmeul. the arvh- 
bivltup of Uvuoi, who W0 namrd Pranks or 
Kniiron, a nian af gn*i eoulncso and |vndM»cri 
torb ii|»u himaelf to aavc the citjt by e«|dlulatJiBf 
wilb Uio pif in^ befiire In- vlniutit make a fital a*- 
■Btili.* WIttiuut U-«tlf]lTij anj- uneaaiiiM* with 
respect In ilir hatred, often leadin ' ! ' 

HlctkMi*, which the papal uf llir v ■ 

againittbeckrialiim cl>M^'i',(]iit uTliL. , , . , : 

Iu lliL- canii> iivar Juinie^o, and, bf help, 0I an |, 
iuterpr^^ef, uldiemil tkc Nuruwu Inder. Hr 
«pube and uianagnl m ni'll, pmmian] and (nre ao 
Riucbi Mjii nn itndeitt ehronlKlrr, tliat b« rmi- 

* nrpTini, HkL dfi lapal. n«tll(aie> ib* K««annl^ 
On- a.**. 

>Aci>l.<4i*inf rilMnindernmn-. UheAilka. UmK 

• miikn w anrtirmlir, U i, Uutm eileit .... (Wan. 
Kdouii ir Om. (hb. I. tl.) 



IliaiaVfiitir* KiUi kill III. 


Il<(r.itfllll>a t'NUCk lli»|a. 



rlurtn) B imce nitti Riill nail liii ciimpiiDiint, 
fOftfwitrriuK (lieir ficc >diuI»iIoa into the tiijr, 
uidRocIvillKtnrcluni t)uia«nnuM«b] IhL-in ofUwit 
coniMiltltiic iiv injur;*. ■ It ns* nru thr rhumhor 
Balm Mann, in one uf tliu hubiiun ut lUe riiw 
S*liuv thai tiu KonrcfUo Uudnt, suil ruiLilucl«d 
llim— III I in a pncealile nwiuicr. AAce ItaTinjf 
4nnni tbtir tctMk ufaere. tbdr Uaiivti vliliol 
rr^ty qiiuUt of th« town; (Iwj- alliMilii«lj i-i»- 
miaoJ th« nmputs, tht iiua]:*, inv fountmiiB : siul, 
dndiafC everything unwcnitil* to thrir vikhin. liiof 
4«cMihI «■ ootitettlbK I]l« Hly into B (nllltMjpual 
«td to aalui U ihv <)>■>/ t»wB uf tlieir Luicailad 
wlablblnnwiH. '<*■!>■ »W.) 

An«r lhi«k takliitf pnwpwion of Uoucn, tbe Mar- 
man vhiotalni eonllniwii to aaeeiiA tlio Sciuv with 
ill* HMla body of thsir Uodjh. Tlicy cslabliiliad 

• brUiWd omp al tlic mafliaBtKc of lli« (Urn 
a<iBa Md Kurci and tliero kirailed tbe apyroaeti of 

• PfCtwh tnmj thai Hiw marclung a^^utut tbcnn. 
KintT KaiL, or Charlt't aa hu vm call«i] In thc< 
MOdom Hoiuaii diaiett, being at that momiuil lh» 
■iil« inador uT llw kismlout, ma dealraut ar niaklajc 
a KTvat rlToil 1o dtiti' am; the Den iavadcn ( liii 
in>»|% Cuininaad<U by lU)(hn(old, tM- UwiauU, 
wiM bvro ibn litl« e( doko a! fmuce, took up a 
p«aI[bMi on tlia rigtit bonk of tlic Eurv, ut a abort 
dlabUKV frora ibp r«onnan cuiip. Anioug the 
CMinn wka bw) raisHl ilitir baiiuert iii ottedteticu 
u thr kuv'n comioaiidi, wilk iutculinii vS gitiuf 

baltl* to tlio [unni, Ris k raOrartml pagtui, (be 

CaiBMi*aea*kiiigUiutiDg. Twenty yoan antcoo- 
ilaAt l»tkla period, beouiulng tired of Mcklog for 
Hl««Blai«a, hs had madt llU jioco with Ihe kiu^m 
of PraBM.and acocptMt ufiiie coimty uf Cliailn'*. 
In a oMuicUof the l*imclb licid to drlcnaiiue vu 
the bnt Bii>df of procnrdiii^, IIoBtiny, bcinK cuu- 
HilWd lit hi* mm, ^Tr tl>(> mlvirr of coining to il 
fiAwj vllh Iha •iicmy bofiiiv iMkiDK a bniilD: 
Bhboiilli tUi ceuiwel waa Uiautchl iiufiicioiu by 
HMW iwUa* Cu tbo acmj, il pxcTallcd; and ilaa- 
■taf t«t tatwurif «cc«nipaj(icd bj two psnons 
«^ umlcnlood tbc Uuiub language, lo hold a 

caUoqtii with the Nonnaiu. 




lantoya followed [bo ctunuFluTtlKliurc 
taitU Ibej cawB to i)icBpotilirccll)tfipt'>*'tc'''c ^* 
irenckiuaoIailiBthad hem railed tij tIiL-ouufTdei«lc«i 
I they etttod (llUi and, oleiraati^ llicic loioo ib 
kunrr u to ba andlblo on the other itdo of the 
' Holla, bnv* varrlon," RhoutMl tlia Count 
Iroa, "wliaE Ii the iianw o{ jour lonlt" 
|1ia*c na lordi" rqttlcd tbe NorTnani, " ire 
Miuat."* *' Wtieriffore bivo j«u come to 
cuuot>)r, and ifIuI <la j >)u tntrnil to da licie X' 
' " Tu dn*e out (ba inbabiuuu or niLji-et llinu lo 
our nda^aiu) tomako thU ourcounUy. BuliiIioL 
an IkMi, wbo qicaliMl eu well our liuigtu^t" * 

■ rtaaknatiaRhoBlw. kliRnnoi t«cll C^ace. 

Bh—h k Km.«>k. I n.) 

■ K tte« a^«ria la viln < luntr <t Lf*. 
i: 4*h«l e <ll>ln>< )'■ •oral r>;*'l£ci 
IUm II MBtlb • tvl.', IB»)I II pl«l * («riik 

B U MafaifBiMi I'lait n llni aiuU lnv. 

{ILaiiuii iIj Hun. 1i>in- LfiO.) 
< Q«* aMilH ~ 'ii triilor fiiiieilui > Ki>i|fiinil>nnt : 
^iaBiK hIb aipiali* pulOUi imniu. (Oxdo At t»aaa 
galaMW, (MlatlM. lac Sionnman, p. :s,) 

f irrtim ^*rt»w Mianan. Tn t«tn i|Dii •■. qol Um bivl> 
•al«t l«>|W<t> ' t^Mt>-)Bi 4)himI<vii^>, Itiu. S>pr"uuil.. 
afodaatiiLtd. NucauHk.. p.n>.>~l>«ilO ila M.tJuteKuu. 
la^. r 1*. 

•' UavB je Hul bc«nl fpnU of Hattlus the liniDiis 
pifBtVi ifbu Kdurvd tJia eoa* wUb •■> maiiy KhijK, 
aiiJ mwnl eu luany cvU* 1u Ihi* Uuifilua t" Tv 
ivliicb the Xonooiu replied, '■ DuubUao* trio ba«u ; 
Uulliig brgan vull, but he Ku made a bad tOM- 
cluaiua. " * " Uxtu )au, thvc, uo detlra (« tub. 
mlt jTiurwltEa imlo \t\as Cliarles, who maltca you 
uffcia of flefcaud bouoon, nndcr llio condition of 
illflgiiuin and knijlita' HTvi<v1" "?!«, none 
whatfTer; ivu will tntke aubnilMion lo bo ant, 
and all ibal we ran i-unquer thall b(>Iuuj; u> uui> 
mIvi'* ivithoiil leatiti: ; go, and ttll jour Il1U|i lliu, 
if )«u wUl. "• 

On U* ntijni W llii: frokdl caiup, naa\iag 
eairiod baek thu atmvcr, and, lu Ili« drlibemtimia 
hold in cuiueiiunniv, hr Dauatolbrd Ibnt thehaxanl- 
ouj atUnipt rii forcing tlio intreDchmcuCa of llic 
pagans shoubl not bciOMle: "That ■> a tnltor'a 
ndTJce!" exclumod a i»blciianwd BvUBodj and 
•a>pnj ulber t«i««( teilorated Um exclunatiion. 
Tlii> old an-king, whether itnn ludlgnalion, or 
from ilrnn Mog auinethluj; In liii ooudueithai ii<ia 
u-tualty Drjirvlucuible, luiumdiatoljr quitted the 
nrriiy; lie Abandoned Ukewiao Ua oouDljrnfCluu- 
tret, and nu oiw ka«w wUiIki be retired. But his 

eredletknu wan roifled : at the attack of ll>i< 
itrcniditd camp tho Frcnph Inaiii were lutally 
defealed, and tbo duko of >'inuc« loll bj the bind 
of a dakcnnan of AoueiV who icircd in tbc Nor- 
wenan army. 

The noTit^tioD of tbc Seine biuaj; thua c<7in- 
plMely Ihronn open t« tboro, RoUaood huojnjpa- 
niuiiii aavended thai river b> Ftrii uiil laid ticgi- to 
the cily, but Ihi-y ircrv unable lo lake iu Out? uf 
iheir [irincipal Ivadon hailnf been made priwiicr 
Ut tlte beaiiqted, ikcy cancluded, a« the pric« uf bis 
libwty, a truce for one }««r wriUi kin^ Chatlci, 
during which Ihcy pro«Md«d lo lay wale tlio 
Rorthnm provincM which wcrv no tonjpr >'n,-iir|i. 
At the cipLralion nf iha truce ihry ri-iuinvd In 
haatc In IWuen, and, *cllin)[ oul frooi ihai tonn. 
they luuchcd BxainH Baycua, and took it by 
uuaalt, alaying Bviwtf^r, ftiuni of Btytux, anil 
many oftbu iiLliabitantc. (900.} Tliat count had 
a dauifbtCT endowed with gr«M beauty, wbu, wbeii 
the giluudcr iru diridcd, fell (o tlie lut uf RoUu, 
auil whom the SeanOinariaa look fur liii wtCa, ytli 
aoNinlinic lo tiio mode of lii* nation, nltboul auy 
form of matringQ.' 

(a.d. (KM lu Ull.) Ettouk koA MTwra] n«%fa- 
bouriug towm* fell aAorwarda Into thahanda of ilw 
Normans who Ihua «Uonded their dooitnlon over 
ihe grenlvt partof the teirllory lowblch tlte audeut 
iiuitiKuf Neuetria ajipcrtaiuica. Guidedby upalicy 
which mu Uie rcaull of pHid aeuie, ihvy ciHucd 
from tlii'ii wulDted diaplay ot ctiudly uhcii re. 
■iatjincc ITU nu b>nKer olC;n.-d tu thcin, ami vicii! 
cunli-iit nilb a cantribuliou rtguUili ImiDd in 
ihe townt and country. Owd Mon alao dictalnl 

> Uul Itnllu: widli'lniiM. lo^iiiL )I«*iiaf>i> enlm kum 
■iniiDn. niiiiil. ft I'uucti Bida Due auidrill. (WiUrlni. 
ll«Kr(., ilad.>~11i»lu<lc ^. Ijulnlluo, H'MI. 

* riuiinitui *il Imr, VitlUi. Iiii)'ili. Kuolo n«i aul-dl^ 
SMi<iiii|i>4in lit Kuila, illnli •iilyi'viuur ; tnl iinaeiiaiiian 

li-culuiii cViriiEH. .iiiiltiD. >1tl(,i"ianlU. tWtlclm. MunH.. 
Il»il.>^lliicl,>>l'- X. Ui>iii<iiti>, iluJ- 

> NedlltMtiMm iBwUaai. aomliw iVifoiB, than leillnt 
UiAwiril UIihM* litt, — r**" n<ia amlla |MMt. aiara 11a 
nlniViimaBru^ilt- (WlIl.lii..aot»rt."- " * 

.r\\^. t»r. Hofmaaa . f. B».) 

Hut. NHauiui..*twil 



111* rruilioii of • tvfTvnto \rilrr, la he tnteut'l 
«(ltb prtmaiivnl niithoril)' ; bii<1 the itiuirc of the 
ronfirderato till <jii Itcill. in- Rullo. "whum thej 
nado tiicir Liiijpii" ■>><! >u «iiiii>ut dirouirlur ; bui 
thU UUI^, whlc-h w-iU iM-iltijiii ffin-ii him aa\y \b 
tliHr tiDMhrra lonfUf. wu Kon rcplsrrd bj the 
FmhcIi Ullrt ofJukeut iifpoiint. Tlioughliuwai d 
pa^Kn, till! iiLi*tIuki; rroilcirO liiinicir popular wliti 
Uie iutli>: iiilutbituitt. A(\i:r bniinit coned him 
•• * I)!™!!", Ili'j !"'jj»n In 1"T" him a* m prolrrT<-r, 
nhoaii pr.w.iT ivnt > giiiniitfo la thern m^Inat ill 
new attBclLs bjtfa. ami ajplnLt tha i>ilU wMeli Iho 
civil mr raiiutt ihTnUKV><il llir mt of Kianrr.' 

(a.i>, 911 to 012.) Tlir NonnuiK, hailLrj; tliiia 
M^uirrd Icrrilorial Homiiiioni bc^n > better jr^a- 
tetnl and more mcUwHliulayft^m of wnrtim actual 
Uie Frvncb. Tliej tMpiM Ibomaplt** wlih eihpr 
Sruiilliiavlana, jirobably of iHulah origin, «Iii> 
occupied Ike Urrilorjr mJJaccBI iq the I'lluar} of 
the L<ii[«, and tbeif nfntd nllh thcv to raTaac 
tlniullaaecualj' all th* province (lint I:ii bciirlxt 
llint grett mvr ntnl IticKciue. Tbi'ir ileviilntinna 
nvn FieQ caxrUfl iiilu Buiguiuljr aliil AtiiciDiii!. 
Pari«i iiuw a aecoiiJ liiiie altai'LFil, aa well as 
CWlrct, Pijon, anJ *«iiio oiLvr airong tovru, 
liiadc a •ac«<>titfiil triLitaorr ) 1>ut a i-ail iitiiitlicr iif 
aafortlSpd lawni wora aithrr tndiiid vr tolallj dp- 
tirO]*il. Al Imglh, A.b. 913, Joit datera ]T«ni 
aAcr the octupatian a( Rouen, the French ofpTri}' 
nnk, bannnl bj IIihC unc^aiin^ hoililiUr:. made 
loud r«>npUuil, and drmattdeil that llii' wnr (hotilil 
be pat an nut to. al i>halei«r evrrlfli-n ; t)i>' blthopa, 
ibacDunti, anil Ihr haiona, eairiod fraqurnt iptnoii- 
atrancra to The kiD2: thr tnwnantmand ajfrinilltiriaU 
cried oato him. n'hcccTCf hv pamrcl.Ici uikaconipu- 
tion on tlicni. An nld autliui li» rftordcd tlirri- 
prcMJcna of thii popular diaf on!f«t : " What elu la 
ni,jwlii?re to W aeira bul rliurcliet burnt ntid (he 
peopk tli*)n : Iliroueh ttii> wcakum and bad 
Ifoicriii '" Vii^, llic Kornuuu arl ai til e J 

rt<«»- ■ jm ; fruni Blvla to StnU* there 

U ti.>l ... .... ..,', Lctioat, aiid an oim> iuv* ta cvlli- 

rato eilbcr tneadowa or tUif'^arrla. I'nlcM Ibis 
n-at thall craw, wp ^aU bate fkinltir and hiaih 

5ii<«a," * Kii^ rharlta, nhn taai nmiamnl liir 
inple, cr tlic stuiii'),' and wllli reipc<t lo nboiu 
hialory bi* prncneil l)ie flnt of thoce appella- 

liona, nad inmrimi gaivi viua, n& Ihla «enilon, to 
Uiteii lo the toW ■>' '"■ v'"i- : lit. p*^hap^ aho 
iiua^nedllulin } < <m>1uIi>- nouldflTvi't 

a iliolio uf tiatc li. i.iliy; |o liilctrlf, bj 

an all'miio' with iln Xi^uuum, u (Inii tvjupoi-t 
ajininit Iboav (Kivvifyl MLlrpien whirh nert 1111(1] 
tw innoie him frotii tlia thruiip.' Up ratiti>i«d a 
(ml MHntblr of ihe banitt and tiir blihopa, ittd 
re^ulml of them «trf and totmsrt, huch waa tlie 
IwnuU of Ihal liar. Tkt-j «rir iinatiinutBlf of 
oflnlMI loe«nrinde alni«« aaJ iivKorjal* for p(«r«. 
Tlic pua who ma nuMt able lo arry out Ihla 

> Coanana .... pam 4lnlaiDar)iir n^.i> imiWoIui I». 

^IO'«,«aa£t(ftAlldai4>.^il«xit^ .« .,.^ 

'■*M IHBaUWf IwBK, MB U|. 

Uli>. 4l*.iAa4jS.Qiil*tla... 
• K'« B» tflrf. Ti. ,1 ,itr, 

nt iliiat pn.^ . 
ll^la Igtix . 
htnli (arm ilun-. 

. *._. ' "■> 

" Clf«lu> M^.Vf, HW -I- 1 llllf. El 

' t)H I.Mi(n ■■! I'lliMuiT <ti>»Ke, aih oUilog, t««et 

4 111 

lu^ooation lo a proqirrova concluiiMi waa the 
arr)ibL>iii>]i <if Itonrn, nho, drapkr iJie dillrlttlca 
vf llivir nonhip, ■■tcnrUril orer RoUo the mm» 
Llnd •>( iiilliiriKT' trhieh (be bbbop* of Um Iftb 
eenlufjr hail obl^iiiiH artt tht eonqueroca of lli* 
[tuman ompliii. IIU nflaliotia trith Ibe atber 
pri'Uui ami wIlIi lln* noblta uf Fiauco hail ne^cf 
ivRVrmt III inicirupcJou; U n iwuiUe tbal lie 
aaaialrit al tlirn delibrrntioiii ; bull •rballiot' Im 
bul b«Mi prM«nl or ahteM, lie look, upon himaalf 
eha^rhillj to r«iMrt and to cany tula cOnt tbair 
□fftra fi'r a prare. Tlio acrfabiahop. thnrvAreb 
preKDtcd bliarctf bvfiira lh« aoai of Bognnld. 
and (hue ad<li««ed bin : ■■ Kii^ Chajlra o&n 

!'6M bU dinglilrrin manttf r, wilb Uw fctrrdllkTr 
onUfcin oT all (be caimUy lituaud bMvcMi tk« 
rtrrr F.ptc ond Uriltani, if vju caiMe«t to U<. 
conic n ehtUllan, nui la lire in peue irtlli lua 
Utigdom." * 

Kolla did DM ihl* llnig anawor, " Ve vriU dtmr 
obcitimii.'* lo no on* :" newr Idea*, akd a difm«it 
nnibtlioa Ibiii ilial of aeakhig ool »d*culiM«B, bad 
taken potteaiun of hi* mind, alnn he had bnoaa 
Ihc rdor, lull linipljr av«r a body s^ (reriwBUWit 
bnl AtcF an *>1ra*iia Icrtitor;. t'tulatlanitj. 
without eon&nUBf to which be eooU not c<)ua) 
In iTpTcamntion at cmumniIm tbo gmi buU- 
torir* of Pibmo ma bo bwsrr reMimnc l» kit 
viewB, aad th« habit of lliiiif ttt Mruaiaii aoaety 
had Ukewiat Atlnfaiah«d the CiiMlidaiii «( ihe 
f icMaai mnabfr of Mi MBipani^nu i " The king's 
wunla at* rood," aatd he bi tbe aRhbiahap. - bat 
tlie Inuil which hr pco&r* ma la inMilHrjail ; It la 
unirultiintvtl and imp ovaiiilied ; in> fallowm 
would iu>l liiul IbRn'tn what would es»Ue tboin tu 
llt« Lu ptue." TJie in-hbialMip rcliimed to ihv 
liof, vrlio eoiuniMtoned liin to makf an oOee of 
Plandcr* in liia najnr, although b« pnniiwiil, la 
truth) no other tlghla oirr that tauuljy thaa a CDB* 
t«lnl eUlm ; but It«llo did not accc|)t vf lhi« new 
ptcpoiitloii, and replied that Flandei* iraa a bad 
miuitr;, hiifxy. and lUI of manbea. Tl 
(liatln Ilic ^loi]))*. not knowing what 

rould Ki<^> acnlvronlto Ih* Niffvan ehMkaln* 

if be woiiild, be ahould bold Btlttany aa sAcf evttt 
Jalntly with Nendria: thU wu i-aacil; ■ paialld 
oflVrwIlh the preeediap. for Brittany ww • frt« 
itair; tlin allesianee ackitowlnlged doe to the 
kiiiKaof Frniirf tliereiu naa foa litlla mon ifcaH 
the eouQIj of Reantii, wbiek the Itnriiin nilueea 

h«d My j«Bn uitr<r<lEOl Iv Jcpriifd iho FrruA 

doiBlnloaw o£ K«iwibplH» Rollu ptiid Utile n- 
icard to that obataete; and did not ]w«Felvo that 
iM)thlD|rt-lte waa ^fn hum hui an old i)uaml to 
taimn in, and tr acr*7rlcil of Ibr propoatd ImM.'' 
Jn Dtdn to tslifv tbv trat]^ wUb the iinuta 
•olemnll}'. theUagof Pian», aiid the IcmI't uf 
IhoNannana, Mrii Nfnirtd, fmm hia <mu ijuarin, 
10 ibo tillage of Baint-C'tair on i1m> V^t. Thaw 
Vforc botli aceomjianied by a Dunicioiaa Inin : tha 
Ft*)Kli jilleked their H?Mi on one bank of thai 
rii-rr, iiiiil Ihr Kc-itiiuia vn tLc uthct. Al 1^ hont 
npjioluted tar the iutertier, Kotlu afprnarhnd the 

* Uaadaiii. il thrMlMai Htantm. trnaia nacMtaaai 
jti T.fiw IIORiinii ntqna ad attuaaana IWIn. rt,m tui aU 
■Htniiir liula. ■• •■ .UtBdHB <Mf. (WV|rlu. OmR. niH. 
NMHiau.. atiuil arriia. m, ffarnnaaii.. n. JJI.) 

* D'AryiBaK, ll«i<iin< !• |liM,fB-, li< lit. |.. )*1 , r^ru, 
IMH— tiiHlei At A. OniDltno. aiiuil vii[4 ni. KwiMaa.. 
p. (a.^W|||<lm. Gnwc llltt. Xomuiim., lliM.,p.m. 



tiM smiU In Ik* nnnb. 



kiiw, ia4 canliamd (Uniting whiitt Ito placed 
botS hi* liuirda in IbuM of 111* htnf, jiratinimutnf 
itiM bMawtng; ruintula ■ " Uniiorforinnl I iim ynar 
fottriol aw nnd niIiIIm-, ■nd iifrtar ti> itufeiid biiJi- 
(ulj T0wr Ufo Bitd liiiib* uul UhbIj houvui." 
AA«T tkiB, tiie Liiiit iiiul hi* bnraiu, ii&ining Ihe 
Mnnui rhirfbua hj thn Ufl* of cotinl, •won tu 
4a<iMiil im lifo aDcl linil*. Iiii bMiuur, nu'l kU tin 
totritor; ilniinuinl in t^p Unt}' of pMur/ 

nte cwmiaii; tirinur >l>a> vmolutlcd. mA Ibt 

ana i<b«»I atinut In n<it*, lliv FtBUchnfii laMl to 
Un t * It !• finliki Uul li* who tomIvci ai (Tcal 
« |*snl abnaM kaarl )H-£arw l^n kiiiK awl kin liis 
Im*." To whUti tl>* Ncsintii ir-plk*), ">ctct 
wM 1 bcnii the knrr la uiv iiwn, iior nilL I kua 
any iMb'a ftml,"' 'Ilu? lonl* niMttvil iii'vptthol**) 
Mt tM* ntfetlrrvf ll>«in, whi-,ti wu \t>* lul irinatnt 
nf th' Miiiu^ilr uiiHriiiljr iiliMrvpil «t ihn euun uf 
Ikr f mtk •■■>i|i*'rDT«; anil Knlln, with ftn Wtfol 
Amrof »kn|>liiii}, be«ka«irr1 teaiwof tib men lii 
«u«M Mid Um. la ht- au-ait, thr Liiqi't R>ot. Tb« 
NMw^fiAB MlJiar, t>rn:diur m<-r, liiLI Yritl>uni 
bfTiKltnil Ilia kur*. loiik till! kiog'a foot, null raunl 
il au hiirti* li> lifl- il iu liia Itja, thai Ihv kiiuc irx 
Iteown on hia Ui(?k.' LcUlo accualonuid to nir* 
a t omki Rimttj' ol dnottiDMit. lli« pituca did iiui 
MMialn thi wi ad^CT from land laufpiicr, and To- a 
BAnant aama himiilt mm*; bm ihia HdicBlow 
aatrrainra cmiaMi no tnattoua FHult.* 

Tim ariictH at ihU inmi; nam yi4 to ba fnl* 
Mtri!, Ilw ooMTf taion of tiM ncir roant or dukn «f 
NarnaiHlv, an4 Im tMtmBir« with tJic kiUK'a 
^SMfrbtn': U vraa afpwd that thaac emmntiiet 
lAoaU tak« plaM U Bovm. and irvcraL of llu 
fnviL hminaof KraiiM iiFruin(niiLr<l tlw liritli.- to 
IhMallT. AAur *aiti« tiiirt rrlicioua iiistrui'lMUi 
of HorvaUt tTttlvvd bafilkai al tbc laaudi 
aanU>lilw|i. wtiotc ailiaoiuitianik bs IklnuRl 
an ostrmip dorilitv. On lanvinf Ike bap- 
UMnal Ihm. tbr Ultv'riiKii umplijlB iiiqulmt tlic 
mat Ar idcm trlcbnitrd ctiurtb«k aiuJ vf the 
: t»t«t«<l iMiiHU of Idb usirr rvuntn • Tlie srcli* 
vpnatnad li> him Ma olinrch^H anj ihrvo •Ktiitis 
Tlf|to, Stint Ut/Ju.'!, and Saint PoUt. 
**WhMl f( Urn moat [tairxitul jioiroTi nlan," in- 
duh*. "(if llif coiBiU] arasiid !" Thr 
tnUad tlmt flaut Dmih nu. - Ttiini. 
I (Iktoa Mj knda amnng my fullo«pn. I 
dadlisM a ponton af tiifm lo Ciod, lo th» 
Vugin Marf, and to tbnaa oUiar aaiiiia whooi )ou 
at."' Id afmnlaiK'a with wliii'hitwilic, 
dmap writ da}» thai lir iiori- Ihr 
«bIm> of UifHc tmly bnjitisoil, mad? dnilj i 
'feMatDdand lo aiw af tlw? mifh ohurclni thil had 
Maa dvatgoat^. Ilavinc nriuiuril Ith <uui>iiiar,i 
naaanuli, kr titmod 111* allctitloii to pullUni 
■Al w ^ aail In lh« apjiorllvluuFUl of Noiiuaiidj 
i»f Ua XurwepaiiB.1 

IIM, >(arnuiiB-. apud Kri|«. Ri. 

^P_* WHMw Otnrt. 
MrXataaaan.v III. 

^ft ■ (^ toia 4n««ai ttdvii. •— «lv dibrt mpatrn pv)«ii 

^ "tt«M.allIU: Nlllii|iulB <« ■■ ■' -■ mf^ aUi-iijiu 11-11 1- 

1^1 hi^^milah*! tfiijiiv*''! ' . ' I ) 

■ J-inN (sllaiB nUlii )■ <»il. qui •iniin 
■flArM Twii (iilrlro*. •'■ri-.n -. . -. •Uniluqtia-l>i> 

■ tD^'ii ai>i>m> ■-ir'.:i:urHa iii'ii. Rii(niiH|»i lo plrba 

> Waa iT. iliiMilir nriii*iUH|ii<'. iiim tl un. 

• VillaliH- «;mii. )[[.(. >i<nii>a . *|hI wi()l ra* Xtr- 


Tb« fOuuIiTivsi dtTitlvit k]r Ikr line, ■■}- ttip old 
rbtouirlnn : lliia vrm Id* inixli' tif iiicMiurina U^d 
cuitnnmQ' In Scnniliiiiiia. All llii^ Uudi, trli<|h«r 
tlfvcrlcd ot in cultivailaii, nvii- aubjciird ti> tlia 
new di»iua4i. iml Uii; rijfht* vf iJk uoutit ixipuJn- 
linn ir^r<' ('iitlmlj' diarq^rdcd. I'hii roaipautuaa 
of ItoUn, boUi clilrhniiil loldlvn, brvuii'-, aixanl- 
ins In ihelr mpirciitv lauk, lunla at ili« lowna and 
of Uie hunlcti ; |»n*v'ain)tw.-itpuirialdciintiui*ii uvcr 
Ihvir manor", wbrlhcr Utiir vr imM. Thr aii^^irnt 
prujirii'lbr* wcrv Temd tu nbtjr ihc will oftliQ iiew 
rniiirra, tu jii-1<l up poavHinn of Ihtir Inniia if 
rxuii-il uf tli«iti, or rite to luld. unilFr llicei. llM>lr 
(in-n Lcritafr, aa fartiu or in laaaalaKt. Itj Ihit 
|ir«ccM ih^ acrft of Itiat countfj diaoji^cil oiuti'ra, 
and a iiuiubcr uf IrniDnn k\l ialf Uir Mrniludr uf 
till! jlrlii; Of toil. N""*- ;!»u((inp]ii<-*l dciiDialtia- 
tiuiLii wrtT olao lhi> riwill i.r rliin partition .)I tht 
IiIU>1l-iI prajicity, aiid riiMiiiTl aHiipil lll(^rc{nrwi,nJ 
ii> > ituuiU:r of donialii* i|ic mtj\ieT naiaci uf 
tlH- ScaDiliiiaiinnn-arrior* wbttlail irccivpd t)irin 
na Uwir jiortinn.' .Ultioiatlt the coiulilion of mv- 
i:hMuii3, BUlaaita. uwl pcaaanU dilffntd lilllc in 
Nunmiidy from what It wai iu Tnau», the lio(>c 
v( eriwtcr Nreuiilv, and itiuL mi^mmrnl In •Ocieiy 
« lui-h 1. onliiiaaijr i-x<,-iii<d hj the riac of n iiijw 
Btittiorlty, encouni^pd i»>iii Brtiimii aad hbourr'ta 
to rmtiiialv (u, and palabliib Ihcmhi-IiM In, IW Ju- 
iiunloiti of ituki- KuUo. IIU tunir, pronounriil 
Etou by titr Ftcncb, bvounc popiilai aTar utf; he 
vraa rp|>iiIod ihcatwiiMl ciwirm} of mbbcn, aiul the 
(^Tiitoat juiliciory ofiiii tiiaiew. 
^ XiilwLllinnncIing that tlir gnat«r number of At 
NornuBiaiia. fnlloiMOK tW i-\aiii|ili.' of Uielr chief, 
lia-I i-aiTilj «cr«|.ti«d Ills rltn of Ijupliatn , It apfKiar* 
tltui a ctirutn jionina ot Ihom lYfuaod it. and n- 
wdT^d t'l pmecTc Iho coHouh vf ibeli uioMtan. 
Theae diatldenta viiiil«d (ogelhcr to tona a •(|«ral« 
colonf, and fiseil ihmiwltn in th» ri^inilj of 
biijuui. »T[i-, ;wrlia]i>, atlrutad U tlwl 
•luutvi bj huiiiijc rrmaiki'd (lir aianncva awl the 
lai'lT'H'' "' '1"! inhnUieaiila of fiajvtu. wito were 
of .saiuii orij^ii, an-.l who UiU, Id tikp (I'alb <cnluryi 
■poki' a Ocfinaa dial»cl.* In tliii canton of Nor- 
mandv, tlwt Norwcxiaii liljatn, diflbrlm but hlllc 
frum the laii|{iux<- iri tlir ptuplr, b«ajiir Ititi-niriltd 
iriilt it, uid tvudi'ivJ it iit a niauiit:r pu^^t, Ml a* lu 
Tnaki* il bopome iiiiiilli|^l>lo lu tbn Panra itud the 
other IScaiid ilia I iuia.* Wbnn, aft*T «niii» g<!(i«a- 
tionti llic ilitlikc ol llio Norman liaront of the 
llnaiit luii] tJ>o Cuti^Nliu fur cluiaH i ni '.. liMcd 
lo the Inlliiciice of (-tainplT, t1i« 1 -< m. 

fliimtinn character entild ulil! In | .. .,, f;. 

inarknl. (aji.SISIoBUT.) Thrin-i<n'dl*iibtt»"l>'d, 
inurr than luiyollict uT thp Nornian jioJiIm and 
kiiixUia, by an ntrcmrlj iiulmli-itt illipntltltiii, and 
by pciviclual dltailVcIiiin lu tbr iliml gmrm- 
Dtcnt. Some affbrtvd to liriu- on tlirlr ahlebla thv 
uu('ii>iil pa^Ku ilctitva, nnd In ootplojr the Scan- 
diiiaiiaii war-cry, "Tbor akia!" In ]irr(ertnte 

' tliu* Anrolll'. n><rw>I11r, rtrrnxntllf. Iltnuitilla. 

■ " ! ■. f --, .t Itidin, IMtn. 

- ■ jlli ivgir 
'^1 ■' M .|r 

■■" ■ i of 

inr till" '-- 
TUrnl.l. K 

or lr« r^ 


Rt. ;>.!.. ^..k... 

I ■IHll (llllUl' 

\<mU At S. t> 


XS ru.>[i-rii*aik'« 


\lin(li- niHK'iaikin. 
CmU-i. or cirntoDlMla. 


la ••1N«B bU*!" idiicli wu ttinc of Uw Nor- 

Tbo pc»M b«lvriKl Lhp Frnnrh Mul Uii* Not initw 
wu iiut uf lutiit riiikiluiMncr ! tbu tatlrt ulruitjj 
look i>lvoBt»K<' or nil occaaiom of (mxiiMitUtiuK 
llirimrtrra (onnrln Die •■■•I, •■ fur mdh'I} ■« iho 
jiini'tiAn of Ihn rivrra Oin anil Spina;' t» Ihe 
iMiPth ibn mall t:<rvr Bmlc. And la ibe wniUi-wnt 
III* rUvrt'ovman, tiiTrtbe lintiuuf UieltUmlOTT. 
Thr Inbftbitanw of thi* ooimuy iren gmkoilly 
cnlk4 Nonnuu by Ihv Kirspb, nml t>T nit miiUnt 
fu»i|^i-rii, •nMfitiag the Duidp* anil nonMclui*, 
ulia ■ll<nr**l thU feUB«^ wbteh Umjp MOMMtlwl 
highly liuuaaral)t», anly l'> that puTtiOB of the 
pu]iuliit!un wbtch wu itrttllyaf (lie Nofln** race 
anil taiii^inKn. Thb, tbv Uiul Buiaorow* I'oitloit, 
■rtftl l<:>>innl< Ov lutm, wlMlkpt nsLiv« or i^mU 
gniil* fmrn nilirr pvta of Uiiii. th* cimr pan 
whleti ihr dHn'niUuli of tltiD Krulk* )iad ivlod 
Inmnfe th|i dm-cniUntB of the Gauls. («.». Hill.) 
Ill NoTintBil;, llir mrrr appclUtiim uf .SWdum wu, 
at Bnt, ■ title of nobJUt) ; rt w»« ihr dgn of UWtt<r 
■uJ poitvT — of lh« ri^t <o Idry Impnalit on the 
t»wiujtM>ple Mill tlH> anfo of Ihe MtuiUy.* All 
tb» Aarnunu, br luunv and ar%in, irert rqiutl In 
ciTil ri^bts, Ihoiqb oncqiMl lu p«Utlc«l or inlliUrjr 
nuk. Nnnpuflhem wen; taxrilwitfaoutilbeiTaini 
cUDh-iil ; winr irern ■u^jIU-l ■■> tbi> toU fur atrrinjcp 
■'>r |>ro<r1«lnna nrtar rha nariMiion of Ihorinm; 
Mil all rajoyi-il th* |irmlB||*D<bHmiuBUidfis)uiif. 
ro tlii> nriiwhtn of ihr *IUalm *mA peamtts, lenti* 
whii'li nNniwbinl, in he^, the mua of the natlrc 
{'^'{•ulalioci. .Vlllipngb Um «owt v( (Itr duke* of 
S'urmiinifv wa» OT)p»li«'il t«»y nenrly kMonli&s I" 
!li<' leodp! <if lltil i>f tin- kingo of FnnM-, the iiupt. 
nor rlc;^ iliij i\at ill ttip vitllcT jioriiKl fonn any 
liortion of ii, iKtnuw of tliirir Fraich dawitl; 
later, when » gn^l nuj' men of Nivrwrf-iau or 
IHiuih rM« hi^ amnncd ih^ ^n^Mdattical ilnMi a 
Miliin iIlafitHtiM) «f rank and jiritllfig«« aroM, 
uiA nwilnnrri (n he knirwn vrm la nanMterict, 
twtwlxi lui-h (inilOie remainlni clwtT-* 

Tlii* 'liilini^tfon, imicli mote ptnotw In Itit po- 
lhic--«laitilriiil Miidilivnnfiocicr} tluiDin i)ir niili- 
Inrjf, •cHtn rxritri! Ilio linli^»lioii of ibc uii-iuol iu- 

bahiluit*. Ill ■••< thkn a rentat; aflct tb« foundinft 
of till new tuir dT wIiIpH Ibvjr wcic Ui* opprcMmi 
puTtion. til* chl pD|iii]atiDU lormnt tin MotMlon 
of dettru}ins ttiii iiiMiualit) of thr iwn npr*, that 
(br Irrrllnrj of Normind^ (iilghl poAlailt but one 
pivptr. miL it tion* Kiif An* tinnir. It 4tiu rliirin^ Lbt 
mira iif Rlkhirl. r>r KiHtunl II., tha thint in wc- 
OTMlon fiom Rolln, Ihat lhl« ffml |trrijpi<i brttta,o 
maolfnt. In mmt <if the rinioiw nt >'finiiandy 
the iuliabltintt of the r'n'tr^ and Urgv nllaAcik M 
tbt- )v«iTilHt anil Romcdruit*, ht-gtK la mm* ib Ibe 
etenin^, alter th« lioun of Ubour,Biul to lalkoittr 

■ lUol TnMk ..... 

rMMi U rliv^l. ntnl ; Tai ata I . . . 
.... Wai*wccn*: DnktrT 
Cm Tniolc'l'' iIb t^omrndir. 

plMiu4>R«i. Ins. U.p.ft(*U.) 

* Vnbln. (knri. KiN. Nimiaou., apnil nittL trr. Ni«- 
bta«-.f IK. 

* Til' iHiic I>anl>l> inKTtH >'] loih filW tuJ niflltut 
HiB«tliitm (]"• hleliM Diitiiljt) .— rirxUmlla ■nioaa A|. 

natia-i . ai |>i«h mMnrjin Itacilnt iMrna fenjai li-m<> 
MnUt, < llHi* da ^. ^Unliap. •lillri Hlil*. rri. K.., 
Btas.. p. IM.> 

I tbf^Hf. hbtdNeatiM. BBrittnBdnTiiinBttA.Mm U' 

tlM miMiy ef th«lr eonJilUn.^ ThMe gtoupa gf 
poi^ular lichalnn coiikittcd uf tweiiij, iliirtj, anil 
aonKlBM null biiO'lraid |i«niiiu, vUea raiijcrd Iq a 
circbi, nuit lUunioK to songc ikmiKUEtu', whi> ex. 
eiivil Ui<ir pauiou* kv iiivolKhiuK ^^'nd Uiv 
tyrnuny of tfto mmila, haiutia, aiid kcijjhU. ^ii 
old cimitiu'lo in fenn pr^aniU ua, la a grapltie 
•l^l*. mily urigiiitl. ami jirubibly aiufc«ntic. with 
Uir anhnancaof tliric lianiitini^.^ 

"TbcIonbdousuglhiugbulhatHi: UDiIrr Uiem 
w« l»Tc neither ffaiu uor (oafll frau out labauni: 
Heh day u to ii* a day of •nlTciiiii;, of toil, anil of 
hllput ; pur caUlB are dail; taken from lu tot 
oorteea aiid Cotwi. terriFc. Nptt uc tka ntd and 
acvauUsorcuiut : pleailinp and |iroce»«a wllhont 
und, aulta mporlijtir lliu coiiu. the market*, Itie 
rcpDtU, thii lun'KLa, tliu uiillt, atti bomage. Tlirte 
are ui many |imioiU aiid balUir>, ilmt wc luve not 
Uk hoiir't jkraca; oarh d.i][ tbejr nub upon «>, 
*e(M out noQila, and ditva iia from our IumU. 
There i* no iiroiccilou foi lu ixalnil the Ionia of 
the ealatea aud thcii baiUfii au4 ao cant^wst 1* 
bindini; iw Ut thrm.' 

" Whercioic aliould vre tvSa m cAtieh itijnn' at 
Uiaii tiauda, iwd oat rid ourtelrn of iho hanltUpl 
Ani WB iu>l nicB U ovil ua IIir} ! Are viv not aa 
[all — ha*omi)iolaa k^imI Umbn— llie aaiiiealivoittb 
Ui eivJum (ulEritiiK I .\U wt atir detlcicut of h a 
atuut heart, Lac ui bind o)irxr]r#t Lftuiotlh— Id 
IM tmar to auppert wie analhvr; and if the)' 
chooM to maka irir on ua. fat nacli Nuniuui kuiglii 
oui we n-ut ouraclTca muitrt ihlny oc fiirtjr pea- 
(ant«( youotTi Dudociouai oatl prc|)ucil ii>r hailjci 

nitli clulia, )>ikiia, anowa, halcliela, and ■lilies vna 
if nilliout other wcapntia! Let iia iiuko hoad 
a^iuoat the kugbl*, and we (hall bn frre t« cut 
Ireea. lii piiraue lanie. and Ui iA, aa irr Ukr. ud 
Tc ahall he able to uae the watcra and irointa, ud 
bt unmtrkied in Ike Held*."* 

TbU app«al ^a the tl^a of aatujre, and lo lb* 
phnleal font of Iha fuMw nomber, twuld uol 
fall to make adcop Imptvaiioa; In eooce^uanet, 
many artbana, ami capMialljr ibe Uhoutcn aad 
nutica. Blade pramiae. luuler the aUigaliou of an 
onlh, to keep in a boilj, Uid to iciidai o(w utolhet 
■lUIual uMiataixee aifainM alla((|{t«aaora. Thakiwl 
of aaaociation Ihua mtated iMio waa, in Uua« daja, 
known by the woni maiuaiiM, a Uinn that bttant 
iMionnm) in ih* citie* of France a cealnr^ laur. 
B»t Iknl wliirh n'a* wiH^eiallj lo b« Ibcn mnafhtali 
and whieb nnct waa airtiin Ihecaae la any qiaaitar, 
ia, (hal the rammimt i^ NorBiandy, In th« jaar 
IWT.wTn nil pfurrlrlnl to nav r-ity nt la a Irague of 
aoarrni lnvni, bill iiu'lmteil thi> rnonlij parts, and 
cofnprkrd. In a imat (nicrnlty, all cliUMa of tbr 
native populatleii. Tlie men affiliateil in thi> ■■■ 
•oeialion wer« dirldrd into Iht'lr reapeetive eirriB*, 
wliieh IliF nridiJid buloilana doli^itc by ItwHord 
ranrvitdVA-* ;'° lliera wu, at leaal. one vi lhm> foe 
eacl) CBUUiyi anal ancb of di«ni Jalct^lrd two of 

■ U fSma r 11 Tilala 
milrllHwac p'Oil'IplalB-.i. 
Pai iIri. |ur Itcabuna. |ntHB>, 

I'm luiui planu iHulnniiBi. 

IHwaaa 4a Um.Uia. I. p. mj 

' Hi'mnn rtr Ihu. tiail. 

■[biA, u, ana, 

* IV« liiVarui totlua VoRaaanleo piiilM naallniv nte- 
ilau atiMiu~ ■.imrMtritta (Viili^lm. <;>iiitl-, tlW. AiM- 
iBiaa.. artiilxilpl. iir. NonaaHB., p. M«.) 


KUwtnd Uat USMOtU 



iU Btaiben to tonn ■ *iipcitur cirrlf , qt cmtnl 
■Mciiililji,' Th«t BHwiiilily uii In prnjnr^ uid 
■<rj:wii*c, ill tii tlii^ ilLtliirtu, llip iiiraui r>f rnlM- 
ann' mi'I uf a si-npnil mini*; ii ilfipalcbnl rront 
(■DC matim tv urvjllm. iui<i from ttlluos lo nU:igp. 
^lofurfit %Viil pl«Tiub!i- riniBc«rit*« Iri nin ov^r new 
BtWMialM. and In trt^t^" thtlt nalha.* 

Tblug* bkl tiann In thU hflxM of prpfamtlon. 
Ukd »D overt ail nf rebellion tiBil j»t hfn> rtira- 
nniuda wrbniiMjrs an dM writrr, nr-mi mntr lo thr 
rourt aT N<)mMii(!r thai the lilUint u-vrr hnlilicitf 
forttMrntt and tftinint; * <v.mniuri».' Tli* nofclm 
W»f» wIikI with fprll-fminileil fr«r« oriotiiiir.nlfiriri-. 
Ihpir r^hu and Iho piiTllPtrm of ilirir miurir<'nurl<i. 
IVikc Itlrlkinl wnf loo |cTi<)crnn affi-in ticahic in 
dbw* «(tU». inlhin criii*, b^fliii »wii potiiMi;! ; he 
•etit tat hu unflp, (hi? Mtniil nf t^Tiftii. iit irhom 
hv pli.»il ■jii)>ittiidc<l OTnBJMn*, •"Slrrt" ps- 
rtll" iT, " rfo ]uu rcinkiin tinmiuil, nnd 

IM" iuU U> mr; ilo not quit jniir oirn 

murl, tul »^il t'j ■■•? «• manj kai^liu aaii men it 
■nni »» j-oi* can mmtfrr." • 

f>r«lm*D nf (crprinn^ iTir mpmbfn of lh« luan- 
ciotimi 111 i)» Ten Hci oriiLiiiiiiii ih^ir coiinMI. ibo 
rumil of Ettvih trnt iiiI('llt;rt-Dl i{iic« to larioiu 
pwlB, irh-m hr tvptrtially r<:'mnmiaitiMl to learn 
Ht* hour aD<1 pJ3k<v itf meel^Tiff of Ihr r*i)lnil a*- 
■naMy; TiwviTin; (hHr rp(Wirta, hn mnrrh nil villi 
hli In>o|H. Riii! nrti-Mnd, til n altii^lr lUjr, ill tb» 
.'..-f ,t..i.-.. .■,.. ..f ii,,. ,.r,nih|nTilloii ; noiiui of ill cm 
ihfir nnpmbljr, iiiit nthvre 
' ' I riJIiif^M in tpDilrrinfr Ibr 

mUIis lo IV'jvuAntt. ^ Whclhr>r from unrMtnincd 
Ufcr, nr Irain coot <*l(!)ilntiuo, ih« r«tiDt «f 
E*TCTit l*T«tel hi* priwine™ wilti fxlremu Iwr. 
iMritr, and tlii<i nitbuiit ilviiniiiiir lo tiilijtt't them 
Iv trtiJ, r>r to in>tiTiilc i'l ihi'ir catr iiiij^ Ugal io- 
ifnMllioi) f.t.n.MHlu IUI3). Hfl«>nilrRiiimlti»<intn 
inffrf ■irM'InnB l«rtiir™. whkh hin nnilnllnga 
moiU i\ Ihrl: ftiKlj In var^- : anrne had Ibalr ejoa 

Cotit, th«4r huiiti eiil oH', and ibelr ha!n>«Iiin|{a 
atiri ; other* irprr impal«d ; aainc mra roMiDl 
at a ilow Ihv, «r molten Inul ihowrrtd on iben. * 
Tfi« Aw loan «li<i ■iirrlwrf thmo torment* inm 
ami ttatm tt> Itirlr bramoc, and bd thma niattlal»d 
tlirw u h thr lillBiiT*, ihcrrhFT to alrlkc hrror. It 
Itipiwtid, e«n«M)aeatlr, that A-nr aTcryioinnwd In 

tlir Vti?«^a of <he loiniir|io'>|<lp nod llip ■nA of 
Sotmtndy their Infigft^i- for fr«echK» | the ■;(«•( 
■Mill iBliiiii wM bn)k«i) ui) I no iner« aemct Maaeai* 
Mmim tAok fibirr; and a aorrowfkil nalcnuion 
flBcimdrii (hwlnR wwu onlwiLi, ihv ruthoilMni 

r I ^ aanqanqv r-nin furoaiib rniifi Jiin Mlrrniar letatl, 
'■at il«i»i<a (4 a>nUtnt*iiAim •nhmia'ti (rmal taum. 

■ tUlli am aa Mi kali ai 1uu> 
IW pIm* kitiiit ^ ilrt Diixft pafUuf . 
KiMi hM tl ptla traat. 
B It W HI M mticnvnt. 

^ItdQtjin fid Ttfiu» lom. 1. y^ V^.) 
> Am (Mt (ri Rithanl ilic* 
IC« iiWn> fiiwiii* f«vifvii4. 


• IM. ■.!••■( 4ia 
* ... F^M K (il •><■>•. 

Kl )■ inmlt n pirlPBnH. 
K fmiaHil Ii inu i.w 


• IUbU Af Bou.tDIB. 1. p. lllMltt. 

' fiJliiaW, nxrluaitiat iBuan.. ■<! I'M ■niin «■) it- 
<W1U>Im Ormm^ IliM Nuimaa., irud watf*. •«, 

I,, p.r*> > 

When lliii rofmonitJc ewat wciarKi, Ihi- rliffir- 
eiien <if lanftugB, whieh hail at lint narkird the 
Hot of upaiWiun bMHiit th« iiulileB ami tlio pao- 
fie uf NctrmiDily bad ulaigat waied to nnl ; and 
it tran liy hih icriii-aloMT thai the Numiia of 8(aii- 
Jni^rihri itivri^r^l wu diktBiijfanhr^ fiuiu Ihiiii&llo- 
Krank. Kvrn al Koitpn and Ui lb* ]wU<« ot itm 
■firrnaani of Kollo, iia ullier Itnfniav wx* i|M>km 
at Ihn ha|pi>iilR|t of th« Alnemii ceatu]' Ihau (liU 
i-iilln] hy the naiuin of tliimaa>Ruiuu(ai or Frvnvk. 
TIk tDirn «f Bayaos «UI1 Innuad a tuUUrjr (n«<y- 
tioii : thniliiWt [uvwrvad tbera «a* N«rw«fpaii 
a»il Katon Ini«nnliud> and jrt aanld not tw iwi^ 
recily inidpi«to<Ht bpUioliihatiilaiil* of Scandinavia. 
From which rnuac, wbcnrT«t itcw cmuraiila 
■rrlvtvl frt>m the nocUt of Kuropr lo Tiaii tlaolr 
rvlnliTM at Nomiaud}), thty eaf^bUthed IhcaMcIivt, 
11 a malln- at ehutM, In tho cmiutrj about JliL}«iia.. 
In Uka inaaiiL-i, if «rc nil) bellvre uae uf Uia 
rhniTiiiHen. the diike* uf Korfnuuly mit Itulluir 
lli«ir chiiilrau lo ItAin M tpuak DaabL. l')u' 
Danra and Norw«^ani uaiiitauiod (vialiuia if 
nllfaiK* and aAclioa with Namiuulf, an Ioiir at 
itMT ftund in n rintUuil; of Un^iia^ a lokm of 
thetr ancient national couaanguioii). On ■■•icfal 
w^uioiu, during the maicslH wliich llie flrstduka* 
of NoniLuidy had to i»aiiil>iii k^iikI t)i« FrtBch, 
niirtiHOUi and pMTMful auccoiira arriNiri ta theia 
from Norway and Daomark ; aiid, itthoiiiHi tkry 
had lheinwliri>a btfcooia elnuliuui, Ui«) war* 4ided 
bykliif>i>hu«tLll ncmaindd pagan. But. vhoillw 
•3K of th« /inyim Jtm nt u m b«oua« gaiiMa) thn>mb- 
out NomiB&dy, the SauwUftarlaM ««aed l« liMk 
utMtn ihn Nonnun «■ Iheir naunal allin by km- 
drad : thajr orvn eeaiad to Hira ttiria thi- tuuna of 
Noniuni, bat Ailed Ibrm French. Konutii. and 
Vebkos «t Wdchfaa tlieii naaaea iii the i-utiit pu- 
puialion ofOvul. * 

The tlM of kinilml and anit; wet« atreaily 
CTt^y rvlaiad In lb* flrit jmmi of Uin i>i(V(>n(fi 
rvntnry, Hhrn Klhelrod kiiiK of Cn^lnnd r^KMjvd 
the alitcrof Rlchnn). the Caurth dukaof Xonoaady. 
iDcntion of wbam hac jiiat b*><n inado. it U, in 
bid, very probable IbU, if iJw Sciadlaavtan popu- 
ialion Hiabliabed in Uiul had not h»«^ tt th>> 
llin?, n)DBpl0l«lydiMvmvd from throorlhrra item, 
tlie Saioii klnir wvuld nnt bale coDMired the hono 
of novirliig Malitancr from lb* panitmi of Holla 
a^nat lb* pumt of Ihs kiag* of Ihe naitb. The 

want of trod in Riflianl the Motbuii Io aid hi* 
hrotbnr-lit-law aroae fron tio couidtuilUiu* ktu- 
ple «r nuiiij repupmanoF. bui iiiii|ily (rum bta not 
iweiiV in thi* intL-rftr*nou mjlliluK TanMiraVIe lo 
hli swn inl^raat, whleh h* won iiLilfiil in diieom- 
llifi and nrd*rit in puiaiiln^, eoliTunnLhly trith tllat 
luni of eharwtvr which aunndy diBliuguiihnt th« 
Inhnblianl* of Nomunrij-. 

(juth lOia to im.) WliUc Elbcbcd in cult 

wa* (harinf; hi* brvlhet-lo-Uur'i liuijiilKlily, )h« 
Eugliah, thpn aubjpoia lo a focelfenr. rogrMMal, an 
iu the IJDM of the lllohc and cnnrraltnrni nf klnif 
Alfred aui) Um nm Uanltb rnnqurst, ihe rale at 
the kill); wlioae mum ihay had dcurtnt. bc«aiMi 
tiKy hod euMltalned • dlalike nf bim. Kwvyn, 
whom Ihej had ntmiillr'l, in thfl j*ar lOU, In 
aaaiKnt lb* title of king Of Knifland. illPd Uic wiae 
yau to (uddmly that Uirra u rcaaon far •Utfbut- 
lux hi* ilealh Iu auiue h«rM of jiatrl<»ic iMllgiu* 

• Hc«ltn;:k M. t'l.lbrice*0. RsBUII. Willi 



(Milwlniiiil Vit. 

li«it. Tliv DauuJi wildian nnlAAMl in tbn tAwiu, 
nr •laliciued ja ^npt U. llvi moulJi t>( Uiu iIth*, 
nMib ctiiuM iidunKun Kii)it,ai (.'lutuw.irxucrccd 
i;ir Uaaiib luii^. I'hu (iriuce nnw llioii cnxixcd 
■>U a luuwuti 1« iW <^-■lllil>) iKt( lliu llumWi, to 
•lv|-u«il tlwrv iJiv uuuUlbillioUi luij liic IkoqtAgv' ot 
llii>»>itllwni KagflUh. ThcUtlai', vliouun^il l>}-liii 
3<iwii<'4. ilulibcinlcd <ici »fiiiUU([ b i»cmi-ugu( id 
tJi'i ■'ulv ilit'u ik Nunnuil}. lu uU liin. ui tli* 
i<*ii>e ir( dn Angtu-SMuui ptvfiU, tlmt tlicy nuuU 
Ikkc liira itgaiu for Wing, if he would ^rouuM to 
gonra b«itar foi ili* fiilun. ' 

lu Hurwtr to thl* niMM;iF, Etlialrrd iFnt omx 
liii tun Ednanl. uhorEiiiu bim tu laluii- in hit 
iiaiuf- liia wbnln CbkIUIi Dntiuii.' ■»il tu make ad- 
Jurttlian in hit mwao, |iiiblicl>*, ilial tliu kuigwuiiil 
til futuRi fulfil bll Ills iliitijii of hia Illicit iilHcD 
faithfoUjr. ' unenil wtmuici wiu ilupl<u*iiit lo 
ttie pnufil*! uil ecim)^ to oblivlan all whicli Uia 
jit4>pU lud Oou« or Mill aKUiiKt liiiniull. The 
Moltf ibui vivutu U( bcl WOT) lt» lutiuii anil k ii>f{ 

' -■«• iiinifii I ou «i(lK( >Ue bjr |iU-il|^>t tnuliullj 

glnn (1015).* Tliu UMUUUjr of IJic \Vaiutiii> 
^cnioif pTonoimcti) anunA *ay Uuiii.' uhn tJiauIil 
IbIip the lUlo uT khig uf EughiuL a [Wtii^lual tcii- 

Elfacbcd n»»vmri tlio r«^t uulgaia ; but it U 

IsMOMitl* kiiixrnaiDr nrhil »xtout of isrrllorjr he 

ittfiml; for Ui* lluiiuli girrUoiu. iliuu^li tltiit'ii 

I ftvn IMD* Iwviw, kepi pOMCMiau of muijr olbirs 

! uiil oTcn ihr city of Lanios rcmkiuvd la time 

p«wn. I'biIm^ 111' HrnI «■> calUd IftfCUiM/- 

««rw< hard Mim mnt« b«coinp Iha lian of ilemarcu- 

liun IxHwiit tiM Crae praTinri'* ami ihun' nMiiaiix 

ing ml*)**! 10 llM foicifm or DBBlth lulr. Ham 

Kirk, (lie mm of Swejiii bulsK *li*Mll»lied nllh 

ills poellvii wtiiuli llw Anglo>)f>K<>iM coin|>cSlvd 

liin t<i scrriil, icUiIti«4 from the nortli of l^luid, 

tbd, havin^t Inailnl nwr St«iiJwic-li, he citued llie 

lioMagM lUthvrcd lo tu* bUivT to tra muiUaitil* 

and put In ibe Mrturc, ibrvtwt' ""tf" at >>■■ ■>"!! 

I dlnpfmnuiMU. TYib nusipl* «I utalra* mMlt]' 

wm* iKn wnl fo > aow wit, lahkJi Etlwlrcd, 

ftUkful t« nl* Ikt* okifa, iiuUiitcd oourafmoal}' 

MHld nrimM foefraaaiBiMl rcTvntta. At liiidvalli 

'the HiMiUali.diDK lor ilMir kiiiKi not uue uf Iiis 

ICKitioMU: childn&a vrha won toiUIuuf iu 2Car- 

fn^ndrt Viit a natonj bomi lulmiiinl, aunuiuvd 

ImasUv, wtin laA p* f n torn* remailiaUo [trooti of 

*ah>w Mil •hill <l(Hi>>. It) liuanvtaticraniliKt. 

- BianiMl rclntiial tixr Ii>ri>ua> of ihr Sug'luh [wiw 

' pk) bn iPlvck Lnodoii fmsi thr DMin, nnd faufht 

' itt Rn*t b«Ulr« afptiiwl llKin. ' 

AAm on* «f tliMM) bMilpf, fouglil Mt tli» Mullwni 

1 HaMaranelUi twhiMn*. ICInni.Kuan.tiLailww, 
r- IU.>-'Uilt>a> tVotmuu*'.. (n. kiri,, ■■. t-'-t. 
■ Orabia (nine hli L»jiliri;p:. 1.CIir>i. >u, ml. 4inKiiii. 

» "'■) 

• rbMbl>-lbt4. (1M > 

• l-lnui* •'•Mlk XMIIranM. A dliita. M bMla MMlt- 
»"'-T' .M.i-r rit*^ dalia, J'lViu.) 

. Imnl. {lUil.i f-r[i ilcnitn (Winn. 
iTiifin Ttrli flT"! ^i^lin mril^TUn 
i ,...- ^. .ufiiiniau tadUliDtBt maUaxdi 

• Ak|«p imiB WirMB •nofrtl alMMw ^ pUM d>ll rii*- 
not. fipial- omn Bkailiai t(<*aiu>|Uv uul*. ((.'[■riij. 
fix-i nt liniwn. p Its) 

'■<>■., pa RItMiiI, f- IM-)14.— Ilrtii. Iliinl 
UK it.. «r^ nr. \aflk. -nift. v. *«t. a1. 

.im Mtlmmh,, 4* tni ?•-, AajV. lli> ll . 
IbUiB 7i.-KiU»i W<i(»jiiM. An M*(..f r>.— Ilui. 
Iipiir OnbaiL, >p»<l ini. .VTiilir. Hitpi . nd I, >t, vd, 

' tlalF 

bordni' of tb* eoontf nf Wamick, in which Ibe 
llutoa were d«rtntad. mm oflheU taylaina, dbkiviI 
Ull/ bainji *»t»a"'*«'l fi^iQ ^i" >■"'" >>■ >^ roui, 
anil ffyiw (in liu Uf<% itruok tniu > nuud vT nbich 
lir WM iui>cquuii1ril witli Ibe |utlii(. AfUc ivolk. 
iuf; 111 Toju thrai^liout Ulv nl^tit, h« niitl It lUjh- 
littnL 1 J'Duag jwavuit ili-iiiu|( a bi-rd of wi«ii. 
I'tf Nluial hlin> uul <i«)l«<I hi* dmiic. " I an 
iiamod tivilwui * WMiiit Ul(u«ll>i"'* Mumracd Ikt 
i>Iiu)>lwr(l i "alitl llkuu, if 1 ibUlnkc doI* art vf lli« 
Uuuiili umy." Tlio Duiw, lifiiig lliu* coaip«IM 
la conbui ihr tnilh, jimjrd tliu yomiK niau to lull 
liim iKin* bt hv mitht dill tie from the hbowU kU- 
tiiiueil III th<i Sclera at Ihu iMijiUwuriiiK riven, 
oiiO by wliKt riKul it would be posublc tor LIb lo 
mi-}i tlii'in. '• t'oolitli iii'lFi''l|" n|ilipcl Codwio, 
"it tin' Usiit nlio nj":i-u hi* lalotj from • 
Sninn."'> I'lf ^Dtreattil iMc alwithnnl to ba(« Ma 
L-allk aiid diDui liiiu ibu wvjr, luajiiiix >hr iiromlMa 
IIIU4I Itkriy to |>rrv«i] at«r « piar and «iaipLe Hufc 
" 'I'bo WKj* ll ]<iiiK," rvjilicd tlic youthfi^ tlicphcrdt 
" mil it w»uJ'J lie dnii^ioiu fci Die lo «Duduet jom 
thiUuv. ThejioBaiitii. eueourkjicit by our victory 
of J ™t«ilay, are arni«l tlirouchiml llio couultj-, 
mill wfniU ihciw no mcrcj I'illua lo Uire nr Ut Ihj 
gowle."" TUi: fbU-fdrcir a xoM ring fruta hi* 
lin|:Tr, aad prrc^uli-'d it lo (be •liriihivil, wbn lH>k 
Ir, eonurn|>)Bloil l( wKh much aiirnrdtiiMK. and 
nftsr ail ini,unl'4 ri>lle«Uon raliiraml il. »jtntt. *■ I 
will lakr iiaihinii fmiu II1M1, lul 1 mil tty tu cak< 
duct tlinr.'"' 

'I'hpj paivil lilt' day in ib< collngD cf Owliriii'i 
fatlicr: and vhtn ni^ltt eamct Hiid thcy^en.' oii 

lliD |Kiiiii uf ilr|iurtitig. Ibe aid |i4'amut nid (u iIm 
Ikuir, "Kaon- that it *i my only asit wtiu tnMi 
Iiimirlf in Thy hottoiu ; there trill bo uo Mictjr for 
litm mnaiif; liii cDuairynicn when be haaavrtvd 
Ihve aa a giiidn ; prtorat him IhfTnforr (a <hy kinf, 
that hn iD»y r*<*iT« him iiil'i hi* aorvicii."'" li'lf 
liromUnl tu Aa miirh nicov (or (iiiilwiii; and lie 
k«pt hli wnni: iin Itiplr arrlial at thr UanMi 
tum]i br made tlir praianc'a ion ail in kia aim 
i^iil* on a KBI PI H^valed n* hi« crwn, «iid Urvlnl 
him » Ilia owii ■on ( 1017)." 11 1 olitaiuril ■ aaiti< 
larr nimniauil Tor him fruin kini; Kiiiit: afidt at 
Inurth. the &aiuti ■licplirnl roar to IIm^ nak at 
ftnenior of a ]irotiiu.v iD the pari of CokIbimI 
vcL-upiMl hy iIkt UuivB. Tlii* inuii who from lh< 
ki'i'ivr of a fiiK'V arrivvil altb* lil^aat dlf|iuti«a .kt 
MarnmiTry thr>iti(h tlirprotoeliwiaCthefblelpuHj ' 
-11-u rpipniil, t)y ■ aunt ntraatdiimy datflny, M ' 
cnnlilbnii- ahoic all other pcmuiiBla thenUnot 
the piiwtr of thiHc rprciiifiien. Ilu name u abMt 
to iDake a gtvmt tignxv ainat4g Ibp mcdt illmlriniM 
{■•.■noaagnof IliiahltlAry ; andltma^ronaniuriilly 
tie a aourra of ptaacw* In tall to mind hi* orifia 
and Iht ringubtlllj at tui farliinM. 

ThcvicurtaaftttGAnilo-SuoiHattrtfac Danta 
Ivd to an armbtk*. and a Iruce wfakh waatolMiuily 

* nC. •'•ff. *"'/. ""Tout, iiiwoiirlnt- 

f )]aj;(aul{ iri>. itwi. ■•ll<UiIiMfit 

I* JtlfJk, vtf. KOf. *p^ livOllj artr^m^J, 

■ < KnDt OiBonia awnO iiiiDlun Ui AntM* rv^aifl, 
iT«'*l llm 101. [iiinTK.. )«i- iii. UI) I rif. m. f. la.) 

>• Allot utOMlM. lucniliU alia, nadani moffli 4arf. 
,pH.4j>»«ori>lar.t. •ilniMfUiWtnlMJaUir. (HU.) 

" Anualam it'iuuiii ■• diw acnriiWreini aivfaa laiaiuri 
naraMma. |IUal 

' ■ Na^iif talu *i aia(iU^. apail popnUn* (am IhIuv • . 
ulatuaUMUlUMUiMMiiir. llhift) 

<• mUloeoteUtw- out.) 



■ ■ nI. 


Ill* ikdmiii«iinaiiD LBd uhI. 



•woni lo, in praotncc «t the tiro smlo*, Vr the 
Vii^ Eilnufiil anil Kntil. Tlipy mutanlly itiJtiieil 
caFtl oltitr hy th« ti«m# of IvMlher,' knd with 
w wni BC M raoaeni mule tbu TIimiim ih« Knit of 
thrir t««peelir* ktlviloru*- Od thu Hvinh of 
Edntuuj. d)t DauUh Idaif pwtrd Uit* liiaii, whiDli 

wu lo lUHi fct.'Cn inriolnble; lie huA tn-ivllj 
Iftliieil over Munc nmcmuy nnd uinbliiou* chii-it, 
■ad lb* tamr nua«d l>y hia iii*«ilun uirit<-il in 
the MWTCM of thme mvcrl intricnr* : nltrf ailiglil 
rMMmn Uic Aui^o-Suuns ur the tuuihvni Lnd 
■ ^■lar u |WDiHne«i> nuul* ■iibini**loii, ■»'l n-co^iwil 
ill* tmi aDivreyB 4> kinjf of nil KnifUiul. Kiioi 
in tvfOTii awiirf- to T«i|nt wi»> jii*tiTW niiil kiiidiinv, 
will hiT tiHii^RiI. wiUi )iit unmiiitml hoiicl, ih* 
bawla of the ptiuciirat cbieb iaiokcit of liia ^^d 

KotwiilutVKlliis thnw iiMRiliM, iind the Uight* 
nM« of tlMn|liMNlllaii In hia Rcrruioii. Kliiit [iro*i><l 
h l a m lf (Vljr in h* a J>«lniia mi riiirl manairJi. 
Tbnav itipn whn had benma rpmiiikaliki fur atlach- 
lucnt to tUc uidcnt libertin of the Imxl and ttiv 
.\iwla-Saxicm rw# of king*, a* likv-MlM ot«ti toino 
Mil Uoan who li4d bvtnLjixl thn niilonal udm in 
fctOAf of the tbrelim ■lomln>li>in. irpi* hanlah?^ 
r mill ml at put In dfilh. ** ^Vhac^<^^ idiiU biln( 
BM iho hf^il of one ofaf cneoiici." PXTlutDfd tlio 
Jliaaiah kbw, uriili all Iho forocky of ■ jtintr, ■' wriU 
iW 4««Kt lu mr: Ikan B bruthvr."* Thcrvlativu 
of Avtwo (■•tktu^ KihHiW'l anil Iftliniind liuii* 
aide, wn-c pnMrrlboit In iili<id} : t)ii' ■■in* "f KUi«U 
rF>l wef* •! ihit tUiif at tlw Xoniiati road ; bu[ 
t^MMv of Edtiiujid, «v1ja icmiiDcd in Biiirlanil, did 
luM MBipo IhBKanni^faTiwiJtiDti, XulTriiluriuj 
to pot tiwin to rfpith unilFi Ihc c)i-a uf tlii! tCn^liiJi 
pMi^lCi KboI. timl ikL-m larricil islii ScniiiliiLivia. 
aad w«> CMoAtl lo iuUiualv (u lliu yvUj iititf iu 
wboa* ViModjr 1w plienl tiwin what wi-ra hi* 
irtalHM wllh napon to llu-nt; but the lalior prn- 
undad not to anilpmuiil hit real inimtioRi, and 
jWiWlH*! hta prlaontra to pau into Ur^rmuti)'. 
TiMac* iImt bcosak llicmanltn, thai thcjiauilit be 
U pester acciinljt to tbc court of tbp king of 
HOB^argr. who b*ni> at that ivrioi] to makn hli 
ftm t r Mio»n amoiut Ihn (iat«c of ChculviuUiBn: 
b* hm Ihrj nrrc riPcriio<l Mtlh honourai uul oaee 
u( IJmbi III toinst of lime espnuacil ■ dalljftilci of 
iIm Uannaii (an{>«roi.* 

ffiiilMiil. doka of !N<irmauJ)', ivcinir thr- impoan- 
hilHi tit aUbllthioiE hla urphcut uit ihi- lliroiii' of 
KHpavd. tiKl wUMm lo tnjuf tlie wItAiiuitMof a 
«Motalbancc irlih 1M( couuuji adopwd a policy 
(■Iriilali 1 r rllmirnTTniitiarni'iil -f hli n-nnfiinnj-, 
a*4 euletvd into v^goclationa vilh the I)aiii*h 
UneltalmrF detriuicutal la tine iuUreala of llie 
HKn ot EthAlrBi). Ilj ■ nthtr wliiimlcal arniii)to- 
nivDI. jrl riidriiciiK cMi*iilenili)i: akiU in albln of 
poUn. ha ptot><'*<^ lo Knul, or Canute, that he 
tbooU MpouM lh« muthor of lhptvia}'ou>iKprin«M, 
who, we hatt? aliomi. iru Kidianl't owii tiilcr : 

tnam Hlopliil. (n llunlinvL hkL. lib. t1,. 
■iwd m. AMlic«rt|M.. p.lDt.t4. St<ilii.>-KniuBnvnw 
IWMiaa.Bpa4 Btpl- •". Kinaann.. p. ill. Wtllrlm. 
M<l^ili..4aa»*. iH. Aul.lni II. i>-n. -I.Kni^ln- 

■ Mttafta iwontajk wanu >b1 nadH. (IIivfiH •!* H"<»' 
An. ih>k*lH. fan |«m, ■r<>d w, ABttlki. HiipL. |). 4M, 
nL aa'UcI 

■ Flonatil WltarqtiwtB (TlBmn . v *!*■ xl- PrtocIOn. 

• KaitMtWfMBaiuA.nM-liio. f.Sia.—U'ni.UaiMlncd. 
I^b*-. lib. il.. apnd mt. ^uglie-KM^I., ^k 3U. ni. ^otlla. 

•}i« Ind renind at bcr baatUmlbo nanic of Eninia. 
ImiI iIia .\nf[I<y.Siuiotu hid.un bur Rrnnprairital in 
Kn|diii<!, cliin^d h^t foiCi)^ lutnr to thti of 
Al'irliite. whlrh u^iifiefl U f rr t t n t finm tir Omiii. 
rttiirri-TJ bj till- idea of oiice laore bt<oiuinc Dm 
ivtfc n( n kiiih'i ilie rumriited to Ibia Kcond nmoD, 
IvarioK it dfinliCfuli MTUinold nutkora, irhclher her 
( tnl.H.) Rranmlnir khortly the motlicr ot aiiatfanr 
noa to whom liia fathrr'a power promianl a fulurt 
led, mill ill Uio tscitcmnit of a ii^w ainbllioii, ah* 
iitglecti-il Had Jf«pi»«d hpr (nnn«r oSoiiring. A* 
lo Ihe young princi-a, hplnji kojit anaj" troia Ihrir 
uiliie tiiiil, lliey. hy li'gr*"*, loat ail n-cutlrction 
of it! iiiiliOiTiiit m.-iniirn, and cTcn of iu la(i((uago | 
lliry i'iiiilrit:lc<l in thiHr nilo forriR" notioua au4 
rri<-t>d>hipi>, which, IhooRh in itxlf • dKHIoitsaM 
ijf ISillc momnit, mtailM cnn*«qu«ncM of lb« 
grotvit chanFlFT. 

(lt.^. 1018 to 1030.) Hia powvr betnc (oii«oti. 
d»l(rd by urreral jr^ra of pltoiuy- poawailoi), and 
lijr haritig fnnnni a inainR|r< whith rFiid«l«d htm 
in anrnn lort lco> of a afrunj^r En the rji^ of Ihe 
KngUah pmple, kinft ('aiiut«. bydtitreot^ oihitiltwi 
([Tcatei hiiinnnity nf diipusilioii ; huappraivd lo bo 
actu»trd hy ncir frillufn and ratcmincd ticw) of 
Ifoixmmcnl at rmllrd u liii *ge and hit poaitioa 
<wiilil Inad 111 Id i-Tppfl ; ha mrn rHfte#d a apirit 
of Iniparilnlliy In r^gnnl lo boih };n^1l*h nnd 
thnn. IViihoiit ilimtnnhiiiLr ihe very hcatj Irl- 
bntpa Impoiind upon lh« kingdom on the conmjMt 
of it by lb« Ubucv, be cinplejad a |iortt(>n of ihoar 
r«*oauc* in « payment of romprnution* to ■ocno iif 
Ilia oira cmuiIrynM-n on llirtr ponm'ntlnjt t" rrtiirn 
!o Dcnniirk, Ihui rt-mltilnj! Im« proininml Iho 
ilitiiidu «f the inhnttllanlfl of r,iiKlM)il iota Iito 
[afft iiiimlcnl lo uach ulb<?r. audpoMOHingoucqiuil 
pr4iil'';t<«- 0( all tha Daniah vruriurt who had 
nct-mnpanvnl him, he rntainMonly abodyofclioarn 
nK'ii. amuunting lo a ii!w thuuHnda, tor hla body- 
giurd: Iliia cat|ia man nnmrd T^tiif''"*"'"*' of 
Kitnlucra cf llie palivci'. TI>C t-m of an «po«(»lf 
from cliiiitUiiity, W niadt hiiii*i--lf »ppr*r n ((iloii* 
(brinlUn, rthtnldInK tbn chorfhw wliii'h hU filhuf 
and )i.> hlni*clf had burnnl, and ^ndDWliiR monilt- 
fMitlytfH- abtM'ja and nioQ»teric«.* Dcrtrona of 
Daltrilnir Ihi- iiationnl ipirit of the AnKto-Sniona, 
lie creetcJ a chapel iwrriln-]ilai'(itif«''pnltorcof Ed- 
mniid, kin)* of Ka«l AnfflU. •"hi, dvirinf tW pi». 
redio)- ntilun niid n half, had hieii tFiiunlpd aa a 
inanjrirflht^faJih uml of patriotic icaiferhiakirtc- 
doni ; l)r»idc» » hi I'h, ihe aann- inoUiu nctnatml C'-anula 
Iti erect at CantMbm? a mmi'ieipol to arehbiahop 
Klfi'K, a lictini, Ukf kin( IJlmiiiid. m nnuith 
tmpH*; lie wnhPd In bnia ih<i luiut'a rvm&iii* 
lRUHpui1.fil tliilliifr, u'lilrh h»d been ciilomlwd In 
LuiiJnii; but tlic- Inhabllnntji ct [tat rlly httTJnjf 
irfu-(-l lo be dlapo«wa«.H of Ikfni, tbi- Daniih 
monarch, auddfiily, id lh» pnrfonnlBce even of an 
act nf ptclj-. rMumed Ih* miiniift of » pirmle and a 
coU[|Uirtor. U« ciu-tlcd utV, in militao alylt, the 
coffin, which waa borne br.tirlal two liin* of tol- 
tticn, hiTlBg llivtr wvroti* dmwn, lo the Tbaoua' 

','ij 'Ifilrrli. an IFEDiii» 
i.rrv. «ii«1..1l\y. 

: I . 'i- 'J 

:irli'i tii'j.'f Ji -i'-^ •nri .... dirit drraw- 
•qipnKnat (tHpluo. UibuIL IU,4. 

inr'ii. Lfn>i .-ir'"'f»'.4iiitlk.icrtpi.. «),».«•, ml. Oiir.) 


> l|01<'- ■ 

opnil ntr 
a i*»\|]a|'r 


nilrlinuu} or St pFteT. 


Tmf ohJ fotct of RoHMi. 
IU( ttUM. 


tide, mi viaiaAti on bowU » ohip of wui of 
nhieb Um tirow wa* docomlcal irUii kn cDormou* 
Bpiro-tiMid of ii dnffon.' 

At Ibn liin* wtinn Eiiylmd wm dtriiled iutu in. 
dnpcBilmt MTerelgntiM, mrmnd of thu Au^lo 
Suon Uagt, pnticnbrij thnw of Wencs uid of 
>tuci«, tent occMJondTODtribulipiu tu Um bIiutgIi 
of Rom*. TJi« «b(<el of •uch gift*, jinri'ly pa. 
Iiillnnt, wai to *Kur« > bMM- rwr^ion for Ln(;!fai1i 
pllirtlms nw^rtin^ lu Kamv, to pru«i<l« pccuniiu^ 
nijifillct 10 auch of Uipb u arrived in illaliew in 
ihaLdlj, lo pay /orniAiJitai&Ulg ••chuol r«i')x>utl» 
from BngUiiiI, ariil lliitbcr lor Indiutlian, and ta- 
nanln BUiitilyitiif thi- Iuiujm coinuntljr biinuaf{ at 
Itie iFiKildirK of Salbt Pvicr uid Satni Paul.' 
Tbi^ pajmrni of (hnr rwolx, railed iii Anglo^axofi 
AUMon nJivaDi) RamaR niMW, or nax, vnumore 

•w Ir— '-- --^ooliott lo iho (Itgrpo of »iral of 

llii)r . iinl wii" piitir^lj- Hiup^iirii'i), in 

the nil . ;, , on th< oe«urr«nt« of rln" llaiiiuli 

ini-«(iuL>t. U mliiii^ lu i-i|iiite, ai fiir a« jmMible, 
ilic wronii wlUcli lili couiiirjtmPn bwl donr lo ihc 
diuixit, Bii4 I'l (ur^iaM lu htt DQunUconoe uiy of 
t}"i Ajuxlo-Saxoa kln^, Caaillv i«-««t>tli*hi'd 
Ihp inncittition of a mit fnc Kaic», ob tgnata 
•Clin. Dti<l itibjivird all Kn;lBi*l lo • papntiBl 
tribui«, wliirh nni dconnilniUHt St. Prtv't jpmh. 
Tliia tnipoBt, ninl al a pciinj, of Ihs paonrf of ibat 
•jpr, oil parli iiUiibittiJ bouw, yim thracnorvmrd 
la be aniiiially Irvitil, aKoirling to llio *i|inw(Mi 
vatA In Ihti mrtl rvnliiiMti^^, fn (A« froMa and 
yEory q^ irod-Ou-Kms, on Ui« frut-itij of Ibe 

'Hilt Iwmafr, midcrMl bi a pccuiitaTf polat of 
licir by Itit Biidcut kliii^ of the Aiigto-Sakon* to 
the dturrh uf Rnni^, liwl not in any namxr aub- 
j»*t«d tho Enjrli'.li chun^h to %m.y tncroartinirat an 
ita irligioiu itv!>-pi>nilritf*. D«|wnilonoe oti tlw 
aiilhorStj' of the UomUli rhurch in» ai ihM time 
•trictit CMillufd to Ihinc* of a ipUiiuol nature ; 
bnl !u \ht coarM of thv bioUi ccBtinrTi <"xl eonac- 
•\avTii a<^iits thoM rfrrolalioiii -irhlcn had taken 
IiIkw ill Itaij, tlw (upRtimry of llic diravh of 
Itonic Imd awumi-d a tii-w anil m>' dlRnretit iu|i«('t. 
SoTtnl ritiia, at Irni^h CDiiuiripttlMl fruBi ihr ao- 
iKority uf till: tmprron of Cviuliiiliuoplv, or Likcu 
h] ihn Fmilu froat the l.oniLiiri] kliiun. had iln- 
claml Ui«ir obadii'CFD to Uio pojin at Rami', w1ir> 
iliua unitMl tliB rtiarutrror a irmporal UTan-lirn 
to that uf head of the rhiiirh. TIk iiiinc of !\uri- 
moftif r' "■■■, ,"-'— ccMcd horn that pitiod to hf 
ijiplii '' docnainf, i«ol«t<^d and widoljr 

\{i*n, . ' . in* tn linty or Sicily, and •oibi> 
in (ititl: ii iiuD u?rVMl In drafenKi* a taM and 
cmii[uct Irrriiitf], powriafil or tron-raud iiiidrr 
•ovrrrixii title aa aackfciinrlol doiiilulmi.* Arrordiiig 
to ilic tovuriiblc luiJunlvrnal kw of tTtity fr(*h 

■ Itffia anil Mr\-h lOMiM dnmallaii. <Oi)wul, tllia- 
da itaail'i < T'iIl-,!. Anxlia wra. ii_ l« 1 -M.n.«. 
Aaalir . ' - -lai. JiA». i. 

llUt. .A'. ..1. »»l. -I S. 

rir-,; . . , u. V !«• -■ 

) ->1 liaJUelB. Ue)acla,>.iul>.i.. u>. 

■ U Ti ■ 

■ TiriJ ■ T-^ I 


■ ii^itki 

.' ^•UliU'. 

< <<.Ai.ij It. .avd. Dill. A.£l 
"in till. 1^. 

■IcvilupracBl la poUtk'sl aAUra, ibc laoir ataic wu 
not las ULcl] iWi ill any ntW kaftanc* tu b« 
jirompted by innlcmant* of amlHlion, «nil llic 
necoaaaty tcndrac}' of iiidti aa auiboriiy aa ibk in 
panimlw waa to fiinh«r ll> it<ni[)orBl mt«mu by 
aiL aliuac of thai moiat iRfloi>Bcii wUdi ita rtriaf 
i«rciw<l. aahcad of the cUun-lh atut ifaekiuf- 
(loina n< xho WttX. Xhn tuch a tnolulion aa 
hsil lliiia lakcit plnro in th« airuLra of Itomr, itir 
tcmlinr oi ail aiiuual tribute m the iKnuificdl 
mntt cnulil lint fUil lu lia itn-oil, npMally by 
Uiat court, in « lulully ditrcrcU ll^t lliau in tot' 
WW* *«o«. PrelriiMi.ii., Iiltlircio unkuwin, tbu 
■rote M>rthiatlnltlm*,iuid tho iiiiii''-iiiii) •upivnac* 
and unttivign aulliorily otf St. I't1«r orn alt 
nMJoiM nliM'b liad m-rlvpit frnin Huiso tha ehri*< 
liui EtUb bi;>raii tobn aiinkrn of. ilii^luid wu in- 
t\aArA in IIh- nsmlMt of ikuM^; tlw pnlllJcal 
iti'Irgii-iidinM of ilikl kingcdoiu »m itM-rvfiur 
rndniuii-ml by Ibn r<?.MtfifaIi£niciit ..t a tribute lo 
■tone. allhndr'< 't waa bi ll> nMurr mvraly a tMti- 
moQy of (firiaUnn t«aL Hotwi tiidnod foald nM- 
•licf I wUtl mlglil be llir roiiBuqiKiivradl' » p«rf«timl 
onpr-mpul lo p»j thi- annunl IVirr't |t«u«i 
nolibcT lb*- kinK who l.>iiii<l liin^lf to it, wlicllitv 
fhim tvli);iinaii PiilhusliiEiu or frvm innity, ai Uia 
TlalidU nhtrh •ubmitti'd to It, nltbuul a oiumiur, 
■*auaxt df piely. Nrti-rDirlrwi, licllit not rrqiurw 
half a (viilury fur the ilcTclopntcitl of itii- natiinJ 
cMiw<|UPi:«n c.f .orh ■ Iributir, Nnii for iJiv cniut vl 
Rumo to fomi tlin jiUit of InAtiny Enj^aail »• a fttf 
uftlie ipcHtolir nTF. 

About thr yT-ar IQJIO king Cattuti' rparilvnl to 
repair in pc-nou lo Rome Id iiiit ibe liinib* of the 
apiMtJ«a, uid rrc«»a bit liolineai'* arlminrln^ 
mcnta r<<rhiamunifiM>iiIpFcuniary]<r<«cul*; Iwact 
out, «eoiB|aikiMl }n ■ nttmrraua tAin ; he eariicd 
*■ wvllM atroM hia •fauuldtv irnil bor* n MaT fn bta 
hand. Hailaf aoronipNdird Ma pllcrinafo, uad 
bcini( on tlii> point of rHutuum lowanU iW nonlh 
he flddrraied In l)i<> t'iii;]ti')i nation a Icltwr rcmairii* 
able Air urbanity and a almplieily that centruu 
iiniga\*x\j nilh the «*rly riltintioa of Iba ton of 
Snrinand nitji I he Km actt of biirvign.* 

"Knot, kintfof Eniriuid aMi DuitiiMk, to all 
hMbo|n nnil primiklPK, nod to the wboln KnclUb 
pMitiU, CT»«itijr.— I berrbylnfdns jmilliat 1 caioe 
to itnine liir ihv tnJ<-in|iliun iif mj una and thr tal- 
Tolion of mjr ktii);diiR». t moiti humbly tvnilar 
thank* lo Abnixhiy God iliai be hu voneliMfcdiiH 
the gmcf toviail tn penra once in iny life hit nwal 
hnlyaputlM Prutr kcd Pml, nnit lU iW aauit) 
who hate their hnliititian rlllivr within or wltbnnt 
till.- 11-atl* uf the Roman rjiy. | itrti-miined on Ihb 
Jiiiimrj, b«aiuar I lud Ii^amird Troin Iho sioutht of 
wi» men thit the apodjc Pclet tma a iweal powrr 
of tiindinK and uHhiii.lim;. Kod that hr biiida the 
Ifj of the kintcdom of hciiTPn. Tli<-n>l^n' i| «iw 
that I di-rninl it f-am\ to vMnt in an oiqiceiat 
ujannvr Mb fnvottr niid p»iroii»((it." 

•■ Th.-tr li]ii b(^i, bclJ hens durinp the paactnl 
■olenmlty. a fr#at BucinUy of lUuiitiioui ponmua, 
vti. pfipr Jdhn. Uie enpcror Kaanxl, aj>dtbeSn: 

* (^lm mmi mm 

Ib»>ull> f««ji(l I 'l 
C*]), III, !• Ml )— ' 
r>r. I<knlr , tum. i. 

* Oktljrivmil" 
rlu IMmia^iHi ■•I 
»'ii-4ni| (FIoii^ 

'iNl-ir. H pana *na>ai 
Ndipt . |i>f*lH, IIIl Hi. 
i:«r.W5LUBi .|u) ariljt. 



Fail nulmUV nrUds. 
llnNtraulf. 43 


nm of alt tha natiMu' fri>in Uount Gareaitm to 
ovi own •«•. All b*n fL-cctml me villi iHnliiKi- 
tlon, will kODQund mo nilh tIfIi prvnMitt. I tiavp 
r<«eivrd veiMU of ft^lil and ailv^r, and MnKSi und 
famnta of pvnt prieo.* I li»»« mnicrwd nlth 
tb* MnpcroT, nilh Ii'n Inrrlilkip Iho (loric, tnd 
■be attuT priiii'««. cuiirrniiiiii Hit wnuU of th« |)co- 

tie of my Uurdom, Ea^livtuiion M wcU nt Ihcp*. 
h»n mikinaiRnl l<i oblxtn f»r tny p«»plv Jil>li«r 

■ad «*curlfT in ibcir JouniPfii iu Komp, and ««(«• 
Hal\f that llw]r utt- tiol in lulunr be 4«(^titd on 
lb* noA bfihe rloiini; of ili« mouiitatii paac*, nor 
f«i«d hy cnoraiiTiM loll*.* I liaTn kI*o complKia«il 
lo bia Innlilkrp iHr ptfti* of Ihn riiArtDOua autnA oT 
moDf^tiithnfj «u«t«<{fmni inv >n-hbi<bopa, w^en 
Ibaji Iiai* rrpairwl in tlx* Bpoitolic »>■■). oi-conliii; 
in ciMom, lA TtrriTr (he (iKllinm ; anil it Ina becri 
dretilnl tbaX thia ihalt not b< lh« caw in ruiiirw.* 

■• 1 ilMire, anoreoTM, Ihivt j"u know. »U ofy*. 
IbU I l^ve ttadf a tow to Alinichljr C^ad ■□ Ttvu- 
lair oiy life iMotdlni,' t'l <tie ruin if ri||tit, aiiil to 
e«*«m mypMiple nilii jmticr< If. diitlnft Itic heat 
'ifol d<;*. 1 liaiv done isjthliiK' cvi]t[M7 
1 Ji«irc fi«'ii iJlii* liniu forwATil to inak« 
..,- 1,.,- ...I It, aifar aaliea in trijr povcr ; for whtnh 
iMMBa I (iN|iiir« and nnaininil all mf ooiinctllora, 
wat du»e to wbotn I haie conlldtd the adUn of 
mj ktn^lam. not lo Wild lliciiMuhYa to ddt acU of 
iajqaticc, n)>c^)>"r IhiDU^Ii |Tm>i»l frar of mjacK, 
«r 1q abmr CMinir lA tk* |pcat. I rccommcud ta 
lh«ak lif Ihay hai* tmy valu* fbt my IHrnilaliip and 
tha aK-uritjr <if tbtir own lira, to do tio inlur; to,aiiil 
connalt no liob nee ■faiiut, anj- maii wtHMUMntrt 
«ilk^ rich 01 poor i let enof «nsi accvrding to hla 
TAvdiljon. rujojr b«* poMCaainn*, and iiot bn dia> 
tnrtwHl in the n^joyatieBt Uwreof, «ilh«T in tha 
kwf 'a muaew mr Ul tha Bam« of *uj one nhontm- 
Vi«T, nor*DdM'««7 pNlavca of IvrjlUff laonryafor 
lay asdkrtmiori fori am in no witac «f ou; nxiacj 
to hs Dlitamnt bjr iltogal nieini. 

" I ptnr^HiHi to r*1um lo Bofrland thb aummirt 
aa aoon m Ihn prrrponiiaa* fi>r my embarkallou 
tlid be cnin|itinrd. All ynu. ilw biahopa aod 
oflena of m; kinRiJnni of Envlaiid. t pny and 
tWWHiaitd yoO) l>v I^C failll >>hi'-li ^^u vvr* to GoJ 
and ts (n*i* in take niMjiir'-* that iJL my ilrlita tu 
fJw) M>v b« dtvharyf'd hnfop* my rrturu.— %i». 
tha almVfrir Jiluurh*- <l<9 l'^'"' "f tiiitnala btouiclit 
farth wttbllt tbo yitar. anil Ihn peiicp din- In Si. 
■ from «*ery Imum in the toniw iii"l vill.i((r« ; 
< ihelillvr* of hurcMt in lli(> niiil<lli< cf \u- 
goM, and ib« lint of Ihr M«d (or utwintt at .liar- 
HnlWf." If. It my lauilioc. wliith nill Iw ahoitly, 
IbB whale of IhcM dun lii> not paid, aiy royal 
pvwcr ihaU b« cxfrrctMd ai|t>iiut the dc&ultcn, 
niliwiW tmj mnMMirai ibercof uid to Ilio utnifMt 
figdor tl Ibo law.*^ 

(t.n. icon In lOS^) II waaduriuclhc t*i|-n of 
Caimtx and tbo pratnirl«l nuia wliicli tliai Iting 
nacn)( for ibr pvrpoae of uuiling all llis ndier 
fTfuillniilaB kinydon* to Hip nowti of Dcumaik. 

.!>, (lUini.) 

. tniulrb. quAai ta t*ll^ *' ''1*^'- 

• T\> ^n ■ 

* Hnwaruiixix j.i -lamanwnlnt.iwlaliwl^ (l)'id-> 

• |i»min»|ii* Pit ot la ■Mntat* Itot- (llit'1-) 

■ Tf* U-m <|<M>i B» ti laiW a*««a. (War wnrora. 

* Osnta 4*lflU,flH«IV'iM«iniliim Iit*<a aBUiiuamdrlK- 

* UlArtcU ali^w xnii. C1t><<I-l 

that ibr S»Kii> ahcpbcnl, (Jodniii, titimc icmark- 
ablo advvntiira ii« haic mlalnl, lUMd binuolf 
gTMliially Iu Xhf highest miUlBn hnii<iun> Adcr 
gKinlHf a TteMojrovt-r Ibe > . )i<roblaJncij 

Iba tlda of sari, or puiiii <hr aiK-iciit 

klnjrdon of Wr»i-Srx, v>li .1 ,:i';.u nrduc^ 

into the torm of a prurincc. Matit utlivrt uf tliu 
l^ntflnb Kncit llie Uaniili luoiuci'li with xcal in 
hi* inniiioni oS Norway and the tlior^t of tlie 
Itnllie K^A. Cuiulv riiiployi'd ibo Jl OKln-SaXixi 
IWplafur llio dslrnciioii of Iliau uflhe prlly king! 
of ibo aorthi aod* lia^iuf diqii>K«a)Cil tbcn. oae 
aflnr ■notlinri of ihfir tenilorwa, haaMimteil the 
tU'nr ilj-ln of Tbtaf'lar of 11u> NoriK, by lliv Krace of 
Clirlil tho Klii^r.r hloga.* NotwltlMiAnibiifC tli« 
rxDllatloa of tnllltaiy ^Iot), Ihc nallonai avciidm 
to tbc Danish dnokbtallon ailll cxutcil in tha 
Ixcaiti^*''' ' '' ' '-*^xiiu, aiul. tipcn tli< dccraK 
of the '■ ' I Ftllod W hill €ot(in[>oi«rieii, 

lliing* I ' t tnricnt complexion, ^>'othinf; 

Tpniaiuail uf tlm appvcnt uiiiou of tbr Inu racea 
unilet tbe aame butiwia; and tbc empue, laitad 
for ■ alioit period abora all Uic killKilttaia uf iba 
itoilh, wM ibHtolvcd ill a nannu **tj MutiUr to 
■he TMt eTii|iit« of Ch»ilcmngii«. Th* Seandtika- 
vian iiibn pxpi-Llcd lh« Diiiiali roiujuaron, and 
Mlabliilird iiauip clitcfa ctiT *ach piotiucs. Tbo 
ABKli>^aMiDi^ Ilia coiviued cf EtiKUnd banng 
bcrn «arli«r effijetrd, mirr vtwUi ai wicc W ibroir 
off Ihc yoka ai coniplnU'l;, lial l}><fy uniliTOinciJ 
rlandcMlsrlj lbs power a{ thvir DuUali niaipra, 
and c*t on foot, liy lUiL initlxa**i > r»>oliilloa 
that WM to be rnmplrtrit I15 ariiii.' 

Tlie DanUi klntf died in tlm jcat lOU. ami left 
tbrr« ion*, of wliotn o4ie only. iMinvd UardckiiuL" 
that i>, Knut tbc ttntt^ or fti««M, na* burn ti hi* 
Nurmui wife Eoinuk; tlx oilun woallio rhildmi 
of s fnrmcr quepii. C'u,aU>. whm djitig, had 
dircc^lal thai tlic t«in of Emma ahmilil luiicrd 
htto. Knrli a il<->icii>tiun of <>ita •><>■> 'tpniily 
niuiml wldniii fajl**il to tiitivi^nri» in tiarir t'liciirit 
Iboae ptnoiia^m of >bn rDalm wboni tbc GniBanli! 
ruMoua kat«alrit nilh Ihr rl)[lit of rlrflion nf a 
new klnR. Dul llardiiaiLuiD an then in Drn- 
luark; und tlie Diu<a of Coclai'd,'' uigvd loan 
inimedLilP cboiie by Ihf D«(44*itf of irndrtitig 
theitui'Irta alrong aod iinitod apinal tho Saton 
malPUDliiiti. cbaw auolbut of im *C418 of I'-anulc. 
numcil Haraltl," lur Ibrir kliiK. Thia rtectlon, 
ihoujii it vu iht vtitk uf tbc iii^Joillj, bad Mma 
uppmcrs, nhoiii Ike £ii|[liiiU e«j{crlj Joined, in 
onlrr ti> iiuuriUi aud influce the domcuie qunm-l 
of Iturtr itoirtcw. The loiitb-wcatcrn (iiniine**. 
wbii^li, diiiinf the tthola lime of the ranqiml, wen! 
•Iwiif* iJkr fint to label Mul tlie Wt In lubmil, 
pr^daimol llafilimnuln aa Liiuf, nliili-, iti ■.•■U'l'in, 
tliv Daiii^h pftdift* ntid Bajl'tnt iirucluitL'tt llataM. 
Thli polltirnl tplilnn (llTldcd England afmb iuto 

■ Eta..,. iBpnalor Konln t CInUa ■>(>< RCaa. nvh 
nilai* . . . Bdlleu. ( llniliima Kanil n«M. a|a4 Wll Via. 
(^uoctlia Uaina Bittmaln ml. I tMl 

• rmalA* mlHtnuk Itaoonia In AncltL as AnRiM b 
dmnifiEu DaiHiruin I»t«i«ilnr 1 Mii 01"i ««t|«.. mtt 
S:il|iL nv. Uanir. inL. \\. |>7. t—»0Hm Hdjukiinfla ( 
Umiiuu IhtAil'* Wfa. np- ii. <aI. iillt. 

■• Ot MBr^-tiMr. rr«n^*a><, ItflM/U-t**'. 

>• naat UniiMiMian lUM. I>»»ir. t'rarUail . aina 
r«. jiojtlk. ■nil*, t «l. '<l■li■k)-'n>l■■tl••'M••>■L>l•- 
||pn. rCbnin, ^loo. art. URwa. IM ) 

'• >l-r. oaitimit. tii\tl : »M. MM. (aiUihil. Tlw !«t«>i 
onl* Hanti. 



Oalniu iirelacMc. 


Pent of f'-t uMrij*. Itf-. 
U^croLl I, r««*ijiil«iL 

tiro ptru, which wer« iw|i»nti>(l b;r iho Thain»fi. 
TliB nnrlh «u far UmiUi], and Ihc ««ulli for iW 
vinorEronini buvthc •tituatlt wMHi rii<u<^ iiikiUir 
Ibne tvo aunFt wa* \a rtiUtjr n (tf ug)(lc bi'tii'r<'u 
Iha tvro gmt jnlvrob, of th^ coniiurron who 
trtfV lU-puwerfdl uvitii uf Itc Tbntats. ftiid lueli 
|;iurlii>ii oTttii; cuiiquerod ■• were the l«ait tiruk in 
thu aoulli. 

Codn-Iii, mi iit t'lriiutbt wu nt llic linie gp- 
vernai of llic imL pititiiie* uf W>rit-S>ri, uikI "D<i 
of Ihc BiiMl prnmrful arthlrt uC Kiijjlnnl. Whi'lhf r 
il wa* Ihit Goilvln luil Imi^ mi-iUrM''<l llir prnj^rl 
uf ciaplaf itigi foi ihr (tclivnniirc ijf lii> iiiknoii, ilia.1 
pomt wliicii lie liclil itiulcr ilia l>iinn, or Ihiil hv 
uai]c*«a «]!■■») jwnoiml rc^trit r-irtbc jouiiji'M'i'ouvf 
Cuiute, be fo^-unicd the t*uta of the abaeiit cUIin- 
•Dl. kikd iutitnl tlw Isle king'* wiilotr into the 
Htal. 8Ii« treat tliilhi'i'. iirfuiiipaiiitd hy vttae 
DmiUIi UUOpt,' Wid carrjiiiK with lirr a piU of 
licr huibftitd a tccMUTM. UuUwiii luuk uiiuti liim- 
■elf llu o£eo vf ^ztutikUitMmo n&d j>rutrttvr of 
tha kingdoin. in th« n*inA nnd durlnjt Hit ahuiKti 
vf tbc 111:1 oi Rnimi;* Miut rrciiird far llntxli- 
cutule dii^ ontlin »( fv.-Lltj oC all ilii- |inpu1nlJoit of 
ihe (outU. Thii inBUTTccuoiii inbljiuaik* lii Ita 
■Mliuc, bciiUi in odc poist of riew, |ho rtrugjlo of 
iwa pmt^nMit, kiiil, in another, iIip ir&r of lim 
nklimw, did not txiDud iiurlh of llio 'rbtiiic*. fitr 
there ihc inua gf iht I4*ti>n liththiuni* t<rnre al- 
kffiuKCk like- the Duiex, ta kinK H nrml'l ^ lliric ivm 
•fuiy Hiniv indinfluivl fcii>Iiuic« ; (uch ■• 1I11I of 
i.'.i„i..^.i, 1 ,j, |'>i[tliihm;m b)r birlh, aud nreh- 
I'l-rburj, nlio tcfiited to roiiucnlethip 
■ I I bj the fjretsnit*, nod to prtaeui la 

hiiu, nilb ilie iu:caUaiu«ti. crtvni'riij. tlic vcpptre 
aod crowti uf t)iv Silxuu kiiin.* Untnlil. accoivliiift 
to aoine liiiitaiuiu,cnnru<id lilmiulf nitli tiia <ina 
buidt, withoul any Mligioia (vrfmoiiy j and. ehe- 
rithing in )iia br«ul ihr old «pirll «f hU forpnttltfn, 
ht cuitccii-cit a luircil fur chriiliaiiity. It w«t the 
Ikiui «Tilin»e Brnicc, irlicn ihc iic»]i1o wr rr tt- 
paiii^ tu churrh, that hr onJimrUf *»kfi fai bU 
Uouada, OT thai bv hxil hit dtnner-tubk «pr*iid.* 

(i.a. liKIA,) A vioieckt war boiwceii the louth 
a,aA the. iHirlh of Inland — bctvivcii IhcKaxon aiid 
Daiijih jinpiila^otu — «rttnr<l InrTlUibtr. Thl> «• 
pccUlion rauid ■ tt/it uf yttue ainoTij; ihoM of tbc 
An!7l'"'*i«'^ii nrr who tuhaUiteJ ihp coantry on 
■ I i>f ih* T)iiLm«4 f' fnr, uDtwithiilaTiillng 
il fltlrlllj li> Ilia killj WitUifTilwd hy 
iJir I.. I.: ., itiry r^rvd llal ih'-y, m u-Hl it ilii'lr 
fi:llowrfi>unl<jin(Ti, iviriild bu atill rotiiiidcrvd mid 

lt^»t«l Ba refxl*. X fiml lllllllllrc of filHlIli<» 

qiiltiril (liPir liooin tu w«k « ulnr uitiiin in tbp 
fofFtti. Truup* of rocii, women, tiid rb)l<lr*ii, 

•Mid kMMrinm. (Chfon. Snoi. nt. CHbwn. 

r "') 

■ I'HirtlLwini luMna ■> jDataraL rqrnWB Emum ■•■ 
Mfod ouu outalUiaL (Hlltflia, Milmnii Or fvt-rr^. 
JUfl.. Ilk^ 11 • ■pv'l m. Anr'tt.inlTl-. r M, nl. ^riW >-^ 
nailvia<» isfi maul. 4ut .... in ir nlltUct. iIIiwhI 
lt«BliaK<l. biM. lib tl . ir-ul IT.,. Asiitk KiiM., p. WH. >^ 
84tU>.)--UiMMMt maa. illkrnai Hai<a.. i4. Uilwu. 
|.. IU.1 

■ MM, Mlilai nOL avfuL ' 

* Kbbb osIbb KbcmMiub. apod mpt cm. Kaniu.. 
r 111. ' 

■ [Ka ■») ontoaUa. cMmIum mm*, aiteaia iit>ito« 
■Malafaal. I|*> anl tM^t huIIhu »I Hnudui daul 
■atullMaUkMollliiUMiailirpiaiaiaa (KEupaiii. ilUI.i 

■ Ul wipirkaM bflli ■*(••>> *ulM»;> (lli-l. 
Ci»ilmoi. tfn» i„. ,4oiik. khi*,. .iH. 1 n, nl. (iafe.l 

I taking vriih ilivm thtilr nxtin and their wafMfalea, 
reachrd Ihr manhrawliicliPilRndMllbraiart IbWia 
hundred mile* in tlic finir caunli^ of CanibndvA 
tluntit4;dori, NndbuniplDii, and I.inrvlii.' Tliit 
tn(?l, tvMtrh hut the apppimtim of i<n« mat lak« 
•ti^irii Willi ialatiiU, wnt iuhkbitied iinljr b) 
fur whurci tome i>f ilip anrltnl «nd dirfotti 
hiul bulll ^al tiouac*, In thr mtdft of the 
tinttti i>it«t acid vailh broiifibl from a dJatastV. 
Til* ]>»of fcif^lItM cantonod thi?n»el»*« in 
wuodn of aillnwii which t a iarwi thMc fens ; mnd, a« 
itiFv trititrd many of ihe iwanmrie* of life, bmI 
vtte iritrt tlif irholc i»f ihtir limr, thry bniegml 
wJlh aolicilatlniii or ^-llli ^bili of aimplc curioaitj'i 
Clin monk* i>f CfWlaTi-l, Prtcrtionmgti, and the 

other neighlifniririff ahbrjs. Thejr wpnt harkwanit 
and fiirwardt Inrfrwanlly, to aik antb-lance, a>lTiev. 
or [irajcf* ;* anil follnwprt the ficcla of ihe TiMiuka 
or ihc »cMnii[« of ihi- niiivrals, trt InipliMv Uirir 
pily.'" Thcmonki, thni they tnlxM boih obwrrc 
the aiitettiM* of their rule, and itill iBard a Im«- 
|il(alili? snnlltr. abut themaeltM up in their ceHa, 
mid ilFterlrd the rtuialcn a)td llie chttrrfa, beeauaw 
of ihp crowdi which nnnnbli-'l itrnf In/* A h«r- 
iiiii, trhu tit-'J nlMiu fii tli? minl'i-i ori'tgli«4aDil('* 

wa* to l*rriK>id at middi'iilr Hiidmir MiiiM>lf ai»M 
Ihc bntllii nf monklnd, Chil hn atiMidonMl hi* but, 
and il«d to upck nthvr ilnnrt*. 

The irat an mueh ilealtcd on om aide of Um 
Thainrs, and ■<; much dn-adRt] on (Em other, tiU 
iiftl l»k» pUcr ; i<ir Ih" nbt'-n-^e of llardifaKate 
wat iiniloiitfrd ; hl4 Unniah naniMiiT begun ta Ul 
dIT;'* and iht immtifm En^Uh lh(nt|lkl tb« Uia 
nminritt n-ai iiol jiM nnirr-d fur raiihn|t Uxrir Oa> 
ilnnal atniidanl, a« favoiirvra n-n lati^rDra Datilah 
prctcudrr, hut ar tlic vnciuira of all Daim. tli* 
Normiui prtncMs, nrlma* ftrimrr nfrird In (t^b 
Ibe iiiatirrMdlMl a Im* oHfcriDM' mlnar ia ibn 'jra 
of tli« forvijrn ralen, made hnr jwarr with Ihna, 
and dtJi»Brrd lip the IreagiirM of t'antilf? U> Ihr 
rinj of bcr own ami. Gndwin and ikc other 
Stion fbirf* of Ih* tv™f, tirfnif foreed by bef d«. 
amllon In ar.knnwledgi'HsRild a« their kinK-^trora 
ob«dieniv t^hlin.'^itTiil IIiirllc»nuiewailtM^fen. 
(a.n. 10X7 l» IflW.) .M the Uinr line a tnsieal 
(TKiit liappnicd, ihr arcnnrit nf whlrli haa Men 
ImoiIhI down to ut rnveloppj in |;tval ohtcarllJ> 

II ihould *fijieat tliot a leltet wea («il frotn Eduim^ 
who li»ml ill London on good Wnoa with kln^ 
Mnralil.tii the (ivu axnii at Kthelr»d in Kormaaily: 
ind th >i 111 ihin li'lUc tli^jii iiiutber in formed Ihrni Ihni 
ihr Aii^to.Snaoii ^c<>pk' ti'tuici! dii{iu»;>l lomakB 

onr of lltuiu kmtt< 'Ud tkroir otTtbii IJaniah jrokp ; 
•111? tlrrri'frire invited lli^m to re[alr aerietlj to 
Hi 11.'! and. ill onlcr to rxinfrr with huanlf and thrtr 
frlciKli," niictheitbli kUcr umItuc ot tlctilMHii, 

* C'ltm n,u inrviill* or h'alal1i4 i4aa£baa uutiUfltti* ... . a4 
■U'Ulli^iatiiril ■ilsliK^- ^iJjkiLj 

• Wiiidia. Mjlnnik.. i|r (*•■. pjnilAc. AM(I., Ulu b,, 

■ gioi) tn. Aiiiiiic "tipt.. 11. in, ai.s'a.nW' 

f TotA itt^ ;ti rlikJiiBrLini jfriivaiH, ^llisl lafulL Cruyl. 

»1B»1 (1". A,lj!]l' ■Clifl..lii1. 1. ;. 1,1, i\. flulc) 

■' I1011I1 ln-limiitii> . . .(1101 iiliiuliiliiallki-rB. (IIM.] 

i> \it 4i rl,„iuliunui«i>i >ita< ilnKOMliT*. {Ibid.) 

It VuiQht luautu-'Elia. i^llnii.) 

t' (Jm'vl m lUiiioiniifii, ntoni lun-faiiti. (I[«|^. 4r 
UiHsl. Am -J -I luii pilot, a|><iit m. rl«ulR. KtiM, u. Ut. 
nl, .Saill* } 

'• UaaiiJaMiiiii. F%l!ryiif tfi/Mtll Eifla iiit4. (tliion. 

S«aun. cd illlinn, r i.u ) 

^ ^ Koc» itiiiiB tdalti'.n Ad nr vjliMltrr vl |«iaiila vrvbC 
iF.nilu' I'-ilvir tliroai'.iini, opnj hiiifI. IC(. ormatiB., 

p. lit ) 




LaaiUaa at prtiv* MIrtA. 
Ca|«aiBand paoliUronlof AtTitiL 


I)>«ih al lUiuM I. 
IliMin af UartlnuaML 



tke tan vf Ktbalml tcccind U withjoy; and lliu 
jouugef of ibv (*>>>■ liitnKd Alfreil, nitli tli« fnn- 
•Ml of Ilia brnllipr. vmlnrkeil with \ liviip nfMcir- 
n*a «n4 Ituutouiietv H^litirrt:' ivliirliuu' 
la tlia InMnic-iit'iti ul r.mmu, iC ludMd, it be true 
ifaat Uw iniiuUuii ouut Lruui lim.* 

Tlie juuuK AKoil linili'il tA tk>i«r, and uilvuiccd 
IbIo Uti caimtr; uuib uf llic I'hunH, ivhicb waa 
Ida Umi iluiitf roua tar liiin and lib ixiiD][ani(ini. u 
iLa DuUali mhatiiLinii n-crc mil tciy numurouk. 
Qodwria want la owt liinii pcrliafa lu ity wlut he 
m* cafotiU •*(, aiul tu c^xicvrt witli liiin I'lriic {il>n 
*f ilallMiADtf. H* Touikil lilm ttirrniiuili'>l \>y 
fonipMn^ wbo had fallnwil lilm to ilinro Itinl 
bctiuie whidi ttc vu lo Qire In ltu> En^luh ; anil 
Ifcfl vuorf dttfoslUoBa of the uriiUru clilrf wcrr 
Midtlwly dm^cd iut« Ul-n Ul [otraiJi AlficJ. An 
aucMQt liMlurUD mahM Guttwiu ili:tii<.T a iiipci^li 
on Uiia occauuu bcfurt.* nii iUH.-nit>I)' uf the Saiuii 
cJttvEi, in wfatcb lie lejui'aeuli (u Ibrm Uial AlfrMl 
had cwiM atcuntil bv luo uiituy Nuniiau»; llinl liu 
h«4 proBMCit ihiao Konuuin puomaiuiK Lu Eiu(- 
UimI i Biiil llut flirj v<^lil >i(>( to HuUiir lljr [iitti>- 
duftt«n into Uu AnunCr] of n iv^e of forrij^tirnk 
>U4 for (hair ani^oc rtiid aiulacJI]'.* WliclLcr 
eh bwraiiguc wua muli- oi not, Alfrnl n«> 
ntdi «t [>crba]iB ItoUajvili b; Qoilvtiit and 
Saxons,' <wliu, iu4cei1, liul twt iiitik-il him 
frMn bcyoiifl x**- ii<>r 'Uitnn Hiin tiilo tli# iktiI la 
which woi* left him. Tlie oiRevt* uf kiiu llanlil. 
hMiUtt ttvrkivd Liifuf [Dalian uf hli knilinK, inr. 
pdsod btiH nllb liii ronipanioiia lit tlin lown of 
GiMilUinli ythiHa thuj' it era uunnucil audilUlributcd 
iM <lid(«iL kvuiu-* ; MU'l Uk'V n i-rr all tviicd and 
Woo'li wU)<<ut any atlcm|>l uiiiiiy miiilii (u ilEfetid 

AUr<4'i ten C(iiitpaiu»ti>, niiii- cipirvl amij 
luim )iiilurli:d un llicm, nat: aluui* h^vlui; lus 

aatol bun. Tin- ma •>{ Eilii-lnil win chi- 

litA into thi^ »U of 1£J), 4nliit> hoftrl of th» IKnwli 
laarilori, aiul hrAUslit l>i'fori< Jiiilp-s wliu <oii- 
ilraiBad liin tu ln*c lll» (FJI'-Ii X* a ilnlator ofthi- 
ytAOE uf ibu count/'). I(U luullicr, Einmik. toak 
mt «Up l« >*■« '^i'" ftfua (hit lorlurc. n/ whicli hi 
itmi. " Slw ubiuulunat lUv orphan." akf* ab old 
eiinKiidBr/ jii.l aiWt lUiurbiia reproBoli her 
vitli luting been au u.-(^uniitlii-i> in hit death.' 
Tlicn? i> naaon Id duulit Ihia UtKr aHti-niun ; tiM, 
b i* a liaKular citcuniHluHv tUal F.Juuia. beiiiK 
afttfrvanLt baubliinl Ly K.iii|f HaruM'ii utilvr, did 

■ Mlllut nni inrri miwil. (M'llt-lm. RnarU HW. 
?h«a>ni . )|*^ tPriM r*T. NiJiBiiiin,,!!. ir?4.1 

• OinHi. JMui. Bnl>^l^1■, >|<i<l lllw. Aiifl. Hilpiana, 
••). t. eal. Ml. Kl. Mi-ldHt.'-KatiUB fu^u* ICncualuni. 

• Xi*« ij» nkf^iam Sorn^nni^ruui M^ntnodilikitiiF. . . . . 
(Htf«« (iirtlMUMn *• »iM»Um liHrr rat Htniijatr Aofti* 
•MsnMB •>■ OH. lUuDilci lfunliai|<l. Ilui.. liL. ti.. t\iud 
(ir AndH.anlpt.. r M^.nl. Mvllr.) 

• C(*]uirUaui«ii inOilU. tt (nmiai* Ofclvliil (Wfl- 
txlH TMalMHb'. <tr gen, lor. Ansl.. Kig. 11,. ■|ia'l i''t 
li.,'..< ..,,4.,p, TT.*i. Sarii-.l 

; ' I'W- \o(l. »rrt« , •ul, 1 ™l Tiiil. ol, S-'l.loii — 
(»<ll. IV<i<iMi>K ■1>il<> u'^t''' "''' ^miia"" , in n«. 

• DavrU ivrliaiii in< >.Iin. i U ill Mitnii^. <l<- rii'tl. 
MFC. Aac). Ml. IL, Epait n-r AnslL-. ii>Tl)ii.. u. 1o.> liliiirill 
f>^M ^w ai4r^at. it E-limMA nnJt aiFliit iv4>iliW IwiLl 

■ tliautaiii illnHil Vmnum in svrrtn Mil oil Alnnli nn- 
vpbaIvb^ CCli'flB. J4I1411, llhiinVkn, afiMilliii^ AA«-ll^->rrlH-, 
n«.LaLIM.M.9rtdni.>- Munul. AdxKc. Dii(J«I,miiI . 

an rrpkir to Komandj, iTti«r« bcr owti raUtleni 
taA Ktliclro<l'ittcM>nd •on tvuaUil, but iicjil to w-ek 
a furri(pi a«;ilum In Pland^r*,' and from thfiu« 
aildiewi^ ilid t>>n uf f^nuTe tn Dnimatk, calllojt 
iiiHjii liiui to aiMijtc hit half-brothn-, tli« aoti <rf 
£ib?livil ilio Saaun, who, ttSA Emms, had l>ren 
t)Ctr«)0'J br GudwiQ kod atataniuUed liv Uarald." 
(*,n. 1030.) 

((.p. mm to IftlO.) Godwin'! Ireoaan wu tbe 
CTj oTlhc Komuiii. nho, tbrau^li a blind rra*ni> 
mntt, ucciUL-d llie tiavmii rather than ihr Daim 
ortlx mimlrrof tbctr cooDtrvmrn, thrilHiina of 
a 1(10 haiariloM* «^iiirrpr)*e. Th«r«r u«. bcaiitM, • 
mulilruile of vetsinTMofihU affair," naontfAfwhicrh 
la iiijiporlpil by a au^il!■l^^l namWr uf irwiuianin 
lo be rrskrdril t» titf onN trim rv-latton. Oue of 
ihc hlyturlans intMt wottfij of Vtllvf comramcrit 
hi> neeituiil witli ihrai- n'Ocdii : — " 1 am about li> 
lell wlint ill* rvlnti-fa uf new* La»e reportHl cnn- 
ciTiiiiig Ihii ilratli a( Alfrtfii :"" and. »t tho Mid of 
lii« iun"»liciii. hr uddi. "Such la lUe priblJcniinniK, 
bill I call ntHnn aothlug iwpMiing it."" Tlirre 
iT-c-ms hxvrier, tu br no doubt itf lt>i> pniii*bra)mt 
atid d4«th of lh« 1011 at Klhi-lrcil, and of k+vrrnl 
huiidn'd mnn vrlifl hud Bcn>ni|)iuii>'d h\m fmim 
Nofmiinilj and Franci* to excil* ihr An^ln.^a^miK 
lo iiuurrvrtlnti. A» for Oodwln'a intcniriv with 
the youth, and ta paitlculnr ihc prroirditalpd irra- 
n>a of wbich man)' narmton ixvuar him, Ibcj' 
upprtr ta bi> ftbaloua talet franndt^ on a ml 
oeeuneatx: Hon- little credit (oeTcr Q>v*p fsbti-* 
iiiaj be oiititlfd lu. Ibcy arr, tirrerthplcM, of ^nrnt 
hiflorical ImpuitauNuaaetotuit nf lhebcli«rtrlii<-li 
(hcj Dlilaincd 111 foroi)^ ruuiitri**, and uf IIm 
naclnnal rM^nliBcnta which thoy •vrtti^ o^lti'I Ilia 

On ih' rtpath of nsretd, the Anslo-Slaiioni, who 
[|ttl had not nulDclrnl rouraxc to chuoir a ktn|[ of 
ibi-ir own rncc, coDcurrtd wltli the Oann In circl- 
ing the lou nf Etnma and ('antltt." Th* fir*t 
piibli<r act of lliirdifianutc, aRw hi* awMaioH, wai 
locuiiiiiiaiid tbediilnlM'iiiCDt ofl)ii>li<>d( of Hnnld. 
tiiid rbiLl, iiftvrCTiItinf utr lli« head, lii>i liuili thuuld 
Im! thniH-ii iLiIo ihc Thanm. It wm fvund b) 
kuniv Daiiiih lUlK-nncn, nho huriril i( a iccuiiJ 
timi> lit Lniidnii, In tho comotorj rcK-rvcd for Ifanae 
uf ihHr i»llitii; ichiiviilic'llobciliiliiiguialirdrmm 
thi> Eii)[Il"h "voii In tlidr icjiulclircv'* Aftrr ihia 
arl of r''vriiKc and biirlKirily coiiimilti'd imvanls 
a dead brolhet, IJarlimn'it'', ""■ wit iiiuj, iiimIi" 
a dl'pla}' I'f fcil^rurJ n-gr*t and afflicil/itt, hy 
[nitltulin^ a «ot(*nm Judicial lii<iiilry Into Ih^ 
di^alh uf AlftpJ. HiiiiMlf ticlni n I)»ni>, iin aiii< 
uTilic D>t>t*ti rnrr: waa ■nmiitiiiiril hy lila order la 
ni>l»nr hcforr ilic court ; xiif Ani;to-^ax(>ai alone 
w*r.- rburj^d n-ilh ■ ciimovliich Could liarc been 

• HraiMllwltaKd.hkUlltkit.*f«dni.Ai«>ru, 

p. KM, c^l. Kaillc. 

•Rieci.dv IIoipI.wimL. yen |<rW. ttiU.. r-MI, id. 

>• niwnl lUimliBiiMiailiHnHtnniiaillia*. ((liRHi.Ja. 
ItnmvUiii.tal. I r.4. ■■», xl. ^rtlnn.l 

■ I <incA iwntf'^U ipaifuai. 1 Will. llBlDml,. tr ml. 
nv- Anitio nil. U-, aiiu irr. Aofllc. nifa., |> IT, r4. 


'• Iln. -luli tumu Hrh. aon omhli wO, qiiU aliMnilni 
unit. Bill •aHiia Don aavml. (Ilild.) 

" .Cuxlii c« (taab w naiua HUlniluii) nvni.'nuailllut 
(IVilkln tS*1mHl>-. Ar fn«. nt-AnRlw. icniii., r>1*. r*. 
fhnfla.V— Mailivl Wninonul-.Har-UJ., f.iia. 

'• li) iivnwvailo thnwtwo, {UM. liwolf. CnjUah, afart 
■VI. Alieil*.«l|i*„>nl.l. p-at. ad-nalit.) 

]ironiBb)co4i)i(oilK^Tma(tcr*(a.i>, 10(0.) tiodurla. 

whnte )iom-f mid whot-rJi-tic^* wcrr nji o1>ji-l'I uf 
IntT Riid iiLiiiivion, u'tt t)i« flnt to Ix- ami^iMl ■ )i« 
•|i|iM(vit. ami, Rn.'i>nliii)i lo tli» ungva uf lli« 
ikngli>>Suou ItnA w»i wcanpuilcd lij s (ivat 
aaMtiarcf )il*kla*iDen, IVioidi, *ai vIibvmm* lii ilie 
«*u*r. who, liV* lilirmir, RwoK Dial b« hud takcu no 
jistt, dirvrllf 0* iiidircrtlj'. In (!m ilr*lh of Iho ion 
of KlIiHrrtl. 'rilit Ir^l [ituiifdiil iml «ult(.'U nilli 
n kiiiK of tiiiriicn Nrlli. uiJ ii> i«i:dd ii mliil it wis 
ttrvvf-r '"' 'I- '■ '-i >-''f lu aivii(ii|miijr il 
■O'ltl. : .,( iihirh. If Hut 

faliiitiiij- 'i>'Ti> that Iht-K»xon 

ini sttiiicii Itj uiiiiij III liik iv>unlT)iiini In pur- 
chuin^ the Tir1iui|ii|iih.TnrttE of Ihii prcMVUiion, 
iiutHiiteil [n bad fkiTh. Oodirln fpire llic DuiUli 
kiiut « (hi]) ndwronl wilh tnlt mcul, tuiil tmt} iug 
flj^htf Ki|ili»n nrilli gild«d hftmit*, who lioru u 

elt u on Ibe l*A ilwaldtf, a JstoIIii t» Ui« rlulii 
iiul, and on («cli vui » ^iild btwelvi w«i|tlirnjf 
ill uun(*«.' A Saioii LUtiniii nniiiKl Lixirwiii. 
who «u Ulicwiw Bci-utcd of tiktlug abi-tlcd ihc 
•on of tJIfiiC'di in hU alirj^d lrFiiel><-rj-, putcliaard 
In likv immnrr liii Be()uilul by a rrcvurM to 

In ^iiiMiJ Ilxrllc.'iimlc' Khuneil, wttli m|Ki.'t 
lo Ak nai\uialiril proplr, lc« uf riui-lljr lllau of 
n%itrirfx It^h anititv Kiirponii'd frca tfmt of fhit 
piraln^l ridii-nitirf'r* whn w»tc hU fDrrfaibtr*. Ho 
v|i|*<iEnt tja^luiiil wilh tnlintM ;• aiict hi« tax- 
(pUhsirn nion> IhBn onfr fell iirltmi In ihc halmJ 
mid iln jiair nhidi tivry vicited. Tho cilUcui of 
Wurrralfr klllml Iwo n Ihnm nlio nnTro ni-r>:t»ii)( 
th*lriHllniuhneH«iu. So teon m l)i« ivporl of 
thia mitnlar wm nrricil i<i tlir IHaiili autliorillM, 
ivo rliicfi oflbtt auliun, Lcufiik unit Simnl, the 
fiirmcr of whoin toninianilrd lii Miirtik ttnd the 
otliri til Nunhiiiiibcu, uikttvtl llirir foitm, aai 
inkKhiMl kfiaiiul tiMr n-bolliou* cilv, liaviiitt ortlen 
tadmlio}' II hf 8r« ftuJ iirotri, Thr inhsbilnjiu 
1«A Ihdt bouMS Ui B bod} , luiil tir4 tn onr uf \Uv 
Iiluid* (oRBcd iij tbe HcTcni. nbcrr thr) en* 
liriKJia) thcunettin^ >ad ivuited until iht^ nmricd 
Ihr iw*4ilinU, who UA Uioni U liUtt; lu ratum, 
wllbnat fitrlhrr BiMf«M1J«n, U tbcli hafehatlMia 
thai hwl been mI on flrr. 

ThiM th^ (]ilrU of tndi>pntidnii<r, which tfiTon. 
qvrron itraomtuoRd molt, Kiadiull}- rriiTrd 
OMNig tlic dctccoduiti of lbs Satoiu an-d (be 
An^l^S nor wrn- Ibm wuitinj Kifltringa aail 
laiulu til awaktu Ilii-ir rcgrM for lh« luM of 
IlbflT.' Th' ll>i>ii Wbo bure Ihc lillr of klu^ uf 
G«|[laii>I iFH mit ibi; onljr oiif Ihiil o|r]irPttc<l lite 
wrnUifi he VFU Uie ticsd of a iT«!(lciit iiiUon of 
far«lgu#n, »(h of whii4ii Bided liim iii h in orhilruy 
nliftlnwi Thi* dvailiialin;; ncf. uf vrhom Ihc 
y^H^ w«T« «iiblnna, and ui;! ninipl; rctJtitv* 
cUlMm. dl4 IMK (fiart la tiwir btinhi^ni ; oa Ihe 
canttujct (W«] paito4»k cf ibe pt«iluc« of ibv Uiw 

) AniMili Uta Md hiMto nndaa kmm •■k> 

nWiiitK iWDMm. HJiBiBk,. 4i (M M. Aii«l , Hh, U.. 
■(Hid If, Jkwttr. tmM . p. n, ol. tairUi.) 

• VfdMa HklBHb. Ibid. l^-m. iMf. M. Iif». 
4m>, >^l4««Bn4. 

TriUlUMt UmwbIA> K imraiuUI* AafU* DapMU*- 
rnVMn. HatB-ik. da ith*. »« . Anil.. Ub IL p. ■». rd. 

* fn BitMm^aium nan. AmH > l>aa»H*|ni Hn-|«ninl. 
fChna. Ja. HnwiaiM aaul IIM, Aatl >r<1i-i . *•!- I- 

IftihI by Ibrir cbkf, rccci*uh{ aooMliinfa a^ft^, 
tKiiniiiiiuct iwenty, ijiirkt lA aUrt p*» auut.^ 
Wbi-u Ilia kiuy, in Iiii miliiary luxitwi or lui 
ntL-uniuni o( plrwuiv. chou- lo loitKa in ihr Im*U« 
cJ ■ Vane, iJie UuM wu mutinxntcd, •oncdao 
in Biixirv," wniTtiiD'-'* iu tntllc whlcb Ul« 8ftS4a 
pesniit hullattciiiilfAr llivtnbltiof bl*cotiqu«tam.' 
Oul iJhi (inintrii ilui'lliiig u-iw (be Iha^t heute- 
liuld, iu wlikh ilifi U/iv'm,\\v< bad fixid, lira, kud 
bed, ipUiiltiiiiiih ; 111- ocruiilrJlliF (jUtvuf liCiftifUi 
HI isMrtt-r.* "Ttir brad of tlt« fiuiiil) could ddi 
dnnk vitlhoul tlic priTiiiiaioii of hia guuit, nor r«- 

R»iii avntfil 111 liii jiTi-iencr. The iru«*t iiiiultvil 
hli wlf«, h'u dau|;blcr, ur bU aemiali* at ple«aui«; 
Bud If «n}' lunii of cuiutigp undetlook la defend or 
B%TD){; (hi'iii, ibat hraw Ban bad no lon^i an 

aa^luin. Rn «->• Inidci'd and l>imu«d Uke a ivfltJ 
bnut ; a ptim wua *tt cia hit htuA, aa on that o/ 
wi^vea ; bi! bcoiiino, accanlluv to llii.* Anylo-tMi&vn 
QIpix-MioD, a wot/'htnet,^" iitd nathlnii una left for 
lilni liul tv A) Iu ttic abodn nf uolir«t and luni 
rublirr in llie fomt* upiiiut llic forci|[u niai{u<ifiira 
And thi> ikati*«a viho ■hawefulljr aliiinlMXYd luittn 
■ fbrvign }Dkc. 

All uif*e lon^-afmiinuinliii^ luiiiarU'a at lutigth 
pi-odiirrd ihcif frutlN uii tbc dcnllmr llanlicanule, 
wUcti Kuppcnc^d auildtiily iu ihc loidM uf a laar- 
riaffp-fi-ait. (a.b. IIUI.) Urtorv thr DliH-n MBrni- 
bled Ibr the elcrtlon nf n n*w klii|f, a i^eat iiuui- 
ri^i'tlonnl army niu) formrd. iiiidpr liii* couilvict of a 
t'lticf uamtd fToMii." L'n(»cliiiiU''l}. llie pauiuUi; 
r*|>loit* uf itiii aniiy uu si Om- iira^i'at dayaa little 
kiiuvm a* th« name of it* cIiicT U olmcuiv. Cod- 
n-it] and hit md IIubU (or Hur-<iU, iK^ording 1« 
Iho Stxon urtlio^nptiy) rahcd Ui>) Muulinl thia 
Itmr for lh« [lure inJuinnli'in-V of llirir cuiintiTi 
■KalnsL cvrrj Dkiif, king ot jirrieii<lcr, <Iiicf o( 
aeldUr. "Thv THtiai, driTCu mpidlj uaithiruO. and 
i^bliMd Groin \r.vni In Inmi, i.iuk lu ihi'ij ahipa, and 
Ulld«l wilh dtniiniHtiad miinWrt an th« tkorrs of 
their MiL'Imicourtiy." On Ilit'tr roiuni home Ih^ 
related. In thi'li inm. h ialKufii«'Miiiiii,iheroiuaBtto 
ciniiiMtuicc* of whkh mn} hr fuiind dvtallml In a 
Dianner ctjiiaUybbulau* in th« birioitct uf lariotu 
natloaa. Thry uiil Ibut JIaojId, the ton uf God- 
ffbi, bod lii\iird iliv i>riDcijiiil unung thun ta a 

> LlaadiMli iiib p«r I'DCulai Ditn •lolBn nanva. 
(WIUcToi. Millonb., f.U.) N»!iim iln^lL traJ^bm', 
vlll raurnii. (Chmo r'non.. rd, tillacro, p^ l>n.) xiilt, 
UAOllfuB, ti nlliM llttnriiai. flbhl. > 

• liM Ji-Jii , . . t>*iuiai<id.inUI, llb.upMlnlauaiftai 
h«|ilhl inili (Hrai. Kujuh'^oi. dr •tml. Aatl,. lik. L, 
mv- 1*. aiHtd i^t. Au^L -rili4., tvL li, e«l. HM, <d. 

< Ua^a* wiaiiii'iiainaliuBi IxelnuMnm. (tUJ.) 

• L'UiMl>4UV>[U>lii>rlaU|i4M doattaMUMOMMSalkM 

• |{iiie<Vdon>ur<iiiiiiswia w4nai«tSUMi«t aoidllBt. 
(Iliul.]— KacD li Ihicim Antltni •upn hoMbi aatimf ii. 
An^iiSB palnB awrn huxk uoa fti[»»«. Abh* liattit 
faawm frWaiu lM H, M uIwrHa iiM Anctt In bciuoo-M Ua- 
•xpiiia oiidla lacilnaanii. fniaa pwuu .t Mthxa iW 
HaUnM (Oi'vii. Julaaa. BraiaMii, ajrod libt. Awi/I, 
•■-tlM..lvl.l.(Ol,9ll.iNt KtldoB,! 

'» W^Km.t^. Tttla namr «M Klna tn iW gauu lo 
am onUavnl fcit nnM iNM «fBia> (WllkiB. Lego* ■■ 
iiarito. 14MB,) 

*t l^|jfv'rw4inuDitiDeaennuiiiqBi lloirB^«n ai!ii>lla' 
luiur A nwail i m llanv q<it dattot nwam mltrfal J(«ir. 
Kii7(<iii>H. J' viwni.Aiml. W>. I M|t,4,ai*^. kM Aiitl. 
■E(tat..Ti>l. U.nal, *a*. *«.8falni.) 

^ tkua*ii«<id>nnl, (anlba>AB(IIi*fantvniM 
C IMd.) 



Btvat buuiiuL lu wtiidi tile Saxoiu cuuir iiraimli 
■nil »tlMk«il ihcin univiiii-t.' 

tt vn*, bowKCr, i>i> >uri>riw.* »r lliii kiiiil, but ui 
open Wi irUvlt put kii vuil l» l!ic ScuiidiuaiiMi 
doniuii>Ei ill Hri|cl>uul. Thi^ hoii of G<rtlwi»a lUkal 
Q«4wi|i ktmu-lf. Hi the krjti of Uic imuc^nt iia- 
UoB, pliyt^ tka mMt dUUngniilinl piti In tlii* 
uAtlmuI yni. In Ihe maiiietit of ilrliTrntnci!, LhE 
wli<i|« CMC tit puUlc alEun wu CMtAdcd tu Uiv wva 
ofUUkiolk thp lifnlnaw), irho. It| r««nuui;iincvnn< 
»7 Ihtm tti# huula of the fon>Jfnir*, )iad 4rMm' 
plinhLiI Ihe •i«|(utar foiluno whii-h be caminpnrnl 
b* nitit^ a fBrclxncr anil kq rncn^y fma ihc hantli 
orlite cuuntrTKicn.* (lAiluriii, hail lie iriiJi«<l it, 
nii|thl Itaic procurpil bimRcIf lo ba nanicil kin); o( 
Um Klu^itli ; iei7 frrw nitfragH iTi>uld lia^v been 
ilftWiin Mm . lint lif (Jiou- ntlicr lo piAnt out lo 
tbc BaglU^ people uur vrtto tint a aUauget to thu 
t«ecul rtcat^ irholurd tuKimnkiiUul tiuBentitd 
b] iMoe,— otto who vrtt iitvlbuslvc lu alt b) liu 
la*£ «h*inu1t(>n fcoin poJiUcal aRiin, And wlin 
VM ui oMmi niDat itltl^nMtin( in tha *}V4 of nil 
Hcn froHl ri' '"'■'' 'it'iriM: rtila ivni F^wnrd Ihf 
tttr*1*iti{ <' < <l, the jirluoc n'liotc bioltinr 

Im inM »c< - 11^ bcini;e>t ond broimiit lo 

an ontlnitt} <»il- l'<u*iiuil to the adiwv of the 
cbU/af Vrtit-Ki>t,* f gnut council, ht>M U (ill. 
UugliBM. 'Wlilotl ili.1t ■ iit««iagi! (ram tliv nation 
ahauld tio wmt i» KitviiH) Ui Nonniindj, to tii- 
tiaimn to liitii Out i)ir ItngtUh p«oiil« lind madi; 
tiiiB Uii;, Vol ''Vi niiiiiitlcii ''( bU WiiufluK with 

hlln only a tiaal) cuinhcr uf XunniDi.* 

K4w«nl nbpjid, (■«]■> sn onrienc chrcnlcU',) * 
*«A nitnt lo Eu|l3i>il alli^ded by f«w followpra. 
tie m* pMclaltncd king ii^t- nt hit irrlTil, ami liii 
ciMMe«nti<>n look place in the catbrdnl of Win- 
dMMiFt <K.ti. 1013). In dcU1«^rb^; lo him lli« 
h^ptie akd croim, the biitiAji addrevrd lo him n 
tiling dlttourw upon Itie kindly ubligaifaiii. und 
npoa the iBllil aikd Miuilsbb ^i rrtiutnit uf hii 
\o^O'S*xan predrcMBon, Ai he ina yel witli- 
«M kirUV, 1m choM thii daughtci uf iho ]jai(urful 
«nd pApuiir mull ta whiim ho owcil hU cruwii. 
Virloiii nalrToimt re[icina nrro ciirulaud r<>*]>--cl- 
Injt IhU iivaritain. Il vru laid by Mini* Ihni Kil- 
ward, (raring ihc immt^iito uuthoiity <if tiodwiii, 
bttmtBP hb aoU'lD-lav, ttiit be luiKhl iml linvr 
him fbr an fumrv. 'Othrn uwrl tlirii, bpl..-re |}ic 
ilairflnn uf ih^ n4ir kin^,<.!ad<Tiii liail i>i be led from 
lUni nun hi* "ol'i by Ooil anil M* aoul, a pro- 
mlH Inal tir tiooM wa/ry hb diiiisLIer.' Be lliia 
•• U MMj, Edward rMctinl iii marriage a jinin; 

I PWtt iiHiAot TaiicrvFali* munutii cndtliiuiK' (Ptltl 
Dial TirWTH a|"iil ■niiit m. Iinmr,, ml u. ii. prt.) 

a R^»> k«ir« i^lbjtI fptaTtmU'] c^iiintitlilL^r. jHirn-i iiiA 
4inin* aa^ tli^tdui in ir^u. (Mniui. .VmI. DuK'tklt- 

■ OnUslnl Tttniitla (WKirliu Malmi^i., >la (<•«. 

i>S- Aacl.. 11|<- <!-. ifMil wcAualiu. —'^vL. |i' *"■ nl 

• IVfaJa* aBliniD*. Knit bile BnaaalMmnnl Uicioirr. 
Ii'tjns, M»aa. rH. (itUiMia. |k IM. )— HuhUaia ri iiiua 

l..r JU.) — ILT?Fir Kn>.'Mi>a. ill- niniL Aiicl , llli. i. 
M>. «, •fu-L liLii. \i.fl •.•1)11.. loL. 11 nt. r.iiii. nl. 

^ Runlt U*irdci< ft i*uin (wuci* Viuil in Aiwllnm. 
llUnr. tinihirl. ktfL. Ub. il„ anul in. AatlM!^ ^tiM., 

a Malani hMi •»! pomiU tmAL (Oui). ()*■(«. liltl. 
Kanaaaa., «tiid miia. ki. NminiiHa., |i, tit.) 

' jum mlAt In !>«.■■ n ia auliuHMi luin. I> fllii.1.1 ni.*!* 
■eavwiMB to nal)!*"". ' ■ -t rtr-iiaiJalnnpioni .tu( 
IIS. \,MimatL\ntt. linxJiLp. ml. 1. (i, ti.) 

pennn of great bnani)', lonilevly, ajid twerUieaa, 
and ofiiniKl iuKi-iicllun in lM*.«n: the wni ralli-d 
KUii^. a fuiiiljitr dimlnBtlw of the naiaea EJta-tihe 
ur EtlttitviAr.* " I hnic accn her nwiiy tiiDoa in 
my childhood," laya a contcnpom^, "wh«i I 
veul tu <iut my father, ubo wua employed In lh« 
bltifj'a jniace. If ihemetsieivtumuiKfrcniacliool. 
alio nuulJ qurttluu mc in my i^miuiiat, ar my 
vcnc*. Dt in linclci In ivlilcb ulic t«iu >uj^ skilful; 

nXtA wluiii aha had dnim lur intn thr liiliitinlh of 
aornc aubtiM ai^manit. >he ni>i'i filli'il Id ^w me 
tlin^c urfdurcrowiixtlirDUKhtlinliandtiif heT¥n>imii, 
and aend mi: to take refrralmtent In tlic iranlry.''* 
Iwlilha yra mild and ttritrToknt t>i all itliu a|»- 
pmswli**! hct. Tliow wlio did noi nilniirc the 
pride of rhanuTter of her fallier and hct iMOthar, 
irlilch pnrtaok la aume degree of tevrtity. ptvlaed 
hor for nut rvMrmbtiui: tlieni. Wu lliid Ihta pual* 
ically rajiraaaeil in una of ilio LatiD vL-nn nliioh 
ivert at that lime much in iivuo: — " Ovdwiu ■* 
the ]rarFTif of Uitli-i, *a Ih' tliiini U nf Ihe io«e.'*'* 

(ji.n. tot? I1 IU<i<.) Th.> letroal nf Iho l)alve«, 
and tlK uiiiiiluIatiuD of the dnminatinn of th# ron- 
i|kii-Bt. luTiH); aorikkriu-d the ipliil nf lalrlolimi, al 
l)iv univ time bruiit,-ht iulo iltcour the iiuloaal 
alTifctiuD fur llie cintnm* of the. Anjfla-SaxQaa. 
I'lir oamoal tvlali of the people wua that tboae 
■bould bo roalorad in tli^ pilmilive atmpliuity, 
diaencninbend of kll thai the cainniiatil rv^ luud 
inlrudurrd fnrrifn lo the laud. On lh(«e prin- 
ciplei, men looked bark to the timra iuitcceJ(.ia tu 
the great intuion by the Duica, and Iha luMilu- 
liuni luid iBvm urdw tci^of EthBlrrrl trprei^itiTly 
MiugFit to bn n>iilalilialied.'' 'flioae laui nero 
reatorrd aa fiilly aa nrir drcLimttancea ndmilicdi 
aadthe name of Ed-n-ard wa* Klitu lo tbein; it 
became a populu *ai injr that prad Unit l^nvd 
had n^ored Ihe ^oA lam of hia falbcr Elhelivd. 
Vet, in Inilh, be waa not a legiabtor; h< promul- 
Itarcd no n\:\t oMle 1 (lie lanra uf Ihc Danuh kinpa 
iiirrcly ctntcd lo be bi fDCcc in hi* teipi.'' The 
iiupoit iHuliinji frvtn tiiu eoniiuvati wtiidi bad bnatt 
DMiuiDiiaUy levied undor thn namn of Ihn».gtUi 
ai aireajly incntionrd, and afterwarda truKfaraed 
into an auniul Ux, duting Iha ipaeo of tblny 
yrsni, tat the par of the fmriKn lojilieiy and Iho 
Daiush Hiilora, nraa in lik« annnncr ahoUihcd. not 
llir>ii.ii(ti stay )(ineisui prolecliMi of liia luhjpi^t* by 
Iha n>-tr Ling, but beoaiMe then ivvra no lon^r 
any Ihuita In nulhorlly In Kiiifland." 

Tlirrr wmi- no hinitcT any Dane* liviiin in l^ilir> 
land n« lord* and maaicni all audi irere driiun 
from ihe count/y; bul Uie En^Udi peuple, bk>iur 
now reftined their frecdoRa, dU not espvl Iiiim 
their liouaea Iliv lahurioua snd ptaerTuI men tthe, 
*n#ariii|; obmllenci' lo Ibu cuninion Intra, naigiiad 
Iheiiiarhcs tu a ^nict rtiatrucv ai hunbatHliMW or 
i-iiiwiia. The Aiiylo-Saxun pi:o]>k* did noI maka 
re|iri»i> by Ictylnjf cniiti iliuliuua ou (hem; llicjr 

' Ri, l,»|.pv; KhtK noljlv ;«J. »«^iJ&, ^tK fv*- 

IiiIh llinillln. 

■ A.I i*(tuai|«iiii InBASlrit. «i rvfrrtiB 4i«iMI. (HIHt 
In(K]i. I'niil., ujiuil III. AnilK. lulia.. >VL I. ivSI, nl. 
linlr ) 

» binil *|>l« nHB, (MiHI IMainoa EyUUs. (IbU.) 

' ' 1,1V" ■<■ aiitlqiili irfli'in .... laiu. (VTIIMai. Mai- 
iUMlt.. <Id fm^. t0f . AiisL. liW ii.. niiuil m. An|lif. Milut., 
p.-i. n>. Saiilg.) 

<• Kuli iiiinilur retli tulainti |iii*tui. uoo quud II)t«ti- 
Im-ill --il -iv'*! oWrnamil. (|)-M.> 

■■ Itrnu-srlil, Itamii (Hilil: « Umt g t»l4, away lal. 
^t.liEOrk. ^m 111. tJil*jD. fosilD.) 




I'* mt) WHMIItltPM , 


K»Mkn LuupUfi 


'l>» ■111! I 

dii But malt* Uicir recidiiion iafniat to xhtir own. 
In ihe wnum, uhI npvvUU; n Un DMrthcni pra- 
(tiitM, tL* <lM0HwLuti« of ib« SMiMliaM4uiii mb- 
UiiuhI In DMniMitwc ikoM nf tlw A>igl«-8awua. 
Tlicaa wm iHwhupitalw^ fron tha «Mitnl uhI 
•vulhrrn |ira*lawM b; kMMiblcdiArancc la Ibnlr 
Idiom, awimnwi vmI lacal cihmcui' bwt they did 
not BMitMl th* IcM* rMtatoncc t« Ihc {^cmneot 
oT Uw Aii^a.liuon kaaf. TUi t»ta at Mwial 
•^iwliif in k •faoit liiBB intiud aad eamfcunilnl ll>o 
two Mnrrly fin] racM, TM* tepfijr unlou uf 
■11 tlw knhaliilMiti at Engluid, muli-Tcal fonniilabl« 
t* tiM luB(< uT (utcun coiialnin, jiiU ■ «|«p to 
itieir pmijceu of unMtion, and no kla; af th* 
Durih ilMo ilutd lo eoma In anai Mtd k^ eUlm tn 
Uic lobetiluM of Ike aon* of C«BBt*. Th(UB 
king! tna tent mtnofn of prtee utA smiij to 
UivpMiflc Bdinti. "We will Karv j<.u.-* «1<I 
Uwi, *■ lo nigs DnAOtMUd otm jrnur miiiiln*, 
uw niH Mintent oofwlrc* with thoM urriioriM 
wUoli G4l hw glnn w U nils-"* 

BabnadcrthiioanwdappcannMaf praopcrlty 
U)l toilefWMUnoe, the xetaw ef frcah tmtlitM ud 

aillt«>l rutu ir«rc ulend^ devclopiag t]i«n>ulTn. 
KilitMd, lion* of k Narawu w«»uui ahil bn>u){lil 
«■ Ann kto ittfcner in Nofnundr, had rvlurarMi 
uiaiM ft •tnuvor to Uw luid of bit forpAiilirni :* 
tli> laiigwvc of hb joHili had been tinl of a toirign 
paopiv i hr iud gitiwD oU BKioof olhcr mon Knd 
otlwr muiiMra Ifauii lb* raannvra and m«n «f Kng- 
land ; Ua (handi, bi« coMpantana in nlaaantaa and 
Ikanlahlp^ liit neatMC niaHna.and tha binbsnd nf 
hia ■blCT) ail ilvell acroB llir «c«. lie had iwom 
to Iwiiif wttb Un i">lj ■ Hnall numWc tt Nor- 
mam; and he brsughi oiklj • fnw wlib hini, Itut 
many anived in ihc atonal; Ihoae who bad land 
him whea in •tU». or aMcied him wlwii in po- 
Trrtf, cncerlr bMM hb paiacc.* He could not 
rcMralu lilnaclf Urom arclconuinK ibein li> his tiomr 
and hia Iali4«, aor avaa bom prar«rrii^ tlMm tn 
Ihoae tsrnHfly «nitiioarn to bim, bat to wliom lie 
waa fnibbUd for hU Imicm, kla labi*. and hia myat 
diKiiiljr. Ti)o irtraiatilil* atrangth of eii athcltana 
M liiia aa tu aatraj- fioni tbc p^ of jimdt-iirc 
aa t» t^orvr tiM Ugb dlcntti«s aod mru oScr* of 
IIm fouatrj^ oa laMi bonk oti ■bulh^'f aoii, tad 
wiihont an J raal aAietion hr Ki^ani, Th^ br> 
lt«a*M of tn» Ulaod were placed in tb* kiMping if 
Notwan capuina ; Norman pri*«ta obtained Cn^ 
Dab btabofirwa, aud bruarn* cltaplalaa, coancllUra, 
and lrail«d cmtddinu uf iIm liin||. 

A numbrr cf |icriKibi MflJii«{lhiTnup1<rparp|«iivi<ii 
of Edward'* muiim cruaad Ihc aniii, and nvrr 
mrc to btr v«>ll n.'C(i*Dd.* No nuit irha aoii- 
cttid III tli( Nurmau t'la^uiT' mr mil wiib a n- 

»> Un. Will n a apafa^. Daaa Ufa, ffar IBe- 
aiu. I<lu«au. SntaMrkBikl. 

• flMnfi'. IMMLriaaf*. U^a 
n|> Ml. lol. U. •■ itI,-iliA. lanlf- Cn>vUwl~i nml n* 
AatUc Hrii>l. ml i. f. ti. U. Ual*. — l'bi..>i . i.>luin. 
HMiaaDB. tv<^ lUrt. Aafl. *irt|«.. •ot. I. ml. (M. «0. 

■ Pi»Bl In (b.1llna ImmIm«I. (tlW. iawatf. Unybad. 

UML j> at.) 

• 4hI ntta lOMlai 
(A'UlelM. Mabw*.. lU U a. M, ad. BaiUr | 

■ai nullt iHiimlU WhCc^ InliMit. 

■ A Uw fa ai Or Xnrawlt |*iirt— ■•mm. tmu ^Uniinii- 
t^t*— *»■. h ttmn— Hull Jt*!**"-! {IIU l-fvlf.T'nnl . 
lol' I. |> ti. bI. lulv )-Dii»da!'. Uuuva Au|la^.. UM i. 

• OaUkwi Mlvala. (IIM. lanK CrajUaU. Mwl "r. 
Aatlir»*h*.^ l-P-n-ol Oij*)-IWahH>, |'. n. 

fnaaL Tbb iangua|p^ rvoo bmuaiiol. froia tte 
polacF III* An^lu-Suca)), vhicli vra* becMae an 
objMt et ridiriilif TO Iba fn«nlgn caiinfnm, and &« 
Hal Wi ill]) diarr»irai> wu any touirfr aildreaaHl to llu 
hlOff bia tn Nonniii. Ktirhortbi* Entrtblt nobUlI; 
aa irrro moat tnittlliniu »{KAe and Mamintnd iii 
the ncn' and lb*ouril« laujpiic* of Ibi* cvurii atra 
in their own tnnnaioiu, ti l>fiii{ that filtaat lot a 
man of birth and aduratlon ;' lli*j phu^nl tlwir 
loDf SaiOB mastJM Tut the tboil rlualta of ilwi Nor- 
nuna; iii wiitiiii^ Ibr]' iuiitaled \h« leii)flh«n«t 
Ibna oflfaa Nonoan k-ttpn; aiwl. matoad of aipi- 
ib|t ibnr nami'K In citll sftn. thrj luapiiDdial )« 

them icaii of nwi in tl>e Noriean uanuat. Erai7 
oue of Iha nalionni malnma. oteB In Iha umt 
indlflnrnl UuagK, waa tbauidoiwd to Uw towor 

Diit ihr [leopla, Kbo lunl alir4 Ibrir bisoti thai 
Knyiand nifht b* tn*. aiwl wtinwer* )ltli« atiwk 
by th* maeo and *Ief«i»r« of tho new ftablooa, 
in)a(ina>I that thwy brlwtd the lanraiMnl by 
f a»cli[ n er> rrrlvcd vain a mri« chuifa of appraN 
aocta. Uodwla, allhough tbc moat exall«4 u hb 
ntm «oiiulrjmcn, ami tbe finl ill ^10(17 aft*< the 
kin^. btjipilj r«m^fnb*ic'l hJi jiltbtlan orixtn. and 
Joined (lie |H>puLir party aglinit the Normal) 
(Mtiriritr*. TtiL' tun of liUbilUl and hia finir aoni, 
all Watn wairiun and MlJOTtllK tha afltctlon of 
Ihe poopic, rrti*!'''! with > 1h>Ii1 cuiutlraanta iba 
Norman influvaiv, aa th#y fartnMljr had drawn tha 
•wonl againM th* Danlah eoitquerora.' tn thai 
TFTj palace cd" which hia daoghur and Ibeo- tbtcr 
wan ladj anii tntitrcM, the; rcluned Inaobnca for 
iuwjicncir lo |h<9 jiariMitr* Bn>I vourtieia tbil had 
ft.mi> iMtl uf Oiiil. Tbey t«ra«d their esotk 
faiililnn jiiiii ileriiioa, and blamed the *r«akneM 
i>f lb* lilui! **bo liearkened lo IIimh anil cnai- 
ililcd the jiroqicrltj of U* countrjr to tbclt cauu 

'{"he Xoranana carefully ci:>nected their apeockpi, 
and envenomed thetn at tbnir Itiaive ; thej- ibnt 
aMniled the ram of Eilwud with load 
ibal (Judwiti am) hiiionalnialtei] hiinoul 
that thrir airiimncr Inil no bounds and 
dlHt^ciTrred ia tJui*^ f^Tiivf* aii aiobition of 
ill lili |itu-i>, anil X (iMignof trfOrhfTT." Bnl, whUi 
Ibeae ncraaallDDH paauiil [-ummt In Iha Mnf'* 
pataee, a mry diflVtrnt Jndcmentnratfivnied In <M 
iraimlar aauinlillen " on the choractrrandnaadiKI 
of the Rm»ii diicf awl hia votu. " U It aatoobb- 
tug." Ihi-y woulil lay, *■ that lb* aulhor and anp- 
pon«> oF t'-diranrn reigntoittdlfBant U aeringncir 
men. of a r<iii>T|.Ti nailon. riia ahm* him I Vei bn 
acicT ttttcra a reproachful word axalaat tha laan 

r TatMiuJn aM«Bun MadliUaiii. (IIM- tacair. Cmi* 
biU.. vJ7l7kn.i4.H*W> 

• l^nprtua MaaMadlaan in hi* *t la allla MalUa ar^ 
b«N*. (tbU.) 

> CohilnBai et natM, nuitinattuoi lifea «t MiaaMai. 
MrimH el Misfw nfsl, (Wlltdm MalMarti. l|HdM*. 
.lanUp-wtlia., p. ail, id. vinlr.^ 

" PWpr lie i4i» •Ini'li'Maie lalag* ouvil . , . . Mfe la> 

titrDM rv-Miufaniuin UwUd. ttbU, 

" Mxna uiivsuU* ■( loMrlilala la ntrmt rl b Ihr 
olltarniJiiiacUM, «quak«nil fataa la baptiio ''ajinula* 

>' TfenaaararaaiiyiirOTlBrlalaartiaHaUiBtiaMaUoM 
nf lb* ^mlB- !!■■■ ■■ . pUcycai*. irtrr~f/nfl. K •him n>.>M 
hif. HarffcjHif. alaannweUof. >r.c>i aaf.Ulfm Nu-- 
•t#. 1 cwiar>Il*iaw>. Haatto). ■ fCTiMHia hall, IhU l^li, 
■ cluh. Oitd-nifr, lu uBdallmt (r^ Mbkn. Tknaai. 
IJB(u(. Sipteet.. to Iho loiail IruiliiiUiuu ot the Aaal» 




II** tliiHifr at Uulrr, 


irbon li« himxLf ouilc king."' The Novniin 
btourhca vcre nltrd iu£iiiio<n infonMra uul 
cmton (i( lUaconl aod uuulil« j' uud a l«iij[ Ufe 
yn* wMvd t«tli« grt-ftt clili-C lb« cUcf nagunl- 
■nva* k* M4 anil Uiid.' Cuno* wm* bMM <>■ 
the fctJU marrikp of Eiholcvil wHh k Nonsm 
wontau. Ifcat tinian «MUnct«4 lo vire Ibn cuunuj 
frtxn » forci^ uinaiim.* but fnim wMrli there iiuw 
multcd m imw IntKiiuti, » ii«w cviKtunit uudri ifaf 

1tr« fiuil Ih* Irvr. nitilia;ia Iniiepit tbr oriftnftl 
eifmsiiin, of ili>«inBlIniuhiiBlrilirluiiit,tn « pat- 
■agr of an aaciciil hUlorian, la nliicb ihe mtiKtibi' 
turn fit idea uul the iiiM:itj »t IUb Uiitnwftc teat 

!■! l>Hnf ihe "Ijt* «f tt? pfuplr : — " 'I'liw AJnighlj 
miul !<**<> rnmml *t thn lunn tlmr Ivn pUm af 
dcwrncllaD for Ibc EniilMh nre. aad hn* ilnlrvil 
to U; foe tli«n ■ >orl af military BCDbuicailo i* for 
hr let looK the Dkuct on oui' ildc. >atl nil the 
OttK? CafcfoUj rrcilcH buJ crotL-nlnl ihr Nonnui 
*Ul«tte« ; wi ihtl if, by rhiuu*, we otraped ftaai 
Ibc Opel) «MitiJu of llic DaiiM. Ih» bold riiiuiiiiit 
oTllir Niimiaua uixbt «Ull be la tetiliiMM lu lur- 


raon Tnc iiRiKd or tiib tKOLnn vattok 
AB«ta<r III! HOHNHK itvmiaTTM ot iixn 


k.t>. 104K— lIMfi. 

(kill. 16M0 Asosn thiwe whn raotc from Kor- 
la— Jy uhI Pntici! to *iiil kinic IJlnkitl «ru on« 
KkMU'Wi whu en the nthfi •jil(!c>rthp chBniii.-l bora 

ilha tuU ot count of Boulogne. He ko*mi>kI 

I btMdnajlIr, undoT the ■ii|wri4r «allkaiirir of lb« 

klRK, IJm town ot lloiilnirtic bnil a iinaJl 

_' tdjiieuit 10 ikc oc«*D i aud, *• tlie bulg« 

difuii)- u )onl of n niBriiime Icrriloryi at- 

I to Ilia helmet, when lie armed for ww, tare 

I liutg ptamet ■'•f tlie lined puteil whalcbon*.' 

' Ewitkcr liftil JiMC iDiirTlMt Iktirknl'i titter, who w» 

the irldoir of aaoibcr rirncIiniMi namcii Gavllier 

of JTiuile».» TKMicvrbiuElkfr-in-Uw of the it^ion 

king, With a numeroui autle. ilijed •omc limi' al 

litt<y>tirt. He fciuuil Ili« yalice full o[uieii bum 

< 'il« liiiiMclf. ftHU aiH'akiiijj lilt Gallic 

'iiat EuifUiid apptkrcd la hiro like « 

.. ,.,,.,....: iiivnfy, vlierc ttie Nomiiiu and the 

FrrBfh kad a right lo do whaletcf tbejr pleated. 

AflFT f*«Iiu$ 111 ilie dly ot (.'aiiti-rliurv, Biutaee 

pmvcdeil lowirda DoiVT. At tlic ditlaiicc of 

■ TtwM|n>i l*B>*a iMMfIn )tf*a fOtat mMl OiallitmrlU 
aifana wlitm mliqai luciilw. (Willaloi. KUlBinb. it* 
■Ml. tf. lAfl.. Uli.ll., i-pBd tet. AiHlu. •nipl. p. u, M, 

• MaUna dmudte ■mtlnifanci. lllilil.) 

I C^A* ABfBiB'uaiu* «rr Aiiflun. iKrri nAFHiutt. (K«J- 
MMl KMC 5oT.. IUl I. i>. 4. td tWatn.) 

• A4MlUMBf«fi)inl <llt<ir.ll<inUii(d..Ub.H. P.I90, 

' IMnliraMniotrknnMU efvPOHH. « quad ailUam in- 
^A*> •Slohut. (t^O 

• 11 U k DKMaa BanllaUl (ulcnlBdlnne md*T«ul. 

X«rRi- ■- I -J'liais oia (orUlaitiB* auUaLai mm< 

MM-- ' "!■) 

' r. opiiil KTifL iw. Gtillir. M I'-iiiurlc. 

• Viiii^i llnUnUiuii CVlll«lm. U>lm«li.. Ot gn*. 
t^ %»mI..,. aii^il in. Auillr, miiil.. n ;l. xl. 

ahaul a nile Trooi llit lown lie ordered hU pirort 
to halt, diamaiSBled frnii hia tfwvelllnir pelfrFV. mid 
■uooalcd the cliaqtee which on* nf hit meii ted In 
thiB liilM kand:* ihc-n, jmitiitx mi hUeoat of mnil, 
Im madf all hb irnMidanti do Ibff amr ; and in 
Uii« warlike allire Ihrji eatcrvA Dot»t. '• 

Ttifir mutibed iaaaleBily ilimtiuh th<* Imm, rc- 
luarking ibr beat huuMa in ohiFli to pan Ihr 
uIkIm, Bud o»labluiliiii|t ih^intvtree therein aulho- 
tilallnilj. Iht inhabitnnt* nuitiauiTil, and nnf i-l 
then luul the cauraffB Id Mof on hla tlmwhAld the 
Frmcfaniiii who waa prooMdinv lo take iip hla 
qaarlrn in hi* liooae. Tlie forctinier drtir hIa 
BiTDnl and wounded the BotrliihiiiBnt who, hoalily 
arraiiw himu-ir, logrllu't with hi* lisnaeholdi al. 
larked and kUlcd tlio a^Krwmar. On hnring; nf 
Itii*, Kualwe of Bonlogim and all hk Ironp gullied 
Ibclr l(Mli(Ili|a< t«niiiufttpd tliPtr horan, stid, IniylnK 
ri*K> (o tho EnfftUiiaaa'i huuK, the; mannrmi 
him (njithr Saxon ehrpnii'le)al biamniRri'-iiy-?." 
The J Ihen tra*«(Md Iha town tmml In hand, alrl k Iri); 
Ihe uuMi and uoimen, and iiMapUnif th* f4ilMreu 
uiuUi Iheir ha«ac*' hnofa.'* It ivaannt lone tirforc 
itiey luel k hodjr of armed clllarna ; and, in llir 
cvnfllcl which tbortlj ™ao*-d, ninpt<vn of Ihf llnu- 
lofpiew wore alain. Count EiuUeo Hed irirh Ihe 
real of hia fallowen ; linl, not dmny lo make tiir 
lli« luibuur und euliMMiiir luenibark, herelurued 
tomnla GloiicaMVt what* kiiHt Edirard, irilh hia 
Normau &vvurit««i waa than botdiiiir hit <-vurt.* 

KiMtac* and hia cnBtjialuan*, Mjr llir chionLi^lu, 
made their jioaee with the hlnft." He bnlii'Tcd.'in 
hia brolhor-tn-law'a word alone, thai nil the blame 
waa duclo thepeoplt ul* Doirr ; anit, lltint \i\th 
Tiolml wnlh aiptinU tlirm, he arnl wllh all ■qMfd 
far liodwiu, in wboar i^Tpmmpiit Ihia lfi%ra ^iia 
eompm^d. "Co furthnilh," n<d Editnrd to him, 
"and eliaaliae liy mlliUarj l-l>-eution'* Ihote who 
lakenp arm ai^inat iiix rc'latiir* and dialurti tho 
poacs of the Ltuiidoia." Gvdwfaa, who eould not 
*t roadiljrdreid* in faeourof ■(brolsnrr aifalnM hia 
fcUoM-connuynaen, piopooed Ihal, initead of exer- 
eiaiog a bUod (ongeanee upon iliewhule lown, tho 
inaiiiatmiet thouid, acoonltDd to tfaa tancm of bw, 
\ie auiDtnuiKd lo appear Mom tho iJag and rajal 
JudtpTi to lUiiweT iai tboir eonAocl. " II k not 
lit," aaifl bi> tn Ibi^ king, " that jrau ahonld «ond«nn, 
whhoni hnarinfi, moii whum it ia year dotf 1d 
proteet." '• 

EiImFd'a an|[F[, inflnmtd by the clamaan of hia 
latgiitrilea. wia Doir tumed aatirol; a^Hat the 
I-Jigtiah chii-f, icbo, heing aeviMcd nf diMibi^ienro 
and lebelboTi, wn* aummotied to appear befere a 
Iteeat eonnrll mnvolLed at GloiKeotar. tioddrin 
at Ant itavc hlmaelf but Utile ranrc-m almat tlili 
•ccuHliun, thLukit^t Uiat tho kinff'a pMoion wovld 

'■ ludi'tt luain VnriMB, IHwauewl teofl. ft ada<aal Du' 
hiln. t.I-'krDn fialML. Cd. Iill<Kia. p. US.) — V'lllcla. 

M»liii»l'.il* Aac).. fd.^'^*. lib 'i.p- "I 
' I lllDian Ui aRenoDhnJiiiir. (Chion. »i.uia.tii, (^looB. 

r, m> 

'■ I'ut¥(M(tlgifiulnmmiiitiTedllniipii<Kiniiu>aui(t<aiiM. 
(lli«M. il* HnKtfrf . pan prior, apn^ m. .IDiilt. irrlpl.. 
t- 411. M. Nail''.' 

» (^mi,ll»(in,rn(nMl •ubtanolfLn.apidGkNBr. 
Ed. Lt<. »>. U. adMO' 

'• MnlseWMiriadon. rlMd.) 

i> MiAiintrHha. lChtoD.Mw>B. •4. nthMLr lt> ) 

'• l^iia tnurl detaaa, eee laai {oUartnom llu udlUM aJJn 
Hiro. (Wlltiln. Kalne4i..Asi4- tof. Antljib. II. afid 
trt. Amslif. »/S(n., p.«, "!■ Jtaillt > 

CiiM«lio«i-|<nli ta IhiKuliva. 
SO Lfi'n •■ itniy. 



Kli Hiultli cuuBiBllal. 

•nbtidciftDil the c)uje& nrould do him justice:' faul 
Iln Ciion luftiiied Uul. hj iikcmns nf ihn riijril Ui< 
tiucTiifc ftiiil Uic iutriguui of Jbralxncn. iha awwin- 
blj h>d bevB ■«dac«d tai w ■Iwut lo proni>uiu:« 
KM!iit«n«a or bk&UmcBl ^UkM hia modhbtoni. 
The bthn and tba mmu iMolted lo oppaM their 
popukiilj M iheM munniTTM, tud m inmhe »a 
i4>pMl lo tih* Engliah people agklnai ihc coiuiiera 
fiDtn bcj>>ud M* i klUiou(ki (atj* tbc utcltnl chro- 
iiiclej il wu f»r bom Ih«ir minda to vrinhlo do 
uiy iloLenM to Uwir national king.* 

Uojiriii i«iac<I • trttop of folunlMn in Uio couu* 
Uj tuulli of tfao Tbaiawi the wbohi cxicntoririiich 
vru uuilvr hit goTtnHitul. liuoU, hi* ildtot 

aon, imhhiMjiI a aumhar of bi«ii ftlung th* naateru 
eoaib, bcnrocn tha Thainniuidth* gulf of Boaten, 
or the Wash ; whila hii inrond aon, nsmod Sneyn, 
empigei in thit pnirioU^ conlBdotaliaB Ibo In- 
bafaUmUoftlia baakiorihe Screniaiul Ui« We)*b 
ffonltwn. Tb«M Ihjpc bodies united near Olpn- 
eaiUr, and detnanded of th? king bf moawga that 
count £(titat« and hie HiiB|iaiiion«. whb •rt-eia) 
other Nomiaa* and Oatdoiuiala who wrrc then in 
Encbad, abould be ifina up lo be trird \>j ih« 
naUom. Edward fn*« no a—iTW to thotc iT4turaU, 
but aent ordan to the two Xteal cU«A of the north 
and of Iha Mnlraleountiea, »iw«rd and Loufrir. buih 
Ibue* bjt binb. lo roiirch toirard Hie eoulli'Wnit 
with all the furcvB tluT ootild tiiiiit(u> Tlio mm 
of Noithuiabria and of Mcrcia, wbu arini>d> at ibo 
•smmoiui of llm tn'ft cliinli, fnr llir tlofcDco of Ihn 
royalaathorilj. did ao with njluetaue*; aodSiwanl 
and L«aAie haanl It millanly rvpeaMl by tlioir 
■atdicrii that thoM' ooiilil br drnfinl who xliiiul'l 
nlj on tbrtr abrddinit [ho blood nf ikvlr ooaulrf- 
neu for foreiipi bilciem, and tlw laiOurlto* of king 

L«>fri« and Simrd wtr« leiiaibln to thaw lo. 
Pnoaatraiiirui. The nitional dialinrlioD bntwrvn 
iLo &BXUUI and tho Uaim liail become m fomt, 
thai tha old Eiunitr of the two race* could not 
■tpin b« tunuad |i> (he profit of tho rnrnttc* of the 
|K«plt>. ']')!« chi«ri and wanion of the nortli ]io- 
uliiolj refUMd to light acUntt ibe inaorgenta of 
ihr Mintb ; Ihrf nropowd an anitiitice batwara 
the kin« Biid GoJvrlB. and that tbeir dlff^rrama 
■bould be drbklnl b«fi>r« anatavmUj K> W held u> 
London, lldaard waa obliged to yEald; Godieiu, 
who did nut dMire tinr far ill own aakc, vriUtiigljr 
coDMftied : and. M}« Iho Bason ehrDnlde, ihv 
pcaec of GotI and a perfect frlmdilup nae nwum 
to ou both tid«*>* 8uch vra» tha Ibraiiila of ihit 

kfC ; but, on one eida ml laael, lh«<M pratniae* 

wanted abweeilT. Thn king peodiod hy Uio time 
whkb raraalnea to liiai bebirv tho iu(><'tlii2 "t ih* 
atH'inLljr, which wa« Axed Air IhcButamiul eiiulnai, 
10 iucreac: lh« alnngtb of liif firrca ; while Uud- 
wlit trtiirj loward* Ihe iuja(li-w«(, and hii buida 

ofToluatorrv, InTlng nrithvr pay nor qnarttn, r«- 

lM»ie. («-uLtUM.4.,|>.«l.y 

■ Lkt) lii oHunai i-Hprrtnt ■•Jurrnii* IporuB dmataum 
f««th'n»i0 i r>tu IIUEonU} «|uini|iLt>k nollrj- (Chfcni' 
dkov. r-l.iiitimo».f. IM.) 

■ Smnw.elmit onniiulll iinut id <^d) EnniMutuim nsl. 
tCt>n>a.auuB. Vac.>ubui><.MI.ll.>|nJ<Jbi- lU. Lj*. 

■ " iKlluin lalital. 

■t Oa,>— Nr iBal turn •*■ c(im|aiitoU> ImIIui 
Oecw J* HbtbL AoaoL nn leiM. tvml m. Au 
iTJil.f* BartJa. 
• Oolf* Rriih tal IldBc btontMtpiL ICIaaa. 

UlUw, |i. I»i.) 


IiuumI to llidr hoiiiii'i. The king, faliifjiiig hie 
woidithougb Indtraatlviiawud, diuingUMbUcmli 
hi) predamatioo tor taa raialng of an army, both 
on the MUth and ou Iho north «£ tba Thamea.' 

Thli ann;, aiy Iha chronldm waa tbs nia«t 
niuscaoof thai had bMu *ecn ttnee ibi eommanco- 
mcnt of the new irlnn.'' Edward ftrt Iho coin- 
niand of it lo ttla fhTODriln front ihc other aide of 
the chauad ; utd >mon)( it* principal chief* AkvtviI 
K young WD of bin ilil^c tiodk ind <if ht^ former 
haiband tiaullitf tie Jdaotet. The ktng eantaned 
hia force* in uidnearLMulon; loUialthenatiaiMl 
cuiuicil wua upcaed intfaa inldtt of a cainpi under 
the indunucc of terror and the ruj'al acductioiia. 
Godwin kiid hi* two auU* wore Munmonwl hr Ihik 
conocii, whote dcli'ienuon* Went ooniralled oj tba 
Krmed lotcn. to reliaiguLili the bonetil of Um Mthi 
wliidi had bFCii twuni upon thdr handa bj tha 
Cnr armed meii whom they bad remainii^,'' and 

lo appear withuul an etcort and withoot anns. 
Thcf anawirad that Ihey w«r« readj to obey the 
drat of iheaa ordara ; biu that, befon ihvy repaired 
10 th« aaaeiably alone and wilhoul the mean* of 
defence, iliai required hoalagfte to guarantee their 
prmuul eantf in entering and cviuiug awaj.* 
Twice Ibey repealed ihii deiuand, nhiuh Iho ui.ll- 
tary parade eihi>iilud In Xrfiudou fully Juallfled ;■ 
■[id thcj were Iwinr aniwenrd by ■ refiMd and i 
■luiiiuoUB ii> appear ivilhout delay, and bring wtth 
lliem Cwoliu wiuimev* lo al&rni their innocence «u 
uaIIi- Thi'y did Dot roitie ; aiid Uae-great oouneil 
declarod thorn wilfully rontumirloue, granting 
ihpo) only Uni dnyn uf pnum lo quit Ruglanil ivilh 
■II tbclr family."' Ooilwiii, hia wile Uhltba im 
Bdlthr and thm of hb aunai Saoyti, Tonig, and 
Qurlh, TopaJrvd to iho aaalam oout, wb«iKe they 
embirlied for Flandera. Harold and hia brother 
Loofwin wvni into lb* wttU. to Jfrw-atNO^ nmr 
Brlatnl, and paord Ibe triah eea. Benre Ihs n> 
{linlioii of the term of Arc dayi, and in contempt 
of Uie dcorvc uf the council, thuhiiigeent au armed 
troop of horwmen in piinuit of Ihrm; but |ha 
r^ptain of tho troop, a Saion by birib, neliher 
OTariook, iier perhap* had any dnlre to OT«nak« 

Tic poaHadoni of Godwin and hU aona wae 
■riMd and c«n4>CBted. Hi* daughter, iIk kin^'t 
wife, wa* (tripped of nl! that alio had in land*, 
fumilure. and money. Il n-ai not fil. Hid the 
ftireign munjen irauically. that, at the lime wbm 
the family uf thia woman were auflering faaniib- 
iiieiil, till' herii'lf ahould ilpqt ou duwn." (a.H, 
IfMS to lUAl.) Thn -u-ebk F.dwunl aien went m 
fur OS to allow bar lo be impritoaed In a eUtitUr, 

* fbiiiuui 111 hora (Cbmn. Su. tl. BHeae. p- IM.)— 
(!h,<>n *«on. Trmg, Ed. I.ji-, ml II . ml An. 

* innuliiiD i|ii> nw nui» fuoitnl. aiittmua. (OtilnD. 
SAtoa nl. i;i>»iin, I) IM.) 

> Srniuusi luLUtvn luitruin ii>j|l cmtnAneiit rWUI. 
Uilnmb. iIk t«i. rrw- Aael.. HI), n.y el. int. Anile.) 

* Itnnlkiiit }H<tfiii «t miiitUa. r|u^ kcriiri ola IntUiAs <*» 
■Uliicn "urnalcnnioir eikiun efrnk-wuliiT. (tThniD. ttaXBa, 
dl.UI— ai.p. IM.) 

* Nan pMM ad nini"iii < itia* 
■(oleUflma ]>erfnr*. (,t^l! 

" F1t» ollik f rhb. HI. 

'■ \v mi iwB uuiuHuni Aui uului-iuiii ii'li:uu- .Htiiie. 
Vrif.MbaaDaMLIl. «i-»IUkM [^ Ljr. lul.a edio.) 
— lAfiti de lliyinl. Auiul., |an |F(ini, nimll nr. Ansllc. 
•ntie.p. it1.nL&i<ll(. 

>■ t*G inllliit oraaiiru wli iMrnuTHt i-dilun iiuiiiBWi- 
tiiijLIol.iflnURtUitilllial. iWill. Malaali. nil. II. u.H, 

*a. «.>ii.'.) 


WlUian ul NutiD<a4**a tWi. 


1U> •uMlatn tmrnfm. 


nw btanriUi* piewndnl that, although tbc ifaiRd 
bb ImJ. *br tru hU wife only l« name ; he huntolf 
dM IMl %Uc tbc He l« Ihi* riaUcdutu uMitien, 
wttioh olUaiktcIj became in part thr fiiiuiJaltua <rf 
Ul mnt* Car Miwtitj.' Th« day* that fbllomd 
WVTi dan of r^u!c-ln(c and good fonunn Tiii tlio in. 
Bradcn mnn bcjand in, and Nwtnanilj rumiilird 
to Sofknd man tovrrnun than ciyi. l'ii« Nor- 

BMU pwliMltjabtoini'il tli« tame tiijirpnisoywliioli 
Hu 1Km« hMfamMTly *»iuitcd hy ttie nmnl. A 
raoakafJumiign. namnl K0l)«r1> bcmee arth- 
bMraporCaulurbai)': auuIliirNonnaa mnuk u«i 
bUMp af Lrcmil'Jii ; t>iiiuu protaUv aail altbuUHctc 
IVtBoicd to make niain Iut i'rcucbmvu and per- 
t«kil*d ralalioiu ot Viag Edw-aid. through hia 
■Biliar.* Ttio rattntiMiMti of Godwiu aud kl* 
•MM Ml to the anuv of noD btariiiK fbtnign umm*. 
One Budea bwame diitf of ihc four cttiuitiea of 
XhnMia tofnencL Donct, ui<l CatBit-altj auil the 
•■a ef Oaullierdi- Manl«*, naened Haulfr, hail 
ftoi^ of tb« MiuiilY nf H«iraA>rd, and Uic poaU of 
daCnm MtablUhoO ijtataui Hir n«hh.* 

(a. p. IMl.) A Drn tpicMi aajl the miiat cmi- 
aldn&Ur of alli won arriniJ Tkiip Niimuuutj, to 
riiit liiiu EJw-ird, and lo pFoccnd with BDiuiirrDiw 
retinur through liie loirm and catllpi of England :* 
thin vat tVilliam duke of NDnuiml)'. butsfil aon 
of Boburt fhe IiIf dakr, whuav tHdriit Ivniprr Iiul 
aoinired for Itim llir lutBtc uf Uvbairl-lr-Dlablc 
1I< vaa iIm mu uf iviit Hulivrt bjr a ircimit vii) uf 
FalaJtr, whom he otic diy rliniii-iil la «->•. on hit 
ntnrnfrDnllweliuD, trasliitiK llnrn in abmokirith 
fcWtBMpaBUiDa.(*.ti. 1024.) Tbvdtikemaiinillea 
wUl her kowiy ; ani, wWiIiik Io l>3i-r hn (ot 
U> DlbtrMs xnt (v;* a chmii icier in verve') one 
at hi* DXMl diaen^ eaTslier* It make propoMla 
M llM faaldf. The father at fint tF»ii«<1 knch 
|IHi|iiiMh with disdain ; but. on rMlcttiun, h» weal 
swl CDiUQlled OM uf hia broliicn^ who wat a 
hmntt in the ari^dwuriag fomt, anil a nan of 
gntt npautiaa for rtltctQU :* thl* hcnoit wm of 
niihiinn that lh« will of ih^ pHaec ahbaM be punc- 
waoalj obejvd ; conirnLiiu granleHlfiafa Iheold 
poet), aitd ttie n^I and the hour afiaisd on.' The 
jBimg Motmait vumwi hail the nmne of Atlltr> a 
uaioo mtniptcij iu Ihc Jtoman ton^t from ttie 
anrioDt Dsbiuli noniv Hirlrip. Puks Bahcit lore*! 
b^r much, and Ihr elilld whirl) h« had by lier waj 
bmuKhl up wiih at muoh caro a* If he had hof n Ibo 
aao of a wife.* 

^^t^, 1031.) Yoans WiUiam wa> onlj arTcn 
jrcan of a^ w1i*n hU father look il into kii h«ad 
to p> to Jenualitan, on toot, on a {lilgrima^ lor 

> Itaniai rikl >a kie arte iraiialiat. ui am ihom aaio- 
i«rkaMtirlliBonci*«aawni. I^ill Matoia* .ll^p.m.) 

• T^aa MMibafccH alibu fi.ii mlwi tuo «il*Mnln. 
(fVaia. Haatw (4.nlWa. r <•>) 

• Bat. 4b Itond . p. 4«3. Will. UiliDMb . liti It, b. (l. 
«d.i»IU. AB«Ui»»i.'.ol.l_p.lI«. 

• CnvnaBonilMaioiailtatit ....aactitlulrartruWIta 
<io — lialt. (HlM iBflol r. CniyL. niwl nr. AoElle. laiu.. 

a »MUa dn Silnlr-Miii*. (Xauiellv kbtoln da Vir- 
BMaib •! KoaiMai Octaalt Hr OaLlUuiaf-lfCoitqaiHiil, 

* Ka lal nn ■lum tr>M. UB taal bom. 
IJu1l eul As iiuil nltlsWu , , . . 

,^ (rt*a..p..„.) 

• OM^. IM-^Oiilcii[UiiI.alaIii)iuuidiajiut»uiitilj 

lou tebab. (WUIvln. Malmaali . da axi. nw. 
■U «.. apal m. JUflle. *wl|<l., p. U, ei-ftirUB.' 


Ike rejniaiion of bia una. Tba buvaa of Kor- 
mand]^ wUhrd to dftkln him, npmFutiug Io Mm 
that it wouU not bo well Air thein to b« I«A 
witliou.1 a etilef. •' Bj mj Irotb." anawcnd Bobcn, 
" I will not IraT* joD wicbout a lord. I ka*o a 
litUo baatard. ivho. If It pl«oue God. will paw up 
and prove a Taltaiti mai) ; and 1 atn certain that he 
u DDj own KOR. Rtieeiic blm, thercrore. aa ^nr 

lord, lor I derlare bim to kt btU UDtu ne, asd I 
tflvo him afiitti from tbU momeot «t lh*i Juchy of 
Nomiand} : (rhaoau him iHlkwith : and. briote jna 
alt; I will IMoaoN blm of thia duchy aa mf lur. 
ccMor.'-* Tbo Noraian barous did wbu ihr doko 
pru|Macd, hccaiuc {Mr> Ike old olironiclr) they 
iound it eonvetiinat ;" tli*y aworo feully Io Iho 
child, and placvd ttieir hand* in hit.'' Bntaereral 
chicfn aiul, iti panimlar. tfar rf-latlofin of Ihe liar- 
rn«c dukoa^ prolEOteii agkiiiat thu circlion. aajiog 
that a baflara wwnet wotllif to "ffnnianit ttit- imni 
of Iba I>a&a,>i Ths bamna of the Bmia and the 
Cotontln, nioto iplrllod than the olhwa, aivt (till 
pipudrr than tbem ot tha piiniy of Iheir linn^, 

CI themKlm at Ihe YtrtA of the malouQlenla, ami 
iod a nuiacniu* uiaj ; bul ihf) nrre ranqulabed 
la a pitched battle in the V«l.iJn'Dim«ai near 
C*ro, not wllboul the tid of the hiox t>f I'noee, 
who wpponad Iko miae of the yoanff duk# for ibe 
■akr of pcnonnl iiHoml, md thai ko mlchifaer- 
ciac an UiAucnca ov«r ihe aiEUra of the couRtt). 
{•.D.imi to lost.) Wmtani, aa he a^tanml in 
aj|v, bctame mar« and niorr dnar to his partlMioa. 
'I'lieday when he for the Brtt tlmp piii en armonr, 
aud iiiouiited, wilhuul a utimip. hit tint war- 
chugrr. wai a day of rejnlrinit iu Noniutid}'. H« 
occupied hiaiHcIf with nilUtaiy oonwma (rom fall 
yoiiih, (ltd miuti.' war u|>oii U* twighbaan of 
At^oii aii>l Brittany. He waa pua]onaI«ly fond of 
Hnii hortot. npocttlly lhoa« which boro proper 
name* to iXailnt^lih their Kravatogj :>* and had 
ihcra broushl (ny bia coattmpnrariei) from Gaa- 
conj, AoTer^r, and SptUo. Tha rounc ion of 
Hobert and Ail^Ce w»( aibbitioui and Tinilietive to 
«xce«. H* trapoieriahei hia Tather'a liunil]- u 
much as puaaitdie to ontioh hi* rrJaiiroa by tko 
molber't alda>'' Ha oftaa pmiabtd In a aangal' 
oan manner tha tilUotiaa wUch the diahonour of 
bia birth i)r<w upiiu him. On* daj, when ha waa 
aUnekiBK the town of A Ipn^an, Iho b«ai«ged Ibaught 
proprr to about to lum from tb* wolla. La pmu .' U 
peait.' i laprau! at tho MmcUlBo beating aomo 
hido*. In alliiiton to the trailc of ibo citueo iif 
Fabuae who w«» WUliam'a ({iiudfailit]'. The 
Baitard tiiini«dlnl»ly bod tb« foot an<l kandi of nil 
tbo pTltoiirn be tiad lakm cut olT, and thrown by 
bia alUiiinra into the town." 

(*,n. 11)51 .) Iu bU Jouni«y ilimngh EnKliuirr, 
tko Duke of Nomaady might kava btllL-rcil fwr u 

> ygovcllt hMolio 4r ^onn^n^ii. n. IM.— Chnn. 4* 
HI UiMa.llw<MUdtaIibLirtn»dalaPr*iic«<1il(afiaula. 
tam ai. p. 4M. 

" TuBUB*oi«inlB|Oe><'*b*te">«awuiill. wawsHftWI 
■amliMi. CHU^ ^ 

■< MaaltaaHloinairiui BUllM>.>Ieie0iitl*,dallt. (!)«- 

aodc Mil, QitUniaii a]iiiil nlfit. m. I>t^) 

WDOd Bilhn iwH dctviM dlil >llta}ue I^omiBBb 


tnnafB. (WtllelBi. (InMLhlB. NoniMiB.. Itild., ]■ Ma.) 
a CMooniniaaaptapfllanMMBlniUliUll. (UiiUleliD. 

neiaibaili, apud >nt|«. tn. vmimAn-. v- Xl) 
>i Rfiuietlr KnlcTl'e lie ^i^imaiidla.ete.. p.faC, 
>^ IW.I . (. Ul — W.tldm. aeimrt. kM. tCofBMa., apad 

(lipl. rci. >oriuin"., |'. t'o. 


W.llixl-r'i (Kill li/Mi bo|MI. 
(Vilslu IliruUn l^u^Uud. 


(imlsla UbUi al San>laicli. 


moment iku he wh •till >n hi* owu Icrrleorlta, 
Th* Br«t wlttch br foonil U IViTVr v«« roinmiuidpii 
bj NonnuM i kod at Cuilorbnry khui! Xonatn 
wldUNCoropMedilwnfTlioiiara fort built uniho 
doDUntjr of ■ hiUi* oilier NnnBUui cnmc to Mlute 
bim in the dm* oT «pl«ini or of pivlMct. I^- 
mrd'i brguritea some lo p*y Iheir rM|H>«U to lb« 
ebirf of tholr nuirf eounlr}' ; «ad. lo iw» l]iv< Inii. 
MUM iif (hit c!>y. throu^d roimd thrif iiiiiiinl 
rord. Wllliain appi-ucil ill EnjrlNid moic llk<' a 
kln( thtn Edwknl biinaclf j ui4 it waa not loan 
bofon hi* auobitK»u miiul «iiicciicd ihc hopi- of 
bMomitif M wltheut diffieulLf al lfa« dettii nl lliat 
nrittM *o miioli lliv ■!«» of Warmaii iaflu(-u(«. 
fiucli ttiouKtili could uot fail lu tiiBi' iii (lie bcEinl 
of Iba ton of Rab«rt: huwcirt, ui-uiirdinti Ii> tliv 
tcnimony of » eoulempamr}', he ki'jil tln-m j.ur- 
fcdl; tpcrat, ftod nfvnr apokn of ihcm lo Edwinl, 
beli«i)iv ibal thlnipt would uf ihcmioln-i uke the 
eoune idmC to l£r lulinauitc of liii ambhiuu.* 
Hot Old Eitn-anl, whclbet or ovi ha lliou^lil uf 
lh«M proJiMiiB, And of hit tiaTins uinv daj bi« 
ftlend for a *Ttrf*utor, conrt no mOi him ou Ihp 
Rul^Ml tluiing Ilia ilsii ; }'ct hs rvrrUi'd klm wnh 
inat imdeniEM. gavf him uma, hnnn, hoiitid*. 
■nil UmiWi* and loodrd him icilh all lurta of prc- 
HnU Mkd •Mimocca of kiTcctioii. Amid l!i<! trt^ol- 
Ivctiuiik of tliB countrj wLrtp Itt h»d JMUrtivl hU 
Toulh, the king o( Hit Eu;Il«h tufli-r«d liinikntf to 
foiyat hi> irnti UBtiou ; but tlint nidnn coiiM nnt 
finsnt lliplf. >ud ttiosc vtbu ttllt icUiiii-d lln^ii Ioyp 
for It liad kODu au ojipvrtunily of coiuniandins ihv 
UuK^i nlt*nti<i(i.' 

{*.o. 1032.) In Iho tmnmar of tbo jtu 1032 
Oiiilwln nitrd from BtugH irllli aL-rttnil veiaeli. 
uiil landed on the eout of Kcul. Ht sBut aonnit 
in*ii»tatcm to Hk Saxou guriBOQ of lli« fM of 
UMtiuK*. in the [iiBtiiict of Kiiulh.Sirii, iir, for 
cupttuiiioua proutui<lali-in, ahrldfcd ta Siuwx; 
OluW filillwirli ■ dl«trilitil*d thiiiiaatipa oTitr Ihu 
coiutUy tOWKnl* the aoulh and ihr north. At 
tbeir uUclUliou nunj of ihow <nlia wcie capable 
of b«vlB( wna« bound thoownlTea, bj oath, to 
tbc otiMc of tlio cuImI ckicf, promlaing, with one 
««ie« (Mf* au old hUturUu), tu Ihc mid <l|i> with 
him.* Tbe ii«ni nf Ihi* luuttRiriil iriuhcd the 
rojal Arct, vtliiL-h wm rrtii*ini( In the cnnlrtii ma, 
vudffrtbv urdtnof ih>i Norman* Eudci and UaulC;, 
Tlicjr yaTi- ckkw lo Godwin, who, finding bunaelf 
uliei}iul in forcr, gate vmy before tbein,aail took 
■heller iu I'vietiauj ruiilt, vbUo the eticinj'* 
we b Kcre iutnrupUrd in Ihrir chaie bv a ilunn. 
Godwin aflcnranlK.'uattvd alone the auntncni ihon 
M far aa tbc Klc of WikIU, wli«io bU two loiw, 
Hareld and Lcofwin. arriTinf from IrtUnd, 
Joined tain with a raiill armj.* 

The &lh«T and tlie ton t, live lh«r, a^in began to 
oOTTurpooid will) the tiiliabitiuiLa uf llic >oiitli«rB 
MnntM*. Wlict«v*r Hmj bndtd, jirovulou* weio 

' (^Mctlna In DoMbMnir dim. (Xotar. d* llimd. 
uhI., pan friat, p. «4I, «i. ktlla.) 

• O* mroKimr ■uMa rtfiii. tfm adbuc aal ■■Win aalla 
■uia laM «M IWl (Hhi. Iwiult CnqL. *nl. I. >. U. ad. 

• Re^*liM.«iai.U. MM. 

< irbton »•««■, nl.lMUw. p. lU. 
*UB*n>HBfli*, «i tnH»iwt iBail w faiaUBnar.dtil 
fRMBivniul. (RufFt, tt Hwvd. iBul., jmn prtot. ;. ut, 

a rknat thMB. al. OOm^ •, l». Bvift. da How4. 

himiahcd (v tliODi lk« people bound lbr(na^lTc« by 
oath to thvli niuM, and hoaiLgM wAte giien ibeaii> 
all (be corp* of Iho klnf'i Midler*, all ih« abipe 
which ihff found hi the poiti, drwned to (liMn.* 
They Milod for Kandwlcht wlierR ihcir dUtmbM-ia- 
tlon look place without any hindrance, aeCnlih- 
■lAndirih' Gdward'a prciclaiiiaiion, irhicb ordered 
merj inliibiixnt (u prevent the pn—y at Ibe 
rcbetUoui cliipf. The king waa then in London, 
ukL lo tliat rlty be called all the wartiees of (tan 
Tti-(t and iiuitli. Few obejnd hie call, awl ihcM 
whu did obey it eaoie too lata.* Gudwiu'a veeaett 
wore at liberty to aaeend tbo Thunn, and avriead 
in alghl of Londan, nrarthc luliurb which owe 
then, and la ilill, culled Suutlniruk [Suuth-wud].** 
M^n llie tide nu duun they ciut luebor. and 
•crrrl emiMAriea wnr« iviit aRkiiiiji ihv iiikabltanla 
of r^ndon, who, fnllowing the exL(np1i> of ibc I 
hablCaiilR of the porta, aware thai Ihev would : 

ivhntrTer waa withed by the enemlct at the tarti 

indurnrc." The icmcli paMcd under London 
brill |{c nithont oppotilion, and landed a body 
of Iroopa, wliich (o trued on the bank at llie 

Befor* a aiii|{le bow naa dni«ii the eilLea '* teat 
a rrR|iectriil uienM^ce I<r ktiiic Edward, asking > 
rcvUiuti of the aeulrnce whiuli bad been awwued 
a^iiiil Ihi-ni. Edward at 8iat n-f uml : uther 
meaiongrn aueeccdcd ; and dning thcu: dalnja il 
niia wtlh difllfulty thit Godwin nniiil mlrniii lh« 
iiritnliun uf Iiij fHeud>.>' Edward, ou Ibr ntber 
hand, fuutitl tlioiv whu atlU adhered lo hi* cam* 
hut little ditnoeeil to fighl a^iunt ib«ir fi-Uoir- 
eouniT^en.'* IIiiforei^fk*ountf«,who foteaaw 
thai noion tunng the Haxooi Tiuntd be tbeir rain, 
u()[eil llietr king lo Kiew llie otgiul for battle ; bvt, 
boconiinK ^'**^ throu|t)i neeeiudtyi lie no longer 
Uatoned to the Nnrinana, and fare Ikla ceneent In 
whatever ahotild he reaolicd <m by the l^nalleh 
chiefa on both aidea. who aeeoedingty aeMnililMt 
undpr the prrstdcncy of Stlfjand, biatwp uf EoM- 
AnglLa- They decided with one Mmrd that Um 
king iliuiUd accept from Ondwiu and lib euna the 
oith of peace, with boatagea, oSerleg them, on bia 
]iaH, oqulealrnt givanuiteet." 

Oil tbir first iuhkiiit nf tlii) neoiKillatJani llw 
courtlen of Normandy and Trantx;" mounted ihtir 
lionca in Krcut hoilc, and 4cd in diflcirni direc- 
liona. Some reached a fortreee in the wcat, oou- 
mandcd b) tl.e Normnii Oabert, imrnaRied i'«alr- 
eoate. Other* made all apecd U a raalle in tbe 
north, alto comtaandtd by a NorsuA. Tbe Kor- 

I Dall ..... Ill mat oliMIn u ttrtni qiillniiramqa* l> 
loii» l>rtiiliif™t irilfiin Sjiiun «1 (lik-nn. ]> IICT-l 

* nuihxeailn etun quca vliviiB lannrnMU. hcuib If 

Em. (Kotrr. da ftmnL aanat. iiata |>tu#. a[iu^ ter. 
(Ik. wtlylty 44t.)— Bfte^««BrJ*'. ■ Dnrliir, i nwami. 
fNiailann. 6sme, bMM. hurie. ttmia lb* A->>. «nl> Hga. 
^ liH^I. T k tinf ttt iatfv lilimfi Jctta. ud frv«B airl. Kmmi, 
* (taut mno. tVkt. !<uiuurtl UIuMTlam, apud blM. Anal. 
(nt]it.. i»l. tl.aiian . nl. r^ldne.) 

• Al lUI iiiaili unboio. tA u>in»M m« ipminl (Ild£) 
i» Thi \nili-SM>«n ■toll- II ArtA-MW*. 

■> V\ oiuDt t*'^ v^ icilrbu OBudol lalliiil. iJeill 


'■ Ulnli. tChluB. Sdlnn *d r„lwu>. f t«.) 

>* AMallraennnainJ hk> iolanl. iChtuB, Sai. id- 

CH>aM, a. lfT.> 

*' AaiU pUfBVI* »J'li M *< pMpluqnMH Hn»yilll.«M |W»t 

snwa alihnneliaM. (Rot-dv Hin<.A., ■>. ttr. 14 »avik.] 
I ^ Dwinmini al (-as *U>lil>*« <uBB«Bnt<ir n wUl^ae 

pxlr. (C1h*u. .■'uia rd. OlbK*. V. IS!.} 
■• AiHliluI'mriiMnwoa. ilMd.l 


Kibi of NocowB fttlain- 


E4w«it]'( pcliev. 
Til. jMih. 


nuu^ Bobwl uchhiihiip of Cauutrtturj', uid VTtl- 
Bm Wabop of IjhuIoii. wnii oui at ilii; <^Mloni 
■Ua> IbUowcd bj ftnn«l men of llinr iiviil iiiiliait. 
whoniMMcml kobo vT Ulu EuiiLiiili lu tlitu illcht.' 
Tbcj npkirtd to tli" coaat, aiicl «inb«rkc<) tn taiM 
Uung-buU*. Tlu ucMiUliop, Id hli trouble uul 
hMla, left 111 EnKt>'>'l !>)* '"'■■* pteclci" cflccta, uil, 
Bnoas aU.4rt thing*, tliR paijiujii nliU'it ha lisd 
nmhcd froin the Koniiui chiucb u tiiiv Biuigit oJ 

The gmt Moidl of the Wltiroifhpinnt wu 
flonvoked. out uf London, aud, tlii* lira*'. lanmbM 
frvd}-. All llic chtcb uid Ihc b«ai men of tli« 
counlrj aticDilcd it, n)' ihe t^Hon chrouiclck.' 
Oadnia spuLt in Ui> uvrn dvfcaci, niiil ji»tilii'it 
fch— iilf Inicn «**r7 kOciuUion bdoK the likri|{ uid 
tb» pMpla;* hu MM JurtUUd tlieuielvef In lliv 
HMvnumtr: theirtiuileut*! oftilla w«» icrtrteil; 
Mid HUitbcr •ciuciicc luiulIiuoiuU |>u4<c1, whicli 
WaUicd alllbeNaimAiu fioui Euyluiil.niciieiuici 
to Um public prueci fa^ourcni of (liifonL anil 
Cklutntutton cf lim Enfitib tu lliplr king. * Tlii> 

Eiliifl of Uodwln'o (an*, tintunl L'Ifiiolli. kttcr 
I puidblhrr, the liciilatnaii uf the writ, wn* 
plinril la Eidwuil'i huid>, lo|;c:Lhix with unf of ilie 
WNH ef SvDjni ■• hmtagc* Ut Llxi pi'Jica miUUlllj' 
nfMm. BoriK awij, mn i[ Ihit raiiTnciit. by Iiu 
fcttl IneltHailiua la iriondthlii with the men brjouil 
th* Qwniwl. tlia king kdI ihom bolb ti> tiw care 
of WlUiun dukv of NonnutdT. The quccni Uud- 
win't duii^ilM, luA bcr cbnitcri uul ntumrd (a 
dwall in lliu palkcc. All the memben «f IhU 
popokr fuaUy roumpd their honoun, oictiiltiix 
onnrSwtjn, wliovaluiilkcil} r«iiuunccd thc-m. Ut 
IM fttfUMlr ouricd off « una, uud alio coiDialUod 
* mudcr in a tDumonl of tmUtiuu ; and. m (onie 
MliafkctioD to yntlrv, or (» ajijicaiie tbe ttiag ti( 
Wv-foot la JcruMlein. He rlfforoiulf kccgiupUilivd 
Ikto pklnAd pltlfrtniaic. but > ipcnty dcklb wm tliv 
conaoquMitt of it. * 

nth ■ ml. lh« bi»hop vbo hi<t pr*aid«d at llii> 
MMBlilj hfld for ihii impartanl neon dilation, 
loak \h» plnve of ifae >uiiuan Robert u arrh- 
hiihop uf CBilteTbuTjt ; aud,nlillc«Dl1inK to obtain 
61M11 Bome the dccocaliuu uf the polliuiit f<ii him- 
■alf, hr udcklcd ax lh« poutlUcal hmu in that wliivb 
Eobafi had Uh at bia d.rpartucc. The Nori»nii<, 
Hufoo* and Onbiirl TcDtci^'Mlf, ^vr up lh« ki^ya 
of Cha eaMlM which they hrld. and ublniupd aaf* 
fonduct out of the kiiigduiDi' but, al the niquL-al 
at iW wank Edmud, attme iufnctiuut wuta midB 

!• 11m dtTPB of banidimoiit [>aiui,-d s^iuat fivrj 
Umlftu. Raulfo. the aon of Gaultirr dr Uanln* 
■■d «/ the klnit*! aiatcr; Bobcit. aumamrd th* 
Dnmiit and hia aan-ln-iatr Richard, Ihc ton al 
S t l M l On&nj, «i|UPTT7 of ibc pata^-c: OnTrojr, aur- 
■aMM Pi«d-dc-tic«i 1 KDii oUicn, far trhom Ihi 

> t|nMlnMarlroUillp«4l.**nii*anil*rairt tlalilaeiai- 
fc « » af»lM» Imrw. (riiron. Amm. (d. Rili«n,p. mi.) 

* Vilt BaikuU prripn* Inintrrniiii 11. ic >laii>llr]iiit iiaJlliini 
y ■■laiu—pw hfc la ihH. (IbkJ,. )■. Iia.l 

' Tlia fcr m an nmo ihit vifmn ufi ihivnc, Uiidri. fltfld.) 

* Ktaona BBlnm<Hii> r«iir Ui>i1-I>m<Jimi1 (fnul.) 

* (^M auiam nam minaiWnui.nuiniiiiii icxb in p>u- 
(tarUlM MliaBlM. tWIUtn. Hilmaib.. lili. 11, kdikI rcr. 
Aoalir. hV- P- •■■ -^ Savilv) 

* WillL-lak IblnHb. 4c ni. nc AdcIIc.. Ilh. 11 .ana 
•«. AafthLMfifl,. p. U. HLlUrilr.— Riifn. ikllovrd. I.r. 
— IbtoCrt hMt. DOT., p. t. el. Sgldrn, 

* thNHMUamouMla. i.Ra«M.daH(n«d. p. 441.) 

king had m partimlar friirndtldp, Mid ith« had 
not made tltanaelriM ronapiriioita tii lb« recont 
iri>ublL-», bul the priiilep; of IttiRff in EaxUnd and 
r«laLuiiic U>«ir i-mplvjnitiila.* GuillauiDCt htih«p 
of LoiiJnu, (va>, ■Diiii- timt DftvrwanU, rrealltd 
and rcJnatafd In hit rpiiconal m« : anda Fleming 
iiuned Hritoan rcinalnnd hlihdp of TTilton- God> 
win oppaicd thtt tnkrVlon aa roiilrary lo the pub* 
lie will Miih all hh luight 1* but hi* t«1c« did not 

pm 111 ; f'>r ttivrr were mnn j ivhoac poticji [( ma 
to appoar full of cotnptaiaMice toirarda the king, 
poiliDp* irith the Tiew of aiicrMdiU(> the fon-ifn 
cnuniera In hi) Ikvour. 8utnci]uriit eienti proiod 
whether ihnw couitlertot lh« luoreauilcreOodwiu 
advocated ibe *ouIii1hi policy." 

It U ilifficult at thia day to appi«elal« tli« it^prt 
of klii^ ZdnirU'i ainccrllT In lua ntam t* tha MM 
of uatluuaJ ititi^ri-ata, and fail reconciliail«n frith lli« 
fajullj uf tioilnLi. When «iim>ondrd bj hU 
cuuutriiiH'ii, be, peHupi, lliouglit hinuclf a ilais 
ta the luli':.!! 1 ht, ppihapa, bvlinTed himHlf lo be 
fcllernl when thrjing tho wiahoi of • paopl* who 
liul clioai-u him fui tbfir kinx. Hli uflrrlor tcla- 
tioua niili lliB duke of Ncnnandj, and hU prltaia 
cvUTurMtioua wilb thi- Normuu whont ho kept 
about lilm, furni (lie *eriv( pnit of Ihia atorj. All 
that th« rhronldrs of tbF tiiai> aay of it ia, thnt an 
npparfnl fn^niUhlp t'llati'l brtweeti the kinir oiid 
bii fathrr-in-law, and il tbv aauiD Clnw Ihe uamr of 
Uodniik wu loudly cur«ci1 in Nunauidj. All the 
foreigiuri whom hia return faiid driiirii from (heir 
p«ita of profit and honour, all Ihoue la whom (ha 
raa y nad brilliaut luan-er of -courtier waa now cloud. 
lUiitcd la calling Oulwin a tniicn. in enemj to hf* 
kltwi aad tlic murderer of jounfc Alfrci. 

thcSnioiipattiot 111 111? Iraarafhia death. (•■I). 1033.) 
One day, nhfn HtUd at Kdward'i table, be *ud- 
(lenly hiiilod awa; ; and Ihia aceidcnt waa the 
rounilalioD of a romnntk aud very doublful alurj', 
iltJioitith ilia crpralRil bj »«vpr«l hiitoKona. 'Xhejr 
relHir' Ihit one of Oie •tteiidunla, trliilc filling a 
Eoblpt, m.uli! a fitlve (tep and atuinbli'd, but aavad 
ftimiplf fnini tMiug bj ibe help of hia otharUif. 
■' Ah !" uld Qodwin, Uatthinir. lo Iha king, " tlia 
brother came lo kelp Via bnither." " No doubt." 
returned £<lward> ca*liii|; n oigiiiflcanl glanco at 
the Saxon eUaf, ■■ Iha brother haa n*^ of bit 
brother ; and woulil to Uod that inli)« w«re atiU 
liilDit;' "O hiii«." eicUlmed Qodirlo, •■ nhera- 
fori; ii It lliul the least rcmembmncc of tbf brothsr 
makot Uici' look with an erll cjc nn me 1 If I 

FOnlrjbud^d. ev^ii indirrctiT, to hia naiafortoDe, 
inny (lie Go-il of heaven caiiar thlt tnonthtul of 
bread lo choke me."" flodwlu pul the bread iato 
hia iiiouthi lay ihe irrlten who rrialc thit adven- 
lun.-, ajid iraa immedialclj (Ulfocjitcd. The tnilb 
la, lliat hia dtnth waa not ao audden ; but thati 

' AaOuliun miaoonniHiCMkfatoal (al- C'^nailM) 

*t i]ii4*<Uin aliiB quo* ptua catrtvlB nra diUamal, viqu tk 
mmnl pnpulo Mdn nmnul- (Kof, da Hnml. lUiL] 

* Idtanar el mitttw f4iH ^llenBiuidl} kllW*pflbkl i M iiB ^m 
rooior. (tndvlaiinii fat aih tinliltwut. ahilBM. (Hanuif. 
tll)|dai. FfllTchnm . apad rar. Anjtk. icilpl.. ral. lu. p. □■)».) 

■> Hapei. tt> Hatftil. anoal.. ■■■■ Tiiat. api. ««(«. rat. 
Anjillp,.p., thrriU.— Ooiull A*l. IWUl*. (Wlau.. 
apud bill Ant). >'tlM , ml. a nil.— Vwiair. 
tllurtm.l. e. 

■■ llrui. llanUorl-t>l*lor..llb.<U.*tBAm. Aaflle. Hript., 
p. M«. «<t. Saitle -W^IMm- MalDMili. lUL f. tl. 


Si«ard at Nonkimlmiaad 
M Hvold-iBilUunr lalrat. 



IwufMelka el lleithumhriMBt. 

having lallMt rrain )iii KU, In *ns riiruil out cf 
UiP iparlniiTiit bj tiro of hU kibk Toctig and 
Otirlli, ■D(l cvpinil Ihe dijn itCltt,' The aceuunu 
«f all llivn; t-<«'iili> Ei'Dnnllji Tar;, m I!i« writer 
haii|>i>iia ■iitiftH' t)i:an orNormaa oruf Rn^li*)ib<rlli. 
•• I civoiranllv »p bnforn me," oiyi an hiatorian 
who IiimJ at Iraat a ceiilurj later, ** tiro tracki uiil 
t«o »p|in*ltp wnloni; and I nbh my renilrn tn 
br rainiKrurd (if the tlaoga lo which I am myidf 

(\.D. lOit.) Aflhert llmvaftn thednth>nf God. 
win ili«d Slvrnrd, the dilef of NoHLumbi'rlaii'l, 
nlw faad ai fini ciubnctid the rnjnl funj *ic%iiM 
Omlwiii, null ftftcrvntrflf luicil for prtKr; luid tlit 
ei|ruliiuii «f llic forrljpipm. Iln ^m u. Dane tv 
hirth, anil Ui* pO|>uUlJ«ii of (ht lamn orjcln ivhii^b 
hn cairnunded had aurnamiMl him Slwanl-Digr. at 
SiwartI Hid Strang:* there wa* itiourn, for a long 
tinii; aftor* it rurk of grauilr irlilch \>r hail dovcn 
irilh one alrokc of n ax.* Bcitu; attarkr^ b; 
il>*^ii('rf, iLEirl fi-i>lir)< )]£« 4<niV a]ipn>4rhr hf t^t\ I'l 
lliot.. ahmil lilm, " l.ift inn up, tint I m«j lilP 
tlniiitliig;- llkr u wilillcr. nni] not RToii^nillK, tikr ■ 
row. i'til on mj coat n( moil ; earn injr h<^A 
iFith mj lidinri; |iiil my burVlcr on m^ Irll urn, 
■11(1 nijr (iUpd aa in uij ri^hl liam). th*t I mnj pi- 
pir« in. amu."* Siward tpflsiourallnt Wa^lhMif, 
wha wu ih«n too yoitag to Mtropml him in hu ipv 
Toranirnt of Northambrta; and thlii|><-<«niiw gl\ra 
to Totlw. llir ililn! turn at G'olviiii. llnioM, Cn- 
I'WctI, »urc"TilrJ bin fillur in Ihf coiimi«nil <jf all 
till* «ouiili]i laulh df the Th«mp4 ; and plat«d lh« 
•ilniifiiilTalioii of (hf I'aiti-m prvtlnfM, vhirh ho 
had scnrenifd until tlirn, iu lUt Iianib of Aitgu 
•on of t.pqftio.* 

(a.D. lOfii.) Haroltl. at thai timr, was the Htst 
among hi* rauntrrmi-n in aiitharilj aii<l (iiititur^ 
talent; hi< •Itryr^'hi'li the Wai«h irlihln thvlr 
atirtpnl llmlla. vihii had. ahniiL ItiP period In c|uih- 
tldii, Bioflc wrral Irnipllnnii Into KnxlAittt. Itflnx 
Mirnunq^ hj the. inlil nf tklli (if ttii* Frrnrliiiinii 
HKidCr, DFjihcir of Edwud, I'omnimijiliiin the 
fimign pniNin cantotiMl nt tl«Tp(uH. ' Ifjiiitlip 
•howvd but IttllB liigilinrr for Ibir jin-tfrvnlidU ofa 
<«uiitTT wMch waa not hia owu : and if. hj y'Muc 
of lib aultiunty as cblcf, ho called the Saaoiia lo 
•ma> li VTM to train lh«aii a^sluit llicir ovrii intll- 
naliona, to tli* laclio* of Ih* <4nli]ii«nl, attil m»\t! 
lliMB teht nn boisedack, eeolnnr Ui their nilional 
rtMom^ The EngllA, ancimilMred willi ihrlr 
ucauirenrou oi cBTalrjr. and dnertcd In- iheir 
gvmnt, irlie fled at ihc flnt approa«li of danger, 

' QbUiK rarthii ImU dU OmHll. (KgcPi. dc lloml. 
■MM) . wi p*iar. iMil. p. t«i 1 

> IWrMHalnT omilo ...-,. Ifatof m |mnn'4ltiiin ^nla 
amki\ilt\iuii anirliiftoni iLtm DnnOuiibiidaii.iiijtamiui 
fwtonna mbI*! >o iahia, {WilL KaIidi^ii. lit), ii.. il.itl., 
f. Mj ^ 

' !^f4tM THfr, ItMgr, A (wu Hnntt nifti. apqd 
aeriy*. pr.1>>b1i:., •aI, 111, jk !*• ^ 

t l(<llmuiiFriinnii<tii., iil)imDl nu>B In nam gi^atMl. 
((•boB «nB.ln.- . -Iu nlMUrtaw Hnili. v«4i^la 

■dbw«aliH-i . Mt*IW«> 

• Uan. thno I M. r. >W.*<I. Snll*— Riuiolf. 
nvWa. norc^.-i . lib <i.. •lo'l'T' Aa|U<.Krl«l.,m.Ut. 
p.»l.*i.a*l*~rh»(- Jolisn BioMija.apad hlu AdbI. 
•■>t|4.. kI. l- ml. at«. fit. SalA-n 

■ Snfn.dB Bond. Anal.. iMd rir. Aa|lio- 1(1101..^. 
4«].<d. !«tTa«.— IIU- U«air. CHtylanil. mi. Ual>. vol I. 

¥ M. 
' 9«a*km. p. 91. 

* i>w^««ai* m iawlnoi»wpwjB»wiiiadl. 
llMed. p. 4*3. «d t<a>1lT I 

oflVivd nu rtoittancc lo the Welali, ao tli*t thcj in. 
iBded the enTimiiii of Hcrefonl. aiid plundertd tba 
town Itaelf.* Marolil then came ftora the aoath of 
Bni^land, drtno ilio Caiubrlaua bujond iJbeir fren- 
till*, and camprlUd thorn to air«kr tLat iKej 
iroald neT«r «^n piua tbem, and to aecc^ *a a 
law that (.-t-rty man nf their nation takon kn anpi 
nil the raiEcrn aide of Ollk'n GDlrEiiihnii^iit ihnuld 
hatE hU ri|;bt band cut all. (a.o. LMi to 1003.) 
It apprurn itial Ida Boxona tniwil a pamllcl n>. 
livnrhmenl on IhaU «m aide; and iFwl the Inter. 
Tal bftwtvn lbi> two bnrimn a nm of fr«e tvirilMy 
for the tndrn nf Imth nallcDa. ADllquarlea tltink 
thiK they ran (till ifinerm Irnrei oftliia <loiibl(t lino 
of Jcfcnee, nnd, ujinn The hei|chla ib each aith^ 
•ome rrmoiiu of aiifMUt rarUlied poiti edabll 
by the Britoni ou thp WMt nud bfthi? 
the eaM.'* 

Whili; Harold WM ihui adding to liii icnoini 
and poinjlajlt; aniMig tbo Atiirio-Saxoiia of ili« 
■ouili. hi* biiiiKpi Toalig w«« bir from KHiiiiii)^ the 
love 111 (he Anglo-llane* of tho north. Toull^ 
lhoit|{li n niinc by Ihn mcilhft'* nide, jer, i>ltfan 
throiucb lb'' iliBlii.iet uf pctmiiiiil ilcspollcBi. at 
Ihruus'i a blir^ niliuiwl pridci ucnled tho>c imiet 
biin mthci- tm •ubj'fli than Ha «itii»na TolutKaHly 

iinUrd.and made th«in feel th< jiok* of n «M>quetiMr 
mlhpT than the authnirlly nf a ohief. He lioUlMl 
Ihelr he'i-ilitar;' cuatonu at plcatiirr, letiod ecor* 
nidiii Iribiitr*, and |>UE lo dealli itilhinil » knl 
aciitcnvc tb-^tc who in>T« bUn lunbta^." Aitn 
((Tvetsl jtan at opprMtlon, th« pati«Df<r ol tbo 
Norlbumbrinni irai rahaiiated ; and a tfooji of la- 
auripiiitii, kd hj two tiini of ■rrra'- ('■><v in Ihc 
rountri, tiiddenlvptrtirnteil themselteant thcitam 
of York, ihrn tlic miidrncc of Toaiit;. (a.d. KMH.) 

Thai rbiFfc(cap(d !>)' Highti but a great nDBbvr 

(if lii« oflleera and mlniitetv, of Kuou as well a* af 
Daiiltrti urijfiii, were put Ui death. 

Tttv iDtutveni* lelwd Ibe iiwrmla and tirOHrc 
of Ihc piuiiurc ; l\\*», aaMtnibiiiiK a jcrcai cuuaeU, 
ihcf publklf daclartd the aon of Oudwfa t« be de- 

£ riled of hla poirer anrfotitlawrd." Tbcv choaat b« 
itaaeNMor Motkar, one of the mm of that Alfcar 
who, on tlie death of bia fatlitrr l.cufric, had Eie> 
come chief nf oil Sterrja. The win of Al^lit 
rrpairei] to Yitrb. took tbc ci?nuuaDd of the Konb> 
iinibriiin arm^t and ilrcin* T(i"C>A ri>^]irdH the aOiOtb, 
The army adTonced ihroii^ llin Meirlan ttfritori 
as far as lb* town of Nnrtbaiiipton, and waa Joium 
\ij maiiyofthd 1 11 habtlantu of Ihalmiinlijr. Edwin, 
the hriiLhrr of Morhar, n-ho had a coiiunanit on tll> 
frontivn of Wolei, armed in hi> brother'a caw* 
Bone Itoopa of hji proTinee, aa alao a body afCuM- 
hriina, who werp unp^retl lij Ibo promlae of pn, 
and iirrhapa paxllj bj tbr d*'aira olKtWifjritu ttieu 
natiufiil hatred by fifibliai: againal Saaooa, uuia|^ 
Qiidvr a Sn.tuii batinec.'* 

On ri^oinng liit<^tli|^[ence of thii Rreat (nnvnm^nt, 
Edward oidorM Maiald in march with iho war- 
rion of Iha MUtb and eaat to meet the iiiaiircMila. 

' )M ein pfvllum amnt eoBmiwnri. luim cum wdi 
Tiwirtt rt NonunaU prim™ fliicaai rapnrit. |IWd ) 

I' Wai* IMke. IVonuil ■ Toui la Walci. lloBM. d* 
Ilinid..p.M(.a>l. l^iUe. 

" sab pack tnkn..., pne latMlaiaccMI f— itf M »•. 
m IwwiinilHW tilinU qaod dfuil KanhiuaMT MoM 
aawB*«al. <Bofe*. 4r H««l. p. 4«.) 

» CUicaTCniii;. 1 lUgpt it Hmnl. |>. *4il. >A. SaiOt.) 

(tlirau, ^ (iltsun.p. i:i, Runr ilc lloml 1- v.) 


Ciw*M or TtaaOc- 
QhumI vllk ROB*. 


Cnifiiiliint b) arrlibp, KitOTt. 
SiiipUHl dmaAadi llui|<*]llwii>. OS 

Ytmiis fni*. waoudeil iii llie penon of • bnwher. 
Mcmid ta mnbia« mHIi llio iwluni *icnioD «f 
■Ml In p»wcr h> vrarr cnrmtic act «f popular in. 
4«p«mlenart <o nmlta uoratd *ii implunble «iimiiy 
lo th« |t«4ipl« irhu hail driTrn aw*; Tvalijf, kDil la 
the diiaf whom UibI pnoplt bail civcluil, i>ui ibe 
KID of Umlwin protcfl liim>i:lf luprrloT tu tliMc 
niJ^ar Mwiona; aod bclur* drnnliiic Uiu itrotJ 
MNBM Vh /cU«w><euntr]nneti lio pniji<»ictl to the 
NwtllBBlinina to hold n caoKmncn to trvu hx 
fmam. The; aUtMl ihelt grMnncn, uid the 
■Otina ofUwir iuauri'ScUoii : ilarald slrarc to ei> 
CVlpMa hia farolWi uid |)toinite<l ta lui name a 
boU«f caoducl fur llic fuliuv, iTlhc people of Hortb- 
onWWnd uuuld |)udon him and Ke«c*e Un 
agmia ; liar lli« NoiUiumbFUJiK protMipd with att 
voIm ai^iiM any icraiicUiaiion iriib him irba liad 
bean Uirli lynnl. ' " Vr'c irrni Iwru free," a&Iij 
Ibej'i "and braoglil up in frtfUoni; a haughty 
chief is a Uiiag inaupportabla lo at, for wa havt 
Iw^ned from anr ancaalan la liw itvriDnn or la 
iHe." ' Thej cbarxod llamhl hintMir to rarrj 
their uiwcr to (be klnic. Ilarald, pnJcrriiigJiu- 
tieu and ibe traniiuiUiiy of tbs couutiy lo Ui< in< 
btrcal of bit 0*11 brotWr,* rppaiiwl to Edmrd ; 
■ud, nhcn h« returned, h« bimMlf trriMw In lliv 
Nt>nliiunbruma the [i«ire u-liii'li ih* Ll>v finiildd 
Ihem. and which Itinlawd tlic cigiulaiuii «f Thmik 
ami Itte akclion of iLe tvii of Alfctu.' Tuiiii;. 
dMMliaAed with kii^ Edward, wilb hi« roua- 

2fUim who bad ahuidimnd him, and c«p«dally 
ih hla brochnr, wliniii ho lhau([bt bound to defend 
UicaiMV.whvthrrJual or unjiial, IcA EngUnd wilh 
iMtivd Is bit brtMli and Trpiurcil ti< ih>- oouiit of 
flaiultn, wlioic >!nu>;Ulcr ho bad nunicd. 

(am. 101210 IDS'*-) Kri^ni ll'* prriwl oT Iwij{- 
laiiil'i dHIvrnmi^e fioia lliv Uuiiih dominicin. iW 
law of kiog Canute fur niiaiiig Ilic luiiiiuit tcibul' 
of SL Toler'a peune bad ahaird t)iv (Ue «t all ibc 
alher lawa decreed bv tlii: firmirn i(oi«ntai«nl> 
The public adiiumitmioii coiiiuvlli:d no un* to ob- 
•«■>* lit and Romf ni>w m-clircd fntin Enirlind 
•■tj the ntCftiap and loluatory gifta of inttitiJunl 
itrnllnn. I'hut the aiiricnt ipgird of the Ku- 
mUJt chord) foi the EngliabiiBiiutini|)tdI]:(lTi:liui.-d, 
C<i«fTraation> to tbdr luid their kiiif;'" prcj«itic" 
were bcUl in oolpnatioai laiwuagv iu Ow halU of 
SL John or Launn.* Tbt KngUah blahopa wvm 
UPWiLoftumMy,* ihaili.ofpajiMRioniVfo'ib'lf 
aaMi a fcnroacb which lliccourt »f Romr fiTqu.i'iiU> 
nadii aluiougli with a bad unct, u it lacucrcd a 
llnUv cbar|[c a|ca!a(t iuclfi beius acruitomed lo 
aell an lUnga,' ae«ordi»x to a proTerb of that time. 
Eldnd, archbiahop wf York. ciperieDn-d (he lir*t 
■arkj of iti eniDitj-. lie repaiieil Ici the Internal 

I TT— M aamlai ««**iiaii («nlndlirninl- (Rcfn. ila 

• Hahci < ' <;'ui>, \j\mi nlnialoi. nalllua diirlt 
■MHarn. I ' -I' , 111- il . Tiinid tn. AncUr. v^iit . 

■ Hal aaiu iiuMnn pairi* atiba Itatrl* cammodani ■!- 

• UUtnamvUct maan dMieowlraiaTlL iChiun. ^>. 

p. ni.> 

• Ha win ■ nail apUU. (AlruDdri fvm ifM. n|>i>l 
laMiiiia riiiiil I f li 1 \lil.l 

a Mlldn-MalBn). di>«.-A Pmiile . Aa«l. llb.L. aiwi 
nr. Aatlk.Knpi , i> t»i. .-i sou- 

< Raaa Maniti cl vtH imallUi multun n|wn4<ir, 

<IHA.I— Haaair ll%dfn, l>ul)vlhMi , lib. •!., .|w4 r«. An- 
(tic. aaliil.. m. III. p UoIb. 

Cit; tn aolicicthc piallinm, the liidUpriisablc riiii){ii 
of hlsh catholic prelnajr, •• lli-n purpto rube* tnin»' 
tnittcd bj- th« Cviart to th« royal vaaaalt orf nncimC 
Rome wre the dgn of aornolgn^. (n.n. IOSk.) 
(u Elilied; but a Huuo cbufwho accompanied 
bLm thr««teiic^ 10 r«tjdUlc by procuilnK the entire 

Eroliibitioa of llie wiidioj; of money to tli* apuslo- 
ealaen:* the Rumanayii^ldcd; but menimenlfiur 
thia eonalrnir't ami Uib dnuie of rercnge took p«a- 
aaaion of their hrart. 

The NDrman, Robert do Jtmil^n, (ipeUcd by 
the £ugliih ptUioM ftom ibenrcbbiahopiic ofC'sD' 
tertinry, Imca'cdiatdy took Ibe road (o Itome, and 
tbete made complaiit't that the taer^d charaetcr 
had been, violated iu liii punon. denouutinif. U 
Ibe Mune timei tbe Angfo-Saioa Stlnnd. whom 
ibe dtMie of the BatloD had rletated Iu hW place, 
aaaji umjper and inLnid«r. Tbn Romau puiiliff 
und hia cudinib roc«i**id thnae coinpliint* witli 
oagenipaa ; they madr It a crimK In tbr Saxon pro- 
late to have liii«lrd himvlf Willi tlin pallium 
which Robm had ]rit behind him in hi> Hlsta; 
aod the complaiaaal relumed iolv Nonniuidy with 
papal lellen irbleh dceland him lo be the lawful 
btrhbiahop of Canterbury .• 

Sll)niirl. Itie I'huiee of llie people, fv(]iD|[ the 
diuiuier vf uut bcilii; reL-on^uiard a! Konie. negoci- 
ntrd dnriiii; llila ijilarra]. and requceted ihu pal- 
Lum Iniiu tho leiiuiiiK pope j buU by a chatire 
which it V14 impoeaible to loraaee, thta requeal it- 
tolf pve rfae to other |wrpleiti» emtaHIWIiienU. 
At Ibe momnnt -nhfa it reaiJied the pontideal 
court the papacy nns in the banda of a man elrtlcit 
by (be t;rc«i Uomau biuLliM aitainal the whli uf 
till- LiiiK of ilir Ueiniano, wliUi by rittwi vf bin 
txlte of C^tar, which had bceu IndumiUcd lo liim 
from llie Fr^nk. ocDeerDn, prclendtd that no sote- 
ici^u puniiir could be created wilboul hia cmiavii]. 
Thia pope waa Benedict X., whot being indincd 
to indulgrtKCi from Iiii ana power bnlni imatablc, 
Knd hacauae be w«> dMiroiu of aequir^ig frieadi, 
•lid not TvAjeo Ibe palllnin to areJiblabap Stimtd. 
Hilt an army arrlTinit at Raibo from beyena Iha 
moimulna mod procitrcd the cleeliDin of aiiotlier 
pape.who, having tapcUcd Benedict, amynlhim- 
Mlfwitbovt any acruple in ihr pontifical decura- 
lionj left by the Tanqaiabed pope, d^grnulrd hick, 
eieommaniealed him. and aoniillcd all tila iirti. 
atijaud. iherrfore, found himielf nnen mniu wlth- 
aul Ibe palliiimi chAqcrd before the napitl power 
with usarpaUan, and will) a frtah and much more 
•rrioua rrimr, in haring lolioited llie favour abd 
coiinlenanre of a hUe and evytmnttBloMted pope.'' 
Thp Jnamey lh>m Camerbury I* Bonw wat^ !■ 
thiiaf tlmra, a palnfLiI one : Sll)(aiiil waa not eaRn 
10 Kn and jiulify hlmfclf before the forlOBatc rtivl 
of Benedict X.; and tbe old Icaveit of balrtJ 
i)^nit the EugUali people fermented mem atron^y 
Ihan crer." 

AnoIhiT inelrlriil gave lo the Romint an o|ipr>r> 
tunily of aonKUuni; their hatred with the dnkc 

• W11lelmMa1ninb.lblit.llh IU iim.«l. ftailU. 

• r<iin>|;wl.>lkl> llllort* rfill<«( (Hanoir Illfitm. Vul;^ 
ehrnn... IU> li-, afiiul rti- Aualk. •cni't.. lol.lU.. i> nt, rd. 
Gitr.> Willrlm M>lini*li., t> M. >Ht. mmIc. 

"■ Stll-iinlin •<r;.|,il [«llluiii k B-vnAilta wul.ptiul, 

I Anilii *tm. iKin- 1 n TVl/l 

>> lIliL Inciill. (;n]fUail..Kpii4rrc.Aii(lie.>rTiHt.. tul. k 
l>. nil, rrl.flnlt. 

Lutftuu U Ilia Khiub nwo*. _ „ . -.„ 

M t»>|MiM[iuulwWlUlaai'>iauri>c>.TniERaV'S BISTOBY OF 
Edwuil Ihi Cgnlnwfr'i cuttrt . 

tUmld Hilt tm Kdnwdj. 
InntiMMiail by Hninl nl ISintlikv. 
VUllKD ohuiiu IUi«M*i nkMH. 

of jcvcivc ncitrd in maaf of ibe Nonuuu by Dio 
prcuadcd tnkchtinr oftiiidwin, >ad<iiitli lli» am- 
bitioii* ptujMU nf duke WiUiani. then rMlilfol 
at the Kortnftn court n monk. luiuuiL Lu>rranc, nt 
lionbanl utlidn, and fkuiuiiB In iho chriitimi 
irorM foe bit Knawlcilgv ot iLe vivU lair, uul fut 

WlUiiin CUiUCcntcil |o Iha d«fcnc« of the UomUll 

ortli«4dA} ; (hi* luuii vh«in duke William <». 
Ir^aird M being' one of hl> nblot cauncilluit, iii> 
nim-il Itist prince'* d«p!«-a»ut« bj bUriiiiir llw 
mirriagc uf Uir Ncihiul duke wilb XnUiiltla. 
daugtitei ufBaiulotibu atuai a( f luiiliini, liii kiii>- 
wDinsii in ■ dcgrct fvibUdtn hy tlic church. Xi- 
fhUat II., Ihc aum^Mar uf thK auUfopn IWnHiicI, 
ohxIlniUfly refniiid to rpcognlM « gin his tanc- 
iiiiiiln ilivtr utiiuii; Vxe LcimbanlnioDk, exiled iiuia 
llic raun or Ilia furigi«r luatUTiicaoitcJ t« Ki(liol» 
•t Uanc. Bui, Tmr fmni luaking any complaint oi 
llie iluke of Normandy, Luilniie, in fc«pei:lfu] 
liopuft^ ploulml with tli« luvefclgii ponlilT the 
cniiM of An mwTkagc, wbidi lia would not take 
upivB himftlf tP apjinnc' By hit cotrcatic* and 
lib addrcM, he obtaincil a. (ormtl dispcntaion, 
4iul, for bav iii|{ ipnd«r<4 him (hU m^al >cciice, 
h« ■»■»• re.'clved lij ihfl duke, 1>U former iialron, 
luio gnUM iiiiinnncr thiLu bpforc. Ue bccunc llie 
Midi uf hi* counciUi and hi) pl«Bipol«Btiary al ibe 
couft of Uonte. The OMpccliM iirrlwuloiw of llm 
Rflubh cUrjy and ihc duke of Narmindy with 
t*<l(Md tu KiuUiul. and Ibv potutiilily uC iviili>iLu( 
UiMn, and of meeting otth ]<iint ncccu Lbcrciu, 
irerc, H nouid appcWi ftom Uiat Umc. tlw inibjcd 
of Bcricru* ucKOcluiolu. Sa annnl in-raaloii ivu, 
[H:rha|M, aal yd thought of; but William'* rela- 
tionihiii to LdvBtd teemed oao graal now {at 
bopTL, snd, at Ihc wnie iiin». »ii iji«ml«*illilc Utlp 
in tJic tyvw oS Ibe Bouiiui pciFMi, wlio faiDurcd, 
(hrmighaut Europct iho muiw of bwcdlluy roy- 
alty in pppndtioti io Uw> pT«clito of eleolioD.' 

tt,.o. lUflOto 1063.) TlwintwtialpnMUf Eiiglaiii] 
baafonUnuiduiidialiubcdfarliraye*!*. KJa^ElJd- 
mrd'a uUflioaily Bgainit tbc amiivf tlodwiu wa* 
tu-t diM|i[ii->iiA{ for iVMit of iMKt oicSlvuivat, and 
tb[i>iMti iLv habit v[ living KinoRgal Iham. HoKld, 
the uevr chief uf that popular fauiily. fuUy paid lu 
the klQz that reapenlul and aabniiHiTF defer«ucc 
of wl^cfc Im wa« *o ^mIoim. Some ancient rM-iluls 
My itiat Ednaid luifO liim, and tnalud liim lu lu« 
own Mai* at IcaM lu did not led tonarJt him 
Ibo kiaii of aienioB mised nriUt fear irith wbieh 
Uodwin had iiutiired hira i nor had h« any loiisiir 
a pralcU for lUuinliig, aa guanmMM a|unn Uio 
MU. iho tito houaMa wWm he had rvceiTcd from 
ibv father. It Will tc lensBibercd thai time 
huatajM had beui colt8>led by the iiupicioui Ed- 
mrd to the eara of the duke uf Noruiaitdy. Yot 
mar* than ten yean lb«y had bven iii a aon of 
cairtfThy. fu from their couulry, Toirarda lb« 
doM uf tha jNt IMS Harold, ih* broiher of obo 
•ttd undo of lh» othn-, Ihiakiny th« motaeat 
fimmrabU tat abtniBing thair dahremiee, aaked 
iba klDK** iwrtnitdon lo go and cUioi Ihtit) in bi> 
iwmi!, and htinf Ibrm home from lli«ii exile. Bd- 
ward, withoui eiincing any nluctanc* to part vibL 

■ t;ia|tr«tgndiKvNarBiiilMnBrt<aq|HK> ijai. iVlU 
IadAukI afiid^lia. lit. Ualllc. fl riuiHlc.. ml. dl.p. 

■ liUMh»-4aMkt llowdiMlnl. Iaa.1'. r'^'* 

■ niHIiitiar Ian. (Suom* IIhbmiIiixU, lUnM Wra 
MMtiUtm mft. m^ Tt, lot. LL |l lit.) 

tbt boata^ieai wni ■Unscd at IXaroId'i hiteBlhm «f 
^oiu^ himicif iulo Hormandy. " J will not rMintn 
tli<>v," did lie ; •' but if thou dcparlni, it viU bn 
iritlkuul my «iah; fur Iby Journey will oerlainly 
biijiC aome miafunmie upuii thyKlTaLid upoaoor 
cuuulry. [ Liluw duLa Williaiu, and hi> ctaftf 
■[liril. ![« lialv* lhPO,ajiJ will gtatit tlioo nolhinf, 
imlc*! ho looa taou gMal advantan thorvlti; tba 
only way to make him ititb up the hmUffna w««ld 
be to acliil aamn otlier jicreoti tboii thao."* 

The AnKlo-SuKoti, hnkic tmd full uf conAdeitM, 
did. not act upon ihii advW: but set out, ai if on 
Mjoumvy of plMKiire, vtth hi* fal(«n on hia band, 
ntiU liii |reylMUiiil< nuuiing befor* bin." Ue 
pinbaikad at olim of Ihe porta of SuaMX. Uii two 
vcMola ir«ra oanied out of ibeir courao by cooiratyr 
w indai aad ^r«n lowarda Ibe mouth of the &<imRie« 
to Ibat pari uf the cuait which lielunf|*d Iq Ony 
cnunt of PontliiDD. It wai the iTiiiiom of that mu^ 
riliniL- cuuuiry. aa uf many othcn iu tlie roiddla 
aifrt, ilat rrrty atranget Ihrowii upon iho coaal In 
a atoriu, inilrfid of lit-ing bamauely aMiated, ahooM 
b* iciptitoiml, atid Iuit« a ntnaom act vpon Ua> 
Hwold and hla rarapaniona w«r» d««ll with ac- 
cording^ lo tlila law : alt«T being (tripped of the 
best ]iart of tlirlr bnmtnKi*. tb«y w*i« abut up 
by ibc loril of Iba place in hi* foilrrta of DctraiD) 
now DiTMuraiui near Montreull,'' 

To Hcape a loi^f and weuiume captivity, tbo 
Snxou declared hiintcif to be Ilie bearer of a m«*- 
a>jfe from the kii]|{ of England lu llie duke of 
KonnandT. aiu) arnt to Williiun to rcquevt tUal be 
nouJd relcaii: liliu fivin in-iMia, iti order that ho 
■ni|fbt vrnil tijiou liini. WilUaiB did kot ItMilata 
tn dMnuul frum hit nrighbaiir, (ho eonnl nf Pmu 
thiau, Ibv Litfcrly >if lh<i rapine, at tint limply with 
thrcala. and uithout snyiiiK anyiliiHK of ranaom- 
Tbe count of Pcitthlru vrsi deaf lo mcBtcea, and 
yiqlded only to Ibe offer of a large auni of nooey 
anil a Him truci of land on tbe riirer £•«•••' 
Haiald repairad In Rouon; and the Baaiard of 
Nomondy had (hen the anpnme aatlabnioa af 
kccpl»|( by him and hnldlnit in hi* ptnrcr iho aon 
of the great enemy of the h'omiaoai one of iha 
chieb of that oatioual Icnicucwfaicb biul eaiwrd Ibe 
bnnitliineQI from En^laiiiJ of tliv frienili awl rel«- 
li<ea uf WiUiaiii. the aupporlera of hia hoitca, and 
llio hrouren of hi* preU'iuiuna lu the aotnrigirty 
of the t^Klieb.' Dvka VtiUaia racaiired iha 
Suoii chlaf wilb tfreat liououn and a» a|i|><iaraii«<e 
of frankoeaaand eordiably : he told blm that Ibe 
two hoBiattd vrm &c« at hii aoln reqnrat, and ho 
might rvturti niib ili<m Imtnediniciy ; but tbat, at 
a courleaua ^cti, he ou^bt uut tu be in niah 
battel hut to atay at leari f^ir a fiiw days, to a«« lb* 
town* and ihn ana*nmnnl> of ibe raaatry. Ha- 
rold went from (own In Inirn, and fton ctall* M 
cattle ; and tnok piit, with Itii younc conpanioaa, 
in tniUtary Jmnlj. Duke WiUlan naoa theaa 

* tArDDhiar lie Nnnaindia— UniirU d« bIM. 4e M Pnaec, 
lULilU. n.iei. Wikrv, Konan •■■ Km. laSL. tl. p. It«— 
EHlmrtlill>V.U[;r„l|)). L|ii.l.n1.S*UBa. 

• T^plBTW iif IW>vaa. ItiB Uia eaMaatt of UaealM 
Jolacd M die Atltf& 

« BnuandeOuu.hai.ll.lLllI'.— EailaM*tbM.iMn.lUi.L 
f.h.t^ ttiMra. 

■ rhiusliju* dr Ksraiaadla— RecurUAnfaM drtanaaeai 
Mm, tliL. t>' ■»< 

' FuriBOl >ntm miM inlnid ad Invkvai ()Ia<b. PaAan 
bn. i. ^ i.V-lliui ll.>ii»»f.bM..IULtl.,ip«id m.Aivllc. 





Ilarold'* ■MMlenl rBamtt. 


knighli^ Unl ia, me<intM>i • of the high NoTmui 
nililaiy iwdc*, ■ Bort nf wnriikc ft«tvrn<tj', inio 
witlch DTvrjr cnaii of trmUlh whii Ji>f»I«d )liiii*»ir 
la ann* M^hl br iiilroiluTril under \ht iii,ni>icn of 
•OBM«U Bmntitr, ivho. with ■^uc rrri.-iiioiiy, pre- 
••nlad la bim a nviini, • baldrick plalnl with ill- 

(•c, uul a bno*> diwaiutd «4ih « ■treoni't)'. Th^ 
Sauiii tnrrlatm iwrttad fram Ihrir siiunior in elit< 
TiJrj prnwau i>f fino nrmn and honiri of grtU 
laliK.' Wtllinin then propowil tint the)' itiould 
tfj thdi ucw apun bj (vUuwiiuf hiiti in ui riiinli- 
tiDii whioh tie m* iin4«(UklBf tpln*! hi* n^igh- 
buurauf UriUDny. Gtot divM lh* trtni)' ofKiliii. 
CUir-«iir-K|i<«, etch nrw dnh« of Nonnknily had 
nid«a*ourtil la inak? tC"'*' '>'" prMmalom 10 be 
ibo AiDcbl Mim«txn orihtt rounir;-. whi<h Charln 
lli> SllBpU bail ipaolnl to l{«IIu ; llitMiirc aruae 
wtlB'MJiraw and • nntiunal pumii^ bt>tw«TB the 
«atiM of which Uie illtl« ri*<T Uobwioa wni the 
eennon boandarj. 

HaroM andtiM frkwU. liwIiUiljr oafcet lo acquire 
a r*Kawnfor<>»iirag«3ni<inj Ihr uitr uf Niinnntnlj, 
dUflafad for thrtr hiwt, nt Dm i^pnnii) of th« 
Brtloaa. a proven vlilcb wna one iln; to nnt Uirm 
•ad tlMilr MvaiT) tvrjr d«r. The *uii ii-f (loilwtn, 
tIw WM (liMil and atliTc. wifcd th« li*L-iuf (crtmi 
aoldtont In the p axa ^ <^ Ih^ t'o«-miii, who «r«r« 
LIm U luTe bcpii (willowMl ti|v in iho (jiitrkii.uiilii. 
During l^ whole war. Hart^M and tViitium hail but 
«netMUaiidiitwl>M«.' Utk iTirli miuni Ili<-]rmi1r 
■ide by ■hie, aiMiaitiic «aoh urhri on the jny n-iili 
fci*ndlf diMMlf*'.'.' One dt]', Willinni liimFd the 
canTcruttion wmi hln catljr iiillmacy n'ilti kiu^ 
KitmM. •■ WliBii Kilwvd ami 1." niil be tu Itic 
Saaon, ■■ Nnd Uk« broilw r« ani\rt I1ir •.imi^ nvnf, 
bapmnliail, thattTorrThe binnii: |[iiia;of K[ui,-lanil, 
hm WtnM mak» tarn heir la liU kinx^uni. Haloid, 

I wWt thai th»u wowldst uttM inr ta mliiu? Ihu 
fMttlMi a»J bia aiue that If. by thy aid. I nhtaln 
the ktusdom. w)ial*f«r thou ahalt nik I will itnnl 

II tllee."* Hvild, IhoURti nirprlard at thi) iiiipii 
|«CMd «uea» of amUntcm, could uot rtrnln from 
■■nrtfiaf br fira* ira|ao prwnitH of tdlirninn 
tkamo; umI WiUi«m prmmed in Ihne t«rDi«: — 
•■ finna tbwi nnwniTm lu mtvb me, ihou muil 
tngagc 10 brti^ the caaile of Uonr, to link In ii 
■ well ef ftveh mtat, tiid to rIt« it ui> lo m}' 
Iraopa 1 tttoa mml abo ||i*« mc thy *i>Mr, tliai J 
nar imny )i«r lo ose of my cbirb; and llinu thy- 
iia miM «■(*]> mj dati^ter. Adelai monoirr. t 
wWl duw. at Ui)t departure. U> leateme otu' of llir 
iMaUfci irhkh Uiau rlaimeat, a> a aurciy for llic 
UCbnent at (by promiaet he altall r«iiiaiii in my 
kmtiiit;; aaJ 1 will n^t'irc him to llu'n in Eiik- 
ia»l wiMn I (hall amvn thiwr ai kifig."* On 
h*eriiif thein wnrda. Harold percrtteil all hit 
d*M(tr. end liial Into wtitth he bail uiK^ouuriouHl; 
■Irawa Ma two ]-DUa| rolalirTB. Tu nrjpe frutn 
U( •BibaiTaMtn«nl, he complied in nonU with all 

< Cae*ila al anDM II daBa. (Roma •(• Knu. Ion. II. 
a. tll.) AtBk ninurtbua at H|Uia iljIwMaalBiia, (UuUL 
hitar. r lll.l— T>ialiwTLF(taBai«ai. 

■ Ito-al^nn frnti I'nuiHlwiiulFiB tuliTBa. {GuUL nr*. 
ifoA actlia. Mf K-)>maiKi..p. 191.) 

~ laa'i (tomiMa. f. «■> 

Um. net. Uh. I n. 9. n|. ittldm — rhmn. >l« 
llHrutl4ea hIaLilaU Pnnw, kna . alK (i.tii]. 
'., apni •nift tr. Nnrmaoa.. p. 1)1, 
VbL OUT., bb. i. p. i. nl. Salilni. 

the Korman'* dtntandi ,'" and ho who bad twice 
taken up arm* lo dilte »ynj titt foreigner* from 
liin cuiiiilry |nvinited to dpiher up ta a forvl^er 
the |irini:i)ial fumcM in that Mine mutitrj. Ma 
rvtcnvit tif hiiiiielfto break thl* uJiivoMlijr vniiajfc. 
menl at a future da}, lliibkili^ lo uurchoac bl* 
tnltry nud reprxie with a Machood. Vi'illUm 
g>r*i«cd him no fnrthrr al ifaal monifnt; but Ilb 
ilid not long leaic the Saiun at poacu on IhU 

In ihe town of Jkvnuxhce, or in thai of Ihyana, 
for thn teallmonlM ruy with le^td lo i)ic (liicr, 
lliike William eonmkM a i^al rouneil i>f thg 
lord* and barona of Nnneandy. Tli« iluy beforv 
IIiM dud for iho nMirmbly. IVIlliini liad caiunl lu 
be bn>ii;[h1, from nil the placit aromid, tioncs and 
rrlifa »[ aainta, aufficient ta nil a ^lal elivat of 
oak. whii^h wa* pUeod in the hall of onuncit and 
«>rrred withelolli of flold.'' Wheo tlio diike had 
liihi'D Iiliieal in the churuf alntF, holdinji i diswn 
(woni in liia baud, novued wilh a rirdcl of irrmis 
and aurruTind^ by Lliv crowd of Normaia chl?&, 
imon^t wlioni irai tho Katnn. twn linle cukcta 
for letli™ rrrtv hrcmglit. iiid Iniil iijion ilie eaak uf 
lelin. WilliiLni thi'ii laiil, " llaiold, I rixtuiii^ 
ihcp, befbtv tliia noble aaacmbly, (o coollrm liy 
oath ibe promiae* which tlwu hart made idc — via. 
to i««i*t me iri ohiiining the kingdom of HogUnd 
■(V*r king &livarii'a diralb. to marrv my daughter 
Adela, aniJ to tniiil me thy altter. thai 1 may giee 
ber (o line of my fotlowen." * The l:lngliiliinan, 
oam tnoro tnkcn by aurprlac and not dariut; to 
Ji-iiy Ilia owu worda, ijiproacbed the two rclii|iiaH«* 

with a trouhlod air, iVid liii hand tniun Ihrm. and 
awn-rp to pwciite la the Qlnioit of bia power hit 
ilpi'i-mcnt with thf duke, If he lired, and with 
God'a help. Tbo trholc aiacmUj repeated, " .Voy 
W«* i* Wjf A*J1p ,"'* William immedialrly maJe a 
•liga, on whirli the riolh ef fold ^rtt rfmovnd, and 
dltfurere'l tholionpa and tkeletoDa which ftlled the 
eaak lo the bTlm, and whirh thn aoa of Godwin 
had »w«m upon without knowinc It. The Nor- 
nian hiitariana nv that hs ihnddered and Lb 
counlcnaiice changvel al the ai^t of thii enonaaiu 
heap.'" Harold enan after dpp:tried, lakitijf nith 
hiiu hia ue|ihe», but vu compelled to Icaee hia 
jouni; hrutlicr trhind him In ihc power of the duke 
uf Nuriuitudy. 'Witllani acenmpanied hltn lo the 
>ra-aid<-, and lundc hiin frnh prcioiita, n-ioiciug 
that he hnd. by fnud anil aurpriie. ubininpd friitn 
the man in all England mual capable of fruacratiii^ 
hia prejecia a public and aolemn oalh lo arrfe and 
aaaiat hioi." 

Wh'u Harold, an hla return to hi* natin 
rAiinlry, preetEUted hiiaielf brfon kinj Edward, 
and roUled ail IhU hul paBOit beiTr«aii doke 
WillUin and hinurcltttic king became i)eaain,and 

^ ftprult ttar^jtOav la hi* prrkufiitt unAlijiiv, •«« Inl^ltkH 
quit c<~ailret(. fllii4t 

< ('limc>.<ts SonuAJwi. neiunl •!» hkl. .le la Pnn**, 
mm. am. r- tta. 

Tnl me euw en Ral enpllr. 
I^)ia d'an pa«lT In DM aml>. 
Xa HoBOl mr anit ■■ i>i> 'It. 

(RoniaB it Itiu. (Dm. il p. 111.) 
a RnniaB <■ Iliiii,lniB. ll.u llt.-Eulnrn lilii.BiKr.IBi. i. 
p. ». (U. t>M<u.— Ouill, rifi. ipud MriiA. lei. Natmaan. 

u. 1*1. 

a Plmndiml. KaltnUdmlt 

tKflHD it ll*n,lM>.D,K IIO 
H |l4d. 
■ I OulU. l>icUT_p.lM.-S*dn(r1liM..II)U. 



HuaM ll.kiBB. 

KitkiBul foM*. 


(aitt Id him, ■■ Did I not tnn-wtm lh«« that 1 know 
[hii Wtllinoi. Biul IhM thy Jtintr«cy would brlnf 
caluniiy on thjtelf and on ournulanl HcBvcn 
grui I tbu ilicM Biitfintunat nwj nol luppeii daring 

nif life !"' '!')»•• want* ukI tlua mdn*** tnmf ■cpin 

to proto tliU Kilwanl hul rMlly, tn bit jfOiUthful 
mml ttaouglilluai Aajri, miiil* ■ feoUib {wamiw (o » 
foralfiirt oT ft ktofdom which iliil not Iwlung to 
hlin, li it MM kjunni wheihfT atlcr hia irtiriilnn 
lie tiwl Dowiih«4 llw aubilloui txipu of WflSan 
b^ Atinlt i but In ilolluilt of aipms w«nlii, lii* 
FuiKiant (Hon4>hip (or Ihn Nl^raul h*d. witli Iha 
l^trr, liMn «<tulf«tnot i» ■ pMitim unir«nci>, nnd 
■ tufllciFni rruon for hrlirnns lliU Ednwrd contl- 
nin-J fiiDurabIt to hb tic«™. 

Whilrvcr apcrct D«fixi*l ioiM, op to Uu« liiBe, 
hsil takm |iUr« b«{nri-ca Ihe Juke of Notnundjr 
awl Ihv Uamui rbimli, the; were tMe from lliat 
nwcneiil to hiT» a man fiseil butt and a mora 
drlrrmlaat* (Unction. An ouh ■woru vpou te- 
lie*, b^wcTtr atiiunl tb« ontli miiifil b», aUmI 
iluwn IliK Triif[«aiico uf lli« c-huKh If violaloil ; 
anil in that <aa*, aMording to tbo vuImp oniniati 
of IIh agf, Ik* rtidnh cinMk lawfcU]r. Eithor 
fiiMi ■ moH hMxiz of tbt itDgtn with which 
tUi rodtaUatlciil Ttnicrancvi aHOciatcl with thp 
veueaoco and amblUon of tb« Nomnxu, mciuihI 
to iSreatcn Bagtand, ot f<Mn & rag«e impreMioii of 
iU|MaetIltioui terror, a gmi dejection of ■ind 
«T«Ruae the EncGih Daiion. Biiiiun' npota wer« 
clRiilainl : tarn feared and wvtv BlaiTDM, wiiliout 
anjr pMltiT* cause for alarm. Thn nkti up old 

Clidiona, altrlkHted to 01111* ol^ fomw Ibiaa. 
of thfn hid prophNi«d mitlbrtaiM tveh u 
iho &aio(i> liad nrver tulfcrad atnre thvj left tb« 
buiksofth* Elb«.' Anoihprlnil romtola an lii«a. 
■Idq faj a ptsplo of an unknown longvci and the 
lubjcction of the Enttliih people to mavten from 
bcj'Aad the (ca. * jU) IbcH rumour*, wlitdt cjlber 
liad funaineil until thtn wilhaul nvdit, or wer« 
fcncd U lliat Trty mntnoiit, were *aii:eity tcectvcd. 
■nd kept the ratndi of tlw jwoplc In eipectation □f 
■MM imaToidable oalnnitr. 

The k«alth «r Edward, who waa nalnnlly of 
n weak oanaUiniian, and had, it thould *p)^«ftr, 
beoomo man Mnaitih> to hi« mimtry'a dMthiy, 
d«c1lntd from the period of thew rfniu. H^rould 
ant dtaralae to hlmaelf that hli loie of frirriKticrs 
ym lh« lolc ckom of th« ilaiigori whJcb KcnicU 
to iKMBten Enjlutd; and hla idoMn ca Ihi* ac- 
«OUnt wa* gmttw than that of Ibn pcnplr. In 
Otdef to ttillc llieac IhauxUta, and perliapa ihc rr- 
mone which jmyvi upon hU mind, he gtrr hlin> 
tel/whoJlT up to lite deUiU af reticHina nlucmncn; 
he Kiiiilc BU||« daiwlleiu to the cburcliet and tno- 
naaWfM* ; and bia k«t hour anvpniaed bina in Ihi? 
mIdMor tbnn nnnnfiil md ao|ralbible owupa- 
lioiu. On hiidMCh-bedbedlaeonraedliiOMaaTiily 
aa Ma ^oomj pnacnttiBeiil* ; hn hnd ftlghiful 

> Kniih) 4iil <lbi ■■ WnUlnna (MR ) •IL (Bad- 

■ni hlii- f.a. h«TC. d* Hand.. ^ Mt.aC Hauls.) 

* VnBHii. t*f (MWai AactcrsH m*\t ^aalii <k« f«« 
taaKa^iin (en* in AncTtaio MntMt m|H» Ulnrt, l Jotitn. 
da Fortiia. SnUrhtwiteVca. 111. h'. ni. IE. p ]44, g>l. 

■ laqwralaiaaittFnBdi Ui*nMr<raidi<ailHian.qaM rt 

Muii inaia* timuliiriM. (JabHi nnnaliM. flima. diiwI Rr. 
Am^.mht^. Mf, <>4.Si>tiU*)-Dt» uuuitam 
ab oMrb Mtiliu tmn pMiilnia. (Otbtmi tua !. Uan- 
MMI. Ani^ Mm. wM. II fi. I».} 

itaont; and in hii melaneboljr eaiiialee th* m»- 
naring pnaiagn ot the Bible renutnl iniidununljr 
aiid riiiifuKdl]r lo hi* ■enorr, *'Tho Lord balli 
beut bb bowi" be wutdd. ndaim, " th» Lord haib 

iirepanid bit «woe(l, Iw war*!)) anil hnuidlahotli It 
\k<i 1 warrior. Hp will manlfM liia wnth by die 
and awotd."* T)i>nn wotde •Imek lemv inia 
thoea who ivrroaaried tb.a kinc'a deaih-lxxl ; * liol 
lb« arrbbbbofi nf CnnlOTburj, Silxandi could ipm 
ralNlH from tmUIni; at tbca, aud froB ridlcnlii* 
ibeao wba trembled at the dreame «r a aick old BMA? 
Weil u wu the mind of the aged Edward. b» 
bad the tuiing* to denUie befure he died, to Ih* 
chiirb wild cotiaultod him on the choice at a no- 
ociBur, iliaL iu bb u^nioa the man noit wocthj In 
ralga ma Huold tht anil of Oodfcin.' In pr^ 
nMtndlig lh« nLmn nf liarold under Iheae cirean. 
■tancof, tha king ihowed hlmtcLT aujiwUir la hit 
hahiliut prcjudicrc, mperlor rtcn la the ambUlra 
of ad TuidiiK tha fortune* of hii family ; tor tbett 
wu tbp* hi Enj^tand a f^randaon of Eifanaad Iron, 
ilde, bom in llungary, when hie fbUitc had talien 
refujc at the limt of the Danlah pMatriptiaa^ 
Thia yoonf man, named Udgai. had nelthei natwal 
lalnil nor aequlrad glonr ; he had frwaed Ibe wbola 
of hla diildbood tn a lonign cvontry, and «oald 
hirdly *|M*k the Saxon language.* Suetiacnn. 
didata eoi^ not Mraggle for no^tlairiiy with Ha- 
rold, the tallant. Ihc rich, via dcauafv of the 
foreisn power.* Harold wai the inin no*l (•!»• 
l)le uf lintcly combatioK all tht! dingnra whtdi 
memrril Ihp rounlry j And eTen if l» h(td not been 

Jointed oiit forth* choice of the other clbMb bribe 
ylog king, hii name nufi bam been pronauKed 
tnr tJtTj nioulh. He wai elected the next daj 
■nei: the ceremiinT of Kdward** fonenl, aiid 
motuteil b]r arcbbiBliop 6li|;udi nkom the CIraivt 
«f RaiH-, u IT* b*vu already ■howii, obetiaatcly 

refiued to reoogniv.'* (*.i>. lOfiH.) Itiepand. 
•on of tbe hentiman t-'lfnoih, ibciwrd himarli, (rom 
the lime of hla acn«aii>n. Jual. wtte. aflabte. and 
actirc far the (Ood of hi* countiy, >iiaiuv no tktiflu 
(■•rt am oU hialatian} on laud or rc%." 

The new king had to make nie of the atMoid 
prec«uliiMi and wiedom Ut o««roam* ih* publie de- 
epondanrjr which luaiiirciied ttaetf iu dilerEni 
wail. The appcuranrc uf a eouict. that waaTUble 
in kn^nd for ucnrt)' a lai'mb, liUvd the nlBtb li 
mrit with an rilniiKiimu-jr tinucnueu of aalenitb- 

mrni mil atfriirht. Tha pftonle colleeMd tn ihi 
■UptIi and tnukoi.pUrn nf the towni and *illa^ 
to wltnne a phcnoinciuin nhirli wu coniidered In 
be a oonltnnaiiDn uf the nai'ooal prcBcuiioionla of 

■ Rl tor* HamlBDB i;ihilviB kutiiB *fHcA*M, ftm^ ■anal 1^ 

Millt H Du»U leap itmil r* (ladiu paaknil 

<Ail»d tOittL da ilti Edwudi mhIM.. spud lilM. Am! 
iritrt. ml, L ml. tdO, ed. erldca.) 

> TiHe wu dMi Md unwB jmau. (Bellm* nf niaMfA 
Cbn«ia*,p.«»n) Cmt^ilmta»tm. (WUU«. WiImA^ 
t>. »!. at savllt.) 

* HafHit ..,.. 4«lir*Hi HbunrinarHnai ri^vn a^Kfl. 
I Mlinl, Klrnt, L c.)— Vrailun itKrilrBie oiaitia MjeMdr- 
ilrim (Willii>iD.H«)R«ili..|..ei.Mtlli(tl*.) 

■ lliNliliii cBpoMi rtniiu*. dnii tea ri wn w ei aL 
(Dinni Hatnn id.rHbM*. P.ITI.I— Eadawrt Mn. aer.*!. 
S,>M«i._lt<WH. ila llmd. BBuL, n. 449. *d. !te«il«, 

' Piiulftil, Rbtiib Pantraram llhMrta. Illi. *. ^ IU, 
(AiML tut) 

* OrdH.Vtail.,hMt.««L.>rtid*RtpLRT. Notwwii.|kiet. 
<• Taalirte d* mjeoi,— (ialU. IV^i, p. l>a.-«fdM. 

« iU||w.d*BMei.iaMa.p.««.ad. S><r1l4L-WIIIalM. 

IlkroU'i ulrniiaMWluu. 


Sw«]ra Line "I Ik'iMiuil,. 
mi wlmiluniu* oiiwiJlliaa. 


ilL A iDOBk at Olulimbury, wlia itKHlkil utrv- 
DOtnj-, conpoMd apvn thii ii«vr comcl a >ait of 
poatic*) rhajnodjr in whli'li ■nttt the rallowiiiK 
waida: — "Than U Irn^h hail Kldmrit ; Ihou 

(■luk etOMtb* tomn af ID hibtiv mpthvn to U«w1 
U k mujr ]Mn Rlncc I tut um ihkV ihiiic; but 
tban (CcnBcu to iii« more terrible sow Oux tliou 
MiiinunFptt tli« nin ■>( mj country," ' 

The umnmccTOcnt «f ih(>D«v,' reign wMTtiukcid 
bjkcuuiplFtc return To lli« uiiliuDBl iiwm » lliiil 
had buB fttianduned in lite iirvceiUng nign. In 
lbs ekuien of Uiik Uwold the aocient &Kum 
MfptAture rrplaccd tliu p*ni3aAt ifAla ciutonurj 
with the NoRoaiu.* Ue did uAt, tioiv«irr, 
drire from the lun^iloni. nor from ilioir olSr**, 
tboM Kamwiu who lud bern apiinid, in ofipo- 
■li«n IS iba UiTi thruufh a aori of rcmdoccii- 
daa towstds Rdmnra olil aircctioiu.* Thotc 
(bMlfBRncuntmowI In t]in (rnjofrnrntof «v«rfeiYi) 
right; but. tkttrad of bfinLc jfTftUfiil fir this gonc- 
rvoa Irp«tnii-)ii. ihry RRiplajml lhfin*i>|»t<« In in, 
trigiiUic athixnc luid abmad fiir tlir forriKn itulit uf 
KorKUUidjr, From tbcmll WW that Williiuiir«cclt«d 
tb« mriwy thtt informed him of Kdirvd'i dcftth 

. aBd ot 1h» •iKlion pf tlie ion of Goriirin. 

I At tb« nuiincnl irli^n tbn duke r««t>i>i-d ihi> iiu- 

(partaat tnlclliiprncr he wm In hU pnrk iic«r Roiicii, 
with ■ nci* boW Mid urowi in Ki* h«nd. wluch lio 
wao trying,* On a luddcEi bo appcbro-d ihon^liu 
hi; he gxtt hia boirlo oueof hu men, and, paaa- 
b; th« S«la«, FvpalfMl (o liltliutcl at lUiticn. Bo 
MoMtml Ui the emu hall, aud witked backward* 
HM fomrdj, (Uling duwn 4Uii.1 i\iiaf up aniii, 
ehaiwiuK hu wal and hit pndum, an<l unable to 
rmirai (till in »nv plarn. Nnne of hi* pvople 
dafwl to «p[vi>t>«h tint ; »ll atootl apart, looking U 
MU) anolIwT til nilrncr.* At ipnjfUi an officer mmo 
\m, who tras adiiiill<:d more Intimtlcljr IrIo VlU 
Uva'a bmiliaiit)^. AiHbestlcndaau pr«i*«tL aiound 
Um to Wni ihp fauM of th« grf*l af^Utlaa whicU 
lh«j rsmarkvd in the duke. " 1 knaw naihing 
r*rtala abotit It," antuTrvtl the ulUcrpr, " hul wo 
AaB wcu) bo liifi)rniii) of It." l'3i«u adTiiiring 
•lottc loiratd* WliUtu), "Sirv." nil Ui;. " w^jr 
tdiMU jaa eoncnl rrum u* your nf-irt T what will 
jou (kin tH' Eit It ii Bominonl^ rqiort«d In the 
<itj that Ih« klu^ uf £iisland ii dead, and ihu 
Harold, Umkiiiz hi* faith willi joii, ho* ■r'iird ilin 
htafdoB." "Thfy nj trur," atiswcrcd Clm duke ; 
*«j diagrin ia rauanl bj Rdwiird'i di-»tli, and the 
Wfoait ilooe nn by Hartild." ■' W"*!!, Mr*," rc- 
ptted tlie courtitrr, "do not bi> an^^ almiit a iliiiig 
whtdh can be amended : for Fdwanl'a drilh ih«r« 
it iiD ntatdj, but for Mnrolil'i irrniiK there t«. 
Tcntrl ia Iho ^)d righl, and }iiu hnie ToUinl 
biMUa. Undflrtaka lh«n boLJIj ; thnt whirh ia 
biMljr nndrrtakpn U half a«crtmpli«hi>d." • 

One of (h* Sunn rarw.Tnatln.lUrolit'kOwiibm- 
llMri whom the Nnrthumhrlana hud atiipjicd of hia 
a^ M Ba a il, and wknm tlarvld, now llitl hi- had br- 
»■■« Wag, yttuM uol pln(« ovor tlii^iTi UKuiii, sr- 
rlTRJ ffwn Flaadcn to pihort William nut to mfn^r 

' Kannlr. tn^B. l^•lTIh■a<■.. liU il.. ■t<hi.I r>>. Anclk-, 
Mtfa. laM. 10. B. »l . at. CmIp. 

> Dwanr* Kmsm AaUiiulllH. 

> rkrMili|Mil«TVonaani<li<. KfviiHI dnhiiAilflaPraim, 

• MiL 

■ CkML A* Nanwafif. Bn»tU Ju hiiLdal* Pnnn>, 

llic neaoerul i^cn of hlia who Lad pcijni«>l Unf 
ai;)f.' TijbII^ lii>uled among ihn foicigtKra of 
hailiifc more infiutn«e and power in En^UnJ than 
hiabrothw; and promiMd bdorehiud tiio rcrtalii 
jiovmion of that coiuitrjr to wtiotniorrrr irould 
uniLc with him forlla coniiutwb* William. t»o pni- 
dmt to TOf^ge in to imp^rlKut nn nit«rptiaK tDcrcl; 
OB ihr word of an uiv#ntiir>r, gari* the Siuton «oinc 
remela whernrllh In Ir^ liii> atn>ng1b, but with 
whiah, Intttsd of laudlnic in l^nKland. To*tlg rv- 
palr^d to th« Baltic lo aak olhi'r aid, and to arouag 
afalnat bia country Ibe ambitloa of the klupof ihc 
nurtli. He had an intfrvirw with Swcyn, kinc aX 
Denmlwk,hiar«l■tifnbytbenl•^th?r'■lidc, indaiked 
hicaaaitliiuc«agutiiiliiahrotlit'iaiidhiaiiaiion: lint 
Ihc Oanc aatweml lliii rVflDut by a rrruml, harkhl; 
niinwacd, TottiK rolirvd In Jincunlvnt, and went 
lo wck vliicwhort^ ft>r BOtur kiu^ wla^ftir ih'iiai? at 
Jiialii?« waa tiT« drllratr. * Up found in Knrwn^ 
Hanld or Hiirold. ion of Sitcunl. Ihc mnti vn-Iianl 
amoni lhi> Acanilinariiuia, aud ilip Init who ha<l 
led tho BilTcnlnroui lifr of nhkli the chatno had 
*nni«h«d, together with the rttigioo of Odiri, In 
hiaoipfrditioM lo lh# aauth, Harold had alt«niA- 
tiT#lj pumwd hia rovto bj land and by am; aome< 
timnt h<> waa known aa a plrat*^ avmrllnm lu ft 
mring warrloTi ■ t^kang or a noTMi^, ai were iha 
tTno* for aucb In northern loucuagr. '* fie 
had ZanaeAy ■erred tii th(^ l^>t under tliow 
nhiclUina of hii nUion wh.>, f-ir two cenlUTlii, hod 
poaMBWd m portion of lh<.- Slaiuuian lerritoriei. 
.UUrwarda, nr^d bjr a rlt-alit of wrinK fonrign 
latida, hv repairnl lo Conataiil!no|ilr, wlu-rc lome 
iitlm rniignnt* frwn Scandinatiai undrr the lumc 
of t«Hngt, which Ihf cr>nnuomra of Ihn KiiMlan 
lowtia aaaumKl an Ihvir tlllV, formn) a mtircviiary 
militia aa IhdKuardof Uieomperora of the C**I." 

ITarcild wu a kins'* brolbrr, hnl he ihonsht II 
DO diignice to be cmullod in that roilitia, Uc kept 
^artl, with hia battle-ax on hia ahoutder. at the 
gue of tb« Imperial p&laee ; and irrred, nltli the 
rorp* to which he brioiw^d, la Aaia aud In Arrira. 
VThcn tho plunder obulotd In thafp cijieditl'iua 
lud •uJHetDBll)' enrUhed him, h« bud a drtirc In 
quit the fttfrvtcu, and driunude.! a djainlaaAl ; upoEi 
ihL- intention of fordblj reLaiuiU); him bacnoiiiut 
iiiaiilfeat, lie cteaped by aea and carried ulF a 
XOung wuuiau of high birth. After Ihii cTBiioii hi- 
cruiaeil u a pimiL- ulT the ahuroa of Hidt), and 
Iheroby tpcnainrd tJiu rii'hr* wi|!t K'liich hi> tvvwl 
waa ffolghtml." \li- wu a pool, aa wera manj- nf 
Ihc norlbom cnrwUra, who, dnrinj^ Inni^lu'nnl 
cruiaeiond when caliim delayed their puaagp arrma 
the aea, beguiled the lioitia by chautiiinn Trne* uii 
their own put aiinreaaet nnd on their future hopva. 
I'jion hit rolum from iliuant vo}«gM, in which, at 

' Till (niunara •nNB nvnan linarat btlllnrmliiiiall. 
(fIrilfTJe- Viljil. \ivk- »pfl,. ApiMt wrifK-tri. Ntinnuitu.. v- 

• itnoiHitCitswliidglt.IlanlitlK'a IllidrUHBta.nip. 
■ I. <»1 j>. t^ i*i, 

* Toibui^ lll«. Mr. NarvM, nan l«ti«. lib. i. (wp. IT. 
[1. liT— ats. 

** Uare awie aa if w^itmg. dnlnrf froa iwiy. MM**, 
niMli ■«MlllwirbloVtM'«liaallU>*anf(oMT**mia 
•lialfcta. 8aDaaan«*'><naM>irarihrW(|M*a(thaMldai« 
Ai[i«. in iwiyw. aiw ^ tMai.iwiwjaajJ. ■■■aan' W nl '". 

> t Th* QiMk. htitinbiw tt <h« Lamr KmFlfB «n(tnw 
thl> hul) or hjrolcv loldian >i> Uw wonlt fia^y^M aart 

>■ «iu>n-'< HrimAtlDtU, lUnfd Ihni HlnltUM •<«■. 
csp.lelHC).. n>l. II. 11. 


BO Wlltl>ni-> oinMrc U HaioU It. 
Urfiy of lUnlilt. 


t)oEUn.noiinf w»i, 

lull lit IMS mill ttuna. 

WilUim'i |in.iui*«i to Qu ttumL 


b« hlimplf ilrdufNt IB hit vouKii he hul iiavlgBtcil 
hia yaad, the ilrM4 of pMMiiU, Iv and wide, hia 
block •hia nuuud itltfa wvrKini llmroltl Icrinl kh 
kriDjr, and mwlo war oti the king of N onny, irilb Uie 
ilMirt of ill«pM*onli» Mm nf bia tliioiie. Ho ftr- 
tcnded t« lia*a ui n*rc<Utiir]r riglit to fcareni Itiat 
kiq^doin ; bnc, aoon npen^ncins diBcultin in 
moUux tta conqacati hr coiicluJcdaipi'acD with hia 
coiB[tiKitori unilFr Ch« conitiUo-i) of almrin^ liin ilu- 
mioiona: th« t>c(ter to elDiot ait amicable uIJubI- 
nent. It ivu agrteiJ lliat llie tnaaur* nTthv ion of 
Sil^rd *boulil b« dltldt>d batwlit them, a« well ai 
the lurriloi^ of Norway. ThM he ul|[Lt|{Bia oicr 
lu hill wn {irvjcclt ■ chkRainaafunoiB thromfhout 
Ihv Burlh r«-r wrtltli andeoung*. 'X'o*li^ addrfawid 
liimin Haiiirrinf langange: **Tb« noilil kncm,~ 
mud he to hioi. ** that Ihrre ta no n-arriat living lit 
to be ootnpinHl villi thn;' tliou liaal »alj to wiU 
It, and EiiglMid ia tliiiii;." Tlie Nonrciiian fuBend 
hinuvlf |4> bo c<i&Y>ucftL ; nnd pronii*vd to put la 
•«a irlth hU llnnl a« lucin a* Ihc annual melting of 
1h« ico diould haw uiilxiiind the oreiti.* 

While wailinf the departurp of hii ally from 
Nomaj, TmIIk w«iitartr t« tryhia foitunc ■>» ihc 
nottbcrri couta of Eagiiittd, with a band of adivii- 
tureri «>U«f ted in FfieaUnd, Ilollaud, and Flan* 
Ati*. He pluudrrod and laid waMe tome vllla^v* ; 
Inil Ihr two ifntl chiefi of the coiintria lionltrine 
oa tlic If iinibvr, Murku and tUwIli, unilcd, and, 
punuiuc htt vntcli, forMd Mn to a«k a rclieot 
oil tti'- •iiontii ef Scotland.* lieanwtille Harold 
Iho aon nf Gndwlti, mnaining In quiet ill tho 
MMhern part of Engiaad, bad a meaaenger aeiu la 
Um frvni Noraiaiidy. wha addr««*ed him in ihcM 
words: •■ WllUatn. dnkn of thr Nomani, aendt la 
rciDind thee of ihr oath iihkli thou hut iwom to 
luta with thy tuouih and with thy hand upon 
goad ttid holy rehn." * ** It ia iriM," replied 
the Soxou king, ■- Dinl I look an oalli to William; 
but I taoW il unittrr conitrainL I preisltrd what 
did uut bvtong lu m* i a promUu which I ceuld 
not in uiy war pWrTiiroi. Hy tnyal authority ii 
nil mv lyira \ I pould not laj li down agalnat the 
wtU of ttip coiinti^ ; nor can I, againal ttaa wUI of 
the eountrf, take a fotvlcn vtfe. Aa G>r my aiater 
whom tho duke eUlm* that be nay marry her to 

out of hia chlrfi, ahc hai died within Ihe year : 
would he hale me acnd her rorpapT" * Th« Nor. 
man ambuMdar earried back ihla aimwer ; and 
M'ltUam tfpliod by a aarond mttm^ir, wRIi re- 
proacbf*, hill cuprtaaeil in inlld aod modciate 
ttriDT,' and entrbatlny the Iitng, if h« did not ran. 
aest to fuiai all th# tevdltioru he had aimni, at 
leari to perfiirm one of Ihern. and to rMei<re tn 
rairrinz^ the youn^ princem whmn be had iiruiiilM.-d 
lu uitke hia irilr. Uaruld aiinrrrDilikiat U«wo<ild 
uot fiilftl thai vbti(ratlou ; tui4, to site proof of 

< KeaaaaMLaUaoaUtilparti 

( Swnc'i Hdou kilDBU. 

• tllBTin^ tlwiPinnnalmMBaadlaDlTli. (tblA.) 

• IM.m.H. tat^»«iew.da fttnnl aoiul.. p. US, ad. 

• ^u tana Miotoabn. (C^ras. 4a Komtoiltf . RmmU 

4MltMLl>l>l>ni>».linLll)ii,lM) rtulhai-wiimni hja 

rntaboaAr. (kolNft i>f lilamatn'il'litaniel*. )■, V>r. od. 
tl>*i»r.}— niiaiiaiit muu. (Ruai. PMu.. p. IM.) 

' CUsM. H^. HOT., lib. I. i. «1. ^aU4l■.-»a(«r, da 
llniHO- Abiul.. pira arkr, iV'"' '^ .tnjillc, vri[a.. f. ta*. 
ol.^nlr.^Rainitrh.lli^O.'u, PulTihcn>-.UI>-*l'. *padiFi. 
AartK. Biiirt.. ki'l- ill- 1>- 1*3. sd. OU*. 

lib 1. f^ ».) 

thia rcanlullon. he mairied a Kaion woman, the 
filter of Hd win. and ALoikai. Vpon llila the final 
nordi. dtrlkratite of ■ rujitme, were proiiouDKd. 
William aware that irilhin the ;«ar he would conw 
la riact all hia due, and lo puraue Uia perjured fix 
riTO la thoae ptaem n-hcm he oould hoiw to mak« 
tha anrtBl and tliu holdeat alMkd agonal hit Tni> 

A* he aa publicily could go in tbo vleioMh 
ennlury. the duk* of Kctrmaitdy piibUalivd wkil ha 
r»lli>d ilio injuatlee and bad fcith of ikg Ktuni.* 
Till! jtriii'tnl iiillueue« of lapcratliioDa Idcaa ft^ 
leiiicd tbv diiiiiiertated apeoialaia of Ihla dSafvtt 
from ondertlaodiilf the palriotU condaet of the 
ion of Godwin, and Ma wntpnloiM deferesM to 
tho will of the people who bad made him kbig. 
The opitdotL of the maaa nf lacn oa lli> caDtiDCnt 
wai for Will iatnacaiuit lJBral<Jifuiilii.-m>D«batiad 
ron^vrted linly thingi into a uiaii-. aud nba oS' 
ctt*d Inaanti againat a ptinc<c yht flurfd t" coin* 

mil the !lke -with regard to Id* peopls. The na^go- 
rlallnna wlili tb» Uumsn ebnrch, bi<(rui> by Itobnt 
dr Jiiit)le)(rt and Lftoftanc, proceeded with Tigois' 
frxni thr moniFiii that ■ doaoow of LUicus had 
carried bejcii'l tlic Alp* Uie Dann of the _ 
erimi; of Uorald and of the whole EagUah 
The dnk« of Normandy |iiefeiTCil an i 
(Bcriiege againat hia Bneinjr before the ponUI 
court; he demanded Uwt Englaiid abould 
laid uuder iatetdict by the cliiur-ti, and dcdaiH' 

to be lb* prop«itv of him wh» abotald ft)ti 
takp powMBlon, nltn th«>n>««rTiaiauaf tbe pope*) 
approval.' Ifa KniuRded hia demand upon thm 
prhicipit) tamplnluia i the munlrr of young AUttJ 
and hi* Norman ccmpanlona ; the caputelon at 
artbUahop lUlwrt from the aee of Canterbofrt 
and hitu( Haruld'a poijuty :l° rat>r«over, ha aUsged 
that hf himaelf had nri imdartiiable riifht la the 
crwu, by rirtuo of bia relaliuiuliip to iMwanl Iha 
Cniifi-ianr, and by the wiih of tlial klnx potUlielj 
declared ou hia deach-b«d : av laid duke WUlUm. 
He avumod tho chunutiTofk plaintiff at Law, rc- 
ipilrin^ lhatJualln>Bhnuld badona to him, and de> 
tlroua Ihit hia aiir«raary ihoitld be heard in aa> 
rwer. llui llanild wii in nin cited lu ildaiiJ 
himaelf bafoie the tribunal of IWine. Ele rtfuacd 
|« ackoowUdK* hinia^f amenabl* to Ikal rourt," 
and he deputed no ambaaeador thithrr, b«ln{ 
loo haughty lo aubmU the Indepondroen of bk 
crown lu any furviini iticlattoii. anil, at the aamo 
tli]i«, poaactand uf loo iBitth gooi aenae lo coofUa 
in thi! impartiality ef ihoac Judgfi whom liiaaBeny 
)iBi) a|ip(nilnl lo. 

Thn n>niiaIory of Si. John of Lateran waa, at 
that epnch. ruled by a miu «bo«c fanic ei-UpaM 
thai of all oihcra of llic middle affca; lltia peiMn- 
age irss llildcbraiid. n luitik of Cluny, wan baJ 
hrta appointed arcliduacuo of Ihoehureh of RMoe 

' SdNtit aal* ■Dnnntenrewim, brindtliUiiai>iBili«ta- 
rvu. tllucil^>fifi*i<iii'^l1*>"1<^i>*i>^tlniw*,0|wAavlub*r«paa»' 
M. C^lil MilnHvIkhaurs icr. Anit - >>>>. *.i>[u>lr*r. «»■; 
■IM. arriiil.. p IS. oJ .■uivik.;— Iliil. liiirulf L'loi'luid. ii^id 
rvt. Au/lii:. KilnL.iol. l. n*. nl.fiaU. Mjlli. TaiIlI'II. L |i.>. 

> Ila»bll nJuHUl*. iKwlmtt.HlU.not^Ui.l p.a.fd. 

• A4 awrtnUruin oilalL {Wlllelm Mb1bd,U rfa 

t'H, n-T \nglic.. Illk 111,, ajivd ni. Aefliii.trn^..f. lOt. 
mi. Aaiila.) 

i> lUn. Illii>l«l. IMy<hMB.. Iin, tt., ipul nr. Aaglir. 

<■ luMriumotjamnlftBitm- (HW. liLfvlC. Ci«;laal. 
*pai in. .Uillc, KTl^i., ••! i. rs.ei Cula.) 

TTw tmhI* al Itam*. 
llMiiaV or WUUan'i ap^ 


Thr [•i|«'*JiidlcUil icBtcDDt. 

Tin iiMml uivubly. 


jaatu In Ae K«rae of ihU ixmlltr, li* found litmsclf 
ye — e w cJ dI tuflirtirnt auUioiil)' u illcfatc the nice- 
iton of* P^'f "' '''* o*^ c4ioic«, Mho BHunKil (be 

l*nui(I«r II., uid 1o nuintBin him In 
tfea ciMir of 8t- Peter, nolwilhiUniliiie Ihe iliHp- 
■nml of (hf> Finpomr. Thv rouilaul ubjtM of 
HiUfbfTUK), m xIk fiirlhi'niice uf wbirli ho dk- 
jilajml l)i« matt uidc&linlile activiiy, uiil em- 
iriojcd all thr minmin if a prjwviful ^mltia, mm 
ID traniform the tvltgiou* tiiprrmxry of thn Im>I^ 
ace iBio an unireml avrvrflgrity ovnr all ohrtatlan 
auln. Ttiia r«r«lmkMi,ttui hwlborn tfimnitnccd 
In tbe uiBth cciitsry by the »iili)*clinn of tDiaa 
loirn* of eimnl llaljr to the abcdipim and tbo 
dMniakUao '>r ■!■* Ii*^)^ "^ lUtait, in* oonliiinall)? 
pHHnntpd in tilt taorte uf the twu cuaiiiiie ri-ii- 
rariM. All tkd lowoa of Itic t.'aiu|MiiiiR. 'T ><liicli 
Om HtHinii poiillir'n'sithc iniiiicdntriii>-1tiii<<>liliiii 
bmi IMcaedi wbcllirr trilliiiicly vr bj' wuMruiiit. 
WXkAct hi* trniponl vOTrrtiiicfklj ■ and it U by iia 
IMMiM Ibfl l#atl HingiUar ciimaiiiU'i* in lii«ae 
cfaaafva, that anniB Moiman toii^ltlJ^ who bad ad< 
tvuiuniurf; ffnitiratod frnm Otric cma couiitrj', 
led oBlhaaolilifriraf Banr. bmmlh Uic Iwniier of 
Su Pnctf to lbs «oiu|ii«at of lht«i' Itallnn Urri- 
tatiea.' At tbla tSm», 4la«, «Prt»iii alh^ r Nornuiu, 
(J'vntafvn arid ptl^rim), had mimi*d " mi-roo. 
luiva ill lb« Dilltlarytn^t^nflhe •rlkcno'lo' Inrda 
of the toaXh ot lul;, and had. in tike manner (o 
Iht 3axoat bi iht ^7 of the Dnlooa, br»kpn Ihcir 
EmiK, MitiMl An (lia fortm«r(. and cilablifiheil theli 
oorn domlntoii CFvn ibi- Funntrjr, Tliii nevi ponrPt. 
faai^nc put ■» end to the prea-iiiiniu afthe Creek 
tnip«'inTi.«llh ttg^A (a tile ciiin of Aiiulia nnd 
uf CaUbha. or al leaal to BiUt (r^nl poirtr ibcj hnd 
h(t«tof(>i* p"weM»Ml, tetj vril] mnitrA till- rvli^siM 
iatoUr«iM« «r tk« nMirl fi Il<\ntr. in<i IHatl*r*<l iu 
•nfclllMI bj affbrdlns llio hi>]i<' that It mljtlit rra- 
dilj fain |>lRWy aulhorllj omr nnrrUrn whowrri- 
riiBTil* ttt thfdi chaimct(r< and vcvra imbued irllli 
|<Tl>fDnnd lentrallon for tbe linly *oa. Man}' of 
Lb> atfw duliM and pounia, ittdMd, nvonvtl then- 
(ri*«a IDbvthp vaiwltuf thi! )iriiitw ittiht apoHba, 
■HtTOIiWiilvtl lo rvrrire » bamx^r ftiiin (be lUiman 
ehardl. tn tuVen of the (tiidal inu'aiitiiir of the 
tenitOT7 wlilch tbrjr bad ca(K)tion<l by llitir arim. 
TIMb ihf rhtvrch pmtttod bjr the martial Fiilct)-riM- 
efV>* NnrnwiM and ffadunUy eaUiidnl iti aare. 
Mf^ (War tn lUlj' r it b^un b' oumidcr tbe Nor- 
mWMi •■ drtlcnT^ ta fl)^t all iLi btLll«a, aiid iln 
tetuc* to il for l}i<:ii cun<|ui-si>. 

Sneh *vri^ ill' *'•-■) ■iilK<'lHr rvUtiOim wbicll 
^^Mital vtaata bad rtrenilf eainliliahid, whi-n 
lite (oNiplalala and Ilia appeal n( i1il> ilukn of Nar- 
MMidy w«rrlilil befeNlbcmnitaf KoKkc. Fnujtlil 
wilh bla lonccheriihed hope, archileacou Hil<l«- 
Wnnd ihoughl lli* firopittoai hnur had aniTwl for 
■Uenpdag, wilb reganl lo thr kingdom nf Kiig. 
knd, iImk dotiipii wliich h«d been *o liKp]<II} var^ 
ricd bun •BcM In llalj'. Hia moat atniDuoua ef. 
&Mta wei« diiMIMl to aubuilulr, iDitead of erclrai* 
aMicml plrMLiuK* itUlL't to the lukeiruinii«!« uf 
the £o^>*li peopl«^. tbu hli»nn^ laf il« j)nfEati'*f iirul 
Uw pMjwy et Iti kin;, a formal treaty tvilh liir 

> IrtfT K<ifaana«i|>^ TUiertin tnu[cT*DI,Wnl*rsiii> <le 
»Wi«l»Hw*a ■ rnneiuW prtnHfBnillillB Ik^na. 
vevUlaB ffattrti h(rt e^^ui*' ^aWnn Caat^DUn •ulrjic 
■aiM. tOrda ViibI. errlailui- tililoi. ipHd ■ctI]iC. rr>. 
r..!— na r IT) ririrj lllil nilmlin T-| n't f •"' 

Nonsan (ir th« oon<|auM of th« ialand al eominon 
toat ami lur malaal prolil. Altliough tiie rMl de- 
allpi trail tliua conitrted to • punljr political pur- 
poae, thv uauat of ^'illiaia ai^tMl Etuold «raa *x- 
aiiiiunl Iti tlie <vnrlatv ofcardlnala wiOiout tiMire 
b«tti|t an app«aiaiic« of anj' othfr motive than M 
lift lim quMtion «rf t)w barcililir^ riKliI. or to ufi> 
hold tlur aanctitir of m oath aa imiolabl*. and IM 
tcnnrallon for rtll«« ai oblljiacory. Thrao pleaa 
did not ippear to many of ibr Jud(e< t« be Miffi- 
dentJy WFii^hl) to justifj-lheaanetiouof the rfjureh 
to au ai-l of hoMile aggrfMion agalnit a eliiialian 
tiation, or i.nultl*r} inniian of tbiilr laiid. L'pou 
UildeWnd'a ImiWIi^i Mtlbta poiiil. loud manAura 
afove, and ibc moto Mnaelmloua piulatn dctluri'il 
10 him that tbei* vroiilil be iiifuii^ altanliid lo lli« 
luthDriulioti of H) hoinlddiil a eourav :■ he n- 
tnaiiic^ unpcitiirbnd in hii rctolae*. lud hli arn- 
limriilv at Lcn^^ prriailrd. 

Acverding ta the urma of the jutlicirtl Beutciicc> 
■rlueb waa pronounenl by Ihc popn himvlf, ^^'il- 
llun duko of Normaruly hul romikxian to «n(or 
ICimlind, to hrlnit It bark In II* vWdlenrT lo the 
hnty ace, and lo re.rslabliah fni crver the lax of 
St. Pettr"* prmcc.' namlil and all hi* ndberoua 
irm rMommuniealcd Uj a papal bull, it-bich maa 
tntiiamilted to William by the hand* «f hi« envoy, 
and to It waa, mofvotw. adilMl tbe ;itt al & fcaDii»r 
ftoin ihe •poaiolieal chuich. asd a ring oontalnlnt 
oitr of Ki, Pcirr'* h^ltB, aucbaMd bcnctth a din- 
nivnil of aomc prior,* Such wai the Inufold in- 
»ertltiire, military and ponillkitl; and the holy 
■Undard that nu to eoufcr a mcred cUurarlcr on 
the liiT«iion of t^Klanil wan ikr %xmv Ibol. but a 
tryr trara brbtv, Iha Nonnina. Bsoul and Uull- 
Uumc dc MontrcniL had planted, m the nunc of 
the ohiireh, on tlif T«irei« of CaaipanU.* 

Before Ihe bull, the banner, and Ihe rjnf arrlivd 
In Notniandj, duke William hnd attembM a obi- 
nrl-c»iincll of hIa moil InlUnitc Olmdt, to aak 
Ihrir advitc and aMalanvc. lit* two brotbcra by 
ihc mother"* fide, of nhom dqo 'vaa bi»liop of 
Bnyeux and the Mher conal of M^rlntn. villi 
William, BOti of Uibej'l, wimrbal of Nnnnnnd)-— 
Ihat ia, the duke'i llriitFniinl In thf rinl oUaitnia- 
tnttioa, atlruiicd thin tanCttviiM. All >rere of 
opinion that a dtaceiU aheold be made in l^glnmt, 
■ud proraiied William to aone him Titli Ihrir 
penotia and profrrty, and even to Mil or morl- 
g;ige ihrir eilaln fiir tbat uhjecL *■ Bnl Ibtt 
u nol all," aaid Uiet to him ; '■ lou niiM a>k the 
aid Bad couuwtl ofllie eoinnunalt,) vf tbinKoiintry ; 
tor i( ia but ri|t1iL tlut lliey wlxi am Iu pay the *>- 
puiiari bn rAlliil upoa to kItd tliclr eonaeal."* 
'Iben, nay the dirauldea, William coninked a great 
aMrmbly of num of all claaan In Normand], of 
the warriota, prieala. and coninMrcUl men powcai- 

irtg (tie k"«Ef<I w««lth and rnntidrmtloli. The 

diike ttnlfotded to ihem hi* projeot, and loUriivU 

• tju pm ra, 1 qaitbuidiB rnlrihii> ivnA inrmliBi 
fonult. lulnmiramtiiBUbw qaM ol unu li.,iniici^u p-r'- 
tundi. Uolft larai*. nmn oinetin imiirnlite'iii, (i:iii4, 
Oervi. VII.. ■»! MriM. ««. Gtllt*. « fniKW.. wL tit. 

< ChmBHiur do NMBaadl«w HmwII diu HM. da la 
Viaan, lata, all), ttt. 

• UbUI ntur.. afud (sir*- <"r. Koemuo).. p. It7.— 
Mkili P<»t>. >ul. t- p >. 

> OnUilc Vlul. Rlitat. nvl,. a^d KTlpl. nt. Nnimaaa.. 

JP. «I.-FI»1HJ-. Ill* "ftl.. »ol LK. »^ 

• t^l«ntIllll!'ll«^eIauuld]■.]l■e•fU<l«ItM.fclaPIa•n'. 
lam. xill. W. 

Villain ihf h^a'wKaL 
tij Hit rr^-^'ri La ihr iLohi^ 


tiivlr u>kunc« ; aftw irklcb t^CT rvtirvil to it\i' 
Lunilr, llml (heir <l«ti«oii might W (rue &tid uniu- 

!□ Uii- debate wlii(^hFnsiMKl.opinUiDwa«*lR>nKly 
iliiiilL'd : tatuc ihiiikiiie it pmtx^r i«) mill liit 
dukia vrilli iJiipii jiriitiuiiiii, Kiid moncjt, vrhilc 
ellicnt lefunnl cit*) kinil if iiii), ■njiiijc llinL Ihrj 
li«d alratd}- more ^nbta than ttioy kixw lioiv lo 
!■■>. Tliia (Uicuaiiiin nu i>«t ivtUioul tnniolt ; 
onil the nicuibm of thr uicialilj. liming ijiiiliitl 
tlicir MnUi caltiurcd lugctltor in groupa, ulkiiiK 
■u<l ip-sdruUling with gmt clamour.* In ib<: 
mlrln or (hi* Aiitoiitt, lb»*»aouh«l orNonatiKlj, 
Williiun Hou of OtboK. ralMd hU Toiee mmI Mid — 
" Wh> diipuir ui Ihla ttmj t He i« jonr lotil, Mid 
tic nn'il* jour tcrTlcri : K Is four dulT to oBcr 
thfnii ou'i nwi lo nail lili reqacat. If jou arc 
Iwckwaiil aiiil liu (fUiia hla end, bjr GmI! Iio will 
r*ini-iiib(-r it. Shuw, l}iwi, Ihil you Iotc him, anil 
act Milliafcuod jfwaer." ■'UuuliUcta," nelninwil 
Ikoac 0* tbe upiimiic aitli!, " he is our lunl; but 
i* It A0t tuAduit that \tr pay him our uuil-mital 
We ate uol bound lo pay Iubi an aid fur iLitj #a- 
pcditiwi beyeiiil ih« tm. H* ha* burd^nul un tna 
muoh tlreaily by bia nira: if hr (ail m hJi nnw 
(Oliediliun, our country !• mined." * Aflrr many 
ifoadm and nplin with tuIouu Bontimmla, it 
waa dacidird ihkl th* ton of Utbcrt, uha knew tbo 
niiikiu of nack, ahoulil bo ap|ioiiiU4 lo luikc th« 
ncUMaof tli« aMenblf forlliv ainallncaa «f thaif 

Tile Xunnana gjl rrlutDcil lo tlie dukc ; and Uib 
■OD uf Utbcrt apoLc at foUowt : '' 1 do doI think 
Ihll tlierv Bi*c in llir wvtU jjavplc mun' ivaluua 
Ihui Ikne. You know iho aidi n bich ihty Iiavo 
fnniiibed, uul the weighty (rrvicva ihry hniT rea- 
dTrtl lo yuo. I now infann joii, lUt, th.\l thi-y 
dflur III du luucr, and nub to avnr yon a* fAithfully 
bcjciiul lira u on thit (ids the CbaiiucU I'uab foi- 
mWiI, tbon, Bad by bo iiimdk tpu* Chen. Ho 
wliD liM hltlioria fnmlahMl you vrilh but tn« g«nd 
i-umbntmiti on hotavbiuk will b» U tlae <k|)rim of 
duiilik- that number.*" "Noi, no." oiMl ihoao 
around njih oao TcicCi " wc did not cWkv you to 
make any aucb aoaucr. Wo aaid no luvb IbinK, 
and It alikU not Li- '. Whtbmr fas baa lo perform 
in bia awn cuuutry, n> will aaai«t him in. u it is 
DDT dtilj to do ; but we OTE not boiinil lo aid bin 
in G9ni]urrli)|[ Um couuUy itt otben. Beoidt*, if 
W« yrvrt oact la ofln hhs duubl« knight'* acnice 
Kkd ta fcUvw him twyand iha •<«, ha woald make 
U a Vlinon Uil a ri^l Car lb« ftitaTc. and wuitld 
MM It to opprcM our children. Il nnnnl, and tlui.ll 
nut ImmV* Qmuiia of ten, twenty, and nf thirty, 
a(r»iu brgaa to collpct, ihc tiuouit bccunc gcucral, 
ud the UMnMj aqMnlad.* 

WBlimm. Xhonit MtwriMd aaA tatngtd beyond 
Bnaiim. nnvOulaM dlarianflaUd bit mgm, and 

■ CtifaalnuirdaNniMiidk.RcciuildMlIltf.dalarMnet, 

■ nu. 

* lUI. C<iil.VlrtrT.. M. 

* tixauadlr. L c^— lli-ai. lluuiincd^iL m;, 
ti, lUTilt, — tlHiT. Knyflilna i» imiiin An^llB lih l.»p. 
lt.i>Miil hut- Aaiills BrtM., nil. ta.<al, tSiu, .iL )V-lrJm, 

* nuoa. ila NarsMilEi. Brc dn IIIM ds U fitaei, 
inn. lilL «M Ri>«n: J* Munla AgTridit a4 H(<IkI' 
WDi.h'ii hm iL 1<>. 

* lAaaUiua i> KorwaiiiU*. ji, n*. 

Mualt sWIai csfi «MnrBli< 
Nalw Inn. banw Mete. 

(Wae*. BoBMB da Roo, I«m. {). !»> 

had rvcourac to an arlltlRo which hw acarctly cm 
Eulrif in lU f llerl, whrA powoiful mpii katr *n- 

ploycd It 10 c>*#tci>in«> popular ntiitanf^. VTiUiaai 
a»ni far ihciM men t^iaraiely, whoni be had mIM 
laKothcr In • b«dy< bcKlnniax with iho rtchMt ind 
moat Influential, and beiKcd thai they wuuU eom« 
tu kii aid purely out of la*«ur ta Jitm and with 
tuluulary prewnti. lAlrnunglhu hn had tiodwign 
whatever uf duinx Ihnu any nrtmtiia fuinr*. nor 
of abuHiiiz iJiFtr lilienlicv lu their own prrjuditv, 
iiiid h<' utlWi-d tu pKiliiT hi* word for tbe nmc by 
iHtrnt uiiiirr 1ii< fct^i^t t^ikl-' No lUI* Jutd f^Bncv* 
thu* >in((iy iiil'irronatcd, to pronounce a rrfiiait (o 
Ibn diipf of thsir pountrr. in Ihla inlMrlev with 
tbc ctiikc, face la &ru. What Ihey gmnlari wm 
Inunrdihlcly rcjiittprcd, and thr example nf Ihe 
lint dptomiiued tboac who came aAcr. One Mib- 
acrtbed for itMCla, another fi>r wflUappointnl ncn- 
at-«nn«, and many jiramlteit tu mtwtJi In pewaa. 
Th« pTi«Ms irai* Ui»ir moDpy, the mnctunia their 
•lulTii, and ilic- country jicople their provhiiuu,* 

The cDiiaccmlcd Lanncr, and lint buH nnlhorit* 
ing tlic aimrciaion nfiiiuit Emtlaud, apvvdilv nt- 
riiifd froin Bante. Tbe tight ol ihoM Intbgi 
^ii'ited iluublr cajptnieai : every uue btnufht wkkt 
he rouid ; and uiutlien leut their vim lu rnliat 
for lliv taliatiim of tliair wuli.*' William bad hu^ 
pibcUuiatiiiii iif wni publiKbc'l lu the twM[fabi>i(rinc 
eauiilriea: and olferad good pay iiaJ the phjnJcr 
uT England lo avery Inll and ainul man who tvonld 
Mrve liim with apear. cwonl, or enNa^bow.'* A 
ODaltilwIe came, by alt roodt. fimn br and neWt 
frtHD the norlli and from lh« Kintb. 8«me nrrtvad 
IVoni the pMiinM ef Maine and frftin JLkJMi, 
from Puilan ninl (rum Brittunifi [mm >*mwio rad 
(mm Flonden, fioni A((ui1niue and froin BuptBdj. 
(rijin Firdnionl atid (rimi tliv bnnkH of tbe Rfalnt'. 
All the adtctiluiim l>jr profeanon, all llio ouicwta 
of ^ralrrtj Ki3rii|Tr, f-Aiiir: nMcerly and h* forced 
manhM. S«nia WMn eanUinra or waiUlLr chieb, 
olhcn werr tlmply faot-utlilinn and' 
anti), ta thty were llicn (utlrd. Soour aafced for 
pay in anoncy i otitria only far tliclr pat^^ aal 
all the booty Ibcy could uiokc : many vritbod In 
land atnon^ tbe Kn^iah, a dcueai«a a rattle, ir a 
town ; while atber« wuuUI he eouuni with Mae 
rich Saxon womiui in nUiri^«.'* Every wish, 
cirry praird uf liuinnn cotctoiMirM prcafntnt It- 
a«lf, Wliliam rtjretcd n» ono. n)t the Komian. 
ebronlela, but proiiiixml Invour* tu ei cry one no- 
wording tn hit obiltty." He even wvnt ■« fitraa 
to i;ruil on Ensliah obdrapric. In praapeet. In oaa 
Kcini of fctcamp, Cot m ohip and IwnUy n)cn-«t* 

■ Ei wild WUmenmrn* lit n taililRNHil Antm.U tntr 
to brrolL it.'htoB. ill NaioiMiJlc. luia. aiiL Ufc) 

■ llidl. 

• lliia-. ].. «K. 

" MiiitniinKcrlnrpnn.ptitifllKDtn lulnn cnuiila, 
Malmiab. Or gn*. nt- Anvl., lib. HI *v. mI Saiilu.)— tUU 
nunnu d ntifim. FV1.»>ttl cl IhirriB^ianrt, alUfw 
popuu CMnlni ail Mlum Uiiii>ni.iilii>ini «Hiviiaraai. <^ 
AacU(w]Hi*di» inli)iRil». •Kni> rti-nn'mt H (vnln Ivrr* 
aarlqiw aoc obiulniiM. (UrilMIr?. Vtul. IIUI. rat.. apa4 
•rripl tn. tifm^no.. f. t»t ) 

'■ Oiroii. i]( ^oinusdit, Ittc da Uld- de la Fiaai*, 
loiB, aill nT. 

'< ii.ia, 

■' Aiiii>i{ni tiyTitlnr. quoted l>) Shkmn Tumar. Iliit, at 
Ihii Anfin S^iom, id1. ii lit. hV^ ^l^adnuti llitL lunsr . 
lib. i T.— llriii)iii»ri m-iiurlui Fl«iif«il... aptMOiMMai, 
•diknirM-ian't^ (Will. MalBinb.d* ffO. MMIC Aait. 


Cdou of Utluus* dMkm w. 


Tlw llnunaXta WUIian. 
tUliof of (hr nriiiUon, 
Slona* ma (hlpmokt. 


I — niltijin 1m all Uic paitt of NonuMidy buildluj; 

^■MlHufBf «v1 rvncU; th« •mltbi >ii<l kraivurtn 

HkkBO&ctutcd Unc«>, airord*, uad «>aU of mail: 

mad ponm wn« (oulinuilty ^'■■■■K Ix'^^'wvds uut 

ward^ can7in4; (he snna Iram Ihe ni&iiiifijFtorim 

dM9 ibipB.' While theaL- nnpaniLiutia wrtc 

ryloi m witli firrsl lia(il«, WiUiiia njiaiicd tu 

^St- O^novn'** (^ P^iJip Ibing <jf tliv Fr^rirh, iiiiil, 

inhnlDf hln lna<l«(cn<i>CJnl »tyW, vrhlrh hU tnriii* 

9 to** had oAva omltlvd taiUinhpn adilrruliiK ihn 

|'liln<« of Ihr Kruik cvuntry, '* You >r« mj ILrtcr 

/luffli" he nkl ; " ir It pIcoK you to ftwiit idp, ulJ 

llhouM ], *itli tiod'a grncp, make good mj right (a 

{XnglftBil. 1 pramltp lo ilo hnmi^ to }-ou for it, u 

If I beU U Aom )«u."* rhltin KMembledacuuii* 

cil of tnrMM «r frank-mon, wiuiout which be mv 

Ml BMakllud lo drciilc uny puhlic qu*atJon; uid 

''Uw Mt«M urei* ofopini'iii th»l Willinm ouglilnol 

!'fa utf mj to be auiiIhI in hit eo]U|uaat. — ■• Yna 

&■»«," will thej' to tli*ir kiu^, " how liilJo Ihc 

NormaBi ob«j jou e»eu uow ; and when th»j pea* 

BngUnd it mlk be quitr othcnriK. Bnidcm 

to SMiat t)ic iluki;, it nould coat Our 

' ■ pMt <i*ml ; aniJ if h* wet* lo fiil in !■)■ 

Ill* Eoftiah oatiuQ would be oar e&e- 

fc«o— lf 7 I 

Duke Willum't nninPit brln^ thui rtfuMil, lis 
RtimI, <lm«ti)A«l with kinK Philip, miA wi- 
drtmei a Monilar odc lo tlic count of FlknJrn, liii 
' Itfallwr4n-kw, who in like mittnci tefmcd.* 

NotwUhMaMliny tlie ualiaiiU rtunllf of Ihn 
TtiiiMiii aiid the Bnlonf. ilttte ciUltil brlwpirn 
Uw dukn of Kormandj and thc^ coiinl* nritrlitauj' 
cntaiii tka of tSlniij that rcndnml iHc rtlktioni 
l«lw*eB IbiM* two (latn more compUcDtvit without 
b«toif Um Iwalilt. At the line whni <luke Robnt, 
tb> mOttt at WUHun of Normuidj. lel cui upon 
likt pURTtoMBv, he bad no attrer lelaiivc Uian Al- 
^■1 or Alain, coont of Driltaoj, iIoKcudi-il Lii tli'? 
fanala line Iroro liolloi and tu liiiu hu cviuiuilliid 
an hfa depaitvrc the care of hla durh; and Did 
pMudlasihip of hii K>a. Coanc Aliia hc*iiai«id 
BOC almoW Immediately, to dcdare thn palnmily 
tt Ui ward doubtful, and Co tnriiiir ihd party 
wludi dnlMd to act bun uide from the lucccuinn ; 
bal alitr the dobat of Dial party at the VbI di-a 
Dmaa bo di«d. and apnarmtly of polaon by the 
Doatrinooe of ihe fiit-iiiiU of Willlarn the Buatanl. 
Hh auo Cflpan lutcccdrtl Itim. and silU nu^icd ill 
Bdtta&y at Um period of WiUiam'a tTttl annaiii<-tit 
(or lb* eoai^aint (>f EngUnd. He wu* a prince of 
amhcioai baattiv- drvadfd byhU Dcighboun, and 
wboM dilrf iMiIlcy It wtM in iijjure Ihc duke of 
Nonnasdj, wbam he tookrd ttpun at an uiurper 
■«d •• the mirdoivTof hi* £iiU<r AJain. ftccine 
Um mjpftd ill a hii»rdt.a4 tul£r])ri*«i, Cooui 
Ibooi^ it a ftvourabie mamnic lu ili-clare war 
■faint hliD. and deapalt^itol otio of hu fh.imhur- 
MHa 10 him Winh tlia fulluwiii^ ranioHa : " 1 livnr 
thai yna ar« ready to paaa tlw sen to make connunt 
irftb* kilifl»in of England. Nuw, duke Holicrt. 
wboae aoB yan teiga to conaidi-r y^um-ir, on liii 
drpaiting tar Jtnuian Mt all hii InhrriUncp to 
roant Alaili. my fcttw, wbo wai liU couain ; Lutyou 

■ TaftMii* lb ibi«wi. 

• Cbi«B, ifa NuTBiuidlr, Kn. det ItM. itii ]■ Pt.iiuo>, 
k«. allL m. 

and)Tinraticttoraha\epobanedmyfiuhrr, you hate 
Bppn)|>iialcd lo yoiuaelf Ihe domain of Noimauily, 
and have kept p< aa i >iii>Ti nf it tiutil thia day, coii- 
trarf lo all light, dtiM jroa tro but a baalanl. He- 
•tare lo me. tberofim, th* duchy of Noranaiidy, 
which belong to me, or I ahall lery war qnan you, 
aiid tJiallwafC iitocaticmlty with all my tDfoaa."* 

The Noniiau liUtoriuk* arow tlul tt ilUam wm 
iniiFh (larll'd by ta hostile a gieingg; for fvan x 
fruliln dlnnion ini|^l rirudnr fuUk- bit omHllloua 
hnpna of conijuut. But he imni^ncd a method nf 
disciubanaaiiiig hitnaelf, with tolenblc fthlity, of 
no cnrmj who bad d«clar«it himaclf tbua boldly 
and imprudently. The ehamberlain af the count 
of UrLttany, gained o*or doublleM by a bribe of 
gold, rutilral polaoii lulci ihe tnaide of the hum 
which hit roaaier aoundcd when huniiag, luid, to 
make Ilia pracituUona doubly tvtv, be palaonrd In 
Lk« manlier [Iii; eounl'i (toTn and )ii« bone'a 
bridU.* Conaii dird a few daya aftf r bli earaj't 
rvlum. Cotmt Etidea, wbo auceredcd lilm, look 
cipaciil earn not to Imitiie him. and not to olfhnd 
Wlllima the Buitanl with Tteanl tu the iitidlty of 
Ma right: on the cuniiary, dl- fonnnl an alllaoco 
with tiim, which wa« ■ thing quite n*w belwlat 
the Brelona and Namana, and NDt hla two aon* 
to hla ciunn to aem aplDil th» EnfilUh. Tticae 
two yontbrul prtncM, tiainrd Brian and AlUn. re- 
poJrcd 10 the rcndciToua of the Norman fbma,' 
a«ct>litp«illed by a body of Urelon knijchTa, who 
■tyltd th«nt Unc-ticma,* but ttie Nottnana gava 
them till! appelluion of eounta. Cerlnln otlier 
wealthy Btetani, who were uol of the pure Ceblo 
race, and who harr nanira of a Frrnch kinil, aa 
Kobtrrt dr Viti^, BerUand dc Dinand, and Ilooiit 
de Gael, rcaorted likoniie to the court of the duke 
of Xormaiidy. with olfen of m(«iing hl> aerrice.* 

The pLace of inaeliu^- fur Itie iMteli aud Iho 
warrior* waa at Iho lUOUtFi uf thu Uiia, a riier that 
falla loll) tliu *ea btlwiat the Scioe and tlie Ome, 
For a montli the wEiida wart contiarj', ajid kept 
thn Norotan tl««t in port; aRcr nhlvb a aouth 
broetc carried it aa far na llie nrobunehure of Ihn 
Somnio lo the roadated of Saint Valety." Tlicru 
thr bad weather again let in, ao that it wai nrcca- 
aa/v to wail for acTcraldap. The licet oat itnchor. 

and the troopa encamped on tlie ilinre, being mvich 
ri[po4»d to Ihc conMaiil tain, which fell ill tui- 

Diirinii thia vnfnrrarm dcUy aom^ of the shipi 
wire ditmaalcd by a tiokni huirlrane, auil fuiin- 

■ Wlliflm. Dvoiirt. Illit. Kiirtuan.. >piii] ariiirf. r«, Nur- 
bwDii.. p- 9at. 

• I Mil. 

^ I'h.iu IdUatna, Ritt- Jii HpM>(n'>- '!"- '"- t<ini . i. I'. 

• XoniuritMcLM. rWriiacliidi In V<c|>||. TVan. 

• Dun Lolilerai. HIM.da BrMana. Ila lU. tcm. I.««.~. 
Cliniaiqu* lU Noimaadb, Kfvwtu itm MIi*. il* U Pino'«. 

im. zili. nr. 

I' Xiii'W ImthaI arllrn ban imm^nri Ibat II va* >l 
(■aiint-ValL-ryra-Cu*. not al Ha)nl'Vatrn>ani-<oiaBir uva- 
tli^l lieraod tb< eaUtiiBi of Ifae dnth-t ot Konuady : liul a 
M*. iwonly lUanimcd lu llw |.iiMIi! lihrtrr at Iltuivlii 

leaita dd Iobj^ any doa la uu tlili puml . 

Ti.qiir. vi^lkt golW. latulna tua UUum Jiiiqii r ua, 

S>ri(i<im nnli liliua ad alurlui- 
IVflu* till anllij^t* Vi&jpfi IWniir balftl, 

Qu* mllal iwrtuie. Siinaaa ouim aqiut. . . 
!Uniipvr «■ c^jrtriiin ijaa<tilav lanf li V»l«vtfi, 
IIieUblluQ0afua«IIIklUiqii< mon. 

(Bnuvia Hft. urna tt.l 

II t)*viUtu» #rBH. frifu» rtLTH^lHl v1 luil^r. 
1^1 nolat ublKtiu Autuliut al iiIhtUi. 





1 lUeontriil nT ilu •oMk rj- 


msuB nilMlb Hi IkI. 


dared iriUi iheLr ciem. TliU nccidotit produced 
grant inDnauiiii|{ unanf the troop*, btiguod bf a 
jtrulonKnl «i>MiBpDKnt. Tlx taldivr* pMMd tbm 
liU« liuun In Goovcnlw aader thvir tsnl*, viil 
tomiaanie»liln their r«2*«ti«B< on (hv dasgiin of 
tha vorife uul Ih* iliflli^ulli«t of iba ootarpniir. ' 
Thsrc bad not JM bfan ■ bMIt*, Mid [hcf , aiid 
almdj BMiiJ mtai irtN dead ; tlwj couuird and 
«uwB«nLltd ibc niunbcr of bodlp* which hail bon 
waaSad Mhorc. Tkfe r«porti ibalpd thv arttour of 
■idTBntUNn at fint ao full of iraJ : *d<1 aaiBf of 
itivni BTcn broke ihvii eutcag«ta*nt» aud nithilrcw.' 
TDetopt^eitrauTi-iaDf tlikaill*p«aillon,wUtliit'Duld 
hate Ikvu lauJ lu hii pr«Jt«la, diilf* WilUam had 
Ihv itmJI aeccatly Intarrcd, and added l« thr ration* 
nf pmiiainna qdritiuiiii liqiioia.' But the want of 
iitiTiiT roiuUntly bnni^t back the mme mrlMi- 
tholj iuid dueoungiog tbovRlitB, ■< PdoUUi," aald 
lie iiiliUvn, iDwroiuiDgi " inad and fciallaU b the 
man who *reka to povMM htm*elf ef anothai'* 
Unidoni ; God ia offindcd at audi dMigni, 
and Aqwi hli diapltuin-R by tvfiuuog vm a fidr 
Wind."* (*.n. loan.) 

Noiwil}i>Unding hit babltn^ coolnMa and un- 
daunlcil ifirii, WUliuo <mt hiniMLf a f"J ^ tlia 
matMt Ulxi^t7. whirh h» could •meal}' «nnf*iil 
nam hit jollunen. H» wa* tna oftan to repair 
10 lli« cbunJi or Kaiut Valafj* »k pntran Mliit of 
tb« place, and mnainad loof in piajrn ; wbnic<rvr 
ha qulUad th« cbordi be looked up at lh« irMlhar- 
eotk oil Ibe tt^rple, la aw ia what dlrwllon wai 
the wind. If it apimr^il to b» romlni; rounit to 
the KiDih, the duke'a rouiili;'nBnco hrightrnrd ; but 
if i; bkw from iIk uonb «i wc«i bit fcaiure* bc- 

ciiuf ■onvwfu), and bin luuk iliuouccrtt^.' Whr- 
lli*> M a aitimr* maili af failh, ar to fumiib totnc 
r«lii>r la thn drjuciad and diti^nutngnl miiidt of hia 
iolilLFrjr, hr catitrd tlw ahriiic cautaiuinj; the rclira 
of ihn aaint la b« brvu^t iu gml liiaotaaion froni 
the cbunh of 8l. VaXnj, aud to bo carried willi 
pomp IhTAUgbhUcanp. Th« wbole armjr pmreil ; 
tha oblab madf rich offirrinp; and aTcrT toldicr 
wfthciBt uccplion pmciitod a piecv of raonej. 
Tbc rrr? nril niehl, a* if by n miraJe froin 
bearm, ihe nuid* chaagrd, and >hr wratber Iw- 
c^mc mIdi anil •crenr. At daj'-luok nf ihn 3Tth 
of S*pl*Riber. lh« aun, which uultl Uul iiiiomlii^t 
had bvMi ohaeured bj clouda. arota In full tplm- 
door.* The ninip wu Unmrdlatal; hiokcti up. 

I Vain* aJllM*. M flnri ioIdI, mt labnunta niiaiJw- 
tjaL (WJU. MalnaM. .b iHi NX.AiutL.. 111>- id. u. i^U.ed- 

* l^rila (UffaiBuMnrum.qtil Ditvm (poimidaTanl. COalU- 

' lUU. 

' linuira lumloniD <|>il letlut aliraiuiB ailun Iu Jiufuini 
Trlaadtrv ; 1V<tn fttnir* tgodfft, qai ^tuii^m kK«r\-i 
(WnlflB Uiliuiib. <tc raL n«. ABgl.. lib. 111. u. IM. 1x1. 

> tl«b'l4iat(tltM<Icntiwntt fta^araUB*. 

IIUr>"i ^ak» laiiBitiwaiki pntaii 

AiwWr li (plni.lafrit aldoil* radla: 
K utnU luTM* nMiBoi dlrtiUi d wart. 
BAiOi Wnak. WUtnu ata it|at. 

■ Bxwim i oala cuihat. et ab aaiaan tvoan, 

PfltMa dtaaoM). pupal •■ intii* ^4>iib; 
Iwalalt ttlka, alali) pnAin Balatt. 
El Pkvbai mMo (krior aMnll. 



IwluM laeniiu arara [Mdl. 

txtay prepauatii* for Immadiatc embarkilion wi> 
mailB Willi ical and nlth ii« Icia alstrilj, and a 
few huura bcfcrr luniH ibc entire ttrct w^bed 
ktiebor. Four huDdrnl ibipi wilh laiga maata and 
uila, and mora Ihnii a thoutaad tran^Kirt-boati^ 
manoiuTrvd to gain the open aea, anldit ths noia« 
of clariam and th* wild about prococdiiiK f^oia 
liti)' thouaanJ warrior*. WlUiaiiii a Ttatel led tbc 
itan, baaiiuf at llif matt^head ibc banner acBt b; 
tha pop*^ and a croaa upon iU Bag. Ila •atla were 
of dlflbrent caloura ; atid the Ibrea lioiu, tha Nor- 
mnii ootign, trrre paiiJ led on Ihrnt in aevera] pla«iaa. 
\X tbn prow n~aH carrcd the flgMrt of a boj wilh 
bit bow bciiL and iii lurvw rradj to ipvcd.' Tlia 
■hip'a laiili'iTii wvrR aiEiLM) In Ihu inuta, a prc- 
MUtion fMcmJal foe Uic jiuiag' by night, to lam 
*a a beaton und a* a nill}iii9 point to the fleet. 
'Ilila reaicl, bring a better laUeT than Ibe real, pre* 
ctdcd tbero duriitj; ih« whole Axy, and al ntsbl 
leA them fir bubiml. In t)ia momlBK the dnke 

*eni a tailor to tbo lop of tha miilnniaH, to ■•• if 
the oiher TaaivU WM* appranclung. " I *•• nodUi^ 
but m ami *ky,''iaid the man; and anchor wm 
Imiaedlatclf cwt.' William aScclMl to be m; 
and, Inl anxiety tod fear should aeUe upon tne 
«rew, be order«4l a lumpluoat MP<*at to b« •crre4 
np, with wiiiei iiron{;]y tplced." The tailor went 
up iipiu, niid talil tbat ibl* Lime he ilcacrtiMl foot 
Ttaacbi and th« tblid Unic he ucondcd ba ctied 
oul. *■!»««* foreat of mut* aod aailt." *" 

Wkilc tbii greit armament tcu preparing ip 
Xunnaodjr, UbkiIiI the N'orwej^an. faltlmil U bit 
enfagenieiiia with ibu Saxou To»II(. Ind coltected 
aotcral biudrad TMwla of war utd trampurla. Tbc 
Heel resminvd Fur noinr tine at aorhor; and tbr 
Norwe^nii army, u^uilii^^ \\iv itj^iiaJ fur ilnntture, 
encianipnl on thi> Uicirt*. >» ibr NuraiBna did on tbr 
btnkt of liui DItv. Some tsgue Imjiteiaiana of 
dj*roi(r«ticnietit aiid ditqulit likewiie ninnlfi*led 
iheiuKlic* 1b 111 &via the tanie caiitet, but under 
ippearaurta BM>re gloomy and eonformahle l« the 
dteamy iniaglnulan of the peoplo of tb* nanh. 
Saieral toldlm bclloTed that tlicy hod hid pro- 

Chellc rcTcUlloiii En iheir aleep. One drcainl thai 
c 1II.W hi* compaiuoni diaembuked an tbe En^lM 
i-uui, and ill piee^ixe 4f the I'n^lith army; and 
(h£l before Ibe front of thai arm}- rodi' a ironaan ef 
gi^TuiUc itaIiiT« mounled on a wnlf ; the w^lf bald 
III bliJnMaa human baity drlppinicwllh blood, and 
when h« had dci ouiol it ihc woman gaie biin aoo* 
ther," Jk iccoud aoldicr dreamt that Ihc flwl waa 
de|>irtinK, and Uiat a cloud of raven), Tnltmea, 
niid btrdi of pte>' eaine and percheO upon ihe maatt 
and }ardi : on a iiei^hbouriiiK rock waa tilting a 
fctnatc, who held in ber hand a naked tirord, lo^ 
iag towarda and counting the tliipa. " Go|" a^d 

ClPUfiMidtH)iu Ciibil reliqiil* u^ UUurm tiiuiqaal 
Piarlplt, al palill tu1iu alia fOtU. 

(IhU V. IM.) 
Id iIi1> puiafr lh> aiillifti fimit] ruinrrtla UieilKailh 
at Ike ?<>tnBn armr. 

' Dr, Kinin'a SotB»'< AB'i-|uli'n, |d. auli.— Wan>, 
Eoaan ile ta\\. U. US. TIiari. hiulljoms. In Anftli 9aatL 
*t). I. Xi.— 'r>p4wile de Ibjiiii.-Mc i.rtliuvvli. <.||». 

* riMM ptl»ni*MKIa picHiarl'il •dckUuiI nihil otO|a- 
reieladbal. (I^ill. Pletav . (jiiil ■nijul. r>f. Nanauw.. 
p. IMl) 

• Kaebanrhnjilunmlalnnrra*. (IMit. f. I**.) 

It Tn1Ioluit4ararWinBI,iit Mkcdini iTlIlrrArvm abanll^ 
dmtliai anu-irii ii f 4'i •iiiiillliiiUn*n. (Ihlil ) 

<■ Saarrc*. lIala»l,tiD(U, llarild thto lUiiriAw i 
•ap. M. nil. ii. \M. 



■*^"ai"lKdjtii'li Trill tnl 




IfiuUl <• .Hnnwyiiiiiytil. d 

k)ia ta llM fcirtb. " ga wilbaul fcjir ; yoo ilull Iut« 
wlwinif (a oat ; juu ulall ban your chnlcf- ; tai I 
CO vilh Ikciu. I ilult go ttulber." ' It nu rr< 
nulMiI. not wlUiuui ivmr. tfaat. U ibc raomnit 

wfMili llftratJ (hu NomcKiitu itcpiM-J op>n liia 
Mj»l aloop, tUe wd)t!it ofliii boilj muln It unic 
iMoiwr in l)w wilet lltui il uu woiit to <1d.* 

NotwilhNm'tuiK lluw.' aifiUlcr prrstcu, Uic 
npcditkn Mt fwrwanl tewuda Uie ■ouUi-i'mi. 
uador Ifaa ei Kn m i n J of Um Uw aail kU ton Ulaf. 
Btdbn Imdiugin ibn iaUud olBrlUls, ttioj touchrd 
U tka Oiluiejr UIumIi, which nmv jwnplcd )ij' nion 
(if tka SauidiiM>i»n nee ; and wcrr Jainrd tij two 
cbfaft will ■ bUbop of Uimr ialauils. Tliry llitm 
toaatwl Bloiig ibn I'uttuiti uile of Scolliuidi <Uul 
llwr* (l>*r mrC TiMllc anJ hti vdtwJ*- TL«y 
auM in L-onipiUi]. ami. la ihiy |ibmmI UoBg, kU 
lacked the ara-port of ScncbotOTicb. FIDjUiw llic 
Inhabitant* JJupovcd to oflci anobatluoie rtalttuice, 
ihty Dutiic tI»rD*riTi,'a uiiftcni of & p«LiLt<4i loclk 
trhkk OTCiHooked thci towit : un thia lli«y hcapnl 
Bpaa cwnmolu pile oS truiika auil biwiciic* of 
Iret* wllh fliibbtc tlirown beiwcon, wtilcli tlicj w:t 
fln t« auJ rolled down upon the liouac* ; th«Ui fa> 
nisrcd bj liic T«itftagT>liaui Ihcj foicod the ((alo* 
and plunditTi-J ih« tmvn.* Ucli»t«d by tiiit liril 
tUMVaa from tlii-li iup«ntitiuiw tvcruia, Uivy gaily 
doubLnl Ihr (luitil of liiiliiuriii.'^a nl llic muulU of 
Ilw Hnmbct, iiiJ ullcJ U[i (hat livor. 

Prwm (lie llu(iil>>'( th«y (iikMCiI tutv Ui* Oum, 
■Ucli bill into il, and ruui neitr Ydili. Totliv-, 
who dire«4>d i^o ptau uf the cainiiu^ of tlic >ior- 
ncfiaiu. vrillied aben all tluDgi to recaniiiKT li> 
tlirir tud iha npiul of bb ftirmiTfuirruinriil, tiint 
!■« nixht be iiutillf'l iii it an c^ll^f. Moikur lti> 

■■mMBor, Edwin )>i<illi''r to Morknr, anil the jouni; 
WkUhpof aon «f Slirirrl. tt<.i\> bct.-om« chief iJ Itiu 

Ciflnc* of HtiiiUn^dim, railed to aimt tlii- In- 
Itltanla af all (hr ni'i|chtioiirini;r»auiTy, mulsaic 
lMlt]« to the foicit;iicr«, to ibc wulli u( YiMka DU 
Ihr baaki i>f the lliiiuSri. C»i^iiercn at flrlt, 
IhU alVriTanU rom.'ii to Hv, tlicy dhut Ifccmtelrea 
■ip ill Vu>k, vtbera llu- Xumrsiaiu Leiiuj^Fil llrnm. 
Toatig took the litlt^ uf lIuiT of !iiinhuia\iriiuui, 
and pkUiibcd procLuiMlJuita dftMil IJoai the ciunn 
ufdiii fatrii^acn : aoiue weali bu;u luliuuwlnli;^ 
bia, «nd a frw iiijT«a(aT«n aiuwend hla call. ■ 

nrhila llwae lliiiig* wet* iiuiinit 111 Ilic north. 
Ike kiaguf the Aii),'l(>-Saaucii, with all hi< foteci, 
na Mi the aoulhcm niaal, ulnentUK ihe laoxc- 
mrata of ITilliais, irlioae IbtuIdii, wluch luid Iwen 
tov raiMHe-l, liiul ttcilnl Kmil ulami.' llurald 
hadpMcad the nhole nuinmer oii hu iiunrd iinr 
Iba pive* of il iatmbarhal ion aearoM to Normandy.* 
file drin of ihe rxptditian b«saii to giie liie to 
(be t>«ll«< that it wowld not be roa£y t» huI bcf^iv 
i>1iit»r. BtHMtri, Ihr danger iru (prealrr f/ocn Ihe 
BortliRii iTBamifa, vthti wen> atr<*djr mMlcn of a 

• SMm'i Dcomkriotb, SanU Ihis RirdfUa <■». 
•■uM.*ol^«. IM. 

» 1 

•S ltcliH.lii1ocU H>1. ill. ns^TBrfM Efi*. Ht. 
fanlffiB. uv. 1. ay. i'., v. x> I.— Tunwr'a llfaa. of 
IW AjulsXuflaik Ml il. no. 

• Tii^M l)U. X«r*rq b>> t my. H. n Ut. fhirn-V 
TM«Mkfla«h, UanU U-w ltI^>e>lA -itn. ». <1, ivl II. lot 

Imm HMrbMB •■pirliiu. (^tiuill. I'in*i,. nput taiiil. nr. 
Ei*««nuf ir.) 

* Till4 «*AaI« t4 tqlfiMlhB MflvaQl.trji tUEil* hlfki-rMW^ 

pnn af the KnxUali Ivrriior^, tbin frou the atlwT 
uuciDj, who Lkd luit ]«l act fuui in Eughuid: and 
the uiii uf Gujwiu, buld and (|ui(k in all hi* pro- 
jccU, liuji^il la the Miune of a fmv days 1u Iihtc 
ilrivvii Ibc Numt^iuii avaj , awl ta mlnni in tiinn 
tu reei^ire Um Nunuuu. Ue ae( oiii, bv (oirml 
inaicbea, at the brad of bia IwM tiirap^ aud uri*eil 
uitbuuigbL uuderthawiUkof Yotk, atthcnonrDt 
wlian llw warn hiad Jual capltnlaicd for ila lartMi- 
d*r ta the allie* of Toatig. Th* Norwafiwaa bad 
not yet taade ifaeir ealij ; but, on ilu wnd of iha 
iaii»b;t4iita, aad their ooattOion of tba InijipMi. 
biiiiy of Lba capiulatiOB being retncted, they hod 
bivheu up ibait lliuv, auJ diiiiiiiiwil tlirit aohlicn 
1u repidv. 'rtio ialulbluiLii at York, on thrir part, 
thought only ornxnTios, Ihe very iiesi UMtlun^, 
Toalig uul the kiiig of Narwiy. who wsra to hohl 
■ fteU council to ngnbtie tbu snremaest of Ibe 
whole piDtince, aud to diaitibutc aroouir the fii- 
rrioiki^n and the nrlugeca the land* of ihe li^i;;litji.' 

Th« imfumtm arriialofiho Xaxon bii^, who 
bad niMchvd in aucli a moiuior a* tu amid ilw 
ciieicy** )«*■■< cbanicd all iheae ditpoailiiw*. TIm 
citiicna of Vork again liK>k up uriua; ih« gatca 
were iliut uid nell yarded, ao IhU no One muld 
null thi- t«wn tu repair ta lh« Korwe^an camp, 
j'he folluwiii]! day w*» una of Uioav id autiunn on 
whif*]) lli« auu tllU aliinH In all hia fowri. Tlie 
pwtloii of ihc NvrwcviHu attiiy wtiu IcA iIm 
eaoip on Ibo lliunbcr, Ui follow tb*ir ki&K tuwanli 
Vork. thinking they had no adT«MU^ to *iicoiiii- 
Ui. wv[it nilliont their coata of mail, on aenmni 
<irih<' tii'at, aiid wot* DO OtIiH defciiBiic armonr 
liiaii tlieit hclmcCa uul tUfllda. Tho Nonnvian* 

(ilnenred all at oner, nl aomo diatanee from tbe 
tuwii, a git-al rluijil vfdiial, uid IfrnealhthU cloud 
iwMiii'tliiDft ^IttiTing likii atrri In Ui<i lun. ■' What 
urn lhr«a ini-u irlio»r« inarrhin;( lowardt iwl" aaid 
the kiuB In Tottijt> " Thpy ran be no other." 
replied tbe Sajt«n, '' tlianEiigiiabiiKneouiiiiKiixMk 
pardon aud imploru our friendthip." ■ Th< body 
of intn which waa adTSDcing leamfd grmdiHlly in 
inm-aM : il waa a nmneroui army raiiK^d in ■kitl<'r 
ofbatilt. *'*rhc enanj! Ilie memy !" rrinl ibi* 
Norwegtana ; and ddacbcd lltrva borxtiKn with 
onlrra li> Ibu wanJ0[* who bad been L-fl in catiiji 
and on boanl th* abipa to eome with alt diligence. 
The Nonregian king unfuiM bli atandard. whinh 
be called tlie naaagwrqTtta awrM;* and the lolditis 
rujiL-vd llii-RiFelTca arvtind il, iu a InDg but weak 
line, L<:iiJIiif; at llit> ntrrmitiet. Tbej- kept rlu*e 
ta one anotber, ami Iheir i^ifta/a wetr [iIuiIaI 
a(tlnsl tlie grounil, Willi tbn points inrlincd Iu- 
iratd* the enemy ; but Ihty all nanled Ibc moal 
impurliiiit parl-^Itirit arnioiit. llirnld. tbeionof 
Si|{»nl, a.> he miii- aloiij|;lbe ihuIli ou liia Irlark hi^ne, 
■iiiitti'iicmpnieTiTw-^afniKiniiiuof whjirb hatbrrii 
huotleil ilnwn la m by the liintArltnt <if th<> narlli. 
'* lii't iw ilght." aald lit, " li-l u> iiiui')i. ibi>ii)[h 
witboat cuitaiaea, iiuitrc llic ril|,-c o{ the li.tue ilccl ; 
uur hclmeta gUllur iu (tie lunj tiiitc am enoiigli 
for Ihr TilUnl.- " 

' 9ii>in*'* Itni— hriuilU, llmM ituni DudciJn nt^ 
Mf. •■). lol. II, 1M-— Kfuffp. d- IImmI.. h iia.— ILmi. 
Kuv(lil>a, de (taiaa AuilL. .lb. Lop. I«; ■l-uil ruiiil. UmL, 
.^alIl.. \i± IL«I. nM. ad. taULtL 

• K|«n«-t lUhukrlnKte. wp. ■>. •:>! IL f IM. 

' In laeliiDilir. In-dryU'itai In t>aiiiili. lnndailML— 
Suimr. D.Ll.. r*p II. nl. IL laf. 

" t^njvTvV I [ifiautiriii4lH, ntL n. n- 1 a^— ^ ft iwt a l.>aiki>aai, 
liuB.iL^ 111. lat. 




Laoitnf 01 Winbn ■> FVnn«) 


IluuM bukiUh Iu tlw 


Bclprc (he tbock oTlHc lvro»nniet,t<«cotj8iiu>n 
liom m w, bolli tiira lUti lioni«^ eo> cied witli ilpri, 
>ppr<»ch*d tho KonrrgiKO lini-^, bivI cn« of them 
tn»4 trith • luwl *oici\ *■ Whriv i> Tintu;, itic kvq 
of OodnrinT' " He iilicir," kaiwrrrd tlir tun ul 
Oodwinlbr himuir " If (hou be Tmll);,'* ti-Miinr'l 
the ■i-vimcrr, ** tbj bivtiwr tDlla t)tt* bjr ni j 
BiouUi thuliio laluln) llwv, ami ofbn thee pMcr, 
bl* frl*ndiilil[>, xnil Ihj (omirr hoUQUti." »Tiii-tr." 
Mid Tmtij, "air flan wonh. mil tety lUiriniit 
frjiD iIk «iIVoqLi »i1 lioitililUB wtikli I liftiv r\- 
{Kiicnccd foi ■ tnclf«n>i>iiih. Biii, if [ atcrpl 
th«« oRcn, what vrilt Ih^r-^ bn hr Tli« nahli' hirij^ 
Uamid, thc*on«fSigun), mji hUliAil allyV "Ho 
iball lttt«." reiuni«<] thv mfat^nitn', " (I'Tcn fr«t 
of Sntnlith grouuJ, and ■ tittle moir, fir he li ullct 
ihm luuM oibct BK-u. Thca," replied T«nU. 

'* Wll rnj brother In pii-p«rc file \attlt ; iicTci liikll 
it lie Mill by any hut » liur thu ttio kib of Codwin 
nbonitoiiiNl Ihr BOO of Siipinl." ' 

The txttlc ImarAixXtiy b»rtu; »U<1. iii tli< Br»l 
aitiK.-t I'flhc tira umiM, Uic nariro^'iaa kiiij; ira» 
*biQt with an »nxiw in Ihp thr<>nl. Tonlig took 
the oonuruuid of lhi> nrmy ; lod lhi>a Ilirnld innt 
a tMaod lime to offer htm ind thi- Norwoglan* 
]waw and life.' Dut ibi>} »ll rrled out ih>i ihry 
would rttlivf il[e ihin <m-c Biiylhio; to the Ssxoiu. 
At tlii* BMmciit tbe mcQ froca ibc thipB ntmo up, 
«niw<d vrilh citirMiM, but b>ti)fu«tl >rith their marf h 
nmUr • btimlnj tua. Tin>-^x*> nuiB«n>ii«, ihty 
eould DOt niitain ibir misi-L »( Uir l^nKlhh, ulig 
tiail ditpcncd the fliwi liiif cf iln? aximtiaunti, amt 
taki-u Ihc luya) tlaJl4>fd> ToaLiB wai killed, with 
■DQit of the H^rwffiut chi«{i. HuviU ikow, for 
thf? IMM tlnio, (>lfiirAi pnfr to the nuiqiil*li«d, 
and Ihcj krccpiril il, OInf, wii to the dtceuvd 
UuK. ukd tliv chlrf mil hiihopof tb« Oriuiejt, re- 
turaed with iii«tity-ihrF< »hlp«, bAm awtariBg 
tnlty wtlh EiigUmt.* Th« country vT the £ag- 
ti*)i vnt thiu ili^livervd from ■ Bi>ir raoqnml by lli« 
nen oftlie borth. But while the** ra«<aie« w«w 
ilepulin;; nrTui U< rrtum, ollMr «aetnl«a wvi* ap- 
pcMchliig; aiitl tlif Nitiir binaib of wlnA ilut 
wav«d the TJctoiioui StuoD bajUM'n •• in cHumf h 
<d*« ftllrd tlir N'urntui Mill, «ad vnfied tbciu 
UWKrdt (h» rnut of Suues. 

By an vntarlunUr mwdiuifc, the imcia whicb 
bad M loni bcra nuUtRX uff that caul liihd Ju'( 
briorc rcturnril to hnrboiti fui want of proTiMuns,' 
'WiUlniD't tnwpt Ihcrifoi* Imtdril, wttbuul. ru- 
CO unit ring toy TMiitun-o, ftt Vttnutfj, tmar 
Uulifig*. on tho I'^lh of Mi'ptpaibvr, x. a. 
three (l*Ji aftw Hifr-M's nr.tMy orcr Ihr 
vrfiaiu. The nrclien luittnl Anl; thry 
■bort haUtu, a^d lisd tlicir hiir ibtica olT. 
cttTmliera landed i»e%X. olad in (Dal* of mail niiil 
wMiug belmeta of poUahed iron n«iriy of a conical 



QatA en Aoflll d < 

ivm-. ifalha (alM^a) 

btniU in Itu.)— IViMr'a HbL at th> iuAt^SOLamt. U. 

• lUd. 

• ^Mi <• «bu aUaU. (Snotn'* OilnAriaiti. »l TO. 
fu IH.j—TanvT't Hlal. li. WC. 

• M>Mt»'* H^<-ir»>'^< llanU Umu lUriiMia ^(a. 

0Bf . *^ at t* ' ' f.r-TH. ^nail t>MH., fcilvMH^ ...1. K., a«tB— ^nualKiTiini 

UmWUTIIIB IU-< I-: . . - -'- 

• «uiuiM>tn>u.>tM4>v*iUi«dniikHnaaindJfl. (■afrr. 
ili> ITaaad. AibiL f*" pno'- ■{■■■■I K*' •!>(>>■ «ft|4.. p. Ml, 

Diftkc, MUtcd &b« vrilh long omI hcaij lancci. »Mil 
with ■! night Iwo-hI;^ airotiia. Altai them cMnR 
the worViAflD of the anny. pJo&ecn, Ckrpuiten^ 
Slid aicilli*, whu nuloadml ««i Ibe tbure, piece by 
pie-<ze. Uirro troodcn cMtin, frmoiMl nul prepunl 
befbtrliind. Ttie iluka nniB ubore lart ur »11 : 
ill tetClng h» (oOi Upou the naitib l>r uiiiiln a Mar 
•tvp and fvll iijitn hU (are. A miirtniir ImiiM^- 
dialrly iirot» : and latiit* loleeu cri^'d. ** fiod |m- 
^rrv m! ThU U a l>-j<t al«i>:*"' Dm WilllaBi. 
rl»tJi)(. cnrlunitd, "Wliia la ibc matter wiih yet 
What uloBLbbc* yu 1 I haic reltrd «ni thl( llnd 
witti taOi ray haiida ; aiid, by lli« aplrndour vf 
God, aa mnrrh na th^rc i« of it, it i* yoiin." ' Thit 
■luick rnwMeir iniluiitly prevented tli^ir diumora^^- 
niFiii by to ill an uuu^Q. Thranay iiiitvlieJ spoa 
ibr town uf Haatiiifs: near that place an rimiap' 
■Dval naa rvrtnedi oiid IWu uf the wooden cuallea 
■wfit* erertvd and fomiBheil with |iruriiiona. Bodkn 
of loldlera nreTrati all ttic iteiyhbcntriuf eutintn, 
pi miller Init and burning the Ituutei. * The Eiig- 
U»h lied froiD ibrir dirrllini^i. mucealnl their far- 
allure and cutle, uid flocked to tho eburehas vti 
churebyarda, nhieh tliey thoqgfat tha ntnt MCIO* 
Btvlutc front rn«ini(* who mra chfiatiaLni Hks 
Ihi-mii-lvi-a. Btil llie Kunnana btdDg molrtil, M 
an old nurralor eipieatei tt. (o gaofttitr,* maAt 
but liltte ucecniiit of tlw tanctlty «f plaooe, and t«- 
apei'lfd i>i* aMvlurHj* 

Uaiuld wai it Vork, wounded and reating GroiB 
h]* ht^es, whi':i 1 meoengH ovue iu gnat hatl* 
ti> tnll hint thai WiliiaiD of Noroaaud^* had Unded 
and ptsuti'd lu! nuindard ui tlic Aiigl'^-Saaun Icr- 
titory." lie maiclieil lowartla tbe *aH(h nilh Iim 
lIclorMitM army, )!iili1i*hi>i^, at he pavuni along, u 
Ofdor i« all hi* cliicfi of romitlea lo put all tbdr 
llglitlni; iu*u under arm* am! Inil thcin lo 
lAndon. Thi? niililUa of llir nnt tNnc wlj 
delay ; thoir ol the tiocth w«rc later, on i 
the diittaueu ; biit tUen tnt, nevrrtbclna. icuat 
to beli«n that the hlog of Die Englith wiold aoo» 
be HI rt-"! nil dnd hy the nlml* foree tit the oououy. 
Oiie of ihoie Noiiiiui!!. iu uliu>e fikiuur (he law of 
batiltl>iiii-n1 iiuwil againtl tLcui Lad fonnerly betn 
liohitcd, iiiiil H'hu now played tlir pail cf aiuia and 
tpcrct i|,-cr.U fffth* invader, aeni wnrdtothe duke 
to be an hif guard, fiir tbnc la four day* tba «a«i of 
Godwia iruolil lure gmuod him one bundrad 
Ihonnad luni." IlarnU, loo quick iu baaiiKn*- 
BmLt% did DM nail f^ur diya. H* could twt 
mn'l-r '■'■- ■•' ■•■f.ti^t fot (omiDii to an pngi^iDful 
wii.'. . :-!■*. e»in^JiHy when l>« htarnMlIhe 

n\- ' : I ■ ileaciiiiliuii wliicli ihey worn ram- 

* Qiiut H Do* fetiiM t«i W. 

ifvr H daa> jkIow k«i ikal i 
S i i ulf i ia I [|Utb»p imRol 
K iiattat tail : na^ tlfn «( cL 

tUnnaD *t Ami. v«L Lp. t>lO 

T Hniiin.p«lanw|trodnr W, 

Ttaa a* ai^n qwM iin'U 1 a, 

itut.p. mj 

'Tigil— Ir 111 Mm niTi V"" - '"i 

> Ww, Baiun d* Rm, ToL IL IM. 

" Had, 

" .. . . 'nnHtti'-"'"— " '' ■'.■"■I'— laywe . 
And h>' I'Ui- -» al <finm*. 

i; .tmtkU. p >».1 

-famWfc ^-^.t.. . Hu.rtlWLa*C 

■• iVruo, Ha Noimuiitur. limiol *h )IM. ita la Fr ia w . 
ml ilU. Ol.— Uiull. IVtev., 4rud aalpL wr. Kalinin, 



n«»M *aUn> SuiHI. 

Caimil u( war. 


Kim wDiaHl bj WtUiBn. 
<^nh and Lxilwin. 


■Jdlll mMil Uirit »mp.' Tli« hopv of tinuiitx 
kii muMrrmcn tomv. mucrjr, oiul piirliiiia Uis ile- 
■ilv of ■n^i'Tff ''" ■tx'iipli ^ii*! iiii<A]H:ctod iltscL 
vfton tbo N Arm 1114, Eikf< ttiil liy ivLj'Oi Kr K4d 
■Imwlji mot with hikvimi ipiliut tha Xunrr^iuw, 
dflwiutlipil hln) to mitrh lowiuila llutlnji Wllh 
ftiRM fbnr tlmn Im numcnni* tbui tho*c a( the 
dak« of KoniMtiiljr. ' 

Bui WUIik.Fn'( r«nipwaicarr fully |^iuilc<l aitKiaat 
I tarjiHw, fcnd hi* p«tu (nLi«nilr<l to a ?cin.tidnsbl« 
diMuice. UcrachniPDt* of ntalrjr ^tu nutiM, bjr 
dwii ftlllBg bwk, of 111? appiouirh of Uu- liiuoci 
kloic, who, thrt imIiIi ap)ic«rt>l lo mAccb ua lilut ft 
■BMUMik* Tno Saxuu'a (Ualgn c( MWilUig Um 
MMmy uiuwam beingf ihm prarralrd, he wu 
eiM%Ml la iBoiimla hia impeluaMtj. Ha hilicMl 
at 111* dbtanra of teten inilM fruoi tbit ciun|) of Uui 
RanoHiBi anil, all &t oDre riiangiiw bit tacticvi i)n> 
treatbvd biniHlf, in onlcr to wail )gclhaai> bdiUid 

& JHflb or vallxitii Huniiotiiata-El bt jialiBulaif. 8pia«, 
wbf apokB IliH fVenrii Unj^iiaj^, wriv aonl la ihp 
ftiNlfa amy to nbiorrc 1u tlkipnaltiaii* and tu 
■l/rniph. On Ihrli rrCurn Ihrjr iclatnl with 
■MdtibhiEiatil that thrrc irctc mntr. pclvalii In Wil- 
Qam'a Mmp Iban n>ni)>atauU iti thai n{ tbv I^og- 
1Mb. ThejF hul lekm far pruda till Ihe *oldi«r« of 
itat KmnMi aniiT uho hatt t)jeir beanla ttiaitii 
md dMb hklr crot'P'^ : f»r 1^ "** 'I^'b '^ cunom 
of ibo E^^Ub M l(t ibdr hair utd thtir bcwili 
IPQw. Hui9ldcuiil4 ii«lliiiIp«nilIlnKai tliiim:(Ul: 
" Tli^Mc wItoiD y6u have »i«ii til •uoh mimfaiTni," 
■■hi hf. ■■ Bt« net (incFtU, but gDwl laldirra, U'ho 
■ill toako 111 frcl whit thej ajc," * Srvatal of the 
Saknii raplaini ujiiard the king to alolil a katllr, 
■ud to rrtrcat tovardi LnmlLtii, anil nvagr tin 
nonntrj in hii way, i» nnWlo rrdurclhc invailiug 

•rmj bj famiQV. '•Khali I," i«pli«d Harold, 
" ra^v" ^^^ (^unlri mhlirh hu beMi Inimaieil to 
■tfcaxvl I'iiDii III 7 Mill It woitiil be an act of 
tmwan!— I will nttlivr tr; ihcchaucca of battle with 
tb« fcw D>en 1 have, and Icuillo atyovta nJoiir«iKl 
tbC|«o«tlii*u of ifi)' c»iue."* 

The Nornun tluki'. wliuao diandcr, diancfri- 
taUf o^oall«, ptumiitcd lilin. in all circumalaucn, 
U MM* no niCBiia uiiilleiii|Flt.'il, aad lo oilcrm tlie 
■dvanrcBieal of hi* iatcioila na paramcituit to all 
f^nwdoralinna af [M'notial jtriilr, tn<Jt aclnnlag* 
of IhvuiiJaraumblr poaktlDn in which hnfachrUI hl« 
•dvcruTT'to rvnrvhu iiimrnoiiimnd hia damanda. 
A ■imlti muiMd Iltim ilui^im Maigrnl, came tn 
William'* mine to rail uf<on ihn Siaan klne to do 

Oticof ifarre tbinyi; cilhrrlo rniipi hla royal dignity 
t«l)Milid(« at Xnrminriv; rt-fet lo the arbHiWioD 
of tfwpopc to ilMMawhieli of ibe iw>>oti^L to b* 
Ulu:<>r Irl that ilncialom ilt'tMnd od ibo iwu^ oTa 
afalUcaaibal. HaroU*bru|>tlvrr|ili^(l, ■' lnIUnut 
realipi my title, I iiill aol nfcr \o ilu^ [lopp. iivr 
wfll I miett of aiiigtr eombal." ^ WiUiam, dim- 
jpriiof Ibit poaititv rvfuial, kqI tlir Ntiriuou 

[Ooa Mela*, r. Hi.'] 

■ Medlau itliialui nmainn. iiuMlmiil" rinfmum i-utrlM. 

(M<M At^tMlW Wkllh.l., 1,iIlL. Ilrtll-ll M>.w:ill) 1 lliill-lll, 

W|(«n.(1>ra, p Ml .— ■'•i<;. il,' 1l">>.t.. ^r tl>, ■<!. -^ilili-. 
UiA laflitf Vtayt . •rr>r1 i-i. \n-\. Kii^n . i. ««, nl. tjvki. 

■ Oaa tuilWniiiii. tliotl. l'ii-(>' , v.i<)l.> 

* KnaiaBdo Bni. T'.l H iti tiiiiih IVIi. 1. (. 
*'•■■'■ -'- 'trnwili, )!■ w .l<-.u i.lriV in» !■• i»]Ft •i'>e|'»J 
tt' << 4a Nr^ifnmiiliiv Itv. ilra 1IM ilr la I'niirr. 

matik aftin. afitr itiviti;e liiiu hia liHiriicttuDa in 
Uit foUavitif; Irmia:— "Go aad (ell HaraU dial, 
if hv will knp bit Anintr <«inpad with lue, I wU 
Inax- tn liiiu all ll>c countTj vliieh ia b«]r«iid tho 
Hunibar, and will gin la hia brolliar Onrth mil tlie 
laml nfaicb Godwio buld. If b« atiU penial in t*- 
fusiiijc my aVrn, tlicii thou •haltlc-U bim, bifuco hi* 
pcaiiic, tiiat b« ia »|Kf)ui«t aad* liari Ibalhuaud 
all wbo ahalt mippott him *rr ncumin<iiiicat«l by 
Ibc mouth ^f (h« pn^ ; tad tbU tbf> bull to that 
bII'mi i* in iujf bauM." ' 

UuQi UuipKa Maigrat drlinccd tbti mtmm^ la 
a tolomti ton* i and the Nomtan Cbfoniole laji 
ikat at IIm word cacoiamunicstioa tbe EiiKliah 
FhlDfj lonkcd at ooo aiiaUier, aa if aoioe grcal dan- 
gvrwpTF Impondinf. One uf thtm lliru ijioke aa 
followa :— ■• W* miiat fighU wbaterer may be the 
daiifDr to i» ; for what we haTL- lu caniiiler ii nut 
wliMbcr we (ball accrpi and icctrivu a new lunli aa 

if^mr king wro drad \ tin casi* iit quila otli^nriao. 
Tb(> duk# of Normandy ban jtivfii nur loadt tn hh 
baratia. to hia knijcblai and toallhiiinttn; llii^grpatiT 
pari «f whuni liair atmdydanRhoiaagc lo blm lor 
ihrm ; ihcy will all liink for tbfirKifl, if Utnr duko 
beoomr our kinit ; and tie hiiDM'lf will b? bound 
ladciiver up lotlieraonr g<rod*,our irii-ca. ud our 
daugkleni : all (hia ia pniniatd tu tli«ni b«fnr»hiuid. 
Thi^y come, uot ucily lu ruin us, faul to niin oar 
dfaopndaiiU alas, and to tab* boui wtbctoimtn 
uf our anceatot*. Aad what tball ws dal — whf- 
l)iT sbaU w* got — wbMi W* h*TO no loof^r • 
rDiintr;.'" 'rbv En|{llali promiwd, bjr an uuauU 
mout mlh. 1(1 mskfi neither peace, nor Inice, iior 
imty nlib ibe iuiadcr, bul cIlhETlodio o\ expel 
tlir Nonnana," 

Aa vnUr« day w-n* oecu|iird in tb«w finiitteM 
nuMa^M, bfini; lk*> dgh1«*nlh daj ainr* tlie bat> 
He foufhi with lb* NorwofiaiM near York. Ua. 
raid'* prwlpitaie much bad not pcrmitlnl an* 
lr«eh body of troopi to Join hiuit aa yrl, la Ilia 
camp- Edwin and Hoikar, th« iwo t,Tvai rfa>cr> of 
tbe norlh, trrrr at LotKlon, or un tlicir way Uti- 
Iber. TlH^re vxtaf In only eome ««liiiilepra, one 
by oiw, or la unnll band*, townjipaaple anoed In 
baaii:, or mciiika wbe dnertfd Ihclr ciuiatua at lh« 
rail nf tlirir rountry. Acnonc the latltr anivad 
Lcclric, abbm of tbu great iin(na»ti>rt of P*l*rbo- 
roiMtb, netr Ely, find Uif abbitl uf Hlda, near Wln- 
rhciner, wbo ^ntuglil with bim tnnlio iDonki of 
bii Fuorent, and iKViity arujed inrn. rnlicd al bia 
rapcncr.'* The hour of balUr arrmrd rapidly ap- 
pfO*cbiiift : Uaiold'* tiii^ yiriiiiiiv!' brvlhtn, Ourlh 
anil Leufwin, bad taki-ii lln-irpoiit n(-ir hit peraon ! 
the former alt«mpl«d to pvraoada hinv uot to ba 
prvMnt at Ibn action, but to {pi tunardi London 
for frrih rnntiricmenla. while bia frieadi lurtainrd 
the aliirk nf tbe Natmani. " IlarulJ," aald tlic 
youriK mui. " Ibou canal wrX dfii) llml, 'ilhrr will- 
ingly, or ^^f Gste», Iheu lookwc aa onib to duke 
ITilUam on Ilia bodiM nf thf ailiits. Tlicn why 
cipine thyitir In batile. with pcTjutj upon lli«1 
Al lor in. wlui h»>r sworn lo notbiovi wo bate 
ful] ii|[bl lo Buhl, (oi w« drfeiHl our ooiiiilry. Ijtt 

ua thftn gitc battJc alone ; thon will aupport m If 

' ChrMU da Kiimuidli, Hoc dw IliA. Ja U 1 

• llnl. 

• lliid. 
I* lb .Lima ■•■ .iHAWta miaaebia. tl t liWt kIHm* pM 

Kit ilia. |Uu>iwdc.AaaUaiL.I>a«4i1e. •vl.LllCJ 




SM Bf lUUU. 
|Iuh»l>of llajYnll. 
ntlUara't loiilBunqr. 


Hll!i»m*i ifm-li iti hit ma 
III* aimj- 4jdv»&M«_ 
Uuitr iir Iliuliii{«. 

wefivomj; If «* <li«, tbow wUt »«Pikgea»."' At 
ihfM louehln^ nrorda frtiin Uie moulli of k broilier. 
HanM roplieJ ihkt his ilulj rurlnJ'* him to kwp 
U t dbtDnRo whiU oUacn irtie (idliiiiK tlirlf livci.* 
Too full of ceoSilciKM ill U* ^sl<'UI u><l the Ju>- 
dcc of faia «u*v> liB dUpMted iut trt>o]» foi ihc 

On thr ^und vrHeh tft«n»id> bore, aud tlill 
bMn, i\» paine nf Qnttle.' the Aoglo-Suoa Iliit* 
orcuptttl ■ lnn{ chkUi of hllUi fcitUkd vtilli *. 
ramput af itakca uid (xiet hupll**. In (lie night 
of the 13lli ofUetfrli^r, Witllun tniiauticvd to tlio 
Narmuui lliil tli« R«»t tUjr voulj br thf day »r 
btttle. Th(.> jirivttii anil monki. who had followcil 
Ihc iuiniliiii; Himy Ln gnM numbcrt, beiiu; al- 
tniK-il, iiktr lilt *oli!ii-'n, lij Ihe hep* uf liooly," 
u»'>fi(itr<] l«([»Oirr (o oflcT up {inycn anil tiag 
ilUnkM, vhllp (h« Hxhlin; ripu wn> |in>parini[ 
llirirsrau. Tin •ulilii.'ry (■uiiilojnl llir ilinir nhlrh 
nnuinvd la ttcm Hftrr lliis tirtl rarr in roofcuiiiit 
their diu uu) revHtiti); ihr urranMiil- In ()id 
othi-r irmj lb* nJght ir*t pu«r>J in <juil« a Jif. 
br«nl n>knn«t; iho Rftxoo* ilin<rtt-fl tlivuiii'tm 
with graU nal*c. and miut Ibi'ii oiil ukiidiml 
M«iK«, •muDil thrir mtrh'flra, irhilf tlitj riiiptini 
llir borM o( iim and of wine' 

In Iht mandoK '1" *''»''<']' "f B«j*ui, who ma 
)iM>a«X WilliBin's molhpr. wUbntfd nuM in ihs 
Nonnin nmu, ■iii] iptip a lili<uiDi[ to the toldirn : 
he WW WiDoa wltU 1 hatibirt. iindrr hit p«mlilli^al 
IwbH: ke IbcD ntduulrd > huge wliiiv Uunc, l«eV 
k bMOk of conunaail in liii biii'ti an J ilivv u|i tlto 
csnli7 inlu line. Th* >mif m* divided InIA Ihro" 
Mtuniw at ailiirk : hi the Itnc were thp wldirra 
(tam lha> DOiinij »( Duulopuf and fiitni ronihlcii, 
wttln mntf of I he >dt nittiK'n uho liud rugaijed 
pri«an*Ur for pM i lli^ acn-uiL cuinpiiied the 
BUxiliu-ieii fmn Btittnaj-, Maine, and I'oitao; 
William liiiHMif Mmma-nded Ifce third, raicpoacil 
<rf III* Noniiaa chlt'ali]!. Al Iht limd and ou Ui« 
flaaki of Mcl) didiloii mucbtd Micnl rau\s of 
ll|thl-«nD«d UiAbItj, ctail in quilted caMocVi, and 
canylng krew bowi.or ubolcli Qfalfrl. Thn iaXt 
■DOunted a Spaiiiah charger, whlfh • rWh tiarnaa 
ioA brought him wh«i li« retiurtwd from a pll. 
■rioiBgs to St. Jime* of UinnpcateUa in Oalllcia. 
rlruai hia uech wen •ii^im*'*''' 't" oaoal vciieintrd 
bC iIic ttlica on whidi HBrald had •worn ; »iid the 
tiaadard ruawcnlo) lij (ha pope wim carHwl kl 
hlu aUit by a founi inaii iiainrd Touvt^ln-le- 
tUanc' Al Uie momrttt when ihr troop* wen 
about to adTatucr, the duLe. raliiug I'l* voice, tliot 
wUnaaed ibem : 

" lUntmlMr lo %h( well, and put kll to death; 

• Qsb f« tiaimln iMfloei* •! minwa ulHtfl pourti. 
(WilL MalmHb, J* (lA ny Aa(L. lA. UL. apod nt. AoflU. 
wrlia. D, Ito.nL SaiUi.) 

a H\^ Pnnvi K ilnnae aU a'*— " ■■ O^qKIkib 

• flitafJIr. kaMyf. Orfft^. HMfdlu U Ihv niMm 
BmIIA iKh<i(i«p1i]. In tlta. 'wai MA.— t«ciw imv uH 

■Han 1^ axlnde Hittmm Hqw IiMlki tonMr. (U ilVba. 

boHt.. llbL NDnMan,,)*"' nfripi.w N"™™™., i-. ■»■) 
— laetB qui ttuuv BiMia uuorainlaf. CMnual. AOtrl . 
Du^Ulf,!. HI.) 

■ rinlkl eoonnoA irchaii* Biir mn Rllfkb w runtMl 
laanimunl. < Hanw<- AOflSe. L ii> 

• W^M, BMwa dr BtM, ^v(. >l. IM^IM. l!hMs dc 
tComaMllc. ItenuU dn hiM. daU rrau*. Vno. iW. til 

' AuMiUU*tlHihHvn(«.tt*iwi>Ttl.|i.b>. <<.>^ 
n.taf I Ken. iteRw. tM. It. IM. (Wiin. ilr ^an■»od■^. 
Itaaia te hloL 4* la IOmh*. iMa. »M. U*. 

lor ifwe eonqoei wethall all h* tie!). What I guia, 
ynu wilt gain ; if 1 cnnquer. yau will eoiMnieF; if I 
take lliia laiiii. yuu aliail liivu jl. Kaow, hnwvvair. 
tliat t uin iiui came Iicre unly l<i obtain ni)' i1||bt, 
tiitl >Ibu lu UTUiiiti-out wholi; mliuu fol lllr feiMilev, 
])etjiiH<^H, a»d ln'dt-li'*rk7K nS Utrttr ^n^ith, Thrf 
pul to cloalh th^ llanifi, mrn utd womifti, on Kl. 
Drit'e"* night. Thp) clrii-l malted Ilia roMpaoiona 
of mj ItliutniBii AUiitd, Btid took hia life. Cuiuo 
on, ilie.n ; ami Ul \i%, wilh God'a help< cfawlisr 
tLcm for all (lie»c tnislee.l"."*' 

Tlie ariny i<t> nOnii wilhid light of tlie Sosuu 
eanip, to flie ti(iilh-«e>t nf Miislinifi. 'Hie pfieali 
unil munLt Ihtii (ti'Ui'lii-il (bi'mkrltvn ttraa, it, and 
a<(tiiiled a liriulibntitiiu; hvlx'>I> I<> P^ay a"<l t*> 
witun* Uio cuiiftlcl.^ .V Nonnnii, uiuiiod r»UM«ri 
•puirviiC lit> lioni: litntrtid in fniut, and bewail Iha 
•any — famoui tliruui-hma Unul — of the riplailjt of 
Cliailrinagne and Kulaiid. As be lunit. he plavnl 
Willi hii inui(U tliruwiug ll up nith Torrn In Ibo 
*ir, and receirin; it ubId lu Ilia ti^lit liiuid. The 
Norcnann wineil in cliorus, or riiod, Cod b« onr 
lielp! Goif bo (rtirbflp;'" 

At HOMiai thvy rimf within hnwiihal the arrliera 
Itl Hj then arrnu'a. and the ciuu-bow dumi their 
bulla:" hut mwal of the ahuW wtre drkil<-m-il by 
the hiitfa parapet of the Saxon ledoubta. The In* 
fjiiilij, Bcnied with aprkn, and th« ekvalry, then 
attTDiiceil lo the euinneit of Iho teiloubta. and 
I'ndFRioiireil to fuici' tliein. Tlie Auglfr-Suona, 
all oil fi>ut niouiiil 1hi.-ir slacilanl plaolrd in Ibe 
pcuuil, uid funuint; beliitid th«ir rtdoubfa ouc 
CviapAft and kuliJ tiicma, n^vritcd th* ■mkHbiiIb 
wilh h*avy bIow< of Ibnir baltlr-ftte^, whitih, with 
a bkek-*troi;e, tinikvi Iheir tprara. and rtovn ihelr 
e<Jal* of mnll." I'hn Noniiini, uiinhle eltbvr lo 
penetnic ibp rrdoHbu or to letj n^ the jiallaiilra, 
aud fatigued wilh iheLr uniui^cvuf-il attack, fell 
hack upon Uio di*i<ioii eiimnianded by M'iUUiD. 
The duke that eommanded ait bit arcben again tft 
adiknoe, and DrdMi.-<l iImiii not lo tFiout t>aiul* 
blimk, bul to iliii'hanci; ihi-li arrcna upnanla, ao 
that llivy mi^ht fall W^uiiil the ninipatt vT iIk 
rnrmy'* vumi'. Mkiiy uf llie Kii{;li>li ivcra woiiliJadi 
cU«8y in tee &ee, ie ouiiw<)ueBe« nf thia «»• 
nvtiTTe : Tlarold Ulmtelf luit nit rye by an airair, 
bill hp nryprthclcn continued lo canmand aai to 
llgiii. Ttie cloac atiMk uf iIil- fuul aixl hone iv- 
conunmccd, to tlie erj of '• N.>trr Dainet Diva 
aide I Uieu kid« !"" Hut tiM Norniaiu were r*- 
puked ktutie eulianneof Ih* Saxon cHinp.aa far U 
a i^ieat ta«lne cowred witli Rnuw and bnunUM. 
in wliieh, their hortea alumUing, llkcy Ml pelt- 
luell, and numbm of tbcai |wriabcd." I'bcie wm 
II01V n ainuisiitaf]' paliic in th<' anny uf the in- 
vadpi-n : it w^a runiourud that the duk* waa IcillMi, 
aiidnt Ihit uemlliey be{k>> <" Oy. Wiiliana Hire* 
hi inaFirbftlnre the fu];itiTM, aud liarrMi their ]iasa«ga, 

• Roue da Rw, II. IM-iao-Oowi. d* KcfwaeAa, 
tlvcdiahui. ilf la Fnuia. Kill- ra> 

a IG4«i4fl da IId-4. 

■• liictaiel (Ranaa ilr BLoa.> Cluon. ds SwimaBdIa. 
x>U »t. Ilsit*. llaatiBfd.. |i UM, aL Sarilv. 

>> QaidnlU. 

11 XrfMmHWniR*. lOail. PVUr., p MI.) 

>> Cht«li|ur<USatnu>di«,id>i.U4. Matt. I^l«iw|ji. 
vol. IT. 

t> |)i,(dali>.MnaiM.Aa(— Namef<«uU>liiril« 
■nliii«iiin »|«nBi» •«Krti"ni- 'i*'' '"niij.nir" cnnmi'^ Si*- 

aiiiu mm Kfit n tnali 
u- ih;i" •ll- 

Omrl . liirt.< 


Namui nintfc-naL 




ITir(«l«nin^ thtMo, aoA Mtnking IhMD with fi IknM- ;' 
UMa, Obcercrin^ hit hnd. " Htm I Rfn," U« pk- 
rUinnl ; ■* luuL it inc ; I tiv«r, »uA vrlih OaiI'« ht'lp 
I wlUcouqntrr' 
Tbe bonrBii.-!] rctumril to Ihr redou'bt* ; l>ut, u 
', llwjf r«ulii nrith'-r forpc tlin rntruiii:^' nor 
% htexfa. The duki> then boihought himiplf 
ilratagpm to draw tbe Eaglitli uut u( ihvir 
IxnUioii, ami make tlurm (lutt Ihdr ranki. Hp 
onl«rp<l a tliouBaail hunc to id\->iici.- mill unin«li> 
ili-lj lakf In fliglil- Al ll"- w^tH iif tliii teigaKi 
muf. thf Kbioiu with ttirnum alf Ih^ir g^iarH ; unil 
all ttt ofl* Ui piir>iiil, niih ibflr aivii itlwpnliileil 
fraai Uirlr bmm.' A1 n nrl-itn illituin, m Imdf 
of tTDOfx parted there for thr nnrpcxe jolnrd the 
fiig^'titc*, wlioiben lumcil rvunil; uiil Ibc EnfUtli, 
ttitpiiic-l ia thit miilM of their dtionlrr, vcre ■■. 
Htleil Ml All tldM wilh «I>i-an aiitt tM-onln. ivhicli 
Ihn roalil not mnl oiY, bi.itli luml* beiiij,' uccu. 

Jikd In irieliliiK llicir lii'ir} mi. n'lii'ii ilicj iLad 
Hi thrU nnka Iht )[^tc■ of ttic riiloubts nrvrc 
larVHl, atid httnt and fool Pnl'Ti-d loBrtlii-i j bill 

the ea<Bb»t ir>i itlU nnrml}- maintnitifd. prll-m«ll 
and band to liuid. WlllUm bad hii btinr killnd 
•adtr hJm> King Harold and hii Iwu brothm 
frU 4«ttd at Iha Tout of (ticir ttnudatO. vrbiub vu 
ptoct^ Iroai thp <^iint1, aiiil lh>.' biitncr •col 
nvm R«inn pUiiifJ In it* ati^d. Tl»f rcmtiim of 
lh« EBKli«h armj, vllhoitl a cliii^ Miil ivlibniit 
n ttanilard. prolaiifpd the (Trujotlc until th* clvw 
of day, lo iMt the camHiini* on rach aide rouM 
rrcognup one anotbvr onlj- by Ihrlr Inninjanc' 

Hafibl^, Bj« an oM liiatoiiin, rcndrivil all whicli 
[b»'» oitnI t* Iheir fountrj',* Ibr rpmtmnl of H»- 
rohl'a cotnpaiiioni di»]n-ni'd. md many died on 
Ihc nMda, ia conanjunieL- of Ibcir wouiiiJ* and Ihc 
day'* fbtifttic. Tltc Nurmau bone piinucd Uiem 
HltWal TFlaxaliuij, uul gsvo ntiarlvr to no mic.* 
Th«^ paaaod tbe hiriu en th" flrld nf baltie ; and 
(IB IM nonoiiv, at aVwtiaf day. duke Wllllani drvw 
up hi* troop*, and luad atl thp mm nhm had fnl. 
lowed Um ai;ruB> tbe wa cnll^d ttTi-r from ihr roll 
MUrb fcad Swn nrpnared l)»rtire UUdcptirtun: from 
Iba IKwt of Si, Vatrj. Of thwe, a iiit number, 
doM sad dyliif. lay htcido tim latiijuitliNt on the 
taUJ Tlir fortonati- *iir<ii'i>i« Iiud. a* (be fint 
insClB <rf tfacir lictory, the op<ill« of thp dt«1. lu 
lamiiiK oter tbe bvdin tlitm; were found tlilrlrfn 
*■■! Ili^ iindcr their amioUT Ihr moiiulie hnbit; 
tlMa» wvn the abbot nf Hlda and hia twpKp 
nHDyanlniia ; tiio naini> of tlicir inoiiuilcn,' wna ihf 
drM tatacribed tn the BlaiL Hunk vf Ibi- con- 

The mot hi- rn and Ibe wive* of ihosn nho bad 
rrpaired t>> the Held nf lialUn from iKp nvljibbnur- 
inyeonntry. lo die niih thr Un^. Pomf in thi? ili-ld 
Id icfk for and to bury ilic bodii-* ol ilirir antic anil 
hiMliallda. Ttiu body of king Ilmld rrmninr.! 
far ■«■• tbn» on Uia bmltle.llabi, and no owe dtivA 
wak fcr tt. At Inii^h (iodwln'a widow, namoil 

> Va ti ai a M aut ailaani (ni«l<. (OuU. ndav.. |i mi.) 

* M*. lannll. rtirmanitnlt. ti*» ct itncsB. oirilKlaiilii 
Dm. (tl.M.) '^ 

* Chiun il* MoiMBDihp, R'«' tinliui Kp.ils.n), 

* 1141 Y tM^nuflaW. «n>-^ ^m,ltr , I. IW^Malh. 
l^'HtancM riamliuaii.. p ni^Eadowr. libL D<m..l. «. 
•4 «>Uni_ 

* WraL MalMnh. p. in*. 

■ l*i.Mu.»ivitit»MM. (Rait. I'lr«*..a|«d«tl|il. wr. 

* l'luuaii|i>i- -I- ^^amaaAla. V- UA. UT, 

* Da^h, Uunul. Knjlic. I. 91l>. 

fiithn, ovn^nmln^ hrr atipilih, tenr a n)«Mg« to 
Diiko William dcmaiidlti^ hla pnrmlation In fvr- 
IJiriii Itio tut rltrain hnnntir nf her i>on. Itlii'dtlernI, 
■ay thf (Corman kUloriani, to kitc hlm the wtfi;(bl 
of ber aon'i bi>dy in Kold. Bui tbe duke nfwwd 
harahly, wying thai the man who bad belied bla 
faith and hii religion ahould have no MpulturB but 
the aauda of tbe riioiv. II», homnr, •rcutually 
berame nutiler. If we may bellcrr ui uld Tradition 
VII thin iconi, Ln faraur of ihc tnonka of Wsltlram, 
an nldicy fimiidrd and pcrichcd iu hia Uf<?tinii> by 
Unrold. Two Saxon monhm, Oagodand Allrik, Ar. 
piitrd by Ihe iibliol of IValtbaci, mad'- rrmic^T and 
<tbtmiii«i Irave to iianiporlt'j their church Ihr uul re. 
mains of iiabrnefaclor. Thrjr tlieo procecfled lo the 
heap of alain thai liad bean apolled of arraoui and 
of iralmenla, and «3an)in#d lh<>m rartfully one 
alt«r another, hut hv whom they tnui;hl fur had 
hi>«iii() inui-h ■liftfletira'il by iround* that tliry coutd 
nni rennsnlae U. Sonowinc, and dM|ialriiig uf 
auerecdinu in ihclr Rcarcb by Iheinwliea, ihry ap- 
plied to n woinno whom llirold, belare hv i>a* 
king, had kept ta hit mlvtrvM. mid cntTeatfd her 
lo oaiiit Ihem. She vn\ railed 1-Jlitb, and pneilc 
ally lumained the Swaii-iiKVcJ.* Sliecojjipiiieil 
to Iblton' the tn-DuiDiikt,niid lutteedeJ better ihaii 
tlipy Ind <len« in di'covering lb« rurpae qf him 
whom kh* bad lotad. 

TliPae eitnt* ar« nit n»laH!>d bj Ihp chronii^li-n of 
Ihe Aniflo-Snvon rar* In a lone of dfjerlluu which 
It li difDciiIt to tinu«fu»e, Thry tail llie day of 
the bolllc a liny of blttcmni, a da; tif drnlh. a 
day itaini'd iilb the blond cjf Ihe brat*," " llajf- 
laiid, vihac shall I lay »f ibee!" cxelavmRlhehxto- 
riaii of ihii cliureh of Ely ; *■ irhal alial] t lay of 
Ihre to our deareaduilsl— Tlial thou honi l<r« ihy 
■nliOBnl king, and ha>i fallm under tb<^ dunilnaiion 
of for* igncn ; that (hj *>"' hnn? orrinlu'd niiii-in- 
Ny; that Ihj (•nunrllkrii and tbyl■h|lfllliIl^■^n^|l- 

3lll(bed, •lain, or dwliihrrtlnd:"" l.otii^ iflFr Ihe 
ay nf ihU fnlnl rr<ntIiL'l. jiDtrlolii- i^iin'rilitiou be- 
lirTeil thai tlip frrab (ntrts nf blood were illll lube 
■ecu on llic ground nbere the bnltk irav. Thnr 
trace* were (aid lo be rttubte «Ii the heijfbts lo thr 
north-weal of Ilauirui* whennvr • litlle nin 
inoUlmed the toil." The roniiveror, Irnmntiutely 
upou geiniiiK tho lirlor}, made a tow iu m>rl on 
ihii ^ouiij a roiiieiit dcdlcaleil to the lltdy 
Trinity aiid to Sl- Martin, the paleon of lbs avl- 
diera nf niul." Soon aflpm-ardt. wlirn hia ^ood 
fortiinr> periidttod him to fulfil tfab td^t. Ihr gn-tt 
allar of tbe Qionaatcr)' wua placed on Ihe "jhii 
nhrrr th« Saivn alaudarJ or kinjt Harold bad 
been plinted nnd toni dofrn. Th« rircull t^ (bo 
exterior walU waa Imrpd to a« lo rnelnae all Ihe 
tilll vliich the hmrccl of the £n|[llah hid eovtmi 

* Rl ntlmlMflabik ftdlile, iLibiwi 1«fi« Atrjmi afnmr*- 
rew, a«a >nlinjin .... mullrmn. qiion. nnle •uinpluin rr- 
jfiiii«n, tKlewat, KiUUia, ct^iuiciiHitii -V«ff4,4'iA'^'i, ijiinl 
^MiAl Cvllani cfful, icrma nJdu^if- (Hfffl. IWi Vu. STTd. 
IbL at b. ia Hawo Hrlkaainiul 

runsMiitiiUja itiicqU. t>lalli, VTnliauiiiut. Iluin. bUUv., 
p. rtl.l 

" D> Ic nuid dkiiB, 'iiiM inalul* clr'an > \'w tlbl sM. 

AiWltoT <IIW.«TliB UI«an>.llb.lLeap.«l,«nua 

ft. Awlk Hiiiri.. ml iil ai«. «L IIiIk) 

'* n Oina BHtliea iBlMTiaailanM. >*niH MBcalinin ft 
•liiiil anmluia nuuilaL. i. flail- NnbrlfHkli hlaL. p. It, 
m. Ilfuiui.) 

!■ riiartv IVtllhlml [:oiii]ua*ti<tit.n|<ul Uoaailie. Aajtlf,. 
Dilj^lv, *ul- 1- 1 IT. 


Wllliim mnrrhmni IdDdoiu 





tritll tbtat IkkUm. Alt Iki- cirpnupreiil Intid, u 
lc^iiewi*l«i on nhicb iIm dilFftEiit icciics of tb* 
baOle bmJ htxn arlril, bennM ibv prvivcrl; «f Ihh 
•hbcy, Yrbirh, in ()■■■ N(iri&*D laivixiaK*, W*« mHoiI 
r^Uaya <<< h Baiai/h. nr BMIIi* Abh^f .* Monk* 
(Wim th*i[n»aIramcntnr5Iirn»oi«.i*'ni.iii!»rTouf», 
nine tn Mlahlish Urn: Ihuir it^micilr, am) they 
pinjnd Tot the trfiuw of llic aoiils otf ill Uie Cam* 
t-ilanti vhi perMhi*il on thai fntal ilij.* 

It ii Mi'l Um), when (hp tlm iTMi-t oT l)>n fili^ira 
were Uid. Ill* •rrfill«1»iliiri»*ijfi^ t!i«l iln-n* wtiuW 
ecrlalBly be • vut of vrnirr. Hrliiic ilioi'irntrrlH, 
ih^ Mfricd tills di*B|{re«a1ilc luw* lu ^VilUiuu. 
'■ Work, noik mwBT." crplinl tiie CoDiiuvroi Juch- 
Urlji ; " if God griuil mn lifp. tlxrv tlikll bi> rnon: 
ninit (iir I Iw monki orUaltlit (n ilTliik Ifinii iIiltf 
ninv ia cleu vtitei iii tbrbral nminit in CtuulvD* 


F«»M run KATTLr. "I tlAlttHUa lO XUK -tAKIMO 

OT ciirirrm. 

jl.D. I0«»— IffTO. 

WniLK Ibo Krmj uf ttM king «f l)i« Angt»-8«ion« 
mntl IhU of the invRiler irtrc in prcwace of racli 
OthiT, tnrap rri-ali veiacl* fnini Nurnumily hnil 
m>u«l ihi' itiait in oriW li> Juiu ihr i;tr*L Atet 
■iRtiimcd in llie ruidi of Hattiljc*. T)t?ir coni- 
RiBU>]cn UikIpiI, bj Ruitikc, lofitl roilta lo tbo 
Dcrlhwnrd. In i. plnM «aUed Riuueiuy, now ffdn- 
N«y. The |ii>op)p of Um ooaM ifriiVvil lli« Nor. 
mniia >u nii'iiil^i : ftnil 4 conflicl look nUtr, in 
whi'-li lliir fuiiijCiii-n wrtB boiUn.' ViUlun <ru 
iipjiciai^l uf tl'icll dv'f^U B few da)-* after hla TJr- 
torj, ami, to prrrctit ■ timilar dn.iiln' from bchll- 
iny Iha ntt of Ihc tncruitu wbirti he FipMtwl troto 
■crou IliP chiaiitl, br mulied dnl uf all lu aPCurQ 
the poBcBiuii of llle toulli-«*»K'ni bIii>i«s. In< 
(tead, thrtcfuiVi of iKlraudtig l<^Trard« Liuuduii. li« 
marplwd b^-k lo Hu>.llnjt*, kud r«inaiiifJ thrtr fnr 
M<U0 tinw^ Ui ti7 trhli |>m(«e« nnuld not of iMrlf 
Induce Ihc pn|>utaIlon of tLo nrichbouiiiiK rouutQ 
to iDftkc a valunUif fUbmiaMon. Bui nti otir cimr 
tttKilicit pc«n; and the ronijuenw rewsmicncrd 
hia marrh, nilli thr rnnaiiu «f hut amiy, and the 
b*th troop* wlucb, in tki* intcnal, l»a reacbcil 
Uin frann Namand].' 

Uc itmt aloDic th<! t«ut from touTlt to nortli. 
nra)(iiig ftU In Uli mj-.* At Itomiiry he tr- 
Teii|E*d the root of Ilia Kildlm b^ buniina Ibc 
bouMi ud inunlrrini; Ui« inbiUUnti. Fivt 
SanBCf h« iDinrhiMl M|rii>iit Uuvrr, Ilii.> ■Irontcnt 
fUee on tiie wliolv caaM, and tlinl n'liii!li lir tiuil 
Ibraiefly mdcuruiinii to niako liiniKrlf mnalfi uf, 
irUkuut conltirt or dan)(rr. ><][ the oitti into nlikb 
he miJtrivH IIiu«ld. The fort of D«ier, rvepntlj 

> Cam Itaiti ((((■■ 

mU ainaa« IrRvti 



„^ rrhuta WIIMm. C«nqiiiiMniii. in 

■Mk Hi ■'-' — (d. Wib*. «• iu.}-La tjiiM. Jtmu it 

• MMuitie. Anclk . niL t. »\1. 

■ RU*iBla«lliLM«fMui.>ilm(i*fl*tniabaBMniMii 
qBhniu|Buiinii««ltAfnNiuiUaii>«ul. (MnowL Antik-. 
D««U)r. t«l t., Mf > 

• >laa' tlWe vtnm aninlaH b»Bm<aiWRa|indb>hiil*niL 
COnlU fliMi . aiieil loHyl^nT. Nmiult.. |l SM) 

^ CiIbb tnlffllf^iMct qnod nm biUid Dpiiiqiuil- (Chmra. 
ma. rtiu. &l. L)r, rA. Ii. ad tiwai.I 

• BpaJwnl MMB Mua nxtam. (IhM ) 

finiahed byttwtauoftiodwiu.unldat better bofM*, 
«-M liiuateii »a « it>ck waibnl hf ibe ae^ vrhUh 
WW nalimlj)! *t««|>i wid \vtA briMi cul on nil rido 
with (pvat ln>ub1» and labnur, aa ai ta gnv it a 
plain •arfaen like u n-all. Th« pnrtieoibr* of thr 
■iegn b; tlw Nonaani men iinknoirn. AH Ihtt v* 
lenin Eram llic hulnriaiis ii, ilikt llir tovn of llnvcr 
yn» buiiieil ; aiul that, ctibcr Uirou^ finr at 

Uimo^ trtaiH>n, I h i»u> ulin IhIiI thr fortrcH au(- 
tvnilcrfd it.' WiLllnm |iu«m>i1 vlghl dijr* at Dotw, 
nxMirnrtlnc ninv milk and dL-r<M)«lM vruika; iban, 
rhnriitiiiif ttic dirrrhon of bla roiMe. bn ttinivd 
atidk f{uui ibc i-uut, and niiarclicd towanli tbc 


TliQ Nonnan annyadnAccd by th«gr*at Booian 
(vav. callwl b}- tliF EcgUib Welllnt(«-«tn>i'l, whldi 
liiu) wi orieii Kfird ai n oamnioii liniil in ttir jior. 
liliuua uf Inriiliit; lirtweea tbn Suxona and lh« 
l>)im.' Tlini toail Led Iroin Dover to lioodon, 
tlir«iui(b tliit inidillu ai ih*- pnrrinci^ of K^nli The 
coO(|ui>ro(ii trnTcr-fd a |inrt of It mtbout Ihiiliij 
their )iiMn2(i dupiiled ; t>iil In od^ plae«, when 
the roul n|iprniu' lied llir Tlinmnii nud on llie tier* 
dur of a foieil cali^iilEited to ronccal en ambiiaendt^ 
a tar^c body if arnieJ SaioDi auddcnly prvveBMll 
themarlve* to riew. I| vraa nMnmuiiioa bj t<ra 
i?rvl4?tiaictu*, Ef hHiig, sbtict of tbemonuterjrof Bl> 
Aiijiiwiiu at Canterbut?! and Slinui}, archblabofi 
of Cantrrbiiry, cheauiie who hM aninnlnl kin* 
Iftruld.* It ia not jirfelxlii kiiowii wliat uaaacd 
in, Thi* ciKOimtei ; iihrllu-c Ihf'rft nu a Inltlc fai- 
IoitihI b)*a Uvat} bi^turru llic twu itmiM, or If tb* 
c«ip)tula.tiiiiU wu roiicludiri) witliout llgbllns. It 
appearit liowerer, ihal llic arniy of Kent aUpulMMl 
lor all the inbabitanU of ibat previnc^ n^o pi^ 
raiwd to ofT^i no funlieT rraittanm'i ou conditkM 
of Ibeir rcniainii^ ** fr«« after the conquMt m 
lUty hut Iwen bulor* il.'* 

In tliui irratln^ foe ilienaHlm, aiid aepuatlnf 
ihdr own doKluy from ibat of iLu niiiion, the 
men of Kent (if indti'd it be true [hot lliei naile 
wocli ■ campact) did tlui ivliiirli wu nrafT ii^«. 
riouB ta UiB romniou enn» lliiui adiuiiagcona let 
Ihi-nwelvH ; for Hate ia no inliGl of Ihial time wbieh 
pniifB tlul ibc forri({nr[ krpl lui HMrd will) Ihctn. 
or Ibal he dbiinpiiabed tlicic fioin tbr mK o( the 

Engliali ill hia op|iimaiTi> menaunw and cnactRienU, 

ArcbblaJiop Stigmd, having eiihor taken put In 
■hla d^Iorable cipUTilaiton, m (whleh, tnm hia 
bold and lofty ctaanctrii'' ta 'the mot* tmilnhtc 
ciRXlcdnre) Tainlj opposed It, iiuittcd the proiiace 
wklcb bill laid down Ua «rin<, and repaired (n 
London, wheie no one bad yet ihaofhl of ask* 
tiiiattan. The iuhabilanta of thai grcnt lawn, and 
llie chief* aiaeiTiblcil iu tt. hud reaolrtd lo li(kl a 
Mtoiid bulle, whlcb, if nM prrinred and well e«n- 
duotadt prantiaed V> be inoio fvrliuiata thaK ike 

But ifaerv wa* nwuing n rapriuna (ihteC untl«r 
vhoaa rammaud all the national troopt and an 


' Armianl oxttcita umtI ttmim cuiMla*. I^im 
rimt (Oidll. hptoi., f.tfit) 

t Mm Voak n. p. xa. 

• t^inm. WlllJR.l-nvrHti..aHiJhl««Utd,il. 
cot lion, f1. Nitdna. 

'■ l>iM. 

■ > Mi>iin*»i>»-» rtilm eral t lanlliaaliNi i«VMI*|' 
llmla. ('Otttia I auiiiat. ael. noitlf I'auOiu.. aBat IM. 
Anal. w{i>L.Tc.1 ll.<»l.^l.l^D.) 

'* triicuo. >^in<i. li^D-.Mkanii* MIAVIn a|«di 
VA t,r*, vnl. iL, ul fin<ni. 




VntfAlIM afipti^fli L^irj^-a- 
A viiM cmpa a Uaa a[ Lasdao. 

ptnioUe nen mieht talljr : bdiI llie natioDal caim* 
eili frkictl tbuiilii lijiiu «[ip«tiil«d • cliieC briuK 

l«Bii«Hfc ifv utfiy In <^iitluf t« ■ <lftd«i«i. Kol- 
lb«r «f tilt btetheM of Om blc kiar, n*n okpkblc 
~~iiig hM plae* wtih honanr. had rnvtitBd llw 
H Ht«lln|i. lUniid had loft twa nna: 
llwy vrerejM too joung and UoUttl« known to 
tb« peo^i Iidocvaat appear thudieywerclhon 
|MV|KiB*i] ■( ca&diit*t«« (or the njnl dignilj. Thr 
cBBiliitil«i Biovl nowrrAil la HMltk nail renown 
w«r* Edirin and SLerliir, the rbltft «f Kettbum- 
brta auii Merda, lmiihrn.|ii-U*r lo Harald. Tbojt 
bul tlw vtitatra o( nil lh« mrn of iba norlli of 
( h*t iVe dciiviii of LAodoDi tke biha^ 
af tlw ■odih, and <one athMa, «ppo*«d to 
j«iuix Eil^ar, nepliaw to king Edwaidi and 
' ^Uwliac. or llw illnaUiotn. IwcauM bn 
waadNcraded from aeienl kioKK.' ThU yonng 
■Mi. fenble in mbid anil iritbuat an; acquired rc< 
p«l>l>(iB| lud, ■ jnof Ixlmrt bnvn unable l« coua- 
larbaLuir^ thr pO|ialahly iif Hamlil ; bat h* noir 
MMinlvrlialBiired ibsl m Ibn aaii* of Al^tar, anil 
WU mppOftHi ignuait tliRni h} SIIkidiI liimi«tl, 
kad I17 mdtnl arclkliUhiiji a{ Yoik.' 

or Ibc other bi*1io|j«, 4>*irni] vcr* beilber for 
Ei1)(ar »i>r lor hit cu>ii|ifli(or>i hiil dcmaaileil *ul>. 
mlaiiBB lo iba «niriu* wliii had brauirh( utth bini 
ibe pofw's trM nnd (ba lUiiilud blntrd bjr Ki. 
I'«4ft,> Korar ul theae Ualiopa aeled tlirviifha 
bliiid nbriliriKc to iba onlealiatleal powtrj utlii;ni 
IbtDogb [H.|tU««l atwanllM ; and Olhen, oT tarrifa 

arifln. and piiinl orrr twforrtiand by tbo fbmfp 
pnlntdar, wttr onty ]daTiri|r iImi ptrt for irliirii 
itiffj bad iMMt paid uilhiri in vvtarj or la jirmiilart. 
Uiiwvver, ibcj dtil not prcntil : Uia mnjoiltj of 
~ fiwat Hatiotinl council mailc rhokc of ■ Saion, 

ftT him wba WB> Ihf Wit fit lo eammud iu 

OwiUManrw 111 ditteuU]! — Ibc yMiOf nephew of 
BdvnnL After imich bwtiuien, which occaaionnl 
a loaaof Iliac, llim tuprNiouiaia uaele« di>|rutri,* 
Ed^tf wu pfoclaioicd kiiif. Ttiu HJilimeuta of 
lb* people werA tiot rrmlnrrd innrn uiiilnl bj- hi* 
aeeaarian. Kdwin and Morkir, who hnd pToratoed 
•o Mit IbtUHMlvea U tbc hnail of Ibo trciopa na- 
wnblod In London, n-uacled thrir pmmlae, mil 
ntiiod lo tbdr ppircrnnFiila in ihc iinrtti, takinir 
with them thiT aolilien »f Ihoac eountrica, who 
wpr« Hntit«jy ileToted Ia lh«m. I'hcy entpnaiacil 
lb* T*ln hope of dafcndinfc the noitbuni pruviucn 
mfmtviMj tnia tha mit of BnirtMiil. Thifir iliv 
pMtW wf«k<^ned and dlKOHavrd tboae wlio re. 
mallwd tn Lcndnu with Ibe ntw kiiiv ! aitil lliat 
•trpreajon of tpirit, vhich U Ibf frvil of civil ills, 
eofil, iUM««l«l ilic fint ebulhtinn of nBiimal <•]»• 
Ibtutam nailed by Ibm foreign inttuiou,* 

Mcaawhile tbe Nurmaii Iiuoim were npfiroaebiiig 
OS avrcral poiuLs, ukI tiatarxni; in raiimu dims 
tlMa Cb* toimllra of Kan*;r, ttusmt, aiid Haul*, 
y tai Bd*i*wg and botBlnt; ilii> mwa* and haEnlH>, 

>MII.IM>». KIII.HalnMli. p.m,*d.l)ittl#. 
Ah. Pnt- ttA. I^Tv, nil. li. albm' 
lialiAant . 

iJolub. rir Fordiiii, 
,11b. • mp. II. !• 41M. ■>!. llMnir.)— Hill. 
HiUaa^ d- »<«- nt .\iMll . tU(.lil.,ayiidiw. AdcUc. HTlpI , 

f. im. >!. Mill- 

• !>• Jv U .ll-n laMU t* •I'Uri-b. (Cloon. trnx. Pn«. 
U-Lt*. t«l. h ■■inant) 

^ 1t4 .%9r-Ii quj. LK Hcnn m<.Mn1dft tfilMttiAin. |i4«qlwnil 
■ li ao «»fc»«f o ubiaia,., QVm. MaUBntk.ik(OTl. rrv- 

■ad bateboring tlw man wbcther wllh tnat of 
wttliouL* fire hundred hnrar adianerd ai far aa 
the aoiiLbm Mikiub of I.<andoni rofi^ctd • budy 
of Saiooa who onioeod Uwra, and iu tbtlr mrr^l 
burnod all (he biuUinga on the Tifbt bank ol ti>r. 
Tbamet.1 WitliiB. Judfin^ (rout tbiiesperimcBt 
that the dtiMoa bad dm jret eulinljr renouneed 
tba InientioD of dtfanding tbtnitclvci. iaalead of 
appr«a<'hinK and laying eicKc lo ibc lowii, nrnt 
townTild tb« we«U and pav^l tlw Tlumea *t a fatd 
MM WatUagfotdt in tbe provlupe of Betke. Ili> 
fotmad an eniraiclied cAup at thla pUre. ami left 
Bone tro(^ in 11, lo Inleoccpt any niwronn (hat 
inigliC come (roiB Lh< w««Uin provlncci : then, di- 
recting liii o»<xr«f lowanh ibo norlb-eiiM, be him- 
••If eneftmped ftt nprkJismatoad, in Uertfanlahirf, 
to inlerrupl ia like mtimer all eumiDUiiicaiiuii be- 
twiH-n London and ttii' iimtU and to pcteuil the 
return of Die kiiii of Al&ar. in caae ibe/ npcMed 
of iheii derectimi.* B]r ihew mnuxBOTtea ih* gnvt 
SasiMi ctt7 waa h«mn>ril in on all >iiU4. Numv- 
riMii fbnginf; pariite ravaced ita environ* and 
Mopped IU auppllM. wlihoiij comlni 10 any daoi- 
■)«» eniraiteinent- Tbe Ixindonna onore Iban odm 
pacoBDKrrd (lie Naenwna: bin Ihcj gtadnallr be- 
came woary, and wan merooMMt no* ao mocfa by 
th« atrciiKlIi of llui euetBy, an by the dieod ol 
ftmiue and tlir diihearteniiat reflectjon Ibal Uiey 
wen oat off bom all ■uecuur.* 

The burgenn of Loudon, like lliuie of tnoat of 
ibr lurgeT An^o-Saxeu towut, rompoted, under 
Ihr denipnlion •>( Aaiwe. a municipal corjxmtioii, 
whirh bad the prlrllep of eotidtieting lh« goTi-m* 
inent of Ibe (lie and rofolatinz ita pollev. Tbe 
jirnenee of the Viu! tnide no illlll»r»iiee hi ila in- 
Btiiuiiou*. and the bunR****!* mlchu crm ulihouc 
lui penuiuioa, asMmble and di'llbpr«i« locnbrr 
un tlin iiilrnial ndmlnialratiun of lh«ir eitv- At 
the bA«il a( the chief clUaeni, wboM ofKiea tntv 
elerticn atul wbo fomiMl a body pnanoed of eon- 
■i'ti-rsbln power, then ««a, at tbia eporh, a maiila- 
iTalc whniR BUn« It not reconlrd by any bbtorian, 
and vhaBi the only narrstivi- in whirhweted him 
mentioned designatea by the lilli- of lliai-ttmnl. 
ihatia to my, (he lupetfnleudent of t)i» hanaeJ* 
He wu luiie, whirh waa the renuh n( a^ivral 
n-uunda tecri>eil a mnntti prrvioiiily at Uir baiile 
of Hitting Slid now forced lo be tArri«l in a 
llttiT to th'»e i]iur1cn of the eily <n)ii(ber bj* du- 
tW nWrA him. Bui lliia niefertoBe did not prv. 
rrni hU digplajitis an eilraonliitart leil fur the 
|[it>*i*-*!ii '>f Ihr ri); of Lutidon, nnr frum drrcisin^ 
lirvit influEiic-! 'jTrr thi: re*u1iiliou<i pf the bur- 
IfWd,'^ It njipf^r* ditti IpVillifejii, tjt'in){ vnAl iii. 
formM] of Ilia Inlliivnfw, rautod hi* emtiaaiira lo 

autind what might bo ih« diapukltion of tho Unua- 

' Vill» I'lrmur. lumlufKine InterlloBir dod fiwalut. 
lltf^^r. 4l« tlr>**<l ftaB4l.,f«ft ftW.hpiulrre. AhflM »nr\A,. 
11, I.V>.Rl. Bsill'.l 

' 4'iviniuitB qnlF^oU odia aa r M «lrk Mimaa tmeohe. 
lOoill. pi<MT., p t(a.)-<Mnl>« Vladh, ;^ Mt- 

• Itiia. 

* V i Ji^rre ^?in^ <.«.. v Jlnl^u* atiBr* hah f"^- ftV7ll. 
OfTMi. hlia. KoTHiinn.. iji'id^mpi ti-r. Nnmniin,, p. r**.) 

" S4S a> fnllHe. rpl*ll<r |9 ti"' D»ni> -ii illl<i>f In.>eit4'i> 
(III fTmiirarf). *lillb U (■*■" la Uk L^liD N9. parni. la 
Ilia innl llbmr <■' llnatt*- 

■ ■ Valnrrit pm ntfU >fite ■•• HnwenM r inw ya. 
loiilHi nMtni. iMdillluls nnw 1 
Omnllnu III* tmm prinMVnt l«f«nl wM*. 
Ujui rt ■mill* p«*ilKB tn atlUir. 

I»ariiiarnir*r BniMeli. ■ M9.) 







wud Io*nr4« Mm, "bm tfeil he tpm-itnI no rrplgr, 
cither f*TOunblp or bMlHc' ItFtolutc uid clr> 
cuintpocli llii* rlilFf ot tli« lonl mB4,-uIni-]r bad 
■ccnMomcd UmtdIV worJIiis lo Ihv tpirlt «f Ida 
oScM ittlj, la («airiilrr iii (h'> Anl pU'r- lh« waJ- 
bt* ftfUii- fo»pnr»tioii wlikh hod fl«-»d hitn, nni, 
IWtwilfn'nniimtr h' l»»(I rtw-mllv cIti-ii tjnnd prooh 
of hia pitrsotiim iindpr nthcr ctri-iitnaiaticpi^ now 
the thmKht of how to prnrrrc IiOBilon (nm lamine 
wid hoRi plU*gT H>lplj ro^of^d his rarv. A* lonci 
■■ II bNuna manlfml (hat lh« lownirniay rtrnlvp 
aa upraur. Uw HkntWNrd raaT<ik«d III* awmhljr 
of biitfnan^ and wu l)it tint In jiropnac ■ rapllu- 
UlltM. Iliit ihrj mtiftil vrrun! ihr brni rondillona 
tliAl WHT ptw^blv fium th« rncDi).* " llonoanbic 
bivlhTi>n." kp titUimMl, ''jou pi^rciT* that our 
ril}' !■ aarrouiKlH. tiail tho tvinfoiwtimila wliicli 
ir« npwud dn iiol urfuv. Tbt lolnirb tiki bivi) 
■Inwnioal wll)i ftrt uul awonl, )Utdtl)>(uur*fi«TiirRt 
p«*nih* thn vnvlroii*. In my Oi>liiIon but one 
rPvoiiTce ]* It-ft "u*. ftoi! thftt TeM« in out iirudfiico 
uid adttivaii. riie oncni)! ii not jroi avm »t nil 
oar aBlteRRS : praSI bjr thn taometit, if jou will 
fcllow my BFHiiinMit, In aik priux ot him ; but be 
cveAil la aeliict for tha nuuion a nan of uitclll- 
gMiee, wbn will not IH blmM-tf h* ilrrMTvd, and 
lrii» Will UntMlf d«««fvn tr nc«"tAiI to do to.'" 

TImw eoOBw)* pretuird ; but iho Siucon wlio 
waa dfpotMl to Adit the datj- of hnrald wu by no 
ncana a man npablc of cantndng in crafUncM 
with th» dull* tft Tinrmaij. When hr aniicd at 
th«> eump of Wlllian li« iJellTfnKi hit tnenagi aad 
■laiU Ma firopaaittoiu with aa tmrmbamMMl am) 
bolil tauuMiuiiiM. w u to allow that the ciibnu 
of Uiudali inn nqt m jrvt irdiunl to iul- furpiljr.* 
Oit fall )M)ti Um Yukawa* cattful not lu bbtuiiid a 
•eraMandhaofhtyl'tnc ihnaiii-MivilMlfiivlliiilU. 
fird wilh lh« haransne and tAr trmu of thi< cnTfij ; 
but Iiititabcai1bi*nu>(.-ltnlai tlwm, ■aii thpcotom- 
ponwj nwratOT.* Hi? iliil nnt mvrpi cxprrul)' mj 
«a« oaodUiua ; he tpokL- of hb nghx (□ En|[lBtu! 
witii a fiufilaj of iDl<-mi>l rnnrirtion of Jt* Jiwticc, 
and, til* nwii" pomplolidy lo Hr*i-ir» th» nr^eistor, 
ke MdaiHl pivaanu In a rondilmble talus to be 
ilrU<rct«4 ta Um.* Ttir Haion hail noi ili« bold- 
acaa la dcutHl anr irunranter ; and mi hii Mnm 
lo IdnJon hi^ atmmmceJ that ihikc William rundv 
ptumto* nf pMtw (■> tb» ritjr anil of mfnif. without 
uiy darD|Mii>n. prnvldcd ib«y waiiM Ofwii tliv 
(MCI anil ipidn hint ihHr oath*.' On hdiig 

I tt« ^itUaa oaat<M iiHtA l^^to invpil. 

Onrtli M VKBlIu <aWUlt in IhaUmii. .. 

(HulUHTtlll If Ihiuwh. T.TlM.) 
a tlmtm iBijAnv onyl ]nUM" MniM. 

lafiat, M wMtaulltaw aUointUw. 

{IWi. ..■«•) 

■ tllwo q/utnutB. ■ wiW»gnaWM k i iii i » n». 

Haba Mw kbaat MUili (git* (Bflmiti. 
Awh>« ittilit bMr li^bM ui ta>«i 
" -1-^-— .^ ,|. 


Wto IW iii wa wi — ■«*■ » p u fHiwa. 
St4 aabn t1> i»nil Itumit MWpudr ftih^ 
Mftlni i nsi. klkisiapn ^oliLtt. 

fll-U.v. ■:,».\ 

* !(iini(|ui>|ial*D taadal m. aliiiic btrnln l»|iiii 

tliiii^iifrt lb ln^Milii ■iiiillm ml il imf 

^t^l^A.,t. iu,) 

* lll*nUtnitib(wUiaaaawaiiu(lii«n> 

lIUL.t. TIA.) 

■ Ura tdUi |n(«a illrK. MMiinp BlaMa 

I'labW bu^afii fttmi t* (Sum MU. 


■irkltT- queaiiuned, he could not Mef tint bo kad 
(rcHTw fioni the duLtr anj dirrct aHonuKV ; but, 
no llie olhci liaud, he praiicd ucctilioKly hi* aln> 
cpritj" >'f d^mi-aiioor, tlif n*i«'1nin of bin •pceebrv, 
onil hi" funBrtwltj'. 'yhi^ pfport, rlllTpring iogt*«tl} 
trivia Iho rumciiira tha] hnil Iwon i|im4 of tlw fen>- 
nij of the itrlcir in the tiinlc i-1 IlaKiugt, cvimnI 
an cKMaairi! drifrc« »f coulUrnco 10 ii |il>i i Hm 
■lup<-f*'iioD of terror; tboac ruiw of piodciiw 
whirh thf Ilamwatd bad ao atrooi^jr lUsod wrr* 
lli^n fi>rgDtt«n, nnd uolhinf wta qiohtn nf but tb« 
ivpairin*. wlihoui farther driay, tu cam the eiij 
kin 10 duke William.* 

Th« diMUt of til* jotitliful king Ed^ar. nUlionl 
nil ariiif, niid wltlioot frt-n coaimunml iou willith* 
cniintTi', wax utiahtc la dlrtaln (a thli taaipM of 
the cIlEiTiii. or locan«tndn ihrmlarun thtbasat^ 
ofn hopFir-w miitanrr. ThcgoicmmnDt thalbad 
Jiut htta conatlhilrd in Iho mlJtt of puUk arita* 
tioii*, and wtticl), dmpite il» populwilj, wa» de6- 
ci*n( of ihp tBOH onlinaiy nnA iv^uiiiie r«ioutr«, 
wia thua forvod la promul^ie the dcrlitrB-iion of 
lla batliur reaapd tu Miil. 'I'hr kicut hliiorlf. ar. 
mniiiaiilod bjr aKhblaliup* Stifatiil and BIdrcit, by 
Wufrttaii, blilinp of VoRvairr, *ct«tal <Mharrdt- 
■iiatici aiid cliiefa of M^b rank, and hj lhi> prinri- 
|ial diisaiv^ thru mpattvd lo tbe NarauB ranin ti 
Bcrkhaiiirtead, and, to thn t)uifor1iai(> of thvir 
countij, iiHilt thpir inhmiaiDD.' ThFy drUrrml 
hcalagca to the duke of Normaadv, and took th« 
ualhi (^ nrirn in'l allr^aiir* (o hioi ; while, oii 
hh ■)d<% Ihf iliikc prntni«i.-d (hnn, on hi* hoiuMif, 
tlial h» wonlj |itv>vi> jii>m!» and iti/nn-rit tuwud 
them. He (h«i«u[Hni morcliFd tuwiKli Lonilon, 
niid, DrilwIt)ular>diii):hJa]jromim, Liirnnillnlcvi'ry- 
tblnic ibit lay iu bla courw to bu dicta t late d." 

On tbo road from B«kb*nul(t»>l In London 
ihinv waa a neh monaMMY called Ki. Atbaa'i 
Abbey, bailt near the ntrnMre raini oranancieat 
Koman muiikipo.! cily," On appinachiiic Ihr land) 
of tbb eon^nt, Vi'LUiam otwnnl with nurpdac 
laix« Intnlua (if limti'>r ("llnl nad diipotcd ao aa Is 
lalKrnipr. hU fiii«ii|^ or wmlrt it dllBcoti. lit- 
nated thi^ abliol ><f St. Albani, named Krilhrtr, 
la !» brouchC Vfnrc him. "Why," itemanded 
the con(|Tii^ror, '■ linil thnu itiiM Ml down thy 
wooda*" ■' I hate but done my duty," aiuweraa 
Ihi* !<ason menik ; "and if nil of my order bad do** 
It90 aaiuo, aathey (nJCg'bt iiid ought lo have dona, 
ptrhap* llMUWOuld'l nrit !i3ie iieaetrated no hr 
iaio our cnunlry."" n'illiain 'tid not so OD 10 
1^'iidvn, bill (tornKd *l thv di>tiii(T of a ftw 
Dtilei, and aent forwanl • atiun^ di-tMihaient of 
aoldien wbh inatnictiotia to boild a faitnwa tat hla 
TOaidenoe" in tlio centre of tli< town. 

^Iiilp ihii rnitk wu pioccedlnc wtili raafdityi 
the Nurman muucil «f war ware dfaenMoclm 

• AnnuUbic Tulrua. Jmluw vmlnitiaaanului^ 
£■ fuflma rHfpA ooaiua iilri^ii^ ^"^ , - - , - 
BoiUfT* pw flail* uil^ni. vilni. finni^iD. 
OTrlatO, IJIlBnuDt. Oiua^tptunt mAl^klntlh 

< Mauu»Tit<l >ir Ikiiwlfk «. Mt j 
■ Kitimlwninl a* I'tiipliv vrt^tanuiD, nm ifa»m iMal- 
main -r>4 ill ilMaitiirn TiMrliilii. (Chr-ii >*ii^- Ki^,, avIi^BWI 
HIAVI.. Biiiul i;lm IM. Lit. ml, U. ail Hum > 

<• IliU — lt.>trt J>- II.Hol. «uia. uua piiea, mf^ iw. 
Aat»r. Kripl. . |i ua. i-l. itetlb. 
" \ i-niluiimin 

" l4l>u»|i«<rttiMMtc<rf<;nuMulM.».«M. T iwdiai 

"" "" ' ' I,' "Tl III] * IIWMIBIIII 

arbf . luuoUtai Intoriw ptr tldm, (Otill. hctor. f. Itt.) 


V'illluk -InLit"! Lin;. 
Kcfcul nt iich)--|>. Slusuil. 


Aliio u( (In HUwry. 73 

TunivU iMcaalhcBBea. 

c*vp DiMr Londou l)ic (n<^*ni ot prompllj 

!i|>lptin# tbf Foiii^iipit to nuoc^Mfu lL]r btgkin.' 

Ii« fimiliir fiico'l-i of Willinm Mtd ihnt. In onlor 

I nmiler the pMpl« of the )•( tuconqucivd pn^ 

I tea* diiftiwd lo rotUUacPi the eklct of ilw 

lUMi mnt, pfcrittual)' u> auj nllerior laTuivUa 

II* lh« titt* of Liii^; at Vie EnglwU.* ThU pro. 

•ru, ilnahUoB, ihe mfMl B^nMbU tu Ilie 

loka of NanBini)]- ; but. niih lui acciutumed clr- 

cuini|iecti(Mi,hrfclsneil tmlilTDCi-ui'i-luil. Allhcitiitli 

nbtaLn ft kittgilum wu thu ulijrut uf lux viilw- 

c. it appcan Ulftt molire* •/( wclf^lit iuilucoJ bim 

Ibit iiu»i>*nt tn ccinciu^l bin uuhilinn, ftad lo 

Mmwtf IcM dc*iriiiia limn he \a tratli nna oT 

»tfl|fnlt7 which. In rlniKtinn him to mjM auth-oiity 

r( ihc TKnifaiithril nUicu, mtut ncceMUtfilj aIm 

ate hi) fonuac frooi lliat of >ili roiopMiioM in 

WiUiajn tatAt modtwt txcu*«*i Hid NifUMted 

. then inighl at l«ul be a Utlt« drii}', Mjtng 

U be liuil Dut I'vuuii [u Cugbnd to m«k« hU own 

at tlmyci but tbai uf ihc vhrik- NonnnEi prci- 

norvtmr, ihkl, if il wtrc God'* plcuure thu 

ttioiilil liccoitw Viiif^, thi> (iiuc fbr Ikkliii; tlic 

bad not fEt •rrh'^, for loo maiij previiLMv 

loa nta* meu >liU a-umuvil tu be lub- 

Jthm iiH^^tT otHit Nurmu) cliicA ww lUepuMd 

hiUr"'' BjiMicrtticat H^ruplav iu tJirtr Utiirml 
Bd to (l*«iilr Ibat lli« time to miko M klllf 
Uj not y»t uninl : vhrn n rnpUuii of (he 
f band*, tuuner] Ainirry dr TIidiiu*, nbo 
ouuK) ts lie Jcolviu i^ ihc rajU dij^iulj 
: *c«tcd In 'William (ban hod tl)« ti«ti>v« of 
lAroMud], (uMfeiOL'rl tlicm in > »pirt[ei1 lone, 
lingt iu thi? ilyln of B flaUirrcT imd a ilipciiiliu^' 
" It U «J| «s(«>a uf inudnl; to uk iiiruKil- 
I wbrlltcr llicj chvudc that tlii'ii lurd hliall lie 
I : MiUinm ui' itut callv^l oiiiiii Iu take iiiut in 
. of Ibu niilun^ ; Ixrtidt^, vut cii^buLrt 
ily wnv lA n>tard l}ia( which wc all wiih lo *pc 
ibdiwl withoiil tuf ilclaj." * Dioac among 
XotmaiM wlia. after thr. fctsia-il eicuwi of 
IHiBtn, would ta*c Ycntuml to be of lb* MUic 
Bd with tlicit iluLir, «cn quite uf a CQulrar; 
Mian M aooa a* tbc I'aicnrvin had ajwhtn, leal 
ry ahaoU aupefti I«m falihfiil and doiatvil to tbo 
an cbM. The; iraaDlmaiMly nwohed Ihere- 
llMta bcfiirt Iba canqiinit vraa poibcd on; 
Iter, dultc Willlant iihoald cuuic hImiivU' lo b« 
airfieJ LlBg of Du^lnuil bj thv MUkll riuinbcr of 
whan bi.> had ■Uinwdt^ iii Ircrilfing or 

CllriMIMfrda]. which wai then appro ic!iiuf[,wai 
■I an lor llio ceicmoar. The uelibiahoo of 
■lEVbotT, Mijtand, who hul Utipii tlir> uith of 
M U> w CfltilU'^rDT in hit map U Ilrrkhain- 
iBiiie'l I'l cijini" inil imiiiw bands on. 
■adloatnro him. arronlitm lo tbr iinni-nt mnioni, 
h dkr church of tJi« Moneslc^ of ibc Writ, m 
b^bh KW-ngmNtr, oWh W Loudon. Sligu^nd re- 
tmtA to go and cti-ii hl« heiipdioiioii lo it mtii who 
waaitaluwlwllblismanblodd.auil the invader of iht' 

■ rwat^ uhbUii'w • SamiiuuiiN. (QulU. Pictav., 

• .M <lM»flittin«« hu)iii«ji-U milniv numinkiB uul inr<k 
mMI mM Niia «€ lUil tshnuluru ii.ia/i <l^Illlr■^llll}ll« 

rifbtiiaifMialber.* But Eldtcd.aiGhbUiopof Yotk. 
b«tag (aaj the old kialonaaa)* mar* wcuiDir««1 
aitd better ad viaed, cotn|itehendiiig llut it wa* n»- 
m«»M) lo aonfunu lo tlM iinia».uul not aetws- 
Inirj to ibc order of G«d,* by whom the powci« oT 
the cwih ar* culled and eoiutitulcd, oonaenicd to 
petfoiu tits imfHirlMilcemnoD]. TtiaWot llinilcr 
was iirtpareilniuldeeotaledaauifertnvrdan, wbna, 
with iWfrn sulFngeeoribebealinenaf Bnyland,* 
tlie kinij of ilicir choice cnine and prvsentwl Urn* 
Klf, tlii^ii; to itcciie the invealitiire of that power 
vbH'li tliv J bad ooulidTd In him. Jlul lUt prciioiu 
vlcLlinii. without whlcll tb« title of kii^ could be 
no other thin ■ Tain mockery Mid ■ bitter iniult 
on the i^rt of (he alioiiKeii, did ni>t taliv \ibrr in 
tbc CMC of the Norman chist. ITe <(uil(eit lib 
eamiii and pcoctedcd bdivccn two line* uf wlilicn 
lo llie abbej, where bis uriTal hab fc^irsJli-^l Tjv 
■ome Sazuui viba vien oitureDior bj ihcir frira, 01 
at itiijil bill alfiFi'icil & ralin dvnieaiiour Bnil an air 
of libeltj' ill Ibi'ir cuwaidljr mid lervile office. All 
lbs aiEUUCa lr«diiiif lo llie church, the pahtir 
plafn, and Om atrcata of lubuHi, oteic £lled 
with armed M^vUcra,* wlin. aerarding Id the an. 
cicDt itanralii>M. worr lo keep ilmin ih« nbel«,uid 
eiiautc the atfetjr nf ihoie wIiom dutietMlled Uiem 
into the iuterior of the MioMct.'^ The eoUDla, 
baroiH, aiid llx' ehivfi of Ihc 'tm)'. lo tbc niuubvr 
of Inii hundred mid Mkt), entered the locrtd 
cdlftci' with titeir dulie. 

^Vhen lilt) rcreiDomy opened. GMlIh)):, biihap of 
Coutanraa, aficr-iidlnx a ralaed pUlfamii aalied the 
NoTinaiK. in the t'cench liui|;iio||C. If ibej were all 
of apinioa that their WJ tbould tale ths tilie of 
kiiig of the Euicliili ; aiul at ilic Bame Umo ih^ 
arelibiBhu[i uf Vurk uked ihu EiifiiUi. in tlie 
Sbxdu toiij^i', if the; would have for Uag tbe 
dukvof Nuruiauil>< iitieh luud acclainattaiiatrcrei 
till tlitr iikBliukI, raiitrd 111 tbv cbueebf Ihat tbcj 
riMoiinded bcjond lU ipitei. and leached tb* can 
of the bonemcii who tlili-d the nalflibvurinjt ttreeta. 
TJiirj look Ihia f onfuecd noiac fai a crjr ol alann ; 
and. in piuiuuice uf their ncctot ordcra. iiDuiedi- 
Birl]( wt lire (o tliD houeea-" Many of ibetu gal- 
loped toward* the eburch g and, nt tike light of Ibc-lr 
dtawD twurda and Ihe flaniM of the coiillagriiiun. 
all the aiiendauiH, NumtMi* aa well aa SaiDiit," 
dUpcneil : the liitter baateurd tveuinKuiah tlie lire, 
luia the diroiet ui plunder donsK iha duenler." 
The eerenwnj naa auapended by thie uiifsreBeeii 
tumult; and Iheec remained te Hiiiah il only ll>e 
duk*. tttebbiKhop KbireU, and a fw pri<sU of bolb 
nalioiia. Tiicte racrii-td iu Ircluhliu;^ from him 

* III* ill* ortiealo ■• ollnd Jaria Wiainl nuautliQiiiiurt 
natlalmoi idquleiil. ((iuU. IWulirig- Je i*li. AiielW.. p. li. 
(•3, tlnriiv.)— OifDo. JdM«.IIn>Bilan,n>tidhii«-Auil-tal|n - 
Mil. I. ml. I»1I. fd.AddMi^KailBHel hut luii ..)!)■ I. «, (ri. 

' \i< tiiB'ii I'l iiiuilrn. IllnO. Nr<ilfiil.. l*. I4.>— (ThlVtt. 
tVilinl tti>iulni.-t'ir<l. <ul. ■■, til. nl. i;ali-. 

' .V.-<iik'i> luk'ltl^as taikiHluiB CUV tiwiurl. r* AVttotr O" 
quaquimmlMniituHanlliiailoal. <4inU. naiilstc. n. IS.)— 
llirnn Wiilb.n lt>iBi^.ir>l,U. tAt. 

* 'flia brriMi-mi-iiD. (Chnin. :'a»mi i4 lillwig. ! —«■,) 
^ i^iirk Tminari hmii in nrtiii* -4 ptiui^ prmiA- Jii^Kill, 

(Oiiill.Ffct>ir,p. wo.l 

■• Ka aiiid iluU ft inllllnnU inUteur. lOtilm*. \laii.. 

" namiuRi nlilint Iiri'"!')""!" ioiivrr>tnl. inrln. 
Vital liHi nrt., Ill), ill. rki-uil tnijit rrt. r'unniiin..t>.M3.) 

■■ Mitlubiilii iltHMiu 4r Dialineai (BtrtilM I i^lbi |im 
•atui, (iruii.) 

■s rt iB l.n4|rrtii-t-Ua(» iM p>J« Jlilfann, (UUQ 

14 IbilBlwtAn of KAuin muI Uarku. 


llHlriluiiaB it fH» t m, 

whom thry ib1ui<^ kiog> Mid if ho. tt^eonlbig lo tn 
MUiltlit namtlon, hmuelf alira tivmblni. the ootli 
to tfMt tho Aoitig-SaxoD pcojilc ai Well u xiiey 
hid bcf^ Ircalcd b\ ihe bnt of lltv kui^ ntiuiu 
they liid olecltd in fotiBirt tini».' 

Un lh«t i«i^ •Ity the rily of Litnilon tud «4nw 
to luMW tJiB rUne of tu«h an oatli from llie moiuli 
of M fcircigit ronqueror. An cuoimoia nir-tiibute 
w»« impcaed an Uw citJicHi niiii tlieir IimUkc* 
wvfv Iniprhoucd.* WUlUin, who could not tiim- 
wlf Mficmtlr ball«<>( that Ihn hoiedif (ion of Eldroil 
and tbn tcclsmitiMj of a few pou-nni* bad mide 
him a kiiut of England in ttie Uirful wum uf Ibc 
word, feoling cmbanaMcd in (kUraiamit tlie ttjic 
of bU aiBoifeMMri aoinetkBtp inUeljr called hunacir 
KiiwbjrbCTwdilarjnwvMtioai and >oniFtiine(,iv(lli 
tMiMot frankntMy Klag ^ tli* tig* of tbo ivord.' 
Bat. if ba hMilaiiil in Ilia d«>lxnation», I10 did nol 
liettui* (d lilt Mil; ht pul liloiarlf Iti hU pixiprr 

Elact ti;r iheailittido of deliaupt aiul dtf Inin wlikli 
• iiMnin**] lawart)i Lhc peoplt. II* did not j<n 
lantiu* to cicabliali htnuolf in Lomlua not iuhabU 
tha haltltButal eattl* whleb bad therein Wf]] 
hoatBj cmjtrvctrd fix bin rnidcntr. tic tbcnfixtti 
liA Ibe dij la nait la the adjucat tettilarf until 
hi* cngiaMn bad iciicn xrratct soliilit; la tboic 
yrvtkt, and had alM laid the fuundatioiM of two 
oilier foitwttea, lo wpr m , nja a Norman author, 
ttis chsD|aable iidflt of a populalioii too uiun«rMu 
and too lwrt«.* 

Ihirinic the da^ which the lilns puai^il Keini 
mUot (ran London, al a platv caUod Barkintii the 

two Saxon chioJi whuM filial nuvsl hnd caa*td 

Uie lormider of thf pVAt lovn,tnrtiIl«d at III* n«<T 
)ia«rrr (rhich the pMMMtnn of (xinilon and tlic 
liiln of king Raira to clia Inrad*!. rame from ihi- 
norib toukc tliraunc notli to him which thi^ Euglisb 
tJiieh wvi-c occiMiocnvtl tc lalic to tli<ir audeut 
kblp.* llowci«r, the (ulHiiiHioii of Eduiii and 
Morkar did not bring with it iJiiU of (bi< pxninMa 
vMcli thcf had ^oTcmrd : and ibi- NormM) tmnj 
did nut adianr* to occupy ihow prorlneva, but 
noaafaird cononitnled roniKl Londnn aad on l]i« 
•oulkem and nwttm cDtuti ncamt to Gaul. It 
waiat that time alnKHl ^nllHJf occapit^diDelutriuif 
tbB ipoili of Ihr Invadnl Iprrilorj. ConiiniBiioTi* 
were umil thrnosli the whole etl«iil uf rMiunlry ill 
which tlio ana; bad trh ijanlaani. TIk'}- made all 
txiuit InvnKor; of all cMaics, public and prinur, 
refuleilaf; Ihont with f;r«at cue and niiaTrtonm ; 
for, •v<-ii in ibose rmate bnM, iha Norman nation, 
aa ll baa alnce hrni, w*t latiah of wrltlnip, ptiblle 
Ida, ami pneft-trrba-x.* 

In^nUy waa made into the nnmra of all the 
SB(tlaili w1k> hikd died iit bailie, oir who hod iur- 
^ifnid their dvfeala, or whom th«r doiopdtc affiiini 
had, coolnr; lo lh*if dralw. detained from J-iiiiiig 

> TWplSwtM nArtinnranvvnliiniU nitn rrenn 

cn^aBHitfi tnriMiaten, •(• ra<«Rvn(. itirirt, Viui ||i«. 
foiV> Vu. ti.t apnd (01111. m. Kimnuin f ioi ) 

• iMMuil Irilxiriin lii-niinllui vvlli >anun>. [Ctnn, 
!taa«.lhi(ni HbaiingMLWI, ipul [h«>. F.i. Lvr. nO. 
U. at Obvui,] 

' Eau WUIdIibu* r« h»r»>llt>iU „,n (WrtJu. pitltknll 
TbrHoruj l.latiiii'im i*<-|<^i>''i'<ii'>1>''<n. U * 1-^— RaiBiim 
Aai,1i>niiii on rluin ut^LU luni- (Ihid . |>. t>.) 

• t'«i»^ w.l.iijuipni iufijUi K Art capiilL fnalll, 
rirtai. p. !•«) 

" "- - ' -'-Jwi-.miKit.. '.XhH.) 

Bft. ilyieaiL (UiU>i^,>V-S»rruti,laiuH|4 
idU^;- :.l:v LwtliiUiNm.) 

the itindtrdi of thoir I'mintry. All Ihr pnaxiaiwj 
of tlieie llirrr i-lninra of iDFti, wh'ilMT In landa, or 
rrTcnuei, ur cIdiIIeU, wrrc ronSicatnl.' Tho eoil- 
drm cf the 6nl ircie dccUred diaiiibciilfd for wt, 
Tbo lecond wi.-re likrwife perwiaacotly ilupot- 
teawd, and (mj' tb# Kormaa auUionJ the} thnm- 
aelve* wori> ijuile tMivilili- iImI their li\ra were tQ 
whlrh (lirj fUKlit 10 ixpt'ct at Die hand* of iho 
curmy.* tAsilv, ilow men who had not lakaa 
piTt In ibc Intuo «r«r« alao vtrif^cd of vierrtlitoir 
for bantu: i nlnnded to fight i b«l^ Vr •pectiJ h*our 
Hud deneO'i^j', limj wfM p«nn)IIo^ to hope tha^ 
aftn man; jnui of oIwdienM and dowxion to the 
ft>rei),ni tKiner, not they, b«I thalr niu. m)^ 
obiaiu fiDui ilic bouDi; of the nciT oiaatot* matt 
portuin of the |iatrnial inherilaiK*.* Sucli waa 
tho law of the Coii((ue>.l, arieatdiBi; to tlw' crtJJUe 
tulimoiij i>r a prvlalo tvtiu vai iitnrly t cotcoqio- 
nty, and whn hljnarlf vaa deaModed tnm tha 
Nonuin InYnder*.'^ 
Till Lmnii-Tiic proilooc of thi* univenal 

tion«i-r«cd for rrwttrda to llio ■dY>nlur«tS o( 

oailoMt viha hod eniUted undec the atandard 
Nomian itukp. In llio fini plare, tbrir «' 
n«w kiiu; of Uie Eng-llth. kept ta hia own 
the Irvaiiuu of llie nnciciic Lingi, the )r>ld tcftvli 
and ornuueiititaf thcciiunhn, and vfcrTlhlmc ma 
and {imciaiit that rduld be found in Ine i1h>(b.'i 
WiUiatn acuta part of Iluao riehe* Iupop« Aiei,. 
aiulcr. toftUivr with llaiold'a ataDdotd, lu rvtnra.' 
for tbe iiolj- ataikdard which bnd Iriamphed at' 
Hsatinft> ; " and all tho cIniTchM aWoad iu which 
IMaJm* lull h««i tuiMT U'd lapera buraed for tW 
lUQceHi of iho iimuott TcrPived la racMnpmie 
cnnaet. liislit**, aad Miitrn nf Rold.*' 1Vhe« Ike 
hiiif; aud ttip prtaala had lakaro Ibfir aliuc, the 
nuriun hod thelra, accof dinjt to ibirlr niik aad tka 
(xinditiDni of iheir cimaMKmalit. ThoM- wbg, 
lh< easip on Iho liiet Uivc, bad dune hixBag* 
WiiUiun for linda whieb were then la b* eos- 

'ho hBimia and Jutighls had ulriiaitc doisiijii, 
eaatlea, town Uiida,a«l c«eu vntiiu lownn.allolifil 
tolhem: iKoHieaTieivuaslg Lad tuMllM-ponioni." 
Sciiiie took Oieir pay in mine)' ; othon bul atif «- 
lati'd bi'fotnliaiid for lomn Sauin wataaii; anil, 
auconliu; lo tlioNnrmanchroAicIr.WilllaniimaMd 
Iticiu to lalii^ iu tniuriBKr noble lailin, tlic hcirevn 
of ficat |>owo«toiia, whom buabiiula bkd bra 
■lain In Iho battle. One alone uiMxiirrf ij| ikr 
warrinn In lha aouqncror'a tr^lt ohtimnd kailh* 
land), not gold, uor womcuc and wooU accept d> 

' IrpH amnii li-rfotnm M btnJnmn nlifut tHlliimntT* 
dim 1-1 Jiu)iuru* ilr itavetv*. tn »nii>nl Malh. I^ni. 

W>(. L iv\ IniliLini-) 

■ Mu(n-iu> D*ai>|iK rt^iulatiaDI frill 1IU* limr<lilo rob Ml 
mil:)* illiid-l 

notuin tomMI.' ' ' . '. ()» 

rnliHiliiId ibnii. 

•■ KKanlaiX . .,. . . , ,,h™,( 



labn Ed B4i9«IM«- 

VCviKTT, unt- Aiii, jrtV, 

n«rdl H pnhlflniH/.' t'.4un*w*m9 far hw^wj. 


TI<r iBlwIinuUi •tlnllKl. 

pftrt of lb* cpoiU «r the Tnni)uUh#d: lie wu 
tMmnl (>ulll)«T1, natt a! Rtrhnnl. lie mid ihil br 
bul •n.-onijunlnl hi* lonl Itito Etigluiil, bi-cauir 
■Mil m* )u« duly ; ihkt be <ru aoi lo he (umvlcd 
bj ttebM pfolwrlf. bul would rrturn into Nor> 
muidv ra live od hi* ovn fMrOuonj, whifh, 
tbiw^ ■mail, wu Isntul, uidlfaM. poiiimt with 
U* own landi. bo vuuUI Uk« nothliifi smj from 

Tb« »w king panel t'lC loat ra«iith« oT the 
iiinl*T wbidi tprauamlril thA ytoT 1DW tn mnlun^ 
% Mirt or niililarj preftoa thtaugh iwli oftlie nro. 
rtorr* H bill bam up to tbat time inta^etl. It i* 
hard U> (Mrrmme ixuh «u«t[i«n the number of 
ihne proiiacr*, ud the meat of cvuniry wtiloH 
lb* fMctBB tn>«|w <x<iiprr<l mil ruii^il in fie«lT. 
Ilowerer, by Mrarullf exuntntsf th' arcciinb of 
MMMnponriM, m ttnd nofatlT* prooft, at limt, 
thu ih* Nonuaiia had not JM pmrtntui unrv^ 
■ka Botlb-vaal flulbcr thin the tiren wboie outlet 
feno* tiM bavof BoMon, nar lo tbv i<»ith-wi>«t 
bayarftd Ibe UU* which bound thv prolines of 1)»r- 
«!. The town of Oifonl, »iIu»tMl ni^arly at an 
•qoal diauam (nan Ihn* iwo oppoall* imtnta. in a 
rigfat line between tlun, tmA am yt nurrcndctrd ; 

bM p«fllft|M Ibia IiImL frontier kn't hn-a pBMHl, 
•Hhar t» the north or to the aouth of Ox/onl. It ia 
iqufclly diflUull to altrto artodtnfii, or tonslhe 
Ua^ at an|- pioriau nnnifnt, of a coBiIaiillr ri- 
ImdinK iariiitoa. 

(^v, lOM to 1067.) AH that ponion of teni- 
tot^««cnn«d ia Rftlitj bvWilliiun'a niorriioni. anil 
aaaMMM bjr hlta oihcrwlm ihui nominally anil 
by nmM or tali tlll* of Ling. 1VM In a ahorl lime 
OMnled with i-Ua<l*4( mil fnnlttfd caitlco.' All 
tba iMihe pofuiUtlon vitliin it ware illwimpd. 
wd «o«*pcU*<l te nraor obedience and (tilrlilv lo 
Qw near diief inip«KM) on Ibem bj the Iknco and 
lb* awasrl. The; look the leiidpm) milh. but the; 
dhl nflt baliere in their hu&rtk tbal Ilie rorrlirnrr 
«M lawful king ovvr Biigliiid; in ihrir cTta 
™iurtl £dj(v waa ilill tin true UnKt 'bonih Aepotrti 
vu) ■ rsfifivF. 'I'bn nionlta of il)<? conicat of 
rborontih. In Iha rmintv oTNarthunplon, fyv 
mukabie ftaaf of ihii. Hariuff IciiE Ihrii 
It, Iifvfhr, ««i bin rriom from th? baitlt' of 
IIaKtliii(M. tbej ehoK their prior, namLil Brand, Iv 
•arrccU himi and. u it iri,a thrit nialiiin to Abtalii 
■ppmbatinn of thi> rlt^lUtn of the mporinr of 
,t ninivnl lij ihn rliii-f of ibn rannttj, U%tj tant 
imlQ Ud^Bf. Thry took thia atnp, aaja the 
iteMfcl* a/ ibat nMmaaleTyi bccaiao ali Ibe in- 
brtilfwita cf ibo rountr^ ihonifhc Ibat Edgar weiild 
■ijat* baeoBB k'aig.' Tlie rurnouT nt ihi* loon 
m-bTTJ iha ear* of WUUani. and )il« anirrr waa 
netted. ** ¥nm thai dnv fnriraiil," laja 
MKtnpataTJ nanatori " rTcr; nil — mory 
Ulen u|K>ii our hoiwc. M^y Uod 
wMlfarfa U tab* pity on it •" * 

TUa prajwr oTn monk miflit wtll, nt ilmi \\mt, 
hHim> tbv pra^rnr of eivrjr Enfliohninn in Ibi' 
M mm rraJ prmincri; Kir each had nu iimjilr jmi- 
litn of criaf aad miacQ- : tlml of nicu iru iiiili- 

1 Ik faalai qokqnain pioldiv* ikilnlL Kiili nrnlrnUia. 
■MhSbiT fOKbrtr. V>*a. hiX. Allntwl . Ilt>. tl .■|w>l 
KanBiMi. *.*■*) 

, Kl-Lft. '•!. H ti6 nnm.l 

■ ll^nc Mii* IM» iiii>l~ -itJirihMitar MHiB nfm !<•»'. 
(rbn».iha.«ri.GU«a.]' t;).i 
• (&i4bnfnBittH; tlM>t) 

ipinee ai>d •errltndn ; that nf wonvn, tnaulla titd 
violOTin* mnrr rmH lliin all brsidr. Snnhaanrera 
not Vtkra par nariay^ ivrre tnk«ai par amourt, 
aa the cnnqueratu npn-«Bcd It, aiid were the fpurl 
of the foteifpi aoUU(-ia, the loiml tmd ntcaactt of 
wbom wa* lord and niavler in the hoaaa of ibc 
vani|uitbFd. "iKnableaquire*, ianputaaaMbond*,'* 
aaf ibeolil annalitl*. "diifioanl ai iheii plraatu« of 
youn; wunen of ilie heal faaiilira, kartex then to 
w«rp and lo iriah hi death.* Thoao deapicable 
Tncil., vi*ldtti)f f*> iin^ridl*'d lie™lM)«i>n*»«», Kivrfi 
ibemiifJTM ailnnlalii'd »l their rillm] ; thi>7hi>»nM 
mad Willi pin\e. ami Hoeulemd at dndtng ih*n>- 
icltrt >o iinwcrfut. Had at baTtaf rMMian of 
BTtaletwralih than theirliahafaliad TeTpoaataanil.* 
SVhalerrr tbey Itad the iHII, tbey beliored the; bad 
the rl|tbl, to do : they »hed Naod la araMmaew; 
they naiehed Ihe taat nii^nel of broad IVom the 
tnovth* of the vnAMtaKale : tliny aelioil rrorTihlBf 
— raoocyt RDoda, and land.'" 

Sudi tea* the yoke whkb tlie EnifUth reee le. 
eeived, aa the Mandard of th» three lioni pii?grea- 
aiiely adeaneeil orer ibeir Helda and vaa planted 
ill tlieir luarui. Uut tlili ftile, wbieb waa every. 
wb«n) equally hardi aaiuined larioua appcaraneea 
iieeordlniC to tba dlTantty of ptaeoa. Tae Ivwoa 
raflerod in a diSbrenI muiner frorn the conalry ; 
and each town or ilialriet had in Ita grienneaa 
aamethitif peculiar lo itaclf. The eotmiKiti alaak 
of miirry waa lairduniled (if llie ciprmion ntay 
bo alluii'ril) br that varivty of fornai Ibat tnnlli* 
plirily nf acrUitilH, trhich bumno altaira co^uljaiillr 
preaent. At PrTcnuvy, fnr lailanee, where tlie 
anny hail eRiieied Ita landlnic. tbe ^[eeman aokUeia 
ahareri amonxat tbeouelrea the liouaet at the mi* 
qnbhed.* In othrr placri, ihr tnhabilaDla lbea)> 
■olyea wen> apportioned uul, bulb Indlvfduah and 
ehattrU ; and in llw lowu of I.twm, niwordli^ lo a 
eeeiain authenlie re^ater,* kinor WilUan took aurty 
of tbe liiwuHnen payiai; au aanuul mnC of thirty- 
niiieaoiu: one Aaaeiin had three loiniainenpaainii 
a rent of o&lj font aoua ; and GulUauioe Je Caeii 
bad Iwn poylniT tvo aana only; — Ibne ant the 
rxpi.-t wotJ« oftha roll." 

Tlio rItT of Dnaw, half raniBtn«l by fw, was 
fiyra to Kiidca, biihop of Dayeui, who, aaj- the 
old acta, could not eakidale ili caNrI Taloci on 
account nf the deraalalion." lie diatribaled llw 
hou*e« amon^ hUwarrion »»d blUnreie. Haoul 
do CowbMpIno r*«rlied throe of there, loiMhcr 
with a poor wnman^ HeM : ■* UulHaoaie *nn of 
iitoStj had olan ihn« tumaea, latctWr niih the 
old towD^bonao or coimaon-baJI of the b utAMawn. '* 
a car C'olchealar, in the eoimty of Kaam, GeeAny 

> ^nblln pueUadaidmlillliia) liidilirinamteiraniiniialr- 
tviiL H «ViiMOAo41« n^hiilmifliiia aif^^rf^^ AtAmetit tntn 
pluia^nl. (DnItrtc. Vml , y. t.n.) 

' M Biiilln* In Anilio diI^>ii-< >* |i4»nll>)rr< lalmrnt 

■)n.wt imnili-i' luurtliUtilklrliaiitiiiiiudtillaUiiurnh^" 
.M,v>i— -1. 1^ |HiUit«Bt qnol qnloiubt •n-lltnt Mli ttrOM. 


1 AhiiMi«iUDnaMnrn«ibrtiiheal(«- (<A11I. MalmMli.) 
■ Dnnndayhcuk, I. M, mu. 
• li<M. 
11 V|U> da C*luJ«t^ II twr«fN>M <U 11 Mi. (lWd,l. 

11 l-rwliim i|iu nn pivlnit niniHiUil, fiMaol-ia »I*M. 
(T-nr. -I" ' -^ ",.|ai«.liLtH,«J U«kO 

t> II. o. 

ki M ". rpllm* anJ UImIU hutpn- 

•Inin. ■■.•ii.kL.. :■, 1... .i..d.) 


|l) Cit) tC rCnwUb Itituant. 


At UiadcfDlB •cbeil foni manoit or lulfiUUoni 
■wiVBAdoi] bj cultltnled UHtd*; fonrtccji Skioii 
pniprioian wv(« OiipMsnactl b)] Eavclry. «ii4 
tliirty h]r »nF GuilUuinc: one rich £n||luihmui 
jiut biimcir. for •acurit;, in Uic power of the Xor. 
man Uiiiltier. nlio i^n-Jvtil Uimu hiilributBij-; ' 
SBOltiirr Eu){lia)iin.iii liciaiiiii' a n-if ui llic Mitl of 
his own &'1J.< Tlic ilomatii uf 8ul(ou, in Bcil' 
icmliliirp, ami llial of Butlan, situ tlia lonn of 
Slnffiiinl, urn' itlullrtl to Guydc RirnEoun. H[> 
UmI •eUtn of aJl tboK «BUIe« duiinahlalifc; bul 
Ui WD and hell BlohaxU tool the dilof pari of Ihc 
Mun« in ptajUig U illc* wilh H«nr; I., tht wvdimI 
prbl«« ivbo tur<tOP(1*d llir L'Aniiwrur. 

In 111* pTotinrc of RufTolk, a Nonaui chi*f ip- 
propnalcfl to huniclf tht bnili n( » Sunn itinard 
Eiliia iJic Fair.' The rity of Norwitli nat rr h-itmI 
cnlin aa llir Ccnqurror** piivato do main : it tiad 
p«iil t« (hr Sniuii liiDga a lax of thirty p-uunili 
iwvntv aoll'll ; liiii Vi ilUun e««iri«<l anntiallv ic\taty 
pounJf, a talunbt* bime, :i huiilivd aolidi for liii 
queen, anti niorcoTri Iweiity iMiuida fur Uie ulorj 
of llic olHcci nlio coniuioiiucd thctc in Ilia oamic* 
A ulroiiK oitailrl it-ii biiilL in lite htiut uf tliia cit]r> 
wbicli vraa iuhiliircd bj llu JncRadanta of the 
ancient Vaura, lipraust Uir cr>iu][iDri>n; wen fnr- 
fill of il> aakiiig and recrliitig luccuiir fniin tba 
Dane*, nbo irc» fnuucullt cru^tii$ tieu tbc 
eoMl.* In the tuwn of ])urchi->tvr, nliiirh ia ktof 
Edward'a time hut eoalainod oaa IidaiIiwI mnd 
alitj-two huiun. then nrera now onlv aljihtf- 
tli;la ; tlte m4 nerv a heap of niiua. .\L Wuhani, 
oul itf a huiiilrpJ aiul tliirterii bou<m, kiaiy -tiro 
liul lionn ■U'liroj'eil.* At Britlpotl tw«K| haJ JU- 
»p|wurMl in the aanae manner ; anil the miMrj of 
Ui« inhjibitanti vaa tiieh, that toon than Iwenlj 

{ear* afti-nwdi not » niiiitli- Umnr hati been n- 
uill.' The Ilk of Wljfhl,in-»f tht H'Ulhrm coail, 
wu liiimleil bj'VuiUauiQuMJii ufO^U'il, nenocfaal 
tr> tiui Nomau Vmg, aiid it be«uits a jHUliDu of lit* 
r«t«iulrii domaina ill EngLuid ; he Iniumiltei] It lu 
hw Kin, and afterwardi to the ion of hu nephew, 
Baiidoiii, nllnl la NnniiuiJi Bauduiii dc Revien, 
uid ill Eniiluid lUMwIn (^ the Idand.* 

Kt-n Wineheitrr, iu the eu unit of If ■!!(«, »»i 
ailunleil tli^ nlibejt of HW», of which the B.hbol, 
arr-ompojiiiil lii lwcl<e of hn aiotiXm and iir«nlj 
invn>al- armt, ImJ i^be to tlie Iialllu of I[uliT^c• 
awl bad boI rctumcd frvn th»t fiual Held.' The 
ye t i gtw e viib which thv C«D<iu<rac rnlted Ihii 
maOMMntj wa« mixed with n aoit nf plM««rit]-t ; 
h* lonk fmin Ihi- ibbpy Itmli Iwrlr* llnet I'be 
■inauni uf latid aiiltlcicnl ((>r iiroridinir iha |iay »id 
nninlenaiKc uf a laau-at^armi, tir, In ibe lanjiiiatT 
of (l>v liine. (welto AiuyAli' /•»#, and «Uo a cap- 
lain'* pdnHio. t>r a bafoD'a fief «t fee, a* a nuHiD 
nf the crinu! of tho thu1««ii tiwn of tli«i ahbrjr in 

1 ftnaaM « la aoiu WiMU. pra iMMnhNH md. 

• Q<iUaBtUailiunai|iilaMUr<i«lii*«IuBL»<bvtlUtit>. 
IIU.1.. il. V) 

• Bdrofaln. <|Uil.. U.tiu.) 

• MoU I.XX III' !■ jnmun i*^^ •* r. m,MA«, bI ikl 
^Tiiio 4a tVr-oiiLa tifio*, VI miiuin AiifhiAHtRii, ri iji bifnu 

IdUICM ODSilL |[^I<I-. iL It'. I 

• DHwta n-tuiillati cHii^ nrlfm^ jcUrn. I^OvlL^lirtBi., 
■iwl vMpt. MI. Nunuaa- 1>- na.l 

• EilniUlD. ll_ ■!«! Kr. Abflif. MMil.. iI1.TM,r1. 

' lUd. 

• C-«i*,« l„..,l.i. VMM. (HmMt Aifc-H-waJ 

• HtcHuak IILn. M. 

SgVtlii^ ajialnit hiiu." Abother fact v*liich mA) bt 
dIoJ a* aiuotiff Ihe joj/mtMB of Ifaa Cooqutrt k, 
that a tvinale Juggler, named AdetJiw, Sksm* •> 
the itiUt, made out for llie partition oT tb» mim 
urmiiicr, aa hatiug rMciied fee ind nhfj Aom 
itugrr, une of tlje Nurinaii eounta." 

Id Rrrtf»rdHhiiT< an Kit^titheian hid boiadht 
bafk hli luid by ihn pigment of nine ounce* of 
gold; '^ tK^nrtheVa*. to nenpna rlnlrnt itiipriM«i 
■inn, hr vu obli|[rd to brrnm* IrJbitlaij to a 
aoldier nkmed Tigiit,** Three Suon wwdoi^ 
^omoUi, Waliheof, and Tbunnan, aawdUarf tft* 
relbtr aa brethren in arm*, poaaeaHi) a manor nm 
St. AlbMt'a, irhieh \hiy had neeived fre«a ih* 
ctilrfof tti« abhey, on condition oftbetr deinidli| 
U bj ilu- tvoidt if nccewarj. Tbey Uihfull)' di*. 
ehargrcd thia cngaKfii*^!!! by rtaiatlnit the Namm 
inTiden ; but, being overponvred by tiuaba^ 
atid rompellFd ti Hy. they ahandened Ihetr dnmahx- 
Thi« dmntiiii llien frll to the aharc of Rahvitd* 
Tovuea, our of thoie Narnuui hnlKbta who, fran 
iholt haarin)r a «nao upoii lliflr shield, were eallad 
hnlghta of tliv i^i-an." Bul Robuil «iid hit dMB 
•oon had lo dnfcnd thoir iie*rly-*e']iilr#d proMiy 
againn lh« thnv SAtont, who, al tht> hvaif nf a 
party of Uielr friends, mddculy altar Lrd tb«>tn. ud 
humed their own houns. Thry fooRht tuull. 
beiug ■urrtmnded by their more nntiierou* cncmlcth 
thry wen tak«it, aM b«^»d a« rebel*, aemrdinf 
to th» taw of thp CowiDMil." 

Thew ftn*, tiktfL lndbirrlinln»«ly from aoMag 
Ihatuandu of n1hi-r«i irhlch lt-(ri»ild be trdiooa to 
enuineri>t«, are tufllcient tojtirc the reader an Idea 
of the rsiiuui duplorDhtc arti*** whieh n»-r>" ti- 
hiblled DC the nine time in urTen] of t> 
and eulna prrrineua nf Engluiil, wh. ' 
quL-nw wai innlallitm himtelf in thr ■ ,,nv, ••! 
Lundon. Tliii fonreai, bnilt at imr of the aRjiIet 
of tlie cilj w»ll, on tlio ewtem «ide, near tba 
Tbune«, nmvod. al ihp lime, Ihe riame of Ihe 
Palaiiiin I'mri-r. a nam^ taken froa an old Ha- 
inan title, which WllUaiii lior« In NormaMty ««in- 
Jointly tilth that of duke nr ntiiiil. Tin other £>r> 
treMM, biiitl on the wcalim M*, and cvaUed 
to Ihe «tr« (if t)ir Notmani Baynanl and OUbaet 
tie Muiilh'hvl. took Ihe name of their n w p aeUw 
kevFiert." The baiiiti^r uf The t!tn« |jan« «a« 
)inUt<-d i>n IViltramS donjon, and Ihoie of Baynard 
and Mondchot irtra dhipUyol on tb« Ina oibcn i 
hut I lu'ie eaplaina had botli >norn In l<'-i<rr ilinr 
own tiaga and ralap that of the king their Urn 
liird at hu liiat eonmaud, uheihi-t fixm in aiif^^ 
or wilhoul ant^r. for crime or no nime, and 
vhrther tuppDrtcd \ry cival or by Ultio fotr^— «« 
the a<^tik Elf liii* iftt nrr wor^d. Be^r« mahtnUt 

In thi> touDd of iniiBprta, tJwar irat miery iM« ihaU 
lowtn, and Hilin^ ihcm with (hi-ir •emn^nteib 
they hni) placed their hanila in thna* of the Niv« 
nnn kiogt and acknwwM)^ tbeina el w to be 

!• Pfi. . 

r^m >lii" 
IIUIl I I ' 


" T.^i. .L. . 

I ppnm any b-,K. i. m. in».] 
1* lUiL 

.1 -' I— -^f ■>- 
.:ut •i^uli. fcuAt niliuin 

II- , I. 110.) 

iiiuoq vicif;t4>« fwm Hoc- v 
>k. lit M, tenak) 


I > Al. m-> bni.Mli milMDiiH nal I rMl MW*i 
- "thill. IVb Vila .tUMn>t<l Almnl, t. I 
ir«i.... feilfmil (Ibul.) 

im lUhiii. ivb Vila .tUMn>t<i Ximm, t. M ) 

I'CaMi ... twlvnol (Ibul.) 
iDty ef Lundnn. p. II.) 

aarlH imL 

AUod-itt» H 



Www M«H» 


Aonuaa uutuilt. 


lof flitfa Bnd (vrvior. Tht? Iwdi proniwrd 

bj- dlif OMb t4 MlSitT M a juxl and Umfiil acTitDacp 
l£c 4Mr«« of difpcMMiutDn whlrh nvuld tc piucd 
•niaH tlicn, tf. H «»r fotan liiov, Ihejr nnfml 
UBBwlna k^ntt ibttr llcfv, or tcfMnlcd llwji 

^Vliat ihrj tworo to tlw chief of th« Cviitjuvit 

aUwrit IK ltk« (uaunei raon: lt> Ibeia, *nd vllk«-rt 

•^B Wok in (hpw Uit tlMiam«Mthaf ndelity aii<l 

tuHMif*. Thni tlic bull} ofilw tonqucron, t)if>u||Eli 

•eutvrad Mtd iliainlniir<l otfc tli* urriM(> of tii« 

naqidilMdL wu Mill uaitod b; ca» pmt cktln of 

4<il]( awl bpt lliv MRir unlcr •• on, tM«nl th* 

trmiiifiorf*. vi UhtnJ thn rvdaatiU M Hwlinfr*. 

Tbit (uWltrm iiupil fatUi and tcrvwt! Id hU military 

«ap*flor ; iIm raui u-hn had nceivcd loud* fnim 

sbMIici owrd kin faiih »ad wfvka in iciuni. 

Oa iUb condiUon, ibow «rlw had tkanxl Uk moat 

iA 1W niKKu plunder or the pr«SUo( th« bm- 

gsre nr lent ■ put of llieir ■OMrtfuitj to 

t whfi lud bccD tiru Euituiiaie. Tba knigblt 

rM«Hfd &a«n Ihe liwiiiii, aad ibo flmpk niui-aU 

■knaa tram tlicu- cajtaiaa; in (licit tuni the mm* 

ni-*mn nv>ih< iimrnts to the cKjuiics. Ihv pMjuim 

Kk tl» •cijouil^ Ihe ■cijtant* to lh« bowiD«ti and 

^fc Tilrla. (iriifniUy llic irMHh; gari; to thow 

Hiki wvrv focavi. bal iIm poor aomt bcniiDO rich 

proSn driiTnl from (ha Cooqunt. Tbu* 

J Ummc rli— n «f «onibal<uita> •« dtatmyuUtiEil 

Um UofM^ «f iW tiiuo,' (boro wvra gr^ai 

<imiwfflrnM. hiiirniiiiiiliiinhanrri of n'arrwrMiBBa 

I bum Ibe knrai icradoi lo (he lilyhnt. 

who hat) pMMd the •«» niili ihe 
rOMOcL Mid bladi wooden bow of ibc fowl* 
ilvw njifTaitil, to the lUlotititieil V)ea of 
omvi ncTuUH wta hmd ««ta« tLfli-r litiu,mouiiinl 
k a war-bnnu- luil Ixnring tbo mlliUrj tmldrick. 
aba haid kiiiinl M npooi haigblaaon lilUd 
baMori (u it WW tlirn e»yrNTil)i and rom- 
n e«nipMt)i whovn rvhriag cijr wu hia 
MMia, 1\a hnnltmcii of Nvrmuidy aliil tlus 
WMioH of FUiidm, wlib 1 lllilii wiun^ and good 
farnwto. (MR) bcraBM iti Knilmid mas of ouiuc. 
fo^M^— 'iltuKrioua barnna: and Ibeir namn, Ik* 
•oU* and obaciuc on one ahora af tha ■rait^ 
ban— r BOblc aiul f lorloua on tba other. 

■■ Would jott Itiow," Myi an oU roll iii Iba 
Ttwaak laa^iMgt, '• vbal are (be naowa of Uh 
inM Ban who cune mcr tbt- aoa olib tte con- 
■irUUain d in fntnJe r^utmrt* Hera are 
> aa va fad (Waa viidcn. but iritb- 
rehriatkn iwBeabaiftf fttSturi, Ibr lh»j 

■ wnUtif K»A oBmi (haagad: lli^jr ara 

Sboadtnllla ••( Itaun-lpnUe, OmAviUk el Dom> 
frmlk. Ibiutc-iUtc r\ hdoaietUk. Mohm et Bo- 
baa, Blaci M UaoNl. Halm aC Ualraiala 

■ ....." Alt Ihe iMtMB Uhm foJIon appear in 
tba Ube arTftnfajaeal, ao as to nitrt Ui* ntmviy 
by iW (h^a aad aUitenUon. (ictenl liWa of tlie 
•MMi Uttl. *iMldiipa*«d witli (lie Mune ard hfttr 
bcm faa«M down (» tlu) prceeui day. liaviiiK brm 
fccMcrly Ibond liamilii il ob larfu 4ioei< cf lellaai 
th« architaa of the tburtbef, and decofnicd 

CeiMr.tara.Hchmbti •vab.buw, H TvnaM. 
(AartaaaHftMiB Waiaiuiiia,) 

On tMbra* at ■<■ fMiahnr, 

IClnas. ;«ba>. "rir— f™ biM. JtofL k»)i«.. iiL t 

with (be lUIc of A^nv ut fnrvt dn iw>fMc<wrT.* 
Tn ooe of tbeae lialj the atiruaiiMia ate >e«ii reuind 
IB graupa of IbiVD : — Baitard, BraMrd, Btyuanl; 
Bigot, DagoCTalliol: Tor«t Triirt, Uoiwt; Locy. 

Larj, Fcrcy: AeioiIim mlalugxie of 

Ihc conqawrur* of England, kept for m tunf lime ui 
Iho Irvumy of Battle abbey, oooUlaod uhinca of a 
dngaluly low and fafttaatic fbrmalioa, turli aa 
IlailTilaIn and HouiaiiUiii, TrunnMlot noil I'rimH^. 
bout. (.'.F^iunjiie aud Liti^iiv-ttiri-, OciUlt-.tMonT 
and Front -de-hvuC* Aiidarirral anthiriilir acta 
deiigiule aa Nonuon kui^bit tii Uof^laud one (iuiU 
iaaai* It lAarrtlitr, que Uuyun U lailltur, onp 
Chti/fawaM h tatmbamr:* and amon^ iImi ■umami-* 
of Ike knif^ta fanning the riilvalrj ^llierp>l from 
all the |in»iDm of U&ul wu diut a gml iiuujbet 
of uiuiici hcluiijpng liiiiplj to Iowtm and dia- 
tricu; a«$aiat-t4u<iilin,tijiat-Maur, S aiiil- DcuIl 
Soint-Ualo. Tnunul, \rnliui, t'lmin. ( lialuu^ 
Cbnimrc, Etampca, Koohvlon, La KochrllcCalian,' 
Champa^p, Ga>rci|[ne. Surli men Ibt laira alio 
broDffbl Inio Eivland the titlu uf ntAltman ami 
g^nUtmoH, and by (bm of aisi* Imulautnl Uieu 
for tbmnieUei and thoir deBModaitl*.' 

The itrvatita of (he Norman Btan-al-am*— hi* 
liii«e-bearer. hU niiuiir. tMMinc trFinlriK'n In 
£iq[l«iii) : they ul-k in«n oraNuciiucnce and roa> 
aidcTBtion wlica f]atxtl In oompuiioii uKli Ihe 
Snxoii who hail htiuaclf one* «t\)oycil wc Jlk aiul 
liUoa, but who wm bow oeproauU by ihe ewonl at 
(be in««d«r, ww aipoBml from (be hemp of hi* 
bthcn. and bad n«1 where to lay hia lii-nii.* TliU 
uaUiralanil grartal nnbillly of nil ttiv mniiurriKi 
iurreaied in tbc aane ratio w (lie aulliority ur jirr* 
aooal importanee of nth. In Ihu iiew oubilily, 
.iflcf the atyle and kindly titto of WUliaiii, waa 
claaaed Ibe diifUitj ofllic suiTjuor of a iirniim-i-.aa 
coulil oreail: ucii to hiiu tlnil i>) lii> liculcniui, aa 
«U«-coun( or Tiscouut; aitd Uuu ilir luik ul the 
warrior*, whether a* buiou*, kuightJ, rtqitiiea, 
or aeijoaala-at-aniM ; <•( iiii»]ijiil grn'liv ••! m-bilitj, 
Imt all tepuled to bo nohli'. whptltrr by right of 
(heir tittory, or hy thrir fi-mlun piiiactl''D. 

(*.ii.IOel.) llcfortui- ' ' >ir)(orih« 

aortbora atid wcalcm . n jth bla 

arouatoDked (brevifhti '' 'C boiMy, 

wUrh be bad made in liie praTuici^t lUrcaJy eoo- a place of wfuty i and ilappc«n»l In bin 
dial hb MM ly acquired iklwa irouLiI be uowbeia 
uorv •coure ibaii in hlaowu cviutlr|. Whcu ready 
t« *et aailfo* NoroMudy , bo inirukteu (be UciiLcnaucr 
of hi* kiu|(ly |Mwer to bi> brallier (Xlo or fiwi/tm,™ 

■ Tea* la* toMOU •M^un aatet (Dan* M maw II ai< 
oMlrieab tfnt 4p,«aiinb«» (Johm UhaJtiUlM- 

. I. aiaO 
• tfaTOpCnn 

. p. (OH <« •*.). 

Ilqaltoir MiiojiMir. AiwUt.. imao 


. hf t<>iT«|4l>ai. r^. 

* ItaoiBw. by oatTuyUMk nM*>>ri. lU'tr. C t mimilK. >n. 
•Mh» auw* itmHj Wnath hat* !••■ dkainim) la isi 
*.»> HlkiblUM. U^i DkUawWx-KAi 
•if tlmuM, )iart,ow«fl.»rft 

■ IIm* |wa weMa, iw* ttMUhk. w* faaO* oT KotMaa 
raineUoe, aad ban aa ■yaaayai ■ Ik aaaim AaNbtHoaM 
Il axiart 

* W«ti>iw . iaMiml^r»w«.yw. (IoIm. <t* RhJu 
)MtMauaban, IMi •. p. WM. ad llMtae.) 

•• •niimmtU; Mw faf Iwalwe rf lit Kamaa i^ j ai t i w . 
I* kaova. la EiWlMi kMny. br Mm Maw cif (Ma, Hattai 
~ lUi. Mf DiuhAuMi Bin est olwan w wmii ■■* 
v* Reilf^ t-ioe die *i>lU"t ••• A Thin*}-* 
wlalalai M naay lalifT niiutiia tmt honn* i# 
Ilia BHin«; 'Tlu ■*!«■ 4»uli. hw* uwd, U atha nUbd 
Wiilaat t m u rtara . 




7S IhEMtaMun. 


udtAimtdUit (anafOtlMii. To iluse two viro- 
nj* mn Jofned other chjpb uf noie. u c«<adrof- 
ikMnLan anil oaiiurillcin : tiinw wrte R«fiK« <lr 
OmmnnaiUHuipws de Muotftxt, GnuIikiGlfiWnl, 
simI OnillnuiD* iW (iufiin* (i-v. WiUium dc Wu- 
««Ui*).' Th«iMiwkinyn>p»irwlU>P«?w»«ej',wtahinf 
to rmharli fram lt>i< vnrjr plus when he tnil lanili-ii 
rii DiADthibcAirr. SrvrralvnariivrratnwRitititifQi 
Um,»doniril nithwhlto nib uadMitMMr*. in taken 
vfjoyandirliiiiipli.' A i;rHt nanbtrvf £agliah hwl 
mptird thilhFT by liii ardn. to pMa tlw KtnUti 
with Un. Amoiii* llicrn wi^re kin)^ EiLxar. w*>lt> 
biahof Stisatid, Ktillirik ibbut of t^i. Allian't, tbe 
blollKni Kdniii Ktiil Murkar, iiiiil IVftltltcoftan of 
Siwuil — rrha hwl not bc«u kUv tu be ^u-Meol U 
th« f!*l<l of H»<iinir>- 1'lii->i-. and manj olheri 
whnm th« Can(]iM>r>>c Icnk with liin, wer< la •erre 
Kalie«i|^brth<i Irtniiiiiltlij or the En^h during 
I)i< abw-iire-, hnliln, lie hoprd tlial. whea ihui 
Ucptlinl of ill! RiDst ponrrTiil aud pcjiulw cUicf*, 
(hp n illriji would hare leei coimge soil !«*• liwpo- 
■iljoii to liiF 11,-utitI ill new fnuMNL' 

In the jion wlicru hi! hid fur (Ii« tint line wt 
fuut on Kiigliih ^ititiit'l. tlie cuiujui-rur dbtrlbuleil 
]iK4i;uli of t-riiij' Liiid tn lurh uf tiis wurfon u 
were iliuul to rccrcoa the Hci vrilb liLin, ie ortWr 
(■I}* a fs'onnnii wrilrr) tliat ii» Our of Ihrm on 
■lit rHiirii mi^lii hnrr tt In hU powAi to ny ibu 
he boil Tini ^Itinl bj- Iha Coui]iii>it-* 'Williiun. 
oconilnic tit Ihn urip Kultinr. wlio wm hti tliapUin 
iui>lhk«btotn>iihRr.«arrindirith.l)ini tiiloNoriiiaiKlv 
itton gold uid itlver than !ia>( I'li-r b'fon l>orii 
•Mil In All liaul.' The inanL»l«wi«i» and tho «I«r^' 
of Ihe c&UTchM riialleil each other in liieir etibrte 
uiij leal to celetinte, by a feilitil, [he retum uf llic 
coDquirrar of thv Enj^Iuli; uid. raji \bv hialoriau, 
nellocr mouka nor pricati went nilhuul thcii iv- 
wanl.'* Wi! gi"' I litis girlditie^ins, linguts, and 
clisllM«:inci,whatwuil(uh<){Ktt arceptable, tlotlM 
cnbrnrdrrml in cold lo ■preail ov^r Viui allare, and 
which MprHsllj eirlTed the ndtninTlon o( travel- 
lei&' It Bpp«*n ttiKl, In thu age, embroidiry in 
gold whh the noedle wan an an In wkkh the 
Eaglull woroen exvtteil. The n*fi)fUion of llut 
biBud. whieh wei alnsdy reey cKleviive, alw 
beonghi to it anny eutt!) arlielte of mercbamli» 
nnluMiwn to the norlliof 0»ul.' A relaliveof the 
Uof of Fnuice, named Haoul, came with » nume- 
tom Uaiii tu l)i« court held \ir king ^Villiaai at 
the time of the eelebtatlon of nut Buter frttiTil. 
The ^'leneh, ao bw than tbe NomMiw, euntem- 
pUteil wUh iniwd ciirl«UlT and roqirlae the eu- 
dUHoii TWO or eilrrr and fold bromtbt uiil of 
Bdgla i id. and etpedolly tbe driuiuif-TetecIa uf Oai 
Buboa, ilMda «r Luge buHaio.borut and li]i]i«d 

I twii PSc\.i„Kte*. 

• Mm tTUritinUU*«»lbadarul«, (11iU.) 

< Urn rttA toti nla^^ i.Lii>llii»nD nirrrt wiltiU prln- 
dpOni. DMiqiirxa |Blia)n«iii ttluU DbddHla pnCartui 
ail twmnriw eiWIentnl. •iiioruai tJiiixiU. wl slaa Miipia- 
qak>Ct»BpUt<-MiiiB*U'nliMt. (1144.) 

• tHoplaiNca lhutuni(M>el»Mniucsiiua Mnvthawnu- 

' Quadtam n dilkas tnma UtlUmmn tU (olliwnrtiii. 
(ItM.p 1)0] 

* tluMi fdaulem liwcmlHtlm Iwin BuIUiilli't nniinnct 
tt'fl. Cllalll f>InB«.^»l1.) 

' Volitftoiij f «4 ^ p«rtf«aUr* hcn^bv nia^aiija. 
(Ill"' '' 

* '^1 'il'«rq tfm ft ftltvt l<\ltlt^ 

ePf-> liitcfmil rt uneorkaLoiai 

Va l'« .lJi'iiciI. <_[hlil I 

with metal it tlM two eitremitie*.* Tbcy wun. 
dcmJ at Uie bcmuij and the tonx Bowiiii; tiair of 
the }«anf Et^lJih wiio u-cre caiiilica or hMtagct 
iu liic hand* of the Nonoan ktug.'" " Tfaej re- 
narked," u,y Xht hitlfrtUA, "IhcaA Ibin^ t.^ 
minj' dthm equalljr new lo them. In order Ihu 
Ihrjr niifrlil rcble thein in, their awii countrf." ■> 

Whilo iliti poinp uf leatinJa w*a (liq>ls)ed tm aot 
•ide of tbe Cliannel, Ihe Iniolonce of the caliqncron 
waa BeT^rpljt Mt bjr Ihr aubjopiled iMtioa oa iLi 
Other. The chicft who goicmed the peaTiacn 
entulateil each otlirr tuuppnaaing Ihe nalir««.bedi 
of aiiHent rank and the camiaon people, bj thru 
citotlioD. tjrranu;, end ouirago. Biabop Eodri 
and tbe *uii vf Utbvrl, iaflatcd with tbcir new 
power, dL-a|>iKrtI thn f^TSptauibt of (he opprreerd 
Olid rtfiMFd llirm all Jiutite.** 1iVli«ii th«b- anaed 
men pliindrnul ihe huu»i or violated Iha £n<{Uih 
women, the Nnnoitn depullee bnib laodwi them 
and fitnibhcd ttic iiuneiBbtR Dative who diied. 
wlien alllietpd by tuch cruel oulrOBce, (o utter hi* 
gnani aloud," Tbia excua of •uflcrinp deor* 
the iuhabitaBle of the- ettlern ooael to make n 
ctfoit 1(1 cniauci|>ale UiemaelTea bvm Urn NanBW 
joke by llie aid uf u hm-ij^ Miccuur. Euaiace 
cuuul of Boitloigae, Itiu *auie who in EdwaiOi 
rei>pi had (smril ku niu«li Itiimill in lIa|[lkBd, «*■ 
•t vnnancn and onmitir with WiIIUiRi, who kept tiii 
tan a prlionur. Kiwlaire wa£ renowned for hi4 
mililarj aldll ; and hla ancl>i>nt relallnn«blp tu kii<f 
Edward ii«w eatucd Mm I« be reipuded hjr the 
SaaoQ pfople oa their natural ally." 

The Inhabitant* of Kent leot a meeeafe to 
Eu«liee, uud pniniiH'd (u till kilo ill Miittif Dorat, 
if lie n-oulU makr i dcu-rnt and ueiit (Wn agftlna 
lltr Nuriiiani. Tbt> iiiani of Boutogne ooinMBIed 
tkcmtu i uiid, undft cotvr of a dark nl^t, L»dtd 
near I>o*er road*. All the Saxon* of tbe aeijk- 
boutlng countj^ roee in anm. Odo ot Eudea it 
Ba}«iix ttiid Hugues de Moiitfort, Ilie two enm- 
mindaitu of the towu, had then gone ocruM tbe 
Tliaine*, with a puty of tbrir wUiets. If the 
•i««e could h«i« laeicu but Iwg ^3% the people <4 
the neiffhbcuTinir pravincaa would tmrr ad^aiicfd 
in gnwl Dumben ami joinrd ike hniiegen:'* let 
Eoioce and bti men. inndr an ill-tiniMl aitemfl 10 
take tlic eaitie of Doier by lurpdae ; thej nut 
with au iincxpeatcd reautiuice from the KuunWM 
Knd were diacouraged by tbia uugk efliwt. A lUw 
rnpAtt of the appneaek of £ude«i wbu wm mU to 
he reliumliif with ilie great body of lui troepii 
Hllecl tbera with lenor. £it«t*re ot Bonlvp* 
eamrd a r«ttcai to be M>iiriikd: hia ia«n raa In 

Srccipllaio ditonlcr towMd ilielt rcMe4« ; and ibr 
Tormaii (rurbuu, aecin^ ihrm disperacd, iiullud 
tbe lawn lo pureue Ihcni. Many of tbem, in ikrw 
iigllt, fell from tbe rieop clifl* near which the loMn 

> CiMat bteam NDnnanaltoanrtanl .... 'h antatfie 

■» Hitiva . . . . aul K-mii-ii* lintioliiili- (IhitlLIVteii ,p kll I 

■' tJilnlvmvatursow |i|aci*«|nUiHnUi...aBMillD^» 

l«rl wnuiuti eolBlsut. llltul.; 

II ll«<l. 

!• NlmilnriinatuiB lunuitaBl el diBiwn AnckniK^w 
|ti(i0l4itl- (UtildEbr- VIlbI- liU- raelofe-. Ulk it-, apod ^TtfL 
Bk-r, TVumumi].. |i. .NifV> 

i< Aniilr.^H woi Inoiadinaa piwlu i^ luinana nflutttrt 
Hitc-. <i Vivl'.inui, ill-id., y. ftnB.) 

'i Cum Uti«tiiulttaprtd«n... lrii.raJi-i*^irTir» (lieiil. Ptrtt*.. 
nlH^dif^pl. in. Nt^ttaAhD., |.. 1 >.. ilL,. |.. «■ 

I* Aurltnr baeUam fuunnn- <' u-cnltol. ■ 

lu^uuu otalilto ItorM. (Ordii-- 1 j -'i«.J 



Ilmd« llMAmUliiiP. 


Hftan flf lb* CoDaoorat. 


Dofwr U ■llvatMi. llio m>dm vu MTnl only 

> tb» «ntftnrn of lit* \i«nf, anil Ihc Kaiou tn- 

I TcachnI iLrlr linnaH by dntntiout road*. ' 

I WB« ilia iuue of tl>r ftnil KtleniK mods In 

la OT«ttltfo«v Ibv N»nBu> itoDiliitaD. 

' aoMi aRerwnrdt vnu recaariLol tolhviluJt* 

rNamutdy; unl.furfpiiini^hiaffpliBaMnlaUIn, 

1 Ite wraUb and buiHHira which Uttdl ntamj 

lU hitdiMimal.' 

rln II«pBfora»him, I'LiuttC'luvu'tbiif^TcatclMutiar 

In* kMoIi had formerly pti>in;ti>4 Ibv in>l«- 

r tit tba BrliiMM, and siii^t dlU wrrv m a 

arttolhalof the Angla-Saxnnt.lhrr* dirnlt. tiP. 

ilir InnniAn, on landi which hr hnii nvcirttl 

tb« muaUcenM «f kint; Kili>-*r[|, • Nortnaii 

fUclMvd, tlw •nn of Srtali. II* tmt onr of 

■ nMB «rli«n Ik* SaxiM»lia«t MH<rpud fiom th« 

of buUiUinMiin puMBd la 111* yrar lOU, 

i*n all Korimni thru liiliit In I'.nclnnil. lu rf- 

Atr (hi* hnirOl, lh« tvu nf Hci'ub, nil WtllUoi'* 

lialraii, bicaan* ih* leader cf lbs iiU/l«piN 

anilUMt, MUblMhoil f«rrMponiliiOc« willi 

lent. u>d pM lilmaelf tu lbs bead of aoae 

|af aoJtlMn, iialiita of Uaid, wtiu liad n- 

\ lioM Elitud'a reign lii llic cmUm abi»il 

IvRfbnl. Uv {■■iriiAi A liiiuaalf wilb llicm in Ihms 

I ; anJ, tunliiiii; fr..-i)u««t »*llirt, undactoolt to 

I luifhbeuruif totvoi and < lUnga to aabmlt 

DD^Muar. But Ui* pupulatian of th* wc«l 

meiEcUr mutaticp, anili W hj joaag 

ik. MID at Alfrik. roM In repel llif attack of 

I of Sctnb and bis ■rmetl ivlauien. 

ituii^ Kiixan chtof had ibti art lo lnt«rwt 

^«t«r unral chiefc of Ike Wpjih inbM, 

ill tlien had betiii huaUI» to lli« iuhtblt* 

j^JSHicUnd.* Thus ilicir ictnr of the Nor- 

cited A>r tli* fiial itioe lira Caishnant 

|T*i«eiit« rJ Brlufn, atEMliiif that nhirh 

■ timn III* Lrmiition oS th« Ouiifa jia^Bi 

lonl burn ■iiiBrlfui to htingabouL Su|i|Nitt(d 
' iL* lutuliii:k<iTk of (Ik WaUb iiaUwaea, Edrik 
afullj OH ika oAmhe a^abiat BlcbMili 
i at Hcioli, aud 111* («lili*n, irhona tlM> ckra* 
IiiC Ika (iDiM tali tka mautllani of nM«f«nl.* 
itiHt iii4iBitM uftor klitf'H'llllnni'a dpparluK for 
dj, br ilmrr ikrm foim the t>n1Ior7 wtildi 
cdfikiU ploKlricil ibrlr cantvniacitUi and 
■II \ht ■fucmtrj bordciing oa the rivrr 

Tu (lie »oiilh oi (hi* Iracl, on llw coast* 

f Uw Ioh; g^t whith rrwiifa t^e vratcn of the 

acm. aiM lo Ihc norlti vf il, iiu th« IcrrUor} kil- 

L la tbr iDouBiaiiiB, tbrtc vi«re. nt Ihnt Uidf. 

niUla/ji p«Mi ctlubliahcd uur faitUnI 

^MllO* puMPWol I'} lll» N'i'nniuia. Tbr 

ao U uaa lh» rx^p«ion, had not yd 

i Iktiv; ill lam did iio4 loign, ita king wai 

I therr, an; nuii* I ban in tbc wholr 

I pan of EngUiid from the bay ttt BoMmi 

I tbr Tttrrd- 

In llw nittvi n( Iho idaad Ih* •nemy'i parti** 

imwl lli« o|iMi miunlrj tilfbuut (tp[h-«itlati ; 

; tluHv van many vtalUn) lonu* u'kit:ti luJ ti-.>i 

I im dlwvmla pin* naaanL (OmIbIc. VltaL. 

(•Ltl IVut. p. 11* 

H I-,...,, . Ill— 4)i<lFt.Vlial.. p. VK. 
•1' ' " 'Un Kiiilwi WaibminB. (Flnimt. 

I— I^tma lavoil* rt DiWw* bicti 
_ :. Kttini. hf ■•>' WBD UlAMI.. 

■id |loo> l>t. 1^4, ii>; . ib> ad (a;*.) 
* IfinTr^MiinMilhnl (ItiM | 

j«t auTMndarad ; aitd, nan in thai part of tko 
country whatvtha bnwioB aac-Mod to liaia bteM 
MwniilUlMd. Um canqurton wan noi wttiioiu 
•hmwi for nmamvcra (ttm ihoar dWtirIa irhicb 
w<rrc ■till in lit |icni)riit vf<ire Ifvintl »<-cn-liy fioiu 
tomii la toVTD, to rill J- 11)0 fticndfe of ihcir cvuuliy, 
■■il rMiiimatr (hoir ««itrBg«, deprcaaed bjr iIm n- 
pidily at tbcif dtfeal.* &otu« of ihe ami of 
Kmiot tDauenee amuiiK the pruplc mm daily 
dliappqarliitl bora tli« cynoftkr fvnuii autliorky; 
lh»a« arko, m ihv ftnl piuiie, had ir|i.nir<<d (o Wtl. 
liaoi't fanip and ltk«D IImi oath of f*i<^ uid aub- 
DiiMidD In him. n^rivwl poinolk' adilraaw*, inviUnR 
(h»ta In brtak all tonpii't mlh ihp forrlgncr, and 
join Ui< cam*' of thi: pi»d awl bnt'*.' Oiio ^oxon 
thiimt, »a«ed Koi,* iWwwd to oho* (he mmcvf 
10 tbia «dlM< whicfa i*«t* MDt (0 Um amicaU] in 
Iba nanM of (be ancient liidafMiidaiH«. Irritatnl 
by 111* (vfuik). Ilie conaplxaiun dial caiitoycd to hioi 
onki* and iiftrrHranla ihrcaia; audi ai tie pataiaitrd 
in Ua fti«u>la1il(i wUh tho c«nqu*r<>r(, ibrae tluaalt 
vcrc pill in eaeculion, atil hv pcriihrd iii ■ tumult, 
in (pito of fotvifn prolecliaa.* Ho ia c«tcbraled 
by (he KodBU biitmiain na a maityr to bit o«th 
of Sdtltly— ^Nie nonhy lo b« diud as an eaftmplc, 
aoil wlwar glory ouicht lo li>e ftvin ap to aft- 

'J? hfi iKiwa of Ikift ajilAtiojt an*! of th««r aiiur|;vti< 
|irac(inlinp, having rnaolMd William in his fnt- 
Tlni-n nf Uaul, oUinad him to Mnm wtlh |inn:i|k> 
tallon Into Eu(luid. llu ctDbnikod al Iha pott of 
Dlc|ipa on ■ ootd nisbt Lu December, and. on lii* 

airiial, pla««d in the Caltmaea of Smmx ([ovgniori 
cboarn in Noraiandy Iroiu among Ihoac in whom 
lia put th( gTMlrai trviKl. lU fuiuid in Liiudoo a 
aouotiioD not ioiul but derp, nrhicb mwishI Iu pre* 
MCD >one dcriairc nioTonimt: ajid, fcatiii^ ihal 
hi) Ikrrc caatlcai wllk tkctr (owen full of anua aad 
machine*, would protv but a niuk d«f«iiro aigaiiwi 
a populnr inaumtftinn, he mdlrtd to praieal or 
totara iha ani*ml of (ha bni;r of i!ui(vt. and to em- 
ploy hla cntuilnf — ihal fui-llke cunning which the 
old hlaloriana Ulribute lo him'' — in order la lull 
dial pMriotle aplril whkh be ilotpaurrd of brtftking. 
He cutebntcd tlic feiliTnl of OtriatlnM in Lflodon 

with great pomp: and, atariubhng round Um 
mny of Ibe Suurn ctaicfa and biabup«, ImnM Ihaeii 
with fetgnail catv«»-i: be aluiHtd alFabihty tj all ; 
he gnt to ail th? kiti vt wvlconac ; * irlicn tbey 
aaked. ba gtanlnl i whnit lb«y id«iMd,boli*t*ii«d: 
— all beeame dupe* Ia hii annkca.'* 

After dm* ^Ininit tit«r a pan of the nxn of ia- 
HiiMiee, William nrtt turned to tlie people. A 
pTOckmaiion written In Saxon, and addraMCd lo 
Uie iahabilanli of London, iraa |>iibli«b*d in hU 
uuBir, and ii-ad aloud In lk« rhurchM and i<ukll« 

* Ktxleii*dm de |>mb> i«na|ln>bwfhii* Ifan aL (OallL 
rictat.. ipa4 KripL tu. Nonnann, p tl«.1 

' t'taalniiA>>ABeTaI»a;liBLDnalk-liiln<IBI luODUiamt 
(4 ojBiainuliiMalla luliialataa Hi|uaMut. (Uuil. I'bMT-. 

> X'tilui vatara. fVM.} 

■ I'l UWruina k |<tiiBil* wailtUB iMmalartl Die 

IvpiilaiiiuH -id-* |er|vil. iiuiiu InlaMrib^BM UU Ummtr*. 
■ulnil itUil.'t 

» M»rtr «i^lll ImnfeKl. •* tvM doM leMfliiL al 
ilwt Uu iiua ■■•iui' rn mrnulam vtiitni flMd ) 

H f»;lMlll»lr B^tavuli'lni. (M.fili.l'iiti. \|l»Abl«l,!'U. 
Anwil.l.tT.> _, 

<• ll^klvr nil<>H-ulsiuilUl»t. lynlnV. Mlal.. n.KV.) 

" lki>(N"' ■i*|<'l-] •■.i.lwiii.(-4i*elrlu>l.|>inn>|af J )>«■■•■•• 
\»iA a»l ■i«*tii""l. «iuoiltolo*i dnanvm lugiuiwb arW 
Ril 11111111110'. lihldj 

CmIIk uC Kmur-MiiBt. 
CwnilBsiiaB* Li Dam nail CaramIL 

placn ortlie cily. *' Il« it knnwii to nil." nld he, 
" frliai N rojr wilt. Ii hv iltU yov (hoald mil nijoy 
jrouf naligittl tiw* m In ibr ilaj* of kiiic Edward j 
Ihat trvrj ten tltould lalicfit fran hU fattier, aa Um 
dcuiiw dlfaia flMhcr; uidthit Diaiuorinyrollonvn 
iheold ia fad uty wratig."' Ou thin proiniM'. 
IniintrTF a* it <«■>, Uie agjuUon in Loudon luli- 
■Idod : Ihc pmcnt rclid' made tLo urvplo Una 
dfapoMd Iw rtui the psriWu* buard ul ■ acuuj^l 
MUMum b) bU Biilhniiljr. 'Jhuil lemjK>raril] 

«s«iapicd from llii^ throo f[n«i HI* whieti tbo 
oonquc*! had fVitBllacl upon Eiiglaud, vlnlrtuw, 
&irEl|{n Um, tnd coBlbMilon, tlic lalubiuiua ot 
thw gr<*i Saxon cil; icpanUd tbciMclTe* from tbc 
nuap of thoii? who wrru ■uString; «ail, «lmi- 
laiiag nt'nly thelt own g*in ud lo«, rvMlred to 
Kfntlti quirt, yft tuiuw nrK how Ina); ihi.'j' 
crijojrcil ihe nevcoBC«a«loui«f Ihctooiiuonv : but 
tlic; »II«wcd hist lo depwl wilh [npuiUt)' from 
lioaitos, wttti tbc Howor <it tiia trgop*, Ui (■> mil 

•nbjugtte tbc ptorincc* ibu IimI MUinol hitlwito 
Ifaeir Ubertr. 

(4.D. IIH8.> The NonnEu Ieidk firri directed hit 
■oaJrch tamru ihc Hautk-iml, uitl. (rotuiu; Ibc 
tielghta irliiok rapanle llic •Iiiivi v( Donvl sod 
Di^vini, ftflTanriicI atc&iiiit Kai'It.' In Ujincify iJti* 
mMlinr of Harnli! jiiul taki'n nrfugc sAdt Iho laUl 
balll* <if IlMtiiiim and hod gnllinnd logcllirr Ihr 
rcnulni of brr wcmlUi. irliicb sbe derated id ib« 
CBuae of Ihc cMuntiy for wbiuli Iwi aoiv bwl dkd. 

Th( rilupn* of Kitlrr irrm' minwroiw *ud full nf 
imtrtniEir' timl : ranlmipomrjr huiorf brsn (faU ho- 
nntmlilp loatlmntiy [piprcluitcthvin— ttint. ivh(>Ili«r 
■ltd nr younjc, Ihry liod n dcadli hurcd uf rhc 
[iiTudu* tnsn nbroiid.* They forudcd ibeit vaJi* 
■nit loircrc rdlrd in Mmcd mm from nil the *ur- 
rMUittinj eotaitrr, »nd binA iw •oldicr* the I»rciffn 
iiaiijEBlofB •nta biippi-niHl lu Iw In Ihtii i>urt; (hv} 
aIki tent mena g e* lo the inhabitnnla of Ilic ulbrt 
Eownia, iiiiilimcuiem Id brcoui* ibcir coufcdcrati-i :> 
mvparinf (bulr ulmml »lxvuf(tb uaiiul ibu IUo){ at 
fanitnrn liirth, witli wham, until tliiit mcniijiitl (ny 
tlia phTotilcl««), the; had had na dtialinga wW- 

Thi? approarli of thr IniBding army wan mailc 
known tu Ibc citbviu of Exelri (loat afoi by 
Uw rvport of iia ra*ag«>, for Ftpry plicc Uitoiixb 
nlilnli (I nijuv|i««l m« entirely dpTWUtcd." The 
Nomtani noinwd at ibe diiiaoee offuui tnlln, aud 
<Vd(ii llirnm ITilltaiu aeni la Ibo iuhibltuiu Itio 
a«4er lo (sbmli, and lo tilic Uit oath of ihldily to 
lilM. " VTr wUI lioi »irt»r Gd«llly," aotin'vred 
lh*;r, "to him wba ■tjtei kUnaelf l()li|C> n^r will 
we rvreiie him iitthiii our walU. Vi'r. will ntily 
contoul. if hi: mill rvrciii' it, to pay li> )jini on a 
tribute ihv tat vthkh itr iirrrlufcrrr pniil lu our 
Unp."' "I iraiil Hubioct*," icptied WiUUm. 
" and it h bol my coitoiu l» liiin' tln'n on Kuch 

' Aad le irflltliai ckcrld lv.> 1ii« (n'lipr vr rtatiairvRiM- 
hll Ihahft dvLV. rMiit'-FL.r I 1((ii nf l^ublni.'. 1. ;<! 

* EiuiBtpii: I .'-v™i»«ntj«. ^^1l^ul^. iiisn. 
FntLVALj- IK) 

■■■fniUi. . lU'i Kr>->(t. (<l.,lfiui. Mul . 


• AUu aiMnui (iTlMM ml Memnrwdiu (luliuiluut. 

• < Jaad rrjm mlii«If*uua. pj m i| m> Milni ir nullo nc- 
Ituibi *<>»■«. (IMd.} 

* IVrnkll Briiiim iwtnir runno ii^iuii in-nniullan). 
(C!h**k Smi-nu Fr»f-. 'viul ii1j4«. IM, Ljf . ii-, Ad fitipm.) 

' 7<H|-H HcnairuluiB tr.ii tirji-iaiu. (OrdfTlc. TllaL. a, 

conditiDtM." * The Nonnm troops aji{ir<ia(h«d i 
wilh Lb< adtaUTcd gtvuH there marched a buabaa 
uf Eu^aboicii ii'liu ba4 jvSued ihe foreigMI^ 
thniUfcli ini III piiUinu nr Ihrsu^ wauti or Jtmb a 
dmini ut riirli^iiicit tlifmu'IviK br jiilla^ing UMut 
frttdw-counlTj'Tnrii.'' It Id not known Ihnnuk 
wbot Intiieiii^ ttir chlrfi and maKlalraie* of Kselif 
rtpniKd to tbe Noimaa kiuf; bcfbr« ihtt ftnt m- 
naull.lo givp liim lioogr* aud (uu ht ptnce; bul. 
HI Ihfir rtrium. (.he citlErm, •« Ikr frott folfilUn^ 
Ihe urlleln (Lit Itwl lieru jval nneltuled, kept ihf 
tuwii-miln cluaed, aud mgiuu prrjiurtHi lu BKbi.'" 

Wtliiun thcniupuii iiivi-*led llw Hij \)f Mirlir; 
aad, ctiDMiii^ one if tlw luMtaicni lii b*d recciir^ 
la be cartivd willilti view of Ilia ramjotili, onlvrrd 
Ilia cjTa lo be pat mil. ' ■ The dep tnl«d el^tem 
dii}a; a icrett pailnf Uir Nomiin amy pmiithci: 
■be Coiii|iirmr ii'rrlvfd ficiJi raa&ircrnienl^ ttid 
111* miiiTti wippid tbv walla ; but ibo dImIIimcj of 
tho infaabitKntK wfuml inriiiciblc. They «roi^ 
perhapi h«n wearied William, if Ihe ncn wb« 
coniinandcd them bail nut a aecuod lime prerHl 
tbrmiHTca oowanla. Suind liiitoriaiu relala thai 
tbc tnhabltMila of Eictn np«lrcd to tlie fofrlgn 
nunp in tb* Karb vf eupfiUanUi nilh iheu pitefU 
farr^iag the u«vd iiiiMalN abd vnw-tt." 'IW 
eoiilciiipamry Saxon diroQicIc bai only iIimt w«t<J», 
which art! mouraful fr-am iheir very bravily ; *■ TW 
viiJHiu lurreiidcred the lonm bceaiue ihetr cbtefi 
ilcL-clrvd them,"" 

A fnal numtx-r of women, e«eanlng &aa <le- 
lenrr.whleJioiiMiipd upoulhesanMMlerofEiictei," 
SeO. wilh the moUier of Ihe bet kin^ of En^lA 
race, t« on iiknd of the Scfom, uwl tlwuc* to 
Uxlh, ivhi<;h wu uot jrt in thr nnrTnj'ii [iruK MfciM: 
from tbpucc ihcv rv.vlicd tlte ytmU'IU c.phi, a»ii 
for waul of t CLuni diiocl cuiirav, i-otiitkrd tbrfC 
flit FlaiiderB. Forty-fight liiitMoi wi-m deetrojwd 
In llieuegc;" the ruini nf whirh urtreit the Not- 
riiaiii {•>! mutcrlali in ccmilruciini; u otiuiiit cnitle, 
uhkti tlit-y calli'd Kaugi^-Uoia, ljcin|[ bulll o«i I 
bill ofn^d «ar(h. t'fiia caallr wa» iiitiUKlnl lu the 
care of Baldwin, eon of Gilbert (.'mpin, itUu 
called Cillhi-n d* Brionne, who had fur liia •ban', 
for boiinc aidrd III thu coiiqunl, iumI liir tit 
■alary ta viecouiit uf Oetouittkv, twenty booMi 
■I (Srtvr, and 159 mftnon, all In that oxuily.** 

't'liere had been fonitcd, duiiit); thi* caniiiugii, 
s defrmivc aJliance tictween the Anglo-Saxon* 
and tbe uiciont Briioiu uf CamwaU. After the 
eapliidsiioii of lUoter, time Iwd popuUtioat, imw 
united olWr tu loue a koslUity, were iniaUed la 
tho B*Rii> ruiti, and llir tfrritum-a ••{ both wrrr 
ibarcd by the eonqneron. One of the Hnl oanei 
Ihat appfar iuacrlbed on 111* ndla nf IhU HMtiUm 
la Iliac of till? Cifiiqiitfor'* wifp. Jlatilda, dauyfttev 
of Ualdwla CDiiAt of Flaodrra, n-tam llic Narntana 
calKnl la lUine, a title luiknowti te the Knj|ti>li, 


* .ViiQ •-•> idUiI fiinit III hue raoditljaua 

jHtiM. (OcilnllK. Viul.. |>. MK.l 

* ^iin* Lnc&f*i|vdjlkuar Adclm eitiiait. TlUd.) 

" (.ViBniita alliilmniiiiii invliKUMiii hoMilU iiua 
nvil. I^IImI. I 

■■ t'ani VI otuiidi)iii*iinipt|aiuma(iilia[eiia*»aC tC'' 
ilpric. Viul.. f. 110.) 
'■ IMd. 
>' III! Drlvm M ttnUiimiA tn i\aM lk>nl eiw 4«MMraBI. 

'■ >li>1i'ir>iin >>iiu>miu ilivrun uxona. (IliU.) 
f ^ In 1**- fit Ltiif aLbnt iii«b4l*» Xi'^ IIL iLmiiM 1*llirtflia4V 
rni rrnli ni Vul-IUid. { Ilvinp«la)-tlaiik, L falut >•*. tuaaj 



Inlanaul'air tt Ifce >urU>. 

who in thflr Uii^-iMf* \it*4 oolf tl>« Dunna of laity 
m tei/r.' MilhiltlB ublalnKl, u hirr (h&rn itf tliv 
coaqurat. oil 111* UdiI* iHtlnnitli;^ lu ■ dill Ssiun 
ownnt Biilit/Lk-* TItIa man, btcokIIiii; Io old 
kceauDti, naa ttot caUi«l] uukiianit lo liur ; •ad, 
iluriM hi* rendoice in CUntlcn a» ambuMdoi 
faMt Un( Edwiutl. bkil mi-urt«il tUe implvFubla 
nMDWMK id Uw (laugliicr of ru-1 BalUnm by 
rafMlnc to uurry lin. U nu .Millulila bi^faclf 
Kbo mkmI tW uvtr kiuic li«c builHUul tw pUco U 
htf dlMosal, villi iX\ kU |ii>MC>aiuua, tin- i^icUili- 
> WOO bkil itisluiicd bar. Sbo ^klitlrJ lut 
uid cupirlilji at oncK, by a]ipriij»i:Ulii|i 
iW BOWBMioiM to bcncif, ouJ ciuuiig Bnliirtk i» 
b« MM iqi in a futn>«.' 

It li pccbable lb«l thv c«uqiK>t bihI p^rtJlioD of 
tk« 8om«n*Uhli« miJ UI«ucMIvnliiM coteti im- 
iBVdiMelj bltovinl Uii* |jn[ luiuiua of Die wnl. 
Hi«ra m U*%% which pritit iliat Uify wvie uui 
Mttqiwml kod diridcd iriUiviit rtsblMicc. Ac- 
(vnlint ■>' t^ tradition of Ibc cuubU)', tlio mo- 
tiMtaiy U Wuiichc«nili tt that luuo luit all it* 
IW Meiii iU M, becftoM- the miuiKi of Ihe place, with- 
oM fimal^ Biul iil-wivii;.'J (inp ui uld lumtur), 
b«d dolamiiKil ou ia*kitu apiniBlliuu to kiiw 
WllUan.* CmUiI, iIku kbUit, wu cwrisd «>' 
bf the Norman Milrlirn an4 IcnpTwoncd at Olou- 
enter; maA ilio conTent, hiicfiil to ihn conqu^ron, 
waa K""" ixto tfao Icpoj>Iqi{ (if Efifanlwig. rliinf of 
ibr >M«j af Evufaun. called in ina conCfinponry 
KiuMla uImIwi^ the Cireunupcci,* oao of tboac 
taia\ la utHin thif tine>*«rriag blttwlaQi gaw ihc 
doubtlol pnUo bf "hattbiog do rcbulliout. aJtJ 
of hattng tb* (pu of Uoil in thdr Iicarl. oud altta 
i>f the iinf wliooi God tiiiiitclf hull jilweJ on Uio 
thiooc."* Front [W lioiu of Uil- llrat dvfcat of 
the I^tglisli iiiilimi, £!|tliclni|^ Itftd twoni aiucvrc 
&)elitjr to ihr fatt'tfptet fu( whuiai Gud IiBil (lv> 
elwit iiiiiuvlf. ^Tbea the foiiqueit etxao to b* 
eiieiwM oitT tbe iraitni country he wlidted ■ 
■harr of Uic laiiil* nta&cated from hia fnllow- 
cnaaiijnicB 1 uid, iinitaliiii{ llii coui|Ucran hi* 
fri«&di, dr«i« iwvrnU uf llir Ivii^liih frum their 
damaiAi:' looihcnhcadd hi* inlirpat wlih Ihi* 
Normau for eotd ; snil. vhim Ihir Noriiiaiia hid 

, tlaln litem, 111.' inhirriird Uicir iHMncuioiiJt.* Tlilt 
■ractci niiil ilivtc ictiaiii fiuxi.-i1 liiin tu be din- 
by Williiim, vtliu Ivrtd ai>4 hDliouied 
«b.* llfl^>v(>m«it Ihit rvbrlliout niaiiL* 
clicomb to Ihn ci](Jr« MCidWilijn uf tbi' 
, eror, nuiil a forai^rnni named UaUnit cniur 
km abroad to dtirhuxe ttio office of abbot In a 

I MiU murv (uttable< auouKt, 

liff. •• CWw. Hla^Jifi, br wpfimmif tlw 

• Wmi roaiHvJ Irnu l*/ilft, <uiil terWy, uul 

fair. IVnt, iiHn.Dtgam. piuiril) ilf^Aama 

tamw tnall IWkttv. Ei tcmi Ratim 

Cm)!. 1. lul. train.) 
■iiuni ..... riiiHim .... MaiMe 
Kfpata ,,.. IpviD rnH Wynbinlain iddori . ... 
4>v« .... tvikiil tiail ,,.. ottumvlu {Duffdnt^ 
,Awlr'i. Ii'.i 
mtBH*,wl^ litiL fifi ftituhi ^nw^u^tpnlfv. «U*jfpn,iit 
illMiBa daal pro lUibiu ml<i«r. i Ebiil., ji. 1«n,) 
' JlffilBim. cimiifmmrtiii iMnt. (tlmn. ^•^- Fta*. 
Mil aaMi MXXVIII. iHUitlc— . M l.,,.n,^iin,iB.') 
I ■ Haa awnabs Uem. rt cantiluiam ab Ipao itomnlM 
I^KS. ((MfMr. VlUI.. Ub. Iv. as ad wM. lat. NuTBMU . 

) llavlal*, XnuU*. Aarlic.. L IM. 
"hu sU ynMnUuiKH vMua Kunnaaiu (]iiiiuUl«l. 



Thoa tbii iudcnsiident larrildrj of llic E^lah 
bccurin itraitclica in t!i» Wi>»l: bill th« elleuaiie 
praTitiLTs of thf north Mill iirunl<^l tbe frlviida uf 
tho oouniry on aijlum. a |>1acr cf rctreal, kt>d a 
Held for irarliiiv- Thithcc all tliuac ivuind whu 
vnt- l«A trilboul luida «r kiadrcJ- thry wh«aa 
braihcrt vvn iJaln. or irtioae itau^lui bad Imwh 
ravUh«d— iliejr who, mj th( uititut aiuialt. chMw 
nthcr lo li-ul • lUV ot lull and hanlabip Iban la 
pnduTc a aiaitrj unlmowii to UkIt tontaOtMa.'" 
Tb«i! rcfijjjC'!! Diorchnl lhr«ugh <tii« fumt tu 
auuthi'i wDudlUul coiur, and by oae dourtod Ir&ct 
to aiiutbrt di-vililcd wild," uiuil tlioy hap;>Ur ap< 
lUOni-tifd llic outoriuoal [lalc of III* lurla Liiiil lij- 
thv Noiuiuu i >iid, nhuii Uicyliad |iaMcd that liuu 
trhlrh gil^Ud in tlia KBii'Jiul ■vniludr, llicy oiice 
Bgniu vnlmd, ai ll vttre, aa th*ir uicImiI linj[lanit, 
a»d ambncrd each dIIim in frndnm. A laiit) to- 
pcDUtiCR ur\.t bruught to ihcm Iboa« cJilrri who, 
bariajf bccji llic &nl tu dvapaii of the caauiKiii 
causr, bad aet lb« «xain|ila uf voluntary aubiui*- 
tlno.'* The iattii'r taMjitd from Ihi? pabM wticrti 
ibn Cai»(Ui>rar held Itivni i-nplit?, under Um 
appfWiCM of afftcUon, c-iltlnK ihutn hiaKml,U* 
particular ^midit," anj avmltn)! lumaclf of th«<r 
jUMeaM at bij niurt d* a prutut fbi eowdr* 
BMaciirei a^tainal aueh portioua of lb* pcopU a* 
did nut bend in huuiage ti> a king •urrouniUd by 
lu national diiefa. It vru thua tlut EJwia and 
MurkikT ended, Eud wt uut fur llic north ooaotry; 
ibc uoud vriidica uf the fvoi, »ij Uic biatoriaaa ed* 
Enufiali bictli, a>ccuin{iaBiinl them in thtir flitiht; 
inathn pHoitaandmntiLi thai wen faithful to (heir 
covnlry offered up frequent pnytit for tliuD." 

No aoDricr bad the kiui of Alf^ar reached their 
andcBI goienuncnta of McrciA and Koithunihtia 
than great ■j'tapiouj* of patriotic uiui^mcuta nu- 
Ikifusled thEmtcU'i-a in tliuaii twu uoiiiitriTi, fivni 
Oafurd tu ttio baulu of the Tweed. Xo Korman 
bad yet paaaed Ibe UumliPc, and only afetr had 
pcneinli.ll hilo Uie Iw-an of Ucrcia. Tbia latter 
country coiuuiuninti-d ftudy, by its north-KcM 

frontier, willi till* Wriili )iuiiiiliUi<jiii, wht?, folg«t- 
tinj their old rxntta of oDmity ^inat tbe ttasone^ 
now confeileratnd with tliem npinal the now In- 
tadcrs of Btioiii. A lumoar wai ifirvad thai the 
Saxoa aud Wclah chida had held a tCrvM CwincU In 
the tDOunUiu. aad Ibat Ihry had. with one acoQiJt 
teeoWed to delSicr tlvit itlandOvM the Norman 
rule, and, to tliat onil, were teudiuy agent* iMo 
tirr)' cOTiiiTr of the liland la Mir U|i the iiuli(n*> 
tiun nud courage uf the people lo a tCTuIt." The 
grrnt iTamp of iDdcpcudraice »»« to b« ferniMl 
beyond lh« Ilumbcr. and ths cily of York wu 
ft^ed upnnan II* lint litilwiirk.'* Rntrrnchitidilt 
vorc ttirawn up behind the lakes and innruan 
of the north. A grvmt number of mfa had (Wom 
netcc again to tU-rp under tile alictler of a ruof 

'* Halnloa i1Um infrtlimn li-reiliafa <|n'ui nrmnliv 
h»lltui><uU». (M.U., W.^0.., lUn. U««.p.*a».) 
" luai ilMrnu ci nniuiri* prinUm. Mmr tttaoi ttiakm 

" NonMoal) Hfinf pruiixntn, (DiU.. r **>>) 
■• TaurjulndanntiHanBiiKialiaiiDdea.. (HaClLnuii, 
VitH>abtu>>iai(. AlUuL. 1 tlM 
■• A t\micH K iib.uiuihU tttbit, mm Wm BftM nnllo. 

(UhIkih. Vlbl.pMl 1 

>• niaa<oaww«BBlaMpnttla<llBaB41inMW*»rlNiai 

■ • SMttuul iTliia, pilulH. MCiiun. In nniiilinranii 
lialmt. (ib>l.) 








iiiilil llii- il»j of del»TT»noc; ihrj" acconDnjrly 
«l<.<pl ill ibu tiigbt-air. or uadi-r itii-It Tent*. kiiiI xhe 
Nurmiii*, Ibrou^ d wirt ol ipkcn, dniomlitnlctl 
Uiran aanCM.' Atnang thf«e wm ioxxatt lUlrik, 
•on of Alnik. vho had no ruvrgr^ieillj ntjtpiirlPil 
Ihe Sasan muw In Hi.'r«rurilibuT. 

It cuinel now bo kiionu liow iniuix projccb «f 
ili-llrrrancc, vrell or lU cvuctived, were &i iJialliinR 
tttinied fcmi driilrojpd. HiMorj iKMtrcljr dvi^i 
to lueiLtida rvrn « few a( the nion irho prvrerrviL 
■liiii^rri to icrritiiilo ; kdiI tbo iktiki •npcrlot forea 
•itiuch fniilnlri) tticir ctTciria aUo illltcfl tlit rrfol* 
Icvtion of thvni. Ono NMUfta duonldcr alunr 
lUiiouin^m, will] bitter rcproochM, • coni|ilmvj, 
tli» otfJMt of wliioh vru, h« Of*, to itU<Ji, nn- 
Jiwana, throughoul Koflniut, the totili«r* of Ihl^ 
fonl^ guTlioiu, uu tbv lint iIbj' of tbe gnat hm. 
wbeut acMtdldj lu tlie ilevaiitueaBortlist age, Itiej- 
wci« to g» U> Uic cliun'lieB u pinuleal*, barr/aol 
KtA UUdriiKd.' Thn lii»lnrun, wlitio lir jiruaet 
GimI for IIm diifiovptj nf ihli abomuuiiU mathiHa- 
fwn, regnCi IImi iht louden of Ihn plot Mcappd ti} 
fllgbl m>m the miiiciincc of the great Qmgtienir.' 
Th«j Am) to the nonhprn proTinc**, utJ wer* 
IhiFt* ■oou joiiifi) by a ncn' fuRitlTf, Ihir jootliful 
Eil^, the Uwfiil king cf EngtaoJ, oci^ordia^ to 
thomuitnt of the time, bj the elcniou of ih* peo- 
ple tad the muBentioQ of Ihc church. He At- 
poncil witb hi* mother Agsthi., hit tislrn Uargnrcl 
and Chritliiu, a clUcf luunrd Mcilrwcio, aail mnnj 
othi^r jTMif mm, u tli* fiaxan rJirarileIc eXfirriuM 
It.* ThuT all pausd towlhei th< frantlcr whirh, 
■ince lh« d*fnt oT the Sixmi king ERfni! by the 
Scot* and Plrta, hail Kparalcd ihc tnunlr; of ilic 
En^liili from ihr andcDt lerrilOfy of Albany.* 

(k.D.',M ta MZ.) The invMioiwcf the DanUh 
piratH, wbkh ritended north u» well lu Miulh of 
til* TireeJ, liad not tiikile any change in lh» lino 
of ihii ftoulief. The oolj poliiieal fpiull of Urn 
duiuiuloa ucrtiMil for lonie limp by Ihc Datica 
Ofci iho naed pfoptu of Picta, anoient Btitoni. 
and Saxotu, inluhiling between Ihn Forth and 
T«r«*d,w«* tb« *ddiruiothUrnedl<<7 ordt^rcnl 
ram a fmh maat nl btirnnnir pnpaluion ; and 
hence H wu that, iouth of Ihi- Forth, and cape- 
cikllj toiraTdi iJie eiul, Ihr prrvalUng tdlom ml* • 
Teutouic dialed, iutenpcrtcd with Gallic and Bri- 
tiah fror^ but appmachiiis, in ita gra.niniati'cal 

tanat, aunt to llir Uininh ihui to the Aiii^lci. 
ftucoa laoi[Uig«. Al llie rfqr liuie whi^ii tliii 
Rhant« via gndualljr operating in the wiutli uf 
AJbaay, a ictulutiou in th« nerlbi murv lapidly 
•CMittplJifaMl, enil4d in ma aingla atato the Picts 
a[ Ifaa aMtem coaM and thn flc«Xt of tho t re al ftn 
DOtintifiia, nntil tlu-D acponitp lullnna, gOTrrned 
Inr iiulepimdnU chlcb. Thl* Jjndlon niu not 
edbctcd without aotDc rioJcncc ; fnr, ic1thau|[h thcj- 
»»r» trT)-1ili»-l)- of tb» same orijfin, tlioogh Ihtir 
Unguag* differed but Utile." and the; wer^ tiotu- 
rally luolbied to cciuf«d«nta ayatnie a Mmmea 

' Vitii quUtn •oniiB 1 If>i«Baimb tilnlid aofnamln** 
IhiIui (OnlxHr Mial. v. 911.) 

' tu rxthltn IffiiLOii. U1l4jn 1t*41f9> i-.. iuisil^ia llMi|il* 

nrrinwr'iil. \yi ill- (h-iutI. 1>1^. ?<<iiaiauu., ■jmil tctliA. rrr. 
hAnuun.* tM.t 
■ Hac^J*b«Ualvti>. (|1>i<l.. y «tM 

• ftb nidn Btanua. (OiMD.Buaii. tnga.. Ed.Lje. il.. 
■il Dhim ,1 

• ;tra limit I ^ t», 

• Thr bMurliii IMe. in the rbhlk <«iitiliy, dbOopiulm 
ibD UbHD itf the l^cl* treta iliM >■( ihr ItaiV, 

•ihrnarj, jet the two nitknia woe rlfsk In time 
of peace. 

'I'ho Hratt, who wvm hmricia on the nwnttila^ 
anil Ivi) a mor# KcttTC Uft than thcdr netghboitn 
of tho pjojiia, tbougJii thMuaelvc* 11m mote noMt^ 
and calleil Uie other* in dcrlriOD taUrt tff mIkMitim 
tread.'' Notwilhauuiillug thi* ftppannl (ODtemiM 
for nhcat, th« cliitf) of the Scot* ir«iv waUtkiM 
of esteiidin(o*ieT the platiu, which produeed bar- 
vtati, the pomr whidi thcj' otsminl in thf land 
of racki »Tiil Ukn. They cndeniDiircd tor a lonf 
time lo sain ttirir object by force and Ititrlfue; 
but the Picls reaiated them until the period whva 
tiim,- irrrn n-eakeiuMi by the iiicuni<nu and lic- 
ior1t>n of th» UanM.* Kpnnnh , *rm of Alptn ktn* 
of Wmi Albany, ttlicd Ihr hTaui«hl# moMeni, *!b3 
dearcnidrd upon the loud* of ilie f^ct* to nnkt 
eonqnvft thereof; tho talrrt ^ Vnmd were van- 
qiiiUi*d bjr Ui* eaVrrt offlcalu ojtd the gmtcr utt 
of then lahniitteil to Keiuivth. Olluira of them 
■lleapled, by ntirinr Borthwird, lo pMMrre to 
ibiriniFlTFa n kiiiE (if ihalr own rnlion and cbotce t 
hut t)ie} were uDiuceuftd; andKenuelii,klocof tbt 
Sroii or Scotch, becaiiic chief of nil Albany, wWtA 
fmin thnl timi! naa railed ticotland. (i>l>. S43.I 
Th« Piftlih nation loK IheLr nMne In aniting wiu 
ihn Rent* : but It doM not apptw that Ihh trnimi 
look pUtc on uncignal cnndiiion*, &• would dooH' 
leu have lieeii the nut had the rletors and the 
*naqulthcd btcii ofdiffemiit raete. The cvikqiMit^ 
people had no aiarvr;, no polJlitaJ degradalion to 
aulTer ; the eondltion of terfa of tho aoO, th« ar> 
dluirj fruit of foreign ronqunti in the taUdle 
a^i. TCM not Inirortucril In Mcolland. In a ahart 
time tJicre nan (.nlj wic people north of the 
Forth ; mill II auon became ■ frultlcH taik to treh 
ntij- traeea of the idiom fpeken by Ihe I'ict* In th# 
timo of Uieir indepcriileitee. The kiiijpi of tbf 
Uiumphnnt nalion, diinliiig the land tjf their birth, 
cmne to dwell (kmouK itie conqtu-rfd al Dtunfrm- 
lioe aad al Scone. Thither thuj' tiaiup«rtnl (he 
coiiHtcr>lf>d itoiie iiimn widrb, aeeonlln^ to ab< 
dent cuMoRi, Ihey plared thctMelen. m the dajr of 
thnlr tiian^iirallon. lo tnko tho oalh to iliv people, 
and lo which * nattont] aupcrvtllWn attarlwd Ibf 
dnilny nflhi? firoiil*h ncc, 

(ad. S-12 la I0««.] At Ihe time of the Nonnu 
iiitu«on of Eii{;Uud there temnined not the a^lil- 
ett Inee of the HneJcut tqmralioii of the Gaifi ef 
ScDilmid inio two diaiiitn populatioH : the only 
»|ipsreiit dlatiiictiou niu iliat LeiwecB the ntrn 
wIm Mpoke the Gaelic loii^iue, alio calleil Ene 
(tlial is Iriih),'" and thovi^ men i*ha were d#«cend- 
BDTi of the ancient Twitonic eolnnira, nnd wfaoa* 
lihom wu inlelllglbl* at onee to tho Bngllali, lo 
Ihe Uaiit4. and to all Ihe Gemaaniu Thia popQla- 
llon. the ncarrK la local aituftilon lo Cniiland, 
thouBfli called Stoich by the En^tih, be** • Kn«lor 
affinity to the people o( (hit Toonlrj, ffwin the 
rcaemhluiee «f their buiKHB^ Mod Uieir comnanUj 
of orimiii, than to the Scokh of ihe CJaettc race, 
who, joining with a lOTnewhat lange prUe haUu 

* rfi DK eralDDndid. iW Janiadi'* tVpwhr Boaph 
\iil. )l„ Birin 

• Joliu. i> VotAm, Bealkliwfei, lib. It- *tA, aA 

bamur. (I<ii4, p. >tu,l 

■• iw.iniui.iniji: i^ii 'II III III ririiiiiiiiiimnrf 





tAnamtm Marnn*. 
Waika I. timtmtn Olfud. 


WnilKii iMy.t l.iiKiiiD. 

1£dI>m>J tp) NuffltAjr. 


of p»Utin] indepFBdca««. |iRice«dliig from tl>*it 
oryaBttttion in I'ltiu or tcfiaralc liilin. iren frv' 
aUTDtlT *l variincB with Ihu Tvutuiiic popiiU' 
boB M th« plain of lbs wuiJi. «0[| ma with ths 
Uog* ttt Scotland. Tlw Unn almvat •!*»;• 
laund thr Sn>l<Ii of tlitt plain* (L*|iouh1 to cupport 
tlwa In ihrlr lUdinpta upon tlid llliffrty or thi 
noitnlaln clnnii: inil thiii thf liwtinctlva oniDlljr 
at llie Iva nfm jiT nirn, >prin|[liiK from thrir 
dlTcnllj of oriifLa kiid luijiuAgc, lunt<}d to Ute atl- 
vutlagv of kiiit;!]' itcapaliim. ThU, ticiug more 
tlwa «at« osp*riflii«ot bf the tuiccf^Mon at Ken- 
■Mtli. KUI of Alpiii. eii^itnl ill Ilii'Lii B jireit itTuc- 
lionfbr IlMiuhiMtaiili oltSie lumiarLiIiurSrutland, 
>iid ia nneni far m«ii nf Euulioh orLgiii : tliiry 
)M lAi i«u uiL'h *trau^ra lutlinr IcUiiu'-cuuubjUKii, 
■■ IlaiMv at llic nuai- LIiiikI »itli IliemicNoa ; lli«y 
famuTMl, to thr utmqiU of tlicir poller, ttin Srnteb 
bj ntra* al thu exjionao of Iha Srotrli bf hitlh; 
mnd. In llkr manner, rccclrcd irilh ragciKDod-itill 
ftU tfM^nutt Jrom KngliB'ii 

(a-d. I0C8>) It n-ns through tki> fotilical pu- 
OtiitJ Uut HaloaliD. kin; of Si^olUnd, ituniained 
Kmowrc' Kf«i>«d an wvlmm^ gueatajuiuig Kd> 
gir, liii Niitf r«. aiid hi> friL-uilK* Uc lalutrd l^il^r 
■■ tb« tiiu; tLU'l lairfiil kiuy vi lli<i Eu)[liali i l>u 
oKfcilhbn kKcruit'aajItiiu, aiitl •uccuurH'Wnbjt lo 
wttt a f bit fictuni^. To liio Kiuuii chlrfB «)iii ac- 
eompaaled iWlr king hn fum comniaiida lud di^ 
natB*. wbkti. ppibup*. ha daapotitnlly t«uk ftoiu 
Ua aubJiKt* of Ittitiih and Gaelic noe; and, u be 
Iwd IMI jct taken ■ vik, he niMitod Kdgu'a 
JMinffMl rialo, NBineft Marifiirel. MaXgnrH, bring 
nBae^DMinlcd with Uir languap- of the Uacln, 
fnaqiMnlljr •loml i[i immI uf ati iiiterfjcvKT lu 
■pnk U the cfaiefi of llie iioitbem aud watcni 
iriliM; aud tliia offlce waa perfiannod bjr ktug 
Xalooinf hu butbaiul.* Malcolot Donld npitss 
Hwaalf wril in bolb ilium* ; but in > iliort tiino 
■lUr U* rvlfa the king* of K«otKii<l dlnlainml lo 
«i Iran) th« Unffuaxi> cf tlic anrlciit S^^'Citx — 
people (ran) vrhoin Ihfj Uicnni'lTr* i)r> 
uid to wham the coiinlry nirrd It* name. 
>• Bcvi of the alliance foruk-d belwiit Ibc 
tucna aail the kiogof StotUnd, unA ottht hot- 
lila WMnblagn in lh« nurtli of KusUn't. deter, 
mioad Wllliani not to await an attack, but to act 
lifafoudf oil the offenaiT*.^ Hi* lint 6.-»l of aruix, 
In ihb DCW eajiedllioa. «raa Ihc tinjgt uf ibi* vilj vf 
OlfonL Tlie dliirii* rMiabid lllR fiirriipi iiiciiuch, 
alul aian uunlted him from Ihflf wnlla ; but a part 
•f iha nmpatt, which hail brtn iijipsd by tbv 
Vaasiaaa, pire way ; and Ihcj, tnlirriiiii bj auauLt 
Ihivvb ihu bnuhf rcTcngwil ihvniKlTci on ihi: 
cilaMIM bj Bfc aiad mama erg.' Uf kii;ii hiuirlml 

■ad lw«Uj bootM Drarij four Imndrcil wre de- 
atMTid.* Tha Monka uf the coavant of St. Fri- 
deawUe, Utowtnt Ih« «i»inplr of tboaPofHiiJa 
uhI ff inalicoiab, teoktip ariai to drftnil tlitir w- 
d w«n all of ihcin cxpcUud aftit tbe 

t Ollwaha Orwiw. CaaaHW. 

■ MML^WHitn. fcutkhmnlon. lUxT. 4ID.Bl_f1. 

* Matkwa «aMi Uaravn BnuS ut pmnrUni plrntdhU. 
tmtL < > »«* ■ . Bwt M ra n lMB. *!».>— Bitto* MtHI 

«l iiiaiiaiM, laliiJiiiiliii. i itT. 

< Kantaaua vd nw qoiU p<i|iiilu> n ii^nilanK ir mnrT- 

■aUawa. (Cknia. :^t<iiiii ('m. lohnnno MLWII) 

• CMta>k>HaJI.(^au»n».ik. (M>>k.I^iM. l-«.) 

■ P»li» d a y tQOk: BatracM, moaii (n, AaiUo. vipt, tU. 

tielory of the Nonnam,' Tha town of Warwiek 
waa uexi taJiau ; then Uie lowu of Ldeortar, wbieh 
waa aimuat ut larl j daatio^ f than ihM of Derbjr, iu 
whichatluH part oflhabaHaaawamleiBaliabed.*' 
Afl« llii^ eiv^v and (aptore of Notlinriiami a aUMig 
cjtailol wax biiilL lhi*n>, and eonfldoa ta tha cam of 
a Nonnan namod Willlain PpTird. 'Ililt Fnrrel 
modnd, ta Iila iharr of tlir ninqarA, uny-llf (> m. 
non In the pronnne of NuUiiiKbain ; and, In ilie 
town ilicif, the Iiouidi of fDrtj-dgbt liadeiDicii. vt 
twelif WBjiior*, andofeigbtEnglith buit>andinpa.>* 
He fixed hia rMidcnt^e in Derbjrahlfe, on a peaked 
rock, at tli» lup of trliich hla taaile appeared al- 
m«it auapeiuled in the air, like Uie naat oTa bird 
of prfrji." 

Frum Nottinxfaam tbo Norman troop* niaicljad 
eaitiranl ujiuii Liiiroln, wliich they fuiccd lo eapt- 
tulntr anil to five tliem hocta^. A huadnHt and 
aixCr-MX houae* wn« d«atn>yad to maha room tot 
ihn fortmaci that were built, and the cntrcDch- 
nirnti t*itb irhich the lorcign i^iriaon aunonuded 
Ihemaelm hers vilh grralet rare and art than 
eliairher« ; '* far in thli town, the popnlaiion of 
tvlileh w«a of Uaoiah aii^a, the eonqucrora anpre- 
hcndnl, «i at Nonrirli, an attack from Iha Daoea 
bejoud aca." Anionic the LlacatBltaila((taJinprl- 
(oned in Uic Kurnian IbrtrvM, ai auratics tar the 
tranqmllitj of the provinre. waa a yanni; man 
imiUL'tl Thur^t, of Danlah iIbicciii, w)io lUceaiylBd 
in bribing hU keopeni to tct htm at libertj." He 
wi7Ut iccrclly In tlie port of Oriinahy, at the mauth 
of the Uumbcr, lo aiime Norwr^lan nterehanta 
who*)- ■hip TC*a leadj to anil. UofottUQiiely, Ihu 
VMae I liad been rit{>n0ed foe the paaaaf^e of errtatn 
ambkwadora whom the Conqueror wan wrndlng to 
the nattb of Eurojw to dianiadD Iha kinfja of tiiinn 
couulriea from taktnx an IntrrcA in the (simc of 
the Suons and lending them their aaaktance. 
The Norwe^Koa, without hnitatiAn, undieitoak to 
me thj> jAiii^t fu^IiTe, and eonrral^d him in the 
hulil of thi.ilr thip no well that the Nonnau ib»)i«c- 
tnra of Itie cout, who rialted it al the momeul of 
iu depaituK, perceived nollklttif of the mailer," 
Tho ainbaaaadota embarked; aad, when tbe land 
had diaappaarad, the boatB|n, to their gnat aalo- 
iilahment, ecna forth. They wiahed the aailara lo 
n.'ti>m. Ill order, aaid they, lo giTe up to king WtU 
liambisfugiiJTc;"'' but ibe Nonregiani, dinrtr'nl- 
tuft tlivir remaoitrancca.aaraatksUy replied, ""The 
wind ii too fair ; the ihip saila too wril ; it would 
bo a [)Liy to tote ibo paiiage." The diaputir at 
length MMme *o warm on both aidee, that tvooiirv 
wuhBd to anna; bat the pbpical itreuifth wat mi 
the aide of the Mltorii waA aa the ahip adtaneed 

' MpnlUII hoafa Hilk ^ mUbat eapnU aBla. (ft^lili. 
Manan MitUt.. L )a4) 

• Dnb.u'U ot>i1>lH LelnatriB eon KWKlIa M mkIwU. 
(IM., II lia.) 

• r»iMHUy>linnt, ml. 1. (bl. tan. iwn 

'• VlUalraw Pturel baliet altlU Ana. mnadan <t 

aiiibiin.«qailu.alalUlior4. nudj 

'> Tha fIm* b aox callid U* Pmk: md. ugam k 4w 
lulna •![ Pnnrl'a AatiaB an Mill lo be wen. 

i> Da pniliilli Mtali* auuurtt f/L cawiTlwa jw umf 
tvtnim <taiV laUqiut InlU waavaw ami ««»a minai 
oAdlt. lI)am«aaT4oak.wd.LU.a»,i«wa.) 

" tiuntDMalB«nrt<U>r*r^r*pin«aL (GatUlUa*., 
■piiil iMIw. m. liiaaiaaa, f. Ni.) 

« la LbniimMMl ««Ua MoNaMH* Htm. lata Bltea 
ingloruD olMUa. (Aadla tana, nl. L Taa) 

>« li)uvla*aeMafi«li»alMakMMaL (R.dallav. 

■• Can fOfUni legUL (IMd.} 





Rblmd-* Mlnailon neJM. 
Tlic auuua mUf. 

intii Ibo open m:i Ihr >>oiiiiuii gnuluBllj bnunr 
IcM turbulent.* 

Ilnvinf dep»rte>l from UlcvIii, vihitU, hy a *ort 
of Fnnch •iu|ihoii|,' ihcj nJUd Xieclf, Ih* army 
oF Cbo iiivuton ifiarrlwii upon Yotk; uitil, nliirrv 
Ui« tlTOtaia whQM jUDCtioa lurinii Ilic liin,-r rlrrr 
Hiiiiibcr npprancli carli uthrr, tbc; iiifl ll>r con- 
frilcnttt Krmv of (he Angla-tiuviui uid WrUh. 
Thart, Ml at IIi^Cidki, )>; lliv knprrinrilj' nf (liclr 
Uuilibcnuidorilictrai-miiur, lliry liroir tha plwluj- 
bom %tu pwltiona whicb ihuv in v>ln iliiff lulnl foot 
by foot.* A gmttiiumbct of thu KtikIhIi pcrlalnil ; 
tbe rat Muftil « RfniiK wllhla the nalU of Wrk i 
but tiw riclor*. puimiDf; tlicm cWirljr, n>i<l« & 
brvDcb uul rntcrsd the lawn, putting all Id ibr 
rworil (my tlie rfirouiclw), fiwiu llie Infiinl in lh» 
aynl tDiu.' Tbe rcmaiiti of lliu {Uliinlir amij, or 
(to lur tbr Un^a^ of t^iuKitniiiii li]tlL>riai)i) the 
uaxj cf :lic EiiirtiouJ ai]<l of tlic briicjinlti* ni'iit 
■lown tltr HiimUi'i ii> IiijaI>,* *>i>l nfirmnnli te- 
pfctr>><l la III" north, iiili> ilir cimiiln ortliu Srutch 
ar ttii' £i>||fIUh teriilnript bonlrriun on Srntliuul. 
Tliit waa the ralljlnx-plaiv fur \i\ate nlia bai) 
bpFD ilcTciUc j at York. ■' Tbilhci." aaji nu olil 
chronicler, " letircJ llie liofcic rhirf> I^Ikiii rniil 
Jbturkw, with Mlicr men "f greit <li«tmc1ii>u. 
biahapi, derku, men ufull roiiilitiuiia, tiirronful ai 
UFtug llieir own tauw* lh« wtokiUli but not ro> 
hlt^iii^ tlicmMlvei III alaTery/'^ 

TLv tMiiquL-rsn built > dtoilrl In the heart of the 
cil/ of S'oik, uliicb lliut bvcBnM a Norman fortica* 
uul the nnrthmi liiilmrk nf the POiii|UMt. It* 
towen, o(-iiupM by Aie hundied men iii Tull 
kmnnr, allrndttl by acrrral tliouianil oqutn:! niiil 
Mrraiila'ai-arma, ibrtatfDrtl the count rj of th« 
Northuinbriuu. The iuTwion, bowcicr, n-at not 
th«n carried Mo thai couutxj ; and it it eren 
iloubiful K'hHhcT tbe pronncc uf Yorkw&aiiivadtil 
tn Hi wtiolr brtadth from \hv ucum tu the inntiii- 
laiaa. Its metrvpolisi aubdued befuri'iu trrrilury, 
VTM Ihv ailviUicra piwl of the Nonuana, mid a pott 
■till ilaiiKiriaiu : llinj Ubotimd nitjlil utid day lu 
IraaiiiK ihcir Utie* of ilofrnra ; lareiiig Ihc fom 
Baton who hod caoaprd taamicrr Id dig Innchf*. 
■nd repair for Ibo rneiny the tuliu wbidi ibr 
cucmj nad node, ftuin^ iiiMt they tbuuld b« 

bolciind IB Ibeir tnnii ibcy colUctad t'Cvllmi fnitn 
all aitci, and hnp«id up tn thdr kraiM and ilniijnno, 
prorUiaiA of (•irry d«*cTiptifln. Al tliW liinr>. 
KUrml anrhbiiiiap nf Vnrk. hi: nhci bail Iriil bl* 
tniuialT} to tlip ccnccnation of Ihe fordgii Viug, 
cun« tutu lhi> dvwiUlcd cily for thv prli-brntion of 
a n-ll^atia MKmony.' Oa hi> arriinl hr »nl to 
hti own landa, aituUdd nol hr from Vol k, (or ptU' 
ilaioni fur hb awn atr. Uii doiuFilin, briiiyiitg 
horiM and w>m«iw lailco irllh com anil other 
Mcc f tif, were aecldaiiUlly mM Bl one of IIk 
galM by Uw Tiuovnt «r Nomnii gantatit uf Ibo 
town, tritb a uiuoieruut ncoct. "Who arc youT" 

> Oauatqa* nafk Unm aniDf«BaaBUBL |jui!,l niik 

■ DiNrialr. UonaM. AacUr.. «. M). 

• UhW k-AhM ■« iMln. lU .... pntllKBit, (Wni. 
UraM. lt)Ai Notnana.t •poil im^ nr. Kotnaaa, |i.t>o.l 

• Taa fmo BOininiir. i puitariMiir ad iMwa, (Ibid.) 

• !««A (llild.) 

• Pfr llmnlii* niitiiim iBilIii»ririu>wiat (IliM.) 

(Uttli, WanmoiL flat. liiMat.. |i. to.) 

• M«nUai in Boi •olmaiUtus EbiiKi. (TVitB. 
NukK Act. Mlllr. £!■»£, itud fabk Aa«l EiipL, lol iL 

(ulicd llic Nonnan ; " uid lo vrliom am you cony- 

ing th««e aUppUcar' They uuwrrtH), " Wc ate 
th« atmnia of lh« arcbbiiJioa, utul thcin- tiiiofi* 
ttre for the ui» uf bia houwIioW."" Thr lixvutii, 
rariiiL' lidio iiboul Ibr irrhblahop alid hia homr- 
hobl, lund'c % si^ii to thi? men -m •■mil wlio rottnnl 
ht* tPlinup 111 Ukc trnih h(>n«< and vnsKou 1i> llic 
cilnil*! of York, niid deposit tb« ptoviaiou In the 
NariiDin maf^infu.'^ 

Wbnn thi' arrbbixhup, Ibc ftwiol of III* «»- 
rEUFtun, AiiiTii) thathewaa himaflf alruck ■■ h\ lb* 
«.>ii<|uciil, there arow in hia uiiiimt «oul an IiiiIik- 
tiiitbin vihii'li hia culm anil pradrnl iiiirit had 
n«t*r fell bdfow. Eldn'il in-rnnliM'Iy •Irpartrd 
for the Comiuivur'a i|aar1i'n, and pn-M-iihvl binu 
*rtf brfore Mm in |K>:iiill<-aI hatiita, n-lih It)* piiln. 
nlatslTiii hii band." n'itUim rnv la oSt bin. 
acctihlliilf (o Ibf cutlotn nf tbe linK, llit kin uf 
pt'oci? ; hut tlv. iiit\un j.relnl.- Vfj-t olo^f, and aaU, 
" llcur me, kin; VVkltiiir. ThiKtwiMta fiv^l^pMrr; 
tictrttlipk^a. It iK'ititt lb« will of Uoit to cfawtlai 
•ms niUon, Iboii olitalticdtl, at ihr roal of miKb 
b]oi)>t, ibc klugdum of Eogbud. I titen aBoUUcil 
thi>.>kiii«; 1 cruwiieil thoe i 1 UlttMilllicviritbiiii 
own hniidi ; but now I onnw- lhp« and Iby tun; 
ber^iitiiie thou hiutdMFrrrd it — bcFSUM Ibou tn t)W 

KrtMcuToroffiod'ichanrb, anil Iha opprMMt of 
* luliiiMera." " 
Tlio KariiiM king h««rd Ibo bnpotcnt raal^c- 
li&n of ibn iiM [,irir«l iritboul coiicmi, and (*■ 
■Iiainfd the iinlijcuiilloii nf hii IkiatttT*, whn, 
trcrablinK wiih lOKf. mi half lUialu^athiiiK IboU 
twuttla, nikril mrniiluioii la ttrveufc the unolcncc 
of the Saioii/' He allowed Cldrrd lo retiim in 
peaep and Mfvly lu hli vbur^b »t York: but thl> 
a^ienturr Ailed Iba itrTlibi*bn|i*B hiart with a dnp- 
ruolod vnntjoii. siid prrhaiM with mnotM 
having aidnJ in the palablinhnunn of Iho fcrvi)^ 
domiuiiui.i* 'Diu.- dteam of peraonal atnbtiioti dia. 
P«11«d by hia Ent eip«rieaec of the truth, the rT>ii- 
rictloa that k( hiissdf VLi ricinjit Iti'ilhri frvn 
Ihe oulrojpM of Ihv feivigner nor Irom th« ^nnral 
iprrliiultf, tlirtw blm into a tluiv tnalady tthlHi 
Cnduilly wulcd hu (trvnitlh. A year alterwudt. 
wbcn ibu Saiontk haTtn); nillt«d once niorv, vtvra 
•dtanrtiiy tu •ttai.-k. tlic toini of Y'oih, CMred'a 
lati^ior nnd chagrin w«r<> roilriubK-d ; and, a* if b* 
fniml dmuh 1*m linn iha firmciii'fi of Ihe men who 
bid rciUAinrd faithful lo tlirir cnuniry, li* prayed 
(lull, B4y liif rhniHLc-lcs, In withdraw him from Ihia 
vtDttd, thai he niiflit uirt behnbl ibr loUl ruin of 
hi> nnliie Iniid und IhcdnUuction of hi* churvli," 
'I'tia wamni dill mrried on al ihc eilr^mtlio* of 
Kiiicliiiil ; a](it'>ilan efrnwhrre prvtailcd: and M 
W1M rxprctnl Hint the fuKitiie* uf York wotrfd 
leturu by land or by aca, to try •ome iitw cflbrt. 

* lEfTvt, 1ii4|qiitnt, aFFhlrpkvoyt aei 
AcL paour. tiluric , aiiuil Ha. An|l. ■ 

■■ rjtttpnutriii aiThlriit>ni|inn el lunolm i4ai. tlliU.) 

i> faa lutuln ponllliMli. <ali dRiimtlMiii. Cnaaa. 
Aulihi,, 1oi» cllab,,! 

" .\uili: iiuiiill. WllLdnn H}%. riiinr^w altniUnia 

Nunr aiit^u, 4|uLViti mtfrnlfti, pnk WunclkLlnn« titiiJnili 
oiicni IM Inpinam. (IliiiL I 

!• P«MiiMiH. Biait^ «i lanoribniailnn^Ma latmt- 
ETtitH. I llad.t 

>> Mu1<l>*.-Ri ■nttudiBfaalm! [WHlola. tlalanb. 
■Iff ^nt. puntlf Aii|lr, lUh Itk, a^ud rr' Aiiflla. arnpa-. 
p. ni, *(. Swil».J 

^> TAW liirtia ^ITiittia, ywa Vm *|*g ail IVvin rMtUU^ a* 
i n i n t m f itta ii iwHhBub iwt ptli& iMrart JibuIbiL 
(nabte. H (ul. n-a, id. 8uklm.J 

I Inntn. iUmo- Mubhi. 
. Ail|l. KjifL, Vfll. U. HiL lt>a. 

KlHtt^li aUmkiib 'Tilt. 
Kdomail uul (Iviliilil. 


Wlttun ■ IMV iiWiain. 




The wewiiwaieaca* of tbb atnigglc, iriihoni any 

iMilila tcriD, lK>gvi (rvin Uial liio? lu Iw frll by ihv 
MiUlcfm kod «v«n by lliu cbit^a of Ibr «mv afinni. 
tioa, Mtuif, thtukinir tlii-'tnulvri ridi ciiDiiyli. 
rtMoltnl In rttirc from tln'ir tutli : <riliL-n fTiuiiil 
le donnUw iif lilt Kngliih nciv nur uorlli tho 
mild Jmgrn lij irliiuh lh»j w»rB )■! Iio ob- 
Olhpra withod to r«tuni in their wint, wba 
iml thpin hy niirnlinrlMD nmKW<>< tn rvUiru 
tllMa Uid UirJr'ehllilim.' Klnit Wlltlim nu 
rxtimrl]' alarmnl it ihln difikiHltinn nlhiti fiillon-rn. 
In order to rcvire tllcir cijilring i«aJ, hi- DlFctiMl 
DHKe Ihao hi! hitl j'«l i;ivvn, >>ncl ptomitvil t'l b»< 
■tow, whpa Ibc ironqucM •hould b« compleltd, 
nonry, ami liutioun, in sbiinilkDce.* He 
luapiclQiu to br elrculuril of ibe conardicc 
wbo akkcd to rrtltr, and to uhiudon llirir 
Wfi«n in d>Dft*i and in ■ foicii;!! Und.' Billrr 
JOMW MTMini vern letvlkd a^init Iha Hot- 
waai«fi>wb>it«vaEvrl; nKsIlcd ilicir ptoWclon 
Mwn of Ihcit cliildrui.' Bui, iuipiu^of 
ilMUWUTn't, HuRnrn dr UTaiilniiniiil, 
ofllir (irOTiivror?JoTfi>lli, hit l-mlliPt-iii-Uw 
OnAnf du TilUol, kpejicr of tlin fnrt nf HKniniri. 
, fNVl msiij- allien, deimncil. leannjt thpiF 
kad tbeirhonmin, ru go. bi WllUim'i cour- 
I, lo put tl)einaclt«ii in the wrrice of ibcir 
uid natch OTcr their honour ng hutbind* >t 
UwcapeliM eflhfir In^klCy »* timhI*.* Thin il«- 
Mfttm Btwk > i^al lni|tr««*lnn on lh« mini.) cf itic 
Mn(. Fac»««liic irw-iti^r dilScoltlM thsn hi> 
capcrimccd, br wiit hMwifp Mallilldn [iitii 
idjt that tbc lulKht bo removed {rasa all 
', Uid tK»t hi* iniiflil di-iol* tiiinutir t'DlirT~l) 
tcik »nd tasrt of wur." Nor wrw it ionj 
br^otv niw rteoii inntifierl hit iinfoJiiiioM. 

(juo. IOCS.) Oui? of Hnrobl'* two luiiii, natned 
Ednnrad ind Oodvin. cvntr from Irrland. wlitlbtf 
tb^-j bsd lioth fl«d, •■illi«T nftrr lb<< biitltr of Ua«l- 
t>;f* or kftr the t-itinu nf Kxninr, iitid brought 
«lxt}r-alx vckhIi with > tmnll nrmv ta ihn unlalaiire 
of llM Eaitllib.' Ilr nitrmil Ihr ini>iith of ilii? 
A^r«ni ukI Uid ucgr to Brintnl ; tiul, hrlnic iimthli- 
Ji U g«t powe w ian of il, he rctuiiicd lo bU «bl[i*, 

U 8MMIMUhlr«. On hi<aii|iTn*iti, »fl Ibe iulii. 
bllutn of that TlrUiU) rn«e seiiiinl Ihi' Nortnuu; 
the tnnurrrcllim i-iicnrtwt iiiin thr ■litre* of 
and DoFMi. The ullliuic-i^ <>f tli« Irlloua of 

II wiUi their iici)fh)ii>iin tlin Buona «-iu 
if» FMipirc^ ; Binl Ihey madn a combined 
atUok Ml lh« i-KiuituI bod) of 1rou|M tlalioiied in 
ilM quuter uuiler the curiunaiid of one Drcux dc 
SlOTMifii.* Til* Eu^bk ■asiliuin, wliu ihouglit 
H law •■•jr or adrlaabl* la join Ihr tiitiiiv thnn 
to mirt bin. w«re wnt u a rfinforc«in(mt'ta lUU 
Koraaui «BptnJii ; and, ai si thn airfrc of Ki«fi>r, 

> CMbI* MHiKflt, * viri* Mi* lUxlUtaui III dli^ nrcilpn-n- 
•a*. lOnbole, Tllnl.. Mil. fed. Ilh. iv.. nioid ■cri'pt. mt. 

• T*rthaiiB mUUbiMatBiafBicTnMtaUbiH. (Itdd.) 

• tt(«Mi laki»(naUtmul*n. (IbM.) 

« fairiUbldinliaoiBt<bwiUi..,.lKdr«a)ii]iin.... 

• ruwhd iMdttiilMUnU rata. tlbld„ p.Sit.) 

I fbii-u ■.lu.nitt trallqii* liLMrtMklllHu admod&m M' 


• ' I nultwi. OVllWni. lMo«, hW. Tint- 
aau.., -, .,L. lof. N<irmj4in , ]>. I'Mi.j—l'ittl VtUL, 

• NtmilHMti faHiil*l-l> nmliluinn* mtdnBult turbt f> 
CanwfriLinB. |0c4tHc. VlLik„p. D14.} 


l&F] vrcre lUtioitnl in the van, to rncoaBter the 
Brill biwtilp aiiault. Tbcjr item Ird bj Ednolb, 
farmfTly mi olticr of hf^h rank in lh« Hriin< of 
KJug Hatulil :* of whom WlUiain, in ccnilinii him 
oeaiuil hh (OUDtTTineai, wa* dniroui tbnrhy to 
tidhlmMlf : foraocti vraa hU poller, uja the ancient 
narrative, bcUcvinff Dial tin *houU reap adtiutta^. 
Ml wbi(lii!i«T aide ncior^ raiflit dedatv lt««<lf, if hr 
ii'Dl the nalirra (bcmtrivea to fi^hl a^tiM htn d«- 
clarfd ciieiuiM.'" Eduulti (iiilitioct. With mtnjr of 
hia rolLowcni ibc Itiaurrection conllnonl, and ilie 
ton of Harold rpUimcd Id Irrland to btillf oicr 
hit br«lhnr with A**h lroa|H, 

Fdniiind and (lodwln, ulllng toplhcr, and 
donbtine Tiic lonir pranionlory call*>1 |li« I.,aiid'ii 
Eod, entered this time tbc mouth of thr rivrrTavj, 
in Ihi; KUlhrm patt of Ui« proiiucc of Dttoti." 
Ttitj iinprud»ntl]r vcntuml upon Uic lerrilurv 
whvr# lb« Nonoana of Iho touth had aiaiiiililnl afl 
their forM« to a[ipo«» a bairin lo the iaranvetion 
of tlir w«M. Two chitA, of nhom one wu Btiati. 
■on of Budca, count or duko of Lower Sritlanj, 

■llackfd ihcin hj Mirpriac, and killsd atari* two 
Thoiiiand of Lbelr nou, Sasona, BriUab, andliiih. 
Till! uitis of the \MB king ra1um«d lo tb»ilr Tiaanla 
and aailrd am; iu aadnca, havinfr now loat oimy 
liopo." To poniplcif iJic dcalniction of ihe rcTott«] 
|ii-r>[ila> iif [)<innt mid Somfrwl, trfol&cj' bi*hop of 
('outanrea cnmi> with th« prriaont of Loudon, 
WtiiplivsiPT. and Snilshurj'. Ho aplaiHl • pwal 
niiinbi'T nf mm. rllhsr In artni «r auapKtM of 
hnvini; tak<u up nruix, aiid mniit cmrlly inutiltWd 

Thia tout and thf* relrMt oT tli« aniUiarloa tnm 
Irrlaiid diil not rnlirrly alUv the fcrmrnt amnn^ 
thf |iu[iiiUliuni of the wpit. TUe moreininil, which 
had l>rf;iui in the Miuth, hail rummuninlcd Itaelf 
lu lliu wlialt' f[»iilit-r uf llii* ^YclJlh tenilorj. The 
nifii <if till' rotiiitrf ahc»ul (litfilrr, a comiby rti 
frfe from all inranion. had cmiic down to Sbrptrt- 
bnry; and. Joininjt the intdirn oT jroiin^ Eilnk, 
whom Ihr Nonnam tailed iba WiU, they dniiir 
bark the (breignetn towird the eaaU" The two 
chiefa Brian and William, who bad drimi aimy 
the aoiw of Harold and rt^iif«il thr m^n nf l)«ii)ii 
nn'l Cornwall. ihi>ii adviLnociil from tlin aoiilh ; and 
Ib(i klnit hlmvir, drpattlnit finm l.>inrolii. rxiii^ 
tmm the (arttcrn >lde with a rhotcn body of liii 
warriors. Ntoi Stafford, al tbe loot of the itrvoi 
chain of nouataint, be m*l iht larqrit diiiiiou of 
tbe (mtin^i anDj, and de^Uoynl it iu a un^e 
baitlr." ThvoiIi»rTiormaiic«f^u« marched upou 
StuwwibuTjr 1 anil ifaaC town* with iho iiirrouiiding 
counli^t affaln fcU nitrfor iht joko of Iho forrlgnn. 
Tbe Inbabilonta laid down llwir arm*. A firw 
brave men onlf . wtio choae 10 krep tbom, took r* • 
fti([( in tbe dooriit by the m-aidr. or on tb* lojw n( 
die mouutaiua. For a lone lime lliey oonUnupd ■ 
poUifut auil uuproHtatrlc alrujpfk agaiual tli« amall 

* EailaglliiUlltni*alaf(*(B*ak)— iJbnMi. SuiOB. riBf. 
Kd. Lm U.. ad na«i. 

>• OuB allntrnB alltnibna hwftdir.iM.. Inpn db| 
liTiiiMm pTDvMiaw. trtrtllls* vlaiuani. (Wlit MUouidL, 
■[»dm.Xntllc KTi|>(., n, 1^. >4. hiftla.) 

" (^liitH>.Saa.Pn£.E;i.Ln,IL.adOBaia 

" Ihld. 

>> C>|it4*aiidlavTr<int- lOrdrflt. *ItaI., f.ll*.) 

'* (iiulU *l Cnlmun {*"•'""» nvl* a|Bd Scrali*al»- 
riAdi i>-W>Wbnt. ^iiiImh iivniv f ivlUli*. fata KdriHi v^gov- 
nigulo gulliU f^nM). alllaae (meliiaa ADfUa^ aiadlo 
r»minl. (OrdMir. Vital, f. ill.) 

I' IbH. 


llvfTrt 'Iff Catfi»Q«4. 



iaaUud boili«i: they laid UBbumitM u Ibe cd- 
tnacM or the mtoila anil In tfao u«crow nOeyt, for 
the itngHliiig •oldict. Ibo •liieriturotu foiwcr. or 
the mnBcogor ttitjinif vnlun from ibe cliidb j bat 
llic Rn«t roula, Ous cilJc* »nd lawiu, wsro occnplail 
b}' Uie tatnft batlftliatit. Hop« mu mooMdBd 
b; IcrrnT, Ihut itiurk tathe heart tifUiertrnjuuUed; 
mail •luimici] ono anolhu iiwicad of uniiing ; Mid 
Ills irhok of llic aoulli-imt couuliy oncu marc 

In the north, th» cil; of York eontinutd lo be 
thi^ rxtretae liinlt *i( the oaiiqueM. Tba Nonntn 
■uldlnti otcuiijiui; llitit citj did nui <ntlM*aur to 
•iItiuci- liejuiul h ; uid Frrii tbclr tacuniuui itilu 
ibo mniiATj aouth o( Yvtk w«to iiu'. nitbout diu- 
gac la lliMiurlma! Huiruu *an ofllauilrv, • men out 
or finwfnnf of tli« city, liiil not iliiri.' t>> |;o u fit u 
Stlhy, and puu tbr riTprOiUR, iTiiboiit tiOcmgirllh 
Um a Dumrmus ocntt. It iru daiiEvraua foe the 
Narman Miliiinn to l*nvc tbcir eunp oc (heir umi i 
tat bwUotiamt^rafs, diiprnanf and iminedialoljr 
fimNiiig Bgain, if«rc cnntiiuitiJIy h*r»Mrng llir br 
tllM of iruop* OH muvb. &nd eren iho i^erriMUi of 
York.' (Juiltuunji! Malel. tullpairue ot HuifUtM 
HUH of Ilutidry. iii llir tuiiiiiiaiid or Ihu Karcisou, 
wriil IIU fiu u Id dti'lun iu liii dM}iiitcLv* th&t 
witliocil [)r<>in[il uainlmii;* lie would ual antwar 

for tba loritT of liii poll.* Thin no«n. being 
brought ID King lYilttmn'i tiuatten, rutird greal 
•Una. He himielf departed in hiutc. ktid urired 
bdora York U Uie motneiit nhon th« citiMni^ 
togued uitb tlic Dim ef ting lerel oouolry, wm 
bf>(l*gin|i lhi< tVaimaTi fortrfiw. H* tttackii-d thsm 
vlgaraijtiy with ((iiwrioi Dumbere; vpaivd do one. 
••J the cnranldf* ; * diepened lbo«c wlioni ho did 
not kDI; uid hUd the foa&ditlen of ••ecandcwtle, 
the erooUon md keeping of which ho Uilmned lo 
hi* moit intimate conEdant, William ic-a of Oiberi, 
till MUMKhal uid mutbil for botli NoRnandy and 

AArr hi* departoK. the Eni^ufa rallied again, 
awl kid aiege lo both ibo oMtlea at cmce ; bvl Iheir 
ware f«p«Wil with Iom, ««d Uie Normuw finiahei 
thalriMw worka«fdcfcnDeaiu»o)Nied. The pe«- 
aMtloD of York bclnir theneefnrwaid eiuured, the 
Canqucror rteumrd the oSknalTf, and mdraiouied 
lo cstend the Umito «f the aobjugaud tcrrHory a* 
Ew ea IhwhMiB. The «ora*uuid of this baiardoua 
•xpMlltloB wu giren to one HabcrT, lununicd 
CointBe uf de faininc*. Robi?rI wi-iii forlli guJy, 
trltli the BDtlcipkted Utie of count vt Norlhumticr* 
land.* Hli army wu iuroosiilvrablr ; bat Imran- 
fidence in himacll wm Kreit, and bccMne uit- 
bontided whem be fbond hinwolf ti*u Uie md of 
hit TODio witbuut faavtnf net with any tMt«an«c 
He ii« alMMly eritfain light at th# umwn of Dur- 
ham, called t>7 tlte Nunnaiu the fortrwa of tiia 
rebola of the aottlii* viboD Eglidwin, the Sanoti 
bUhep of the tami, beeieaed to meet him, aud 

' Omltatiitiit turn enn modlca nlllU* mullRiula 

tMfUhiMinlUUInnu*, Anatonia iii.lnnlU tRudlu«tiii- 
•Icla omMMiili. qiil trmmr md iriiMUruni •Dam In tUllm 
lean*atM. (ntitarii llaa>:>r K*l*bl>nw, iibuJ IjiU^r, 
Dvn WMlMk. U»4.. L (••■i t 

* t>miinrbnilir drfiviiiniBi. nblemluruoi biaiBMiatimi 
■xiIImih.. / %-lUL. is »U.) 

■ ^« alti ucamil. iltiid.) 

• IMd. 

* Oaaerll Badberta cDailuttn la Nutte-mlinniiii inri. 
(Chm, Muea. id. OOtoa. p. i:«.) 

• Wairln UtnM.. p. Wi>. 

offiolnualjr vamed htm t« be pmdmit, and la be- 
wuc of ■ inrpritr.' " Who nrill attMk ater x»- 
turned Continr : ■■ none amonfi jou either can oc 
iIatc" " The Noimaiw catered Durlutnit aod 
maaaacrtd a few uniirmcd men, u If to innilt and 
defj Ibe Kngtiah.* The auldien ettcamped in the 
upoi place*, and the dilef touk up hia quartsta In 
till! hoiMC of the blabop. 

Xi^tcaai«i and the inhabitaata cf the bank* of 
the Tjaa then [ighlad, «n the heiobta, the flree 
which wore 10 teivo thun aa aignua. Ther M- 
(ombled in great nuinben, and made oil apMu li>- 
ward* Durham. At dafbreah thry bad ani>ed at 
tho jri(«ei which liify broke ; " and ifao Nunaaa* 
were uMaJIcd on all (idea in the flncia, of i1m 
lorQinj{«of whieh they were ijincirMit." nvf e»- 
dravuurnl in rail}' nc llic cfiiscoptJ houaa, wlMire 
tliirir count wan iicwlj dumiciied ; tbej barriradoeil 
it, aiid defeuUfd ic fut nDinciirnp, diathatgLng UwLi 
arrQwa upuii the :5aioiu from abere ; but the loUct 
leimitiated IIm' eontliirl bjr Mtting fire to lh« edifieey 

which WW enilrelvcoMumed, with all t have who 
had ahiit UwinaalTM up In il." Robert Comine 
was of the Dumber ; he had tiroujrht with him 
twelTK hundred horMnien In full miiiwut, and it ia 
not prccUcl; known bow maii; mru-at-erui* *i*d 
foot (aldl^^• aecompenlcd Uicmii.!' Thi* leerible 
defeat made aui^h aa tmpretciou upon (he Normaaa, 
tbal tbo iiunieroua forcoe aent la take trafeanaa 
fur thr nianai-rp, hnring advancrd an hr *■ Elfre- 
tan, now Noirth-AUvrton, at an r((Ual dblancE 
ffOraY'oik nnd I)ur>iwn, bring iipitvil viith a |Hnlc, 
refuaud to prootod injr fiirtlier. ll wu runiOiirR] 
thit Eh?}' tiod been atnick ¥nih lininoblUty bra 
aiipemaiunl forcr, thruB^ the power of a lalnt 
nuned Cuihbnt, wbnM bodjr waa Interred at Ihir> 
ham. and who protected Uicplaco of hia repose," 

The Northurobriftni, who fraincd Uua great vif>> 
tor;, were dcseciided ^m ancient OaiUah m1»> 
nUta ; lUUl there had ueter ceaied let exiat bccwfca 
ihcm and Uic population uf Dcainark letitioiu of 
reelprocal amitj. the fruit of their comnnnilj of 
orifpn. Front the linl mninmt that Iho; wvre 
Ihnalenod by the Norman invaaUn. Ihej aenl la 
aik anliunm from the Oin*« in (he name of the 
ancicat ^lemily of llirir ancrttara ; and nmihr 
BDtieitatlou) were ab>o addmntd to the hinn of 
I>eiiiiurk bjlhr 4i>g1o-DaoiahiDbaUUnleDr Yiirk, 
I.inrolii, and Norwich. '^ A ermvd of Saxaa rrfu- 
gi>ea pli-iidoil Ih(> rump of lliirtr eouiitry with Ibe 
peoplt; uf till.' uurlb. and inipun.iiiicd Ibem U> make 
war upon [he ?tunnuii. nlio wetp uupreaanng a 
naliun «f the grcLt Teulvaic fainilj, alter liaiini 
kiUnl it> king, a n*ar rektire of *e«eral kinga M 

' Iniidlu prxnTTre iitwunnnivIL (AtiitvAl ttiii ilmiiali 
■anal. -Ic fan. icit. liiluu.. Uh, iv. Iti. id. Ilratuc ) 

* Ujceiw CTH xxh\ |pni«>imrt>T niju aiiilrpc. (trbna. 
Wnlt. lli'Hun^r.),!, lilr- 1., ujiikI III, Auflli. KrinL. U. aMi 

> C»Hi>i.MUii.»Baulli< (IhU) 

'* Tali oecie fMliiwilri Ilanrimum In dtlnrtla w 
tminmitiU <Aliii«l. R*wil.. till Ix. n. IM, *ri. ifoa 

I ■ ImwmtM iiljiqii* Ivnitsn iBloMiun. { IbU.) 

ia }M eia nrv r,4wnl Junia d'fHiileirtntB. denioia nua 
inhaTiilAatibiu rfni^Ecrinviiiiit. (Tlvid.^ 

tilPn. S«i<in. ftiJ-uii., p. IU.— Ilni»r, ilit llntMl. 
I.. p*r> lirini. Kpiiil CM. AugWr. Krl|il., ■>. 4M, w4. 

I* £i ClirnniRi iuKm nninla Kdtnbory. apud AagUaH 
9Ktam.. LIM. 

■* FrlXdpM Aiuluriiiu iittviKl Siiiuniii'milxaudllaMiUI- 
rlUnl. I UwtlD Iklnai ID l>iDkn,aiuiitniDt«i. flteit., 



VtaM* d( Iha KaiannbriMw. 


Huca •■!««¥ •! Yvrii. 
WaUbmiTm of »n>l- ST 

lb* sank and of Denmark.* Wllllaui. «ho had 
M«H In lia lift ktKnirn how ID pronounce • aln(1o 
mti i>( ihi- laii![ua|^ nfalcli Lla forofaUien bail 
nTw uokcn in iW livrtli, fortaaw frvia tbc b^^ia- 
sIm ttiis natoral alliiutcD of Uic Uanei with the 
»n jlt«k , and tbanforo U «ra« tbal ba kuilt tu muij 
filillllMW on Iho rutera eooMa uT Zluhiul. Uc 
•tan aent at illlErrcnt limea U> Svoii or SWujni. king 
ml Dtnnwrk. Movditcd imlmrrtfli'n. tklUul Mga- 
ibliMI. wal bi*b»pi of iaunuaUng Mldraia, topcr- 
MMtla Um Io remain at |m»«in.* But that notthom 
smmmrIi ilid iiDi jleid to Utva* iDiliiacioiu : h« did 
nol raKacul, Mj 111* Daniah chrntiirlc^ tn lean; tlie 
Fii gliah jKopIe ID M-nlludi.* uodnr a |)Go|>l< of a 
fareian rwa and taD|niBK«' He aHonibl«J his Oitri 
■nrf EkaoUien:' tvohuudiH aad fortj THad* 
MU*d for Britain, conuBauded by Oibium, Itwltier 
•( klmr Strcpi. and. M hia Iw« toas Uarald auil 
KnuL Oa nwciiiay lalAlUtttuMK b( Uiclt da|«tl- 
Q niv. 1^ EaiUah couidvd ttw da;* tliat winild 
cl»|Ht bclara Ibw ilMcutt of tboe toua cf ibv Baltii-, 
ftimi ao tMrthU to thnm, and iiranuQuwd willi 
fimlBna tii» namfa irhicli tluit auceatut* bid 
ctmad,* They tikciriae otpnt'led Iruupai nilUted 
for fold, from Um iliorca of iHv aacitat Saxouf 
atnl of t'iM4l>iid,* aud atu) Itiiuw Aii^lo-Soxun* 
«ho had em%raUd to Scollnud promlMd unnit to- 
MWlalii II Komuncad by ihoir recrnt liclarf , tlie 
inlnbUuiia of Nortbunibtrtaiiit maitc frtquvut i]i< 
itmrHit to |)m aotilhi iiiM the oaolanmcuu of tlii! 
taralglwai* Tbo coouuukdtt of nno of llm taallc* 
of Ywk WW ItiUtd in a (taaj ot tlie Ncnthum- 

It WW iu Um> ititfml b«lw«ea the iwv feuu or 
tk« VUfln Uarjr. In autiuRii, that Uie buub ufkiu^ 
Sarenii Ua bfiitbct Oibionii ami fitu vtlier Uaiu>U 
chleft «f biih lank, Luxli^ lu BngUud .■ Tli*.; 
fcaldtf attcfltptad a dvac*nl mi iba aaiitli-cuilmi 
coaat, the part Iwal ituanlvit t>y lli< roiiijunrore ; 
taM, baviof btru ri'pi^aed tiXTnulirlf (ram Dnicr, 
Bawlwirti, atiJ Nvrwicb, lliir) turned uonhward, 
■mI anland iba auouUi •>! ll^u iiomber, a* tbw 
fcnbAara had iaa*, but with icrj difl<mit acia- 
fMWk* Aa aoon a« their ii|iproicli wiui tuuiourcd 
ill Um *«rTmiDditts plac«*, uu all ildra iIik auL-icnt 
of the lilngliah net, and all tin- Eui{litli in 
,'. glutted tli« (owwi, the huuKH, and tb« 
to loM »>d rnlrniUtf Willi the Duiei.'** Th« 
kin; bl^r, Mnrlnwv^. Uiwpat/ik, Siwaid 
hmI many oUier Suuii rofuitvaa. prorapU} 
haataacd tlitlber nut of Sccitland. Wallbeof, »oa 
af filwmnlt alao Joined tha coofcdetntcc, be baruigi 

■ A4 ftVWfadftoi c«mn(ii.lavl vtmrm^ llttroldt vqIWl i 
, riaor^Mli inUoriapU. m AnflhM prlatao llbeiutl imUm- 

•^^ VI <• mawn tliiii TiBilnnl. ri unam ilbi 

at. Q/tttUi Buldol lu Duiiun. aiiud Kricl. m. 

iMlaMpaai aaatla* ..... *uia ttiit i^nmu 

mim. ( Iborkl KDviblot). d* neat Anil. , ia<. a, 
JUcl. (nM, vol U. ML aStt. dL StUcs.)- 

riMMn UhI AnilUiB «iw nldanua NatMuuii wa 

bmIi^ ipailui vini indlaiuU, arai* auui, 

clMiBaBtaOk. it.r|alu>tlcl<lni. In. Ill, lai.) 

• *tt BMk li.. puni. 

a ntili Bto Aialkii ifibni auUllana lanaaa mltMbuL. 
(UtArrK. Vlial . p Ull -^ 

* OlMtn ■Kiinu ciclaA tcUaalv Dawnnai |ira*lAltai 
iWIIblia. limtL. liM. Kanniiui., aiiuil wnja. 

m. »i Mnn. p. in.) 

• ■.!&. V«UMiu4., Bw. biit.. |. tH^UiUi IViw, L «. 


TM«E«. L]a.-Mal&. hib.. I. C 

liks fdwin oad hia lirothur. taajwd (rum the pa- 
laca of king ITilUam: tio naa yet «i-tj joutiK, 
but had ihe lufkj itaiuK and vlpiur of liodj wliidi 
bad muduiMt hla lithor famoua." 

I'liii SiuUB* ^iAccd Oumiutiyci \a Uir laii, am) 
Ibn l>inpii fbnnfJ the tnaia lH9dy ; in Ihit ord'r 
Ihfy niirrlinl upon Yotk. »oiaa an liorMtieek aiiit 
uNnc on tbati »y> thn Saaan chronidr, full iif Joy 
and nf hope." Uencngoa wore KUt nu lir^irc 
thero. t« infonn the cilUcn* (Lat tht-ir di-livrnuii-o 
wa« approaching, and ib» town wat won iDtHtvd 
ou all tjiln. On llic vii(lilh day of the tivft. the 
Nunnana wbu niuanlcd tittr caadea, fcuiuf Itiat the 
iiciacbbaurinf hoiuea would fumiah ilic itoiailuiia 
wlia waleriala ht flUio^ uf ibo ucikuhi'a, avt flr« 
to tbcm." The conflkf^ion nmdly tpraad ; aad 
it wu by the li^M of Ihi- iIudpi that Um iDatti|mti 
and Uicir auiilitnn, kii]i!il by ilic iultalutaata, po- 
uelnuod into the tows and cenpellcd tbe fDrcicnvra 
to tliut ibcinaelica uu in ibair ciudab ; tko nmc 
I.1BJ thu two ritAilcla ««ni carried lijr awault." 
Thara puriahcd in this ^nat combat aoin* ihou. 
undu of tka mm of Pmice. a* thry arc t*nn«d in 
thr RiigUah rbroniclca." Wnltkraf, placvol Id an- 
buicadc at one of ih« caallc gate*, killed with kit 
own luod, \tr iTd«ubl»l atrokea ot hu biltl«-aa, 
many of the ^ing Nonnaoa." Ue punued a huu- 
drvtl honvincQ Into a amaJl n«lghbiniiia|[ wood; 
aiid, to uTu lUniaelf Vtte (rouble of a longur aeaich. 
he cauard it lu Ijo tct fbc lu, au«l the faaiultrd 
li>>r9ofu«u were ihMclii burned- A DanUf wiurioi 
ivnd pool eampoard a aong un thii raploil of arm*, 
in which bo itylr* Ifao Saxonehisf aa tmmia Odin 
in ball]*, and ctinanti)UU*d Iiiin OK having ftir. 
niahcd b> Ifac wciUca of England a honriy rvpaat uf 
Nanarna caicaaa*.*' The viclon smiled their ll>eii 
Io iho two commaadaats of Yark. Gilbert dv Gaud 
and William Mal(»t, Io Ilia wife and clik!<Ir«n litUt* 
latter, anil tu a fuw allu'ri, vtho wrre rntriod on 
boanl Ihi- Danish llrrl. 'Vhej lulall) ilnlroyisil, 
iietbapa iiu|iruili-iill), tlw furlillt-atiuua Luill bj tbe 
forvlaavr, ihil an trace mi^bt ba Uft uf Itia paa- 
aagc." Youiif; Ed^ar, having oiuc num bMocae 
king at York, cundudod, neforditty lo aneieBi 
Saian unutr. a coinpaet uf mutual alliann< with 
ibc citiactu." Tliui wna again etocted the natktoal 
iv)«lly at Ibc AAglo-Saaooa. to endure for a >iion 
Imut ; ita ilominiaui ami Hilgti't autboiity ex- 
tpndpd from lh» Xw(M<d to tb« lluintwr; but Wit- 
llun, aad witli him the poople'a niniUituu of 
■tavro', atill on^npled all the aoulh ot ILu^tand, 
anil Ilia iiway rilciidrd otoi the Qoeal tirotlucta 
uid the motl ircalibi uid imjMrCanI ciUea. 

•■ Namm iMontk, tabuHua paaun, «t ■toea ww Ma 
nirnn, (Halli. tVMtaxMaaU f.SM.) 

>■ KnnllaatM el Uar tMianHa ciua Uin w iiQ »«»lB«»«aW 
tatiHaaln. (Chma. ifcun. Pra|.) 

' ' Ti BuuMt B« donot. qus pnipa naittia (nnl. atlf 
DiniM Dutii ul rnwii ImUlaDdM #*wat CUunri. Bvirtl.. »t. at llauna.} 

'* null ca NordbTvbrt rUao dia ca^tUa ftifcruui. 
[tUd.. n lia. us.) 

'■ HalloacBDWaeakombiiunftaOfOraBBnlfiuil. (Chu-in. 
AaioD. Phl. aBuil iIqm. Kd. Lvc, IL. ad nwa }— Mulu 
IMdta VoSaam mlUU. (Madi hik. I. •) 

>■ t'niMfll unaapct laitwa ttidlOitfadmi^ttaA (Urii'u 
ft ii~u .tii^ ayiid wtlal Tf. Dasif.. Ul. »*. ) 
' Tana luvotl a|f|wiluu fwi dbua 

AlnlwD ItiiiMl nt r»jUw(iliaa FnwnrHia 
(it^n of Itinlda tlwilmd*, lap. Ivl ; ab«Wa tleiint. 

knai(U. til lAa.) 
■> Clinia. Skuai. ml. (lidaaK. f. Itt. 
" LtnaoanaBtadulnlomat. (IbM. rnHC. apodal 
Ed. l,j.,U.,admi«o5^ 


1 aiIkWu.;. 


LnaaitlkTn.ui Haly UIuiA. 

Winter w •pproachin; : Ih« Diniili nHpu look 
llteii itlktion ill ihe Hambt'r. iit the inoullw uf l]i« 
riirn OutF ami Tinit. Tli<^ir iltiuji uiiil ihal of 
Uii> fret Sutotu awniluJ tlic icluru uf thi: fiuo (f9- 
■DIi In tilvatirr liitoni l)ie niutli, to iltivw bmf k Ihr 
r-inqavroni, and to confiMlnd kinj William, «n nf 
Uio titilarluin of that nKn.' 'William wu ant wilh* 
out iinciwiimB : the ikthi of the capturK at York, 
and ortboogmplcteroutol'hlBtianlicilifcirci's, liml 
mini bim irith gnpFand snj^ct ; uml 1i« tia<l Mvom 
not to lay dmrn hia Iniu^o unljl h« *houId liaro 
alaiii all Ihi' Notthuuibriuu;' but, modt^rtUn^Uiia 
rttulllllnii of Itia itf, irn rcu-lviMl to hfuin h> t)i>- 
pla^iiit! Niliticr. anil kiii tiicaicntrni to Oahiorn, 
lh« bnjlbviijf klii^ Sivrjii, rhkf ramiiirnKirr oI'lljC" 
Duuah lU-el- II* pi-aiiiUv'l Ihii. chif^f to dclitrr to 
hini ncntljr « I«r7« *am i-f taoiiry, aiul to \atta 
hiiu al liberty to ixkn fnatmimn for liu aiiay ftnm 
dI) lhi> cMknt raaaT, If he ivuiilil, □! Ilic end of 
xinlcft act Mil and depart Milliout cumini^ Id a 
b»ttlr.* Tb" Oaiir, {nntnplfd liy mari**, proicd 

imfitthful >•> hia mlMion anil n traitor tn ttie allka 
or hit c^uiiir) : l« hi* (Treat iliirhiiiioiir, oy Ihc 
rliioniclr*, bec«ini>ltNl nlTh all thatWLlUiun tv- 

Williun did Dot conltRr Iilrnwlf to ihU aln^lu 
pr«cBUti<in : lurinit iIImiII)' lakcn away Iroitt ihit 
me 8«K(Mi> their principat mpport. hr tiPXl turned 
to the Saiotia of fho lubjugatcd couutt) ; lir tv 
dr«BM^ Itifi ^ii«Tatien uf aoinr. mudi-'mtL-d iliu ii]> 
»vlcun- of hU tuldlcr* uid lii* agcnt*,^ iiaJurd upon 
Ih' nrok mlniik oftho roajDrity by ilcudi^r istiivpa- 
■iiHia, antl. in rvtuni, Pinetad from thpin frrah 
mllia uf allntfiaim and Die dpliiiiy of ftinh 1i(k< 
liwra>* lie ibcn man-licd upnn Y«rk. irllli all 
■peed Mid with all Hifurvca. (a.d. lU'u.) The 

defendon of the rily wi^rc •|>pri<r(!, nt oiif auJ thv 
aam^ tine, of lb« approach of the Norman ravnlrv 
sod ihp d«pai1ur(> 'if thi* Unitlali lli-i>t- Dnorte^ 
ai Uiey yrvn, nud brrvft uC IliL-if bnt 1ji>|w«. (hey 
n"vrilWc« foujcht well, (iBil were ilaili by ibuu- 
' '" '' " brcaeliM of tlieit wall*.' Tlit cttinlul 
iiid the victaij doarly b(iiif(hl- Kiiijc 
I fonaiminod to By; and mrh lu •'otilii 

rtnpc irill) Iijm rollowcd lum ititi) Scotland. 
M Ilk-old, king of (hat ronWry, anin torehtJ him 
nilli kiiidiiro-s uid Bate an luyluui to atcn of ail 
rtiTicliljfit^H #iiaij;n1itia; fr'>iii ihi" norlli nf tlnffljuid-* 
Oace ■»or<< inaktiir tif Yc-rL. the CnnijiiiToi did 
not stop Chnra. but made hi* hattaliniin proivril liy 
ffMacd morclini tonrarda [hi.- niirlh. 7'he fnrRi)[iii'ra 
ruahed upon tlie IcTritorj' of Nortliumbria with lU 
tlie fmiay of rvxengn ;* they buluni the Fnipi in 
the fleUU, «• irell a< the town* and hamleti. and 
biiMiered ilu> e*Mv an pilileinilj a* Ihey did Ihu 
UM-u.'* 'Ilii* (IrrtMalioin vu can-ii-d on <vllh ilu* 

> Vi nt«a OolibelnuB miftiiiilcivnL (Milti. Wnt- 
naauL. tin. hMiv.. p Ua.>— MMh. I^rli , 1. 1. 

■ Juravil oiiiqBi F^cAnihmuw nl laiLfipA «■ mtmmth 
lunim. (RiiiirMliilIainl^pbUl.dl. !<artl«,) 

* in nn' pafai 6UnUn^. fmni tiifB*. (Itopml. 
nifnni. Chmq., |i. aM.l 

* Mag •Inaowina drdemra. (IHanBt. niifim.. Ililil.l 

* OmM|imB>na f^tlUHVm tibtmni. ^Ualb. W««lnin(Mat,, 


* FMtff natitt tarn ooinnni* Mnilrinatc. (lUd ) 

* Maik-frHiniDuit,, nam Ilia., |, 

* Dnai* Aoflna wrltuM llbnitf iMiniiArt. (Malh. 
Pirit.l. t.> 

* In K<iiill,)D>biiain aSiralo pfowiaill aiilniD- (^tutol. 

Dn-'tl , llh U r !*•■, c^ llmrn'l 

■■ Tuitui ir)(iuiii> iitn: iltiH. airm, at ii|ralih miMt. tt 
fniru jiuan linn MBnmi. (Muth l^rU.f.c.) 

died ferocity, sud on ihetnoit methodieal ayrloro, 
in order that the bmte mm of Die nonh, ilndliig 
iliclr country nnlnhab liable, mi^-lit be ahtipd in 
abandwi it, and n> dl*p«n« llicmjiclm into Tuiom 
quarlcn. They icllnd, rillicr iiilo liir moqiiilaill* 
nhiHi ilill bore the name of Ctimhtrland, fr«a 
lisTicB anciimlly nBonlada laA rvtagti lo (he Cam- 
briaiu, or <^lac la the extremjtlea of tho natnu 
coaata, amoiiic llie impaMalle morabra and lbs 
•anily ilamia iifxt ihe oe«an. TlieiT lli«y blKaina 
brigand* and n I ra|i>ii ngatnattheforeiffneF; andwvn 
aM'iiaed. tn uii> prnrlamatlona of llie CoDquardr, 
nlih bailnf Tlolatcd lb« pobllc pcuire. and wnik 
(itinuinc an inAunoiia prnfrMion." The Normuit 
rnlered Iluihum for the tncoiid tJiuu i Mid thrlr 
aleep wa* not therein interrupted villi alinuna, m 
U'hcii Kubi'Tt (.-iniiiiiv hiid oecupiDd lh« city. 

Befure lliL-ir entry inlu Iliia lofni, whkdt ««a iIib 
k«y t« all Ih* iionheni cmuiiry, the bUbop of 
Durbam, tlw aamu Sghelmu who had horttoCote 

ipioa Robert Cotntne Ihoac waniitiKn bv whltli ho 
proflted CO Ullli), had Jninnd with th< jirinnpal Iti- 
babltuti of the plac» to fly, ny* ui old Engliah 
poet, wbilbrt they eipuld br followed by nMlhar 
Norniui nor Burvuiidiui. Iir nritliet rubber lun 
TiignKond." (_'arrjin|{Vfilli them ibc bviiet of that 
K[. L'liibbert trhe*« terrible powfr tbn Normaw 
ilivniMltM believed Ihey had eiperlenetd, tbejr 
mLRhcd a place In the north, at ths month of Ow 
Tweed, Railed Tiindkhra-cy, or vulgarly lloly 
Ihlaail," a •('» bf lilaod pouplod mutt vriih relic* 
IbiiD yt-ith men, which twie« a-day, at Ihr tloie •< 
I lie tide, wiuiurruimded by thn teana, and twiec^ 
during; Uw chb, wu Joined in Iha ni*lii tend. 
Thi< i^ct-at cburrh of DiirlKin, abutdixwd and Mt 
nitliuut n ifuardiuu, beoome an aqlaoi liiir Ibe 
|ii>i>r, lick, uid wounded iiaiana, aone ihoiuandi 
In Tiiimber, who lay in It on the bate atonva, a- 
haiitteil with hiin^r and miwrj*." 

'I'br Irluinphani aim), whoae diviilon* novnvd 
\ agncc of a homlicd mile*, inrcrsnl Iliii tar rttMy, 
itIiIcIi liivy wftie thou Inaadiuf for thn Hiat tilwh 
in nil diiceiiotu, and the traera of tbeir paaaagti 
iliruujli ii vtTv deeply impriniMl. Th« tM &■■«• 
rinni n-Iule Ihat, from the llumbor l« Ibe Tjnc, 
then- n-rnaiin-'l nut a |iiir>; uf culliiatcd land, luH 
ilviukIi' iiili-jbiltil lilli-^ic." Tliir tnniiiaifrlc* which 
hact irhrbptui ill,- riLVft^x nf Ibr Lbiuitih pajtanvt llbl 
of Si, I'fiiT near lhi>, and tbBt of Whilbi 
inhabiteil by iiiin<i, viptt- prDfiined and bimcd." 
Tn the aoulh of Iho IhtmU-r, aeeordin; lo ilie 
■amc uamlara, the niTagra wor* iiu le»* dnvilfnL 
Tliey lay (bat bvtneen York and llie ««*tera aea 
i>iei7 living er«alnre irat put Id deitlh, balh mu 
nnit bpum." ncepliug Oltly Ihoae iiho tank refuge 

<■ riiiti iiilhfir In ml a-niniiit irmli awiTin Tiit^ aniUiiat. 
.... In Bianlliii<.>Tvni piihUIIoimib nnuoitofcwei wmm wM, 
IntioiifiUi upn pititlmUlmnnlu tt1>l HUlnhaatM. iWtt 

p,ftO.) ^^ 

!■ !Silh«a ini Uin nathia; n( Th'ft BroFr^liMB 
Thni vnr Hiili the hiau NorfBaanDUiirTnleas. 

(Vtlri Lauj(ii>n'> dimiilrlr, •■ lllirfml und Infwi'll bf 
Kribcrl uf Ijrmnr. *ul. L p. 77. ^. UrarM;) 

' ■Aliimil. lW*BrLi(, aDul. ila fnL n<t. HriUnn.. lib. la. 
f. l^BVil. llmniD. 

M^^liinm era! iDiiimaiDi ilrltlltiiin, ■■nn'antliis. aai 
Ulle^llnuitat famr <c mi-irW dfitrfi-luiiii. |ll,i,L. nlnj 

'■ N'i«^illm lOla ill till I'll •111. | llJi.L. p. 1I» ) 

'• l-liiDn. Joliaii. nfnnitun. iiiml hiil. .Vnd, •rtliil.. f«t.L 
rtl, at4, ',1 1i«1il-ri.— Will-lin. MaIiiih).. <1r ^r^, IKdltlC 
Aiirl., 111). Ill>. apnd r*r. .Vnjflli- viliil . p. ni . mL iiWtlra. 

I- AUhWQluv u*i^u# vl |*rui fkcrirt 4nigwin|af ■■■,!■ 





llv cfaorth of St. John the udibiihop, at 

■ikj. TM« Jolm wan » Mint of ihf Bof^limh 

I Kibd, oil tlir a|)jfraikcEi cif Ih'. muf^v^ror*, a 

ibrr uf iRvn luid mnKti II(K)lb(1, wkth ill 

ihej bad Rifnt mlutbln. roirad the rhurrli rlo. 

~ 10 ihrlr nlnted rdantrrman, in onlc r that 

ilMflnf In hcarrti thftt be wai ■ Euon. 

irotMt them anJ ihvlr pr«>|)Mty from the 

oflbe unng^r*. Tli« Norman nunp «nu 

iwTCii mill!* from D^piIpj. It vt»t rumouKil 

Itie rtitircti tit fli. Jul)a ir«s the nhme uf tlir 

•ad lh« dcpodtcrj of ih< Hcho* of the coun> 

Som» wlTefitutDUia fontftr* Mil out uni^rr llin 
inMnil ot ono Touilkin iii arili'r t« bo ttio iint 
Ktl> Ml thv npcMril bDOtf.* Thry pntPni] 
Ipj whtinut raiitkiira : tnuchedtolhcebnrch- 
hrTP the trrtiltod oruwil ir«e ancmlilecli 
'nrf pMw^ ill gates. (Cinug IhcmtvIrM uo more 
c«ac«ni kboul lb* Saxon Mint (hm ibout lhi> 
Kdsou who invokcit him. Touatilii, tho thivf erf 
tlUii ImuuI. M*tlii|C hit ^F uT«r Ui» ifToupt of Etij[- 
Uili. iibHTtnl an old mM. richly rlail, mid wpKtini; 
fttd bfKrttta after the lluhloii of hU lullon,' He 
IfUtipcd loWtM* luM brtnili'MiiK' lii> mord, «iiil 
U>c Urribd old moa d«<l into the eluaeli : ToutlBiii 
{MiMaiid him. but ho hut ncwely paned t\m poreh 
wtivn W* hnrH! fi^lt on the ■aioot)] >ihI tlJpfiPiy 

CmOFBti aail brainnl the t-hk'f ani'tclr in thn 
1,^ At th<* vifcbt »f llii-ir mjftfiin hilf (Iru'li ihm 
noit of t^ Normtuif tarti^! nfiiricl ; uriiL tluvir itiiu- 
^atOaam ttclnf vreitrit. hutdnc<l full uf itr^iid in 
uw ounp to rvtuli* till! imiNr nnmiiln of tha 
pvwtv oT John of Ilcverlej, WhPU ilir amif 
paaacJ tbrone'> i"^ ""c ilknd offiun to ieRi|>i ibe 
v^tugriuier Iff the Mint ; ntiit, if ne may bclicrc llui 
Icgnkli Iho lui'U of hi* fhurch olone rrmiiniMl 
wm wij wWl habilftlioliB and pruiliKre, iii the tuiilK 
«f tlw «le*>iI>>Ml runntrjr.* 

WiUism. punuinu' tli? reianaiit of ibp free S«x- 
Muh marrhvl m (kf u llm (frnt Hiitnui wall, lbs 
HOi»]ii» (if ^btch ore *IL11 t«i hi* *i*pti r*itlptiiluig 
friMB WVH to vmu frnm the rnnulli nf Iha Tjii* |a 
Um Aolinjr fiilh. Iln thini n-liimril ii> York, 
tad amt friiDi ihi'Oi'r to TFinchetier (at the K^lileii 
Cfown aial Kvpirc, ilic royal oftintlc of fur, uiil d) 
lh»inni|riH~f '•'•■f' ]'■*'* '""i'j in Eot^luid : lhi?>F h« 
4itfil»)«4l with gTCAt pomp iliirin){ thefpiMt of lh« 
Nutnly, M if to jtltt? ddlniice tu llmie uliu. i fi-ir 
WMfUn bcfiinv hail fuujclil fvrkinf Ed^i tiiil tbiir 
ra«Btiy<* There mn, bi Uiki Uiod, no one abl? lo 
namC Ihfa ifivDl, fur a ImI Mtentblnite of bmve 
M«i> Im) b««n iliapMMdoAlhdhank* oftbcTjiK-." 
te«ti wai 111* tanalnulon of the toiiiianec in ihi* 
norlli ; inch w*t the mil of llberl; acrordEnir to 
Mm tbiflUli. of icbcUion nccnnlias la the Nnr- 
On both aid™ uf the llutnlrrt lbe<aTalrjof 

k m. ni ilfanit. I 

' Ualilan BlUMa npInU uiurti. (IMd.) 
Aanaia latinctiioHiiillltm lEnMPB. (lUI.) 
li(M tain* MTlnato Jim imat taffitnUantUulamL Inu- 
mf*tmm*wtitvtt . -.- (ItiUI.) 
X«to«n*ltqiiaml(uIU. ««]•» w(a tanttoila bmt) 

ibbU IWnriiui. (Chnn. J. Itiamion. anai 

>l«, >dL i eal.fM.c^. ^Urn ) 
> Xi (tttlala CliualJ )dI«i ait'rnl nnonan allaqi _ 
^nta rofalti •< tut, lOnUtir Vitkl.. hM. n1«U*i-. 

wlM>BiaNU. (IMd.) 

I bMMmhm iMaiMtaM pinimpi tniU|ii)nn»M. (V\\. 
' IIW. N^noiao., f. no,] 

Itaqj B a.- 

Iha forri^ Uofft hb cowit*, and bU baillA,* niucbt 
Ihcccvforward InTvl uninaUatBd oo lli* ruad* tDil 
through tbft biwa*. Kaniioa, Ukn • Ulhful eompa- 
nion of tim eonqnnt. liillowtd Ihrlr footitepa. 
Pram the fptr liMI it had been dnnlatinic Cioib 
Iirnrinoea which alone hul> up id that prrioil, been 
toaigurml; but In lOTO il eslcnilcil itaclf throu|[h 
Ibe Bhole of BngUnd,* and appewMl iti all Ita 
horror In the new}^.«anqu«rGd tenitoiin. The 
inhabilaDt* ofth* prorEnce of York, »ut th» cuun* 
try lo tbo Donh of II, aflcr fndiug OD the ANh of 
the licail lioraMwUch ihtNoraan am)' had aban- 
iloiirj on thcfoaai, 4 « i oui w i huimitftwh." More 
Ibnn aiiit Imixln-d tliauianil jie(i|it(>, of all fiitn, .ilnl 
[if wsnl in Ihew munlrlet." •■ It ira* i frightful 
iprrlirln," wid an nlil xniiitlH. "lo w* on the 
riuula, In the public pinre*, nnit at lh» doora of Ih« 
boutta. bumui bodjci a pnj lo the woimt; fnr 
th*re wm no oni? left to throw a little carlh iiwr 
th«'m."" Thii diatreu of the rosijtiered eauMrj 
waa coofined to Ibe lutiTM ; forlhc ferrifpi ■i]|ilir>r 
lired lho» in nirtily. For him theie were in lh» 
(artrrvtct taat faeapi of oom and Dtlter piartalnn*. 
au<l tupplie* alao purvhaaeil fur him abtoail, wilh 
Kold token fiom the En^Uh. Mareoinr, iheftiBiixi 
auideil liim III Iho eninplwu NhJi^aHon of the 
TanqnUhad; ind oflrn, fiir th« T»mtMIi1« of the 
meal Oft one of the meanral foUowcia of th« aniij, 
the Saxon. o&M llluatriou* atnooii bU countrfncu, 
bul now wacled and deprev*«t by hnntter. ifould 
com? und fell htmvlf and all hi« fimity to f»r- 
petual Klavcry." Tl>«ii W(a Ihia ihamerul irenty 
iiiaciibed ou the blauli pa^t^ of in old ntiMiL 
nhero lliear mnntinu-itts of the mlnhea of aimtber 
a^. in chara<tcis ceaily cAccd bj the irann of 
lime, are lo br traeed eten at lliii dfl>, and rioiid j 
fiirniih B them? for the aan^lry nf anii<]iinrlf<t. 

Tlie territory dliiBiiiil nn nun (Id* tu ilie north 
and on the nihrr to ihe moth of thi^ H iiiiiIiit. tn> 
■BKcd ai It wUi iria divided amonx ihe coiii[iic(- 
or« with (be •■ me order nhkb liid rei; ii late d the 
jMrlitioa of the aonthem ettalet. !^p*enil lula 
worn apportioned of Ihe houari. or rather the riilTia. 
of York; Sor, in the (tnt alegi^t whicli Ifaal luwii bail 
Biutstned, il hml brrn, M derBMaled, that BDirtal 
ceatnrita ehcmorda iht fuundatitina of the aiieicnt 
mibiirlHi were ■liU Iff be efm in the nne» rmtrilr^, 
at Iho dlatanei* nf above a mlle.>* KtnK Wtlliani 
tnnk, lo hlmaelf the ifreater part nf thn hoiiwm tbnt 
ivcrelefl itaiidlnjti'* The Norman captain* ill ildeil 
the ml emoiiK tliemi with ihc cburcbn^ the >hf<)ns 
and even Ihe (himble*. trbirh tliejl«t ff>r a cerlaiii 
renl.'" liVilUtm di> WareTiii« h«d tvrefitv.ri|;ht tn 

• lUltlil. la tlw muA «t IbM Um*. kiUi ur tvlK/ri a 
Mite iliaiciuiiini tirtoaafuhUc touoliiaMIIra. 

• N<iinviiiiit< Aa(llaia T»i»aa'Hi^ )« Mam \nclinm. 
nuiiimr pre ^^nlMiabrlaa.fta■• fawtaluii. iYUt. Wit, 

" [Tt lianlaemnwiDnMUdeRlilhaMaMaM. (ttM.) 

'I (JTrlrOf. Mi.il_ p. (U. 

■■ Ke<|iit«nliib aniiHrnl ^nlattmMOOTeprH'et.aBiAbM 
eitLDcttaTelHidln nl tkiBP. tHofln. 4t lloKil..ti. Ol. ed. 
SavlU ) 

qaaBbM«Uipm>IUn aialnUimi (ti>.J ) 

■'■ rwtiiia fliiin 111 ■liqiiol mIIh rv •■■» "It P«w i » 

lanilario.alil tati vm^m nuliletnii .\Mlii wnntal mta 

■ubioWnanimBdlum. (I^tiul' l>nMlM>«. Ii. la> 
i> Iioimiiij'iKioh i KiituU A <>*le. «■>•* IM' Aa(]|e, 

wrirl.. iii. Tit. 
>• CDian Ik Hoitioalo kabrt M (K aaat^aa *t ail 

l)uua*ln«a»lla«(f«Mlaa Saada Ckarti. CDv^ralaT- 

book, i. ft". terW ) 


Kir- lira unit autlK 

111' »r )li>lil«««. 


K«1 uniiia l^ u«BlH«bnl. 


iIm proriDRB of Yorli. kixl ITilliuH (la rercy up- 
iiKnli of (iicfitj niBUon.i Moal uf tlic*c Atmiaiua, 
ia ttii- wiiiX itniivn up flfUcu jrms ^orwanbi wra 
iiroi>ly dcinMiilnit«J ■*«*»-"»«'■' T!i« MMne tiiiaii- 
liti Hli<r)i, In king l^ilwivtrstlnl*, liul producril n 
r«i'it of MXty pounJfc pruduciil U*t lli«n Ilvo in Iho 
liaiuli of tbs (orcigu {iu«*cwar, and Ihr. Innil on 
wblcli IWD EngliUimcuuf 0k»lluJnuk \uA Uvcdin 
i>Imty> mauiMiiMd, aftcf ihf cuoqu**!, only two k- 
liotum, ]>oor aitd nc»Ui«U, wlio ■MKcljr teCarned 
to thfir Nnriau) lard a tcutli pwl of l£e ntienua 
uf llic iiiifl»ni frcp (.•iillimlor*.' 

Ldrice tfncla of Ihc country uorlJi of the city ot 
Vdk fell 10 the ihnrcaf AlUa, at Lav et BrilUuy, 
ivliudi II17 Nannut* taWi^i AUm, mui nln^m In* 
frllotf-oauntrymcn. ia lh«lr Ccllir l<iii|tii«. mr- 
anmcA Ktrjfrui. or lb« retlJuiirrA.' 'Ilii* Aliun 
bulll a itroiifi Futtvuuloiilwuikan'ac hu prliir-igial 
manor, calla) CJhilliiiic, ou a iMiky bUI. encom- 
liuacil tJnunl on tU uJ«i b} (bo npitl TJvpr !<wa]ts. 
Tbia Totitrwm, (a]* U) oU Kctfount. irii dfitgnc] to 
proleol liim and bl* DI«n uuiut tliP iLrlackk of lli« 
diniiilieriteit Enxllth.' Likn moil of tlie ulber 
i-ipliiiu iif Ihr cdiiiiicrinj; •rmv, he garo luiU IhJs 
r«IlL', whii-Ii bn-uiiic )ii» jfaidi^acc.a Freucli usmc, 
cuJIiiu it Klchc-nionl, ou Kcoun) of ila rLvtaliKl 
•ituitioti, frcim irhicb tc fiMnmiadoil the ■urround- 
ing toiintTj.* 

'I'lin u'holn Ulond liiniicd at lite OMlemmoM pulut 
ol York»him by Ibc oti-nn and llic rivet* wm jci*«U 
lo Dnrox Btuln, a captaia vf ifau Plcmiab auiUn- 
!■«• Ttii* luau mnrru'ilD rclalir* oT klnj{ \V illtun, 
and killed h#r In n At of uagri : hut before Oir 
report of h«i iletlh bid (prrul, hr wr«nt lo ilw 
Una, MVA btggcd IbRt be would give bim nuiitrj in 
tirfefffn Car hi* luida, a» he wUbed lo rcium Imo 
Fluidm. WUlbun onUrtd lh« lum which ibo 
F1«iiun|{ aakod br to te ptiid hint ; and c«ly 
loarau afiir hia d«puture, u>h; li« woat abroad.' 
ThH lalo or Hnldcnim then becaine the powenon 
of Ciidra dn Champagne, irlio «ft«Twanl« married 
llieCani|ii«mr'aaiiU!r by ibe mollier'* aide. Wbiui 
the wife of Eudca had bvf n bronghl b> bed of k 
■on, ho mnuhwl lo Iha kin^ tku th« iaie ot Uo\- 
doRiKu w»t nut fertile, produdnji nolhltq; but 
oUm ; ' uTid beif^d llial lie nould crwit him aunie 
ettale that wat fruitful iu n-hc«li nhcmwllh tlie 
chiUI roifflil he fml.* Kinif Wjlltun, tty i)m> 
a»L-i*iil acta, jfavs liini lii* cutlM burouifh uf 

Bytham, in the pntviiiRaof Linooln. 

Not far fram thi« mna iilo ufHoldaniMi, an thv 
twnk* of Um Unmlwr, Uundaonur QuMd. vrho 
bad como IrMn Moaux Ui frauce nitb > troop of 
mpit frDin tlic ntDc town, took a certain extent i>r 
land wb«>r« hi> fixMl hia abode and that «( hi« com- 

■ Aoi-UwTrdvm nf LariI. |>. c. 

■ UdiDla nunc imuM. tUomnday bwik- lam. I. Kil.wa 
in*n }-'tlnii amaiti aral wMtk. llui.>— Ki nMiai 
iniU! KBIU. (I'»d-) 

' liwi lalni WniMni IU ■iml II illlaal rnim 1 raminti 

Toliiil l! K>1.IBnU4K>l. (llnA.. Inl. 111. fnrtv ) 

' Tri tuiilimc niunin CMiUAialkaUliBinnAncliiiaiD 
utiti|ii> atlvrsialnrvBi. (Ibid) 

<■ III iHtnuMik ^MB radtan Bkb^'diuut, hjo iJIcunali! 
liilllm. iiuol Buul lallli> dnVcM nainaai. |Diil-'1iI«. 
1tua*.L Any Ik.. I. en ) 

' tliil!d>lD~illanina:T,l.M.— Oufil^f.Uiniiut. Aiiilkan. 

Nw MnalM aM afaaaiB. (IUd..l,fM.) 
liadeaU(vpa«atnrpi«saiuum. |lbbL.L }M) 

I AncI rauiD liiiu 

(nuiona." Thevi oicu, wiahiiif le attach Ilie n- 
oiuahranee of ihttir uaiiTC city to iIm plac« of ihiir 
oi-w habitalioii, ffaru il tht oaaie vf AUaiu, which 

oiintinui*d fuT BTivnl ociilurltH la lie thai of aii 
■bh«T feiuidc) nn ilu> tamn apoL" Camvl, Iha 
Milef of ttii' i<HeEitiir«n of Mcawt, and the pu*- 
MUar of Ihc i>rtnci;ial iiiauoi In thnr htilf rotaiiy, 
caiDD u as undeotaniliiig wlili tliv Kuniiau ohidli 
occujiyiag llw utlKUbouug Uuda, ibkt ih« linila 
of llieii r«4pecliTa poaiMMlaBa ahauld bniDvaiiBbly 
ftud. Ifo hold aeveml eaBfcraoet^ or paritmmu, 
ai thry wrru thou tonnml, wiih Bislu, Sl<ud, 
Fraitrou, andKirJiardd'Estouteiille. Thrj all, wUli 
oiii! Bci^oid, mraniiud their iFVFra] poninm of Uad* 
■ lid itet iniKl-iiiarkito tli(in< " ill order," aaystilC aid 
narrnltto, " that th(^ir poalrrity mif^t hare nothtcc 
In diapuU about, but tiiM iliu pi-iee irliicii n.'igikeu 
uiuuug Ihein miybt hv (niiimilK'd tu tlivir h«in."" 
Tbu cieat duuiaiu of Ponldiactt the plnca irheic 
the NonuiUL iioup* had forded the ti>v( AUe, fcll 

t» the tlvuv of Ciilbi-rl di> Ijwy, who, liilluviug 

ill! *xampU> of moM of bi* coropanloaa, built a 
tlTontcruilp lhen*'in." It a[ip*ar«tbal(hbGiibMt, 
wllti hit tni»rd liatiih. wm tiiv tlrtl wh'i crowed tk« 
moustalna ni'ni tif Yatk; and that hv liitMled the 
country about LmacaHtr, which then wm part of 
thft ntovinec of Chcilcr. It ia, howci-cr. certain 
thai An appropnolcd to himnFlf m imtReneo iract of 
land iu thu oountry, ur wiiicli BUiJibuio waa the 
chief {dace, ami which cjileiided to tbc aouthabd 
«a«t«ehr aa tlie confinen uf Yocktbin;. TofornitMi 

gr«at butdtd pom—ion, be dii|>oHei>ed, •oconliliK 
to an old traditien,all the Ungliah pcojirielora 6wb 
DUckbnra. Aoehdttb. ToUiogtoii. aiul Uw vicinitr- 
Bcr<:4c the cunijunt. «ajd the tndiiian. all ihcw 
pruprieturn were fnv, equal in righla, aiad Uids- 
peudrut of ouo aiiothir ; butaftet the iutaaion by 
thf Nantinm Ihrtc wai in tlial whole countiy liiU 
one minciriai Inril acd Ilia (enaiiu or Janaen." 

King Willlun, with liia choafln uoopa, hnd mi- 
nnrrd na m Heiliam. HI* captain*, «dvanelBf 
far bcTonil ttant Iowb, c«D<|uetFd ihr ml of ihe 
tMiiuitiyof'NiHlhuoibtlalybtttvUie uorlbaodwcM. 
The mouutainoua eouutry at CiiiiibeTlniid wa* i«> 
dm^Nl into B Norinin eaueiy- It waa taken iinwni 
and Inll^hel^ called Wcitmorrlnnd, wat llfci wiaii 
biouitbi undcttfaennthority of (fon'iKn corenior." 
Tliia cuont ahmd the riob domain* and the hand- 
lomeal. ivomen of WMtmoroliuid ajoong bialattaw. 
I'n. H«g«*« the thrve danghten of Siman, aiM of 
Thorn, pmprieior of the two manura of ElhrtMi 
and Todowicki one tn HiiCDphrC},hiaDitn>nt-anBt, 
•uotber to SmuI, railed Tatua-taaini, and the 
UiikI twau oMiuiro, GuUlauine de St. Paul.'* U 

'^ Qui m oii'iii^'iu NQrnLAObonttn. «W qoidaai enliila 
Uilll*. niPl-IM lulia*. «! Maua lalltiA vMilati wfiiB 
|,UiigJal>-. Uoaul. Ali^lieiu., i, ;>*.) 

" PuM illrtum oonqUESUiai, IfHim lama InlubiUnin 
nemi'n da XMoa «( iByOdUmol. in BinBOtfrat aitk nbdlaia 
rX^iUlih (IliU,) 

'■ Ka MiRunonl eautlia Kemiaoa Hurt m dMluciKBiB, 
m%u nHowrw i imt^miaa tiunia poaiufuat. W aurrfeada 
■vrtualna pruiBiomni. ( Ibiil.. 1. 1**.) 

' ■ nlVBili iiiilDln l*iiM at aiatrll qeM quot Ikkeranl «rl 
BUit*4 ■«■ mtatria Ttouifiuaj I0I (umiumt iluniBi. .... ^afr 
jum u'llliiad' alio bmobal ■•>,,. pal ojaqweaa eolea la 
iiniDn ilnniBlHia onnila MM tadHU. illild., LWf.l 

" lt.Ht„L*M.-««-»nlkli |> 11 

■* natB**ili«|iaaBia....eL«>adir(£MaiiitnhteirfUal* 
loltifb dtifninLuDi fl* KlfrtEm. ( Ibud.) 




KMf OtftaMd bjr ItMtMHt. 


Nnttbuinlin^ |ir.>n«tly to called, Itm 'i* \t*ef 
luott tbo tinn of Alnwick, vtUi Ihr ifmiil-iltu^IiIiT 
)w4 (1m wfaok inlwnlanm ur n ^umi Lillril in 
butlsb' itobnt dv BriM uhlkiiu'd bj luuiitiesU 
a>j the aid Rcbb le^crU huudicd uiuiun uiJ ibu 
J.BU ot the port of Um1Ii:|iuv1, in ihi> jiroTiiKv uf 
Ihubaoi.* Ancl, to oiu oiu luM IniUntia of tbu* 
tcraitorwl iMwimUaiu, Uabwld'OmfiwiUlD hadtba 
foCMt of RidiLMdalcw vlitcb belaiwl m -Mildrpd, 
•OB of AkauHi In token of ll>c iiivatiturc iif ihU 
daitnUn. be recaitnl tram kiuc Wllliuu the invrd 
wbick the noiikrdt csiriMl on lii* i-i>traii«! iutu 
Narthanbertand, and he rviatf upuu \lt liliilc lu 
make nw thonof In (lciTtn)t the tnrilury uf t«uLt«i, 
anil of Itir locn hndilo \a thir raniiunu* 

Wbon Iho NorthanEiriatii, aArr driTuu tvrwy 
ToMigi lb« brxibcr of llan^ld, iu « nsliumu iiuur- 
nctioa, had cbMcti u thetr cbUt M orkar, ih* bro- 
Ibt* at £dwtB, Morkai lud, vlUi Ihrir rani»n1, 
b]*miI mt tbc hfA a{ ilur couutr; bpjoni) (ho 
Tan joong OiuU, the lou uf EUulf' Otulf kept 
b^ B DMM id nntU tlie <lay wlicti ilir Norauna 
lud pMB«d tlia TVne : hv ntu Uicti obli^tHl la tty, 
lUt* tte fMl, le tn» fomia and noualuiii. A 
8axMt,KUiwd Kopil^wMMlftNi>hcil in lik alead, 
'Wtaa tte peopl« of XorUiunihni had ilrivru uuL 
villi T«MCjf ; who mlzhti ihnirforr, be rxprctcil tu 
toko t«D^?mi<« for nit fonncr opultivn, uid 
whocn, tot tlut i«rT reaMiii, tb« n«w kiiif; garr 
OiiiB br Bchirf.' Kapuir initBll^cI himwif in ibb 
c— WMIli wKlfT Dm prutPCIiuri uf trie foi«%& 
ttxtofm ; bat, mftcT urrcuini; lii* puvtti fur a alioit 
\lmtt ba irma aauilnl in hi* bouae b; a band of 
•lUBlmiUf) Bnffiyi, kit on hj O.ulf. wh«K 
•foQi h« had n«nied. He ^-u Uking bi* r^ait, 
SM ■fi|W*liiimii« «f any daiifjf r, wtiFn Ihn j^axom 
M npOB hlM, llnw hiin, and ihrrvupon lUrjr Jm- 
audlMly dfafMnad.' 

TbcM iutancn of ikrins >"d ofien^aace, of 
-wUlll ool; • Anr w dM b; tb» hUloriiuia, wu»let 
pt^bsUy •«enr in nany plaei*; bui, hi>wuv*r nu. 
menntt they miglil b«. Ih«]r rould not aam Kn^. 
IumI. Ab taiuaaM fbro#, n^Urljr roiiilurit<l ind 
canAtHy pMUd, vailo a Jni of Uia rinuou* but 
IfWI rfUta of tbtffricnthof EaKUah bulfprnd- 
ciwa. The brawit patriots, Ikoaa icrcat clusf> cf 
th* ialaAilin)i««rniunr«deur hid bcKtorore nlUcd 
w<»iiBd Ihpn liiiB|i>n>ui fdllnirrn. lott l^ultn^^. 
■ltd (MBl* tn a frnJi comiironiiu-. Tliut did 
Wakbetrft Ooapalilk, Mnrltar, Ktid Lilniii, make 
ihcb pCMT Micnlly ii-iih Ihi? hnucliil} (.'•juiiui-roi. 
TUt R««IMiUa1i>ia, Kt fatal to tlir Nsinii rmiiir, 
look pl«M cm lh» banka of lh« '!>«■. km; WIU 
liim piicfanl hia fMop fiir Hflm dai* by tluic 
riiDi, aiiil there itwIiTd iti« auljii uf Goqntilk 
■adolWalibeof. G<M|tMrlk, who wm «bfviit,aiid 
■ohoIlMd by neMOfei rcenlTtd tbo covcninieiit 
tif NatthwBBrU, laeaul b)> (fap death of Ko^i^, l«. 
grOwrwUh lh» Can>ipi title uf cuuiit.' Walihrof 

• TliaUII nt*ait»]"ali»B ... qui IhU utcMilBlelln 
HHB ILmU* nr^ (tWU.. MoBiM Aulk.. U. tH.) 

■ IVt naqurrinm. fHiU., II. l«a.)-~A]iiil Uwllcpml 
Mifa» BUvto Hd* naCUBfi oail t in. (Aadnsi tDOntnaT 

U4._r. iM.> 

• Xy>titir itcamt. Antflb, L O. 

• Hci UillblMU imDllMiini ItaiM Indlilll Cimki qui 
h*Ih<Ii> Ti>'iB«DdlK«iiiaaaaiilLui>>p>uil«i<L (llart ) 

• UartliiaWB aumltnu OulA oUniiKauii. (Si- 

m iranrliBiaiiiT iiilM 1 Anxl. uriit.. lol. i. ml. tnt. 

• 0«j[«d>.Moud«>f.Aii)I..L*l. 


plaord hi* uiica«<«vd hand tti tbc haul uf ilir Nut- 
man kiii^, and hprani! caiint nf ihp two ihim of 
Huutingduu and Norllmmplon.' Hr ninrrind 
Jitdilh, onir (if hiaucir frieiut'a uiiKci; but, u nill 
be Bci-n ia tho ronnc ef litis hiatoni, Uie bed of 
iliia foreign wdinaa pnfv»4 harder for the Saxuii 
rhl*f than the ten roeka vrhich he frared he 
•tiodd nuke hi* oauek if he rvtnained loni^-r fnjtii. 
ful to hla country, Stwii after, iiiig hd^M liim- 
•I'lr nine in anid aliJuNd, a •ecoad lUne, hia nalioual 
Lille and the rlf bts wlilrh he had receired fcutn the 
pcopld.* tin naa a niaii endovtxl with Intl litlle 
■trrJiKth of mind, aad ivai mo«lly home alonj^ 
wbethor la food or frril, by tb« tide of rlrriiin* 
itsncr* anil the «iaiiiplp i:if i>thert. Hh fidelity t* 
the Nunnan klnj{ wna uo Krealer than It had brea 
to £ngknil: wbcn ihe ninil of ntiitiaiiM bloir 
afr»h, Eigaj "iC*''! "'d, und Ml cnit te ficotluin!, 
fulluwcd by the impnrcntxonii of the tatrigncn, who 
MtrutPd liim of violating hi* failli." Tlie Eii^liih 

CjiU. indulgcRl ill their miti-tT. panloncd him 
iaoooatuwy, and, llioush deaerted by him, 
luwil bin (tiU, ** lie niw j'liiig and hnndsonie,'* 
na U i*par1^ in old chtODi^i-i, " nnd if** de> 
»ci>ndi>d ftam (he InM nee, ih« beat race of the 

Aflrr (he eoiu|tic«I ftf Ibo tanda of the aartb, 
thit of the jiruTiuriia of tl>r BUrlh-irnl, bvrdf-riii); 
on till- Wa^tiJi IvrritiH-T, ajijirart lOun to hme 1ie«n 
•econij>1iiIir>l. Kiliik, uinuuned th^ IVild, nn 

Inn^ ito]>[ied Ihe Nnrman biwlt which ajiNvd 
ih«iniieli» lu all ituanera, ami h» reiaad lOBoIeM 
liir hia ini-tinioii* thrir hitherto pit'carioiia cMabllah* 
nif tita in the Ticinily of the util ratreachmcat of 
OSa. At ItJifilh lUcul dr Mor1rna«r tuak the 
youug |iai1iiuu,(hlrllain [iriMinvr, and, with tlii> 
adfiee nf hit counrll of War, Mrlppeil him of all 
hii puufHi nnt. fo r having;, u)s an ancimi acniani, 
refuicd ubrdicncR tn the rnnqunt, though rvpeal- 
rcU^ vununoDed to obey." The Ktmnao anny 
urhirh brought under \he yoke (he impidttion of 
(be Wflal) inarchiM did net itop at Offa'a tien^h ; 
but, |)(u>iii|{ bvyund that ancient ftinitiir Ktilward 
of Shrevnlnuy, pMwtraled into tho laud uf lite 
Cambriana. Tbiu mi conineiKMl llw <taat||ii of 
ceiii|uering Valt>,whieh fivm that lime tnuunto- 
niitliii^ly i>nniiii?El h} Ihe eonquei-on of Eufgluid.'* 
The Am Normari fnrtreaa uii ilu> Wrlah lerniory 
iraa btiilt by a raptain iiaini>d Baldniti or Hiiidaln. 
at n (iislitni'c nf aiilem miliii fram ^bievtbiiiy. 
Tho InhabltanU nf iht jilaee called it in tbc WeUk 
language TV* i'*iiWtrV»,>>r Baldwin'* oaiilei but the 
name eoiutantly pT«n it by the Norman* «*■ 
MonuUomer^', fnun their mperl lu Ho^r da 
Muiilffoiner), count of llie prutiiire of Shrop or 
Salop, and uf all (he couuUy takeii from the 

* Ofdtt. Vital., lib. U..aBnilir(lM, TfC. \niin>an . p >1S. 

"Vfai Hat>i>~r , lib. lit , >f >■.! ir>. .\iutl> •rt-y.-v lu. 

nt. ;^ vile.— rh TOIL likvin. Iiac-. uili unou ML\M.,a|pad 
ClaH I^ Lf, vol il. ad turn. 

' Ci eil.>( I Liwidian niaauluia laiprlntvil, n A fdir^lUltBi 
hrll. (Malli. I'aTU., i K.) 

■• KacinaA»«UHlmi>iri>(l<h}iidu"">-l°a><">«l**'> (IV) 

■■ lliBl hn« Kuuilc lui;ni-'-Viild*ddcUtljiKiaf . tRotiart 
«l tltniifvL-r-. ChxHiWl-. y *:" » 

'■ KlquU Ideal Kilitmi Itnlull eiiuiiusiloi |m«t ..,., 
(Ihiplalr. Mvnarf. Anrllnn.. li HI. I 

■ a halniaia I^oTMimi, VwU^i fnmnilBu, AivwiJKl tiiV- 
ingbiiiil, haor (Willinititirv) iixi ini|<rilr> i,linu ■■'le- 

• • rniowl'i T(H|[ III Wain. ■. 3la , 

tnuniaiallnii •>( BtnBdaninn. 


Tlie Uiini of ShiTWsburj, forliflcd bj n dkulcl 
huill (lo the {(round (nrnmrlt ucctifili^il )>v flljr-ont 

Mxin. ' wlia li-rlcil lmpa«t< on it for hii Azrttejvri^ 
)]■ ibc NonUBno ''nllcil thai nhich tij Ihc Konuiti 
wn» nnmcd ihr ,fe). Thr iircnu iif ihc ron- 
qiici-ot rxvtd noi^r^iicr tribuin tfiaii tli'- lon-n 
hid paid itl iSc llin« of Kiifli«)i indrpMiJirnCF ; 
bul tliM^i(aii>ui}ii>nlif dsrlanlioiiortliv inhibit, 
tnu whk'li «bi.ins Ih« ti^al ntun lu lli^iu tif 1iii> 
ui>p>rctit niDili-mtioii, " Tl>« Ui)Kll<)t iDb«bSUiiti 
of Shrew»bury" (•iitli we lb» iranl* ot iho roll) 
" ■•} tlul il !■ B hmii burlhirit for ihnn lo Tiaj 
Lbi! full uinaunl of llie impoil vrhidi iticj' |iuiif iii 
king EihTirl'n ttiii'i-, slid lo he intrd for lui TnPn}' 
boiuM us wrrc Itidi I'sinling ; for lifty-nm- liuiiwi 
Imif bi-ca [lulled dawn to make ronni for xhr 
i'oiiiiI'k rull* ; flflir inoic arc id mucli tlumnf^il 
na lo b" imiiiKsbiliblf ; fortjr-lhn-'- >'tpnr1iiiii'ii 
ofrijpy liiiiMM which ptid in Kdiripd'* time; 
nml, innn>ii«er, Ibe count bat giitu lo the 
atibry, nhlcb ho bmi rouiiiicd, thirlj-iuiic uf the 
totrnitmcni wlio Itinnprlj coiitribuloil iritti the 

Tlieia in»it«tl>>T)ni, f.iuu'lpj hy (lie N'ortnitnn iti 
Ihu t(nvE»or iii llip riiri! tll«irl<rt*nl' t^ii^lanH. irrre 
|)eupl*d ntlh monki from abroad who liiul fiillriwLvl 
A ifiL- Inin of the fuioign army.!i fn-sli Ivij 
nrfu-ini'diKil'llen n-iut eacoilcd by > new iroim of 
loniun-ii r.b-rgj, who Isndrd on th? ■hcrea of £UK- 
lind lo pmiaiyrinr, !ii it win ihta cxprctiiid. In 
loan the »hliM of SI. Kifiuior in Ponlliiou, om- 
bukinK for Rnclaiitl m ibc in>rl of Wimiint. met 
with ugiwanlt of > huiidrMl monVi of all nrdrr*, 
»iih > cruwtlorwHrrbn »uJ trailer*, whowpre M 
irailini;. like hlmxlf, !*. giD** (h» .S(r»il> Sore-; of 
the Be [led id in ei nf thn prtorj ff Sccj in No». 
iTiMndy iLrrived (rom tlipnc* poor mid doUtitie, 
anil wtnr i-rtabliihtd In b TMt building <»hjch 
XUii(eril«. M(>ntg4tncrj-ttui«Ioll)i'iu: iJifj thTiifi.-- 
rornnnJ nH.-<>i(FKl, for the ■ii|>|)lj of Ihair Hibli', ■ 
tenth of all tlip VFni*rm tiikeu in ih.- nhi™ of Kalop 
at Khrup.* Soinv inoiikior St. Floreni at Satimur 
emitrnCnd from thrir rouTcnt to lake up Ihflr 
abojc ia a vtitirch irUch. by lighl of canqunl, hajl 
(alien to the ahirc orUuillauiae do ilraiiKe, the 
Angw^in.* In tlie count; nf Ktaffunl. near ilione, 
on th* riipf Tmit, there nu a imnll oniiorv, 
Khcre invi nnm uiil a Suon print jiaanl their 
Jap In the oireriiiK up pdmi' m honniiT a( a iiunt 
0* lbi.( di.lrict. talltd Wolfed. Ml thfar three 
Werr killed by one Kiiintnt, d mldier of ihc euu- 
■lupilaganny, irliieh ■• KiiiMnt." mj* the ancient 
Irj^eiitl, ■■ killed the pri«at and th« two ntina, that 

' Ouonnh cBiUllum cncnlUi OHUinivrlt H nuinuiru. 
(Kibv la n Daflutalny-liAnk. aniiil xri^. lUU, f. Til i 

• TUta iwmB b Uk™ from thai ut ■ Ulile riiiidn] tnto 
■qriinn and con laninittbi tu liMJIUI* Dm esiuliaii oT 

• ttimnl AnclIieoB lnrni« On tMaim^ttrtt. nuli.'im 
rrat* ohi eu. ... « jtljll »[,>(«(.■. Wnn— Cn«.i 
inaBui«(eM>ni-T B. B. rtaUiMteqiuaJWJt ItX (amis 
4Ht*Tll lt»r> ^rrnvoaa. Bll* atmiUiet cilr. tiili a,l. 
liBtM. (tCainiu •n linuiaHlaybiwli, (nul iw. AaiiliC 

■nil'i,, iii.nj.oi. (nip) 

• l'r,i t.irToni i-iiiii III- (•« iHntiH qiiVtn mnnB--l,! plS» 
qnMumiium. pniUm niiliuiluni tiimnini n nnlvrli! ■iiini 

tl'>II>H> •»>lliliil[|. rlr I iM)tlF> In ^illjllllii»i>l.i iuj<ii,- 
"* ^l lir.'ll. t>. HilliMll. i|il»ii»;i|ii(.m.U,|lc, H p,a„, 

oe_il. II! ) 

■ ^lltiviit'aTiiiir In Wiltv. II inl. 

• n<ijtiUk. Itleiiul Auxlle.. I. SH. 

bbi ihtcr, whom lie liad brviiiflit Witli Umi inigtit 

h«»e their diureli."' 

From the lime that tha coni^Dnal bi^^ t» pfoa. 

pvr. not jDunit luldiert and old vrxriike c«[Wi 

alone, but ivhuk fnmiliea. men. troinm, ■n<I 

i-htldten, emigrated fiiitn cvt-rj remote dMrki of 

Uaul, tu airek ilie^r forlutiei ia Enifland. To tbc 

people aa ihi* otht-r i(irJii> of the Channel thia coud- 

try H'Di like « l^nd it'wiy dlamtcrcd, In nlikh 

colniiiili irpalr. nnrl wbir-li In appiopnateit by th« 

Unl or by ereiy eoiner. " Noel, aud hb wile L'e- 

Inlrla," >ay* ad old rccofd, "roiDC to Uw amiy al 

WUIlun (h« Uaitard, and received u a riA froni th« 

Bantanl thf manor of Klin^nll.with all ilaiJepenJ- 

endw." • Aeranlitii: lu an old lUnn. in rhyni«, the 

Jiial lord of I'oitmhb) , [Cciiiii^bj!] named Wllllani, 

(in-iic'd with hih bridi- I'ifniiie frum Ijower Brittany, 

with bit iiinid Mniirauiidbif d<i|; Hmli-pus.' Cob- 

pnnii>ii(hipi iii nrrnn w*rii ri>Irr.>d intr>; and th<><t 

in«n Mhu adtentnml as inind»n, fi>r wha(eT«t 

chantc ahuuld allnl them, fiirinpd f«llowthl[a lo 

iliare jnin and Ion, nnd tn dofnnd t*i-h olhct 

mutuiilij, r(>r <beir lirei, and loihc death." Robert 

d'OiiiNy nml l^uir d'liry came lo the cMiqunt «« 

bratliren leajfucd together >nd eooieilcrstad by 

iulrrdianj(»i of (aitfi and tiyuuth. " TbmrelalhM 

trncS their ami* w«-re alike, and tfiey ahuvd logr. 

Ihfft the land* which lliey ci9ii<)uernl. Rudra aivl 

Pleot, Robert MunuioiL and (lauthior de Sontct- 

vHIk, did the Mime." Jfiaii dn Ciiiiri-yariil Antauty 

dn St. Flurtnt iwore thrlr fmlemlly nf arraa In the 

churdi of Nulrr-Onnic at Bnunn: Ihry i«w«kI to 

•cne tnfi'ther, to Ine nnd die toeellier, to iharc 

tog^hor Ihcir |iay and iihal«vcr tliry uIkIiI i^ia 

by food fomino and by the awoni,'* Otlivn, at 

the mnntrni of ih«tr i1ep«rtun!, diapoami of all tlia 

iJiiry pnnciatd III their iialiie euuntr;, ■> bat of 

little i-alue In oo-Enparititnofiliiii vrbtdi they hoped 

to acquire by oottigiiMt. Thuait MMthalOeoftny 

d« Cbaumoiit, nuii of G/dtiiii, liscount of Blgli^ 

gaip to hia ni4ce Detum the taiidi which be poa- 

aewed at Bloia, (.'liaumnnt. and I'ourv. ■■ He <l*- 

pniled fur tlie conqunt," *ap Ui« ranlern|Mr«r}[ 

biatoi-iaii , '■ and aftcrmidj* retnrned la ChAHOieat 

with BU imniriiiic Iretuuic. large *\uaM at amUTI, 

a )freat nmnhor of artli^laa of rarity, and the tklo* 

of puBDuinn of mnr4i than on* rich domais." '* 

'rUiTTe naiT rLroainnl to ba intailed only thn 
cuuniry about Chrner. iha nnty ktcsi tomi in Sa^f- 
luiil whMo ttrMU had not montuled wjlh tka 

Ueeaiu* Ilk lUlw ihnuM luit» tliii "hnri^h Mil 

|Dui|<l4ilc, Mnliul. .V'jlli., li. m.> 
* Onldio) Koil nonlni ei (.'iJeiiiU iixir ijiM ■«iin«ia ta 
ramilu WllUrlial Uutsnl in AniflliiH, ;,Iblil., hi »t.> 
' WUIlain ilii I'u^iiUiy 

C*atf -t^-i »^r llriiunAy 
>VUh tikf •ili'Tilfuity 
Auil III* RlrllJt .llJiiiiu 
XvA }iu4it>)tK^ llnrikc'at, 
Olnint. fnatkUo art luliin il* Korlua. SiMliliniBld^ 
|.. 110 ) 
" Puiliiuu'UD) tuanin tB>1'ot]>n. |Du(<Ute. Moo. A» 
Ctie-.l>- t>». 

' • nucHBii.-. (loH, ad nl pi. ne^Uit et inlLmE IbUMmU^ 
xrbo- /™/rnn«i_|am-i, 

I' Aud Uie ..... pn-m# bn^yr of air lloWrl Uorv^va 
Kvnlllril nuiu^iurliallnrotMiinEnilri ( nortala. HawuL 
A.n«lie . I 1«S.i 

" ViKir,i<i|.| r-»i<>n£ (Ibid.) 

■t Will •I'liviE iilti* MllvnvM. uuin ni-pml aLi* ii^ti|iili 
.... A.»ii •» 4r)(vii*i I'lliU* tu-i\1.ii, |i;iT«q^ivi- pci?4U..iipi.j.t 
arapUwiiiiat. (Uttii Xiobn^rntMio lUiutiun^iiui^ ttpiO 
vnpi, tw. ^Ilir fI llanf<e.. u. NS.> 



Ac BnUMH ilivtl VtilLuiu. 



ttvAd of thv fonticn cnnlry. After MMltig tha 
winter In ihr naclh. Iuuk WilUaio uiiacriook tlii* 
IbM npcdllioti In pcnqn i' but, «l the momciil of 
U»d«putur* from \iiTk, great miirmur* nraic in 
kbanmr. Tlu: recturijuii of NonfauintM.Tliiiil had 
fclifUM Ihe Ticttin. niid Ihi-j TorMtw Hill g.iviii^r 
fiti^itri in the icirailun of llic cauntrjr boHrrLnt,' 
on Ovp rint Dee kiid llic vrrst«rn lea. Kxajp^- 
ntail tMOUDt* of >)iv JiJltcultj of llic gruuiul anil 
llM obatliiKy of i}i« inhfttuunta wm cifeulatMl 
mmauf tb* MMiiTn.* Thr aiuUiur)' An)p<ruia and 
BiTtatta Iwgati to ttinri-, u thn Nonnaiiahuldnns 
in Ifac preKittig yew, that loiutuij; nAcr hnnii 
irliMl In* av «Acn been reinsrkr'l lo tie < murbitl 
aeiitin«nl. and is in >'i«nch t«rni<itl if mat Ju fgi- 
Thmj, In Ihftr turn, Miniplaliivd olouii or tha banl- 
■UfK of iba larrica, «im fraai tmiBbm or tfaein 
uul Air ifarLr tUtriianCi l^w^ 'liry niighl rcpaa* 
Um ac«<* WUlUiu, litijiiix it Imponiblc to ovnr- 

«iiwti* Uwi dcteniiiDatiuu, of Ihoie irho reTiwul lo 
fMlaw hint, uaumod ta ±pjiennun- of unFoiuvni. 
Tc aodi aa dMuU remaiti fiiiJiful tu hiiu bs pro. 
nianl rrpoae ftfter the riclurj, ami gieat jKiKirniiaiii 
ac ihe recanjwiue of ibtU loik.' Ilu i-niued. Iij 
rDuk utitillbeD iaiinettmble fur riiklrj, Ihpchaiu 
nf MOBWtaint rttpnilin^, from uDth tn nodh. Ih* 
vltol* IfngUi of t'Jiirliinil. Hn vnlvrpil lb* ritj of 
Chartar m ■ conquui'oi, and nrcnrdiiiir to hii iriu- 
Um boBl * faitrraa ihcn'. lie illil Otr. laiaa m 
ShiflikH i' BtuI at SaliibuM', ia hi* tcIuiiiio ilic 
MHIlli, be diitrit-uteil ibiiu-liiiil rciciudi aniotiif bii 
warlik* lunovnrn.*' He llieii iv|iiiired tu Win. 
rlKaWr. lu hit ni}»l citiitet. Ihi- iimiun-nl in ail 
Eacluid, Mtl irliLL'li niu h'n [lalsct in Ihu waion 
ar*|>riagi tfaatofGIoucvitrdtu bin wiiilcr ]>Ja(-e, 
and tlia Uiwet of Lonilon or tliu ■blxi)' uf 'Ui'iil- 
mlltMrT hia (naimpr n^ddiMicr.' 

Th* tnxint of (ihirhatid thn Pli'mitii; Trpro 1^ 
to kavp and defrnd Ihir Eifwlj-eonriLinrrd prDTlnca. 
Ghivbaud mo the ArM ojilain tlini bnrp ihir title 
■fcowit or cad ot Chcttur^ To lupport hli llilo 
and maintain lii< P"^ ^^ ^x eapoced to great 
iaiyii &aa the Knglldi at ireli «a from Ihe 
Wajah, wtao Iodk ruDtinunl to hatwa him : at 
Un^h III* becaini' iretry oftlivMr fiiti^ni, and de- 
(MilhKl to iTluni lo Fbaiidcr*.' Kiii^WUIlun tbt^n 
fara the ei>unt]r iifChiiilit lo HiiKtirml'AvntiiciiiH, 
of Riebtrd ti nsH. who wsa i.iimitmiM] Hiiniii'*' 
I. Uuflh (Ac Wol/, and liDrn i wnlfa hrnd 
un his lliifld fir !in drvicr. llili;iipa-|p- 

iiul hit lii-uleninli pturd the riicr Dec, 

, attlie ntrenitT vf Uffii'* dike, forfncd tbo 
■ottbam llwtt of tha Wviih territory. Tli*^ md- 

" IIm couiitjr nf Flint, which bi>panii> ■ |)nrtof 
romwi rouiitjr of ('briter. and bitlll a fort nl 

Ilu. ■ Oho of bU llciUenaatii, Robrn 

< llnT««r««>l)I<iM*nnistl«C#flmH>ttl<iniillni. (Or- 
4nfc-. ^ lUl , IIM. eootatUd., Hb. I>-. ipui icilpt. rer. Hot- 

■ iMavB M M ritrteiD «t lieirfiua tnr[hll--m l^■IaIl1nllw . 

■ M>T*Mb. otdiailHal. ialolflnUliluL (n^J.) 

< VirtntbiH nualPU imailtUU !ll>td.. p. *13.) 

• nil, p. iw. 

■ KnU MlBllw Uniixlinl 'Utfril.nH. <lh>a.) 

'< T(t leaM Huuc oaiiruta (rvHAf/ai itaiiillaaoala; ad 
pMl» «— ainM in U'lO'sHtor. ul l*eiitMnilnD tu W,«|. 
*!■■■«, b4 Hiiak* lu Ulr»*Ke«>m, |,i;Iiimi. ^auiii. v<L 
UMBO. t. HO.) 

* HaM IW ■« JilMlU unt >!■ \utUi •|ii;a k Uutlll* *d 
wnoatti— p»tulw»t. (Onlmc. Viul.n. mij 

« IootDerlollBcmlos,p,ll,— P»uiHl'>T«uiLaW*)n,(i. 

(I'ATmicliea.chanKodhUnunrtonabi'ri nf Itlimtd- 
Uu ; and, bj a coutrat} wlilm, llirbrn Mal|taji ur 
Maujioa, i^iivttMr uf^iiiullii't •Iroiifjcullc, btiill vii 
a lofty h]ill, fail' hia ijirn n^mc lu lliv jalaee, ivlitch 
liaji liomi! It In Ihladay. *' Uolhrif ihvm," taya au 
BikcJiini hiatarlaij, " i.-agpd nzr w)[li fi-rodt). and 
rrniiiKi-li^iily alinl Llie blond nf ilio WeUi^-" " 
Tlicy f'>U|jbt a inurdorout LalUv wit!i lliein uvu 
tha niorilicii of KhiiLldlui, a tjiut aln-'ailjr uiaiknl 
with eitauiiij. by Uic tiuiliiiiini iif the Camhriui 
naliou, ou at^cixuil vT i etvM bailie mm by iht 
8aiuiia about the tluac uf Ibc riglilh rcDturj. A 
•llirular rvcuid uf ihvau Iwu uatiunsl dUaMcr* wu 
■till iTxiHltu^ a fii^r jMart a)(fl iti tlie iiurtli '>f Walca ; 
lliii wa* n mnumriil ilr, ii'lthnitt wnnit, but nliiEh 
it, Has <:uati>niar]i lo <>l>|dy 'o many iiieliuicliuly 
aubjecti; li nia olloi tho nlr ■>f Utmildlan- 

<A.i). lOTO lo 1071.) We ore toUl by ml.ilii an- 
cient namtiiea that, when Hugh tlie Wolf hid in- 
atalled biiiuulf wiUi Uio till^ ufcnunl in tho ^rovini-e 
of ChHier, hecalleil oret fiuiii Nuriiiiiuly one of hl» 
old frirudt, unin rd rirel, Nij^el. »r Lenoir ; mil Ihat 
Lenoir bruurhi with lilm 6vr bmllicra, lluiirlard, 
KdauanlgVoluiar, Uun\ui],ind Vdltai).'" Ilu^h ibe 
Wolf (Littributcd unODf tbtun land* la hi* county. 
He gam to l^nolr tlia town »nd Undi of Ilaltou 
near the riinr ^lerary, and niailv hlni bii coiiitabli; 
luid hrrediCaiy iiiniahal— that la, nb«ii<.-tFi Ihe 
cuuiit of Clioicr was at WW, Liiioir and Ids bcln 
n'ere la maicli in the tdq uf Ibv iihole uciij in 
tfuJuK oiil, and brinjt up tbo mr-ru&rd on thn ir. 
treiit. Tbry had, ai Ibcii atian) ot the booty taken 
fruiri (lie WeUh, ihe fuiir<foatml beaila uT all d4'- 
iiciigiiioiis.'* In time of tirucc they hoA itir right 
of (idiiiiiiiileriiiK jtialicv lor all olfci)<-F> nitbtn the 
diilricl of Ilallnu. and nude thcit ptn6l <jt tl>u 
flnra. Thi<tr aFiiiuiti rt^oyt'd tho pmlltfje of 
buytni; in the market uf I'lie^Ier before ajiy odd 
fltc. iiitlcH lliL' cuuiil's serrauls bad picienlFd 
iheiiurlrM llitt." Be«idr4 Ibcao umonlite*. the 
couttablu Nifc^l i-^r l.ciioir ubl^iiii-O far biaavelfatiJ 
tail helw the ranlrul of llic tuiLiIi and stroel* during 
tha fairs at Cheater, the luUi uf all Ibe ainrktta 
within thr liniita uf llallon, all aniniali fouad 
aalray tii tlir saincdiitrict,' ' and, lutly, thi- right of 
•4^1*^, acd of acUitigi with au cDtire frradom 
fr^nt Uix itnd toll, every nort of mcrrhAiulUc vx. 
ri"pllti({Mlt and hor»ea." 

lluuduil, Ihe fint of ill* livr brutben. Iii-mne In 
ffCiKiir nearly wbal Lennlr vrat tu (-'lutit lIuKuet: 
he vtaa beredllary scneKbal of ihv vuiutublv vf 

llallon. 1.4tiaUi ho lord, ff»v* Uini fur hia m r- 
riee and homa^ the Unda of Weatoii uul Ath- 
tou." He was entitled, out of the prnflii of llin 
war, lu all tlie bulla takeu frau the U'clabi* and 

" tTam Ri>1«ra> de Maloytwi alili^UE iitvmllni ftn 
mulliiin CnaUma iBBinilnaiB oOiviLil. (uidailc. VttaJ., 
p. (la.l 

'■ Mi)i[i'llliud<11nn. lOmtm-nrllen. Tul LMriU.') 

** III aataMnouiun* lltifoaD.nraLlqiiiilaBlhkUIJantnilBe 
I41«dliu It turn tMo f<i«*Ua noKuat qUsqM Iml.c*. 
(HmuAAiiKlU.. Uiwdale. U. ItT-l 

» It* prm^Jt |xn|uMii Id WtllU umla •titin^k d»n< 
•ocuni mfiKiiin lawc <|iiatui>T iniiiiinir. llliiLlJ 

■■ I'-ntanl miui-lli ■iil niil^ ttrnfin In tttiijif, al4 canial* 
miuMrl iiimriiTrtiiL tlW.I 

<■ Onnia asliull* nioMia. fatllai tTt]^. ttbid^ 
|J. ITT.l 

» I'lwtft «! M >qu>M. nUd.! 

l< Pm li-inikfluM vti'lllmii". (Ilihl, )??> 

" a<t<twaai" *n*(i>' iC'iKorr. rl n- mI ttpt mniHo 
««lBtlaislM^ -Ni; A.ti'NUjriuin.) 






Vktinci <il liirtk ulIpaiMl. 


ox aa t KDontpvnw la Ui« iiiu)>«t-tTniii 
who nrrinl liU linnnrr.* EdwaH, Ihr k<oiu1 
Irolltrr, ivrrlrwl from Uif conaubic two bonuu 
«r Uail •! Wniloii;* two othrn, Ynlmkr ■nil 
llonuin, Joictly recited « donuiu in Ui« villi|^ 
of Runrarac: xnA tlm fUfh, lumml Volhn, ifho 
trii > print, oliliiincil llif rlniirli of Ituucuriic.* 

Time I'uriutit ilrUitii nr?, in lhL'niiiHir«> K'urcc* 
If irurlliy of iioIkL- 1 bul tlitj in*j wtUl tlic n-iiili-r 
to pirlunt in Kit irfLA^iiiulion tlio vuriiiitu nrcnn ai 
Ihn nmijnMt, kiicl giv« in ihi> ftrti of jrraun iin- 
]ii>f1ti>n> tholr KTiinliM liltt.itlnl ralourlnif. All 
Ihr. aTTiint(rln«liI> nf inlrrriili, all the nhnrltiK °f 
jHiMFwiiona and olllcrJi nhlnli lank place in ihn 
pri>riti«c of (^'hrttvr, brtwcrii th? Nonnkii t^^ 
vtmor, hialint liral4!iuol, and thr U«ntniant'* iiro 
tamjianioiif, fiio a trve ind failhril tili'i of Ihc 
mnHCiiuui u( Ilie mm! kind 1)1(1 at lli» *uu« 
tlma En c^rr^ |>ruiliiw nf Eb],')Md. Vhen thv 
ti^tr fIiiII ticrraftvi meet vritb th* lillen of coutil 
«( mul, cnniliLbli', and >(<n<a(^lll^ — whfu, in thr: 
ruunn uf thin hialory lin flnrin anr rncniion nf Ihr 
(ttm nf luaiiDtlal cmiila, nf markcla, nf TnlU, nf 
the (irnfita of nnr aiiit a( Jii)ti>rii, — IpI him Imnicili- 
nt«ly GaU to miuil lfu(iiri d'Airanchiti. hi* frirnd 
Nigvl, an<l tliF flir brother* wlio nnH with Nii[rl 
OrliMloir: t)l«tl, ]>«tti«pf, lie n-itl p^rc^iir aomt 
nalitjf und»r tiim# lillm anJ fonauliu, whirh. If 
CXMiBLinl mparl fKira iiiFii aiiil trauiartiuiiK, Iia«i- 
an lilUlinl or doublfnl rtianuli^r. VI f taial Iraitl 
backi and be nnful t« trivntlfj tliv tiiukiiic din- 
ncter* and chief mMi, tlirouvh Ihr obacucily of 
dbUM a^n. and to nptvmnt tban to oar ImaJ^n- 
alloii ta If (till liTinjt and aolinu on that loll nrh«K 
ercn thrp dnii uf thiHr rmntbM relict i« no lander 
ta be founil. Fot tliMc piiTjinsTtHi mauy putleirfar 
IWda, muiy tnJindud uamc* now Qbvcuro, bate 
been dMi^plndly introduced into tliia narrdliTc. 

I.FI the rcadpr dwell upon them ; t«i him Imifiine 
i^ld ICnjcUwl once OMCv peopled itilh Ihr Ini-iitMi 
anil iJiu tani|uiatiad of the «lcmith (Ti-ntufy; Irt 
blin li^runt to himKlT the diflrrrat pcnitina of tfie 
ai>lon ii> Uial niuiUicoiilfit, tbrir jutiD|{iii(rtc«t>, 
[lirirUtTfn* lanonogw, lh« cxuttalioD and inaaknce 
(if Uif fotmtit, the Inject wnldifdnCTa and de^;iaif 
uf iJic Uticr. antl all iha ifltalioB and tloleiuw 
wU«h ht the oteemvy accotDpaaimiot of a mar 
ad u(«r>>*c*mt«m belWMfl lw» fCtcM mnmei of 
mankind. Rviyd huaJrfd yenn baif: olrod)- 
imurd away «lnre iheae nru cnated ta brealhr, 
■Incv ihpir hn*rU ceaanl to hnX. with pride or 
with *ijrCTin(:— bill uliat tipiiSitt Ibe flaw of 
iimr to Ihn imafinallwi 1- — to thc brfgbl era «f 
trhlch tli^ paat 1* niMfa»i»f •), and ma th* Gloria 
liukt* bj the Sftion of the [iroiant upoK iti d««ll- 

I n bi«n TmUl M OHllMBhoiaa. (NimmI AoaliB.. 

■ Daw hmklM Ivrnr in WrAa. (IU4.) 

■ OH.«M»w*<HtoliH> III II 1 11, at Hai ^*l laihi^i 
4t naiMaa* XlfAu. (IHd.i 


TnoM TTiB roRMATiotf <>r tms cam* at tmvai n 
1112 isLK or nLT, T» THE mmmtnt or ru 
ladt aAXOM dUErraiK. 

A.[>. 1070 to 1076. 
TiiR whole eountry of the An^o-SavniB vm dim 
mnqupred. Erom tho Ttrvnl to the Land'* £ul, 
and frurn the n-a uf Ganl to the Serem; and iht 
Kii|[lhh population wia ■nhdiHd Ja ever; part ol 
tlM Mlaiult and sTmwed In th* pmnurn of ih* 
umy (if tliclc ronqvei«r«. Tbera wua a» lai^f 
anv fttv pminm, aaj maana uf Fngltitniiti 
unuod In aimt. or under mililai^ organiBUo*. 
A fow upanila bandi, the renmanu of lh« SaiMi 
annic* or xarrlMn*. weiE to be mrt «-ilh h«iv 
aiidtbcn;; loldim nlie were wiiJidiM lcadn*.*( 
chjrfa wiiliout foUiiwari. Tho var WH oonllaHd 
cailybj'tho mceciaiva jmniiit aftrr tlieae pwU«tn< 1 
IhH Diurt cuiuudoablo Bmoag IhMD w*r« aolmiiiii 
Jiidiftd and candenuuid ; the real were placnl U 
tb« diHCJclioii of ibi- fori;l|tn auldlen, who Buik 
lltriii »wtf> uu Uidi acquired caiiitea,' ur freqnonily 

lubjrirlnl Uimi to miMaue, uudcr iikIi cUciuii- 
itatiept of butwrity thai an auctenl hiXvtiaa, 
alliidii;)! In the aame, rrhaed la enlnr on the de- 
laiU, a* bcin^ oflher iiicauceiiiUilcor haurdoM to 
rvlat«.' Such uf ilw Tvuiuiihrd a* had any 
nttau* IcR of rL|>at(ialiii^ llinuAclir* rrfMirol 
wectward lo the jiecl* of UiWk, or ba tboM ef 
Scollaud, whern thny piiihaTkt>d, and wVBt, aa thv 
old aim da pxpnw il, lo range UiTMl^ '*'**'#' 
klii£iltijni, eihibitluK *^*^^ aoirowi and niwriaaiu 
a aUlc of csile." Deunurk, Korwar, and Uw 
oountnei wliirrc ih« Teuloiilc dialccti were apnkt^ 
wen in ^iirnl the dtatuialioD of Ibr eminiaBIa: 
rniie of tha Enyliib fngitUra, liowvt«r, ««r« see* 
to dlnci Uielr rounr lo the aaulli of Europr. and 
craif ail mijlucn aiitong nacioni of entiivly diSrt- 
out ori^ and ipr^nn a differrnl laii^a^-, 

Thv rrpiirl of the higjh ftiour wkicb the Soan- 
ilin!iTi>n gnani of ihe Greek cmpi-rf r <«jo]-ed Ml 
ConuUntinApli.' ii-mjiled a number ef fomng sn 
to »ri-k ihi'Ir fortune iu that quitter. A lio^JFttf 
th(«F, tiniiinic iiudcr the coniniand of Siward, let* 
rairrlj Ihv i:bl<-f <jf U lone tsiEir hire, udrd paal tlM 
roBiU of Epivio nnd diin-mbcu-ki'd m Hkll]', wbeiKC 
they despatched a meatcnger Ia the ini|M-Fial cunt 
witli oflVn of ler^r.' Th^ir jirupuMil vna ai!> 
copied, and ihoj wero IncorjioratMl in th* wtM 
GOrpBwIticb, under ik Tudcaqna or Teutonic nrar 
of Varingfl, guarded the chamW of ibe Circck tm- 
pemra, bad the euMody »f the key* of tboa« ctlii* 
In which thry WMc quatteied. ondwrM wnMiniM 
the appointed guanl of ihu pablle irruury. TU 
VaHnp, Ol Varatiga acuoidinx ta Om-k prnnunrl. 
alion,' cf>uiUi«d generally of Danei. Swcdaa. <« 
tieemana; ihejt unrc tb(.-i( hair Iobk, after lie 
manner of till' nortbnm nitionsand their priueapl 
irnpoui uf offi!nc« wer» the hMvj- two-e<lg««l u«, 


• S'nUWaipni J«Wlniil>, wiriipwantoaaito Blnuiw 
ID anrltniMii (tlinno. Saxoa. fn*., tt ftnloe. biHlMl.. 
S. Ottaami. n,.^ ecritA nv. Mlla <I KHrlc, w, 

• UinldakhiKJBamidiaidla.Mobataauai 
IbrUHli UKHlibil.. ( IIMhU Klkraii.. .Ml hk AokIW. 

wf.p>.. n^t ^ 

* fn ilMu N«ai na{. ^nlmt«* (iriiH , 4* Purdaa )W 

> TdDH tlM irr. Nomv. il. 3M. 

* Fi»eih.ilot — ■ii»a«<U»»OTJwe»whlU.|WBaW 


SatiKU ill ri-iutmiUdOJi!*- 



irhtcb tb«; bora [n their Innd *ad nvlril on Ihr 
rStfbt ihoi^dfr. Thi* bMty of troop* hul n fl«tv« 
moA ionaiAiblf tkppMranF«, atid hail hran rv- 
namtril, fur wrenl ««nttirlM. (or lit drict dlicU 
jiliuc ukI ir*ll>praTeii ttdtliiv, Thp txUD|>Ic of 
lk« fnt Sawiia vilio obtullud thriuivUc't lu tllo 
«ur|u WW folloirrd h] ollii-ra; uul il Ictigtll Ibc 
Vkrinp wi>n> cbttlly cniBfnita4 of rccruiti arrinnf 
tnit <yf Entail, or, m the Grooka in that InnguBfc. 
■rill clirakal, iPTmvd tlif m, Bubuiun of tlie Uluid 
«f Ittlnlt).' 

Tlic Aiij;l4-3uon Idiom, or mUief a inUcd 
diAt««l of SuoD anil Dnnifli, b««aDi«, (o the ex- 
dtMian of Cire*k. the officitil l>Dpjig« of thM« 
nsrd* of the iQi|icrial palacp : Ic wii ts I)ii« 1aii> 
ftMge tlul llivy Tvn'ii<;il tlipir ordei« boia Ibcir 
ehieftt uul In -wlilcli tlii-y nJdrtMcd the I'lncFruri 
on lfc» i|«j» "f grrat jiuhllc fritital, whiii otfcrini; 
hica thoir congnltiUliiina or HMunnn'* nf lojt- 

As to lh» Anfflo-StionH who wanld not or 
■wadd DM cmlffnii/', rannj c>f thrm wmKht irtujie la 
thv fvTcro irith i1i<Ir fainillc^t, nnd. If ihrv u tre 
rich ind p<7T>ci*fiil, nitL ihcii Kmiiti and thvir 

Tlie i;r«at r«uli alon^wliich the KonnxD ran- 
vajv paawd wm Infi-tled by llipir aimfd bniidii ; 
•M iMjr took bocX frum th« cunqarron bj- itretiu 
fCO) wliBl tlie couqueron Ind Ukvu by forci; ; thuii 
ivrawrinif ni*»u>inurtlii'irliiliiittilaiir<4, i>rairrni[. 
in( bf aiKucinttlnn thr miuiarrr nf Ihvir fpllow- 
manirj mrc. * Thiw rrfiigprt nrp railed brlnmU 
hf (lir hbtoriuii friendly lo the Cimqunl, * wh» 
vpeak of llirii) la llivir ■CMunia aa of iimu wiUullf 
aiul wickfltjr armvd AgaJnal % teiriU ordfi- of 
•ndelj. ■* Eoi^h day," toy Atj, •■ wut eotata'Mei 
a number of llirfiB and mnnl«n, eaux^l by IJii> 
tultml liUanv at llie peopli? and Ibi; immraM- 
licha of thiakinsijum."* But thir iiatirr pnpii- 
laUon miuadcred ihcj tiod a right (o roaka: tlic 
ftMplHtv of lirh'i uhirb bid bcni lkk«ii fiviu 
tbltDMltra, and. If tlinj- benni? robb^nr, it tra* for 
■o Mlwr parprup llian ro ri'i'oi'cr tbeii own ]iro- 
pritjr, Tbe aacUl order Whlrh tbry row ajpiiiiit, 
ud th« lai* nhlch Ihrf violaicdt had no MiiititT 
in ibclr ratlniition : twl lltu> llu- Eiijiiliili wuru 
outlaw, ' (TtMUJ-inon) nith ImniaJiirJ tuiii. mlibvi', 
banAll, or btlfUid, Ihunrcfurwtrd loil tl> itlagrafw- 
ttt atfOlStrntion, and uriu i-inploji'il by llir ean- 
fumd poofik in a morr fntuuiablr Ught. Olil 
aanMim and lcgriid>, and Ibt pujiulu ronuiun 
<rt tk« Elmluh, htw ihrd *. kind cf piirliir lint on 
Ih* rtarartar of the bold nutlaw, and mrr Ihc 
mndMinf and rnifwCnutiMl lUo hu Ird ii* i]|f 
yram woada uul (ladn, ' In Uioie niinancLi the 

• iliMBrf BwauM* noiiviriinni •■ ■cfpl. hM. Brnnl- 
«»<«*. tvai, 

• lM4.-11rf<^. Vital, hlH. (CFlr^ul., lib h, awia 
lifl WT. fh— uan,. ji. Ma. 

n«» At4iM. » AllBOl. 1 ».> ^ 

• IW Haldti falnMn niimiB nmlb at mi Ml Mrnillbiu 
•((■■■■MMb. KMnta. Vital, n altj 

• LMbm. Mnamll. (tMnl- 

• P i III I *w^ »a aiiifniltii»)u«.H'tlla^rtpnn«CTlnMMni 
itM. (I^UndiCoIlHtnua. IL tfj 

l»h«B, lb* Aa||l»auaa otlKiiJBtili;, In UUn, 

(Aorirol taltorii at HoUd llood. 

itnlUwrd init!vkluid b alwt^ ponntjcd aa lh« 
Ipijinl uid bnrftit Af mfii ^ hr i* 1h* kine ol Ibc 
fon^st. and foara not xhr king nf Uic r<ranlf7.'* 

The tmnh coniiiry vaiwrlnlty, «liiL'b had matt 
obtiinatrli- mlalrd ilic tnviulcra, bccanic Uw Innil 
of Ihc n-andcrcn In arinv, tht lg>l mode uttmUit, 
•f»lnit prrwtr, bj tbi> viu(|ui>b(H|." The v«ti 
lorNl* in the pmtiiire of Yurh wprr thr haunt of 
s namtrou* band wlui had for ihotr phloT a nan 
■Minrd Smyn, ton of Si^.'* In the nttdlnnd 
couiitl«9i and nsar Loudon, ercn under iIm- wall* 
of lb* Konnan raatli-^ varioiu tiaDd* were alao 
fumnt of llieaf mmi, who, naj the chro- 
nlchrn of ibit ngp. Ti>jpi~t>ii^ alaiwy to Iho 
U«t made the trcild* ihi-li ablilliif place." Thpir 
cuconnttn irith t)ir rnnjiiimr* wvrt ainaya kui- 
gidnarj, and irhni ihcj appeared in any liiliabilnl 
|ih*o it «M a pn.')»l for the faTtigan l« r<doiil.I<> 
hia apnr«aaiOTM thpr«tn; bt puniihc'd th* imanwit 
■nan for th« Miwhjpf donu In biin by thoio in 
armi; and tbcw again, in Ihrir liim, Himptlmra 
made IffTfible viritii lu tlioii- ithiim tbe vuiifU' 
opinion marlird niit a;< fripnd* of th« NomikBf, 
Thoa ptrnctiial trtmr r*i^ned (htvuf^uut the 
eoitolT}^ ; for tn itin duiypr <if falling hj' thf tword 
of ilir fortl^rr, tvhn roniddprvd hitnaplf ai a 
di^misod amonir hnilra, and undmlnod nciiber 
(h« prajen. nor lli« nrxumcDta, nor the ticuiM 
pr*frrr*d fn th* langnagv of the «in<}iiercd people, 
trn* nltn ailil^d Ihnt of biing fcgaj^lcd ai Ifaitma 
In thirir Batiti! land, ur of liHtiy •uipwtrd tn ht 
«nrh, by ibr IndepFiidcni Buoiia, nho «r«r« h 
iDDGh moddracd bj ihrir dnpnir »m thr NorimiM 

wrrp lij tJioip piide." Tha» JIO £ti|;ILshmB itmild 
vdnlent «vi-n into thc^ ncif^baurl)i>(>d of bla own 
dwelling: but virry Kn^itihniati who had taken 
Iht oUbof ppsec and dvlitrrpiIhuitagM to Ibe Can- 
qapror kfpt hU hiiiiM- barmi and fortiScd likr a 
toini in a itnte ofaltitc.'* It wa> filled with arms 
of pT*iy kind, with huwt and arrow*, aira, maccci 
Ai>ai7r Iron f:'rka. and dn^nr'^'* ; ">'' 'hf* d'viin wvt« 
tirillPil ind harricadcit. H'lii>n ths hour of real 
nrriicit. ot thp time vf mnkiaff all fs^^ Ihi" head nf 
the family ri'pratfd aland llie |i<iajrri in that »fr 
uHd »( urn on ili(i utiiiriAch of n »t"rni, and *aM, 
" thn Lsnl htt^n ukI help iix ; " lu nhii<h all pre- 
•cnt iniwerrd "Amen."'" Thi* euMotn «aiM<d 
In Etigluid fiir mur* than two mnturlea alter thv 

In the nonlicm pan of Cambrhlimhifr Ihrrr 
i* a great extent of low and manhv land, iiiloraertcd 
bjr rixeri ; all the itivama from the cpbH* of Pjtf- 
land whlt?li do iwt All into t)ii> vt\U'j of the 
I'tiauica, or thai of ilie Trent, find ihi-ir way Into 
llWfe monuKa: In winter Ihey ovrrOnw Ihdr 

* A aoreaw>'>Mi><baa I cm nne 
t.Tia H« la ciMlult^. 

— (KIHnn'* HoUa Htod. a mUotUm i4aiHinU *-"-'- It. 
Ul. Lnudua. If».> 

■• tMd.. iHMlia. 

•■ Manul. Ad||I.. LMt 

■■ DHiilani wiiiiviii lalraauin. rilW. MnDaalnii BtWIA- 
nula, ipiiil UOitv, cm% bttdtnOi. It.-iit,. I. *al- ) 

>■ Jufiia «MMnillbii« MTTlwai*. (M«lb. l*tMk tlla> a)i- 
haiiiin i. Ulwni. t. ft.) 

■• \<«nnlM t lupsrW dtdxbaMni. ii'iJers. Vital, 
lili 11 , ■|iiil ictlpLni. Scntiami., |. <m 1 

■■ P-n iliir'fi' iniftr ipirl'a'Mlrii in iiliilliiidim 

(Math. rada. ilM kbbaL 8. AUmU. 1. 1»!\ 

H ftwvquaidlaitatoaalelamajUfii^rti. (IU4.> 

■< Qh em-wtb^D »>qaJaA aoMra l— | wa aiaiawtft. 
(M»lli. rirU.laM>alua>.) 

HI Hiihup Bcliaklk. 
Atibui •itUirUi, 


S«no cliigv rrli-l. 
XinluUiju <if BMaiilnim. 


liaiilu, carer a Urs« parlioo or the rouuuji maA 
src lottdnl ntilli npout* aiul fof". Oii« put of 
Uiis huHiiil Hul mirj rvfiiM) ma, UBil ■■ Mill. «Uetl 
Dip ills of Rlf, aasllur tbn t>li' uf Tliam<?y. ttid a 
Iliircl th« Ula af l:n)yluiil. ThU n»H}' diiDiii^ 
tfiil (if iha &mi vTiw unpm-tkiblE fat ca\-».\ry biiiJ 
fur licniy-irinal foot wiltlien; il liod muru lliati 
uncc wrTFi] u n nfBgilo tlie Saxom •! tbt ]n;(ioU 
of tlic Uoikith mnijutct ; ' itt the einu- a( Ihr jrat 
IOt:u ICbMTimi! a palalof K-nilloii fur aonii.' baudB 
■if jiariiHuis vvliMi ttixtu taxkiu* «|aiirtRn hiul 
ruriiii-il )l)(rintirlir* iii n-alaUncn Id the Nonniuis. * 
Ha&j vUcAt, liciiiWcJ of tbitir iobtritancr*, *w- 
ecMirdj re|Mliod UiillitT with llieir udhrrmta ) 
KtDM nrooecdii^ bj t&nd. olhcn in hoib likewiM' 
Mwnaiag fitam iJieniuuthi urUie ri\rn iif Ihecait 
COMI. TIm iMlriot baud* Uiua aaMtiiiblcit in tIip 
feiu raianl totRin sttuiiic cutnTni:liniiciiU Ibrmcd 
cif Kxb Kiting oa pitM> and vMnMinhcii aii import- 
ant felvtiijn tiF BRIM wLirli n^rcitvO I}i« nsjno of 
tlia C«i»{i of tMoar. Tha Xorman ■tniigvn 
hraluiwl, finm thii llnit. ta niakn in altnck umiiUi 
Ibi' riiihca and Mtlow-favdi, niul thui li^ft La ihc 
rcfimitn aiii|)l(i lima lo urntl ■iii.-«agva tu farioua 
pU«*a botli iu BQit oDt of thp NU&trf, ouiiirryiivjl 
inuUigviicc emynhnv lo the frirndi nf old Kng* 
kndi WhBu tlwy bail bL>cuini.> auKlcivtill] Btrooi 
ihaj roiumeacfil a paitiu,u utrftrv lij land and 
M^ ur, aa itie cQttqucron icimtd iJw *aiac, a »]•- 
ti-ai uf pincy aud robbery. 

F.M'fv lUj, how*T*r. brao^hl to Ih* ramp of 
tltete brtgULilt and pitatn In ihi' goixl Mute aouic 
Sawm of hifh mik. laimuL ui prii-^l. bringing 
■loag villi him tttn Uit irmaaDt of liii foitunp, or 
Um caotribu lions of hia church. Anran^f maay 

ollMn nniF Kftlirlrik, tridinp of LiDiliifam, anil 

Slilirik, abbot ofa monaMfty in De*anahlri!. 'Hie 
Konoan* ar«u«ed tlie pi«IUM ofuuini^ng r«ll)ctou 
■nd (UttiimourlnK Ihc holy clivirtb, hjr atlarblii); 
UiMDwIvM to a erinlntl au MCtt lansaoui prti- 
ftaiioB i * bul aucb talcrctted rvprv3cli«a l>> no 
mcdn* dlwuadcd Ibem. The txuniplc of th« iu- 
■utpml pKliln wna aa raeouis^mmU lo mm]} : 
aiul (belt ucauilnncjt otvr tlie mindi uf tnrn, 
vthvilier it were (or govi or &r hunn, y/at biovt- 
able lo Ihu niur of the patriot*. The eocleiUslica, 
wllo ignlll tUi>n I>ILP|1 ihnwu but 1j(I1# &njnur ill lllin 
(SUK, umtpd Ihi-iDMliP* vilh II mora fniiklv : 
nitn] of ihnn, it It Iiiii*. hnd n»h1y iti-toti^ thi^m- 
vltn ti> il from ihn tint ; but Ihc jrpat ini«i hsii, 
with rci^iiril lo Ihctonqvrroni, appliril ihi* njimtolic 
piv-rvpt tii ■ubEuiiticin to Ihc j^o'vrniln^ auTliority' * 
'I'hpy hi'! »iKirrp<1 I<m( in gencrbl ttnta the ton. 
qiii'tL tlmn th« mt of the nation : Ihcir landa hnJ 
iioi all brcn arlwd ; (hFir huiuta baA noi been 
rrtr;ivbrrc fluUicJ. Iu ihc i,Tt«t balls of lite 
iiiuHuipTit*. liila wk!i-h ills Nomian iptei had not 
yp< prnrtnled, IIie Soieii Uity mold antambk in 
tftrtl uuitiberi luidcr prvtvit of atirndln^ lo Iha 
irii-iciieii v! ilcToiiun, iud could Ihornio <lrllbi?rBt« 
and consplr* togrcker in fo.tnpataiiTc aecvrii}'. 

I SivRMklLp. 11. 

* Ad IMi'iiviD Witoni TlwniFiB fUclniM. 
(Tliiiiaiir UiiiltiKiji-, liHl- oiai^if Vwt^i ; Auaitt tarn. L 
^a.>— Hiafv'- l&iql£ CrojrlaDil-, mfuA m^ At^lig, mjl}^.^ 
I. *l. ml. (liLlr, 

> nnaian afvuanu. MU(l«i*m pnllHit. ml*tlnni in- 
bma^B. {V-m. MalBirb. 4b Im(- toniK. ,^BEl^ 111). 11.. 
apail trr. Aaftle. BTlpL. ««. nl ^tiU.l 

* PiHMu ■M11.U dlmiib', Dvtu •«><«(. n(na buio- 
riOnU. (Onlrilc. Vltal..ipa4 KtiiiL mi. ><ita>ucn . |i. »ng ') 

Thrj caiiinl with them mitli TDUiicja ai Ibejr had 
pretrned froui tbr ilf Uaot Kfutinv of the can' 
qwroTS, and \rt\ tliem depotlled Iu llio Imaiu) uf 
Iht holy edifice for Ihc tupfiorl of Ihp uatiiiaal 
mile and lh# mBintL-n in [rtr of Ibeir eblldr«n if 
iliBiF ■hould thciuxlvea fall iu ai'tiun. SomMlmM 
Ilic abbul of a runiiiil wuutil Iirr3k up tbc platta 
i>r fcol'-ti 'I")! TDmOTD Ihe Jeivclx, iriUi nhlcb iht 
Raxon kbif^ hid oi lAd dcrtir^l^l Ibc altars and 
(hrlmn, thua dicjio'iiti); uf ihplrrtc>jal gifli for the 
wdfuipflf that enantry which that* Vtogaliad lond 
(tiirmK lifi^. BrnTc and mialy ni«Mnig«ia ««« 
riDplaycd to ran*!^ the product of Am« cuoiiuan 
conlributioDi tlirou^ the Norman [igata to Hh 
campnf IherefngtM;^ Tiirt Thnn puriftlr niiMiiria 
cunld nut loD|i rfmalii mitvi. 

King WUliain, by ilie adrfcc oflVIUiun aon of 
0«brrt,hl» >cnctcbd, qutclilf ordiritil prnjiutitioiB 
to bi< made in nil th<r conrtiitii of Eii^laud. 'Hie 
Tnon<7 n-hbh thp rkh £i>^Uh hid th>>T<-iii d(. 
puiilcd Hni Ki'iMd by liin order, u wore ino«t 
of the prftioiu iraiela, ihriiiM, aiid oniBi^enti* 
The charlprs also, which ccntjitinl tht ■ 

iiromiiei of tlcmcncy and ciiuiil juiiiri' ■, 
nwi»:n kiiig f'sH lii-rHofiin-' vhilc jtr ,. ,. 
certaiTi of iriairilsliiiiij lilt itrlor^', were al iIk 
atnit* liiTH- tskrn ikimy from the ehurehot whrrvin 
Ihrr had hccii ricpnallcd,' ThI* gnat *iKdi»llou 
took pinec in Lcul, which, ncrordinf- 1" iIif M 
•(jio of the ealciidnr, tcrmlnnlpd ihc j-rtr lOTO; 
and in E»iter-wfck 1071 there arrlicd ia liji)(!a>>d, 
pur«mtit tu 3 jirevl'.iut rctjueil nude bt WiMU*, 
three Ifpte* from llii! apoklolie trr, vli. IlitiiriifVuf 
biiliop vt HirMia. luitl the cnrdlbatt Jnliu auil 
Pclcf. Tbo {.'oiiqU'i^ror foimdrd gtutt drUjiii aa 
tii« prMcnce of tlie^c eti«r<yt trum hit alty [Kipe 
Alexindtf. and kept tliem near him tor a nhole 
yenr, hurioiiriii^ ihem (wijii an old liitlutiuii) ni 
if lIii- iqiinla (.it UoiX't iitiftU.* Iti Ik*- ti-i.i-t ..f 
ihu bmiiic. irhirh ^<ru tliea wanlut: t!.' 
by tliuutaiijn, brlllimil fctthalt wcretc'ii 
the fiiidficd piUte of "Wineh^ttcr; \Urn< ll.v 
Kcinion rJnImaU, phc^iiig Ihe I'mwi afrvhh on Ilio 
bead of Iho Norman kill);. vlfiiTed the «alu male* 
diciiiin nhicli Eldri-d acrhhiihup of Yoik bod pru> 
nounecd agaitut him.* 

After lhnt# feitiToli a grrot nurntUy of Ilk* 
XnrmUia, tayinen ur oiieda, who had been m»i* 
Inordiiinlflv irfHllhy bj conlUi-ilInK the luidt itf 
Ihr KiiKllifi, irni lu'ld it Winrlii'drr.'" At Ihl* 
oKH^mbly ihc; Saxciii blihop* vcrc aviuiDODcd to kp- 

* XA ciijui mxHbmn CatiUiu Min fl i— la te Wfca 

ivelniv. tn KUrntrm iainum odtoiit inooaa Elhos 
bwt- F.liiiiiiit : An^lia ^Aa. i. Ai)9.) 

* PHueian qnam dllluR* .%biiQ, prupler Uliiu tu^nl 
tBtfin 1^ iliiiamiuaMiaa la (4i dffONaniJt. autTd . . , )>■•■ 
•ti, iHiK. KlWnaU. iipuit iri- Aaglle. Kiifi . ti- . *<a. «il 
niIa->-lViuiluuli>i3tuiluBiii[an>uuutciU. ti:iti«t.r 

fM§.. aulr Anni> MLXKI., ayitA <]«.«■ i',A. I'W. ^ol. *L *i 
Itnrai.V- Callnliui (I fri<iiili unu jirpricU. ITlwin* Xuf- 
bd(ai>ld«.m4D(«'|BLog.. ADBlutHer*. i >)'.> 

' Ouaatwiu* la •|U."uai liunuiilmi ii>il>llii \B(ll»a**- 
IbldKnt. nl ituiu tet. In •■Hii innibii. uliwi-i Mini.m h )B> 
■ ■Itnit (Uilh W>,(ni. flonrblH.. li.SM.) 

■ Aurlteui (1 liDDiiitni ru* laouaAni aufrlii* IM. l(M«lr. 
Viul.. lili. It,. ikTiuri taripl. m Koim*Dn„ p. Bit.) 

* Cinliiialn KuausB «(!•■)■ cnnmu •! tatiawllai l» 
piwwniiil. (Il.iil.)— In n^tm AuaUnua aoattfaMaraM- 
{Vu l^.f^iK^t. >p>Hl -aift. ioi.U*lIk.rt PiHMicaU. H.) 
— SawliHili IV |i kl. 

>• Usui rfiiil-- lium NoMiui'lTuilitfd kHl wnBara^ 
alllitamiiiKiliirWiuilusitei. ?<« o>'UKUu,<;s(KUI«llafla* 
Vfitui.. I. n). 



V«r«i MAhtmmltt II- 

THE XOBMUS CONQLIEST. Ar.f.i».i,.T i-„>,.... 



p(w. In tbe aune «f ibo Mipeiior kathorily vf tiia 
chunh of Haaf, bjr slicaUre, iKc huif^tj aljl* of 
wlurh iiiighl foran-un than of (Jm cuuwqBOBCC* 

iriil«h UU* fmi toimcU, u it ma cdlnd, aiiut no- 
tKmmrOj haw with nf»d to tteniBltM. " Al- 
diotiSb iha church of RotM." Mid the legates 
**peMi«M the rf^ to wueh otu the ecoiliirt gf 
•U cliriiUBM. il iiii>t« MpMially belong* to her fa 
Ingulf* fnW roar oinnl* «nd jrour wajr of llh ; of 
jDMS Mpaeulif whuni Ae romwrijr InttntctMl In 
tbo hiUl of (.'hriitt, Bud tu nr|iBjr Id yoa th« iletsjr 
of tlwl Uth which )«« bold f[«m bcr. It U In 
ordoi to anvU* over jour p(v«oni this nlntary 
liwfuiirlim thkt wo, th* minLilen of blMMd FeWr 
UtO B|MMI>li bMBg the autluiriMd rapnawiltthca 
at our lord pope Akuiulrr, hate mohtA Co hold 
K oMiiiril wiik jruu, thoL WO nay imlom our- 
•tlm of tb* bod lliliin wlitdt ba*« tyraag up 
In tlMi itnoyMil »f tbi* iMiti, *m1 naf puki ui it 
thin^ ]mU»bi« lioUi for the liodjr and br Uie 
aodl.'* ' 

ThB miK WMc oi thcM mpttrioin worda wia, 
ihM ill* new Wine, in accorcUnc* with Ilia pope, 
ha4 rewind on Ih* •ItnnkunMot dapovilion of 
Bho whole bodjr of the hither ri»nfj of EngUah 
miffim i anal th* t(««tPi hail airlri-d trotu Kmae la 

Sto ikiii colour of rclltlun to a mcunrr piueljr pu- 
ical. Such wb* the purpoK of their niHWuHi 
awl the (woUte whMn the; flnt dnrk was Kil|aiut 
tRhhbhof of CaotariiMry, wholuul dxrvd to a)iBwar 
In una ngidiut ih* ftmipur. and had rafiiafd to 
aBBlMUmhing, But theae hi* roal offniCDi weto 
■M lllnail. iBil Um KUlence of hU cuclnUsticol 
llglMMtM) waa gtoundail oti ollisr tauaei, — ml 
■MM Aai*M< prawiM, lo un tha luyuje of lb uM 
htetorfaa. ' TKb orjlnatiafi of IIm ardibidirip wai 
dailiiwl IntaUd ; Ont, fi>r haringpananat^ hiiuwlf 
of itw atvUcphrapBl we of Canlcrburjr in titr lilVr- 
ifaM of tlM Nontna arcbbfabop Bobcrt, whum tho 
H^m* had dritrn away; »(«oiully,fDrhivliigaatd 
I lu th« poutihil hithlt or palllutn that b«- 
laa^wl mlu the aiid Kobnt, *o pxil«l by the Eng- 
litk Batten i laallya br haitnx ncciicJ hit own 
polllwa from DeneOlcl X>i viliu had bcca dcclaicd 
anU-p4jVf aod b^d bL-tfo exfaiiunuiiiral^ by thv 
rhnrfh.' Aaaoon bk Uii! frtcuil ot Liiift llirolii 
ami of hia coonliy bad bn>ii, wcoiilinii to tti« ec> 
ilaala^ii il exprradun, itriclu'ii likr a harri^n Itit 
liy tbc a\o af nirrvcttiili,* his landa tvcir tcUet) and 
iliii<ln1 WlWffi kii<>[ WiUiaai, hi* brolhcr Odo 
liiihop of Bajrui and AdeUaa wifii of Hugh At 
UraatKiaail, wlia, huing iloubiic** voodlUleid by 
ihla tojal gnat, cuai' to dwell in l&if^iuiid, uid 
braofht om her htuband LtLcwiw.' Tbe aune 

blow waa aini«d al ihaia^luli l)iiilui[H wbocuiiU 
Mi haioproachadwIthaDj'nDUlioiior ihi- cancmi. 
Alataiulm btihop of IJti«lii. Eglu-ltnai lilalmp uf 
Kim A w Kt>*. CgliHrik liiibup of Riivirx. kifihI 
atkar bMojM, and the abbota uf the piuKipnl luu- 

Qt»a iMalUoBlatSatwHllaHltpuUiilaBtraMraaiih 
d ■>■■>««■■ «t oofHns lUlllaU mfUMn jiUiilauiu. 

• HiMoMMa i* Bio valntl tmUn alliWBai. (Ch mu. Wil- 
Mrt1li»lBrfHrt.1l»* ni. Aofll*. awift. iL 4«*.*a.(U.'> 

"I — n -n'l i iiMi n i rrriiili ri-rrn — I — " (Fluii'iii. 

WUMm. OkHV. p. (M>-»H llMb at BBOt ». 

• lal>«m— 1» artwiMB wcnrt"— oa— — l^M'lTm*""^ 
■eMa, (i:hiiia.n<lLlI«Un«li«4a^*>r. jUifUe.Kili>U 

• ih».*u, •.uL.ioL t. lU. I<l.nn«) is). II. p.l4>ei 

BBHerica, were all depoanl at ou« Uoir. When 
lh« tcntencf of dcirradaiioD wna pnidouucvd BjiaiMt 
nay one aaiiiai; llicai, h« wai coupvllTd W •WMf 
on the Gonel that he oonakUred himaelf aa yidd- 
Ibk up hi* dhmicy fbr enr i muk that, whomer hi* 
ROooHMr inl(bi Ml he wmdil not atMayt aught to 
hie dleeredU bj proueiing aminal biin.* Emtb 
deftadod hiilwp waa tlii-n cuiKlucUd eiUMr lo a 
fertrea* or nooaMerr, whieh waa to bo hu ptl- 
auii. Tboae who hail forotetlj been nionVa were 
Anriblx lukru back to tfaeit oM eluiucn ; and 
It waa olBcIaJly publiabcd dial, diwualad with 
the worid and wllh turmoil, it bad p4«aaod tham 
to go and mlift the ancUrit compaUont of Ihair 

StMwtaloflhe dignitarie* of tbc ittxon dturoh 
fotuid tbe moaiucf neaping fram the thrratcnrd 
impriaamiipnl ; both arehbUhop Hiigand and the 
hubop nf l.iiirolii II'>>1 Uito t>r>all&iiil ; l^gl>«lng 
altbnl of S(. Augiiillnn'x, omh'irk*!! fur Lhmmark. 
and. rriuainnl ihrrr, aUliou^h be wu clalninl. a* a 
king'i prUonor cvajx-ili by a iricnpi fium tJw 
Conqumiir. * J^gbelwin Wahop of UnrhAin, when 
on Ine point of departing Into nile, *ol«aiHdy 
miaed tba oppitaior* of ht* eounby, aiii deeland 
them mpuuui from Uie coatfoonhia of abryUtne, 
aocardlag to thr gnTc and dnomy fonnula Ln 
whkli thai Kparatlon wu pronouiMxd. * Hot tbe 
Mund of IhrM! wotd* foil in tain on tbc t^ of the 
Norman hing; William bad prieau to giru iho Uc 
m the Baxnt pfiettih la he had auunla wherewith 
to bmh the awot4a of the Suona. 

Laiilrauc, t)icuionk.uf Luiulnrd urigint whom are 
hair alrcadf Bceu acting the pait of a akilful ■)•- 
Ifiirmiflr u the court of Bomo,"' iraa aiiU liTing in 
Normandy, waa renownid for hi* knewleidge «?tbe 
cinl and rcclMlaatltal law, and waa high In (aiour 
mid ritrrnt both with the pope Mid ihn ncntf- 
dukI? kiug. " The IcgBtnof Alc&andci II. ae- 
IcFlril Ihia *ecl*«!a*tic a« Ihc atic«*iat of Sttgmd 
in Uiv «ce of Canlerbuiy, and WlUlom fully ap. 
proved of their ehoice; ludoMl be hoped nmoh 
iViiiu iht tateuia of LaDftanclnihe worhofcemeo- 
li'Jatlujc (be coiiqiH*!. Quota llaikiUa and the 
nolili-* iif Normandy aagorlj hoataocd hi* do- 
pannrr ; and he waa neeteed with Joy hy the Nor- 
inatu in England, who hypucriiimillj' weUomnl 
Ikiiu 111 UI iuitrurtor, ■eutlijGii'd liiniKlf to refurtn 
(niil llti^jr ) the had norab of the £nirUtli. " 
fnuic; wat appoinl#J archbijibop hy tn» ^leclioo tif 
Ibn king and hli haroni, agninrt the andont cinloen 
of the Analn-K&xun church. In which Iho |HClatoa 
II i-rc cbnupn by tlic body of the clergy, utd iJie ab- 

■ Kfldaiwtiaa nMidli,w mpUa* aoa habilanoi, •*• 
■uciH-aHtt DBtaniitaat aul dannuai llladiram. |iu4>aila ... 
Brinaci). (Laariiiarlaiitn. p. Ml.) 

' I>i''iiktM ad 1I-— [——'■— la qoo 'Ij laiutU nulriiu* 
niimiii'liiK [iwnil. lepalwlk (lUd.)— Aldrwlu* .... tUaa 
AEilHDiliitiBtf ... ia fA|ilSarj# povlut- (MM. nMi«Ai. Aff^^' 
ilnDLtoaU^ AiictU Hcta. I, IM.]~tJiqur «! Diunu ilw Oiu- 
toiLiii naorlpMaa lUla. SUmuli.apail m. AafUr. m*!*.. 
lii. »1», v4< Oala V-la ef«aaal« «n*rt> tmt tJi^Aaui. 
CtbtaL p. ll>.} 

* LvisMln tUliiBi in tXtaUiu, apml xriiA. •«. Dulc^ St. 

lea. lu oial*. 

• /^liinDtl tH>vrH.rniti>raip>iinUii*iii>liAa«lU,iaUa* 
nwrMutn nnmlu lUuniiBuiilHUnaii iuo^i*. (Ifath. 
Wntm. Am. hUiir.. i>. n>.) 

>• Sn Iteok 111. D. aa 

I' \tia IxertaiuV uvuil •riii^t. m. UtIIicd PlMictn, Bit. 
Il..-!.aufraj>i'l upfm, y. f*t. 

>• |ltvhilia>.iii:l>'iiM1iUb)l<lalil>. (Onlcilr. vital. hU. 
•exlciioia.. >ll>. Ii.. .ipuil KiL|it.rt[. XonwaH.. |lIIIv.} 



Cntitrrlinry ami ITiak. 



bot* bytliDnwuJij.' TbUpnctitw wuopcof ihoM 
wbidi Ui* niMiucal could nM leve unoliinf^d, 
and kll Uu< |iowat of ihe chureh, m nrall m that of 
IbD «•!■, would of iMMtaily put fram Uta liuidi of 
the nalrre populaiiua ta IbaL uf Iho conqueron. 
'' When uchbiahufi IjUifrauc mado bl« pulilic cn- 
trj Into (Iw in<>(n>{ivlu, whklt mw curamittod Co liii 
rule, h« cniild net, on Uiia Hnl HcMn-ati, rMial Ibr 
iloflplWIliif of Mdniia nhirh imnic hit lirviil uu 
witiKMlnit ll>a enntlitian to wludi thu Nurmutu 
Imd ndncitd It. Cbriat-cbuti'li at Caulcrburr IuhI 
been waal«d by pUU^ aoit wl oa firr, u)d Iha 

KE «ttar, dMpoiUd «f iU anwmenti. WW klnoU 
Ml twneMh tha nila«.* At WItlUunild* a 
Mund cnvDcll wm li«ld at Wln<l«'>r, ntirn onn of 
iho kinK'H cbaplaloit, namcil Tboinui una appoiDtcU 
nrtlit-Libop •>[ York, in ihc room of tlic 4axou 
KliJivd, who kali died of giicf. Thomui, Lik^Lan- 
fmir, fuuiid hti tnclrapolitnn rhuri'h llfvtrvj'vil li) 
tiiv, wiih aUiUuruiunraiu, ('luirti!ni,till«>iliwlt, auil 
priTEIcm; tliaierfiiairvf lii*ilioouuliiilwMti> bj 
ireaBiiiw<inl,uulUutT«rj NonauMirlio occupied 
it iliuddartiifi U th» *%Ul «f llxir own mwfii-ii, 
and haiilatiBg 10 hrU on tlu land* wliicli Iboy 
bad takara. * ThoinM lonk poawwairoi of all ihe 
damuMuf thr c1iurch»f York; buL,dlJu--rtJitoi>fb 
dut^wt ur ihmoKli mutiul tcniir, tio taiut, viliicr 

Kotnwi or SuMi, would tskr tlwin aa £vnw. * 

(a. D. iml U) 1072.) The pn^in mdI hi* 
own pijllutn to lAiifninr. lii Inlii'n of lattali- 
turp, Kiiil liKuleiJ blm vlth daiii'rliin nmaoffM. 
" I liint; fur jour jin-vrtici- bcrc," bo trrato 
Ui Uu, " uiil only conaolo mjwi£ tar tdut 
abtcnfc by rcHrrtinK on the happy fruiu vrbidi 
£ugbiiii) ia tibont to raqi frum your labuura." ' 
Tbua wrri! Cbii oiUuua upentiom uf Ibe conqtieat 
cloltiL-il, tu Ihr dUlancf. in au aarcvablo tlmai. 
Lanfnuic'i miaaiua ta Engtaiid — hia apnual uid 
avuwin) iniaaiita i fW i Ui vai^hty iKhfian iu to* 
alavuif Uwi Eny^Uh ; anil, bi an bialonan min^L*, 
to •tide tha eonqiii^nid jmm^Io in the triulual em* 
bnora of rnjilly unil tlit piinllinod. ** "IL ta m« 
•ealial,'* obwnnl IianfruLc to kinc WllllaiUt 
"Ibat lh«re ibould be in KiifUnil buiouc mui at 
tbe head of Ihc chui«li, for Itm roynl aulfioiilt you 
have ac^uirvd by cuiiquctt to hf uiaintaiai-d iu iia 
lata^ly. ll ■( niscdful Ibat Uw cliuicli of York, 
tha chiiJYli uf tbal laiiil uf friN|iltll( rfbrlliuliii al* 
tbougb tilled by a Nunnan |>rcLuc, aboaU tiirtrr- 
th«lM« be aubjcct k> tbi- uietixi^ialitajk of Kant : il 
ia, abeiTc aB. aaarniial that Ilia uvhttiakoft of York 
ahmdd nut n^oy iho iinrrai^liTD of crowninic lh« 
kin^ of EckUhiJi fur fcai leal rvinlually he miflit, 

' Utfit vt antoinia i>|tiiIinLum tjua Imiovola rlaeUuiK. 

Sniid.. |i. »1*.)— aannialG pMnm Duncliiwuiii ncltaOc 1 
.n(lii una. i. -nA. 

" r-^m ('BirlrLBnsni pTiioA ivn|ip«l. innxInMn Saltaltfrb. 
riiuoi t»prt< ■eK*}jaral, ItiumJiii *Ui»i* niiida nanit BlUILI- 
AiiIniB ianiiMft. inuBIa oBaWnuilu* «(. (EMHnl blit. 

UOT.. p. ).(•■. IMlCB.) 

> goaalA ..,, atchU^iCDvalun ■armiti. bIvWm mam^ 
at Ivu iT(M><tnil ,.■. t Nmeauni* Atn ■! luaal ptall^ 
fUI dHUiim. limiiBqiuMiurtxalllVW mrtiiifulii wainn 
.... iMiKlaciHuaBrlnAlMiuliiwUUuiv iuTMciiU-pi^lda. 
CTtmnM Btutlte act. H«IC Kbarac.. ilrndtiU Auil.aalut.. 
nl. II tel. tTC*. W. WMmi.) 

< tfU aulest Konaaiwla In laniAio ■uIoku ■Irrrnu-sl, ui 
.. , , Irrni rf bcaaiv. qui alt lAifabutiit. MdMra noai 

■nditn^l. (11.14.) 

■ l.»alt»iu.i npwa. Btfat olaaiial.. fL.3W. 

• IMn trtuum •! f u Jttiaai In awthoa ddilinruluin 
WaliiM (unmilaiTnl antylniH . (Umkl ('.uiliur. iiwi f\t 
dUonlHi tlUar. nmu Oornhi*, •* ■Kliii-v. ]IiU*>Idiiu. 
arul1iW.Ai>||lie. inl^, ml. li.iDl. lUl.viL SalilvDj 

•ilber&mn fear or alIcGtiou,luiil.hiaii^ntr] in tlM 
coniMtaLiouof wMnc iMxoUot Dkuc ak-ctod Intb* 
£njbthliia>tM*orf TFTolt."' Tha church of Cau- 
tntiwy or of tLenl vnu. aa baa bant maa in lb* 
funnel pan af llila wcik, th» llnl diarek fiiaiidad 
by (bo mlaalonaric* aniiisK tnta Rome amMi|r ibr 

^Bkoit p>gBu>.* Fioni till! piiority el (buiubuiati 
there had atiacii the vuriic nation of a tort U 
hiv!:iniii'umi [iriinai!}', but n-ilbout Ihrra havki^ 
hilLcriu icaulLvd luy |iiMiti*c ■upmwicy In fcvoiu 
vf lb« ctisroli of Kuul Yuiicd in Ihaae who had fv- 
veimoit It. Tlia mntropoliUn «m of V«tk bail ra- 
malnad u(ml la fewt to th> othnr, and ih« two 
tuMmpaliluiia had conJoinllT s>«rciM>iI Ihe hifthM 
■iipctJatcndoLicc oicr all Uia bubopilea of hat- 
Innd. * It VTM tbia vrdor sf ibiam lu Ibtt Kiii;Utfa 
oburch that arebbiihop Laulniic uniianoob lu tr- 
duca to an nbaotut* unity, whicb, mj the UaUxiaiw 
nf Ihv a^e, naii a ihiug (fuit« uovi'l, n tiling indaed 
unlttiaril uf bftora (ha ruto of ilu* ?ioriu*na. '" H» 
rec(l<->l anclcral. |iiiTllr)fT«,nud luiuv uinbitpiouaKla 
orditEtnut popea, wbo hatl taken pWaare in tn- 
lifjint; Iheir bflfdias tot iht chuiDb •>f (U«tHbuiyi 
Ihv eldval dauf^hlvr uf iLl- pnpnl iiuth'vrily la K&g- 
laiid. Ho laM it down ut au aiium. ikit "tba 
i^hunli laws uii|;lil lu lluir frum tlui miutcc nbaBM 
the laltli hndbEuudcriicil; luiiJ tiul.aatbe {itiaTlBMa 
□fKenC wa»aubJ0ct (i> Uvriir bncituw itUadr^CDWcd 
chtialianilf Iram her. \hr jmiincf <\( \aA, ia (be 
utdcc uf the taumrchy. oU||kt kir lliu tuaa rtMan 
to be (object to tbatof Kent."" 

Tbumaa, tboHoniunartlibkhapof TafkiwboM 
pcnonal iiidq>«(iiiutic« tUa mcaaiuc went lo il«- 
rtroy, iMlillcd ta Unit devotLoa to tli« cauaa uf ibe 
om^upit Bi lu uudurUktt U onpuae (bia aaw tn- 
Kltutlon. '* H* called opon nia Millca^via tan- 
ttvie to btiui|[ forwaiil aullieiilic acta iu auppoMof 
hi* prttuwloiM. Tbb ic^ulaliiuB irta 1 iiitiaiiaM 
ing I the Ijorabard, boimcr, cludvd tbw demand 
by afflnniii j that af la and ehacltir* prano^ l«gal 
tUie would by na inraiia luvv bwD vanllu if 
lliey bad not nil unfivtuiiMely bc«n dntmyMlTXur 
Tbia rraatra r«ply tvnnituilfti lliu diirpiiic; bat 
OTTtlJl) official warninjT* ')>r<^''d (0 lh« iitdi>«n« 
npiwneat of kinK WilllB,iii't spiritual ronlidtul bad 
all o*idrnl inBucncr, for it viaa ucilibxl lu airb- 
biiboii Thomaa tlial, if be did not mntuli the jxacc 
and union of tlic kiniiilom by cooamtiiiK wtthicaad- 
bIU to rroeitr Iba laHr&<niihia colltmgOF.aodby aa 
aoknon'ltilgnirnl that ilir •«« of York had nenr 
bi>en ilie «qual of tba ulh^ i»*liupoliuio aecw b* 
and ull hia rclatlTca nmild be baiibhtd ^m Kug- 
luid." Thamaa deiittcd, auil did bla dsijM • 

1 I'aaa *b tn,a(v«ail _nhia|<inpo. bI lb nllH f mfa^la 
imlii*^iikvm i-jr^rclm ^Tlioiajr Sialilia ad. yriltfi Elv 
nc. ipud bin. JUn\, >i:ttt4.. tl. nut.) 

• ffr IhiSki |M^ II. 

• Una rafWDpoUMil, bod tnl-lo inlHUtr. |[|iifiilr, « 
uffifiOt *(*l Him«fUiMmn uiA«jm> i^LivA. fnmBB tj fci^^ 
an. Inotir. Klaaas- apul hlA. An ' - it K'^l.tTM.) 

■0 n% HriMBala nnl qaaal prm ' r ... aim 

mbulr ooaUaamilod it«Bp-ii _ " f iiiiiilil^ 

nKi»n> nKxrunl, An|[U« iuii.UL. ,,..,, ,..n, Ua. aai. 

• ■ ffantCauUaaiiljlctliitRunir.quAdPirfMMiMtna, 
ila Rlaotmcmn ffi^t'tqlur (^al^. ( Utnflaa-^ 'k|W4«. |r. n*. j 

^' UiorvSlult wlvtla KildaWt ■alKTvuni aw r-*T1~ 1~T*" 

muntlL cliini (li-Tr>ili --• i-alitjiuikiu tiii^MTtl (Iau* 
tiwtif!i *!*>■* , u].-ul WUkla* I'vnnlU M^qj^tmr briun.. I. 9t^} 

'J Eti L.ji Diiiiiljmiiiiii# ■U]i]«iit^aiMii*i|iun luftlmfaalartt 
bnlil iiUB'l ri'iili;>itrt pnp^Ba rU. itjtatiaaxk i>f«*a, IL aH) 

'• I"!!;)!!!:! uttiUlciud (n'Cvu iv|ut .■>. iBii)B«(laauia« 



ftWip lllllitlll 


■Uhmt ll tM. 


UlUul aoo of iho cooqiMil. lie raicnnl into llw 
lauida of Ltnrranc *11 the puwei eiCrcwod bjr lua 
•MMca wwitli of rke Huinbef, titd, wkhig n 
M pehanen of •bxdianea mhI fldeUtj. be re- 
I noiliuig bat th* tide of anlibtiliop ; for 
tjKllhmet mwr Ui' mnn* of pcianta^ BBttnl kll 
At •ecle^uaiotlpotrcn in hiaowa porasu.' luiha 
lu^VB^ of llip Mkn-i^rivira, b» b«eMW Ui« bthw 
of all the chiirrlvH; in thni ftf tb« oonitu«n>d, all 
■be ctiunrbM ftll uailrr hb job*, ind b«Ruiio trl- 
bntar; lo him.' Ua dttm aim* uriiUBKirvrr hn 
plwrf, aod in tbidrplMM put NorswiM, ricavb* 
iw>e, Lomlli«a0, anJ * « lg «i— >ie» of all cou]ilri*« 
«nd af irllil^'wr Anfrfn, pi«Ti<led ths)' »«■ not 
Knfll*hni*n : ' far It muxt bp tmarked ttau tlia 
ncwur* wfclch diapo n r m wl ibc enlirr budr iif liw 
MritM [ittlUM oi Enirl"»l yrut ainiL-d onlj ut 
ih— « wba irerv BiiKtkbnen br bi/1h, huiI Hint the 
untt»Uw4 fotrigaen preeerwl their rnBcUobt. 
Aebudtr (Hmb wi!K lleMMnn, Oola. anil QatitiOT 
V Wailer, '•rho urvrv, all three, n^Uiwe «f I,tir- 
niaa, aii4 who maiutaiiml ihcoiaclvr* lii piw> 
i^Men itf tiu SMI of WelK SbccbiriB, and litre- 

Trvn ikal line tha biatieprica aad ablieja of 
XiMind wvn raiplnf*<l n borXaTim the we*1Ui 
af Aerieh, ItioUbenlranf the poor, and IhobcauC; 
of ibf wooMn, ha.I hrm.^o paj olf itie ilTbt* of 
(be coaqil«*t, Oni^ Rcioi. a naU>« at PrsHiRigi, 
bj waj of nimbuneneiil fair aae ibip and alilji 
b»MU wfaUh be Mid fhrabbMl w lh« «)ni|UAnir, 
R«Bi(«il tN» bitbofirie of Dorcbou*r, Mill atWr- 
«wila that oT Lhicolii.* Tlii* nan and ilie otbrr 
prelate* wba bwl ctomimI ibe uaa a* m ton ot 
mcp* of mcrtr. lo put the Uiilibin; ttroVe (o thv 

■n-l uwinipliab irlut (ho a>ililirra lUJt 
ata>« or had nil ilirrO lo p tfar iu . ilrave 
wlwl* body of i!m> mnnk*. who, MCMding 
lira prcntlsr l<i Cnxbnd. Uird on the land* 
of III'- rptetAfvl cburtbca: tvt thii tliey were 
ibsnLi-d l>y hia^ W|11I■B^ <vho thoutcht tb>t the 
moaV* of Fjtj^Iih Orifpn MtuLd nM bat b«aT hlra 
Ill-will.* A rlotiil vf ailtmiurpra rarnv over frtitn 
OboI to tioaticei upon thr prelufn. the abbacim, 
ibe MviiJcanHirini, and dnntri?* of RnglaiHl.* 
liiMt of tbr*^ m-m txbiliitcd in tlitir now vucatlun 
the no«t ihtKinUiu iinni<>niliTT. One of llivir 

aunfccr waa bllkd bj' the hand of a wnman to 


lie JUatla (Bua .b KmouibU. wiBnlnliu 
•tf pnaMoann, ittanBMaUhB •cf.inalK Kbonc., and 
kM. lUtftantTCvnl-li.'^ tW(.*a. «Mdn.) 

• Tb«<»Il^kMM>.U«.i<H|pi VHsWi^Aivft* mat. I. 
CM. — \1> ■■■leni* Anf Ua< r|*"'fiii r'iu> ■'• b11>* nrmlli 
M tJ biiti»pi l^il ri atv^^tl (K-rii. Kiffitlitc'D ilv vtoDt- 
iiat.. lilt. I . atwil Urt, ,^nfl- Ki>iri.. lul. u. ml. nU, rd. 
»■><■> I 

• P».|i»timr Ji'int. [UaA«i>d<q«>» (kMa.Wlnw 
Ai<tlB •utijuiriiti mlHtau ..... M BiMlnun tttbuluiuii 
Mf^-if (IW***. C««viMi, luc vupT.HI.) 

< Tmiiu* Hub AniUflBi abanUBKll •ucii. ml .... niulto 

abwi* l^^l^ lilif*|ggn» i* <|««(-l|Ui|KW 4liA HKILOII,*, f|U« 

mlnmiMial, aUlaieiM. (nlrn« imiiid traiuii (lltitai. 
iMir Cni)t*art..*pid m, Amll<. B^i*-. I ro. M. (bkir ^ 

• Mer Itaifc UL M.— BrbmrUBai. ^ Tinn-rrt, lanai. 
(WUL Mal n li.. Ilk It t> tta. t-l. )Uii)r.>-li1iim (fiiiUI- 
^MkJ. • WUalaa nsi< rM Liia. vnml. ( hul. 

IHi. p. I*,— KaaulMnn AncillMiumK nhl Mi>|>n 

tm, aKbaUraB |im|>rfiiint, uiUilivuHtut rt dmulB. 
(Op(hW VUU.bM.>ieL.lUi.»..*r^-:ri|iltR.N. 

I vhon be Islanded fialctwe.* Otiun naile ihem- 
Mrlvra In&moua bj their (Wbancbc* aail ^utluiiT.* 
Robvft do Linuwi^ biabnp of Lirhfldd. |j4unde(L-d 
Ihn monaattry ofCwrantrjr ; be took the h>>t«w« and 
rumitiiM! batoiiflBg lo lb* monka who inlMbiied 
it. vttuitti tiM da«MUan bp (broe, ukI brake opMi 
liirir collirn; polhd Mwn ibthr butldlnfa, and 
iiaed the malortala tn omiMur aa «|iilBa>p«l pftlai-r 
for Unieel^ the famltun t4 wbkOi wu pud for 
by melting iluwa the |foM and alltwr amaiiH«ta 
ihit bad decorated the chordu' Tbta taae Hobnt 
publbbnl a decree, bjr wtileb Iba monka wen Tor- 
bi4lJiia llw DM of noartiUac ^>^ *"t iMtnictire 
bodkk, fat- (nar, (aia Ibe Ueliirian. that abundant 
tatiana ieiiI libera] nM^tiiff would maketbeir b«d>M 
too itronf and ihelr niadi too dnrfnf againtt tbett 

New))' all the Koniinn Utbopa dMtinnl to tire 
ID Uic ■n^iMii cHpiial* of their die teat i, — wbiRh 
were moetly nxall townv— and Mtn«i*i] to place* 
where there wer* eHliar brtlef land* lo aeite, or a 
aamcnHu pofiitbUlaa to lak« ruHiwn (ram. Thni 
it WBt that CoranU^i Lincoln, Chnter, BaKitiiUT, 
■ndTbvlibril, benmcepiacopaleltlca." Initenenil, 
the iKlnt of galnwae mmq m rafp* j>M luon flemt; 
in tiie prtaia than ««an tn tha aoldieraofih* iara. 
■i«n. Their tjniMj, Iniermlaed with open ww- 
anlier, thownl tiartf mote diaf^UMing than the 
l>nataltt<r of the narrton." The Nornian abboia 
ibnwi«ldnl0ic*wc«d; bittltwaaafshiat nnarnrd 
nuoka. Hare than on« eonveni waa Iho ■ovoe of 
nillillrjr eseeutiMiB. In thai |r(i*"n>i>d by ime 
Turauld oi Tonttld, from Feacninii, It u at the atv. 
litfl't cualom to «r Vilt. ** A moi, nwi hiinine$ 
farma! fCninchilher, mymfn-at-arnia*)'* when- 
rrer (he moaka teeMod bin la aaranlole of ecclc- 
dnnlMl dlMlpline. Kia watlikc viploiia made 
him M (kauma, IhM the mnqtuTor folt hiniicif 
obliftd l« pmiih him : and, aa a aort of whinMleal 
cbaaUaemettI, wnt bbn to mmni thr niBTcnl of 
I'etertKiron^, In the count}' of Noilhauplmi, a 
pott r<4der^ dan^rom bv it* *irinily tr> tbv KJCal 
Saios romp, bill well milted, nhl wlthkm, td an 
ibbui who wa* fo fond a aotiller." The Sason 
monka. tfaoogh dnlhitvd oiiC «f the ht&da of tfala 
nMloablable ahlioti tuflbml no lem (nm hi* auc- 
ee»Bof, oii^ Girfrln df Llrr," irUo, ■tconlltig lo the 
word* of an anricnt narf»live, look die lul Trnwn 
from their ptinet (hat he migbl iBiko hlm4flf 
rraperlcd amomi ihoHi who had lateljr trvti him 
pi>or.'* Thia tinfrlii ordered the bodin of hit 
praleecmon. llw abbotoef B^^lab race, to be dJt- 

r If'Q KnjfMan. lUr t.. anid Un. Anfl. an<i« ml. 

■ lABiKUniiB a|i|i1imlMliaai ...., bbo rl ipM imoianl 
oanmlwiiDbBiU. fl«IILHa>BB*.Ub.*..«4.l>tl* 

* Aieaa tgniM fte|W.M a^eaa w aMaaa >re[ilmnouiiiw 
batabBM rainiUl. lunaiardaiMn eonw *i«iatWI |fa(i> 
fianri nfvrm, y. ait.>— n* nnk t»li* iliTtlla ir'>ii*i mrnHll 
AM nwrciH aijeiill ( hku. tetiMni IJdihldau- 
•MB. Ai^lU um. 1. 141. ) 

■* MoMcbo* iai dllai ttnM van dlnrii n asa niM 
uiviallllMtateri feraldl hilivwul. M •l*IMa aiM lilw« 
iwljarroi nantidwa oaptw epttoprani tfaw*. (■■•■a. KniKh- 
bn.. tilt. U-uadlM.ABdl.atrtni. U i:!!!. H9(.«d.«>)iba) 

'■ LaiiAaud<>f<n.v-U>--""v>^^»iii.. «■)■<>■■-«. la 

■• SUpHaliwii. iwB ewatclil. ~J tirannl .... IMiwW 
baiiitv. (Ui^RK Vlul.. bti. ta. arvd mr\iA. m, ^'«InuLau., 
P Ml.) 

• • gab BW^ •• atU aill)b* qufa. abbaMn mil. 
Jfalnuab.. lih. ■.. apod m. Aa«Ue. •cflpt. lU. Sn. rd.Oat*.) 

> • Wvinu da L71C 

■ > liloMw MOUMbwiMB —Met la ernnarr, aaJMnaq** 

If 3 

l^ottuic itud Thiiiui at Fiunfl. 


I'rUujr} of LuiFIUM. 
t(li (ufiiul of |ininHrti(M. 


intenvd; ini), Bklhrrin; tlieir baai*> oat Ihcoi Id 
«■« Ih*p without IW ir*ta*. ' 

Wbilc Ihin^ lik» IhcM war* doin^ tn EngUail, 
tuniour iru jmbliihinf kbroatl. hjr ilw> noiu of 
ctnlL*. Uni. or wnhiu^ to bn no, that WiiUici 
(tw michCj', the tictiiriaui, tbn fdoiM, iru cItU1<Iii)[ 
tbu hUhcrCo bwbatoiu cvuntry. uid miving chrl>- 
tiuulji which hul uatU lli«n b(«n muoh nvglvrlvd-* 
'rba TOiiM of truth, ha«rtir«r,vra«iioteDtfral]rMltl»d ; 
tiie criM of iJif upptMMd wer* hMrd stki at Bame ; 
uid In ihit Uomm oouii, which ihe hlitarians of 
llwtt-ifaiica ctikrgt vbb httog »o lao&lt* lfa«row«ro 
■till lo be fontul a few nixeleiitiau* men whu dt- 
noniiMi) Ih* revoluiian ^-irHWd in Kofluid m 
(idi»ti« and mnlmr)- to Ibe Unri uTIliu rliiui-li. 

The degnilMioa of >II th« Smiou but>i>|M uiJ uf 
iho roilTtd abtmtsi u aJw> lliv iutruiiiuii wf tlic Utrt- 
mfen vd^UviaflirTi wait ttruiif^ly blamed;* but llic 
diolh at Aic>iinAi>t 1 1., ind tho trmiion utulri' ilio 
■Hinn «f (ir«^iry Vll. of tin 1 Krc-Jidnni'oii Hilde< 
hntnil vrlio. xmirdinK to -nui' iirc-crdi iiq iiari>Iiic> 
tiad diK^iliijoliioiiiurh of haI in UTourof lliv luva- 
■ioD, ncrc cireumtiaucei tbM nnrlj^ raduccti to 
•ilence ihoic whn lat-lc Mcuntinn taaliul tbr 
B(!W obnrrh Mtahlithfd b} the Honuxa i'^aiuML' 
lU miiuiuvul Itfiliniipj wui no lan(«T cjlird in 
i|uestioij ; tiiil Iwa irnliiiiliinlionlj. Tluxiii* ucli> 
biitiup of YotL, uid Ruiiii liibap 'jfLiacolo, w«i« 
ci(«il til appusT ill tit« poiiliHcbl foutt; thr lormer 
ticicAuic hn W1U the- ndn -if & priMl.' Ilic lutlrr be* 
mild hn biid paid i lum af mociry lor hi* i'pi«cn|ittl 
dljpiit)-. LAufrmnc ml out willi llicm, b<ni([ pro- 
vided with rich pmcms for iJae pcip« »nd tlie diiof 
men kt Uomc. Tbe dure* prclalM tnmiHt, a lilxnd 
dittributioD of the tlnifliah gold In ihr dt]- of tB« 
apoiQec, nod uquired th>«*b^ a fnat rcpii tuition J 
Thji condunt iuuIf all UiDir exppctMl difficulUFn 
•Diuoth: Ihealfaiiofthe two Karmaa |irrlatr* rdh 
aiiiicabi; uliiuiln), aiul, imtcad of au iaquiaitiMi 
mp*clin;{ thrm, lliatv tuok place a t*nt of pOm- 
poiu dtspiny, at irhich thej balh iwlimitd tti th« 
pnpo. VI a proof of siibiniialoii lo Ilia bulioM*, thair 
nnic uid rmiirr. l^iiftauL- pleaded Uieir caMK, 
luid p«ttiruUilT thawitl that llic} vrertt won uic- 
fuU and even nrcrmry, to kiu||[ William, in the 
D«w ord«t of thing* )u> wai nuUiuUng in hia kitig- 
doai.' Tha prioiata raivlnd from tirrRory Vll, 
th» IbllawiTiir grarlona reply :— " Thou loaynt tie. 
riitc tlila *IRilr M ihoii lliSnknt brtt, Li-lun llijirlf 
ibc iplcitoal fnthcl of that kud. u<»l I ri'pltx-r t!ii! 
tKC craaitT* in thy handt In iliipoan ai nceozti- 

na«Ma npm lU .... ap«i^ •«■, qui Mim oHia pa«> 

pmrm 'HiB«nl.BIiii|">'«"«j"<..nli»ii>. (ihiJ J 

I tlmnla (uajecmalaljiu. irl III aDminn ruilmioi .. .. . 
wrlnla IbrOHUallMoit. (Will. UsIWBb.. it lila-UtiMral 
muciipl Mnboraniiti ; AisUa aicn. ii. i It.) 

• t^i^uilBwla) Ml aflMui IWillfliniia) tai4uifn llliqi 
■Hfanl anm, nlltaanjU' •hrUiUiw nlittmibi, iiiil l'> ri 
Bwdnutnt. ampKanl- (IIM. Kiioi-Ir. ttiipii..>|ruilH'rii'C. 
nr Ottll* et rnant.. u. 11!.; 

• Ohnbnu '.•■ i<i'nwiMi"^<"p'Jlt*dia>pRMrIl. (Rii- 
ilalfU ^Diwu ■■<'(. hk>(, iiiia. iiii !"«.> 

• rvMtaUbiriMk-qiHvnDoni'ip 1*^* noutlnmiLAfniit, iwc;- 
tartr tf^i^Blealbnoa putciit*TlB iprrrlviilui, rf ^ieht »)UiHtaJi 
dtaaadalDBf 4a h^IIh* vli, t»Ju«t^ nif^mlnuiiuf l^tii<li^rv-. 
Vllal IM.KTI,. lib. Ir.apail a^int. n-i. Nariiiuui,, p. MH.J 
— eul»«i hM. !>»•.. » «. Ml .x>lJ«v. 

• .4rr Hwh lU u. tl- 

• Plino'o ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . 'Iilm.ila 
annt Au«l i ■ ■' ""■> 

' Dadli|lii< ^ i.i'iUinlni 

dnlifi,Bi,iii>i.i»L>.lu L.Iii. '■•! 'iM.!. II 'iL \ii.ii [. Il*a) 

■ Kgin iT(l. In noi i» cwul i b t»alUonltnu , pcrnig ti i m lu . , 
<,K*AB*t.,} 1. ad. lUdfaT) 

iniily."' l.uifranE look ihrni, aiul |,-aTe ihem back 
(o Hvoil aitd Tlioiaaa : then, bafiac ixcdTed Orc- 
IpinF'a couflrniatioQ vf hi* nwv, title of priaate <^ 
all EnglAnd, he and hia i^ampanioua took their 

Tlim t)iO cbun'Eii;a uf Kiij^Iaiid niuliiiucti, widai 
out Bay ubataicli:, and vrilii the aanclioa of ibe 
Ruinui chiucli, to I? )ciiru to dcika «ut uf eitty 
other land. Thir pre btu >if forPi^i eitntrlian da- 
li«e(cd before a Siuon audilory hit hoBilUn In tba 
t'rtuu^li lougua ; ajid, on their being atlmtitdy U*. 
lauvd to, rither in uimuahniait «r fnm fcwi the 
fon-ipmr wuulil aaaitnia pridr od tka loictiap of 
hU fri,-nuii4iva dUci'oraf*« whii'h *n sitra<vli>ualy 
rrbannpJ tba «sr> of tbr barbarian*.'* A aiirt cf 
shame n-ith rcapnet lo lurh ndiralcuai^ilbllicmi, 
audndi^tire la ollbr !□ IbechriM Ian proplr uimrlhlnc 
mure vruHhy, iiidwed kiog Willium lo aork lor 
aonaonpof ihoM ehur«bis*n whou> )>uMic opinion 
in Uiat ago wm diipoard fa biud irilliii^y f^r Uf 
auilRrily nf th«ir mlt^oua life. Such Ira* (iiilmonil, 
a innnk of lb« convent of llie Cion of Kl. Lenfroi. 
in Konaandy. The king <cnt blui an Invliallua 
to crou Ihe ■<«, aud Uuimond obi-yeil nrilhoiit 
delny tbe ordera of hii tr^mpornl lord. Wti^n be 
ariiivd iu England Cii> kiii([ lulil biiii ihal he \ai 
riwilicd to keep biui Ihrtv, and lo laime htm loa 
Kical ccdtaiaatiL-tl illgnity. Tlif folltiulit); wa* the 
moiik't reply, ai idaled by nri hidorian wbo lived 
lOon »ft*r :'' — " Variuua niotiTe* indnee me to de. 
eliue BOdeaiutieal diirnitiva nod poni^r. 1 will not 
declare lliem all. I tiill ouly aay Dial 1 nnuol ton* 
ccive bow ll ia poMible fuir me worthily lo befwne 
lb* reli^nua luperior of men whote Uugua^e ai>l 
ivboiv mannfera aie atikeuelLhonn in ma, — irboa* 
falliprih briilUfr*. and frli-odii haw bron ijaln by 
your aworvl. oi «lr1pp<(t of lh<'lr inlirrilanrM, m- 
niihrd, inipiHiiniPi], ur irdiired by ynii to alatrry." 
Tma to ihc buly Scripture*, and are if thry coa* 
lain any Ikw vhieh loleral^a lh# tnpoaition af a 
gaator on Liod't flock by tlu< ehoLw of >B tn^mj. 
Cut yuu innoctiitty abare thai 'trlllch jOn hsn 
■aSnril b) wnr viiil tbr blood of IhouaanJi wttb 
ui«,«udiiiGlia»nio, wlioliate lowtd to de«pbe tike 
world, and bare atri|ippJ aiirvrlvei of tyut wurbllj 
pataacuona for tliu lore of Chr»l t ll ■■ llip lav of 
■It rriigiout otrlerii lo nbiiaiu fruin rapine, and la 
aci-ept uu piirt of trlinl baa brcii ublaiued bj plixi- 
dcr, uul even u nu ottvni^i; at ibv altar; fof, ■•the 
Ri^nptiim >»y, hr nUn oRVn a> a MrriScie whal 
iMlongi In th« p4i«r i* Ilka nne irhn would insi»- 
ialci a noil In the prntriice of liin falber." IThra I 
raill to mind llicai' preL-epti of God I fcrl IroaMed 
niib fpor. Vniir Kii(;taiid Mcmt ouo tail pwyj 
and I khoold dread lo lo'irh it or ila Ireaaum, aa t 
•liould a heatixl btaatfr."* Thr monk GnlMoad 
r»paM#d tlip tea, ami mumed to hia rtolMcr of 

• finilar B.p«(rt»il!l>n .nili!.! 

" </ul, Ikri Uu*i ivl t'llu^' l.,,uni(<n II'ib bIbih.) 
inttUiiifli'ni. liimpD Inivnili'iiiri ail illem. fiiime iitfct ll»l 
. ., hI luifr^nt, HultErt^, c..m,*iiii.-U. HMri til^trtm^ 
litiiuU\ riiniinniii., ■ihhI nr j\itaLJi!. a^np^.L II^.aI, Uala.) 

>1 OnWi^. ViiM.. lib. I* . ■|Biil ttii^. tT(. f maiai . f. 

■■ Ctmrrurn p^Iir* i'barnBt'<v pamile* ft aaicBi nrodWU 

(Will.', Ml i-lll.'l.jMn.c.ppnmrlHHillo, t»l inilM* li^bilo. 
M] IllUllrrihll I •rrMIIn I Ihlil ) 

ki t>m]tVurn ji^kfuHfiTUQi Uri nt k nk^nb ahtlliuav. 
(OnliTTli: ^ lUil-, h^i, Iv.. i>|n><l •iriri. i>i. >'<niiwaa.,B *t* > 

■ I Taua ,\ti«lum quaM »np1uAaan fimlaH dqadiw. 
iTMiRviiit, mm iptii»aiil>, trial ijpun iiii t ii n iM I laiilayii 
rirrniilu. (Ifetd.. p. »M^ 


OaiaMMM •irtlpnwnl. 


dtfvitw ruiM|<lt*r] 
n-uUi linpM •iilM). 



S«int LftOfrol : butilwumoti mininir«clthklh»hxl 
vsIoIImI III* pataif or the tnonkj »baiv (bo wekLth 
of the U>hti(i>; IhttI, in tli<> ran> nf \hv kiiij; aiul 
Ills buuni, he had ai>|>U(d ihrnnmrof tspinr to 
tbrir atifUiuliviior l>iit;laii<I ; uiil tiKilcreu ■pokcn 
of all 111* bUliAp^ ui'l adlmU D'hu livl l.tni iii- 
■UlM kfklnit the will of Ihe Enflnh a* )ilun. 
ito*m utit InlnidPTn.' Hin Uii^ai^ ^vc dK- 
pkaaura b> m*iif. <ilii>. nut ratiik^ lu imitutr hi* 
eiamplt, <aliunnuiC(l him, xai, \ij tiirir iairlsun, 
oMm«d kbu to iliiil Ilia citmtij. Ci^moDil rc- 
p^lfisd to Rosis. uid fraiB tlipnrp Into Apulia to 
ittM of iho loirus L<<Mu|Ueml tad |MiMnaM bjr tii« 

TIm balml wliich ilie plersjr at Uie oonqtiBt 

bop* la tb* naiiiM «f Eng1>u<l c3tcii<ltHl itrii lo 

the alnt* nf En^lMi Vnh ; knd in diffi-rrut iilaot* 

ii)i4 nriv btokni tipta uiii ihuir IxiaM 

All IhM had 1]««ii anrinnily <nai>. 

■ - r.aytuifl vm> bj ihr ntitr ci>nirn beknl 

Vpqa «f lilc Kod c<Hit<:inp(jbl«.* Bui thr riolrni 
svtfikx) of Ih* NoTintiii fti ths En^uh ointi 
hail ■ |>>>litif«l reaiou, Jittitirt from DiMr enmraon 
lUwJklti for c*i-r>lliin),' uliii-h ipperiainnl to ih« 
nnquidinl. Itcllgiotit aniuni; Uic Ati|[Ii>-SBK(in«, 
ImmI tviHUiat* G4Buti«d cliivfl; in the bri«fit n;- 
flection of Mttriu^iMn, luiil ci^riBiu ot Ibc Mnfa far- 
mcrif iuTokml in F.itfluid hxil ttM^xne inch frDOi 
ha*iiix |wiitl;rd hy the huid of tli« forvl^ foe 
in iLc time of the Ihrnlnh Invuitiui r tach vtrv 
Klfrx «tcbViii)iiip of Canicrbiii^, and Edmund 
^'lag uT CMl-AjifUa.* 

Such uinli tnuit ha*c gi»n tiinbnif^ lo lti« 
nvw Intulnn of Ihu kin4(i1nm, %k ihf people's 
tTiwiHtioD fm ifepie fiHicrvd tlu< aplrll »[ ntolt 
«>ail eoiMccr«lrd all llir olil fL>(-i>llnriii>n> aTbnrm 
•wJ Qbertf. 'Iln (uivitrn iirlnts. rticrcforr, wUh 
WcUi*Wp Lanfnnr ol Ihcir liod, loti uo time iu 
prodaiailHir Hut ih* K»i<in aaint* irrrp not true 
■aiiKi. nor Iho Samn martjn true tnnrlm* 
Gnttia dr tJreatlackttl Rt- Ailhrtjii: tiliila Lan- 
fiafw undertook to dncrade Rifi'r* t'f ildiculUiic hU 
pa(ri«tif d«alli aud lit» rourpKroui nfut^l to 
MlMjr ihf ftnrir« of tLe Dour*. " It wuuM )hi 
•••J lo be • mknyt," aald {he l^tnbaril iiHni>li>, 
" A to br iiintiitnted •ui'h, it ueiv aiifficinil that 
k Biaii ahtiiild be aloiii b} (in^iM fur nrfiuing to 
pkj a nuiMHi."' Prubablj irllh clmilar tiena, 
and to ((lie a nnir dirrcllun to tiif iiiirit uf Ih< 
Engljah. Laiiftane nuxud all ths eojilpt of th» 
SrriiMam lliruunhaut Enfluul (a b« tpiind. and 
cnrtvctol lliriii wiOi hi» oK'Il hand, prvlPiKlltii; 
that ibc if(»«nuiCB iif the 8iion* had in anclrut 

* QbU a h li M mn Ai^tli*. In pFwntll iv^i. •« -pL 
^Mk lapbMn amiclUnni, M nuM MHUn riil*inni i 
IMU ^M. mImUW AmU>. la mIh-mAiuIU. bi»M 


ini irl ■!>■ 

,- '. awbUi aust, 

nfvcMHH mkuxseiU. (tM«k. Viut^iai. l>.,kiNilnh>l- 

tat. Smauiiiit., |i. Ma.> 

> VHtn <«ilw4jUBaollUdb|«W«'niBV (ItiM.) 

*T)ilAoqiinilanMMmrJ«iMMHa(nnaruB. (VrUldau 

HatoMl.. rf-fwUf .lllt.*,ap«i(M%«. AHtlk. ■attajca. 

• PBa'awftavwahAncKiaaiiquHM itiiul ■hihhu 
•pi>*mt»ai<v, MK >ii i n iii wi iM aiKtanialk lwtw«Uf. 
(BiriBiM titiL BDn*. p. It*, ad. MdfB.) 

• KottMkli PI-. ■•. M. 

• Aajill im> i|wairi>ita<u qaialui lilil laibMniijnl may 
lim^tuwmmtmmnmim MmU, 'Johw. !MrU>n>i<iua. 4* 
i<lAAM.Inl, Aat'lMt^m.U. IM.) 

' C4n tW q— aaMrfHa uabelalpsna m44Wi*>... 

■■■■AkoBufaanlklMainBpnin itr|«ahmA», iguU *i ic^ 

riMBlUMra onyirta hii. feoMkaai, <|a« nuatnlur, nulnll 


ttioM oorroptnl tJso toal ; lint M rntn did not 
bplinro ihia han^iti aatniJaiL, and Laufraac, Bol- 
wlthnanding bii lii|[li reputatiini fur liittle and 
Icumiiitr, iui^uTTcd ttiD r«pnwch of hailug Utiied 
tbe utrtd booka.* 

Vielenee done t» Uie popiUaf coKtietiaiD, wbe- 
tb«r true or lEalM. rational of (uperaiitioiN, la oA«b 
iiion> powerful iu alimulMlBf the r^urage of iba 
i>PIir«wtd ihaa the loan v««n «f litirrtx auil pro. 
\mff. Tbo itiaulH laThbcd uiiou ibc «bjecta of 
jurisut minhl|>, and iha ■vflitrlii^ uf Ik* Guliopi^ 
togrihtr will) loiiw daftoe of &na Ileal hatnd of 
tJie mUkIoiu iun<nation« of tbc eonqutrt, atronglj 
■filntw) (be paUio mind, uil Iwoame the imM?)* 
cauaoi df a mat cwupbracy nUeh atcndcd ant 
all England.* Uaaj prictta took part iuU: aiid 
tbree in«lat*e degl»i«d tfaenutlrea ila leadt-n, 
iti. Krtihrik abbot of ML Alban'a, Wwlbtan 
blahop uf Vion*tiei, tht oirij eoolMlaaiJc of 
Eniclnk rare wlio aiUI irtalnrd a bbfaonric, aiul 
Waiter oc Uaullici blahop of UcccforJ, a Ftdiiiiij 
bj birtk, Bad lbs omIjf one ancdig Uic fiirctj^un 

made bWiopa bcfbn lbs conqiiHt wbo Droiod 
&ithlu]M>th*nmworMa>dDptM i!OUitr>.^ T!io 
name of Ibc joam Unc Ed|^ wm ones mure 
he«nlt «iid popour miim wan dnulaud, In 
which he waa «afl*d /A« la^inai«. Ok* J»w»r. rA« 
^arUmf mh y EmflandJ ' Tho Iwo brotbera, 
Eilwin and Uoikar, oow fled a wcnud time fron 
thr vourt of tkr Nonnan. The rilj of I'lHuloii. 
nnlit then peaceful aud rcaiKiunl to tlic fait-tKU 
joke, begao lo bo luibulcal, mid, la llic old bu- 
tpriaat (ay, in lanjcuanv uiifoiluiiklclj lix> fi^c, 
to Bf in tho fam of kinif Williacn." 

To anri Ihix iietv daimer WilIUui adopted the 
Mme DMWU whirh be bad Uicadj', mote than vim\ 
found lo anra-er Urn espeolatioii, nanelj UMiuaH 
aud lir<i. Fiithrik ai»l the ciUiei ckifii uf tile tu> 
>uryin>ij, haiinc bMa lB*lt«d b; bla inaaMf** t« 
repair lo Berknakiitaad to tnu fbr peace, nrmt 
to that Ill-omened pkca, whete Sftsou band* bad foe 
the lint lioie loudied in lokon of aut(jcctk)U the 
■nailed hand of llie r9M|uamr. There tlxy fooiid 
Ung Wiltiaoi, vrilli hM iiumL MttKdential adTner, 
lh« ptlfmau LanlVaAr, both afheting towatda then 
an air of mlldnMBand Kood lUth." A lengthmnl 
iHm-umUii waa held w tbeir (eaptttiie inlrmta, 
wtiicli w^ temUuated b; aa afp-erioent. All tbe 
Tcties of Ihe thtireb of Si. Albab'a had been 
bruuglit la tbe plaee uf conferance. A miMal waa 
laiil iipi>[i iheae tfliit, aud openeil at tbe Ouipel ; 
ami nilluiitt, pliiiuiK bliBtclf In l)w aituarlon Iu 
tihivh 111- !i;Kt liiiuk^lf M>uimiUf«b[]l pUcvd Harold, 
awDtv bj Ihe aacrad bauea and llie bclj f;»pc-li lo 
nliarrr* intiolaWjT the p»od and aneieul law* whirh 
lliB liol} Mid piuuB kill):* of Fn^laud, tMiM-Jally 
kiiis£dnrktil(hadluniuirlj (-ilablitbed.^ Tbc ab. 

■ Qiip rodia idmphcUiH p\a|r11fena rompoat aa «s*i^aa- 
(Clinia. ilS.. ■diannn lua*'- Anclla wni. I U. oMi.) 

» lluiaa amiwoinJifc aanrAun nimmwiai •! IMlMaian 
omlatnuM. (UaUi.rarl*. Vna- AWax. ». AIMal. I «•.) 

■• lUd. u^ 41. 

■' l^atKimUlmtM (t fonlj^mna ■.■•> a*^ >" Aajliuii 
ttleealU enbiKlam; 


^^^ .*rt.*Uif- (ibu.) 

•■ etna UaMt<Ji^k*tHl«nr«W*«i*L (lUL) 

■> III •nu>ttiiwi«a<n*.iiaJp*eMi. nWd..*!.! 

>■ Jnrtiilxipr MrnnKtl-iiiiaaSKlnl* AL Alliaa4. tor- 

ttiqu' fTiouu-iti (•■ik«IIi>.)mbm It aawaialaB em *|aM 

r>|,iil !•«■• toifulaUMf* atMnaie. (IMA) 

milUia'a ted WUl 

Im Frtlbttk ancl tlw r«M o! tlic Eag-Iiah, btinff 
well plMMtl Willi UU concL-uioii. rrpllnl id Wil- 
tiuu's cisili bj ikKInit thnl atili of flildit) nod 
TWipc wliicli it Iiii'i tcfii Ihc ruitoni lo laXv to the 
BUon Liii^ uiil dUpfirM-il fsliilieit uiil full of 
hOM; thirj thrn.tgniltiiijflbe ru}ml fmiuu», teie- 
nlif UnQt Ihrir w>j. null brokiB u|i ihtl jtml u> 
•ociktioo wliicli ibc} lail JntC loraici] for t)ie d«Li- 
veniicc of Uiuii cuuuir^.' DUIiop Wulfolui yn» 
dcpulMl til gii liilo tLo nRtt, to Ilie jirovliKs of 
Ch«M«T. to allaj tha pepulir fenoenl. uui maka 
Ihpiv a paitonl viaitiuiun, which uo Monniu pta- 
Ule had ytA daral In unilorUkr.* 

Thcae pHiil and aucicnt kiri, thcM lawn of Ed- 
wud, Ihc nnwwd prdiniiic ofBliM'niBif mhich liad 
Ihi- power of alUjing th« iplrlt of inmtrretiiill, 
nvre 1101 a warlleuUr onilc, no ■c-IIIpiI lyilrm of 
wrillaa n])[iilMton* : bat thtw nonl* aimpl] ini> 

CUdit ihkl mild and pnpnlar ■dmlnUlnliDn a( tlwi 
iWi and KoicmiDMU -whidh had (suIp'I iti tli« 
tint* of th« DfttioDal Lingi. Under the IHnfkh 
dmninlan. tliv bufliih pM)|iIe. in ifacir i^ueiia 
•ddfpnrd lo the tlicti conqueror, takrd fur th» 
lnwi of Kllidrvd, that b, Ibr (he abolition af Um 
odiont Um sf cwtquen :* to atk, Bnd«r iba Nm- 
niBii dMnbuoD, &r th 6 laws of Edw^ud, wu 041I7 
«Kpr«MiiiK tfco lun* dMin ; but it w«a a frtdiUM 
hup«, anil onn wbjrh, in deipilr ofliia promuM, tha 
rf nut coniiurrar rooU nol utinfy. In tbiu lal^t 
hci ill good fkllh, tuTc rtatoml vitry luinl pm-tico 
of iho i^ldcD tijn<i ; if br^ h&il n^aiiiliiiLv^l, 1r^ lh«> 
letter, that rtili> «f pranin* through tlu> insdtuiit iif 
hit foreign jtwIiciN, [he laivt to nhwrnd wouldnot 
harB lecurcd tu ttiv pcoi>li- the (Une tmiBltls. 
Tkrrv wai envr of laoiru^p: In th« dcmnnd* of 
lli« Kogllih luAlon ; far it wa* not llic nan-«W-r- 
Tane« of it* auclFci civil at aiHinkl law* irbicTi 
mdarad iurilcatioc KodinamtH, U n*ii the ruin 
of It* Indnpriidimcc and it* Mciiteiice aa a iialiou.* 
Ntllhrf Wllluira not his *ui'er«w3ra aliuwcit aiij 
grnt haired for thr Saion ktpiUlion, trbttlicx 
rriiaioal or <itil ; ihvj nllAwn! tX Wt hf tthtrrxeA 
in nvabj trumMiAiin, hut tM< wu not attpnriMl 
nlth aaf mUmial Bdnnlnun to ihn Snona. 
Ttirr atlowcd Uic rale of Hum Car theft and idiiiiiIft 
cOdiniltltTl np«o Kni^iahiDcn !■> tW7, u hcrmi! thrr 
cooi|iic*t, anordtiKg to tbr dmiioo of ll:*> vrrat 
prniinoei.* Thrj allownl tSe Stson ii«ian«ed of 
inunleror pillair> lo jtiilif^ hlmteir, wconlliig (« 
ihr atirinnt ciirtrtm. br th-- ■iclf«l of rtd-hol iron 
IN butUnjc w«tc( 1 wlillc a Firnrhnian arriMed at 
Uh aun« criuc by a Saion lindlealcd MbukI/ }>j 
dmH, ot dcnpljr by hU oath, aecording lo the law of 
K«nn»idj.* Thin dlflisvfioeaf la^ prowpdinitii. 
cTiduitlf to the dlaadiuiiage of thDcoiii]ijrr«El pa. 

■ Ad p^trim Ml iiiiai iint. (Matti. )>»». Vito<Ahb«. 
!>. AllADl. I 4M 

■ Ei4«vfulAt ti CtWrmrti t Laaflaiun vUutts mmn W> 
r*-. (a sain novinda (nl adhiuf KvrUHDUit It mi' t- n ti 
iBiwata. (WUl. Malnnb. <l> *M X WnUMaDl. lib. I. nai^ 
t ; Ai«U> iKn, a M« ) 

■ Sn Honk II. p. 4;. 

■ lb iinniiaal .... HlnlaHiafl foutfniM (MnBa Is (07 
EdukHt laamil (ou'tnm (Chtuu. lie Konaudir 1 ir- 
(•irlldHhM.<lflUPniiFe. ilU. 1<»«.l 

' SI Vomr «h Blm. ... K II. I* Mirthrwliu •( itr 
ll. raWnlauaBlaa ( l«pa WiBdm nvia ; lilitot Incuir. 
Cfngrtud^.tpidra. A^Da.iarl|H.. Laa. (d. nilo.) 

* AafHoia •■ insict ud juiltBuiu .... iMMidM •• I'tMi- 
dgna «M IvIIdb : f ■ '■ '■ ■■» andsl (4» i nuM f 

M MbiM. d>twbi ' t«>)<ifuHMa. (!'•▼■• 

WHLlaCk: CUtuu.Jl I : . «»,«d.MdMi.) 

VUalM. ItalU, aps^ Ifliiari I<r.>tiitciu 

pnlMkiK. did not dlaappnr till aflvr the lap« of a 
ccniuT} ami ahaJf. irhcii ilin dirinvtalaof ihc Kotau 
cbumh furbiuir Jud jTiKnti b) Bre and water In iO 
count ric>.' Mortuivr, aoioBg the ulJ Solsoq law* 
there wen taiae^ wbieh muat have been caperiaUi' 
favuonble lu tlie cuuiliirit. aucfa tti thai wliita 
rcmlcied Lha InliatiilatiU of each iliitiirt rnpauai. 
ble fuiercij nfibooeciiiunitlted witbic it. uf which 
tba offlBnier rwtnaiiiett undctuctcd i* alaw admirably 
eottTti'iilBnt, ia tbc banda of the fomgnn', for 
cr«atitig and fierpMuuitif Icmr. Kneh law* •* 
IhnM It waa lot Uw Intnaal of tba nini}iwrar lo 
mninltln ; and aa to ottieia that iclsted to truu»c- 
liinia bctnUi iiidi>idual*, tbc iijiliuliinir of *uch 
WBii B nnitler of indiiTprenre to hun. In thn tiew_ 
(bcr^oTP, he pcrformMt th« prombe uhjeh he had 
nitdc to the liokoii ronfrdviraiM, wlihvul at all 
tiotiblinti; himarlf a* lo whi^ihrr ihcj imdtTMood 
tliat promba In ■ diffenail acnu;. He aaat for 
IwvItv laea out cf cacb provliKv, who came lohin 
in LoikIoii, and deiUar«d on oath wUil wer« t^ 
aaeienr euitum* of the country.* What Iher (aid 
naadigciied into ■ aorl of code, in live trench 
idiom of llial day, tbt only li^-at laugua^ ircoc- 
siacit by the ^Teriimtiit of the couqitetl. The 
XortDUi heralds i«^m- thru anit ahaut, u^l pro- 
clotiaed hy loond of bnm, m th" lomw and vil- 
latira, "The law* nhtrb king WiUiaiu truil<>d to 
ill the pi'oplti of Knclond, the tnmr which king- 
Kdward, his coiuin, hiid obteircd bcfoii him,**'* 
The laws of Edwiud were piihlixlH^; bol thc 

dajn of Edmrd rMunifd ii«i fnr the itiliabitanta of 
Enitluid. The biuijeat found 110 Dior* hit nual- 
ripal fnvdom, nor (he ruuulrymaji bia tetrilurlkl 
fmiehiae : ihuncvforwanl, ta belbtv, nrery XoriMW 
had the iwlvUoin of killing an £ag11aluiMB,«ltbottt 

WiriK frliiiiaal. or nvrlt siiiiiinft to thu rye* of the 
plmrch. proiided ho thought him rwiifrrllfd in M- 
hellioTi.'' The ehin-fn of the U1I cunipinicy *oas 
fuund by c»ptriencT of how Uttlr real ^aliir ma 
Uic con<caiion itliicb had appirarcd lu theni of ao 
^ralifyic^ t nutiit*. Ami, n> it alwiya Ii*ppm« (n 
tiifh rlmnr«l*nf*», thpj nil. wi winii an Ihclr anft- 
claitlon wa* diaaolted, foviiid thrmv1vi>* penectited 
by Ihe man pnwiward of pnwrr whom llii>y bad 
rcrnntly bri^ to eocne tn tli<uc tcrmi with (heni. 
" TJie tyniui," "ay the rhroniclea, " Iu»d not dwrd 
to fare them when thry war* tinllisl ; but ha 
altackRi them when ilj^iicncif, nml rruihed th«iM 
oat by aiie." " Ilia.>ii:r|i Wnllvr (led Into ^'>ka; 
and tlie Kurrutii soldier* wrrr oidrrrd 10 mntioue 
ibeif punuil of bini inla ihit countrji oxer wluch 

' briilmi BMm nJ iltAmrH bM. dov.. i% IM, 

■ IW*»ln, frill^b-irli^k lwr»^ol.lrr«- 

* Flivli funr it ilui'ili* Ivlivi Aiuills nnalMllMa II «M 
*ibnjpiillntr>*, .[ikl^^t* ]'LP<^iirHliH^ HuiinrtElRi VTA* vnrJiB >*■* 
Willwhnn. nl. i|n«i'l p™«it ,.., Vinn niannn twiMIMii- 

il.'oir.^ I^Tb. Riiillwni* ia*. aaj'n Wlaba.. AnNtta 


<• I'niixiiMlnli'jxIlranilnnBqwicndiWIII.Biatal 

■ (in Ir [j«i|i1a<li* EDKlrirm .... kc la manaat 

tilitoi. locilf. I'loylaai]., •i^ad iri. Anftk. Batfa., i. as, «* 

" tj'il. p«a iwnHnmiliuim i<rI>, linmlma neeUttuaH. 
■IrM rir tHinaiitil* cpnilJ ramn Imtt. janUm M , hoa lOMyaih 
hii «l ft.iH Af milt .|urfnnticv 4ut *dbup ft^fuahaal rvti *mA- 
ilil rot invLi-li {V|t(i:iwl:fnicUta wafw Hrfl. l.tM^) 

■> Tynti' I I 1(11111 iiriii piiM 11 1 iintailiMMii* iit 

r4ii|pWAV>' ■ii.i..h.Y''."<*> ar fermalii* *l<aitqrm» 

iMIawM'N.'' . MilU rmlm. VU. AIiIbI. ^ AII^ 


Camper Ur. 


iioK t*«Ttfll»lleii. 


Wtllku'* iloHtnian Hid aotcxtradi batUtcWriili 
laraaM urf motiBtAint pr«tec(«tl ilin fiiriii««.i 
Kii^ Erfgiu'. flnilliif: ihii snutMwnra laiilfar him 
on ntrj iM*. ant* more Snl Into SctnUnil. With 
rcpud lo UahapWulbtmii nbo In point at tarl wu h 
Qua of wmIi Mllltle) U)d chontrler. be otiiic fi»- 
wftcd In wnaa ti>(jii« all tl>« tccuriliutU'iutnilnl of 
hlra, Koi l>v tliAl loGBtit ubluiniid llif kiii|^ieL«RiBn- 
< r-rcd lo obiaiii oImi ajxtfifenlbr tbtabbM 
11.1111 on Ihr like niodiUon. bill Frlthrlk 
niwiuiii.-'i • bttUa iinJc* He OBtmibloil mil hi* 
awvkft in Uw ImII «f ihc cbaptor, uul, Ukliig n 
Ulkd«> frr«ir«ll nf IhKm, ho iildroaMvl ihrm In 
tcfwi*! — •* My brvihran, tmj frltiitl*, IA« tn»- 
huurlrail when, ncrrtnlini to ih* wont* of 
Hirf* SriiplUTVi wc mutt Ay from d(] la city bi fore 
Ul» ttc« of i>ur prrt»c«ti>n."' lie I<wL witli tiim 
MUM looviiiMifti kUil u>Bic ttooL), luid Btrinllj 
wtffciiJ the iaie of Etjr tiid the Inu cunp of nAi]^ 
ntMM he died • liiim time afUf.' 

Kui^ WiiiiaiB, tnuifportol «l(b nice tfant Ihn 
mbbot of St. Albnna hkilc«ca|ivdfi^'QihliT»geHi«, 
litionl his (eMvitmrid apiiMt tb>t miKiaataty. Uo 
Miwd (la Unda, tw down lu mod*, kiid rMolvvd 
ijr II ail^rljr :* but llio prlmatp Luifrinf r«- 
UiUt *nd. tqr ureetii omi^aiiM, oliuiBait 

him. Ml prrlract cf rrlltioa* d«n)iian. the 

prMcmiioii of the Gonvt^ui and • llniir* m pjiee 

llincin Ui alitMl uf )iia uwii choice- Lciifnuie hail 
tmMifU irilh bill) iitln EngUhi] ft jounf Rian 
auaad Fial, Iiii n-litlvii, or, •> H tlw ojihiian of 
■ame, U* ovm •an ;* ami lo Ihl* yoiuiic man, until 
ihra wilboul foitaiK-, ht gkTr the •hbitejr Ihoi »• 
cant brt^ollffdl ofl'iitliriL tbeSuon. Tlio fint 
krt of IW uew ablxit'* ■■Iniinidrsliou *rM lo ile* 
motiiih Iba loKbi of kll Ilia prcdt^Fvaorn, irham hi* 
iliMigB»Uil ■■ baling \jtrn rmlc Mul idiotic^ bo- 
miM Iba^ MPre of ibc Englub nrn. ' Ptnl 
wM Id Aemmndj for bin rcbUtrs, who vne 
» « JF (Kiar, uiil diBlribiil'^l ornDii^ tbm UlC 
o4wi# mul all ill* |i4i«*ri4»n4iK til hU rhiirt^. * 
•* Tbtff wrni all," (ar> tlu> uirirnt hiMwiuk, 
** paronn* of the gmMnt lirimninci-, mid thf orlfjn 
uwl monil* nf iikmC iif tJicin ivrrr tiio hiao lo be 
4cwr{|MHl.-- • 

(U>,I07?.) Tbe TMidvr niQtl n«w lurn III* «]«i 
nnMinamtalkeiilfof thatUnd ofminlie*, 
ihoM Iklili of reciK ■• Ibe chtuaipln of Ihf time 
ilcicrih* Ami. tb« lait atyltini of Aiiii1'D-Snv)i) 
Inikin-ailvnco,'* Anbblahu|i SUkiukI >iid bishop 
Enhdvlii rainc lUtbtt frvrn Sctitkiid, nhttn tltcy 
bmd lalu-iircfii^." Edivhiand Uarltnr, oftn wan- 
ieiiuf for MoiiK time tlirougb Uic flolda anil ferMti, 

■ la aMiU* Waat* i4a «aAa bllUttl. (MMh. Paifa. V|L 
■IAM ». AIIbM I. 4t. 

• B><^ |W-M iiw* U'utMiiaai ra(i n-l aKlur)ilicv|iii 
maUntB, ■•■• ililiu anloB tl Pti ihiii .... (IbliL ) 

• KMWm h «U 

* IhU. 

* blWiMI* 9l>li *t 4>|«MrmiU knnlaltiiiM, ..,. rt iM 
I CMlWnn ii OwwMi mt — w Nl Mw tmnm 
«adwt. (Matt. Alia, t.t4.) 

,MiiaUa«aiauuMat,niliH. (Matti.|W^>— Kataid 


1 njwl kM. am, ^ IM. 

X.. IhU.. I. 


\ AnCUBB. (UnU. l-ut* 

• laiOTaMi* watu 

t[i ia» | iaiiaM<«m. <ll>kl.'. 
H rihidiiaiIMn (Ctena <aioa.*.l. ObM,*. IM.) 
■I Tbow BlkB4. liU. EU.*>k I .*iHlk..«n, j h>« 


•a HMCibu* llpHMIiVH 

refMiml Uiiilwr witb otLci thieCk" 11ieUns.<«ho 
had )iut b«fot« toMMdad bj kii anilk* aluaa in 
dlvolTlnf Iha coniplnn of the pntriot |irir>ia, in 
Ukc iMDiMr niKd« irlai of d«««ii More ba via- 
plajrnl farce aiCBlnst tba ft«i«n rf Ifae cainp of 
Ely. Moflur,£dwte'ibr«lbcr,bMa«aferUielhUi) 
time lb« dup« of hli &1m proaiuna, and *v£tlvd 
bluinilf to lie jwrniulcd to quit Iha raiap of mlugc 
and Mpoit lo the Tionnui mart." Bui ararcalj 
had he lift hi* fool bejwud ihi- cnirenehmanit railed 
by ilia ctMiiili7iii«n nbm he ii«« aritcd akit pat 
ill imoa iu a krtma of irUch tbv lovcnior Wi> 
Rogcf, the fouaitr and BrofrlMo* of tha oaMk of 
Bmiutnont in Noniiaii4)'.>* Edwin InmedialBW 
quilted Ou" idc of E);, not to •iirr«niln hinMalf 
like his brother, bat In altcnipl hi* drli*tnnf», 
Ila ITU DTCUpiod fin' ilx nKiiilhi la attkiog BHtH- 
anM aiid aMemblin^ liu paitjaana in Enj^and, and 
frai»9cMlaiidaiidWal««t'* but, ■llh«nMfDei>l when 
h« fouDd himself anfliciPBtl} Mivng far tha wmo- 
tho of hb CDU-rptttr, tnu tniton dniranetd him 
and mU Ud to ihc Kumaai. He defended blm< 
Mir fii« a leofi time villi twoatf bBwawwi afatiMt 
■uperiur famu^ Tfco igbt look nlae* M«r iba 
coMUuftbeuorlhtTnaB^ tmranl irMrfc Ihr moon 
retTealerf. bopiBc lo And Mime mr\n* of vinhaik- 
bag; but Im waa rtoppoil by a HnaH arnm which 
tba rfebiff Ude had iwdtcd, Bflaf onrnbalnml 
tj number*, L« frtl, and )u> fa**, cutting oS tlw 
sarl'i bead, earried it to Ib« CoiW)tier«r," who fntt 
pity ai thp atKht. and n-epi otet tlio faio of a nui, 
H aomi) hltlorlatu t«part, irbom he loted, and wbom 
be bad wiahed to atiach to hiaown hl^ tbrUine. 

Such ink* Ola htv of EdiriA aad Mockar, ibo 
ennt of Al^irand brolheiv. in-law lokiiiK nirc>id, 
— Iiatli falJlTiif vlctlma lo Ihr eauie whith thnjr bad 
repratrdJ J ahindntipd. Thrtr ibter, ■■mrd Lfttin. 
espcriptionl iSr fttr of all EnsUdiwoaicn who 
vrvn left wliboui a iirolrclot ; ahr waa gircn bi 
mtrria^ lo lvt» Tailli.Iloii, capuin of Ihe Antr- 
riaauilliiTiM,«rhore«clTFd vrilh ber all D>k an- 
dmt domalnt of th« bnil^ of Al%iir.ii tlany of 
llanr Imub wrtc tituatcd in tha Tidnlljr of ttpahl* 
tnr, OB tho oondooa of Cambridgnbbe huI Lin- 
coln, in Ibo fcna oaOH Holland orlhrloivcmiiitr;, 
near the camp of tb« Toft|f«M of Klj. liea Taillr- 
Boia Ibnd ht« abode In tint |ilaer. He becMke, 
ovRr the faitBen of tht old domain, what tn Sniuu 
ma cxllecl Ihr Uttfaril,md by cntUfarllon Ihr trd 
of lliit IaiuI-** Tbif name pooperiy riin>'>l'*d a 
giKr or ilialrilmtor nf brful, and «raa khiI in an- 
rlmt England lo dedlmaCr Ihp bead of a ((peai 
hnuar,— faiin irhow taUe fed a nuidber of mm. 
Rut for this InnlfrnvlTC aifiilUcaliun other idma 
HOC mbftituled — liltoo iiTuominiim and Knliudr, 
when tbc men of the eoii(|iiciit rciTitnl fitim the 

!■ Vi^ lUM pw sTtm tf «ampaa (rhfnB-Buna.y. 

■■ fit^»lliMmanan<aallriLwn|atoTti. «M. VJUI.. 
p. Ml.) 

'• Ctel>laaBaMl.miiHllbtaoalheMwlrai*. (<)nL 
VIHl . r- »tl >- K « wa Ml li 1 lBf». tirtu^m •!« laSilM 

» tai IflH MMMllw * aMM, <l UMim. *fl ABflll. 
wiflU ilU ««l,li. (IhU.) 

•■ A4 bar liifcii amaaaalk) ■ariaa Hiiiwiauui aAinil 

■< qa OT i i w wi, OJmia> Ijirlaai. n« naaalkna tnrii 
lai— . IH^ 1WM Hm AniiifaoBl eoalll, Mdtoll. 
( MaaM. A^Ub.. I. X» ) 

)■ !»■■■»■ I nsU)B«M ri mIm ITrliaili (lw«lt, 
Cr>TtMd.. ik Otl^. ri.i ^ 

KM till cIiUaUA 


Pllai tddnnkLtl 

Ili4 lU^iil^xvlUaiim^ 


niiti*M th»liilv orAmft. Tha fanritpi lord >tiow«l 
liiimrU u be* niHlrr: the inhibiUuilH i>f liiniln- 
inaln trambled tn hU prMuneci mkI it «*&■ una- 
^ihout tenvr tbwt ih*)' •ppc«*et>iFid hU mtnot' 
liouM or hi* ieill, aa ihfl Suon« oUwI It — a tin* II- 
\af oni^ licii|>llal)la lo all, whprn Iho ilonr wu 
alH*)! uprn, »ail Hw flrc alwiiv* bluing — tu>w '■«■- 
tiilpij, ttvUcdi UmI cmbiiUlcd, tUleil irlth u-minliii 
iKrliUvn> *>■ oi>cc the ciladcl of it« oiaMct uid ibc 
priMn ol the vidnlly. 

" Ibertlon." Mji ti couLtnipnrwy, '* all ihe 
INroplc uf tlir low coiuilrjr von: wiy camful lo *)]• 
(iw hitiiiblc htivtt! Iru> TaJlle-Uui*. and urvci Id 
addnw biin witlMUt bcndiDg <icm ktice to lli« 
«Mtti.' Bol, allh«iigh Ibn; w*ra «af(cr t« nndtr 
liini (rrrrjr pinaibk homagv, ruid Id diarharge whit- 
iti-t tluij owrU iiim iu ipntm or iu ■rrticf. lir mMic 
tlieiu UB rtiurii uf albbility or f,*™")")!! I ""■ Ibe 
rcuiliBiry, be vcxwl, lunn«iite<l, I crt^art'd, uul im* 

Kiwincd tbnin, aunr*«u4 Ib'fii br corrfM and 
roed loboun. Mid b; tiUdBllj-rnu-iilpaooDifnlM 
moA of Ui«m to uU irhu liltl<- Ihcy «tlll ponvMwl 
iu)d fvrk nuolliPT ciMiatr).* Ilia inily dlahnllral 
■piril liicd to do cril (or c*il> •oke. He would 
Olltn act bin dog* li puniip p«or tnrn'a catUr, 
vr-iulil tontt(:r the tloni«*lk' Hock* thiongli the font, 
drunli tliem ill (hr lakn, irmiTU tlium iii niriuua 
w>)*i and tiialio llit-iii iiuttl fuf asrvin bj^ breaking' 
Ibcir limb* ui itiult Imikn.''' 

A part of lite liiulitti monka of tlit abbay of 
CiKwluid inbihiti'd n tucruraaJ cell iM«r Spblduif, 
BpiiirrlaiiiiDg Iu ibat manatterf. aiid doae by tbe 
gnu ot the muwT-buuiu uf ilii* mlaubtable An- 
KtTin* Ua made tliirui feci, aiiU itt'iie liuU-tiLJf 
thut ibv TV«I uf llio ariKbliiiiirbood, tli* c^ci* of 
bW daclmitlivc fuiy ii.gui»l ri*Fi^lhii^ fiixuo or 
Mniifliig U) iho Etainna.* Ho lam«<l ibdr liuraM 
■oil ancii, ItiLlcd liuii alm^ and poultry, iiitd had 
Ihfli arniuiUi lawllcd on III* roaiU and braieii 
nilli ilaica ot vurarda.'' Tlio uxink* ouilca- 
Yuured to appvw« hint bj «ii|iplii;«liviiii «iii) uHrra : 
tli<!y mailc jirMimli lo hi* hotwciiolil ; " tbey liicd 
■'leijtliiiitf anil luflVml tterjibiag." ^^^^ tlw con- 
ij-'uiKirarj hialurj ;' " tlien, Riidioi; that ttieir cf- 
fiiila rem- u»cln>> and ihut lltu nudLcr aflbu l^raul 
uiid l&tk |»iTuji1if uidjr bci~-iuir thv irri'tali't, llivy fmik 
vith ihas itvr «acr«d T<Mal*, (bcir licda, anil tlu'lr 
buuk*. and, iMTing their haMUtioii tii Uie liniida 
uf ALoilsbtjr Uod, tbp)- alwok, th« dual from Ihcir 
frvl nifaiual tlic auQ> «f llic CTCrlatluis Sin, and 
rrturucd (u CrvwUtid." ' 

ItfH Tiille-But«, ro)oiciti|f nt llwil rctival, 
r,iikk.l]r Kill a misio^ oior to Angara, hi* native 

I Eua omnn llin Imnl^nH* Kunn Hsie dapneataoUir. 
(ln«<>lr rm)l, hiA aUil.. 1. ;i ) 

^ N^ t'«i>|iii'iD ct IfiWluu. 4iiitn]> rt aQc^rLnca, Incaivr- 
tuuii H<tq>-liM. sr ifualdlA nn<i> amttll* Mvniu. jiliirt 
mi* vmnM tin wbrrr, ac mJibb "pnUia* |>ftpre» in4Dllta< 
CDiupiil«>iiit. (lUU. lofilC C'tioUiuL, nviuL m. Aa(llv. 

•oilrl, •" 1 

■ Dkbilks lllliiflii •••■ MiImaLlii It Daiiirli, riimrinl- 
luaMkMMftm, .... rlmtniftait ar nMlf jniiirDtMuin 
ftuMb. (I*'!'!'^ 

* laojiu nnoli — ... Iaii,41« .,,. wwrRnotM. ueii 

tytnnuliV (l«4)wtuliit- (HjIiI.) 

' t:<Ja«pnU>(vnn Men lartnidiiuin oinli multntln oii' 

|i'"'» aUiUii at fuatiliut 111 rtiiuuioi ivplu* rvdrnMia. 

* Vu«l ijbniiiiHA MUkQiiuiainMilAmBtU, puMtvvmctaomDU. 
1 11*11 

* TU'l'iKa mill in nvnu ' Ifomivi, ^amilirvlfv lulmriD 
pplitai niancn lo Blliw li;uk*1vrul. (lopiK. ('(u;l., Uilii.) 

town, deiitii])! Iliat acme nouk* lUfkl ba ami 
fruiu ibuncf , to wboini Iip said, lio hud to oflirr a 
Koui] Louaa, cuartuoiit f«i a iirioc and £«« frian, 

ready.biiill, r>adf-pr«jikmL uut H«tl prtyyu\ri 
with Uiid« and farniR.* lltii l^rrnrli manLamvHMl 
tbe C:lixti)i>nl, and toiiL |ii>uirMiii>B of th« aurrunal 
I'dlof Crowlauil. The abhnl of <'r<nrlaiut, ntw 
•Iilti by (omo chaQcu. wa* an l£u|tlUunaii, ImU ihg 
buliliiPM to lay bla oomploiiit* Bgaiort the Anp-in 
captain txfore llie king** council; hcvciUkIm* 
I<v* 'J'ailW-Iluia n-ai jiul only abwdivd. bul vai 
pralsrd for all thai be had dotiv iu llie way of 
cMomgni pitli^, aiiil munlari* "Cuci" aaya tba 
old norrntar, " tboar forviciMn aiuliully luppgrled 
'loeanotber; tb«y fbranad acloac t«*«os, Inrisc 
oue npuQ auolhrt. )nat u od Iha body of tlia old 
drtjtuu tmie it laid oier icale."" 

At iLat liia« tiiDir waa in Flandna a 8«ia& 
naincil Hiprrwanl, wb<> h*A long bees artUod 
Ilietr, aud Iu wliom (omo English caii^nuita, flyiuf 
tbvir anuntry aftDr loaliig nwrytliin^f in ftt an- 
ciDUQcml thai M* fiiiher waa dfaul, Uiai liia naionHi 
utberitoiiru had brromc the prt^irrty of a homaB. 
and IbMbUDKcdntolIiarliadfuQ^IwIaMlwBaMtll 
■luffiTiiiic «>cMi Mod of afHictlac »jti Inmlu" Al 
ibia Dcwa llcriMi-ar<I act out fan EnyUnd, and 
arrived tuiiutpMlerl ul iJu: jiliice nbervbla. family 
hail ronnerl) dwt-li. Hi) wad* Itinudf kiunm to 
■uchof liit Mlaiivca and frivutbaabjadwrnTcdlhB 
iuitcion; bv praiuiloil on tbaia lo fota aa armeil 
band, and, at Ilie h*«<.l of tJinii, illarlvd Ibo Not- 
mail who bail iuaulled hit mollwir mid uaiiipvd Ua 
iulii^riiiuicH." Hercwniddruioliink away, Olid look 
liiaiilacuj buli b<'iucruni|i«llnl ftvlimowv WMy 
EKit to turiltiip himadf lo tbla ailifflr exploit, he 
oijntiiiiii-cl a jiu-tiuin Huifue in ibc n<iiHiy of hu 
nnidnnrr. anil aiiitaliied sguiiirt tho gOTeraon •! 
Ilic nvmhbnurtijg town* am foflmaM Mnnanraa 
cnndicia, in wliioh he nud« hlmaaU hnoua Ua 
«ali>uti ikill, anil for cxiiftcillnar]' ptnokal 
•ln.-iigth." The tumoiu of hik biUiaul actllvrc- 
litflila vu rprond Ihroughoul I*:DgUt>d i Ibe rym of 
the i'ijiii|uvi:piI pevple were liirtiMl lowatda thi* 
mail with X fi.-i>iiii|; iif lv>pei bi> ailivnturet and 
liU priii>i-t wen' luuil*^ lliu ihvinv of rertaiu higMy 
|H>|iulat kiBii^i«, wbich af« iii» ii>jjp'r cataat, h%t 
wrta long tutsff ill ihn itrmi*, in ihc ^pry mra of 
till! wniiiwton, uiidar famur uf Ihcir toug-Mii- 
tiniicd igiionutoa uf Ihg idium of thw atU)JU){aUMl 

TJia isbcrilancB recviiii<wicd fiDtn tbc Noraiaaa 
by Hwcwwrd Iha Saaon wa^ ■itualni at Urui>r,vf 
vrbich the toodtrn apalliug i« Bnura. in the aoulb- 
C'rii patl of LlncolDatiitc, uenr the il<l)«) iff C'ruw- 
Uuil, at no (real diauuiEC from thai of I 'cu-tbuniugli, 
vr from ihe ialea of Ely and Thamcy. Tlw tuaiur- 
fvaU of thaw canCena loat no lijne in talabUahtaig 

■ Ruaun al ptllDnnam, inUiim tunli al ineinroaii ntb 
ilitid«B. \lB«ilir. Clujrliuii . ■ UaU. >. :i.) 

* PrrilnA el |vT4aiinfi. ivairt rl iirirn^ Injiirlu iwti«rH> 
liAoltTalhottjUftiUoun rtacMlani, (IMd- i, IV.) 

1< '"tI"'^ 'U r — I — r- S'^rTTiTVi rj'i'n "i-itit Ti<iaafta 
ftilBPt. i.lhid.1 

1^ l^i^rmBi luvrftflitntirta, muiaan tvclanWUia Ki^rwaaaal 
tinnin, inaVrnHiiir itiliwn tanttim Injimu ri imiuiUiBi^ 
liiiiia Binis[l. ( ItitrL. p, Tn.} 

>■ t'nll«>ii|uc C'ViHlunua lun cnBlmuicwIi nawa. ... 
da ml- lirnHllUtK mxul tirmi et fllniiaal. i, llJiL) 

I' tEi^piin wwL* ^ imllv porlpiM Uoic«iiUiL»faai hff 
lllfl ■(iiiiiti u'niniuurt tnrdimi. *t HiUift |M«brtii« *l iirartdaa. 
|Ii>*"i'- t-'mjl.. it>ul.. p. **.) 

'* fniul ailtiiH: laliltiliwauolu. tlbul.) 


'Hw Nmmhi Uglib. 

IVI>Th«OBt(b •M«T. 




ConnintiraUoTa wlDi Iho afmril li*n<li eAmmurded 
bj Ac brxTi- partiMn clik-ft*in. Struck b^t lii* 
ftuoc and taliati, thvj inrl<«i] blm to rrp«ir toUivm 
la onloT lo hcroiEf UvIt o>m<n>nil»; kiuI Hmi> 
win], yltMing to ttiPir ■allfiUlluiK. repaiKd 10 Om 
rain|i of rprngF with «tl hli com pui lorn.' (h-fort 
(«king the cummind o( incii of whcin »c»pr«I 
were rociiiben of the hlRh Buxoa ralliHrj onlor. « 
•Oft of IV»(*nittj- or cnrjv>ralinii »iithafi»o<l by tht 
a«ri«it Ibw« (if iheeiMimrf, Hnn-wsril dnirvil Id 
t)» admln^l of lh«lr niimbrr hjr tlio t^uptomuy 
Ibma, md thn* to hwomr, •rrflrdlnf to llie «• 
pN-Mlon of (he cvDicnsponr; vrtitn*, » li-gftimatc 
WBirior.' The imillullon of ■ atip^rinr cIbih 
kMAtig t>io«i> who dnoit^J thMii*clt«tti>nrm». anil 
of • MtTuiiuiil nlthoul wMrh na onv rttlild lip 
ulmtttnl itito thai iiiillTarf ardcr, hail htm intnv- 
iIumJ tiilu Mid pnniot^lt-^ Ihmi^oiil allUie w*tt 
•* Au«p« by tli» ©*nft»nic Tialioi.* who JiuJ <li*. 
MMfttMtM iIm ReiBkit cmpln. Thi* ciulom n- 
utnt in Chtul; mid, in Uic Rmnan longueof that 
MaBUy, a Hirnibcr of lliv tii^ militarj cLim wn* 
fall«l a roomtieroT t/itratier, brcautr tt (lul tlmr, 
difOnghout Giul aud on iIm cotitinvnt In f<«cial, 
hAMmiri) ferinrd tti* ]irtRciniil «trenp*b »( ar- 
■ntn. It iw .>ibKrwtH) In Kni^anil : |iirrfi9Ption 
ia •qnratiian ikill ww no4 it Ul coiuidHred Ln Ibe 
id*ti mirrlKinFil In ihl* Islnnd cif aii at'cuTRplisbcil 
■r^nior. 'fit* tw^onlf^Icmetila tiftbali<lr« w»rr» 
}««|lt anil fln-n^h; suit tiie K«xonlmig»v|^T« Uip 
■■■tforimir.thiii i* tciw]ry0tinjr'>uHi,toth#mrrlur 
aadalaoltio ttrnnaiia, nmn rinlnnnlcil kormmiam.* 

NMwhhataitilin); ttilt dUTfrritre, iho cctvinonin 
^f H'hi<l> a yrwnvr itiui ailraiU«4 into (ko high 
taiUiMty nril«r in RDftlawd and m lh« ecaatMBl 
w«r« mucllj- Ih* atiuv. Thn Kplrant had ta ran. 
hm in Ihearroing; wmtrb iti Uiacliurch all nifrht; 
•ad, in ihr R)0mliigi al the hour uf niaaa, jdace hl> 
•ward n|vtt t)i* altar. ravct''v it from the hxnda t>( 
lb* oAl'tatRw |iri«^f, %iid ci>ininiriiica]^ aftpr rr* 
rrlrUif tt.> Ktctji raxhalaiM wbn had viibmilird 
Id thrap dl(TF[i-nl ftiTriiilltlta Oa* thi^ri<f(ir<iiaiil 
Mlttllal tn thr chararlrr nf warrtnr. ami vrtt 
Otenfrj cnalilpd lo *crvc lu ciery rank, aiul lo 
li»l)l (MMBHMiid.* Ill Ifali liiuinrr it v»<i ihiit a 
■nan-al-nrmi wna made n knight or ehttalicr in 
)'ralK'piamllliroU||;biiutC.iiu3.miTP)i(iiig«rilyiii Nor- 
inatMH, nlirnt, tbti'iiigli nonie nrmaitia of the 
l^obib ciMIoaia, ihr liniolitiira ff Hti^ntrv took 
,,plaM uBtltr fornit not* military •tiil lt« reliiivuN. 
TheHormaUa U*»d In M) ItiBt be wliinr> trwonl 
liBd b«Mi fhit ott by ■ clerk in a I-dh^ guirn waa 
not a Imp kiitgltl. but a Htiai-n trllboiit prcii««u.* 
Till* dbdaliiful olijrriiun vru ^in-fcrrrd airaloil 
llrrrwafil. wliiTn ibc Norman ktii^hli, with whom 
had olUis ninatiirt'd (urnnls, IramH that h« 

■■■■In. Id raa •nmnnint. iloa twill ■( BMCtiln 
|«ttHUi, (iBfall r.myl.. ipnil n-i. A^Uc. mlp), 

^■iMattBrljBiiMlnllMiliflllnriararHiirtuas .... 
k^lkMMHitolMMiBniDiilttm. (lM<t.LV>.) 

* Katttr. m riM. nUinniw rhiil. Ttur Otunuu lia^ bi 
ttJI— i> L i.— dth* warJXM— ^M. ItfAirr tVuU of '(•'<* 
■tnu r. 

* Jlaili4nai «■! •aSfliiFluila ijudJ qiil mfllll* lq(iKin> PW- 

laJa* «*4, nmn- (.iwdiMc (laguK. t'lviL 

, ifsd t>t, An^Ur Hitiii.Llo,) 
n<«Nkn>UHl>«nifDiM|vnunHT>. (Ilrid.) 

* IbBcmOiKraadtiiilinHciiHirtadtiiiMaKiimjinHl do. 
ariBiMiBi. a la ■itil'iB IntNIBain MImo tail it]— 1. uil KKnHin 
■(■Moi a •|uiiiMn drinwwn dciiiiBlMci. |[liid.J 

tiadjnat laortcdlo tlie inanuirry of Pttcrboracu^ 
to rrcviie lli« anlltary tialitric ftvm tliv liandi of a 
Sa«iMi akbcit, (>n lliii ot«Htiin, howcrcr, ibe 
Normtu mr* iwamptfld Itjr »nethiiiK mora tlua 
ihtilr hahltiutl moteBipi tar the ri(«(«r atwtiloia) 
mnarrratlnn : tar )l wna rpf u;^ull to Ihrir priiV 
lliil a nun of En];li>Ii bloli abouM, in any vay 
irhalRirt, oblkin tlm litthl of votilUi>)[ hituipjf a 
knUht. and of dalnunf ftMa Ibi'in Ihmn nWrratma 
<•( it^apcrt whirfa Uh kjiigbia of nil iiatlorM were 
l-ouiiil lu aluiw to oar anotlirt. Tlinlr ;ihile aa 
(onqiMten waa note ilcrplr irniindril by tbia dn> 
prcbimalou than llwlr hnnour ai vairlon by tno 
r«Uttiaiw cOTMiioMy ; tar tkiry ihcmiMTta kftmrarda 
lubmltlfri ta tlM (vrtinany. atid ^T»il«d (o blihopa 
the right of mnbrtinit kriii>bthood.' 

Thf! monutrry of ri-li-rlioruui^h itaa at lluu liiiM 
roTPined by abbot ftnuid, wbn, but a ahun time 
ocbr^, had, aft«r hi* tln;tion t>y the moaki of 
llial pla^, applifil to Ed(^r and not to 'H'illiain 
for lh« (rmltrmallon of lib title-' The abhni, poa- 
■cnUif nproiidtplril lliM<raainnpBbli-i>f Ivndu^, 
had no vritli torroin ilii! bronr of kin),- WilHam. 
In >ohu>lr«ring to pttfinn, foi n trbrl cldrftalD, 
til* ««««inony of ^nnf( a b«ii«dii-li<in to hi* nTOtd, 
h* Iuniitlii.d new rRoofc of bit aoal a* a jntriot, 
and of a conlt^iupl furllic fornien nolhorlllr*. Hi* 
own ruin Vi.'can».-rrrtam:d«Qlh.htiirm'r,rTini}Vtd 
bim fmni all .iiblimnpy iiiAictioD* bcforv Ilie Nor* 
nwnaoldinra lud arriwsl lo armthifti In tin kiu|^( 
nunc ; and thmnipoli there wat aect lo ihr monaa. 
tn7 e( Pi>l«rboroiifIi, ai hi« au n g a tur. thn Norman 
Torauldilhc-fa1omu« monk already tpokt'ii of* Tnr- 
auU, taJdng villi him ■ liiiuitml and xlaij Frvurli- 
m(iiw«ll aiDiod, aloppcd In the town of Sumfonl.a 
few l*agnoa Iroai P»t»rborangb, and xiil furwud 
mwta to obaerva tho Haitian of the Engliali refu. 
|[«ea, and aacprtatn wbal otMtulM lie ahoulil hara 
to encounter lu takinf |i«aacaaton of the abbey." 
Thp rvfugfn, «□ iboir rido, bctnx appritcd of ihc 
Nonttan'a ■ppTrmrb, maile « iirt«vRt upon the 
monaairr; . unil. Ilndtiif the leonka bul Ittll* ro- 
aulTcd tn dffnid It afalim the ablxit and hii mnn- 
al-imH. thry urrlnl off tterylliin^ of nluc, 
rruiKa, ic«*ela, and drajfry, and roiitrjcil Ihrm 
by vatcr lo tbeir <tukrlrni. In order (uid Ihrj) 
that ihey might Iiavo pli-dj;'* for the liiti>1ity of tho 
ciwiTwiii.*' The eontmt pHTT«l tiiifiithriil, and 
rccriicdtheforeifncnnilbniit mManrr. Tonuld 
liutallmj hianarlf aa iu ablinl, niid look aiiiy-ino 
bydrt of liMid on ti)« deimioi of bi* church lu tw 
the pay or Snf nf hi* XiLlina." Thv A«I)(«tIii Irto 
Taill^Ilo)B,Tl*eonnlof Sfialiliii^. aoon propo«^ to 
hia uriKbboiir Uic obliol ■ warlike espediUan 
ai^kinrt Hemranl itml the Haion camp. TuraukI 
aofnied to acci'iil ili« (iroifocal with Joy ; but, hia 
braierj cot bciun ao peni atpuntt annnt muu aa 
a^piMt monk*, ht let th(>Aiifeiin*i*Faiiiit adnuip* 
ilnitijr lo KeMnnaiire amour the foml> of wiUntn 
which formed Ihc ilcfniccof ihe Suoiia, and n>- 
mainpd a long nay In ihe roar witli auiiir Konnana 

' **~r-n-nmT 111-n nflh iMin "itimiii. I tw. 

* Mm a»v w. I-. n. 

* fcr IhtA *. n. n. 

■ • Vrnii "nimljn* »M«« H imtaai 14 ani^tWa banbin 
mm Ul'* otDi'tv tifiii- ifitaurl . . ^ |^'ia«nifr*ifii ■MAHa,') 
IlirTin >':nMii,, ^i i;4tuia,|,. i". 

■ ■ Fiq ihn mjra-lw* t>nlrWi|»> (IWl I 

" Tnroliliii uliliaa . , <him lim* mWitoMi* ml* Al» 
IniJi >l 4<dH n* ihrbQIm ■« lalHUlw •kW i Ba 111,. 
Ili^noti noBHAl IMrlkiin(nul>i l«laiiAmUMUMa, I. 14 ] 



I>iiiHh iMBMn. 
RMihi attkf Dtmn 
I* at BIy >IMc*i«. 

TtUEURY's uisToay OF 

XtmMn nrihr iktau 

<if l>ltH> nink.' White Ivm onlcr**! Ibc wood on 
ettn liilo, flrr'inrd i|nltii>il ii nn iht> othiir, aiir- 
prU«l ih* abKnt KDil hia Xumiin*, mul« Tliom kH 
1iriwBi>n. uid knpt timia lu i)i« Cmm ttniii ihej had 
jiftiil br their rannia n nun of ihm tliwuMtid 

Mi^kuuilllld tli» tXiui^ fleet, vliicli, nllRr )>«t)n)( 
wiulcnMl lu the trauuih of tlte HnmlMr, hiul do- 
liaKnl in tha •j>riiu of 1070 wiUiutti Ii(hUTi|C, 
aiid hill tliuf ('au«Hl iJic kei'uncl taking' of York, 
reinhcJ til* \'V!U vt DfiimiiW. Iipt piiiir6 wcni 
m mrriinl iJK lliBir rrluni Xiy kinjt ^w^Ti, who»o 
enlrrt thiy hid Tiolitnil lit aulfirriitg lh>>iii*i'l*f« to 
bii (faiiird otpf hi Willinm. The irrilalcil king 
lianiilinl tin bmiFicT Onliioni; anil, uturniiiit ih* 
coiamoii'l nf lii> flrri m prnoii. iwl Mil fo« (ircal 
Britain-* Ut ciitcr«i[ the Iluitibrri llic 
flr«l niiaour oMili nppr.>Hli, thi? iuhnbitanU of tha 
B«IJu«)iI i)'>untTf ii^in roM, irciil lu mcot thr 
IMnta, ind nnmvnl Uwli >ll>iincc u'itli lliun.* 
11«t in that mutitr; , mt (IcnaUied, lo ulleily ile> 
Jecictl b)' laiUury rxccuUuoiS ihcic wrrc aolon^t 
■oSownl mouM cfflndouKlf t» Mlvrnpt » gml re- 
natuu*. Thi) Danbh king nftaMMt the m«, while 
bii cdpMiiti mini wmiora, rantltiutn^ Ihpir rnnnic 
Boulkwnnl.riit^'rvtl Ac baj af f\iHtcnt, aaA, ■trviuU 
■as tiit men Oiae and (ikn, uniird In ilic Iritot 
Blji whnv thcf irm wclcvmod byllic irfugcc* m 

A* Kioti M king WllUkm m> ibrormc>.1 or the 
■rrtvtl of tha Duiuh ll«oi, ho tent wiiii all tp»d 
nBMkgci uhI pMM^ti i« ktnjc Hyityii in UiMinark ; 
■nd thit king, nlio to abwt » Uaic before liail 
fiucJthMt hi* broLiier lor botrnyiiig tli« RaxoiUt 
being oov hiniiflf i^iUimI anr — hv vhil mcnni i* 
tax known, for Uiere are ■Binj' iiWnrillt-i In Ihn 
hiilor]' uf tliow ri-molr liron,— bplnj ril Ihcm in 
hitttim.* 'riio Dauci Matimifii in tlifir vi-mi-ln 
ntuir Elj •Htm urtl<-ml to rcEtcat. Thcj ditl not 
ronlflftt thrnurlve* mllh iiimplj irithdmu-inif. but 
HiltPil ami nrri<4l inpay with IhMn pan of thf' [f*i- 
tan of thn Intnrveulu, anil, ainungit, uIIilt Uiiugi, 
tite emaaci, nwvnl vrMrIa, uiirl uthirr oninini-'iil) at 
lJi« abbcj of l'M<Tlx>rvu(h. Thi-rrti|wii, lu io 
the yeu HMD, tbe Nomui kii^ iMvmbtrrl nil liia 
fhrrvt *piiuit l]i« Ibnakprn SaxooK. Thn ramp of 
r*h|{e wai inrpited hj Iniiil atiil by wate*. uiif on 
rvrry aiil« the (Mailuil.i couMnii'lnl diVca «id 
brMfea oTcr lh< luanlin. Herrwwtl and the 
SwMn rhicb, ainotif[i[ wbotu imi Siirard B«onii « 
(bmer oamptniim of king £>lgar in hie Hight, r«- 
dMed brtTelf for >/'tni> hOHU Witllain voimnmcvd 
etMiMniriinv a catupny neTou the ruUi-cotervd 
[loola, wUcli it wu rtYtiibtip in nrry on to a dia- 
taiire or thrrr ihotiauiil pticfs; bul til* caiutmcc- 
on irare eoottUMlly diatinbnl uul baiuiAl in 
Uielr labonn. HMWwud mad* anek auddi-n 
aunnlli, end derlard aiutli uuflarnpon cUalipeinB, 
that ihr Norman* nllrlbiilrd Iii« aucremra to nuixl- 
luiro from tbo dciiU Oeilr<>ut. ihrnrfair. of roni- 

■ Mril vr4tfvk1i(ll4 dliliM i»c nitJOTT^ prucvrri nx^uKliiii 
•ylkuum Innedl fmaUaaUo. (|iml lllnnias UnlMnaUu 
tii):ulh.*(iii>l rn Anclk •rrlpl . I. I».bI.<MI*.) 

' I'l 1nr»aMIUirii>b)ill<1D- lIliU.> 

■• Finiau- Hlgwii ,■<.■■-■• .. i" 

■ 1:1 piwn^kaMli. • Onto M- 
taiii rvn ni. IChtnn -. vm, p ile.i 

I i> 

Vnfli it AHini (wluiha 


> IWIlMi TMMWml 111 — .. 

ktria ui KvadliiiiiaiuiiL i,l<iui.i 

* Tanr il*i>H|m«)1li>latii*(t9<naMhi tfulMt rMUbv. 
(lUd.. p. in.) 

baling tim nilh hia ovin ircapoM, thr] IimI le- 
rounu to niacin. Ito 'laiUa-Bnt*, *(if«inl«d bj 
the kiiif ta mipfrlnli-nd IW worka, caaaod a 
acircprcd to br brought hither, ntio iLouM, ■• be 
liopcil, diiCOnciMl hy h(T ciichAittiucutt all the tttv 
t«S«nia of wat of ibe Sisoiu.' Tbt niuL naa 
)ilacwl (III a high noudcQ lonu at tlic kctd <>/ tb( 
cf>niiiii<uce<l work; but, at the maincut whcu Ibt 
•oldier^ Uirt uurkiiirn viina ediiuciiig uii'im' h«r 
|irolntiuii with tin- ^calot coufidctire. Ilpipiranl 
drbciucliod uii uiic Hiiik Io niudwiLnl, ouJ, irltii^ 
6tv to lli(< Hrlila of rt"la, <.lv«liu}td in llif llAnri 
the aorroriHa and ih<i poaut jrut of th« Nonuu 
hliounn and in<^-at-imt. * 

Thi* nil linl (be n«i]} *ucren of llw tBMU8«nt»i 
notHilliHIkniling thn auprrioriiy of ibc cnrmy'a 
atrcuf^tli and luclici, [bcli irtiriij a/rcMcd hia pr«- 
grtu. ¥01 letcrul luontli* Ihr diilricl of lily v>w 
pomideteljr bloHuuied like a iwnii duitug a ak^, 
rnreii'iiiK iit> aupplii^ rtvoi nitliuut. Tlicie wai lu 
IIk '■'land a cuiiinit ot inuiik>, wtio, uiwblv lu aup* 
port iliT Amiioi' aud initcriM of thi altfCi *iitii lu 
William'* camp, uul oHer*^ Io [loiul out to biui a 
pnntge if bu would pramiae to lL>are tbem in |m»> 
amaiijii i»f their pruiinrty.* I'lic ofler of Ibe monk* 
wia occrpled; aud two Numuiu butoiii, Uilbril 
do Clato anil William dc Worrotir, jilcd^^d ibcic 
woni f(tr llnf *x<>c>ilIoii of Ihi' tivaij. Dwiog l^i 
tha Imaicn of the lonnk* of Rlj', lh4> Normao 
irocijM ptinrlinled iineipiwte.lly inin tlin iaUnd, 
kiUrd a ihoutoiid of Ihc lilngliab. itnd. rloarly ill* 
vatlng the («nip nf rtfngci tuniprllcd Iho ix«t Io 
l«j <lo«ii their Ktttt. " 

All aurrenderfd, rxeopi IIcr«i)rard, viha, /iuinf 
to Ihe lid, made liia raireat Ibrough the inual dnii- 
ireioua pluvvi. ivliurv IIif Numiati* di<1 net Tentore 
lu puriue liiiii. " 111! nriil fmiu uianh Io nuiah, 
uixU he rcnclifd thu loir Iniiilit of Llncolnahirt, 
\«'hrri> iic,r»iT ^uiioii fl*Iiiinii^ii, ikho TSLrrtiid lab 
«verj dtj tis n nrigiiboiiringSor!tninpail,toeplTid 
him anil hia Fain|nuiioii* itiiri ibrir h««b and hid 
ihcm undiv benp* of atnw. Thu lioaia arritcd 
neat the piMt «« uaunl; and ibe chUf aiid hii aul- 
diere, knoimig iho flehcnBca, by liglit, cunceiivd 
BOiOiar tlartn nor tiMpirion, bul prepAod Ibaii 
repeat, and tjniellj' wi donn Io It under Ihelt 
lect*. Ilen>wiid urtd hIa fultnivcni thru ruabed 
tilth ihrlr bxtik-axr* upon Ihr fonrl^nen, -n-bo irtt« 
entirely iinprcpemi> and alciv a comidcTaUe aim- 
bei of tbcm. Thn remainder took to digkt, eban- 
douing tha poet Intrutled to their vixtrgt, ami 
leaTint,' '1'*'' lioraiM read}' twiddled, which vera 
aciifd by llir Kngliah. " Thia buld eoiipii»4nlll 
waa uot like laat exploit of (he groat caplklu ot Um 
Kntfli«li guerillaa : hr lUitcJ avTOial ulb«« place* 
ivtin hl< band recraitpd aNah ; and wlicfvnv Iw 
went he laid onibuHh** for thoK»riinBa,b«taif m- 

1 Oumdain •nnilifrani nivrllul iiniKnne. el ^o* r■^ 

mlnl^ia ft flTnHlifl ItirsnlBlivnlbat >id«iHi«(>aa von fimam 9^ 
aliim'. ilviii ninrifii c'niiiiiL Inguir, A\t»d m, Aeetk. 

* Ot'vuiriiliai > liii'n au^riialiiina Iwin llirmanlaa tl> 
HnuttUL atvnUufliiai franiamin lallaaieMv, M Ian outBn 
4aliB filllln nnnvA ftvft H Aanuiul oiliay n ^^. (tWil,, p, 

• iabn Sti*^ Amah. t-. 111. Lend. Idl. 
■• ttM. 

>■ Vrmrr llrtnanlum •nliiie «iiiri<>*'|"e e^a* *M|na«n. 
qao In* ^tiililni nluxlL (Ubrua. Saain. f4. (Mmi. k 

*■ Cloottliiib' Ji tlt^tfjvj Clafiaai; cAinHa- AhiIinKum^, 


tfilUng, lAj* * vtiter of llmt ilaj, tint llie ble of 
bU CQunlrymoi iltauld b4> iiiia\«ii^i<d.' lie hod 
MWUid liin one liuiulrcJ li>Hon«nncllatm«!. niid 
tlw Uc'Ulj uf nliam iru aboir nil iiupicbu : 
MBUut tJi'VO tli« iDOit Uiiliii)nii>l><i'>l. lallaiit, uiil 
datoM l« ihtirdiUf. vcru Wtatcr lii* brollioc i>i 
■raWiOlHrai hUovurflAtiv-, AlfnL, Rudgutg, and 
SntwbU. An •kclcnt povi miitivs UMt, wImii Aiiy 
(HW of (Imwiwi with ihr>L>>'onniut,honvtc( ilo- 
cUned lbs combftl ; and ihcir »iaM rhiclUlii Irnn- 
xlfiffM often Intomt lo kaKu hcftd aKiitiiit leicn 
of hi* fovmen. * It (p|i«ar<i liiat tliu (tlorj n-illi 
wUeb HcNwmrd hmd covvred himulf not onl; en- 
iletnd hU ntme (o l]i« nSccUmu of llic Sntuiu, 
bat Rxfivd Urn the lore of it Ud j unmrd Alftrade. 
wbo hail RnuUiciJ in poutBMoa of Utge Mtttesi 
ptvbkkly bcMuw bi-r familv hail corlv <U«tuv(l for 
iha nvw UiH. Sh« <ilf»rM h«r h4iul u th* nbrl 
ehwf tbraa^ ■II idmlmion of bla couri!{« ; ftt 
dM alw fnrvd Ibc daii^rre and ndTrniitm he to 
ralMttUlIj enoounlerril, »ad iitnil hrr rni|>itD oicr 
bin la f«ni|Miofi* tcodinx to lead lum to « life vf 
rrfOM, Mid to tnkkc hii pcMe with Ut« cj>ii- 

HMwwtni, wbu lotrd li»r tnu::>i, tlatcnrd lo h«r 

CDUDWlOi Uld, «> UlV UCtlpIc thru <.-»prC«M>.1 thl'ID- 

■vhra, Kcrpivit tlic Itlii);'* (iracr. Stii'ti \iract, 
boweier, ruuJJ st Li-it [inivp liut a mi>in<.'iilaij> 
Tr«e« : il«|iilp the ii'oni glrvn by Wlllism, >n>l 
perbapaarrnrdiiig to Ihf mniurrb'E u-itpt imlfn, 
tti* Ttiwnuia »cioii wjutflit luj nppnrlniillj for rii3- 
' , ■'•]*n ot the rrcloutilablr Saxoli chirf. 
I iL w*4 irtrral time* tmvbvioutty u- 

1 , ... I one daj, wltelt aAcr liii iltunci b« wu 

ttklnf KpM« in the open air, a troofi of an»«d 
nca, %maas nbom tkcra were M'venJ Brttani. 
•wpriard and tuiTouiiiIcd liim. H^ w*i viihout 
hi* siMl vt mall, iud had for aniu ant) a nvrard 
aod a aborl nLT.TritlinliiFli Uw Saxom urrc con- 
ARII7 praildid. Sadd««ilf amkonrd hy tli« irnaa, uidiWiUioQl ■hntvl ng alarm at tliclr 
■ 'icUinivd. •* rdl triKnra. the klUf 1im 

kit jicare ; but if joii arc drdtota of 

«uau)« nif Uods, or «( taUoz my life, [ irlll idl 
tbMO ilrar!" * Sajjttg Ibno wmJi, Hermaid 
4nn Ut bitM wLA ao nnch *lr«ngth afaimt a 
ktilcM who iload uppuaite la him, ttwt b* piereed 
hJa brraM dirouifh till liaiiliprk. Tbougli he rr- 
rrUtd >lii'_-n ntnibil*, lie ccutinncd to ittike with 
lk(i hnlf-piW, to loiKf M it luloil tnuhir«r«d ; hv 
IkaR bral>ili*h«d hi> iviinl, and, biting (•n)L--ii hia 
IT— [ WB b)r a blow aver thr hrlm of niif of bla at. 
mtnita, bp ctiil foimtit nilh Ihv haft that irnttlnMl 
in U» KT>«]i> Tbe ItaditJan lan that fifteen Nnr- 
nwn nd ali-nalj A>tl«ii aiouDa hinii when he ^raa 
pl«n«i, at na« notn^nt, by the tbnut uf four 

■ U- U lM tufSMu. CMmlli. Pkrit . I T.WInullH »bW 
itlaHiMiiHi pmHL H<lH- tiviU.CnTUnd.. 1. :i,) 

1 Bo |<Winlui>iwt>*ili>i, 

RwBMn tIL Itj* tnra •>- Ilnl. 

riaOnAnl(la>n<aii«liinii.Aii(lo-Xi>nii..l. 11 ) 

(Ibid., Ik n.) 

Oa (M AltiHri nc 0* 1 

A Efmari. i|f giun »M. ... 

Ah *i>i •■ (Wioit loirdfi. 

Trt*H a (•<-4iliiaf ilnil* ....i 


lacM*. * He atlD bad Mrvu^httf reiBHinkoMlliw, 
nod in tliat Maltm, adiinjt > lrucLI»t ilut Uv oti 
till! pruiind. lieatrsck ItMHildc llu! m ruilea blonr 
ivltli it uQ the ficr, Ihiit the llii-luii LbuIii (ell 
ite.vJ, but nl thia iiuiaot Hfienanl tilimrll' fiUbinJ 
ikiul riij-itt-d. T)ia Icoiler of iJit baml, named 
Au^liri, cul elf hu h<Hul, awMriiig, b; llie liriuo 
ofGud, tlul lie bad nertr In hin lilie bebeU w> 
nliant a man. Anrnrinit a |kn)fvibi»l rhjmr, 
popular aiiiDn( the Aiiicto-Saxotift, and eivii mmotig 
till.' NoriDUii, had for tti Import, tliat, if (here bad 
t>i.-ru fuMT luvii like uiila hiiu iri Eit^Uiid, iHrer 
uouM (he Ki-eiirb hare made good thnr rntranrr, 
nud that, if li« l»d tiot died bj Uru tirxcboroii* aa. 
aault upon him, be uuuM bare toonrr or btlri 
drlivn lliGm all from the i^aad.^ 

Thu* no* dcstiujruJ, iu Ih* jear 1073, Ibo eaanp 
of Ely, wliich hid &r a. ii»r)h)I pTm hop** of 
Librrt} lo liirn ptovliwM. Lonf aflw lb* <li»perNoa 
of tiie bme inrii nha had taken rcfugpi Iu ii there 
wen^ ititl tu 1>e fwuad in ibat ivcanipj' eotner of 
laiirl ilir tracv* of tbrir entieiifLmowta and ibo tc- 
naiii* at a iroodvii fori, vhifh tli« inhalilluiU of 
Iha plaev nllnl H»r»mrd'« cutlc,' Uany of 
t!iiHr nhn but laid dunit ttieii anna bad Uieif 
hoiwla cliop]ml olT, 01 ihctr cjn pul oul; and, 
with rruet driition, the rciUiiueror ael ihi-ni al la-i^ 
in thii dn^dful f oiulilion. * Olhi-n vtrr iiopn- 
miueJ in aLioug easlln in pvory part «f Kn^linil. 
Arrliljiiliiiii SUi^Htid mu HitulriniKd to pirpMiial 
necluaitru. EirbL-liriii biahop of nnrhim. auruwd 
by tbu Nonnana of having rablieil hia rhiirch of ill 
imuurtK, becBDw fav bad dv^ottd them to the |n- 
trlolie eau*», wai eobfiutd at Abingiloo, atid ■ fti* 
tnontha aft*nvaril« di^l of hui^r. * Aaolhtr 
hUhop, Eghflrik, uai impHaoneil in tlie abbef uf 
Wcatmlnalrr for haviuK, said lliu sFslenrc pro. 
aouuoed kj the forcijin Judi^t, illiturhrd tba jintw 
lie peace, atij eoiiiioilial many a«ta of fiiamy. '* 
Uul the judjpnenl of the Engliah aitd Iha piihlle 
■euIiiucDt n.-<[H-eiiii|[ bini nrem T«rv illfnni>dl; hIa 
CDudoL-t yna Iiuded aa Xaag ai he lirrd, and after 
hia AvctaM liit was bi>aoured as a aaitiU Calhrn 
taucUl tlietr cliiMrm to fr*r to }i!'n for hi* inter- 
eflNtinT), and fop a eeMiirv Ihff* Mill miuc Thiton 
and pil^mii lo hi* lomb.'' 

(».r, 1012 10 1(173.) TbotTDachfryofthemonka 
of Tily (noil rerriird Ita reward! 
occupied their cntiTcut ai a miUtiiy poti, iu»d llml 
there ui fieo (|iiaitm~ Evtfj niotiiui]{ Iha cnl- 
lariil m* obliged to dktrtbut* anoaf them llutt 

a MttOli. iladMtf a »« iW 

SI t'oH Itra !■< aU In era, 

• El«'llr<iil •■■ .illiilinth 

War t (Mnurai II KViwenlai 
Toui In chaftM ton ilvl uiK 

' <^iini] iwiir in imlvmiici iliin Taitilliiai ilrrrnaiili t 
oiopmUcUalmiaiiBCapatur. i M*ll>. I^ti*.. i. 1 I 

- rlmllfiii iniwam ml nnilti thii tlirr f¥mlrtl (fla 
naA <a«m.ehii)&.B. Ui.} 

» Dliipiln*tMb>ibtHadaenn*M,bi «—*■»■> AMtnmmt 
e4. nU el alak) dolor* •! waaK Ma nuMwri (M OMcUl 
aboil, (irid. •!*»)•. Diwrln. , AsclU Sun. 1. taa.) 

' Wwl Bgliiii fncrm rniMa. aVMicaBi ukuvu. tyitt. 

MjiBwtL lit p*. piaUt Aart . 
■rriM.. B. Ji;, ei. ft.»lW.) 
1' tiHKlaUiuB 

IU . avwl trr. AaflU. 

tlMlaia •irtuiamm apail brwlRM (OMmit ; boW^M 
(■«nla ihm a<E rstia nee koumhil hIuorib <bh«. 

PniKrIi <A <Imi — nVi aMKMrA, 
IW Wiai>ilB IHWa U» TVX4. 


n'Ollntn'ii miini-ituil n|«dlttMi 

paj-Vul proruicaw Ui ihc (fral hallof th« i-'Iaptt-r.' 
riie iiuiiilu comjibLUiei] bttlErly at ilin \ialatiiiii or 
llio Inrat) nliicli Ihcjt liul coni^ludcd nlth thi:kiu|t. 
The HDftivur vu, lliat it n-u Ufcisiarjr the btu of 
£1} ihuukJ tw Ku>i4«il.' Tli«jU»'J)«irM<d A auiu 
of *CTca huDilrvct mitl^R ta br fn:i>ij from ilii* cliitrKu 
of nMiutuniiig llic (ortlia wlilicni ; niiij tliit xuiii. 
irltich tbvj- iiiiic(;in.-d bj- i<rip|iinEllivir cfauii^h, •■» 
curiivd lu I'koI tliu NorniBn, llic layal TUoiunt at 
C-»niljriti«i', 'riio Tinrouitt bul the »ilv«T nciiibeil ; 
Uiil. Hiidlii^ th^l tli^rc liupiK'Hol lo he a, dincUiu 
iruitinz, lin iirrnwil ilt<? timiik.'i jiuliriaily of Ihi.' 
ETimi: cf frniiil iijtaltial Uiv Viuif. iiirl liu'i llivui cuil- 
dcDincd by bii nuurl )■> [inj llircf liuiiilr«t marki 
more, in rcpBcaiiou Tit l!ii« •rtrcUvv.* AAcr lliv 
Jiajnitnl of llio ooe tbouwnd nmrL*, luj-jJ rum- 
miMlonvn wrre urix. who touk a«-a\ (ram Ili« eoii- 
vcnt of Ely whHteivc Tsluibln icmniiiHl, and «ur. 
VGjrd Uir UjmIs uf ihc abbej iu otrfcr lo dindo 
them into fld*. ' Thv iiiunLi mxlc lamonutiaiK 
to n'ltkli no aii£ liaUiiiird : Itii;}* inrvl'ctt |iilj oa 
tll«tl church, — otifc (uid th*}j t)iv fiitnt amcni; 
tlis daufliien of Jeiiiaaleni, — now, uiirtiln^ aud 
opttff w cJ. * But Dot a toar wa* idiei] fur ilieui, 
imX a Fiiuid "Tu ruled in tliirii cnuitr. 

Aftrr III* cuin[ilii(i- ilffi-al iiid riiipcntioii tit (hv 
nfnffrFiiii the \i\t of Ktj-, (liu ^unmo luiiE Biid 
Kft forcn muchpd Intu Iltc llorllii-ni rouiittec, tu 
oTcrtbimv »ll ofiimnrnu 1j) a ijitcics ■>( Aiitftir. aud 
lu |iui & litisl atop to ncn aHcnibUct* of tliu i>ra- 
jitf. I-'iir ilir fint lime pMiioK lb« Trrccd, tVilllain 
uiili.-(t>!l iho Si-inch i^mlory, in ordtr to mim uu 
all till! ICnuliah wli>> b:u\ there tou^ilm (i-fu^.Bi\d 
ttitcmfj kiiiji MidLulin, nlio. allhrir ■oUdUlino, 
bad ill* mne jt« niuili* a forav in Nfinlmmher- 
Uiid." The cni%raiiti rtcapcd from tbii |iuritiJt, 
In the fonsti and aiDiiiKjiiiiiii Uui ihv kiu); <>f 
SfMiibxud, bcliii; ijttiiBidBthI »t iIik *ight of itoa|H 
brItcT dliriplined ud rajviipppil n-lDi hmicr uimv 
tiuii lii> omi viorr, wiiil to n»vt klQ;c Wllliim 
irith cn-rT dciittruilntioa of pnciflc inlt^nliom, 
louehMl Ml htud in aign of amilj, piomited to 
nMitiiln bi* unuinin aa hit own, and of his o«m 
nccord ofiLuDwUdRnl hliiimlf lu be lila vuoal aud 
iity-HVM, .la W13 thr.n the niilonikr)' Ti(irr*uuu. ' 

WiUJaui iDiirvil, sliillvd iviib hiitiii;^ d«|)iiTwl 
llic Siucn uuaouf ila ln*t tt-iauninit t\>\>iyQn ; nuii, 
oil hb f«tura frotn Kioilaud, tru receiti^d it l>ur. 
bam 1)) binliop Vauirh«T, ■ luttJTe of Lorminn, 
whom |]|« Nunn&niihad |>ii[ in ibc |>luc« of E^iur). 
itiB.mtiitljrdtiiadi'd bj dic-m. *» wc bnvc rpiatnl, 
eiiil fimdc'Hinmf fa prrjFeluai inni(ifc)iiiJH.'iil. It 
n[i|"'nri Ihnt the in('!wi''iiolj fnlc of tin- Smm jirtf- 
lile baci Firiti-il 111 <hi> uurlli n liiilpiii batiiil ajimnat 
the prelate cbuicn bj tliit fureiipvn. Atlhointb 
thv (omi ef Uurhun, alluaicd upou lieighli, irax 

' MUUum mioTRiiB Inhl aukm sscltaiiB qwMiiU «tHilr 
■Ir iiiauu orlrttiu oinlriitrni unqr lUninlia. (Thui* 

» (Jli ?-«Hll>ia. ilbiii ) 

' labn ■^'om'm AantU. y. lu 

I q<tiw|i(ul ui^lUauBi in "nimnpnil" rl in RlHit illti .... 

Swuuqua Ixitti *e pmlu •n'lr.lip a>bi mllitlliui dlrUlt. 
MB* Klbmli. kU . Anoliii Alcw^ i.«I0.l 

* WnooiLin haMiMlmi. inln IIIUi I'tunliini tprcLiiu. 
nlunibliiuunc M>ii»>B tnurnuJiii.>. (IIM. nirnw hI. 
Oal*. Ill >«i.t 

• l^inlm alli[ii<M itMim dr WmUhu ra\t Inib-mllii H nn- 
fi^tt. pcBri wMBi 1,1 ava ^||».W«% 1 UalK WnliB. Jlot. 

Umof., ■■ nr J— MMb. raib.l. ^ 

< Rpt ad Bmi ffdUaaiMMMen Rvi*.... atoralDMrti 
»(<Moi«*. niB obMlV«i, boBMla. (MMh. rark.. La.) 

tnrj tironi; by iti poailiou, Taulcbw did not Ihikk 

lliliitptf aiif^rii-iillf MM^itrv iKni'i*' tlie atrtviue uf 
the NurlLuiiibriaiis. At liia rfqiml, ■>}' Ihc 
cLroliidcti Ihc kilig ha<I a cllndi;) built ou lb< 
)iifh'-»t iif llic brilit, wlirri^ [lit b<klio|i mhI Ui 
[w-«ple might mjcnm in aafnlj from I'lixy kind (.f 
»iia.ili. ■ ULihoji Viuli'ber, iflrr bii rouuH-Tiimn 
at Wiiidwiltr, liud been accompanicil a* far u 
York, b> • II UNIT (vUB eitucl of ^(>Tlllatt Lnifhb; 
uid ibu iUinii (ii»ji:ilrik, vihir, tor ibo <->iiai- 
(iirailoii tif a Urrfi* mini of tiioiifj. b^m 
erail«d count of alt (bp rouiilr} bi'>i>ii>l t!ii> Tjiie, 
came to Ttiik to rtri'iYi' llio liurraliii' |WI>I1T and 
condkicl hini tu Durhun. * 'Miii komI oHlct mi- 
d«red to ihecDUvr '<-t (b^ eoo<jur*it iw* tiot *ufl' 
ci«nttoniake William forget tliilt Go«pkltft, vu 
nil Kti^itiiiluiiati ttiid Iinit bvni a fikiriut: iiu anfaH. 
(liiriil *L'rvilii]r could Muah onl Ihia i>tli[>">l ataiu. 
Wiiblii ibir linl j<ai Willinw ilrMiifif Uk uohlc 
Saxoii of ibc Jlniill)' fu-r nhkh he bail |j«id, and 
did ao wicliout maklii|| liiin any intiluiioii ; iljf 
reatoti he nlleued w». thul (Joapiirilc had foujibl in 
l)ie defence of Vnrk.iind bad takeapait in \hr insiu- 
rcirliaii in whicb Rubvit Coiiiiue pcriihed.'^ ScUvil 
ivIcL choicriji uiid rvmornc, u atvhMibop Qdrrd 
fftrmi'ily hAil livi^u, GuMjalrik for '-^vt aIiEijj<loii«d 
hU nalivr Uiid. nnd catnbliihpd himialf iti Scot- 
bud, iibcrr hit fiimily long cMillnvod lo dtrcJl 
lit bonuiit luul opiilciicF.'' T^ic EdTcnimcnL ur 
(lu UM tha N'ormiui cxpruiiaii) ihr coanlji of 
A'ortbuinbrctaDd, wi> then ijiteti to Wallhcof^MHi 
of Slwanl. it'bii. tlk» Gonpnirlk, bad fon^l la Ik* 
Siuon runki at Yiirk, but wboH fatal bour lukd ik»l 
)ct nrtivcd. 

(a.O, 1073.) Afti.'t iblsKrlr^ of lucccvtrol expo, 
ditioiu, ]kiiiKAVi[IIuiu,Uiid!iiM in 'En^loiad ainomrnl 
of profound drjin-uioii, or of haiipy p*«>n<, ■■ lb* 
CoiiquHnin lerinei-] it, iTMluri'don aaoeund jaurn«y 
ililo Uaiil, ivbilber be waa called bj ditliiiliaiif** 
thi^Tc anil ail njipniiliuii miied acaiiiil lu* |M»ror. 
Tbc count jr of >Iniiii!i dvrrtaik'd >■ it nrrc h^ 
Iween tlie t«ii> inun- pnwri'til Ircriluci** irf ICoc. 
mauily and Anjou, RRCmrd daatlnrd liy \tt local 

Ciltoii lo be M-diiml iindci fpiitlAl HubJHrllcin 
, aiic or Uiu oihet uf ibosv >tain. Hui, not- 
witlivtniiillii^ Ihc daTigura of tuch a vicinity auil 
thn Infrriiir'ily of Ibcic ««rii forcet, Ihr Maiiceaua 
fd'iiuwiil)' triiiJo 1 Tigoroiw alitigj^le for the re- 
eitabliahinrnt of tliclr Indt^i^ndouCB ; aiid in lb* 
eleventh cenmrj it lyaa a rrmnrk nude rPtpcciiDir 
tl>tn>, that they were of n haiiKhrj anil obdurate 
cliarniier, little diipoicd lo jlrld obi-dlcnce lu any 
nnn.'' Somp reart antecfdcnt to hij laiuion at 
F.iijttaiid, Wllllnni bod been reeognited >■ mifmin 
of .Maine hj llerbfrl, ttmiil rf Ihi( provincp, a 
mortal eociDj of llic Aujji-i ill poniT, and irhiwr 
iioi-liiinnl firnt* into llic iii'iiiblnuirinir tuwtabljn 
of Adjiiii had arquifcd f"r bim tht droU yrt dc- 
aiTipli««apiii>lliiti<i! of Emllt-fhun. A* nmla 
of ihf diikc of Nurtniady, ibe Maneeaiiv Iml rtrj 

* Vhim aplMDpBii. nai aui^ Iul4 ali liicMrMaU>Ma katn* 
polutall. (Ilnviif il»Hm™l ^ntiiln. y. tM. nL j^tfl*.) 

I* HutUeniiHii . lUlr.Vi^i^ 

Aniltr. 1. II )— Lj . ... ,,„ Nmbw^ 

iipud Kbr>m<iink utt "rti'u' t K-.^ri . iW iLh^nl. I 

>• Hotvi. da IIotikI, |>. «». xI Sanln— Dajdal/i it- 

" ' ' ■ rsnlnl nbln 'ilrvt. nila vat aiiUvia.M 

V^''' ' ' vrot^t 'f *aniiuiiMl«i*d, duidiii^iiB m^t 

^" '1 nlxllloDli iiU*. lOld. Vltd. liM. Rcl.. 

till. !>.. ii|iii[i wriiii, i«. Xntnuitio., all ) 


WiTllim ■iit>.Ini M-liK 
Uatwi ■■mmln. 

vUlin^y MBt 10 WnUam their coBlIn«ciil of die- 
rUUca and of ba«r-lneD ; but, Vihea llip} sm him 
■BfafM bjr hll thu ene* uid the embnir^iiniditi 
tlwt Ibcy inifht Le mableil lu ilclUcr llieiuiti-ttpi 
from the Nurmaa jukc Their nuliki, llirir nilll- 
toi]r>i*<l '!■■><' biiij^cuM, In ahurljcvcrypaiulilufiit 
of Itivtr popuUiicm, •llkii endcftTnurcd to rlTcFt 
tiiHt punolk pur^tr. The oiatlii pimunwl ti}- 
Noimui •otdirn wrre allurkpil aiiil (uci'miifl) 
Ukcn: TsTipiiUTraejr will GuiilBume lie U Vent, 
tlic cowMkailwiU at tlio citultt or L« Klam, *iir- 
tmAtttA thM fnilrraM, uid quitted Iho Runntrj'. in- 
^lli«« with all ihrkr Nc»-nian foinpiliioU who lind 
•arcv«d«il In nci]iln)[(lani llirrrpiiuli ami tro. 
(VMKC of ike pupiilacc.' 

Tbc raciienii-ai cikuirj hy Ihit iiKurrrclton ilU 
not mbaiilcwlivD Mkincviiu rvaIon.-illo iU natlciml 
l(i«d* ; but in tlie rbii^f olty a rc^xilulioii uf ■ n««r 
kitul broke vut. Afl«t h^iiuiij L-itmbHteil [(\t tlii> 
bidrpcixlcotv uf Ibf ir L-oiuiitn, ttir L-itiari)« of 1.0 
MajM br^ao ia tlidi |itikv(\i1 huoiM la tliiult. the 
(lilr of lliuir count iBRimranteiit uul idikIIoiu. uiil 
b«caa« iithalAd at maujr mitior thing* nbich tlicj' 

hul liatKtafom nibmiulii-lj^ (ulrmu-d. WhriJ, 
Uwnlbre, the Bnl imiHial llmt fril rjlb<.TirtiL'Ulil) 
ujMa ihrm iru levied, the}' ftitnicil a L-uuijiiracj, 
■Ikl, t*ting a mblml (latb lu mjiiiurt ''acli utlicr, 
\iny •i*lnbli*b«<l what, in th« pbragootogy nf itinl 

Criod, tnji rUIihI « Mmmun*.* Th« biihop nf 
I Maiw. til* iinhliM of Ibat cily, and Ocflfrol de 
Majfimr. lulotln Ihi- Trli^iiif count, ircn; obUfcU, 
«ilbrr bj coiuiraiDt or fcui, l» iweat to matnlaiii 
111* eotnmiuii^, null Ibu* e6iiRnued b] Th«ir o&Tllt 
iba Um Diiwlj pcubhiihcd of^iinni tbvir uwu 
IrjpUmato authuritj- : uime uutilis dwi>lliiiu in llie 
ita of Ihi! cil} rf fiut'il. mill Ibr but/^^aai-*, Lii 
fto (tducctbciii, iii&ilc iiiiiiii-diuli.' |irT|)arali<iin 
I attack of tKvif rriiLExIry iinu>ij<i(jH uitd Uivir 
' hat«la In Uptown ivf XIaiM. Thr dlfrcnMil {laruhoa 
tb«n>fat« aMambM, lintin^a ftou md baiuu,-r al tlio 
liTitl of aarh Kitnjiaiij, niiirhril iigion Ihc )iti)> 
p»«du^lltii)i>i: iiiiiHiiliiitAiKliiiittht^ iixIriiLillili 
" "jlon, ibi') luadc 111 nilh fcoxity, and thrir 

and aiijiM ma nufti ■> ■• p>n6rsll^ n iixed 
ilillcal igilaliMW- Tb^ ni-nr rrpiunvriml 
wRb aiitrnitiiiluiuiy mrTytun! oti lh«ir narfar* 
iluhng Liiot and the liul> wwV ; n* bImi niib 
'■( an atmiae >ci<-rll} in tbi; tuniuiai)' vx- 
of iiBtic* ujioii tlu-ir ■dtoftuii-*. ofwlioiii 
tifM mtuiy aiiil muUUlcd olbcnt, witliout 
anj" reapptt lor tbc r»uk, of the aiiflbrpn.* Thm 
irnilrrnl in object of tialml to ncaily nil lltu uobte 
fcmllio* of Ibiir caucilrj, ibc cuinniutir of Macu 
>I«&1h1<«I \%m liL*rlic« uiLb ibif mo4t uhttuiihli^ rrto- 
, akiwl tbli al > [icnod wbi^n ir** iiintilutioni 
rara. A y^*. whUh •nriired the futitra of 
Bil)r, and ilrllTPivii il into the hnndi of cuuiii 
' »i At MaTcnnr, waa tlie cautc vf lliv cillivtii 
l« W) aotioD in tbc itl-trt*, anil with llwir 
and* •elliiig flrv lo tb(<ir hnu>4>s i,tt ITii< 
purpow «tf Mrrjln; oil ihv bI«^ of tii« rliiitti-L 

' Ibi'-iu"!. •I'Hwl** iTniqiiiit. T<, riim librrt-i>r ,,..., 4a 
Itavi^HMk allHmPiM ^VLiiniiiki. (OM. ViiaL. ^xf.) 

' I'aAi i^itf oxi«(<iTj|j.>iir '|itiiDf.-uiiimr>EiU4Twrn Tvcib«f(t. 
(■viiainci|BMri •urtiwiiiiiaii.iilnriiiiE. (Ord. iiintif. I'f- 
aatUH, apuJ wrri\A. luf l^lk;. rt fmntif . ill. M<i.) 

* Cu «« raaii tjali ml* nmUcit tnau— ■!» Bilnn oimnitH' 
r~r' fii m MuMciiilac iHilaaJuiilnaiDDlnnniiim. mol- 
UlwJIwIa uBM *iu<l<ania«, ««aaHalo«ii« irbcrt^^ vuin 
~ ■■KnllUa. <lt>td.) 

Tlkli Mciifluc they iMrfi>niicil irilb Lhf ci>imi|[CE>iia 
d^TotedncH l» Uiirir t«iiM wfalrh half a century 
InlM Ulimnipd Ul tiiagmat eovtiniiim cf the kiti)(. 
dnm uf Krvncc on occaiion of a EimilBr oMtbunt of 
punular IWlinj;.* 

h wa«doriii;thiD tliussi'' 'I't^lVTFVii frudil pawiT 
and Ibe bbciif uf rll inem tliiit tbc kinj of Euitlaiid 
mafld hla ]ire7iaralii-ra for ln»ad ing Miinp »nd im- 
podng hii dominion aa lord tipan botfa tbe ri*al 
inrtin. nBvbj; Ihn Ulcnt.Trry arntceablc tahU 
I inn and pcil'cy, of pmAilnx by cTpry ocraiiini. lie 
c-oinmanded Ibal tbrouthvul hi* Unifrlofn all mm 
of KnglUh rae*. who were willisft. ibould enrol 
ihraiaolrr* In hti acrries aa Miti^ndiarla* ; h« 
nvkonod thai t)ie wreichMl eundition in wblrh th* 
nalloin ■vn» tr^timA would ramc tbt? Icaipiaiioiit of 
plunder, whlcli a lorviftii wax lictil i>ul, lo be )i*t- 
taei to by bia aubjceta. Mpii vim iiu Innp^r |ioa- 
«MKrf a flreaide or ■ bomr. and many nf ih^ ill*. 
p«r«ed bond* o* imtiiotc who remilncil liirLing In 
many «po[i In Eiiicluid, il» tatae of ttu' chlrfa trbo 
bail ill)tio)[ui>hcd llinatclve* In Ihe ramp i>f tcfiiirr 
of Ely, JoiDpil tbe rvyal NonniLii vEaijitiird, tbou|f1i 
Ibej eeaatil no) to dclMt ihr X.^nnnn*. Tb«y frit 
an tiniliBumblri] irtidneii in lUjiutlntr for the -vtat 
itfiiiual men u-hn, thoiqrh thp netnai mnniM of 
kUiK WUliam, urmnl in ihrm in br of bli nation, 
from Ibp confomity nf InDKuaie, Not carInK, 
mart^ifr, ta eoiiaidi*r whether the .Mnncpaun had 
willlnirl}' or by ebll^Uon taken part in the mx\. 
■ion ii*Tpn yean utirofdtiiity, ibej now mntr-iu'd 
Bgnlnat lht:iii it Itb lb« C'onqtiertir 3i tlidt viiicf. 
anil thtu «(iti([hl a poitial >n>;revu7P for llic iiiuiu:i 
oflbr AiiglD-8aion«. So mon aa ttiey entered Ibc 
lerrilury of Milnnthn} liul<i!|ci<d ibairneady fn>iwi« 
ni|t« in ihr eomnilatjnn of all klnda nf d^malatl"'.! 
anil rapine; ihcy rraiinl up tba linejuiU, enl 
duwu itiir n-ooiii, bunil the himtria, and, tn ■ won), 
(till all the injury ia Maine tlint they wDuld hlo 
hai* ilon» to Jformandy.* The leiror eaoied by 
their FKennc< ennlTibutml more than the t-aloorof 
the rinnnan knt|rhl*, or rT«ai than tbe pr«>u>nM of 
kliiK Wtllliin, icnmrda tbp suhnklMiou of tbecouii- 
Irj. Tbe fortre«»w and the mtln lurrMiderc*!, 
for tb« moiil part, brfonr ihr Arvf aiaault ; and 
Ibe ehicrf rltimtt of I^ Mini eirrii^ the keya of 
their lawn tu Ibr kju; at hi< nmp oi; the baiiki 
uf the Baitbc. They IooIl Ibr oatfaitohiin ai tbrir 
laiirful Ion], and Williaui in reluni |jruuiiM^I In 
mailit^tlii tbfir aneimt fniir}ii>«-n«, but ivttbout 
meoirniilnfc, aa II apjirari, t)i» vntidity cfthi- rom- 
munal i-MaliUabineu!. HU army then rrtiirnml 
arniM tlir channel lo Eo)[''"d. whrte the Saxou 
•oldirn landed with all lUdr lionly; but Ibcac ill- 
»c4UJreJ richei bcraioe fclal to m*uy cf their num. 
ber, aiiiiTe Ibey eitiled tb* envj and cupidity of lb* 

While Chew lliiiun wnrr paaalnz, F.duar Altiellng 
went fhim SralUnd into Flander* to nrgodati' 
iviili Ihc eouDi of that L-i>utiUy> the (loLitiral rival 
lli<iuj;h the reUlivr of William, for tome auocimn 
for the Saxon ciiiie, then matt d^ajivratc than 
ever, l^lndiog all hia cdbrto unaixdcmfnl. be n- 

■ aMt.eMili(.Cr«amiiB.>i>ulittit4 fH.natUf.rttallOe, 
sU., »».— tW ltrU.Tr' tur I1.i.i.4ni iV Ynara. 

I C*tkM.iina<* liTMiaenmliusttH'ilrV?"!***'*-'''''''™' 
tnvvlKbai iMiUcr-oi •io-vl '■* fiv^-aMtf^ nalM |u« ttu- 

rawiolliiiiKMnl, iMiiIl V^nt, L ",) 

• ()r4Kie Villi. 111. It .>hu4oitt|<t.l«r.J((i>aaun,|l.aXI 
|«alil. CeaamaB^ aiL Mr. 


[Id luliniuinUillKa. 


Sbtr or ^lltl«tl>l, 

Dniii oi ^ lUiaa riu-a«bm. 



tUTIiril tn Scnllwiil, wUuc he «»» wirptinJ I" 
tenUv a ftiv>»<lv uiv«>u,-c treat Phitl)> LInjt "I 
Fmin.v, 1tn' Sn.1 n*f th'il tiuiiu.' Pliiliji. alaniii'.l il 
th* BUfrri's* of thii Jtomum kiiiit ill M*lni.'. U.'nl 
rMoItml, ti} iilitioff tlic Suxuiu, lu ttituvr nUUcln 
tu lib Wkj cliat kbould rauliri liliu ItM icthc on 
iV (onllucul. lie iantrJ Iiia# !-%>"■ '" eo"" '» 
huii uN<l uii«t at Ilia i^ojncil; he |ironitipd liiin u 
foilii-iii on the Kbot* of the Stnit, nrur piiough to 
F.nuUuil tu mftLe detcvnU upon thni isUiid, uitl Id 
Nurriiaiirl) lu ciniuuit mnvc) thcmiu.* CUi^ar ac- 
ri-i>lcJ lliii pfujiw*^!, and [lut crci>Uiifj({ »> ri«U- 
QDW fur 111* •i)jjjp> lu FiBiico. KlU? Mulciliti, ht« 
bcothcr-iit-Un, having beeoiup WUIiuii'* liifac. 
man aiul vn«*l, cnukl tiul, nilliuut tinrikinit til* 
hiili. fiiriiiili Uii- Siuou wilL MjMitu ftic ihi« r.ii- 
icrprinc. lie coulf iitvd Uiioadf irilb gifian liim 
■viri-I Buivtaiicv ill iiiuix-], «iiJ, iwuwrdin)! to Uio 
(^ii<ti>in of the A^, ditirl billing unu anil dvtliet 
mnoni! th<> coin[Kiiiiuiu of hit iurluDs.* Gilitw 
»H iL-ril ; bal hv h3-\ KiTtri} |)ut uut lo Mca whea 
liii vcui-ln «fic il ii>prn><--il otnl ilri't'ti IfucIc lij & 
Tioltnl ilonn.' A yui of lliooi ran s^tuuuJ uu 
tLc itortlic-in. cout of En^ldiiil, iLntI thou on baird 
Ttet* moda priiOiDcn b;> tliu N'>miiiit; l}u> rest 
ppriilii'd at ii-a.' Tlit> Satuu kiiiK niid itia giriii- 
rlpal prnuni nliu ai-caciipantcd htm Licajicd bnlb 
tbcBL- daii£i?n, auit, hnruiic ^K all. tftumcd ta 
Scollaiiil, lunip un fuol, Mjt U r()le|]i)iDrkr} thro- 
lurU,* and olhm poorly luuuiilnl. Atler Ihi* 
nilatortiino Ualcalta adviiwil tiU broUiet-ln-lai* no 
loiigor lu KtrngKli acainit Tale, but oni'c mcirr tti 
oA f»cc of tba Cotiqui-ruip' CJgMt aUaning 
tlluiMir tv ^ p«r«u»ileJ, Mill > iDCiMge taking 
it'tlljaia. irho iniitvil tlir Saion princti to eotiMi 
over to him into Norman<lv. On hi* waj IhitluT 
bu (iMBnl tbtuuiib Ihv tvholv ot F^slanit, cKcortcil 
by the NonnMi cbUf* antl cniiiiw af ihc pioriucea, 
•nil WM botpluibljr itculTcil tu tbcir cudc*.* lie 

resided for ifco ip^ir of rlifini ynuii at the court, of 
Riiaea, whore he h veil in Ihn k.icir'i |Jiil!u.-», woreliw 
uuiform, gt^e faii: otu-utkiii to doi-s iiinl huruM, aiul 
to Iiutitiiij), mnrv lluui In jiolitjcal I'uiu-i-riis. * Butt 
a&cr tbose cIctcii ycim bod poHcd airft), he n- 
pori'tnccJ 4 it?elin^ of rrgTVlt ■"'^ rottim«*d ta Eo^- 
Iiitrl l4> 'Inrtl nmoug hi* <v)unli}'incii.'° Ilpercnlu- 
uliy rMlnwl iigiiii to Noniiandy, aiid paunrd hi* 
whole llffi bi Ih« mme *LiJv of icn-aolulioii. inn- 
liable of taking any dccklrd purii llii' spurt of 
cTTFiiti, aatl poMUHin); a chaisctcc wUhoul enerity 
or eltfdlion," 

(a.D. Itn-I.} Th4> monnirut deuiojr of (be Eng- 
llih pvopU AliraJy «f«iu>-() irrctrieiubly lltrd. In 

I Ifhn rrX i!« F»Mii laf ymt.'t rir*) Illhini m! piim. 
(Om^u-iD.IWf. •uliuUHMI.XXV..K|»Ld{lna El. L>«. 

Vll- 1>- 4d DlWBI.) 

' Vul»Itdiih-*laMjLsn> igiuil MuaWvlau (JftfJnrin ut 
llln ^lan iiiilr HuiiliLli iliu laiiukii iaoMuaiuili lafone. 

hufBlnllHt^ iC'liion. ^^HfiD brai viijir^ rlL I 

* in (mMvnt ^vctt'f pw iitU'TBiii (■'■g<i 1 1 f il<M.) 
> K-mulll»f«l k n'AiElclili'uniDl*>iL>. (Ibid.t 

' ttU roi>i^>(MUIii»iirrlMliiLi*>. iIil wn* Inrmllrr) 
c>rilluu<«. (lliM.) 

' TuiQmiHiliiin iIMa tv% MaJr^mciKn (Clifm Sla^m 
fnt-, Mp*A t\am, K4 L)v- «■>!- U- td tantLj 

* I'l III maillM (I III I limn iHwliiil^wiiailiimmr —Willi iii 
Clh'.!) "^ '^ 

. f. :..- — .^ ,j-j^f.ppij (UM.)— WUMk, Uaiactb^ 

IUllII. ipdvr. AufBr.iolia..^ IM. M. HaHki. 

I' Rnv«4l b rvff' i.Kumiir* WfrHTf1rl«*Hi>«, tM^ IIBUO 
1IL\K\\U oiMdnt. AoflW.talp^ U. IM. hLUbIh) 

ttir nili-ticc of »il u|>|H>titii>n, » •ort of calm — the 
calm «f di*ci>nni4[einciil — ici^Bod throDgbout thr 
couuir}'. 'I'Ji' fon>iKii broken diaplftyRl without 
fear, ill Ifae town* and botougfa*. cbllM uul wsb 
iDiuiitfaeti3r«d on the cuniincnt. which the; cunc 
to nehaii;^ fill ihc buiil)' »( tUc rotiqucal. ■* A 
iniui migbl uaii:t, anyi th« colvmpomr kiNtorioBi 
aiid cBirv Willi l-ini bi* Wi^i^bl I& «)M, wiltlOUl 
baiiia adilccuod by nny on* ta an uiuHeadlj nui- 
aer." The Nunnaii loldlar, tn nxrao qKlM panM> 
■innof hia iharn [)f laud or m«&eyt lea* dUluibai 
hy nooUiinai atamUi 1cm fVeiiucntJy otdlyrd Ut 
tiaif in hU Uaabitrh with hii baivl upon lu> ctub- 
bow, bonjno U«i noLcnt ooid lew «oulaa|ilD»<M, 
Kven the con^ wmd (auk tulo the (aUc ttanquUUtt 
of DOTTltuili'." The Englttb wvmeu btui to dmd 
fL-nrrlniulli U> Uicic nuidwty ; aud » grMA nilBiba 
of ihuM M-ho had B«il into (he Rii>uMt«n«a aial 
laken tin.- loil aa a tn.m lh« Uerntlooa- 
ut« of thu MDquaruni.^ biifiiu in deaira the iPtmi- 
luiluii uf thti luic«d iTtrMt, and wiahwl to i«um 
lu luciid lif« aud to ihcii fiunili^ 

lluL il wu not ao eoay foe iLe 8a«an wonca tv 
quit th« cLaiiilcr ai to tnWr iL Th« Motmaa 

Sr(*«ta Ill-Id Ibn kny* of the nouaiteriM, \t lb* 
Oman buoui hold llxiw of th« litk-i; aul It 
w>« ancfUKuj tlui liint' luirnricu multTB of iha 
hodloa nnd louli of th« EuglUh thoiald tlcUbrnl*. 
in aolcnui Maembly, oa the >)uMliuu of >ruiuu at 
liborly auch womon m had taken the roii ai a nut- 
ter of noecMity, but olhorwiae unwilltDKly. AtrJt- 
biahop LuJruu pmldeil at ttiit cvvncU. wbleb 
ma alUDiled bv bU the bialio|>c sppoUleil by kiDK 
WUlkMi uigcuur wiUt MronU abbots •>( St«r- 

B»ni]y and oliirT ptcaon* of high rank. Th* pri- 
Biatf 'II oidiiiAii woa, that aut^b t^ lb* EngUili w»> 
men aa had Inkeu rrfuge tn Iho ooni^iila in arte 
lo aiT* tlirir ihaatity ou^t not t« tw pDBlalwd fcr 
obcylns tlio mctmI i)m:e)ita, bul lliu the dpon «( 
ilic cloUtcrs (houlil titi npotiod to all wIm re^imlii 
it.'^ Thiaopininn provailodia thcNonnaiieonttd^ 
nol lo miKh ]i«rhBp< Jroni. ita boinf Uw moM tat. 
luane tiMW of Ibi> ca>ir, u fiain its biding tlialeolrr- 
taintfd lj> kiHK William'* caunx-'llur nnd fnrai. 
Eacli felUdlv iccluM who rtill luiil a IWinily, a Ikmi«i 
and |»i>lcct<ui, van tbui periuitlM lo !«»« the 

About ibt aamc lime, irilUxm bob uf Otbcctt 
n'llliam'a fint rajitaiu and ciiuiiacllor, dial a tia- 
Lrnl death ill VUadcx*, vihcrr, for ■ woivaii'a lvt«, 
tic hid eni;sgT*l <<i [lulitical iDlriituea.*' Thcrlilnl 
nf hii unnsiiallnl tfinv binuflf. inlmiiMl hia latida 
in NormsnilT ; and Itorir, Ills yuiiuiem. olMaitwd 
liii EiiKliab (liiniBitu witli Iho i-uimly of llcrelbrd. 
Tbc Uiui beramn ((lunlian uf hi> yuwng aartCTi 
Mkiiiod B(ninaiuul.diaif{ui(thitiurtf wHthproiTiding 
her ■ doHTy, aborlly a»ntnrl«cl for h#* a nanta^* 
with lUulf ie li\«i. a Brinnn lord, who bad t^ 

ct ni*i 


•aloMM.. lA. !•.. a«M 

•* PMa Ufbaaa aalUua mclbiu 
etmfiemt. (Onl-rii. Vied. tiW. 

MfiM. Kongnnu.. |>. &*0.) 

>* UliSKi iiirrli iik'iuiib immu •Mttaittt- (Ilalk 

I ■ SkuiIIm KlbiooBU IwlilMlom Wno wtdrwrtmL .. . . ri- 
ililiri ^atU eata yarmtooiM TttalnA lOnloru. Vtaal^f^ 
at". I 

iiin UUdloiw idoiiBdat wMmi^m 

li> iL.iil|inilatr*. iKmlaHi UMoali, f. n J 

>• ILiil. 

» Vtmm in aM»Mm nuUinih ^WtU. Uilaic^i^ kh. Ift, 
«1. Ibtilii. f. ia>.> 



cotiieonuilarNoifelk.' It b not knowii for wkftt 
CTAivn tfaiJ atUaace wu diipl(«*tTi|; t<> Iho LmK, 
wW amt orer frain Nomunly ripnolj- to Corliit] 
fU caBCliMian. Th« panl«a nltrvfurleil Ihc atM- 
twmtj pralubiiion. ; uid. on the il.iy Kxcil ("r thr 
ccr euiu ny. the brUa wM ronrinclnl to Nonirirh. 
dx^fviRripBl lownof tticcvunlfarNarfoIk, nhm: 
(b]« liie SuOD chronicle-) tJinv wu li^ld • nup- 
tial fr**! irliieh prDTcd ffttal Id kll yiho ±Htnin[ it.* 
Thn« cani* tn It NDTinui bislwpt mil Inronji. 
ftavotu, frtnulu of Ihi- Normaiu, and c\m \\ flmli- 
■■rn, Imltrit bj tlir romit of ilricforil : M'alllieof 
■aa af Mirmrd, who hml r?i:?i(t-<l tli« buxl vt lliv 
hiag'a nifcv. &nd nan trrql'd Mrl i>f IliinltnpJon, 
XorThampton, inri ?(»T(hnnil>«rlui<l, nni ono of 
■tip ninM illuMrioui inmi*.* Afier k iiin>|>tii"ii> 
trpnit, »fl«r which llic wllir rirriiblril lihirallj, 
Oi« T - ■' :.ll who pdrtooW of il ir»YT ullcr- 

MK- ! •«itim<Tiil". R"^r <pf H.-rt*>nI 

hail.-. 1 \ke frfuaal et kin);Willi«m to 

■UlFtluii (ill' nui'jn '>f hit tiattr liifh Hip i^atl vf 
^dtblk 1 he vuuiptiined uf it u in tflVotit to the 
nina(>T7 uf tii> latbcr, of ttio man lo whom the 
BmUtii, h( mill. utu)U«>lJonablj' ovrtd hii «>u> 
■]» ind hi* 111 II ;i In in.* Tlii' Sflioni, i>hi> hail 
rrmml ffMii Willintn hr tnuro rriiH Injurifs, l*. 
hmiimtJy ipplnnijpil the Nonesn awl'* Imrrtin**, 
•nil, lh« mlndaof tbr-n>mpDn<r brcomtOir nion-anil 
nntr li<alp<l, there al lc^)[<'< an>i« oa all >ldc« a 
conwrt of cxeorationa ajminat Ihr connucror vt 

**fI»bkbMt3rtl,iKiBD orincaaori^rin.*' aaiJlhe 
H b cIraHf cridrnt uiat hi- n n<j( ill in lie omci and 
thai b* il uM acnptat'lc to Quii."' " He poiioncil 
Tonan, llial nlinnl raiitil cif nrillanj'," tniil Ihp 
" If ■• tiax tnvnilpil Ihn ihiUd lLin)(i)fini iif KnKland," 
ni^il tlir !4as(uu in thrir lurn : '* hi' tini imjijaily 
Biavaneil the tmc bdn thereof, oi Irimi then 
info pail*."* •• And thtxe -irho were hi* poin- 
paniMM in ami, or who hat« aln» cotnf' t.^ hU 
i*«aioi^1 the ruii*i$npn, " thiriv trho hare 
I tiiin lu hi^btr tlallun than any uf tiia fore- 
crrt ftttalurd, he hu not hi>ikDurr6 at he 
I lo Itave done : be U un^nlefiit lo Ihow who 

ea ahnl tbelr hXaoi in hl> **rvicv.* What, after 
all our NiDi)«f*ti and oup maiiy iroqnda, ha« he 
bert o wi j upon at T lU Iim glY*n ut Witea d«at>- 
hteil bj pilb^, and bIctII bwda; and no looner 
il»M lie icn •'ur Hifs impiwed by our cuv ilian 

tiit ai^mrp fak^H thrin fitxn im, or ilppriTpi u« of 
Ifcrkwit^r part of them.'"" "True! tfue!" e». 



. SasM. (d. CiTaaa, p. lai. 

« VU«»aafte«irt«HilbiH>|al»Jaaulhl>lM. (ThU > 
■ llwHviilMiirirt ibtaiBoaBlaniaUMuM ivliuiKiku* 
I MtO. Paitt.. L ■J-Clmai. Baaea. ad. Ulmi. v 


* VUMai. H*l*»«li . It. IE4. nl faMt. 

* C wM nat vHolmlicr ta r>(la nr«IMn*n, ToaadoiDOtl. 
■ j « a i t. (Huh ratk., I.*.) 

* Elaaiaif. atfMiaolbiit.Ml.iui »«Biai>niiMHi. (Onlerlr. 
, h„ aval wrtM. m. ISnnnaiau p. ftu.) 

MnmlaiunuBi iiiaiiitiin »■»«« Int^ofit. 

* Nflbila n«aii«i Aaaltaaiamrrphnaiil. (iniiiiBiH ^a'^nl•■ 

Vlial- Mm. askMaat., aniilfnliii. m, Nnns4Uii,, 11- 

* m na i f wHa aJH e n m . iimtn««ir"<><anntTiiii>>iium. 
wtdiMMaaaL.... (tbM.) 

•• 1MamHa*i«Mlbn>. .(nUo (>in.l« H 4pu1iiIw .. . 
li^lNddis.aTMttlleatatt>. alatulli vn mliuiiill. (Iblil.) 

claimed all ihc xu<at« inmnlluamly ; " he i> halff nl 
lo all men ; bis deiilh wouU give joj to niauT,"" 

After tJieae leveral apcPi-liM, vilii^h »i-«v ullcrol 
ill the oonfuaiDn and exeilattan of Bneh a arenp, 
uuc a( the two NonnRa cwU wbo wne ihaqr nrv- 
■ent aruMT. aD^ aildrewtiw WalibMf, cnlaimed, 
*' Valiiui(S«Kon,th>f U the motncat to Ae«larr Ihy- 
aett; Ihia lh» bonr for thy rvrtaft aud thv hi|[h i:n- 
t»n«<." L ntte tby«elf tuilo ua. and we khill r«-n- 
inliltih lh#hlti|[doRiof EiU!laii<Iina[|i)iiiigiiaillwM 
ImJiodayxufkingCilwKnl. Une uf ua thrv« ahalt br 
Usit.iha other tMutballeoninaiid in hlaname.and 
pTorj fl«f aud di^tiiil; in the kingitom aball bo hrkl 
froin Ba. " Wllbata la apcupl^ bpvond Hta by 
iniemtlnEihlD i|iunv)B, and n-e tak« il for rPitain 
that be will not ifnin jiiuu the Ktrali." Cntne, 
thru, brnvr warrliir. Join Ihyirtf unto u«: do tbit 
Mbieh is bnt for thjaplf, for ihT family, and for 
Ihj iiBliuii^deprpoipil gud IrO'tdm utidvr fooli'*'' 
At then word* trttti neeUmatiom ama* ; eounla 
Iloger and Haulf. eeicial bialMi|M and nbholi, with a 
KTCM nfember of NomMii barvni and Saxon wanSon, 
conipirtd walnat klnr Wllllara, uid touk an luili 10 
•upp»rt t^A other. " W«}lJie<o( after a ihow of 
reMiianeawhlchaen#d to proiv Ua tilile nlitb lor 
llila hetorofniwrat aaaomtlan.yip|iIv{) to their per- 
«ijariona,andMit«redin(ath*plot. ltiifi>r ofHere- 
funl repaired with all (peed to hii pmvlncclotneia- 
MnbUfrienda. ItpvnsairTdUihiacaiucuianTorihe 
WpUh borderen ; aotne of thcwr Joined biinlui pay, 
Dthrra through hatredforlb<>CoBqui>r¥>r,whai1iipai- 
ennd tUeraml)ThiniDdpfieiideucie.'' Acauun aaoarl 
Rorer had thil* tnillirml (uKrltier ill hii fixroi he 
marclied lowurdi ifae nM, wliefc the othrr eontnira> 
lota awaited hi> arrinl. But when he would haee 
IMiMpd lh« Stivprn, at Ihe bridrp of Woroeater, he 
(omul nro|iandoiu finr il«>r*nee Inmililihle etiofigtil') 
1 top him ; and tirGiraher>>iili1dlteo«nr another paa. 
cetter, anil bitliop Widbtan, the failhhil frleud of 
Lin^ William, tnirehsd with a body of troop* ujiirn 
dlfl^renl pointt of the eaMern htnt of the rirrr. 
K.ftb(-ln!||;, ibe euurtler-lile abbot who had made 
hiratelf the IniirumcDt of the eitoriiona and tyran- 
nic* t.aeiciicd ly the fotelKiitr* a^nil bia coun- 
try mtu, pr«T ailed on ihe population of Oloucealer- 
•hire, hy bi* Intr^pi, to hearken nMer williaigly 
10 Ihe <%tJ of llie royal ehlub than to the pmelanaa- 
licmi nnil prninliMa of lb* ETormaD (onapirainr.'* 
The Sixcin inbabttanta aoaemUciI undr/ the bin- 
iiM uf Ihe Notmau count Waller dc I.aty asalntt 

BiipT of Herpfi'pd ami hi* WrlAcnrn, nhote 
Inroad dill itnl app*«r lii ihr-m truly atid eleatly 
(oiiiieeli:>d oithlhpiruwi) naUooal e«iBe. Uetween 
two paiiirt lo whirh Ihry were equally indllTeTir'nl. 
tlity uudtt auch cimuaMaaeea eapuufftl tluki which 

'< 0«aii»i* Vu' ^ *^>e: e« d MrIrM, anllh •■M 

■aiiill.i. ilidd-i 

^' HtvT iigr^plnlug tonmi*. i iJrpMi— tfc, /HiiA.) 
" lauaBiiulttaillrFa.pliliMiaiMaaaak IIML) 
•• Vtit cMbi aeinni niiM la AaaUia mMiifiH noa aU. 


■> JVil. mwriiaa (no. amaU|Ba tnll tav,i|ii» fd^TMa 

•M ( IllU?) 

>• larnHl plaan dlmn afdamaM. (Mi»|qi. M u han 'J . 
•ta rrA ng, Aiifl,. lit.. Ui.. a^il ni. Au^Ip- (wlpi. p >M. 
cil. ^a-ito.) 

'■ AlloenMUBHttartlnBuu iBtWikM •mc'ameeual 
niM nann* tmai. (ChiM. .'■aano. p< ■«•,) 

>• ItMUill Wanaaaa WlgnalHdi urtanpai. ean murui 
nilll^ri mum. >t Sflnm EmdMMialB aWiH (um md. 
(E^pt.rmrnllMllc., W.(ei.)— Bto UMk It, |<. 01. 


I wit— i"i ai^airi*. 
ThB tvlMltdHHtnl. 


milMn nmlMil )■ IIHUuf . 
lUfl of tiMfbM Miintanad. 

VM tb« l«Mt p«fUoui for IbtMHlT**) aad «oii' 
atnUd W MTT* kt»g WMtsm, ■llltoagh ((m^ bar* 
lilia ■ dmdlf liair«d- la hi* abM-nt* tbraut, li 
ir*a III* jiHniMle Luiftwie who, ■mder ihe Utte of 
the king*' dcputji MtniniMoml mil tUbt •&>!•■' 

Up ilrifnlrlivil tnxipi in gi^*' kiMt* (ton [xinilcMi 
•nrl rmcn WlnehwrtfT lowinlii ibo prortnr* w-hi'iv 
1L>|it[ KM then kept in cbMk. mil ■■ Uio tvot 
ilow ha l^nMd ijilint liim • ■eauncc of ctfaiu* 
■auuiwlaa CBMfcid ia Uw rollowlag Imbw :— 

"Klnc* tlM« hrul il«p)>rtvil tntm Ihr ruU of 
fonduci punued hr Ihy father — >lnr«> Ihnu hut 
renoimcvd the hMt which ht ill hi* life krpt 
lovranli bia lord, tad which cauaad hini to kc 
fiiu* mt mucb wulthi — by vUlue of 1117 n- 

tiOA&ral ntilhftritj 1 cunw* Ih^, rK^L>inniuiiioMtc 
tbai-, and nicludn then fram xtui pal* cf thr rliurch 
and ftxini Ihr camniuBlnn of Uip fiilthftil."' I.u>. 
inae kUo wrote lo the king In Noruuuid)', lo 
iolona Uai of the n^olla •nd Ihn tinpc nhich be 
«nlvitMiwilaf*[>Mdtl^pBtling«n*sd toil- "With 
pIfaMicv," wid h*, "ukd w one ttat from tiixl, 
mhould <m now bchokl you Maon^ u*. Df> nat, 
faowrrer. In iiule. lo rrow Ihp •» ; far it would 
bcdii^ncvrnl to lu lliiU jouihould luin- to come to 
u«Mt us in [kultingtn flight ■ handful oftrnlton 
and rAli1)»ti.''' 'I'ho Hnl of thrte cpithpt* leemt 
lo luTt h*pn d»alKiii>d for ita« Noniiiuut who fiiU 
lowrdwl ltu|[t>.aiulllit (ooaDilforiheiiaxona.wiio 
trcre reij namcroiu in the Bnay of ftAolf dc CSiul, 
cticAiBprd acmt C&mbridgv, i^r ivho, oDcoUTm^icd l>j 
Ihp prm-npii of thai omj. bcfan to (tir in th» 
mwlilinp (own* nf iho cmI. kutl 10 rmew by moa. 
mtn* ili«lr old DcgoclHUoBi witb Iht Llnnr*.* 

The kiwt oT DcDtnarfc pr«iiuM<l auvw lu ■i-uil 
•omv luid f->rcc* •auind king WUliuu ; but, be* 
tort the am*>l of thei« tat^aan, the oar] of Nci- 
Iblk'i nnny vat Bllnek«d wIUl aupcriui titimbm liy 
Odo blahon of Bajeiu, Ucoffroy biiliuji of C'nu- 
laucct, ■od milLam da Wa/tniic. Th« Iwlllc •ma 
fMilfhl al ■ place Mllcdbj llivhialohiui) F^^adou.* 
Til* NonnAa and Saxon couipiralun w*m roio- 
j<k-l(tj- d(-r(Bled, lud it ii rrlaled thai Uic Ticlorn 
ctil ulfilic hyliL fouluf eiery one uf ilirir |intoiirn, 
«f ntiaurtc uatioo vr rauk.' Haulf ik' iiaii 
■aipcd, anil hattirmTil Ui Hliiit h^tiiferlf u^i in lii« 

(iladel M N»fw)cb ; he aftcrwanU enibarliMl In 


uul «Mk Tor lid UBooif hit ftionda in Lottrr Brii> 
Uiiv, |m«Ljic IninKir inlhf canofhia hiide and 
of Ilk TMMb.' Thr dauithtrr ot William t'iu- 
tl*1>cft (<lr a loajl (iino miittHl llir airorti uf llio 

Sal ufliccra. and did not capitulate until crnn- 
IhI by laininp,* The niru-«t-iu-ini irho <!c- 
fpoiUd the fiirtiT** of Norwich »utTriidctpd on 
{oudllion that llivli Uica ajid liiiiln diuuld be 

' Ldnrmnnis flat jtrlnn^ rl oulin Aaflte' <Vilaljia- 
ftWL-li tainftUKl Opm.ti. It.) 

* T«. MoKiMutlHMwtiUii. malntkai MnmuBiuBkcdvi. 
(ifM i UnlaUxi* maitm l u liihi rt nomtio cdcliua ku 
raw (IhU.. i>.»l.) 

* t^btvl** 'nm Ti4d4«Biv itnal uMpJitA TWt , . . , cvt^ntim 
nulili iMdcm bcmito li. r'o lAUbui {inliirw •( latraollnii 
VliirrBlII. vt a« tVBlnlU. |lbli].I> !ti?.) 

■ UuuluniB nivllla |wc ibcWdo jVuilia uiliilil •nnill. 
lUnl. Viul . U1> K,. aniil rrlpl. rr* Kamcnn.. p.Ml-V— 
I'lnpikiHab^tiv «*l rr;(rni I1%bq«uib Diiuciqa iHttftolf*- (MaIIi 
IVt> . > V I 

* lit o«!v^^iik Tnir^'Wiu UiifiikLr- (l>i-il- Vit«l.> |*, &st.) 

■ 4.'iiJuKaiDqi» RBdlUoua ilut, ttralxBiB pnlnii ui BUU* 
(vnVir aiBpuiaiil ^ HiM. ) 

' Hotb ■•><«.., >». 

* b>llclnUliu>(IIa«l)nifMla. (11*1.) 

apawd, but thai ihoy ahoold ciiut EnjfUnd wilUn 
forty dnya.* Ltnfrtnc then WTOle lo kiti( WUU^n, 
"Gtory be lo Ood on bight jour ktagdaaK iaal 
luiiMirsedfrufiiltaefillli of their BtcUiub."" In 
fact, nuny miin of tbal natJviii i>lio liiJ foltoittil 
WiUaatB ■■ auxiliAnrB ur ■■ idirJituJvn in th* 
ConqvMl, bcjuf aow ImohMt In Eaolf do Gaata 
diiCnee, loat the bada which they had takra fron 
lb« Enfflijh." WbUe the fthwili cf BMulf wm 
Ihiw vaaquiabtd anil diMiMd. thoM of Bofcr of 
Hvrvfufd w*n liL««iw dtiMM in tb» ivea* nut 
thd ir eliief eaptnrMl. 

f ilium, ttefara bo pttd owr into K&iUnilW 
nijoy thia tirw triurapb. nada a hoMlU Inmnton 
into tbe imiturj of hit nciKhboim the Bkidbi. 

M« wi*h«il ta punue, in thai BronDce, the irbcU 
Looa count Raulf it Gail, ana lo attempt, ondtr 
thn prrteat, Iha coiiquiiat of a portion of ih« 
couiiuy, nlilrh had been a ronManl o^lect of Uw 
unbitkin ami pilicy of hi* <nra aaccalorm.'* Biti> 
aftortainly bvneipag Ihe town of Uol, h* rrtiinl 
bofor* lb* anaj of lb# IMu of BtUlarij, ulio 
niRicbnd Bfiallial hiui aided Iry «iii>rnani fnia Ihe 
kiJiKof rianrr. Then iHuaing Ihe Strall, Iw M> 
rircd in London at ('llriitDuuh to [irernle ovet ibc 
great <Duneii cf the Korni^ii baeoitVi and lo paea 
Judgment ou Uio aalbon and aecomptie«« of tbe 
rwwni c(iu«pAr*«y.'* lUuJf dvUaal, m bolncatiMM 
luul comumarJoua, wm dinMwtMtd of all Ilia pro* 
pcriy> RuC" of Htjttora, Wins a priaorur, w> 

pe«Nd,U<d waa coiidemlked to lo« alt hi* hnUt 
ood pBM the H-naindeiT cf hi* life in o»e of Iho 
ruyil fonrtaiea." Ewu in hik iiriton hla fierce mhI 
undauaud cbar^ctet would uiU fnwipl bin to 
linir, by domoiMlntioiu of routeiii|>t< tho king 
whom b« bad b««n uiubk- (■> dttlironv. Ob* 
taster, TTIIliiun, aceoinUn|[ to the «ualoni of lb* 
Nomun eouil, ae-iil htm, ib if be luul been fr««, a 
complete auit of preciuiu iluITi, a kilk tunlr anil 
luaulle, luidu clow coat trimmed vrilli fuiciga fun.'* 
RoguTi liaviug «iMuiac'I time lich vMtncaita inde- 
tiiil, with a aoct ot apnutrtit foutplabane*-, ordMod 
a Bt«al flrv to be mode, aiul llirrw lliem into IL** 
'I'bc king, nbo did iiui cxpeL-t ij»t hii mAa would 
be re<»ired in tliii manner, waa liolenlly eiir«(odi 
uiad w<)r« hj liii< *plvf utour ^f Oud (liiH ^vourite 
OBlh) lliat the inati who hud *a niotkly liunlled h>0 
■hnuld iteeer whiUt liting jnua hia pri ion -door.'' 

llaiing touted Che deplorable deiiiny of th* MH 
of tho motl giun'Erful niaii in Iluk'lan'l, ucal lo the 
king, aii'l vrtici 1i«(t iji(>«4 iticitcd ftiiliiuii 1q undar* 
lokv lliv Coiii|kietl," an liintorini I10111 lii Rnglan^, 
nllfaon^li of foreign axlnutiuti. eainpaulonaUay 
the miacriet of hia native couiiUy, cactainw with a 

* rooMiAvteTUieuni rafDUoh. itAalMnei Qmm», ». 

'« tiluta In cuieldt Den. ew" mlvrWoBM lafvaai *ar 
triim iiufff IJM f^ .fiiw ill l llrUctttuu. ^Ibiit.) 

" BmaiHquI Id is naol, «i trtm to AntM l*rT4 hake 
baal. 1 lauMt eU illi nua meabilt. lunnrral ^umt IMD 
HUM^r^niM 'liH Ao rvif ba ^m Hh <atvwtik ( tUil , t 

" i:iivi'i^ flrii^ Hua dlliliirT ill.h|Hr nriuai,«.iil «lli dI^ 
tnrUQ^L.tirlrl. .urpjiiff«/«. ((hd, VILil ,|i. tt4.) 

'* CiiiUui •pud Vf tdniawMDitu » IsuitU- lAluHd. Vr- 
n*l. Aiiuiil.deiint. mi. IMlaiLU, p. IM, aLlloaa*.) 

• t 110.1, 

'• ttUwlntn inMlnaniiH raMum. tOnl. Vital.. bU. ^ 
dMlul.. lik W,. Bintil •nijil. iM. XivnMua, f, *U.) 

■• Pynoilo^etKvaiaDtiwJaM* t«>l«(a'l. (!«■} 
i< Per •plnMiitfrn IM. d» butm* mm. hi ovmI iWmm 
eilliil. {lVl4.,p.ki4,) 
'• S«o Book Iti. p-U. 


¥at If-' - n' • <.L|,.l)-. 

SUl'lil |T.||»*4l|hl- 


I* rtivuiiA 


■«fi«Cii41ri<)tii: Biuhuiuum. "Wbor* U »dw that 
fflUUci wu of Oibc^n, Iho kiMfm rlmr, earl at 
HciEfAiiJ.MurKlulof Nunuunlyandsf England i' 
Wbo W** Ih* cliirf atui ^atn4 opprwHor of the 
BHylWt. iBil whoa* ainhtllan «r rtijiidlCf «n- 
wi ii aiailtlw &tat «airr[irlM>iililitli Miu#d m muiy 
Ihnwtwl mm to prtlih 1 He hM Ml«n in hti 
(■ma and Moched that trmnl which he dvwnvd.* 
Hv ntui had pul M> miDj mm to the cuorl 
pvrlkbFil b]r Um) nronl ; «mI, iA«r fau rifath. the 
•ptau af dtaoord lalwd up hU owii aon auil mi -in- 
law ■^MI Ibtlr lonl and klikMuaiL Fur iliii 
ofti»n lfe« nc« of WllUaw aon vf 0*bcrt Imd bcvii 
■piwe«c<l, am) thcj noiw powsM col In Euxlaod ■ 
•pa* of (troond on which le Ht thbii faot."* Tit* 
tvjal wngeanvc full hpSTj' un ilL wlin wen nw- 
1 <if iBTing pirlakvii uf (lit manii^-rnul al 
aMil cniik Uie luwn wIiptit it liail baoo 

I tMliJ with Ui<JitcniniiialT puaiiluBcat-* 
lad TCxalimi* ruinail il* Kuun cilii^on, uiil 

• ftrU uumbpr at llwin M Nmovo Into 
to Ihf tiEl^boutbood of l)i>npl«* anil 
Halcawonh- There ihtni Nnnoaiu. Roirrr Bljcnil, 
Richanl <k Rt. CUir. and da Kin^n, 
Mteod l>i*lr p«T«»iu Willi rvdurvil lh*m tn Uw con. 

ilW Bfanib, althaDfh ihrj hid hllMi Imio mch 
a MUB of al()M« WTOtehnlnrw a> nol lo ti«> of My 
trml talor lo Ihow iwhln.* Othrr Kainn^ and 
it-r Wclth lakt-D in inn* on the b*iib> of the 
Smicrw, fatd their ryr* pul out, ar ibrii limbu 
■■mil il, M wen hun; on Eilibrtu, bj- •ciKcnrt of 
lb« flvTvaB ooanu, prvlaici, baraiu, and huijcUU. 
who ntiwltid Uir klu^'a Iwnch of JuMlrc.* 

VUk thns tkinp were perfanning. a nuniciDus 
9hI( wkM had Iqfl Driinurk under the cuiumiiid 
of aaooof kinK^wr}!!, whA liad onrv mum In'roiur 
llM trlmd «f the tingluh, apimiaehad Uio vaMtvn 
««nu : wbra, buwetcr, tha Datua hkd Icanwd 
whMl WM paHJng. thrj did not Ttntnre tn ootne to 
■n actioa with th^ Nnrmuiv, but put ioto the porit 
of Flandvrt.' WiilthiiiF wu Mcusrd of ha*Ln; 
rtlUd lh(«n «t«t br me«Mg«« : he denied the im. 
paiailon ; but ihi> Nnnato woman whom ha bad 
m-rtnil In iiiiirilii|c from kluff WlIUafadeoouDced 
the r*A, aud tioro lotimoay ^aloii ^Im,* The 
toiFPi of Ihe iMCDibly, or tbo court {a* it wa* 
naMed Bl Ikit lime), were divided rHpsrling the 
•vateore to lie paued uu the Sixon riiief. Home 
mod far death, h« being an tlogliib rtb«l ; albcn 

I rUoirMUWnuifhbMniB*? COdei^- Vllal. lac. 

> lUmpUvwilTmMKtiiB. (Ibid,. p.tM.) 

• tMIUIinl pncriiW* mullfsU •Ic «4 .ii AnRlU. ul arc 
[■—■I pwlli Inn uncueitui lii ULL I lliiij.^ 

W — ■«*■«>— . ^ K-i.t 

* Dr lunstaUkui qiit mniennl in trntr) ils Xontw tMr- 
Ml ll»ml»i »ii, M li Id liaiall«sr : ■< Jl 

■twraaa liqimai Iii irrrt Hni. Ulfin. i.HwIi W.ile 

Nubh k<t MhM. lUSm-t^Ur, I. IM (iifWnlnrt uiil rp- 
■■ aoulw iBBi >uUUi parUni pniplri fmUActinaa 

HI*. lotUiiiprol'IM anuniii, yutiB |mi|iUr fil- 
•■ai mkK tarilK P^r*' n.t«HnflaBi. tDjairili-twifc. 

11. inj 

• miidili Umialbi tamil Htrwi. iiiuoihB ia otlhu 
a»fc, at— allii wni toil |»UImU wmaiH. ',MaUi. hub.. 
1 i.)- morm altiinl t timfit . »UqBl atwrirwUL iChim. 

<*fW..v ■*>) 

■ t^wtiiaialtwlMaa < imiDrucu <e nait* .... *i<rsta 
^^ «w«4 f-valju oHifpvili ^, >.i«n>n . Y- Its.'— U"lli. 

■ >• r.iitwiU ntt>[*«r> •lidHn indliar. 
"iiDi-. Ui>- *1 , t|u. «1. Ilmuf j-l'n •Ivlnllv- 
■cB iuara umhw M*- uwnaliu <h1. (iini. tiluL. t<.Mt,) 

(nr pefptliul iiiii>riMUiin«nt. u an oKoiir of th* 
Noniian kinjE.' (aj>.luTIIi> I41&.) Thewdsliun 
wcie protiacWd for alrncal a jtmr, divinit wthkli 
Km* Walthrof wbk eaulinnl In the kiDg"* foll m * 
of WliMhpilar. At Imgih hia anamlM prtrailed, 
and. In on* of Ifao oaoita whlcti wor* lielil llirec 
limca )>-}ar aentcBce of deiih no* iimniiiiim-it."' 
Thu coieoiporar; Enitlisliacciiie Jnditli, ihc ktait'* 
iiiece, matrifd to Waltheof agaiBU her <t111, of 
hntin^dealrod and atg^ hi* coi>denui>iiaa, wbkh 
wuuM >i onco maiff htra widow and (n* lo mutrj 
nitm-lu." Meovotcr. mao; (rfihf Nomus fM«tMl 
iho tint* coootba favaraad bv ibc liaioii f«tl|** 
and l«ca Talllebvl*. who** laniU vivrt adJoiitiaK to 
thoM «{ Waltheaf^ and wfao wiibed lo siilar«« M* 
Dwn.waionvuf tliemoiteaft*' lur faiideiiruoiion.'' 
The kiii^ hiinielf, to whuiii Wilthruf oaulil no 
kiDKor be Hsefuli wai slad lu Hnd a prrii'il far 
geltiaa rid of bini^«aaagii ubk^i, iccordinfc to 
th* (>hl n&r¥«lf>ntfi' ha had Tuii^ nilrrliiiTL^I. 

(a.ii. liTIA.) Varij in the rnoTOln^. while t^(> 
pnnpln of Win<^hHl[*r nrrc irl ul**!!, liin NiwiiraiH 
Ird the Saxon chlrl wiihoiii -hi'V-tlhof ihcionrs. * 
WaJtbeof walked in the ptirc uf nerullon dnthcd 
in hia eari'a apfMrrl, whicli he ditlribiiied anionc 

wme priaati^ or gs*# to Mm* jioor pi^ople who had 
foUotml Mm. aiid w)rotn Ihv KMinain peniiitled 
lo appmach nn aci'nuiii of theit miiitl numlR-rt 
Mid ihclr cnlifcl; pcatvful (pfH-nnnc*'. llaTing 
rencbFd a hill ai il vlioit iltMnncn froin ili« walli^ 
th^ tnldim liulled. and Ih* Satan, proalmtinit Wm- 
•etf, prajeil aluud fur a few DtiimeDti; liiit the 
Normana, feartog that too loiij a iMk)- u-ouJiI 
cauac a rarooat uf llw inlmilFil rirnillnii tn he 
ipraad in the town, and that the cUifrn* wnuhl 
liie tn ■»•« Iheir K-tli»r-e»iinln-n»r>, rirUimed 
Willi tmpatl*nM to Walthe>>r, " Arwe, that we mij 
fuIBI onr nrdart."" H«> aakod, a« a Ian n«iiar, 
that they would wall only imill he had ntiec more 
repeated, lor them and for hinuelf. ihc l,otd'» 
prayer." Thej «!lowr.l him lo do *o ; and Wal- 
Ibeof. riling from the ground, but rentaiiitiig on 
hia knee*, began Aloud, " Our Kalher, Mho art in 
htaira" — : but at lh« vtrrw " and le«d ui not 
into temptation," the (aucutlonori arcing pcr- 
Lapi that ilajligfat waj btcitmlns to appear, would 
wall no Uixjcrr. hill, ■uiMrnljF drvarin( hl« liii^n 
(Word, atrurk iff Ihn ttaimi** head nl one blow.'* 
The bodj wa* Ihronu into i Aolr iliig between two 
fvada, and hnatil)' rarercd willi eaiiH.'* 

(a.D. llKSto lino.) The English, nfao rould 
not mr Wiltbeof, put on mourning (nr hLin, and 
honoured Mm a* * mutyr, «-hirh wbb an epiilvft 
tbaji had rP4-«nUt, for a like caiua, (I'vo lo biiknp 

a Sn-uniVim Ir^n KaruanbanuD, (OM V^uL, f>. BSV-) 
I' Pn>(mWii4 mfLTUf vnuLuniH vjat m euria rWaii ntt- 

dunniinl. \lU-[ Vii-il. bv4. HrbuiaM.. p.kM.I 

>' ltD|iituiiiia uam Ki£ aeio* aapiiaa atteiaaaa. i]a< 

fair. CbHl. hiu.. a|iudnr. AofUe aai|i(.. I. ». aA ISal>.) 

Irtni- (lliid.l 

» PiDi<nbHiiarflMKKiwtU,B«ia mi/iJbiw lUiMla. 
( Ihiil.) 

■• iriiiHiil rtntraainaiM lawiH eaa «iU/a<U4t 

iBHilD. ilahaa. da rotdsu- lili. ti. *- »>* i 

■> IMm adibaapDivbaaAniinl. ((Ml. Vital . r ***•> 

14 i4,Qi^iwc«rAlbD««<rffpi-.ia'.4JatfH^rB*iclil ... 9ai^. 
iiiB<i>uni nnwlniaoniilil, illil't > 

" Pnii»Mpni<.i.u, i«id VMl hM. MrinlaM.. lid 
It., apud Ktlvl rrc. Noiri f aM.) 

)■ ITaml..^ *Jtm ulueiu laBioMil naluU, lad nol. 
tirniMa 11*1111 . . ., [•'■'''■f 

!• laUiitf (MailL JMiu. I » ) 




Hmw Mil iM KoNMHflMl. 
A^ilk.*Uw at WaUborf. 
Daimriaa u( ihs f— ^^ 

Bfbdwiji, who 41od of btsiiiicr Id obit uf ilii Nut> 
man daojau*.' " Tboy lure •vujclit,'* ■«}• ■ cu- 
tenparuy. " to el&M el* tn*nior; from Uiii Un<l, 
but Ihcf bare nal lummdoil ; wa Snitj IwliBVo 
iliai he d<rc|]i amnoKtbi! blrMcd in hoTcn.*^ Il 
vfTia nunoured >iDinir the ^otm Bift and town*- 
]i>>(riilv llixl, Kt t!ii> Triul of ■ Hirini^t, tbo boily of 
[IiF iMt ph!i<f (if ihff Englitb nt', carried nvrkj' b]> 
thir infltik* ofCmirlatiil. iiul b"pnfi>iinil unpliSB^«4, 
Ilt« blomt lielii^r iitill Tipih.* Othrr ailnrl<«, uprin^ 
lug Id tikr iniiinrr hom purlflttn xupfntilion. irrra 
wri)«gl>t At W»IU>«i»r* tomb, crcelr<3. Willi Wll- 
Jiiun't iMriniMion, in thu clitpirr of ibAt iblHtj, of 
whkrh hf Ivm] been ■ bcn«fictar-' Tlu nnra of 
tlii*»«i iiroili^et grpillj ilulurbnl Ibe Nainka wife 
of the drcipiuicil cfairr, and to ippcaae tbr «i>iil of 
him wliaia t)ic bail bsiply bptnTnl, and whcnr 
detlh ihe liul pmiiikI, iihr rFpadi^l lo tite tomb of 
WOUi«of, snd CAvrrcd U)t donp with a [>tU of tilk ; 
bw Vk atTerlag «ru, fl^ronlis^ to lb* l(>gtfli), rv- 

Ecd uid cui to a dlounee u bj ui liiTliibl« 
WulfVrtcl, «.bbot of Cro«-UDd, an En^llthinMi 
by birth, huicni-d t» publiih llici? mirncutoui 
nd>. lod pmfbrd rctpt^tiiig thtm tn StiiMt lo 
Ihnur vlio it>tI«-J h» coDTi-ai. Bui Xhv NurmaK 
aolbnrlllridldiKit loiiZ(utr('rli[in tupnairli uniucli 
a topic tmniotei(«d.* Wutftciel iru cited, u guitl; 
i>f idotBtry, befor* • cuum-il iirli) it I^iidoti,' in 
which tb« uanablfd bUluip* aud eoaiUa dn^ntilnl 

hltn fram hti mitred dlgnl^, and «'ni him u > 
ptIiUp recluse U> the iaDn«it4!t7<irG1asIonbiir}', 
geicnvi by the Kutman named Tooiialn, rc- 
no«i)«d tovnt >ll (be abbat* of the Conquni r>r 
hiirmi>I and fcri>cJ4ia diipnilimt.' lli> |-i]iiiiti' 
mi-nl, hawrviir, ilid niit dticDuri^ tiif jiopnUr 
•iif-miiJDii, whirli, bstui fouudM on tlie iinlicinBl 
rfgrrl Tot tlw Iom of tibiutj and iiidcpeeulMini, 
wu tiliiiK^iabtil only nbcii llia.( rrgm rraaiMl, 
aiiil tlii> dMfvndiinla of ilw \ iigti>.Suflii> hwl at 
liili^h far^tlcn all Ihou- Imfndirn ■>{ Bcitrii>t»ni 
IIiBt liad piomptml llirir tactMor* to l»y Aoitti 
thcif Ikvt-i fur lUtircuiuitry. lliil thiiMi IIdim did 
aot arriic wi iiKi'dil) u tlic roiiiiiicrnni wiriini; 
1.11.1, fufly janr* ift« Waltlw<iri d»lh, nrlica ihe 
ruuiirwlpry of Crowlaii'l hiid, »ft« a lurcmion of 
friciifu abbota, paiml uildcr tliC aUthoriC]' of otir 
(iiMirioj, from tlirlonn of Orlrniia, iiiiradn bpgMn 
uUiiiii Ilj bu norLnl an ihr tomb »f lliv tut Eiwliah 
flurf.' 'I'Ik' Eiii;li»U bj Jc»ci-ni i-jhh- tu crowda tn 
Viiil liii apnulctirc, wlul* Die Nurftiia luuakf , tfai-ii 
tloulfllcd In thfl abbcj at CrowUnd, tumifil tliia 

I ort. viul,, p. tan.-Cmlrt v.;m,M np. iai i 

Snnttri tliii»i*ria<ia. III. 1M, 

* Ciiju i>ra«iit>H voliunaM M Uni daln*. a^ mOilu r 
tnilUflinniiDauitii, iB««bnadctr. iricirrnl. Wiioni. 
Ckraa., p. w».) * 

> OM Tlul.. a. MT. 

* IVnlmiK«la,...alitu.... In fapllialoMBirlicrum 
Nncnun K^IMI, (Ibid. ) 

* l'ai» Hu. aaittciB CluMl «kmIU. td tunulun lirt 
nl annall. ft palUaia •rtlHn .... ijood. q'u^ maajtini 
bIu-ii1<.., i-jn6iaa hiliHt. toaatvi t Mmitla iiMlaU, (.liw«ir 
I'Jitil. bliL fTmMait,.apuJ tn. AncUe. Mtlft.. I. ;t. rd. 

* iJiul^ ^a^nuDi iiiiamiii inJinutl. (IbU, I "rXt 

' A'l WMlmuB h3B.3tiuin LnuTluAili ... •UEnimnlluiB ... 
•kiMilHtKacnMai (I^M-i 

* tlUaioaia nti oni«iil»lfi>i uii* ibl)«» IXonWi*. bi». 
(41 4 »M, ^ • bU p.lria I Imnir. l^isv). ri. titit. I, ft ) 

* Ailiuiotwiii Uuallnt toa-fM mhanladkiDMBtmlapii*- 
niDI ^0,U«fc.\l-..l,. lit, il. .,,«J»r.|t.nT. N«™aM!\ 
p. it* I ' 

vaff RiMa iBlo duriMou. auJ colileoiptuautlj tiwaled 
tb* Saxon |i&fnina »Dd the olf^l of tkatr v«iMr*< 
tloii,'tn;tBf Uiat kn tnw a Mim and a mii«r 
juuhr candcmncd to ilcalh." 

najl^ofa niduw inlMrit«d all hii donwina; 
and c«oa the laud* wbich tk* lio^luib cbisf bad in 
bi« lilslim* ^vtn to th« moiwutfr} of Crowlaad 
ia peqiotual puau«alou wan lalu-u (ron it aod 
pien to liM." Judttb thomlil of uoe day akatuf 
thlt vart [nb«rUancc iriih tJic bwbaod trf hw 
obolea j b«t W bopM were devdrrd. and tbe m«be 
imfwriaDa will wbicll liad diapiMnl vt lin bajid to 
proeim the dMitlioti •< a Suen tiHohvd 6b i^ 
warding, by lh« like neaiu, ih« MtTlOM of t 
fmuchinatu King 'WiUiaio, (ritbuul coMultinf 
bin nwce any inocv tkaa tm lb« fbrmct ooeaakin. 
ipte her, wltti all Vr'aliliooTi potocwoaa, t» We 
fiimon, finra fb« town at tteulta, n brave kiiigki, 
hut lame niid 111 made." Judith tMUfctl for ikia 
man a rliKtalD which nroirDluMttli«CotK|UeT0r.*Iii> 
wu iiol «t nlJ liirlincd lo Id tib policy bend bcAxe 
tbo weak intercut of a woBaa;'* b« adJwJgcd the 
eaddofa of Nortkani|ib>D to SiniiMi <la Sewli^ tft- 
gcth«r with atl Ibe tandfd poawMiaai of WalikM^ 
whoM widow UiiH Itni the adranUign aha had ei- 
MCted t« deriie fnim her dbdoykl cmidaot. iMnff 
left with Ixrr Iwu chiUran, bm fnucd her lib is 
obtmrity uid Hurrnw in fWtDc reoaotv diatrlMa «J 
tifij^land. hh* wni diapjafJ by the Mamane far 
her ]Mti>rly, awl dnIwWil by the Saxcn* m ■ rmu- 
(Irrrti : tbe old tilrioiteaa of EnfcUah raw twU^ ■ 
kind of )f>y in relatlnr ills TexMlans ind tbae of 
dcacition ofticT lattvi yean. 

Th» eaefiitioii of Waltkoof o(>Ri|i|tted iht it- 
limaiaii of tbe vaiiquiahad (w-apU. 'J'ke Bi^UA 
aeem not Id hato loal all hope m lou aa Ibey h*- 
keld one of their omt r*w InTMied wilb meal 
power, ena tlwugh tnuler iko anihoriiy of f^ 
Ttigotn. After (k« eoa of Slwvd ibm wu so 
longer t« be fAosd in En^aiid, eoratiK tkn idcd 
InrretMl with public nulhoiiij aitd eanabled wilb 
hoiuniiv, a ainsle man B«li*e lo the country, ua* 
any hul tiwli u looked upon tlie Aiiglo-Suan* In 
tlio Uitkl uf omuIm andof bnMca. AH the rtli- 
glooia autkoritv had IlkewUe pau«wl ii4u Ike luidlb 
of men of forei|(n»itnciloB; and of all tli* ajieitM 
SutOD prrlmee thi-rj ronuiliied only Wul&to^ 
biibap uf WorcHter.' ' lie »ai ■ miui nf w«ak bmI 
niinple mind, incapkblo of any act of daring, and 
who, M bai been already (ecu, b»il> eftoi « mo- 
ID^nUt7«S■)■lelDent of patiiotL<M, ccrdlaUyoMdc 
Mi prace wBh tbe eonqueror^-'^ Thetieg fei w m d 
hit h.iil rendered ihea eiery aenim in hla power. 
fie bad made pealor4l litlu and iiroi^Uiinr d itir 
lUBff'eanuMelyiiitLaeo ttroitncea whcie iJii' p*ftt- 
CMton liilherUi temaro*J incoMiplrle. lie )n4 
matched in ]ionou to bar Iho |ie»ii^' of ihc Sr- 
vcm afoiiul Bogct of IletiiibrTl. Uiu be u-dj iIm 

" Aiifllcv ptt^ea ad (VBilaa oartl uwni etnaiw 

quMiln ifrarniM <i'i>d>cii Or KornuiaU ai^aaHMi 

v#al«<ltnH,-rie1. ill^nM *|uM br'|ii4ii yn•^^^'•'r luMtt *i 
tralD MKi 4itflTUiif9f1 m^raftrii- iuiili*rk-. \'iul . |t J4(. ) 

>• T*n* JiiMUlv vAnittH* (Unin(*ia^<>aali. 1. U. 
tmv, r^ iKlu, Me hcul)— Toum Imar wrrai 
WallefrwiH (Irxnlf Crarlaari «4 fMe. L T>.) 

" 1/U.... [. Ill (Ibid.) 

'• JUJ. ,1 .ll„ll. OnMU. oriM 

bUa. nrt iliTr'u i'--> r'l iMIibU iIM bttt. '.ilikl, • •>. 

•OB. H. «el*n, I. e«1. r.t.) 
>• SaeiiliU 




WbIMu later* tlw waivil. 



«( bgliih iImmbI; and, like (he tad. lOi <Uj of 
trial MriTcJ. 

In tk* j«iir 1074 Wulfitui iru died before k 
"'——'**' of Uia Nomian biiiIio|M *t>d ^'hicfa, u> 
wM«il in thn tkbity [>hurt4i of WMliniiiat<>r, *t 
wbkh Ung Wltliua uiil anelibiahap l.*nfrtiii« pr». 
ridwl. Tbc anmnbtf uiwnlmoiul; dcRlMwl Ihe 
Saaoa imkU ianptble of mrttUUif ibo epiaoopd 
fiuirtiMM in LafliitKl, ancil^ Ihal h« could not 
•[•nk PreiKh.' tty nrta« of Ihu «tr«n)(« lad^ 
■vat. d» kiag *d<I the irchbiihop rwq«ii«d tb* 
BOOfcaiBtJ nrtilMc 1u ■nmroder Ibe ctmiBr nnd 
riOf. Uw fsdileiBi of lii> paalonl chance.* Aito- 
nUatnvnl aod iB'tlKVaiion it baii^ «o ill mnfded 

■■■■|iir*4 WulfaUn irilh an rtifrgj <up«ri»r lo hi* 
cinrwtrr : br ariwi. uiil. bfarinjr hti pailaraJ tUlT 
in hi* biad, vrilkcd tlnlgln up 10 d>« lomb «f 
Bdiranl the Caalttitat, who naa iBIrmd in Ihe 
•Uwj ; ibecT be ■1o]ipcd, audi acldmiiixK ihr 1I41. 
uBMed kioK in Uip Kni;ti>h tonj[ac, nxctaiianl, 
■* EdwMd, froBi Ibre I rmlipd ihii utnff ; lo thr*, 
tbarafbHs I rviura *nd MttAde it."* Thra. luiti- 
inf ID ihn Noniiin*, *■ I received it bam hauda 
■aretrortlir llianrovr*; Ihaie r<rplu?nl illbrrttn: 
d« j4Mi,lf ;^u hKT<>th# power, u]l« i( tbcnbam." * 
I As be ullered the*e lui voida lh« Saxon atnwk 
. Iha tombalaoe (wcibijr with the •nd of hb er«iLpr> 
Ul» Mlaatn detiMaiiait and natrfme tciloa made 
a nnnf inpmaioD nn the: mlnrii nf all thr nmtm- 
Uf, aot uumixfd with a nupmlll.lnlM drrid : llie 
kiaji and Ihn pniDslr il.i) not n^cul tholr dpnnm), 
bal l*A Ibp ta«t Rtifftltli blahop in potufinan of litt 
UmXuuI bit oflro.* 

TIm papidar ImasitialiDn (rmiTainipcl iMi oTcnl 
bn » prodlff; and the unvn «ru (jirrad lliat 
W«|fctK)'4 paMonl (laff, when it «jT»r\ the uont, 
had entered il drcplj, aa if il had be™ loft earlli, 
•ad that ■■> on* eould ilnn' il out but Ihe Siion 
hJnMdCwben tbrforri^n itwI^jM had i«ien«I ilinr 
own eenleooe.* Vlhra Wulftlan wu dewl, and 
wtien a canon uf Barnu,Runtd Suoaou. had >iie- 
laadad htm iu the •rr of Worccftrr, Ilia italiie 
Bagliab bfrtmreil on him, u on WalilMof, tlw 
Uttai «f aalM nd Ui;<Med.'' Tbla, m* lb» cut ef 
■laMMt all tks iBtn of an; eminonee trtio had Mif. 
fivcd far th'Ir mlatanoe t« tbc poitcr fbondfd 
«poB the Cotiqucift. 

jUI thii il VM7 Mimagt to ua ajid (« oiu- t(t ; 
far i»pp(«ned natimu havn nnw loM the puatom of 
DttklBciaiiitiufthrrr frlendiand defeiiden; tiifjr 
l*t« Botal Kreogth iuflloii>ni lo preivtte Hie me- 
MOCf of thuee «rbu li»™ bcfn dcat to them. with, 
oat MUtiMiadaif; it with a auptrttiUoua balu'. But, 

) (MaoMMI Oalltna. '(Aaaalo flotWolM— , apal 
Mt. MtUn. BliC. 1. «L >:>. *d. r<eliirn.>-Q<ii1incuoiii 
(MlkaHMB aam ksnml. (H<U.. P>iU. I. 10 >— lv>put 
»dila> Int^* oumiwi. (llfu. KutcIa*, ■!« dml. 
AMUtni. IL. ■|HilS>ldni.ll R)I )M>> 

■ JaliMiH laruh.ia .4 .u^luia mtiwr*. nvhirrkcow 
TaaAiHi n fn>l|«euk'. rl n\tit hnt le—Lrl'Mntf. (Lluoo. 
*-^-- IMbMl ed SrIiUn. «•!. «7C.t 

' Xl«UltaUar>(H«i Ed-antf. iMiaillDilil tmluB, 
« U>A IIIbb riT.I fsBBiti.1^ (\*iuIm IfciHanlmw*. amii 
(M. i«|tk^MrtM.i.iu, M. a*U,)~Chr0a. lobaa, IU«D 

• K4« U. hun* »ihl J«IM. c«i H Mnda. AnlW . ■) 
jotwW. ( IL K>nkl«i, e4, fe).kii, ». ml »M.) 

> bMintotaM. (Htlh. l>iirt..ViurA%hARAIlL.I.4*.) 

• B>wl>«hia*Mi|M><i<44r«i,linik*4||i>]nwli»clU, 
*0mt el*, ad nxi> iXBlnai Inliia loiwaml. ill"* 
KanUii*, W. at p. tit-\ 

' falMu WalBunu. (^Muln I'iuIdiiImmi. •«. Oalf, 

whucvo dlfTrrmre llien ntiy be betweta our 
oMiinota aad tfasM of the populalMtii ibal hai« 
pfeerded •■• o« Ifac earth, lot not tkia diOBr«ac« 
OMka ua too aercfc Judg;c* oter tliem— .let not Ihe 
batMtic forw of their nMiuul aeu induce w to 
decide thai then wm nothing natioaal or paljiotie 
in ihrir acta. The gml idea of aaHoiul inde- 
pcitdcuce waa nteaJed lo ihcm a* vrcU •• M m : 

IhCj' dafpBilfd il nilh an a!i;u betuiti|( ihrlr mutt 
fiivnured d*i'irt>; the)' inadu It reli^ut, and we 
nuke it pa«ueil. It MOis ftMO Ihe aune coneto. 
tieoB, Mid iraa maltitaiiitid wiili a like onlhiMiMiB. 
abbongh the laa(aa|[« It bnaihetl pMocwed per* 
ha[H a diSennt fennuJa. Thete exlated tho mom 
Inclinalion of nllribulit)|| an idoal iBmorlalUf b> 
■wdt aa devoted Ibeir liiea (or lbs mtietj and wet- 
fan of ibclr coaipMtriois. 


ntoM nut vcuutuL or iviluam wm an bldest 


A.O. lun to 1067. 

Out of Ihc neccatarj coikeouUtaiUa of tnrety eoti* 
ivv-i, whrLhcr gmt or ■mall, i>,lhat the con- 
i][Ut^ron vuun ouural uaonc ihemMlfM about tlw 
poaoahMi and dl^lon ^ tbe wealth of tboee 
wham they hnn nnqulahed. The Nonuana 
dM Hot ewape tliia phaao which ooaqneK* m 
Miin to oKhibil. wCto thero wen no Imiger 
»ttj rabtU lo be auMued, England bernne k 
cauio of t&iettliie nan to il< R»al«r< ; and tl 
milatlie nenl^-nlabtii^edngal CueJlj tkatueh 
diaputc flr«t aesttirad, h; the ijuiirrcl benrrrn Uw 
Coaquoror and bla aMort ton. Tlua wm. naned 
Uobert, and iiiRiauMd by (he NunntBi in Ihcir 
laagtwgn G ambt m i at C«ik*-A«u« f C'iiH-<t«w), 
bccsiMO of Ihe •hottneae of hu leg*. * had. before 
UiF baltle of lluiinca. broa (leal([«ied tq> Wllliua 
la heir lo bii dominiuni and diMnl tUte, Tbia 
dntigoatioa had bna made, attording to cvatom, 
with the &>r>u>l ooaaeiil of th* Nofuau barene, 
wlio had all taken the oath to foBu Robett a« 
tbeit future lunl.* n'hni n'ilUanilad becom* 
king nf the Engliili, the louux u*n. wboM anbl- 
lioo had beun unakvued on bchulding the lajiid 
(iKccui** of hi* filli.r, mjiund hita lo ftbditoW 
Ihe gomnmotit al Nonnaodj-, utd place it in 
lii« haiidi ; but It'illlan reAued. wlahliig lo keep 
11 iincF hi» ul<l dui^hy and bla now kingilum.** A 
liulrut <{uatrTl caiianl, Inwhirb iti« Imii joumit 
bnithiin, William (unaancd 1,0 Uoia or Knnw, 
and llenrj, took part a«»tu>t their cbler brother, 
mdu eelour of Olial aaeetlon, bat reaDf te aup- 

£lnnt him, If Ihef «ould. in Die lorfnuoa which 
il falhn had proaiicd hiin>" 
One day, when (he iuag «ith Iiii eoni wu at 

* Vaici OuAatDM aocMMle**** ••t •* B»«tla Onca. 
(OM Vital., Ilk t*.. w.ami*, m. SwiBaHii. a. M».) 

• OfUmatn cmaoipr afnalmriiBt. <IW>l.l 
" FVaattouOn^taill. ItHi.i 

» OuUh-^a.^. R.l...e« ItuMtn* fM^ UWmA. ^'MK^ 




Muftn ant Haurj. 
H Ullam'i ittinnn*. 


IMKn U Cintanf . 

Lalfic, Willisn and Utmj mal to ItubcH'* 
lodi;iai^ iii ihc IioiiM of OHO Rogn ChliMiUfui!. 
uiA. itMniSin; to Oia upper Horjr, tbcf flrrt begui 
ID \t\tj nilU (llM. aAar ifio laihlon o( tb< trarriont 
of thai agv : aftn ntiKli ihrr made a gtcat noivr, 
and [loiinrd down Vfslot on lUbcrt and hit fri"iiJ» 
Iieluw.' Rubcfl, fnngcd t>)' Ibi* allr«nl. runhrnl 
■waril in baud upon hU brotticn. A tfrvRt tuinult 
touk |il»ri, nhich the king i-uulil utiih dlillciilt}- 
calin;* auA tht TvUuwijij; iiicltt. ytiiinic Ralirrt, 
MUiiird bjt all hia onn (niapauloiu, iiuitteiJ the 
t9WB »a a auddcn, nacked Ksuen, and cnilp^- 
Toarad Ui ftl pMMmian et tbo eUadel. I u Ihiit lie 
u-ai ntinicDetaful : Mven] of liii rtiendu uer? 
lakrn ; bn tilntekf mcr|mm1, vtitli>iiiDeat)irm,ai:njM 
Uic Norman ftomllet. and touk Tcfuge in llie count]' 
of Ppirhft whert UiwuiMi n«|ib*w of Aiibctt U Ri- 
haiul, hMpltably r^MivMl lilm In hla caitleaof Soml 
aud tUj DHlard. * 

A rvenndHilloti onineil hot«r«*n Ili« fatfarr and 
•oil, vrblnh. howcTrr, irm nnt of long duralioc ; 
l«r the Touoji men wha turrvundcd the lattcri (oun 
b«^B to iiUiiia1at« llU aubitioti ifriMh bjr tlifU ad- 
vice and Uirtr ni]lvriv«. ■ *■ Sin of ii kiii^." ihi>j 
would aaf. " llij fillior'a peujiW mutt K^tni llto 
TOfal IrrU'trc yrrj «lriL-llx, vincv thou boat not 6 
pcanj to (ii« to ibv foDuwcra. Hu'vrnuial iheu 
nat^ llijwtf la ■nub p[>irrlf wlulc ihy falher U 
to f ieli T DcioukI from hini thcccfoN a jiaft orf hii 
kingrioin of EiiL,-Iinil, or si iMit Ike duch}' uf 
NunuiLndj, wliiiii htr fniiniird [lire Ix^re Ih^ aa- 
■oinbkd chivfit-*" ItobvTl, titdtod by Ulna and 
otker avch dWounra, wont tu kU fathar and ro- 
lunred hii old rvqtiMi : but ih*kln{; ntic? m«ri<tK>> 
Umei, nod *xbort«d him In a nrvniftt tniip to t«>- 
tun Id hu dulf , and. ahon> all, (n make 4-hi)tn(> of 
bellffr ndritero, men of cnaliirvaKe, ^nvcnnd nlac, 
M waa antlibifliop Lanfnnc-" "Sir Uiii;," re- 
plM Rttbvrt, ** I am eome liirv lo claim nij' tiglil. 
and nol lo h*ar aermoiti; I hnid eiiou^ iif thiMn, 
aikd iru Hear} enou;;)) of iIk-id, nlieti I wii learu. 
ui( graiBMr. Giie then a niitiTc answer lo my 
deaiBiid, that I id«v ktiuir nnal 1 Imtv id du ; fur 
laal Brmtj' tcaolvodlu liio no Isnj^ron (he kreoilof 
otben, and bo no Inngvr in th* pij nf any one." ' 

Thf king angrily ananrred that he wmilil n«l- 
Ihrr drgiriir liinnarlf of Noraiattd]-. hla iiillrr aoll, 
nqr iliin; wiib kBj one vrtioouopvtrr bin kliiKdoni 
afKni^lincI, piirehaMil by bia toiU.* " Well," »aLJ 
ItiibMI. "ihenlnrtllftttoolhtrlandi; I^rillf^aud 
—txF tirjnuKTa. anil nerliftpt I ahall iibtaiii amoii^ 
Ui«iii *hil it drnlpil me In m> own pouulrj." * 
tin dapartcd a<:ciirdiii|[lit, iitd tvcnt through Flau. 

' In 4i*uiBivnlICWlH(nirn-.'rui>i.lU-ma<iiiMTMUttiin 
<ianiintllUMMM*M)lHnl*lud>na>r;Mual. ilpiiult la- 
K'lil'fn MvMtuH fKVH. at an-un .... <Ord. Vital. ». 

• III tiomtUe wBtn Mntrit- : lUi., v. I4«.) 

■ Tin mtpim Albnii BUaM aualia Manil. <Uq,iv 
airiBB rwMlota RaioMlBi atqat BonlluB uwfiHli. 

* anlltloit liraOM lUiltirila JiiirnI ii-i-U flUo....iUi»- 
laM. ItM. Vkal . UI) t.. p ft*s.) 

■ Kiit»IWwailR0t„.. pOlU till 0lrlUMntal« tir. 
iwraoi HMliiRi.ui niDBuB iBUdiinHilHt iaJt jmli itn 

OMMriuBl ... ivilioc puwil.) (IWil.) 

• llrm.ji )Tu 

* Iltt. MukiA' nl.N^ iHMi mj i ^ pii>in<nijnnii»audb«- 

.,;'" *** '''""" a* aBud mr, iiuiiil ncinini aiiUIaCe. 
1 1 Ulll . I 

* .^ "' ^ foiaDle' ■■. .\aeUB iiuuiiae nsoiia 
T'-^ " ulalan. (l>il.L) 

• Lii. T ,. -J „.^^ (IW.1.) 

den, Lorraine. G«nnaii}', and iIkti) IbrDiuk Franet 
and ijiiaeiMiy, Haillnx (m]1 lh« anclMit klatarifeM) 
dukea, count*, and tlrti tItlJMia, ralaling ta ikHn 
liin i;rieianoe*, aitd MklnK lliclr aaaiaeancp.** Bui 
all tlwl be rccdrcd lot die aupjiort of hit COum 
hi: ![«.•■ Ii> Juit){let*, pamiitca, and lo abaadcNted 
iTOinen ; and he wu aoon obUgMl to bvg afresh, m 
tu borrow at enormoua utnrjr." llii molW, 
Matilda, tomeiimn teut bim inoopy wtihoui Uw 
king** knuvkd)^. WiUiaiUi hting aiiiiriHsd a( 

tlut, forbad hur ao (u do : alie diaoli^ycil i uul |h« 
an^ry king rtfirouhed ber In bitter tvnntwiliidM- 
mbniing lunonB hii enemir* the ireuurv wfaMh b* 
ounflded toharcatc." Ilv th«tta(drr«l Iha baanr 
of Uatilda'* prcacnla to be HflinJ, and hia ejaa la 
be lorn out." lie Ku * Ilrelou by butk, uaoird 
Samaou : be th'il, and benme a anonk, aaja tkc 
ehruulcle. lor Ihe lalrattou of kit Mtil and at hh 

body." (a.D. lorai 

After uianyOaiel* and cirrajti, joaat Robm 
rrjiaiicd, iiiwli-r itie ■U))>icei of I'bilip kine of 
Fiaiiee, \o the CMtlc of G<ilii>r<iy, vliialed In llcau- 
Toitii. on tha eonBnta af Kftrjnanjy. Tham he 
uai iTi-ll reoeirnl by Elic, iltoonnl of ihe eMlk, 
and bj liiarallea^ue : lor, tayalhe ancieat lufra. 
tor, it vm ilia cualotn of G<.-tb«roy ihat tbera 
thauld bn Iwo lordi of Ihat raetlc «]ual iu pom(, 
and thil rui(i.llFi)4 rrnm all ediinirira aboukl \*i r«< 
eciipil." 'I here thn ion ct The (.'(<n()ucrar mmm* 
bled hired caTallRn." Some of tlieae klugblaJniiiMl 
tiim Iroin Fiance, and oiil i>f NurinuiMly ; iMnnl 
nan-at-aimt uf kiiitc Wjlliaur* bwaalioitl ; aciMal 
nfthoan whn daily iUllc red him, ami l,vad M M> 
luble, quilted their OlIiei<a Iu rp[iair to (>eib*n>} ) 
and at laat lbcC(tiii|uorar. cmaain^ the tea, itvM 
In prnuii lo bcaiei^ llie (asllc in whirh bla ami kd 
abut Iiliiitvtr U]>." 

In a aartie iiiide by Rotrert Irn eagtjjcd in ainsle 
eomhat with a caialiM wbi> wai eotcrrd I>r faia 
armour: ho irounilr'd hlra In the arm. and thfvw 
him frotu hi* horv : In ili<i vo(m <if tbo UDOBdvd 
msm he nvogiiiied hia father, and, immediauly 
alightinr, he aviated him to ritr, plkccd hln lo 
■be aaddie, and allowed him bvcly to di-ptttt.** 
I'he Norman •'bivrt and biihufa (•nploj'ed theaf 
•rUta onre tnorc la lirin; about u reconctllaijoii 
lii^twceu tUi: failiri aiid The con, Diit WUilam at 
fliitl mitlcd iht-it liiigivrtuniliei : *■ Why," Mid tm, 
"will jiiu luUt-ii iiiir 1111 bvhnir of ■ traitor niia 
hu (eJuet-d my own anldUni a^lual ue, ibuM 
nlioiii I ban led wiih my hrpad, anil la «bo«u I 
gaicUicirannar'i* Howr^trr, bealknstliylHded! 

'• Nol, Ih o^W njtbitui.diirv<, fniBilK|iw«t ...__ 
(r|>bt<laiiai,lllMf|iie(pIiu luu Hcv'vmiian. t.ll<l4.> * 
■■ "ij»*~-ii— -.f..~^.r- — — ■■— !i.... -rnjif^,, iih 

tfUiutbU.... ONHaM (iBil tunpraam* nanlkatwl. M a* 
alJtaiHi all aatanto toaeaauntav uul ■vn« y-ttt-Vil 

■< iBlDieiM mmm tanraami niiibat aiela. ([M.T|lal..fh 

" Vrflam mvdartin eoaijaeheDiU,*! maa ocaMi tfMMl 
(Onli-r. Vilal. Iilat. wiIhiui., lib. *, kpid iciiia, h*. tiuf 
DUBB.. i>. fe' I . I 
'< I'd! aJttUuo* tnrpiirta It auim*. |lMl,) 
" llplUa i|D«|vavk>*jDniuufe«^ni4WW|4fl wo 1 .. Moflv 

(SlmcM nUiweulitallliUani Ago lanaduEdnl •»,>•«■■« 
Duotiin fu <l)iluiIiiT. tlbiiL. 11. ST1.) 

" M()ll lie hi, <)ul rrd iiil<ita)uiltM. t,ltU > 

>* t'hlk4,. Xk.K'.,i. *^l. <iiL^, y^ l^i, 

" Viriii qiriil tintoivii viT uiiAik) aiiifKlrMt bsaMaei 
lllBn>-, nvA^iiHO* ikl*iH »*tLka1l1t■,a^f<^i-,l'«,■„tl. 41^4*41. 
lOnL VlUl,, till. I ,, apud KJipi. lei, ^llliBil■B . i,, t-'x i 



fol UiutniD- 
Th* !t>«lfe(BlKHiu n»M|itrv. 


Tr'tm- M DudUB wUcJknL HI 

NiiiBuuu ntmtr NiOlliualNrtMiL 

bat tbrpmd utidentandiiigbetHwnlka fttlm-ind 
BHtWMn«(Df long couUniMnce i Bobart > tlnnl 

UmW departed fer a fnrvign land, Uid ttttutced aa 
KOM (liirtug Ki* fMhi-t'» Ur«. * The king ciiripd 
Um kt hu tIo)>»rliire; ii»l Die liiitnriiin* of lliftt 
w* Ulrititite lo Ihl* inalnlklinn ihc iniBfortunos 
fubwMthr clilen *»a of WilUam thn Itutorit 
dwriog UIVi of >U hMcIi misfurtuitM lli» rciiqant 
of '^■k''~' Wm, u ire hftTp H«n, ttta priiiinrjr 
nuM. ■ 

Fnm Ibeae tluseiuiuci*. whirli iliMiirtiM Ihr rc- 
pOM at tilt rhicfof itiu cuiiiur^ronL. tbe TiuquUbcd 
pw^la dorirod iio bpiirflt ; for if, in WillUm'* 
«fc»—»r>, llu> nijsl Iiaiid, u wu lh»n the cxprM. 
■tno, dill Dot \ieu biril u|iiin tbc pmpiv, IhprF 
wcr» uOwr band*, thow ort-orl*. riifouiilpt, judrcti, 
prpUtca, uiil libbot*, of fuiriKn inert of nliii^li 
|hr wri||;lil fru uii<euing;K Mi. Amungtlin mo*! 
uiiRirnifitl of IboMi miniaUni uf ihe Caa(|iieiit wu 

VaoldMr blahop of Diirbnin. tlw Loirain wlio sHpr 
I Ik* BlWiylmi of Willhi?iuf hod Joiiti-rl ici liii cede- 
I rttiiii'il nfllii fill ti iii| 1 1.III I iiiiiii 'I' »f ■'! the 

cmaMrj'ailualcd bvtn-rcD LheTwcFdvnJ th^Tj-tiv- ' 

The ci)inil-biitii>|>'i Nartnaa friirnila h>((l>t) rxl<illi'il 
! kb mode of idiiiliiitlnitlon, and pn^til him » 

•i|uillj (kilful ill rpprmiiiic li« Ino fdgt of tli* 
liMranl Ihe rpbrlliuiu uf llie Kiutllili.Btid Jn rrforra- 
' lag Ibeir launU Inr ibe ptrauuion of liii ili>- 
' ' Tlic real ffrviiud of tbr« culngim waii, 

, Vattldiei \t^pA Ki« [ifouiiiee with iiilolrrabli? 
toaettnM, iwrmitiMl hU officrn lo li-vjr Iiiliutei 
liiA«rhiman tlxrir own ncniuiil, mid Hulfiircd hit 
■•«Mimt Id rub mtiil kill wiili iiujiuiuii} . ' 
[ AlD^ng tlKiav wtiom lie pul lo driklli \rit)i<>ui r<>Tiii 
lot IrU vr>« otii- I.iulf. H man d'lr li> t)>r nlmli' 
cmmtry. uid who had rrliri'd in I>iirli:im, hnitnf: 
boMi alrippttl br tlte If omuii* n( ill hit jniui-uioiu 
In die MUth «r bnnland. * Thli murder, Bciroin- 
pudod bj ■uuciou* circ\iB»tui<c*, niivd ilic |ia- 
fular haired ictiutt tli« Lairmiii hUliup nnd hii 
■mtt* lo Ihe utmont pilch. The old ipirit of 
nMthwnbrta wa< arauMnl ; and Ihv iuliabitaiiu of 
(hit land, m filal tu furvisiicri. imcr ■nor* ralUeil, 
aa in Ihe liao uf Rubprt CuniiuD.^ Tbcj- held 
fancfonaal cEiaf'n^ni^^^i ulJ iJiaaiuinAuiilj rmuKrd 
Ml Ro'iHt W'th coacBal^d arma la Ui* aaacuibl; of 
jMttf , Bald from liHif to time by the blahop in tho 
ear A MMtf;*iidiwu thnNoniMii icnn diuuitiiig 
Ifc," (».ii. lIMO.) 'J'his court tiu IiL-)d on Uin 
bMike uf the Tpi*, DFar tin; new rattle built hj 
tlw aMi^neraim nn llw great road to Koollaiid, in a 

1 A fltf irr-M. ■>» |Miri rv^lU, (Oid, VliJ., HI* ,.. 
IfiilMIiLm >inininii .p. >'(-l 

AaMsane, aalnuliiB »tiU«l.ripmi»aitiThiiDCDkr. (Haili. 
WMla-.l-la.) ' 

* lawfR** ViHtMob moiUf NoilhiuntnlK. Waaclwnu 
a w Ba j Inni a irtQ utitiBiill. JIW-rplienp.DuBelni^ 

m. i. IM » 

■ivt lelvllvidam (vaUa (ladln. rt reltorauat aotw 

(W.u. ttjLla»>b.dr|wa.inotit AB|l..«d. flatiU. 

•"XMHidiTwuniiualnBaKaB. (Halh. Ul 
liaf^^muo pl>hi> o|ipiaadaa«ai pfniillMH .... 
lartlba fvillliat, n|iliiia M Injinti* ■ffiiill, 
, , Oaatln.. AnclU uiLo. I int.) 

I pauitlulB (hiiin'miii. i|ul |»^>luiilbiu wiiit 

W— aaaia »llai««. nannilitaw H u mtat (Ilita.>jij 

* <Ula al nrnwvai- ilhU^ p. 14a-^KnRK>nin>hn. jiA' 
•akia HMWr M'*lll4inl 4HlMiia. (Will. Hdmixl.. rir (nt 
n*. Aail . •4. t«>lT>. p. Ilu.) 

* IhRTTtnaM unaoMln M nmll* uaiall irnin-Til ul 
flarta saMUia*. (Han. Puk.. 1. IU.>-ln riuod.m cou 
iai*kf**A. (Vhnib tia*.. p. I>«.) 

nlacc called in Saiou OtlmKmr^oi Ouora-kcad. * 
t'lic Nvttliumbrlaui n-pautfd lliitl'ivrui iinat num- 
hrr*, (11 if ctisiriiiK tn addr««i huBiUe aud nuliinia- 
mi*paliljnna In their lord. Thny aiknl n]-[ur«- 
Uon of tlic larlnii* nn>»K« whirb bad bcm dome lo 
Ulrm.'* " I will ledreu iioiu! uf tllcMi DomplaliiU,'* 
tile biihup cxclBiaicili "unlrta jr^u tiral coaut donu 
(our huiidrFil pounila of gu«d ■noncf."" 'Llwii 

th« S«ion who, ^ii-lag conv«r«MiI la Frcntb, ipoka 
iu [lie nsiiip uftlie mitouiiniilj. aaked peroniuiati 
to delibeniK with llirm;" and iho) all rvtirrd fur 
a mtrinnu, aa if to kvld coiuultatlon rrffaTdltt); lliit 
payiDBDt of the nim dciiiaodvd oi ihccn ; but aud- 
denljr ibe orat«r, who «iw the etiirt of the plot, 
cried out In the Englitli Longue, " Shvrt counail ia 
tpod ! Slay }■ Ihe biahopl" ■* At Ibii tipnl Iba; 
drew ibcir nreaponi^ fell upon tlM Lo/nin prrlaie 

aiul killad hini, logptlivr with a huadrtd men, 
I'r^ncli and t'lnniali.'' Two Ilujbali aertiiiig. 
ram wcro alona (parad by the conapiratoim. '* Thia 
popnlDr InaiirmrUon eztandad aa fu ai Duthaui; 
ihc (nrtn-H buUl Iticrc by the Norniana wa* •!• 
Uckisl ; but the gwriwm, Wiug dumictou* and 
Wfll pruTidnl with artna, lywiatrd ihv Noirtbuni- 
hnana, who loil eoura^, andditpcnedafleraiiege 
cf f'nir lUjn.'* 

<>a tJiia arw aljcn of Ufr bririK Ki*'''' b> the pc)> 
pulation ot the nonhi Odo biilioji uf IttjtUA, bio- 
ihcr to the kiiif, ani] one *>{ hi< liviilnikiilt iu hb 
abacDcn, majrhed forthuith upau Ihitliun vfilli a 
uumvrDiu army. Willimil taking eillirr the time 
or thic tinublo to inquirr into tbi citi^umilaDiTFa of 
tlin ciiiaiDPliflii, he iiidiartiitiiiulolj tout, men who 
bad iFmaiufd In tbcii houtca, mad coDintandcd 
tiirin to br brtiraded ur mutilalvd," Utben pur- 
rhinpil their lltM ntily by giving up all thai they 
poiat-aa o d." Uiahop Odu pUinovrfd Ib« ebUFcli of 
llnrham, aad carrlrd olT ahai mnaiiiMl «S Iba 
mcrcd omamenu wlilch Zchdwia had aartd by 
rcDicTiny thou to the uland «f Lu^tfaro.'* Ht 
renewMl thruujihout Northtimbetluift Ihp mv^pa 
whirl) the king Ula broUier had ruiiiiEiillril thero In 
Ihejcar lOTl); mid it wai tliia ircuQil ilrtaalallMI 
«hicli,iuliliiigafg>a¥vi>uutellicfiiiil,gBTr ibatuidr- 
liblc impitiil ofgicUDi aiiil drxoUli'iitnnhich could 
Ik palpably tf^rrd f»T itior* titan a r«iilury after-. 
wanli." " Thua." aiiiH an hiatntian avvrnty jMin 
*ubaoi|ii«nlly la thp rrriil, "vorrculthaainewa of 
that piuvliiRi furmeily ao tfaiuiabitig. 1'how once 

• A.l l-"»[«( <"•«•- (Honai Vigon.dnM.. p, «a.} 

■• Da dlxtib Injuriia lilri InMOiam torL cMalk tfata. 
p. ' ) 

<■ SU auM alU Iltnaa aoadrtaMilaa inniMT oKUui 
nunirtMDt. fllAtl 

>* t'Hiu aociua piv DwontwloquFna. flW4j 

■> ^mlnlOnitriiBiilillriruiifiill. " SbM rol. (oad rM, 
«lAa yr llv i>tUk<ip{«." tfUd.) 

>• EI(«litHinlianilu«(uiiiiA.Fi:)Drl(aFUHli^, (Onn. 
bua.«4. UllM>i«. p. IM.) 

'* Uiiotr^alaatjau -lia^l.<i* ntlni^rb. pitBflcl muauftiiiii 
lataai, paparrwrvnt. liluntu, Wtmni. tlinm.. v M".> 

'* QEi4rh> ^la nVtvidl.'.ii.k. H)a,v.l"i>t«>« p'l dlTrviB 4l<p«t- 
Eiinlur, ^Sminiu- liuiKlnir ll(« li,;iji-[«'a,. 111,. 11) . 
apwt ttii*- .^Hfll ■mpL, I ool. '■. ^ Sal,ltfn> 

■* Miarnia ladilptPAa, i[ai, lal vikD'i Iniic^xmia. lUsii r» 
•nlMaiil. nlnrea^iui ntaoabiaaol lircull'tl aal mmt«.<iua 
detniBcaliinj iwcc w imt JaOiUuri. tldiil.) 

<• Niiiiaulliaut talutamHillaiB pnMO ndUMami.ertara 
t>l« iinpuac4.«lai. ilUA ) 

<■ giiailAoii'kuiviuiFiiiltndariaaMndt (IMd.} 1^ 


•o l'l|•r•■>iBri*lllilURl^ullU.qqs•ll<Iuaulv■■I«a|<lnl1•■ 
nmi, hiii>1li<l> eilenBiBaM. (Will. HalM«dx ■!■ ant. fee. 
.vV . lih. ill .. 'pad R*. A»|#i- Mripl.. p. IM, ri. ».^I1«J 


IIH Thik ml (hnniMr. 

NaUHol Ka«lbh bdlndi. 


AniliiUoQ of Odo. 

Ill' mti nrntmc" *> WltUiB. 

Ikmou* lltlM^ ihuM hi^ tnwen Ihit roax Inia th« 
olvuda, lliou imtltDf ino»d»ft'> fi<titli>i><d hj ijirlugn 
mill tlmini, the ttraiifPr now tinlitildi with a >t|[h ; 
IIm oI'I Inhkldtunl htjitri^ kniiwn llirm ii|{klu,' 

Over ihii uuurlj dc<ul«ti;i) country (be popu- 
t&tioo, htkli Saxor^, Kklf D^iiUh, l^u^ Lr]it iIa 
nasieal pruud unil uilil itpuil uf iiiiiiTpi-nd(Mic«. 
When llii- NuL'iusii Liiu^i. ■ucphhii* uf llie Bu- 
Uftl, UiOD^hl theinsclrrt iu full Rtfurilx in Ihc 
•oulhcrn pniiiDCCr. llitj lUd uul tvt fuvt nilLutil 
kpjjffTJi«1i*iori nil thi> Icrrllunr hvyutid Ihif Huiiib^r } 
ami 111 lilitotilti uf lltr Hoic of the Iwdftti rtn- 
lurj uiBUtv* ua lli«l thoy oner riilted Uul |iut of 
ili*ir kinfdoiii uuiii-Lum|)ui) by an umy of 
relcna (oliUan.' lu tbe ncrth (lit incIiittllMi to 
n-bvl apkiiut Ibo ('ifinl vnlvr «*Ubli»iicd bv (ho 
Cnitqiie«twuloiif<mprM«ri«diftiid thvr« ihcbbuda 
ur outlaw*' wri« r««rultml for (wo runiurtM or 
iiiDiv. briiiK U)i> luiiUitk iiKfiMonofilte n-riiicii-i 
or llie oainp «rf Cly and of Ihr cvispiaiil'ia* of 
llccvwud. llUtorj Dkjuca ilinu doi. but powca 
uvivr (hriii tn ailciifv ; or rlic, f»Ut>nin|; the Un- 

Itu40' oS <^"- '^:i'>) ^(1* "f th* time, il brand* Ib«m 
with HLieh trtiiiliRii a> arc c«lcuUleil lu irllbilraw 
froLti ihriD ull fi'cling of Rjmpubj, nainitig Ui«ni 
bclIiiIdui malcuiiieutlt robbw«iBad boudiU. Bui 
Id 111 Qui hf iiii|'OM<d t>n bj |Imn« lillm O'lioiu lu 
Ihciar: lij-j »H! thono which. In otjiy fouiitty 
unJi^r fi>nr>Dii mihji'ritiin. Iiavn brnii liaiiii' bj bruvii 
mvn who, ihoiiKh few in tiuaibnr, tnko up tholr 
•iiadc In muuniniiu and furrtts, Itaiiun ibv 
cliici \o Omk who Ota brook «laTFty.' Tb« pco> 
pic, tliou^ijti no! poHe«siii|[ oauragc to imilale tharo, 
Anion uned ulTrHiuii far Oiem, and a»oiiip«.iUed 
tlMin by thtir canieil good ii'ialin. While o/ili- 
iMiKO drftwn up in itic Fririirh laii)(uiigc were 
pfai-ribing to cicry iuhabluiul uf iJit luwna utd 
viHs^i of Kaifltiud III trork (Iv vutluw, (lio /vt^H- 
<*,* liti* a wnlf, and to piiraiiti him wllh hu« and 
017 ftoin cUHon b> cinion. ih* I ji^lbh dH%hl<-d 
In tliekr TtrtHCuLar iobki in honour of lh« bold 
enemy lo fiM«li|tD r«lei who drow upon ibP pwrtca 
of cooBU a* cul* u bU ircuiuj, and who*c flecks 

W*r« ibe kiuf^a d<«r. The popuW jiacta of Ibc 
lin« ««lebratHl ht>*icloriM.lut cambiU^liiaMnl*- 
■enu. aifBiitU the a^u U of the K ormaii ^rcmiiuat. 
The; avis of hii lirinf llio viw-ouut't oOtccra and 
horvca whvn in puniilt ufiti bitn ; tA Ills caplariiiK 
thg hiifcu]!, nisklii|^ him pnya imnaoni of a thutiauid 

asrk*, and DbU(fin|[ him to ibnr« in hi* jioiitiflul 
isMoek aod lubi-i.* 

r*,u. 1000 lo I0S2.) The Nonniu bbhup Odu 
deBtvEUK, aAcrliii Northuiulirian cxpcdilioiii be- 
oaiDa faoKiDS amaiif; hii rim iitry rain lu olid sf tin; 

p«U laaiar* of tbn Kn>fti«h.' ' II« w« i)i« ehii'f 

■ Al ipili nimlA lUctWRVlaiW. liis*>Blli il IIUU tfliu 
ImU. »«i iga-tm. (IMd > 

■ Kci Hi i|<uii'l<> frHt'-* illu (^ni hJU, Dou titiii m tfng 
uinui'iniui mntUi'u mill 1 IIjUI . i> 4A*.l 

* Vt'*i^r, tr^>t^n{ lulttv <4iL-a iiiilH^t*|t1i)'. 

Xnut X'^f*'' '■'i^a'*' >aruiivt. 
(ClMBti pmuUffMrivli <>tfr* mnlrrw, p<ililh« par M. 
HurU, toa. U Sloybvi, iliaui i-t.) 

■ TW KotnuA* •oraHlna uud iIm Sumi ««M1 M»f*t, 

1*4 IIWI— M iW WVTll/irvtfwh 

* Hail*d*((llaMailasd.AdiaIMI.O)rDar<b(Cif>H*. 
1 AaclM mutal fmkntfL orahd«.Otiiiil.y«. No^ 

Judg»ar fraud jiMlioiMyof E«^«Dd,««ft of K«^ 
uid of Ilcrcrard al]t» ti«r ulncw th« incuT«ratiob 
of curl Buffer, aoii (ifWItllaiii Pi»-Oibvn. TU« 
nnoim scquixrd by Ktiilcci urOdo, Increased lUi 
arrcipnoet aud the powci- which he ncrcitcd In 
£ii{Uiid and Nonuandy cxclicd in itiin an anvbU 
lioD of obbinlii); Uio \in\\en ili^itj of IhtMt 
tlmoi, lumftljtbo papBi-). CftUJii lialian dtiiDiira 
tad predicted tital a pope tiamni £udct ot Utbo 
nhtiuld become the tucci-Mor to Gtcuorjf Til. ;• 
wLeri^fure the biiliop uf Uiyitii, oitiHiliiif; In tbts 
p topi xrcjr, coin n:euri-d intrif ui-a at Rom r. bou^t a 
palace lu Ibal ct<«,*riit rlrhiimi-nlt luiboapvhpm 
Ibo p«oplc biryni'iL the AJpt (till fallxl n^iuton, 
and BUnl ihv xaJlvij of liic pil)(Tiiiit (r«ai Kur> 
ntandj uul Euflund willi Icttrt* and dcvpalcbn.* 
He PtiMgcd Norman harona uid kaigliti, aaMi^ 
other* Tiugh Ibo Wolf, toil uf Ch«<Iet, lu rall««- 
Uiia, u a noblD and brtlliftiit ctoirl. lu llatj. 
Kiiij ^YUliun, who wa* fUU In ^unnandj, wa* 
npiMtis-H of tbcK prepaMllra, and luvL oUbdco U 
ih*m for M>iBc unkuovm rcaaon. Niit catiug lo 
B«« hia hrcilhrr become popf, hn embarkrd, \tti 
m«C with iiliu III M-ii, by mrjiriiF, nlT tbu IbI« t£ 
Wljthl.'" The kiug immeilioirij saxinbUit 111* 
NormiLti cMcb lit ibul iiluutl, oii^ Iii;(i.<rF iImib be 
bcctntid t\m bi^op of lakTiii^ a^jufcd hia pow^ M 
judpt and m earl, mkltn>al«l the Suoti* bcjond 
looaiuro to th« grmtdikng*'! of tli« common caMe," 
dnpoiled the rhiirdm. and LmiIj of hailnjf cnilM- 
Toured tu snlucc and lend »ui <>f EdKlaod llie ■«■(• 
tion ou whcHv lidcUly dtpendcd the Reaeral mfcty 
al ih« con^UMopt." " L'oDHdcr thtto nimuM**,' 
nJil the kjBf to the utcmbly, ■• and iidl m* haw I 
ouitbl lu act toward auch a brathnr." No ma 
darvd lu aniwcr. •- Lei him then bo ^tiuA," 
r««unitil William, "and kcpl in ■*!« cutody."" 
No oat preaaut offi-red tu Uy Iim \«loA Vfvm tiw 
bjaliop. Whonifore the kinfr ftdnuwd, and aetead 
bitii by hi* lubna. ■' 1 Ui a ricri," cjurUtiaMI CMe] 
** I nm (iod'a mlni*i»r ; iionn but lli# pope hM s 
rigbt to )udirc tac."" But Williani, wiLbout quit* 
ting hia bold, replied, "i aiauvi iiftJBlaicludiptiinil 
on a clerk.; (hit ia loy louuc aud lusiul wlii>m 1 
armt."'' Xhu brulherof the conqueror of the 
EtiKllib wu oonteycd iiito Nurmuidy, aud inpil- 
•oiinl ill a fiirtira — perhaps lliv aunr where *liU 
langulahed klni; Ilarold'a brullic:i ITlfnuth, wfaiMe 
lot, after AAunn ypus of viirh dllfDrtat ibrtUJWi 
wna now no wane ihan liia own, 

Tbe king'* ntproaebea lo tlio hUiop on hit coa- 
duct ill the north of Hiigland, If ihrj an> not an 
ioicDiion of tlie hialoriaa. aren lo hare ladlcalrd 
toni« uppceheaMan of fredi rinn^ on the pan of 
lho«e vnahad alaiti Ilobcrt Comine, rel^eo tii« 
city of ^'ork. muniic'rcd bietioji Vaulcher, ami wbo 
tbwlly Joinid pTpry mrmY lo the Norcuaul wbu 
■eiimU] bid inndd rlciwcitta on tticlr ihiMcs, Tbii 
appichoioion wat not wholly froiinilkM ; tar mar* 

■ (Mlilan anmrd Ronanonm. <(M. Vtel,.Uh,Ttl. 
•fud tuip*. rrt. Nomaan-. f. HAt.) 

* Pijailuiti lild nui. wiuivm Dalnium. iMunla aaaa- 
lillHiblUa. (lUit) 

H |:ibuifv.t»niiixitiV<irUa^<>i»>L (IIM^yiMtj 

*' AilKtUin vrhrnieolcr uiipiewl. lUwl.t 

>' l>ris>iu*piili>ili. BiilUiui|u'< nn'*. ((Uj Aiifllu* lacait 
ilHiai'i^al. atOuall. rtlrtnijilln .. |!Hil., y <I1.J 

1* L^'intiriilti'iiiilF et vil^riif f.' 1 : > 

>* I^Lvi-*wim *4 mtiUvf I*'i'. 

'• l;c<i luin tlailciuu (,te anii-ii rfO muilm 

mT-bij)t ■jiiFiii iDA.>. *iai dial, |ewj4*4i' ft^jh'l i^laul-) 

UMkMlba vxilu. 


TLs monk* i 

Umlk orquMn HidMi. 



llMa oam rmh had )>iok«n out iiMr the cin oT 
DinhKn diirlair l>>n rpltrnpacj- of Wllltam the 
— cctwof of the l*te picble Vaukhcr le Lnrrain.' 
In tbe re*t of Knilaail llie ri>nc|ucrr<l nhowcl l«a 

MiflMnn. Few poniivn fitela bail) reuhed ui 
--~-— ^"C tha naiure of tliow nUerici, whicb in- 
Aecd •Mm cfatcQ]r to b« auch *• [h« ecdniwtict 
l«*i la eniliOTi wbu nert tlic onl; op|>nMtd claw 
of Ibv MKtriil Eiij^IiiJi thkl hill thrlc Lialiiriiuui. 
StIU, h«m what wm piM in tixreiiiiian ttntiut m 
imTllaMd » cbu u Ihv rlrtX}. n-o tatj futljr dnw 
th< dMucUon Ihil thr iiunu-taut onlcni of •ocictjr. 
to wboni nJiglouii ■tiu^iln iliJ iiat tioiil out the 
Mti*nb4|4 <if «iunl ptolntiuii, w«tr givmlpr nafler- 
«rm; uut «rcaia]t inirr, from 1h* fnllowing mil of 
Ibr iuteriul rc^-uUtikint of au Entflltli Mii>iu>lerjr 
■Bder ibv rule of t ?iomua abbot In ibf •Litoruih 
jar uf ibe CuDqunU thai the fOTrrnineDr of thr 
<Wm ud iRoviiKT* bt tha twi*, viKouiti^t uul 
WiU& «f ill* foivipi Li«g( w«* of Ml Ofipietahc 

Th* mobulrrj' of niiuianbitrj, in S>>ii>enrt< 
thlrr, bad, ttUir ttir ilrjiuiiiimi of iU Suon abbnl 
n<l>elbirtli, bttn>|licu In Tuuriain, a monk from 
('•ell. Tintrtain, fialluwiiig IIk ruitom iif <hp ml 
of tJiv Nurioaiu who btraine aliboM in F.ii^latld, 
IwMii by dininialiiag iV miutti of lUt monha. In 
oraer lu miiitt itirai Riot« dMile and irart. 
abJt: almn roiiiiiinm, lionrfrr, uuly Irrilatcd ihrm 
the laorv aaaimt Ibr ptmxr of » man wlroni tbcy 
ofMtly callf-d *ji iiitro'lcr. ' Thn abbot, either 
lbKMi{h B ntlUnil ipitil of from a deapotic 
wWm, would bkrr hln Saaon monki loun to 
cliauni ttM> arrrtcn nfli>rlhi> mptiiuiT of a famniin 
■nuaiciui of thr lovn of Fr*ranip; ind ihr 
Saxon*, u mil lhroU);h ttwit h>tt«d foi Norroan 
music a* frv>in Ihi^ fore? of babit, adhorcd lo th« 
Ort^miaa chaunl-* Tht) rw«ivnl re^ieaietl in. 
JtUKikma Ui mioun(« (liii ami (Oiur other kiiriirttt 
CiHlanM; bat ihry carricil tbrif rahtance m far tu 
on* day to drcUrc, iii full rhaiilcr, tboLr Hro) raao- 
lotlon ti >t la tilling' 'ben. Tli« etir«|i«d Kormiin 
roan, wmt iml, and iinmriliilirli rrttimrd at tlic 
ImmI nf a Mim pin) irf m.'ti roni[ileti'ly amnMl.* Od 
wdtif Ihia, thr li'irilkd im>iik> Aid In ihc L-horch, 
•Btl IooIl refutre In thr choir, Ihe pnlR of wbich 
(iMy h«d tiTBv to ihut.* Til* mltU^'n, pumiing 
then, radcavouii^d lo lore ii opvn: white part «( 
ihMn wvre Ihtu vrnployud, Ibe ml rllmlwd ii|i ttic 
pailart, and. |ilariiu[l)iein>«1vrt od ihcbBaiua which 
cmnMd the rniTMice Id ihr choir, rammencrd ihr 
attaelt U a dl>Un?« with arrowa.' Tile monlu, 
ba^ifaif muKll rvAigc omt the frcat altar, avpt 

t Ibthar W]U«lna> cpivnpm Duwlvrnilt. M HI ma 
Mta baaumai. lAiuwIii du Maifaii. fii rs. .\beUc. 

, li.i.*! na>t 

■iMaii BMriial* ■« intmrtsn lahuhlnn. .tbbaiH tqisi 
nmK iRjtU aUtl aim teII(tMa* lad lltaaB« urunl. Kob 
MnUI. >M^ trmlrle* «t Lii««uan4l. (AdiBi'u >k IhRinun. 
At llfontf . f lit.) 

■ l(m«Vv la viduliVu ni>rtah<tia>r u-rt •}r. Iuim IIih 
TOTteauia. ■nimaniDHiuD dlioenlls qnh. iiiiLt t'ur:«nrif. C'^-'ii 
al>L«M"iiaaii»M (Win vtntiiK-.h .inirr' i-.mir. Aa|l. 
Ilh U , awl rn. ^ne.M • I . i.l 

■ tHa^arfMiWilMtn. : ll-Miut 1 
WWW—'. (WltLHalw- 

■ Hllltw at Mtrllltn «!'■> P'< ' •T*l". il'S'l , UX.1 
* RM. Chnn. ttawn id.uitiKM. p. 

Mlart* inlrt nii'iiiuiaf Mivia ■esuhIiImbI. 

undft Of orou«h«d bebinit iJi« ahrluM asd f«lii|m. 
tin ; and thrac, ■rmnn Thn* fai ■ ranpan, r<^• 
crlrrd ilic ihowtr* »f arrowBi which rnaiAlDrd In- 
Hied alu) in the Kml rrupills of ibv altar-* Mrau- 
whil«, the gale lit tbc vhoir jieUed lo the *lf»ria 
of UiOKwlio ahuok it. und itifKaxonawaffcharui'd 
in tbcir lutTvUvU witb •wuriia and huioaa. Tti<?; 
inadi? Uie beat dcfeiir« the) 4^uu|i( witb the woo<1'Fii 
b«acbta and invtal caadrlaliraa, and wotuided •oom) 
af tha tuldipn:* Itul thr tnfcitbtiltT of wr^vvna 
WM too grvat: olfhuxii of thttn ni>ra kll1«d or 
mortally wounoed, and tbrir blood, arcorriInK lo 
tbe miemporary t^hronlrlcr. almuntij down tTi« 
altar ■trps."' AlKilbrr btatariaii Irll* ui that tiis 
eoij'l lornlion many ocrurrmrr* likr tbiA, tiiltbat 
ha prefer* puting Ihem nvpr in cil^ac^ aa beioi; 
alike painful lu bt-ar aiiiJ to rvUte." 

In thu year lDt3 3talilda, wife of Lin$ WilBani, 
dic^d. Anuld iccilal dfdairt that tb^ princeia'* 
counMla mvre ibau oucc *<incaL->l tbe bank and 
Cruwl diai>o»tInu of Ihn Cuni|u*mr, that abr fr*- 
ounnlly inclinnd him lo dcmsDPj Inurardi ih« 
EnglMi, bul thai aflnr her death William gan 
hlinMlf up wholly lu hi* tjiannlcal h<una«r.'* 
There an not luDBclcnt known beta, birwrirr, to 
furnish a tafleient proof of Ihia iixtvaw of oj,. 
preMion and Ibe all*^ed miii'Ty of the *ani}(iiah*d 
pfopk. aud imogitiBtion caunul taf^ly mjiply Ibeir 
(IrCrii'DCj ; for il wiiulil be itifBmlt to preauinr a 
aioi^lc dr^Tnt of addi'd calamity lu that of ibe pre- 
codiii)( jmra. Tbv uuly afiumcnl. diffcrrucr that 
can bf rpr(igiit,i^i) hrlvfTii lliat r>*riud uf tbr fai^* 
tory of the C'iini)iipii whirh Cnltowrit Ihi? riealb of 
Mnulds, aud thuw ithi'-h ih« md<>r bu atrvady 
■unvjed, !«, that kiiij; ffliliain, haling no furthM 
prufpvNi to make Id hi* doctiinlon oirr Ihr natlTc 
populitloB, bvfan tliencvfortb to crtalc for blmirU 
a more cuinplcle pnrMinal authority utvt hia cont- 
ptuiiani in victor;. Perhapt ceeeaiity bad aa gnat 
n thare ua ambiiioii ici Uiia uudvrtakins; and, alne* 
there waa iiolliixiE more to bi- Laki-n from lh« *ai»- 
qiiiibrd. thn king wai obUn^ed lo Itrty coutributiou 
on the Normans ihnMiiu-lTn* for Ih* nuinl'naoce of 
lli^ir roniinon ai'')>ilktlUinii. In Ihr aanr jrrar, 
11IN3. bf i>taric<l all ftitier ponre on nth hjdv of 
laud tliruuiihout Ibr kingdom, from evrrjpoaanaor, 
withoul laukinic diMiitrllou of pcrwiia. '* Tie 
Nuruian warier, norn t; lb< conibaU of Iwcaly 
)<an, fouiid biinioif coIDltc[l^d to oanlrihali: &i>ni 
the rr*onui-i of Ihe dooialD wtiidi \ie bad con< 
c|uernl in hi* dap of jvulli and ttmijrlh toward 
thi- )iaj of a ni-w army. Thi* iMiiud catu birlti tu 
a ipLiil of tautual dialrint and tiiUcu hixIilLly In;. 
tvrri^n thr ^ini; atrl hit old frii'ndi, Tkor nomw^l 
<?a?h other nf aitrice and (Alkhiuiu. William 

• CmdlttiiSi Hfinb tadunw* fccanal. (VIII. Ualnab. 
dc IpM nt. Anrl'> U^ ">>. fti nt- Antlie. wiliil.. ? 110, 
«l. Oarar!) 

* l'liliiiiiH|HaaBi«aiil(cileImdiBt>>ruiBVMfDi>H<*iHtf- 
lahrii quoilan Of BUnibua valoMBinnU- (llaai. Kajuh- 
•on, ir annl. Aunt., Ut< It , amid tiU. Aii||t Hilpl , U nit. 
33»,ai. Hridra.) 

■ • d> (laiUnt la areaia. (Chr<a. 
AaiAU. III. ffltaaa. a. IM.) 

X HnlWhkihatHafrfrfw p i w ia. wrtwqiiatuwa^Bl 
odaia Wm. Ut MiaUt .... (0>d. Vital., lib. it., apad •nl|A- 
tvi. Xonaaiia.. v. ttl.) 

>• !»>■<■ ~»i>)l<t- M* i>*«>IM ,«•> Aaolh mMalMl ( Mid 
nmnna >. ' . •■■ r a— Mna. iT- ""d- 

l»rw<-- I. MM 

'■ t> ,. ' •-•"r, hriliai n^. 

an iinlu|J» "'vm -iri'-<i <- i .4«.'i- i'mh I II > 

kojvl WUUjllhMI. 


Hw imnfaMaa, 
UnnmUir Itodk. 


KBIowbcd tbc Noniwn rHinb villi brtu|; man 
■olioitout fix Ihi^it frrnnnnl wolfim than far llie 
Mtmnnn mMj — «i(h b-liijc mnrr miiioui In liiulil 
bnn-teiiwti r»«r llock*, nncl foTm iluda. ihaii Ici 
baU ttMiOMlTnt tu rriuluieH tig»iiut tW aalirr at 
falwEgpt ciKinj,' The cbUb in their tuni ir- 

*nd wUb ipi'kiiig, iti»li-r l.ilw> [irvictu oT priiDnl 
uUlit), Id Euwuraultiu* In bin (iirn huMla tti« wmtth 
■oquiiril b; ilie lalwiin nf ill. 

(i.D. |i>H<) to lOM.) la order to wtUc on > 

ftacil Iiuu lh< clciukiuli he nul* of ronlritnitinim 
mttd Ernm-iumoiiEj. (luapcsk the lui^iajn of Ihnt 
•gv.l nrilliiugewued&Knal1««Titonaltnqunlt»li» 
miilT. aiid ui mivonal regiMer to be prcfl«rt<lt of 
■It ihc (uwMiotw «fl)r«|i«rlj' cITcclod bi £«fluui 
fcj Iha CuiiijuPil. He irUhcd to know iulo wImI 
unda, ihMtif h tb« nhole cxlrnt of th( «cmiitr], 
Uie muMti al tbe Suoai Had pux.'d ; and huir 
■IBJ Saxoiui aliU kept Ihi-ir mtinilutm, by Tirluc 
(if prLTste Ucatica' cuiuludnl nilh himti-lf or with 
hi* b»rciDR; LiJW jn&ii}r acre* u( Iciiid Iht^rt' won' au 
Mch rural floniaiii ; what number of arm RiffiMd 
far Iha moinlvnancu of a inan-nt-arin*. and how 
man}- tncn-al-amw tli«iv mrc In each count)' or 
rfiin of EnfiUnd ; what wu tbe pnaa unauot of 
the prvduda of the citi««, tavna, viUagva, end 
hsml^M ; »ji<t nhal w«a Iho «iaet property of «««;h 
•iirl. baroii, kiiii>hl. and MrJrant-al-aTnii; how 
laui^h luitj tatU DUO lixl, linw inHiiv fnanla In frr, 
hov naB] SaiolM, dxpii, oiid pli>ui<l)«.' 

Thii woirk, ill vliich isoilcm hiatotiant liai« 
di(«inMvd the niAfka of gvniua in poLtkul admu 
nlMnHoD. <ru almply the reault of the Nonunu 
Unffa laclUular jMaitloti at chief uf Ihr cniu(ui.*r- 
inganii7> aiul likatrbtt irithmii iluiibi, of Die ii<;- 
cMtlly wliirh he nM udiIct of otabliiUuig aume 
■ort of ordi^r aiiiidtt llic chaos lliot rtiiuvil upuu 
tha CoaqupiL So true I* ihii. that in nthi^r ean- 
qucat* Vie dftnila uf irliich ham htrti tiaiiuiilttnl 
la u* for iiulBiico, ill thai of Grr^cc Iij 111* l,3tiii 
cruaMlcn in lite |]iiiteeaih CEnturj, nc And ihe 
BiM klud of Inautnt made on iguice a Mtnilu pUu 
bj the laBi!«n or ihe iniuion.* 

Bf tMuo of klnf Wtlliain'a onler*, Ueniy 
d« rorriJn-i, Watrcr GiArd, Adam brulhcr uf 
EadiTi ikc •riiiachali and fU'mi biibo]) of LiDi'Olii. 
vrilK iiUii-t prnotis chmen tronianioii][thciwtin[ul>i- 
trs'.iTi iif JiMiitp »iid thi" ki^iperi of Vtr kini;'> tx- 
clinnirr, wriii Ihti'iiKh ill the fnuitk-* of Kngland, 
huldiuci in citij [i)[u-r of any note (ii liriii(>rUuce, 
their eouticil uf iiuiulry.' They aumiDOncd brforr 
ihoiii Ihc Norniui Tiieoiml of each proTliier, or 
Saioo ahlr«, In whom the Saxooa, In Uieir omu 
UOglW, allll B|ipltail iha ■M^ieul tille of diire.rDie 

> Rinrlii dr Rikx. •'Jidn anleallWB ilnlUiii, ac la 

liiiw<ii>Kum H anwiai Di<l>iliiiliar tbtuam dalwUlua. 

H . -,. Iiii:nlf. CngfUod. afwl nr. Aaylln ipilpl,, I, Tt, <4, 

' ..- .1 .-iaU'. Inao l wa la r M k ipilia* kamio^i. (ninu. 

- -^.l- l»».> 

. <t 1 f( •(«■»(*»*- fioMiiu* nsl niUIII ■uffloff' 
1-1 ■ ... I'rAi^KT laqtiiar* dr *rtiniuiii-l •illtiniloiilli 
i^auulu ■ilcliim uvQilnvfli ^ iirinl'ltii (ilain ijiivi >nt- 

MalU iiM»'it«llmv ••■ •lutai ht>l* wlliiifLin k i^iiiit 

■Ihl^ nwat ill Biii^ait|iii* oiuillalu^ (flifiiru], Wtjnni 
■■)<t>Hi. jk no,)-T lilii. Wini.A,. Ai>rli* 

• hH'nrkd bi nimu''lt<l(< U UtfW^ Us. nf tluj Ulblio 
IU|M n>>.W, InMlainl .mI |>.l.lU1i.d Wj X. ttm^m. 

■ MUMbai Mi> knivt. (.Chioa. Haam. ad. UilHai. n. 

oriherilF. Tliey called UigMh«r, oi ord«r«d lbe«ii- 
euUEil to rait toicvthvr. all Iba Noman bamoa of 
the |iTUTiurw, wIjo Mine, and atal«d the prveiao 
liiuila uf Uieii puwcaaioiia and Vrrttort*] juriadic- 
lioun. Theu auriiv of ihe comiuiationcn of thia 
imiuiKt, or elar «i:rtam d«puti« dclffptled by ihnn, 
viutrd fiver}'»i*e domain, and tvcry dutiift 
(ir hondiHl, ai the Sixuui ivnutsd iu I'hvreln 
tliey frcry-wbcre nude the Ficacb tDcn<«t>«fima( 
eacli bid, aiid the SaMin iahftUteata «£ nch bun- 
driit, d«Unt upon oath how laauy frvahoUtn alid 
how many fumKn tkora irrre on each mkMor ^ 
wtial purtion pachman hcldlnpcapMnlty.OD Iwa, 
or at will ; the njunca of Ihe Mtual taoaltUi the 
muaa of ihoae who had poMoaed llw aaaa bdbn 
Cbr Conijueal; and thf dinsn nutationtef propert/ 
which had oeoiut«d «inc« lh« Conqueit; ao thai, 
aay the r^Ulinna of Ujc llrois thr«# drcJandona 
were requiied aa to racb entali^-Tlt. what il waa ia 
king BdnanTa lime, whit when kiii( WilliMa 
nude gnuit of it, and irhal m tUc lime of tbe acloal 
ini^uiutioit.' Oelow each return thi* GMwnla wa* 
lUKTibad : SMrn la by alt Hu fmck and aO Ma 
Eitaiuh nfUa hxuvtrtit.'' 

Ill each UinuBhiji il irna iutitiired «hat impoats 
tb« luhabiUnls liaid paid l« I he fonntt kinip^ and 
what tha lawn producad U> the uSceia of the Coa< 
queror; il i«m nUo uetAaiued how many bootaa 
bad b««n deatrajed by tha wst of lb* Canquvai, aad 
for buildinc tbe forlieti ; bow aiiny tha esau 
[liuron hail taken to tbcnnehei ; and bow nHijr 

baauo faaiKifit, rrduiivd to nlrrnie Iiidipni«e,wtce 
unnhic to pny nnjthkni:.'' In Ih? eitl«* Ihe oaihi 
wnmarlmlniitpml b^ the high Karmau Btuboritiw, 
wlio eallcd l<<i[«l!iet l\\v 8aiuu ciliirna in their oM 
rouneil-ehaiiibrt, now bcruuic the ptO|>«ny of Iha 
kla|[, or of ac>i»c forci^fii batoti- la ptacci of Itai 
Imporluice Iho 04llu were Iskan frf-ni Iho royal 
prcfei-l or pro*o<t, chs pried, and aix Saxana, nt 
aiiritlaiiuof each towiuhip.u the NoiraatneaUad 
tlimi.'*' Tbb bii(uiMlion occupied aU yeani, during 
wlilcl:! king ffilliuu'a commuiioiicra irtitl tlirawgli 
all Krif^luidf rxrf'jjtiiiit the niounlaiiioiat coi>i)lryrl4 
tha noTCb ami wckt '''I thi> prnrlnce of Vuik ; thai 
ia la ID), tile in(idi*iu niiinlln nf Ilurh&in. I(or- 
tbuinbeilonil, Cumheilanil, U'eKmoirlaixt. and 
LuncaDtcr." Pcrbuin that ciicnl of muiiirj, ao 
rrunlly ikiiwlnti'il siX IKo H-ienil tiniei, lud ao Utm 
pnijiiciiic landt, i>r the division of thero waa au 
iiiianlilMl. thai It would Itare bi'Oii uialeaa or !■■- 
poatlbit to make the niiurn*. Ptthap^ alao, tha 
Normal) cumniiMinnpra had aoiuu apprebcnMOVa 
thai, if iliey held thrir oaHici in tbe townalilpa of 
Nortliumbiia, tbo*c Sasou worda vhich bad beat 
l)« ai^iiil fur the miaaacn! uf bishop \iulehrr, and 
hU huiiilreil rucu, loinbl be rung iu Ibeir eata. 

Be ihi* a« it mayt Uie mu<raU. or, to oa* tht ^ 
term, the frrrin-oflhr Nennau Conqueat, imkra 

* Pw waiBKatuia Tlatwaallh lohw H twafcw 

r* itrr-mt l,jnrli|riut,>iii •! kaiii* eniKllMW. (Rk «Boa]r»> 

yl^ dpmV Srtdi'n . ]*r«<LAt. hA lUilnitfri lii-l , ii- %% 1 

< tl.i.- Iiiliim lijiilli'Rn' •rillHlliBili.'ri' t-nv ilJitatilL •! 
■)<v>ii<l'> \vi *>l)ii>lniuiilciLt. H l|UauuKl>i ill nuHld, lIlM.) 

* diniiM ftiini-i tl ADiUdu liiiiiilmlai«i*iMi<al. (Mia 
p- »•> ) 

■ l><inii->il 1% li.nk., iMHlai 

i"n... . |veJ?len,wi iIIImI mlinn' 
)"-'l' ' xvniv. !l1> npu.! rvMnl. fra-iai. ad 

n-Lillr, I. II.; 

' ' ■^■IU' .>-«n» wtto ah liiiiraalnar On- 

oilai, >iimi'i ' < III Hliitlai.bMaraM^i 

([•oib-hIx 1. . II 



SaUn btUcantttal, 


p(«Tinc« of Torli. Ttiiii roll, digmtml int rxrh 
m«iDC» ai«liilaii«d 111 It. wna modtUrd on *n uni- 
»nn plmn. Tlic kiiift'a name niu plsced tt th« 
bt*il, wloli A lUl of hi* (kmaiiii and rcrciiua in 
lb* county 1 ilii-n follvwiMl ihe imidcs cf tlic diirf 
■nil iufcfiot |'r'j|ini^t«n, in the oril«t of ilirLr imli- 
tary rank* ami Ihclr l««Tiloriai wpallb. ' TIi« 
S4XODI who, by •prrial ftTour, had b««n tpmct In 
Um grrmt moliaUon, wen tovtA oil; In tW Inwrtt 
Kbfriwle: for llw intell nmnWr of ihatrKe nbo 
•till cB«>iBD«d ta be lre« )iiopri*bif*, or trtiaiU*- 
M-ciUt/ a^ fib A)>Vi " ^' n>nqur-ron ciprvnvil 
it. w*Te meh aolf lor ilriHlcr iluinniiii ; lliry 
««ra InKribcd aX \\v! vnA o( n«h cluptcr uiulrr 
tha naote of llisii^ of the kiu^i* ut by *i>iiif olhrr 
ill ■M»aniniw of (iomwllc ttrrtirr in tint' rvrnl 
hooMlMiM.* Thr mt of (ho namr* (if an \n(i;lo- 
Savm Ibtm iJiit >r>> ■niirrvd )i«m >di1 Ibrrv 
Ihninrti Ute inll belong lo (inntr* holiling bj > 
pnCWtOM lUlc a few fnctinnii, lai^rr nr imallrr, nf 

■ha dowalna «f tbc Noniuui t«tli, biropc, kiUKhli, 
tcAetiStH, Bad ^n-nifu.* 

Sikeb it Ike form of tbe authentic book, pr«> 
aanad lo llii^ jir^Miil Jay, fiuin which tnnU of Ibe 
iaMaDrn uf ti[irutiriRti(iii rccunlnl in tbe I'Ouiir 
of 001 aunlli-t' linrr tji.'cutlra<t!i. Thit iutvrailini; 
booktiB wbicb Ibu wboir of Ihi- t'c)]ii|tir*i ii'o* r«f{i»- 
MWdiXt thai thv n>in*nibranrr nf 11 might nvtt* be 
aA««d,«u railed by Iha Kominni ihv CraU EoU. 
Um BoyaJ Roll,cirltwRatlnrVr'inclir>at«r,bncaua»il 
«raa krpt in the trouiiij nf Winc-liriici ralbcilral.' 
The Saaon* collc-1 il by a ii>qre tolrmii oaioei 
Jtennn^ity 031^, or booli uf itio Ikil Juil){nirul — 
p«rlMp« btcauit It roiilain*il the irrttocabl* ic»- 
luwe of llie alirnaiiuu nf ttivir ciltLlci.** Bat if 
lU* book wu LO the SaiuQ uatiuu a irirtoal cli-eri-e 
«f da^Mwaahm. ll irai ao liVcwiM to sontf of the 
Im«%h uaurf^'n. Ttivii ditaf KkilfuU; aoilnl 
hlBaalf »f H, to (dfcet, lo hlaoimprofll, nnmnrnui 
■OBtlant to the pnaauon of landed Mtslci, and 
la Mtabliah Ua oim prtrtnuiotii lo mnny land* 
wiaed or occuptnl by tlic ailtenluicra, lie firit 
•fall [iFTi^wW to ll* tbp Irgal luoprictor, bj ui- 
hfrilanr*, of all ihii hail licrii ]inMr*(e<J by Kil- 
maU thp laal kliitc but anp of ihc Anirlo-Kiixona, 
or bj llaniM, :hi> Lml kins, ami h> llnnilil't rutir* 
fuallj. By the ume tllli- hi' |>ivti-iitli-<l lu tbv 
fat*cMioii of all p»blic praperlr, nud ibe (upreme 
l(*4thl(> of an lotrfia, ualiM4 1i« hml hiiiurif tx. 
jiTMaly alienated tbrin by an aulhtriillf diploma, 
ft Uitrt tt laitinii, a* the Nuiniiii Ian yen px- 
rttaard tl.' 
In the maencni of triumph no osw liait ihou^chi 

it the ronnality of leltcra- patent and uf arUiii, uid 
all Uiote to wIhioi WiUixm had daolatvd. ftrerioiwlj 
la Out tieiory u tlalUe. "That wirieh I aball toka, 

> T iaMUto la Irn tiafll* h^ nndlnc, H MfU lAMm 
•IkMM praamn uMaUAtaa appaatu. MeundAoi Mauli ini 
U(al*M««. (LilM< iiijtMik *c^rttno. kixid (•luH. 9ifrl 
ML mm tVara*)*,) 

' n»ai Mflta- (tMaasit^ IWnk. paMn.) 

■ V— tr»— . anHinitul'i. irttmii\. piatDin. 

> KMDlaai hjliutliii. I tWaimla}! nouk } 

* H4UkHR«Ur«tult»ViDhu>'4l>k«VuilMilB. (nitw. 

i*rliB nnMrA*.! — Hurmiilllrr , .. tHhlint In 
•naMtaivrlatoeUhndall, WLUanliB Cnwaia Kuatur« 
tii« sa^fv ITiMun. AncIUHm.l, r^l. i 
* V«wbM ItMiTWat i|iika nutH inn-lt *lrwl iu<? nuc 

' Una* iliUldn. Utmulo, nljtuu. iltaniuBlBx Uiuk. 

jc yonrwlTea ahatl lalut," hail acFoMingly caTTcd 
oal«Acb hiadeaind potlioinef land ;* but nftei lh« 
Coui|UHi the tnldiBn of tbe iu*aRii>ii ctpviieBfrit 
that % part at Iciuil of tbal arbliraty power 
irhlch ihi^y bail calalilialictl ciie« the hcaiti of iliv 
F.ii|{<i>b jii-'Me-I "RtdHiHly iipan llteil own. Thus 
Wiliiuni il.> \S'»tfnn«'i rt^lil to lh« Uodtuftno 
fn-e Kno'tltbiiiPn in lh» {>rnTir« of Norfolk w«« 
diapiitnl irilh litm, brrauM tbi-y liail fortnuriy b«Mi 
apliurlruaiicei lo a royal tnaiiur of Edirard Iha 
C'ou/cMor-* Thii ma alta ihc caa« aa lo one ■>( 
Kii<tkr«*i domaitu in lluuUn^Diuhirv, aai) with 
Hfli^en aer« uf land ocLVipicil by MUf* Crispin in 
Urrkabire.'* Aii vitair urciipii't! by Kiiui'Iry, in 
T.itrx, was. Id ilic ii-nni uf llu^ Gieat Htnl. wUcd 
iuto the kill);'! baiiili, brcauac Enticlry had leiit iio 
OHO to prova or giie mi acrvunt of liia title." Tbo 
ktn^aaiiad In lili« maniwr all th# land* to nliieb be 
bimaalf n»dapmlotulDii,ancl of whifhihe haUlen, 
thoiiKh Norman, could not or noulit nut rntJat 

Aiiotlier of bit prelm^ona ma, that ci<ci) do. 
mail) wbicb iii Kaxon lime* haj paid rent or uwrI 
Hfrvicw t<^ king Kdn-anl •h-oiild, even thouf(h htl4 
by a Notiuaii, pay tht> anai« leul, or abli|(e to tbo 
|ic-ifiiriiiani'c of lihr »nil«t Ui liiniaplf. Tbii ptr- 
toiulou, foutuJcJ oil aufccmiou lo thu li^U of 
ail Eojiliah kinji, irbivh runld nut volimtonlr b« 
adoiillrd bytbaaewho had dlonbrritml tha Kng- 
U(b. tvu at oa«c ill teeatved bf tha cotuiueror*. 
Krvedum bom inipuat* or aeniee in isonajr, ei- 
crplitif; aoait Tuluntary coottlbulianiw apprami to 
llM^in ■■ nil iiivioliblr prrivKativr acq\itred niiio 
tlwmacUi-a by victory; luid they couaidercd lbs 
c(iridlllnu«reiittoniuy'(K>nlr4bulor« aa appanftintng 
>^H>ri»lly to ihi> *ubjiu[it«l uaiLou." 31 any re* 
•iMr-il 0>r klo^a claiint, iliMUiiiiog to tuffrr Ilic 
iiiipoaillou of p««Mual tarrioa <br luiiU wblch tbrj 
hibl lunquernl. But llirrr mere avoiv buiouk 
tlium nliTi yielded the pmnl ;and thsireomplaiaaiiee 
llicteiu, wtietliec ivluulary or pun^luun], woakennl 
tbe o]ipiiRilioii uf lli« [t->t. Raoul dr Courbripine 
lone rvfuaed lu ply auy <iuil-iviLl lor tbtse houira 
miticli Ili' Imd H'iird in llu' cilv nf f-ntilrrbury j a« 
did Hugh dn 3lontfnri for th« tan>U hi- rxi'upieil 
in E^i."— Tbpao iwn ehii'Si ruuld indnltp' thpir 
bauiilit) ipidt nltb itnnnnily ; but thr pride »[ ox'ii 
uf len jKin'cr and itiBucocc u-as !iaitirlinin> ii(iir- 
oualy poniabctl. One 0*bett, CBlli.-<i Ihc Fiabcr- 
miui, nni chooabiff to pay thr r«nt wliii^h hia por- 
llin of land had nnnvrly paid U> king Edwiird. ti 
apppntlfd lo hia domain, the land waa canlUntcd 

Am ItiniL li« n. a. 
• Qikd fttanlmnt T. R. C ad b|:aiD>hiia laa^ njlh 

|,T>nnnd« Iknik. II III,) 
I* Onnum ,Ur*iD 

pUniDl BCniB t*ca* tnim* 9i t**^, aea Ihw-*w, 
eic aaMluRiB lUbn iiui lltu nt * m» F.ii<terhl« ( liaJ.. 

I. tol. n«enna.l-llrt Ed. habnil sr mm- VII* t;tU- 

ptatrurt «•, u--Kiiiui ijUQaoU, (IbU.. M. t* ie<t».) 

>■ Ktqulii until g lr«itua IWlii* alluahaoiii mil r> fa»ti> 
nlqill ibailiinBHrl luar IcfniMi. iiUi ol In inuna laatl*. 
(lUd.ll, H.t 

>> (UtbiMrTK. detalioaan. leildM* MioaMi (Df aufcy 


Hook. Jauaila.) 

ifanrtnAn. emtuina. niMaaMaU, aairaB-a 
mrri fr^tlrmf U (vUlatd alix la iM^mi KnEtkh 

'• Haijiilntilr Citliiapiii* baliol 'f " r Una 

**t mj^ #1 kiah r*tfi*. vd ttia|iae aiine fi' ' 1 1 -na* 

.(■ly II.. .k, i. r>l I >«*• |~IIuif lai ' ' ■ -lA It 

lita^ri lioinini^a 4' II ]«lla T K 11. r'44nii'a''"ir.-'r-jiA-if,, 
Mnlii i«-irt Bub'^u, lillo* l'-''lMlhinl>.. .. Ili^i *' Mimlo 
iHil rt uun inlilldcT'iuliwmniiiliarmeaaiianu luiaiitunt. 
IIIiU , II. ■> 


OaMUmmd laUlt. 


"lllll'l lllllllll»IB 

AffDrMMB at llw I^Udt. 

bf the ru|«l a][*iit>, wtd WM oAied la uj vtw 
nvulil pay In ItU Blvail : Baoul TaUlr-8ol« ^i<l. 
■■]■ tbc urvnt Rull, ftnJ liH>li pO»» f «ioa of tli« ilo- 
BMin at rarfriled bj- Ihe t'iihernwn.' 

Tbe liDi; alto ilruTc (a Ittj an hU ?>ommn 
rotliilr]tm*;ii. iu lomia acil uut all laud* mnptunl 
ti) tii(^ ru]t>l iloniuiu^ iii« iiiiiHut MOclriitt) rit*> 
1; lulled by tli< Skioo Uwi> For tiMt EDf^lub of 
Ukh* U>i^h ajiil doimiiitLi lirtiilv* Oiitt irn]H>kt 
rtfaraatij vuuiod ulidtr tho tiun* of riutoiB or 
th« piMce, and oft«B dauMotl OT UipM u In ttmm, 
Ihitre nru alKi uMlicr tort of ranUibiiUcin, ottn- 
nontl, ariiitnrr, unoqut]. c»f ridowlj ud liM*Itlj 

l«ri«il, wliioh tlicNoimuurallol lpi//et>[ ttUtaje.* 
The Givat HoU (iimiiliM a ach«dalc af the kin;** 
bu^»e« aubjccL to Ibii n|ritaijua ur polMai in 
UiBonlrrof Ibu riliet, tuvto*. atui hainleti. "TIimd 
an llic hiag'B Varv wui at ColcboWr : — Kpolinan, 
trhw liijMa uut tiouM Wid fire acrea of land ; Leof- 
win, wbti huMa two h(>ui*<i« a^i*! Iwvnlj-fiTc aorrv i 
rUrit. Kdwin, Wiiir>lati, Miiiiwii,"**^. Tlw 
Kocman rliltfi and toldiera lUu ItiM tail le, or 
aquUUan. ou aiK'li oi llin Saxooa aa had fallrii tu 
their ihaie In ihr Uivna m In tlir nml lUttriif-tii.* 
Thii w» irlul <rLf iniiBiit, faa Iha Uncua^ »f llie 
fou<iuFron, by the tetm of AMwy ■ bnigeta oe k 
Troe Saiuii ; uiil iii Ihii lanae It wm that freeman 
were nckuiii!il by ibe head, autd ibirmaetTM, gttr, 
taitgrA, and tuDl ibifaisclvea lOi or eii-n were ili- 
riita In baU-aham \tj, (bo Kurmant.* Tbr Orrst 
HoD »^ thai a cOtain Tinman t Aiicl in Ijiavtirh 
two thuoR toimarapii, onn of Ihrnn on tosii, aail 
lb> olbrr a pleilgv;* and dial kliiu William had, 
bj'an aullirailc«ct,lM( ih* Saxoii lylwiv to Kooul 
TBlllt-DnU, vrbti ww lo L«t|> liin ht MhJ 

Many i|iiDri(U aniac a>n«u|| tiLc Nvrniaii c«u- 
quFrora In the diviaion of tli; nUle* of th« von- 
fulabed satian; and man^' intaaioiM of Kortnan* 
aXBinal N'[innBiia.aoixinliiig tuthoeinrMnoii at iha 
RiA\ <>( Imiucoti* wtff alao K(i<1ctM !□ ctrrjr cor. 
itriuf Euftlaoili Forinatancci VUUnn drlVareoBii 
hill, ta lh« iTOuiil] of BedfoTd, (liwoiii^ Walur 
Eapx (if bair a hjd* «f had, and tal:en Itobi him 
nro borwa.* In uother plaM HnvuM iti- Carbon 
ha4 tunrpfd fhnn Bopvt BIgol lutffaj^te Ei^litJk- 
man, ilut h U> aa;, flte Mm of UiiiL In Uauta 
William d« la Cbcanajv claimed CBrtalnUnda bun 
Ploot. i« r«RDing part of Ike uih«iitaiiee «f iho 
Miiui nhMP puaMrHavna ho had himvlf iHtrd." 
TItii laiuir bri, aud many atlieni of ihe lainr kind, 

I n>l>nain>nil«....>slllUpibIanitihLr*nri<liDc 
DoluU, nlUilHUu>TMllnt«enldiini<talll.c1pntarh(te3i> 
l|«n wnaa mnfaiL inaBMU' ItMk.l. nnt.) 

* la ImUm. toMq^ 

* hmmattiam m ma tttfit'. (OnaMdaTBinh, u. lot) 

* Uhimii IMl Mat Uimi l»nis«i tt^fnH lSl«. *• Nor 
■a«Bn>ti«Mi)W«iaa. ttW.ILllI.) 

> Inm UktTH liiWhM alnnpautat Bwru <U itmit. 
(p aairtiT BaalL, n. in.>-ljiiiHll Hur* Or CMlna Mk. 
■Hirli Blipt laitl^iliw naliu liNrl Caniok. (tbU.. 0. 

* llaM WwmaMin U bainnwi. uiiib In '-idlmmtla mUit 
«ua4>B.>lallpraBftsd<it>ib'. i,|i>in->l.) Ila»k, 11. tai.) 

' llcaplfnaBlmnlt Anxl <■ (u<n)< lUMFaiTOteUT.Kit- 
haa* «l fHMiW. r*a maftrfl. M jvi Hiam Invnin fUduUs 
TalMxw «iWB»da<ti 111 na HtnuM wianiit itinM. 
CWI.I.M ItllttnA) 

* fuU Mllnii. pf«r uMlut pr. fncnn (4 i-iai lUwnlnnni : 
a*d W, pl^ WBiAiaif ■** lo**« ^nr** •4,'b 4*iMMtii vi |j 
•saMdwImaiBi'miaMakiit i :'>>)4. il'wl.) 

'• liaaa lama calaaala* (.'lirrnrt. pi> 

Wn41liilMa Ml •aimwHli .ivh, L fuL t* 


prate IliU the NoTifia&i nvanlcdi H tbeir Uwbl 
|KX>|irrty, vihMvirr (be old EaKliBh prajnleuin 
wliuai' )>liK«>i (lipy look ciHild Into leguly Ud 
claitn Id ; and thai (bo Cotvip) inwlct, conaioNlBy 
himaeir bi th« tighi «r a lutunl anoc«Mor, naada 
the mmc anrici InqiitrloB and iMtiiiMvd tfaa aaar 
licil auiu SB If be liid bccu the Sa&on'i hcii,' ' lit 
r*Utd u|>«& (he i^iijfliih iahaVi[au(a «( the hundndi 
M iri(nc4a«s, to rcrl^ Ihe «a.ttnl of tha rig^itB owt- 
tvmd u|nu lijBi bf lin mfattiiutioA in pta«« of the 
mati wtwn he had killed or MpfUaid-" The 
liilwbtenia, whoa* itnUeaioiH <i«c dtatwtwd hj 
tin t>aBiilla and dinalen of Ui« Couqucai, cJUn 
irava unaalia&itory ananvn U> ijuiniioQs of ihu 
■ort : oAcBi (oo, the Norman vho bad reaolnd to 
d^a(r tlwi rlghl gf hia fflUiv.rotuKr^inMi nfnml 
to aladr hy IJii-*r drpuattioiia of the ft€ peptUuu.'* 
Iu (hu cue, tlie ooij mode ef lormluttiDf tht 
>iiipij|p wu, either a (ml by baltlcor atcatcnce of 
til« Kln^a-bcbeb." 

Tbe horooan Urriar, or land-roll, ilors, lo manj 
liUcva, make ubp uf (be worilt iJli-^I ui*aM*M^ 
iiujuB( rriiLiL, aiid uiijuat ckiiaa." l><inbtlca« tkan 
ia •uui«Uiiuf( wLimucal in ihi* uie of Uw woH 
jui(ii.-<', Mt alludt-d lii ill Ih4 rtigiator of (lie eajiro- 
pitation. b; nuiHacatkiiii. ol iha UmU of an cntin> 
ludon: Bud no onr caiM poMlMy undentaad 
Damewlay Dook vitboiii makiiiit rcHeclivn, at 
rrvry mdIcikc (hvteof, (bal the irucd cnAfi'iAaiMr, 
ai'coriliiig (•> its pbimaootoi^. ncaua ■fBi|<ly tba 
apoljadon of ablCngtiahman ; tbnttliicfuTmrr Soivo 
laudlioldiv oljlaina ibc dnifmUMi uCtiiu /•rnJwBB. 
aw of tliat Numiauwhu bad Bclwduponliii t«i)da; 
thai A Naraian'a brliif jutt ttgultn natlj that hr 
liad »ul takin poiteaion of the land* or wratlh of 
un (^ngliihmaii Mhom Kune «(ber Nutiaaii bail 
alainor diapoaataitd | anddwt, an tha ronUuj, 
hla lokiUK poaaoiatom ibuwf. nodfr toch cirvum- 
alaacM, ia Imntal im Wriae : all which la prarrnl b; 
(li« foIWlasnaatacr: " In (ha couij «f BctUbrd 
llaoul TaUlt-Soii unJuiU; dbadscd Nlfd vt lh« 
bydeaof land, Bbieb (t I* wtD known netv part uf 
Ihe inbatilaave a( hb ^ndnoawr. and a putltan of 
nblcb IB eieo now occupied \ij Mt» Mine NIfal'a 

lieiiue of the diipoaacBicd BaKOD> vcnituvd te 
preaMil IhcRuolnv belara tli« eomuinwoerB of 
Iho lni|U«al, and laid befbra Ihem ihcir lawfial 
Hatmai a trvi obtained the inaertion orth«lr nnmn 
In iha rrgUlcr, vlih irrina of lutnilih) Hiti|Jica(j(iB 
wUrb no Nnnnan crcr raiployrd. Thcao nrn 
dedanMl ihal Ihcy wi'rt |iooi >nd wrrtdiodi awl 
app«a]«d ts (bo rlemcnejr and (he mtKy «f the 
king. ■' llwao arnong them whok alto mneh an- 
lile crmicbiuf , aucreeckd in preBWviiqf aome aUn* 
dar Mrtiua of their paiiimoBy. wm obllfcJ te 
pay lur tliii lavuiu by decrwUng and fatirMti* wr- 
it Hbdc tUmaal -.. »i notmaMma .... s^na 
OBiBa W. tri dM ilomtlt. (Hiid, i. M.tiamu.) 
■* Ualiw niDiD iMIlTaBalamaiUDUi 4i auUqult 
lKUUlln*<>*UlU>b. lltiU.. 1. Cil. It Tim) 

■*TrilllTrTiliiIiiOrflIljn|i>|*tUr>'*>'- OM.) 

I' ' I , n ;•. fait >^Ui jBilkk>.H«l>ett*> 

■au II ' iii.> 
I' I '. lai-mi Jiwaiii'lt. ujHiti ♦«»■ 

■■Til. <li.iil.. i*'-ln.l 

>• CUm.ii Mivllii- (DM I iticBB Haai iwaHaMUMiil 
iJkT K I; Iv Mjr)l<» WU «kilii>h»,*nl lurfaiaM 
TNlta>>«v taim it««Mtn . . TcoH qowlBa maeaUM 
M||i4.Mt lild. iltaoinaBx n™^- >' M miM*^1 

" (tiaBpa*Tpmnnakft<*l»BUt . ,. I^wmlawaal 
Mlwtlr^rillam ivpi. (lUd- I. tel va mta.) 



HMhuA. nactihr Upiii;UFtui 

N*« FdXHI. IliUIB. 


rtcM.or c«i ei T« J U vnici the no 1«m bumllhtliig 
tMf oS almt- Sont arv lii*crih»d le the mB m 
kotdlflf ttu< lintl* of (litlrriith(Tn*u wioW. fiw 
wootfia keet* (It^'r Aeldi at mi alm».' Aii^iib«r 
WOOiM li l«n la Ihe raJojriDMK of the caince of livr 
biwVuul, «ft poaiUtJoii uf li«T focdinff tlie kla^'t 

d(^*.* Anil, » mollirr md ■ ton t«c<.-ivii tlieir an- 
eimt mberiUltM u a ^i/t, on coDdilian of th«if 
D&riBff up (laflp jm>'ei« tor Uie loul of tha kin;'* 
•oa Bktm4.' 

ThU Bkbird, lun of nilliua ibc Coiu]uirrar, 
dlxl ia tOBI, luviiig bTii (luliatl i^iiiit t, tr<« hj' 
kbikorM, In ih* ptira rallrcl hy Ihrn NonnsMth* 
Nnr Foral. * 1 hli wot a Irnct nntrly pIstlMd 
Willi tne*. ciUndit^ thirij mllni. hptwpan ttalU. 
harj uid the m*. Thu cittnt nf Und. brfiirr it 
IMS •Qoicruil lute IbrMt, tvcuiiml aboie (Uijr 
yui*h««, which tho C«ni)u«r<>r ll^va•la1»l, uid trom 
whieSb ha drotv »vt,y the iiihabitsnta. ° Wp know 
Bot wfiMlwr th« luiiiiit for Uiit nlnfular act wn 
pniclf pnUllnJ. anil lili MpccUl «tO<!i^i ^'o* <" ">* 
Mint to Ua Nornaan recruit* ■ *afo pUc« of diaein- 
hatkntion, iriiew Ui*fe Muld be no Skion cDnaf 
Itt molest tlMin, — or, a* mcil of th-? aid hiitarkn* 
l»U MS, he tutd na aUtrr Aniipt tliati lu ^ixlify lii* 
o<m pauUtB, uid Ihu of hit ion*, fur ilic ehur. 
To lU* inMdlnaitf Iotc of ihat htalihful txcrcisr 
hn* •!•(> b««n kllribuldd iho •Iranjje and erval n>- 
^Utkma which b* madn rcspectlnf Iba b<«ttn^ 
of uva in Iho feroU of Englkml: botUitn la f«a- 
*w t» ballot* that tbrte tPt^ulntiona bad a mor* 
tcriooa mocitr, oad M-vro poMtbtf dirteted affauut 
Wtafa of ih* Enf liah •«, u»(U>r prvttnc* of buullliffi 
WocWd (Mouiotiklly la amu to a ten^l rpnd««TDui. 
*>He ordcfod," taja a c<ciolPmpor«ry chronick, 
■■tint whoever klUra a hart or a hind thoulit hnia 
Ua ^f«a ptti oal ; anil b« pxtrndoil thU [iraliibliioa 
a* to ab^ aUo lo ilie (Ujlnir o( ibc wUd bo&r. 
Ho cTcn tuils ■tatutc* to flaot haroa on! of all 
danfvr df bauig pnmwd. llni lan^ king Urwad 
tha wiljdbeaslaaairhawi>n:1hcirfilbBr.''> Theae 
kwih rifi>nM)Bl]t cuforcpd afainsl Ihi- Saxooa, made 
a dgnal addilloa to ibtir ittinnj ; for niauj of 
dina hftil DO lixi^r nay rii'in* nf huliHittjj&ci* btft 
brthaabac*. ■' Thn poor miirmnmil." addi thn 
•b«t*-<)Uol*d rhronlelr: " bul b« mido nn ac- 
oaoM of Ihtir halinl -. nnil thct nrrr rnnUralripd 
U ober on paia of tottTiiiag their liTa." * 

WBUaa cumprliod in hi* ni)»l donaina all ttie 

I tliai yiii^ liimtl nit^i liiiVi" tiniiiTiii* it ninli ii |i ilull 
r. B. K,-, Imac r*i W. In (IntBadni riilm nmmMt. 
I^Dmhb^t Raik, L fal. im r*eto.] 

* lU habcl ifU-Li> a Ulvti rimtuii 1 lUdn <U tnr Ld dw- 
■oMaltniaifwUaiiruuliT. K. r. (ma, 1 rolllnr-n) 

a Ow tf ifti* WfitfU .., iIkII ar vi'lliv f>T««vfn r«vU nuvA 
MM deditll bmtoa Uidttcl In dom. CO qiMU nalhabM caon 
■w« <IMA.LM.n*'ne.) 

* il« naantan IfbdII Aldras trliiuit H.K nl laulet* 
HTFill. H>l W, Htdnln hiB- n tinlr Ahlrn«M malrl cjui pro 
>al»4 lini-JUlti ml- (Itn^.i. f>l lll><twi) 

* >w« t^jm! VeiIp uLxw. SfwLmfinai >f-tr»Airir«la, 

* na* qaan la putArhU* uHio ilivaMaTll. rurlolai ad 
al^ luca wiaM%tair eoioiiuUI, d ■A'wlna tea |Rii booil- 
M^ IkUia wnlwn [OM. Vrial. hlN. acciliw.. lib. x.. 
•fad iv1p<> m. KurtaMia., p.iai.> 

* AouJm nx Oima htM. u al rati patoi irtatufn. 
fni-af HaOiHas U>l. «■)»• Wlnuo, Ai«IU a*«i. I. tMJ 
— tu wfonalUnaaaTtl t«TuBaliva,acdfBliBI ntUD 
nit. OfsoiwO* *r t>|C^ lAa Ai^Ur fwyfcw a« w«m 
^mrtMf.\ lM«i«atBlid*b|>irllni>utr*(lnil»iian<iiw> 
Mvot (ChMia.Saiim h) Oihuni p- 1*1.1 

■ ILc^Hpsnaavrlrinhanl. viran»Url|(Ma>(fiiil)u( 
MklM talaii I imBlaoi Daiin ■diii*. cw> n|nnait nlM>|iil tl 
t.Il>*i *»■». (Ctaoa. Suui.*d. <lllu*i, p.tVI.) 

gnat fbreats of £ii(laiu) — plaoM of peril [■> Ui-r 
roo^uaron — the aajlura nf th«ir lut oppMct*. 
ThOM Tawa i«hl«h tha Sainn bliliHiiuii ridieuU bf 
•imkln; of thpoi aa dMl^od lo Mutin Utf Utm of 
barn wcrr honrrrr s pnwcrrkil Hfrf uanl of their 
Ui-ei l« tb« Nonnatu ; and, tii order tu mawo their 
more ilrkl DburrriUKM', huntiug Ui the royal famt 

wna mult a piiTilcf;*, the eon&mnjf of which h«. 
longed oiiljr (u (be Uug, who could graal or later. 
diet it at plt^aiore. Setnal high perannicei of 
Norman rnirr, man' ative to ihrir penonal jncoo- 
rciiUu™ lliiii lo thi." inUrnla vt Om C<jQ>|(>rtt> be- 
eamt gmttr (rrllat^d hj thii »w4t»«T» law. ■ But 
•olonf aa wa aplrit of nalionslitf vat atUl jm. 
■rrred aEnan^t the crtnqiiitrrd Saxnna, Iha Araiin of 
ihe NoTmaiii for the rhocc did not jimnll atcaliut 
the will of llieir luDKa. Supported by the inttlnct 
of a political atcPt-Ujf, the aan* of ^^ illiun niain- 
laiaed, ai ndiulTelj' aa he had 4oar. the prin- 
iegf of Iiunting ; iiuv waa ti until tlii* aiiparnii 
noc««it]r for thoae prlillcfn had twiUhM ihat 
(heir (ucccaaoia were ai IcDifth forcadi han«Tcr le- 
luAantif , lo lealgn the (amc." Jl irai tkcu, thai ti 
to *a; in the thirteenth eeotury, that the parka of 
Ihn Nmnun prwpneWrt ceased lu be r«aprued 
nriUiia Ihn limiti ef the rojal foctnU, uid Ibat Iho 
lord of tacb deneanc obtained the fuU cujoyaieat 
of hi* uwD intad* ; hla don ttor* no longrc habU 
to hara their leg* mntllatoil ;" nor did the rsfilin- 
tpeetore, rrnlun,/orrttirTt, rryardettri, lurk about 
hu houiB, to Burprli* him in aflme bteacH of the 
lavi of ihv cbai-c and make hint naj- a heii) floi:. 
Uu tlic tontiaij, the Kvnnatec of ifn' io)>l l»w for 
the prMervatioii of j^iuc bath luge and tniall waa 
eIll^uded. mnch to the adrantago of the dMt^cnd■ 
aJiU uf rich Komiuu; and the} theniieliea had 
■hdr Kuncheepcn, BUtlioriaud lu kill irilh Ua< 
ptuLtv ibii poor EnfUthniaa who <ihuuld be do- 
taiciril iaM'<*«l anibui^aniti'l (hr ili-pr and birea." 
At a later period, cvan the p«cr draerndatit oi Ihn 
Saxuni, betng no longtr terrible la ihc rich men 
of the fareiEti rtxv, ma puiiiibeil, vhea he dared 
lo liuitt, Dotf with a jear'a iai))iiBniimeiit, and the 
KndUig of lirelte reapoaHble bail tint he wuuld 
not fcr tho fulUM eominil aii; nlTiinM In anjr 
park, fomt, wnnn, pond, or In ai>] manner 
whataocTctT, a^lnat tba praco of hi* ioni the 

Finill], lie obtain porticuhr proof, from tbh 
GtT-al Itnll or tho N'ornkD Cobqucal, that kin; 
Willlun eataMiahed u a geaet%\ law thai vxtvy 
title to prupeny aniniiir lo hia lavaaluii. iiud Ihnt 
OTctj deed of iranrfer naile b; a naa of Kniciitli 
rsc«-aDbMiiu(iillTU>lbcinTaal(Hi,w«aDiillaDd mid, 
stdnuhnliinH-lrhMlfannallj'ralifledil. lutJiefli*! 
terror inspired b}' Iho Coai|iMM aoime EngU^meu 
hadaiiDaUeda puitionoftbcillandilothediurtbti, 
ciiher aa a timdJUe and Jrct ^R, for ibe repoat of 
ihi'ir uan amibs or aoraetUuee It; a pretaultd lUod 
of giA, that ibef iniyht lltervhjt aacure that porllan 
of their bndiateirtoaltf to thrlr ma*. If i lie du- 
nalaa po w wtd bf holy mfo iii England aboulil 

• ni»*n1iaimnl««|a«tluai. (1^1.) 

■• ltU(lu«aiw'>OoaaDmaik*.ll. •<».*! aef. 

II NainflluiivapHiiiMUir- (Cfaarta limn. 111,1 

■• til rtij^l. M aMl^MIt n>(l'A-4«. »■• •■'^■•l*! )•(» MO 

■iiTirUtiin lAjUUtuDT'i' < " " '" 
■• eiml innra-rt >t 

1 ileal ^iiul 4cJiier^ n ' 
'Owmai« 0«e la aW^a. Ciwnr a Y-»"'^\ *"' T«,M^^ --;». 


be irguilcd H ucnil hj the Norswiw- TUi 
prectuliiun however wm iiDar*iliut; i fur, nhcn the 
uigliih rhofcba could ailjitee no irritlai proof 
llul l]ii> Nurmsu kiii; hid euiilitiunl muj liKih 
iKltt, ur. Ill utlM^r wurdt, tliil tUc king hiiOBclf bad 
madu lUv Kift UiTiuor, llie ciUlo ti) iiucttioo wm 
<auBi>ril>Hl to tiin LiBft'x iirv^t. ' Tbut it Wfu 
with Uv* donuD of Ailntc, itho, kclor« hi* de- 
pwlUK fat tbc unr ipliut ihr Notniatui, bird gives 
111* loftiiot lo the oouTriii of Si. Prtrr. in Emcx ; 
»sil with tlt«t ot one F^rik. Iroatd before ibc Can* 
qu**! lo (hv moniMlrr} of Abuigilaa-* 

Ib Ihp Umo* whirl! followM iIm Conqnfai ibU 
kw n-u rr|mir<Uj put in fom, ui<t vnrrj tlllc of 
llie ol&piliig of Aoglo-SftMU to pTDiwny of «u]r 
Liml wrw inaullcd. Thii bet U nttcilcd tu a po- 
Htivo ■BaBtKir b]r the Nomuu Ricbu<l Lcavii, 
bitbop of Kl}' a,\>i/M Ihc muUIr of the twelfth era- 
itity- Ht telitM tint the EnglUb, b*itf itttj 
dl()ju«ica<«il of their turn* bjr tlieir mtuiortel Innl*, 
■ildimirtd blltri nMn|iUiDU t» the hint;, allcsiaK 
llikt ihc eviuUBl iU-aMKc they experienced from 
tlkow of Korauui rw, and the BDtipUbjr aliovni 
to ihoH hj Uuwe miel iHtrten, left tfann iw alber 
NaooTC* but that uf abuuiuuing their coiuilrjr. ' 
Aftrr imlurc ililihrnliaiii. Itir Nrinnoii kinui aiui 
their cuuiicil [ul<.->i that, in rulurt, vrbativttiii auy 
man of ^<ti;ii>h rmrr Hhtiiild coifunut to rvoive 
fraia thp HRW luidhnldrn or *riffiietiri. at ibe 
WB)|aa of penMi*! ■rriicv, or by ilrlai? of ituy Irgal 
ajcrccniail. ibonlil be iirctunlilr iccuri-d to hiin, 
iwdarih* cvniUlioii, liovcm, ihut he Blrauld liim- 
•cir r<nt<Hin<« all hi* rigb(i> fuundnl iipttit (bv mjit«- 
rior powMrinn at laaiU. ■ •• TUi di-clalon," ailAi 
the blUiop of £ly, "trunlw and mott iwrful; it 
wat ifao ineini of comptUss th* dMc«nd«iiiJ of 
the *iiltJiiK>(cd 10 btliaTc In mdi ■ DMBBcr •> to 
K»Iit the vood'irill «f their ttigutjon by ivbinU- 
■iou, ohcdiMiiM, and drtotittn.* So thtX no Kiiff* 
Ikhiaaa nvar poaieuin; a limL. at uy other pro- 
perty, l> a p<M>e«80i b}' title of iaherilaiare or palri. 
in«nj : li« la the onuplct by liiiuc uuty of a du- 
uaijoo tlienof oiado Iv him •• a Tcnaid far hii to) ml 

In tho yi-ar lOHfi wat mmpWtRd the Great Roll 
of the Nomiant, m Damnday Book uf IbeSajigm; 
and in that ynw vraa hrld ■ grrat cunTocatioti of 
all ihr chtcb ancog th« conqwiDni ivheiJm Ui- 
mea ur prit«t<- Inthi* council whtk dvbaled ib« 
varteva daint retonled in the roll of the IsqUMt, 
and lh«w drbatM did not (nmiiwto trllhont qmr. 

■ It«t«aar*ntMati OtMt qa-btt fentaa T R. C banc 
■NM d«dll fcn<(a ftmla laMqnia tn \tatt 1* AasUsn. 
4 >•* oahaiUlliiTVeB iiniu< cKu«Hua> nvi>> ([>!■ rrfi) 

tl' tl-) 

• AlMnu aHU h aanli pivIlM* aooM WHbilH«Bi. 
nnn , . . Tow deJM »> twm HMI MmtIub. ISUt.. m. 
U.y DrbwMaHia .... EMBu,i|<it aaa Mat^.tUD- 
baMtW nuai Blki •■• onl >nl lii Alatdiw awoMhiM, at aJ 
iHlwlkiamt. <lUd. U B<I.M nda.) 

• Ml dmalaii Ilk «■!)■* |i—t»;*llw I Mat. «i»fwBlqai 
<ht»i1i M ii w l....*M»ia»ivbt (HiMI.Ml aU*al|Bnu 

■Hs«r* HMpmMie. (Dtali*.* SeaDoutolu aattaad NAib. 

• (Md h lilMi lab. mImMh MrrilK 'RUnfalnna 
locUw loftitei. tOMMI «l4taMa ... Crln-'im ai-lMii 
autalHE larf^ialiiab. k Icotiwflau wIimIb flouK aM ailil 
vMJMnat. (thM.) 

■ linatli olnre'iU* •l»aUHnB ■■ — ■ !» (nlliai iitettmi. 

• ■■ M«M vabKl. lU cMto MbHli KU*, id altavbl 
hahMM pHHAit BM aao* nlloae »ti»M n al» Mvil 
lM' lM |hi» at »<t| a ai«1.»Jy.^iftl<UMy'Ja... 0>^ > 

reli between the Ung aad fak btreina. Tb«y bad 
gTDvc mnTcnalioDf, iu uK the irard* of the ««n- 
temporary phronii^lf, oii the ImportftBt dlftliwtiMi 
bctwtwn what thuuld In* definilitriy re^rded «« 
lanrfoLlly, and what unlawftilly, take* poaamteq of 
durlnf the CoMjUeM'* Mm ot \h» ladltidual In- 
Taaioua iretv tiuilkd, but wiin* were not ; uid 
■moniT the eoBqueron ihera waa k din^onteuInl 
nlnoHly. Oirvn bBrmu uid knigbla rrniHiared 
IbeJT homa^. quitlcl ^VillUui aud Iln^^land, and, 
cwing ihie Tnovdi aflend ihc lenira of ihtir 
anna «M bonoa lo Halaolm kinf vf Scotland.* 
MalMln ra<«i*Ml tbMa meloualy, ax ha femerty 
had rtcvlevd Iha Saam AigUlvM. Ha dl«rilMl«d 
unoiv ibana portona of lud, tor whidi ibey be- 
caoic hl< Ucgrc-men and hb aoldlen to asm Utn 
ifaliut HI ton whomaoc'rer. Thua Scotbnd n- 
oiTnl a populalido ^uile di&reut tram all that 
had before milled vMh tta Batlvea. Tb« Hot, 
maM, luiiied by a eomiBon nlle and * CMninaa 
hcntriialUy with the ^mcto-Ratani who bad ird 
ihiilicr aBtettdciitly ioilic(nM'liea,bccaina< mdera 
new buuiM', their computioina and brdfarvn in 
tinii. EqaaUly relgiied beyond the Tweed be. 
IWf en th«u two nrt» of men, who, on tlie other 
tide cf that rtrcr, were held to be w diHerefil in 
rank. A mutual bilcnbuifvuf niaatimk aad eicu 
of UngvaifCi rapidly li>«l ^aee betwvau then j 
aud iSo raeoUKtlon of tbair dlrenllj of offfia 
eauaed no nmbnif* betwam their aona, Ibr It wa* 
IM looftr aUxad wtth ifae taamoTT of fooeign !■- 
JUMloa and B^if i aiion. 

(a-d. lOrtJt.) While tkaccnqueror* of the Endlab 
were thua oeenfded in wUling their Inleisal aftda 
Ihev were suddenly didtuhei) by an alam 
wilkuiit. il naa rumounid thai albouaand ~ 
TCMcbi, uxly fionnsiaal and one hundred 
Teaebiiumjabedby BabeilkFn>e>n,llM n«wdiAe 
of that euuotry, wwv aawnibllng In the «ulf of L)n- 
Sonl.ln oRlKrtonake* dtncvut upon Enftlend aad 
to llhrnic the Auglo-Sauiii pKiple.* Tbe kins* 
of Ornnttfk. who. fur tbe picc«diiu twruty year*, 
lad as dAcb lUCMBaiTuly fla(1<n?d and bctreyed 
Ihc hofiee of tJul aatiMi, («uld not, it aecin*, tc- 
•olre to atMudoiii them antitply. Tbn innnraetioa 
wlileh, In lOM), eamad the dr>th of Yaulcbar bUnp 
of Dorhiun, teema lo hare been encouraged by the 
npenallon of a laadiiig of tlie nonlk-nMB) for 
we dad in the ciffirial dnpatxhn addjeeaed la <bt 
CDual-bubop, in that year, tbe Micmiag ward* !— 
■• Tbe Dauei are coailaf : he caraAil to ha«« 
eaadea ftuniabed with anna iind prniMons-' ' 
Danra did not cone; andpirlMiw thccii 

Cxmiona recoauBended to Ifae biabop ot 
i, on their acconat, oMnaiooed the Dan<«BcerH 
of the inaurreetionary ninvcaient in whleh be w: 

But that falH- alarm won nolhlnj; In roroparitoa 
with Ihii whifh afilated England In Hm f<ear lOMa 

< UnwaanvaaMkakB«eamaak|aeiartbBi4ahatMf«l 
<t1ina. traiH. nLGUMa. a- Ua.> 

• tUVi Jle«»kBl Raauom. 1. 1*>. Inmdattkw. 

• bD«etaB«Alik<alKa«<wK>Hj>BBWBiBBa*iHM>uM oaha iillllilaiai praalnB llmMi iwMiaim, 
(NIrt. S. tWil ncia. ■|~i Inift. Iw l>>aip„ iiL Ma,)- 0,^^■2 
VnaLUbcMclitlatf.. lA-iil.. i|«d fnli-l rrt. NanaaaHafl^ 
P-att.-FliiniiL WIfun. dHva-.^MU 

laartaroriiAdlaiatfaTlcllaBttealt ■■nanlMiie. (('^I 


Obf ami V>niil*. 

Dwiili ■nunwnL 



'ni»KTMUTpBitor(b«Nai'itiin romii were direcii-d 
towkrd* the cmI ; pMla wrra caUblishnl uu Um 
najU; (TulicnwctcamtouIlD •ea: tko f«TtrtntB 
C*««nll]r rrrrtril ««*« aumiandKl wild luiw •rorlii ; 
•nil Ike nralli of U)0 old Irnvnii nbicU tlio rnn- 
quBTVN htA <lim>ijill4»l wniv rrbiiill.' KitigWil* 
liank mini uti III* tan of gpni'mL nmiiiiK Uiroutli- 
out Ukul, whidi he li*>l procUimcd twenty jetn 
bcblCi «rbaa kbonl (d lumkc liin dcMcnl npon En/,- 
UmI: he pr«aiuwdpiiyBDd rcwtnl* Id «^'«rj knight 
nd lbat-«Dliier wliu ifauuld tnliil lii lilcMrrriur. 
Aa mmtiw^ auiuber cimi) ffum all mrl*. Ercrj- 
nraolfy whicli tuil furuithed iinwluiic crtiop* lu 
effect tilt Couijunl uitw fummliod ckrrinuiii tu 
dclvnil It.* TIiu ii<iv ■uldici* worr quiLrlcKil in 
Ike loirn ■nd tilliqn^i ; ami tliL- NoimBu fc.uuIi, 
liaHiniu*. Iilthop^ unci abboii, •ncn unlnrd la 
lodicc anil feed tbimi, in ]in>piiniuu to iiie cxCcul of 
ibelr lands m juriwlirtiojw.' Tu dctraj thv i'«- 
prR>r« sf lltU ^nrat iKiTianmit, it imi rr^ulvdl aa 

ta r*ri*f the old Us ciUnl namr-fholil, nhJoh. 
bribre llt« Itaniliniilnii cniii|iii>ron Icilnl it, hod 
laiwtl (or llw licIrn'Ct! ai Ihc roijatty ifoiMt 
iTKtkiiu- It WM re-c<tabij(hpd al ihv nte of 

betbcwfailvn fcr oi]« liuadrrd ncrv* of luid, 

Ito N«niuni. upon whom Ibid tos th!«0]rfell, Iti- 
ilaimiAnl tI»«inMlie< bj viartiUK the full amount 
&«alti«lTAligl(i-Saiaii ranuen ur actA. Tfao wtro 
ibui Bu4a ta pay for Kpclling iba Dane*, uoir vx- 
partvd l« CMBS to ihair aubUnMi tbat whidt Ibcii 
4iu*«l<tr* had paid for Ti'iii'iruiff Ihesi when tiiiji 
cams a> >ii'int«t.' Dclarhmcoli o( uildinn trvm 
Mattbroogh Ihe noith-pmlcrr parti of Enithiiil.l'i 
dsn^MB Mvd rrndcr ihrcn slikr iinlnlinhiliililr to 
ifa* Dhm* if llicy fiioutd Uiid llitrt'. uid to llic 
Sn^Ut ihciiiwN**, wlif wt-To «u*)ji>clpd of lir-. 
Mwr aorh a dcMcnt.' On ilict^n-cout. -within a 
fn*ci'« rrach, nut a intiii. uur tui uiltiial, nor ■ fnitl- 
tirr watlcfl. Tbc.SaxotipupuIaltun waauftinvnitj 
enwilMllnio ihr iuKriur-, mid, a^ tbc list pivcan* 
Hau ajraiinta Kuod uiidranlanOiiiK bol »-«■>' ullial p«- 
yulallan ■mltboUanea.arLfjitliinx.-Unuliun.whirh 
«■■ p«kUilwd ui tUJ plarpi losr Ihi' tra, onlcnHl all 
Mmarthe Englnh nu« in ttpst Norman cloihn, la 
^unr Nonnan arma, uiil to nhnrc Ihrir tininU like 
1^ NoXfuaiM.* TIlB object of tbtl itraHJ* COUl- 
nd wan to pi«iriilllK Llnni.-«fiDin diitiiiRUiiliiiiK 
Mcndawboin Ihty mn» to lucooar fcora the 
whom Ihfy ram* to Dehc' 
dM«e precBiillnM were nut tin- fruit) at 
trnor: a tiumviaiu tlcvt, ilraliiicd for 
wa* nnlly at nnflior utT tllD tvMt vf 
itX, OM Kjr, kini- of Norwajr, hid nliil 
iTOfUial HoTuld wiio,w1irn bairould hitv 
ihs toucsry or llw EngUsli, abl&iiiail in 

< nU. ■.Caanll nfb, apU tr^t*, (.-i, TihiIc.. lil U». 

* C — UaU iruicilii •^uilutn nr v"»'">ii i r>Bururiio 
^■a al^B 4 Brttuuili . . .. qiMiilai iiiiHauiini •Mci Uum 
— — i|>««A*l. iCl.r.m Dkvm «d. GlhvB.f 14a I 

l>wtlMiw|wniciai'. I ItiiitO— n<t*al- ftlma. rfmui.. 

iMI fHiIiito prapiPT pintu prtmlt^ utitii* fd . . . 
kHolnalan MnlBxadiA. lUiiUni. ITnacUlii 
iBril.l. lit.) 

nl Hoit Inrels nikWn Jalom. *1 Tn 

I m — KtW DUWilUU. lITIiKilL !<*U>D. T^.tflli- 

lIU •■••■ Mlbu* am bIdIhI 4iri>lwil IkBid rui 
tWi> ■•ticKKMB <MAanl. liariB* tadCT^ aiiMs *1 Flu \ u> wl 
Mrt M-mtiiitrmm nmftrtr, x*i nmiita fiMirl|init>. <|!ii<h ri 
•llil irrvtuNvi-. •-jiDtlu* pmlpn. ^Ilbl. S. 
I pm an 111 m liiiii'.. ill laiO 
' AdJjiailfliji. nJimiBiiimin <tun. (tbldj 

'baaHniti. npiiii 

it mJ}' acitJi fi-rt nf cartb, wm nvw ramlng U »• 
tint tbv nation Ujai Wl vaiiquislird anil akin fau 
fatlivr, — riul, pcrbsp*, takiny clearly iuto ihe a<. 
count itic ijianiic la the ilcatini** of lliat p«<>(j«, 
but imn^inijiff timply thai be wa* fiiinf to at«ng« 
Uu! deaiii of Uarokl.* Ai for tbc kiii^ uf Dmi- 
inuk, KuiiU (OH of Stfu or Sweyn, tlic promMei 
of ilie war and luprraDC chief of thv umiunrnl, be 
prrfi-rlly compivhended the roiolaljon oporatTd Id 
Ei^fiaiM hj 111* Norman ConqueH.uid It ww wttli 
aihoroiwh knowtpdKvorihfantlaorftlTHlia thai he 
louRhl to auiat the coiiquorrd «xalnf1 tlic ca«i- 
ijuvrai*. *' lie had yielded." M; tlic Uaiiinti hia< 
tuiiunt, " to tbv tuppli'FDiioii* of t)i* Et^iidl 
■Miln. the niMKagcs reccitcd from Eti], bdiI 
Ihc uily which be frll fur Ihe iniierivi uf a nc« 
•lllpii iillli hi* UW1I, vhuic m«u of tank, tmlili, 
oud cv&*iil«r4liun, ncrc all tUiu m bauiihcd. ami 
vrliicb waawkull] rvilui-cd tu pullticul (lavcry tuider 
the foteLfii mco of tlic FrmcA or Amkum."* In. 
deed th««> were Ihe only Iwu iimdim hv whHi l)ie 
DKiple uf Nuri»aiii]} wrtv kii>TMii in llir niirili of 
Eurojie, Rhcii Ihr Imt n-iuaiiia of llicUaniih ti:)n:.tii- 
bad p«ri*bod at Rumrn or at Rav^tn.^^ Thi^uyb it 
waa till] iiaaj tiir tint Knnnari hiirin)> niid tri^iirtm 
la prate tlialr iiraiidmitinii rlr«vT,t, vrl, fur^fri- 
ling the Idiom wbtrli uaa Ita liiitilv (iuii, (tii-j hid 
loat thrlr prcacilptlio liiJa in lh« faioitt conipari 
whirl), nDtwiih*tiiuillnK iha trvqumt InnliUtia 
pruduceil hy Uie inoiuuulai; InipulM of pwrinm. 
uiiiltd thp Teutonic nilion* in a cnoimon kond. 
But lh« Aiiclo-Saxuiti were atlll enlillKl to Cbo 
livnefil uf Ihia fnlrtnilj of oti^n: ihlawaa ms> 
knuwli^p'd li) itii- kill! iif Ihe nann> M ihr ckro* 
nirlci »f hiti nation Irdif;; and, if hji cnt«fpriaa 
ivsa mil wli»|]]r unroiiiierted with lieiva of ptt- 
sonal miiliitinn. il waa nt leaal eiuioblnl hj a McU 
init of liumaiillj' ind of Uie Ilea of Miniaii^iiilj. 
Iltdlrrt wna kr^pt ii> hubiiUT lOQgCT than had tiMB 
■.-xperlF'd ; and duiioit iliia ddoj f wloTltii Irani 
the Ni-iriioit king, a* euiiuin« and adtoil H Ibek 
maatt'r, <orni{iti-J. with Ih« gmi of En^aad, mi*. 
lal of the Uaitiah couiicillon aud captain*." (x.». 
luW).} The d«'lay, al liiai iiituluiiUr]r. wa* pto* 
landed bj thcte tiilni;uRii. Tliu men Becnrlljr told 
to William — tbi^ Diiiiilt liiilmpa «*pi^ia[]y, tnoit of 
nhcini ■.uifcriil tlicinvlteitlobe bouglil — tvpfatedlj 
ciu'L'CL'ik'd III prDTriitlbf king Kaat from MUilig 
aail, hy cauaiitg liim to tn*»I wllh «mh*n«nmeau 
and hiadiuicc* totally uiu-iprcioil by lliat mri* 
■uuch- Mi&nwiuli:, the aoldicn, fatljtued wiib a 
fraille«s fonlinenirnl to camp, coni|daiiitd aiid 
munnurfd tiooMth their tents:" tliey linpatirutly 
deinandail Ihal I)i«]r aliould uu lougri be trilled 
witli.whiltt aubjccted tu unavoidable prinllona; 
■ad Ibu tlicj (huald tilhci bt immcdiatdy em- 
borktd.or b< acnt ba«k lo Uwirkuinea, tlicu tillage, 

■ SaiuarOUbKrin.op.i1U : SaMr*'«Ilt4srti(>cU, 

* ^IqiiliUn iadjlii ivnim iIuiAnia .. H D^IIIlm dlm- 
Mi>in]<ia 'llioitaiuui pimialh (oitlBi fnaa priemMM, k>r(<AI- 
IA>]irii*il>. luiituaiiriniermualii. rrllquu lelHli pvUiii) 
vTiii .ii' oiii'i-wli . ., -pmnini Miipiiaih piiMlnimhe iii a lunu- 
lui. I u ci>iiiiD>a)uin mruni MKnuHedan dimnll.iCia e*a- 
Ir-i ni>>iirfa«« pWlw JilwrtaU tnlUoMct. •« Jr»w>...« 
«H f^'HitrifnanBliiHiituiUBipulni. QnHrn. ... |,IIm. 
S. l-amill Bftt*. apnrt «HpI riT. tVaJe.UI. Mt.) 

" IImi n. t'^iuiitliricii. ajHiil (rtlpt n». I)>nlo,nLUI. 
la nniii— T'vrti'l ilM •!■•. Kiimf,, Idk. •!. >aI- II. VtH 

" Vulval nniim n>i»r<t lULimilrtrnlMwuipiairiaU- 
tlouM t<'jini*tn'Ii ihiitilua nufnlBa qu»r>4a»U(. lIlM. i>. 
CnuultltjUI., iii-MIO 

CuuUr (lak la I>«MMtfc. 
lis KoimiD lumMH. 


*— Ml atttim 

ind thair tntBc. Tli«7 Mil beU Mcrrt roundb. and 
cBuan] Ike dcputici wlmm ibej appointed to a«- 
llfj to U)« hiiiu llirii rt«olitti(ni to diibuid Ihetn- 
•err*!, unlnH the c«d(T fer drpnRoTv w«t« girca 
nrllhoot Ibrther dahf.' Kiiia Knul tuul rMounc 
1(1 nDTvrity Cot the i»Iotntiaii of diiriplinr : he 
Istprlaeitcxl tlic rblcra vf ihia nmllu}, uid tub- 

)CCl«d tbv tmrinr armj to tbc pi>-in«nl Cif fint 
r'ri<>d nn mcliiuiil ■'■rrrjrtu Idler. Tli(-» roouum, 
fu from klUylnit llin rurmriit, InrrHHi'd it to nurh 
n ilrKTCT, tlut In the ni<mth of Ju\j lOJSB thrrr 
wai • Rrocnl cnmniatian, in which ibt king uma 
kOkd b]r the malconttiit •aldicnr.' Tbit wni thv 
ligniil Tor 1 Hvil vmr, ntiirh inToltcd >J1 IVnnutk ; 
*ti<) fmin ihnt mnmtnl thr Duibh pfoplf, oetv.- 
pitd u'Uli lhi>iT domnik nuirreU, hrgat toe Anglo- 
SuoiM, thrlr tUirrjr, nn4 all tlirlr won. 

TUb wu tkc Iwl linM tW tko •^pUky «r t1i« 
TcHlofiHor the ii'iilti wni elicited inhixiur of lJi« 
1'calonif net inhabiting Engtutd. Dj de]freca, 
tlie Kii^tli iiBIiuii, ilmjairing of Ibeli ovm cauap. 
rr^Mil lu nmrt Ihr reaieDibnnce and suod<nill ol 
ItippcDfilt-of lilt iiorlti. Tlietuleaof iSr CoDmirst 
Aif.a in farciifn latidit, wli«n ttic}' li^ftbrtiiiiil Ibrm 
children who, forKcttini^ Ibc country af thnr uicn. 
Ion, Liicir tm other Ibtui that in which th«; wen 
bum.' In rounc of time the Danbfa ambimdoni 
atiil initijllcra nho imt«st England, bcarinf tn tbo 
koinav* of (h« gnat aitd ri«fa none but tbc Botnati 
tnnfftt* of Nointanilj-, and partn^ icarrclf anj at- 
letillon tn tbn laiifuap* apokon bj the Cn^Uah 
tndcKncn in ihrtr ahopt, m Iha h'nIiniPD tii Ihcir 
hoii-li, icia^ocd cithrt that ihr wbolc populitiuii 
uf ili« ruiin'ry wai Noman, <n tbal tbc -lau^^uafi; 

of ih* «iimlrj had i^hnni^ *tniT Ihi- iiKSFien b? 
the Normani.* Who, indeed, tlial mwI^it I'n-ud'i 
Iroubadcjiin t^in); fiom luim to idim, and from 
cwilr torattic. (harmliwtbcrankiiil pnjojinit lb« 
faTour of ili« highpr dan of tb« InlabiiBnu of 
EngUud, eould tliiek lb«t, but ustj jcara before. 
Ike anldi of Ike iwrth htii ciiioycd lli* (ainc lii)|b 
fiiioin-t' TbacAoin Ibp twcmh'ci-ntuij. EogUnd 
wn tvcanlcd bj lb* SranrtltiKiin DBtiuni aa a 
cmiBtry wboae lanruiffc w» abwiulrl) fi>ici^i to 
iKrm. Tbi> opnilvn became ma >trogir< (Inl in the 
ritil law and Jrmt if-uioimt at Oecmark and 

NomtT thi' tuflnh w*rc, In count of iim», 
cLiMcd aiuiitiu Ihtnv fOTf-isiitn wbo were tha Ifsn 
Ikvdunblj irraicd. hi Ihi- code which h*nnth« 
IBIM of kint; Ma^niu we find, in Uic artklc niw- 
MMiMM, Ihia rornuln:— •■ If men of the Encligli 

tvOP, or nfuiy other alill lew knnwn to i» 

If Enflit^riivti. or ulhr^r inra w)ioti' (|)eMrh haa no 
t(«riiil>UiKr to our own . . . ."i Bui thia want 
•r mcobUacr eoulil not be iindcniood of ili« 

> Rnl fuiotii* , .. coHfllo mbrtii* laiw . , ., (lUd,) 
■ tllil. S. Canoti irttt, ll.ld.. tn, Mt. 

* IfMnia lUaa Anilorum qui la DmLan tedto Koraaa- 

aoniBi taahiMianii f'^lit^. f" i nr. tMalr, Um., 

Ulj. T. !»'.) 

* Unfu lart ia iU(M HMKa M. ohl HtlMniM Kulrni 
An^UaB xiliafA: «« •• ml™ >rin*«n' iu AuKlll laiBluK 
llrLtna l^ridii>!<wiiMnnHa t Tflldd.)— <!tifiia if Ouan- 
luuit. caf. tiL f. *T. llaAUie, iVli \ 

* uainilaiM;u.i (ialuHlnuiO sil i^<-^": i -.i.. j<.-]',is miMir 

"Oitmra h*Rwan •Ir h i.mi r ... mdiMhtu 

v«rat#«" Ufa tn tilt* knuiiii. <i(i<i ' inlraiii 

E*ilriu luin Anxli« qiiKfUauLi .i, - .- Jluuin- 
(iia, llUl.t 

* ^ijan Anill nt lUI qui amDmni aolateiin ■fntum* 
ivl lui^ui onn iiruulur .. A bninlaiu AmILhI alii H>at> 
Mk'li Brf^i Iritl .. . (C«i«ijiuU l>laadaiaBaUnus«ni- 

r».. T .1. lof^li. ni> rt. H itta. In diuxn. d* Uiia. 
bi.a-. .Ituil Snjsii it liuDiila.^, p. tn.) 

sere dhtnftr otf dUecta; lor ««« at tbia i*j 

tbn |Ki|iuhir language of ike Bnfthi^m ]> nntu «» 

of KngUiul it uncily tntilUglbla ta a Dawi n 

Towaidi ihK r1 nac oflh* yuar I OW Ukm «M bfU 
al SalitbuTj— ^omc amy U Wladh l M > giaiiil 
ip««ting of the eon^BBrg«».o( aOM of tbccoaqaeran, 
of Eagland. Evmj di^uSad Man, wbelhc*- prieat «r 
hiftnan, caneattka hfadof bit iBcn^t-anna akd of 
the Fr*<hi>Mt:isOif kiadooiaill. Their aumbo wu 
abii'il aiai> iliuuMud, all poaaMaiiigut ieaat a poftkn 
of laadauillciviit furthtuaistenauLtiuf a hmeaod 
the eomplclr armvui iiT a aoldlar.* Tk*T al ia 
aureeMiou rmewcil their natb of ftllh and honup 
Id klDii Wltlimi. toucfalny hlg haiidi. and 1 1 iiaallln 
thia funiiuli : — *■ t'n>m thii hour f»rwani I dmobp 
your lIofTt^isaii in life and in limb, to bear joe 
bonour aiid failh at all time*, for ibc land wUek I 
hotdof j-ou. Kn help me God!'"* The armed eo- 
htUf Iban MfutnlM ; and It wa* ]>robiabl]r at Ibe 
nument of thix M-panilnn Ihai the king'* hanhia 
pnbliabed in hli nunc the following ordlitaBcea s—" 

"We flrral)' will acd ordain thai ibc mdiiii. 
bantni, kntobla, aerrantt-al-arma, niu) all tbn fre> 
men of thia kiugdoiD, be tuid bold fbcmaultc* tiUj 
praiidtd with botiw) and aunt. In order to bt «a- 
tird; anJ atall iLidm tit madlnmi to tvoikr to w 
th« lawfal aenicc wbJch tbtj ewe la «• ix ibrtr 
U&tU init tenutcB." 

'• n'e will ihat tl) tbc brn isn of tbU kingdes 
bo (womaudlragned logtihtr u hmkran In una. 
to defend, naintain, and lutp it. to the ntnaiNl of 
their pow<r.'" 

" M'e will ihii sU Ibc tlliei, tvwiih MUtkn, and 
hundred* of Ihii kingdam, be walcbod rwry ^skt, 
and that th*> wateh be rctpilarl; *et and reli***^— 
a^ainat enpmini and i-td-durn." 

"Wv will thai all mcti,tkni(i8houltheUnslo«t, 
whom we baie VrouxLt from wjanrf »em, ar wbo 
have eome oirr nfler D«, be ender oar mwiial 

Cpaep aitrl |jnrtci-iion: and, If any ods of IhMa 
appen iri ln.> killed, hit abMiT ahall selwi ibe niar> 
dcrer wlikin live lUv* ; otberwiae he iboll paj a Aat 
to lu.canjobitJj' with liip Engtithmrn of the dwtrirt 
nheip the niuiikr aliall batu brw MWnittrd." 

" Me will Ihnt the fnv niMi of thU Uiif(daD 
bold llieir laiida and ]>Daai>wlontwell and pcaMakly, 
&re fiom all e) action and ill tallU|te,au iliai bo< 
tblug be taken from or a*ked of them but Ibe tnt 
ti-n ici> which tbcj owe and arc bound W twuAtrm 
perpeinaUf for th«ir Unda and tanurm.** 

' The dlSMBM 11a iliDllf la Ih* Pnwh wof^i «hU 
la*a bean iDliuduCtil <D uttat Dxialii*. 

* ODiDBilvnrll. (AuDtlnWaTFTlrlaar). Cilia..,, bid 
liBmile Bran (CTind. >u:>4i.>4. nVtmm, ■. ir; >--&li 
niUU iBlllinra Inmlt. (OnVr. MIiL ItUI. MclwlMt. Ilk 

* vluD*. naawi. td. (jiIihid, |i. l«r.— Jtalh. Wi 
■oc. hill. f. n». 

" Que. gmso, dilni aemie «ih1, lantoi i 
(Onl.ViWl.. fi, IrtJ 

" IrlaiuaD'ia i>i Atsiilec ptarlplniii*. •! inaaM mmMtf 
baroneiri niillUaH antlnlH r( lllwn Inmuiaa tntliia Nfu 
BiaM habtULi al IxOHal •• tan)>->i Iwci In ainla •* la •Mb 
III diw* tifinitt- vMdanl saw (4 EaOivn. hu, a*T>, 

'» rmifln.iii HI ouiiin libnl liorakMBMkH Ml 
dkll ilnl rr»tic. c'HjJi.iia (lliliL) 

' ' Siafitll. rikwtihufl ^jjilciUibE «l i laalailfialai fa 

fluid i 

'* ri o«na#a honlim quoa lubiaMm adJaxIwaa. Ml eal 
piri u-H vFiirtini. atnL m't pnKDiUnaa M la faaiMM r" 
unnennn n^mn. «« a quit it> lllli .mWu hu^ . , (IhU ) 

'* LI ninfH. liWri lu^nloH ,., >»4lMaal ft ISlMBi IVIV 
•■laa. at pi Mr Mnmm aua*. I«.af at Uj uacv. KlbeM ab snel 
atmlant iDjutfi M ab eaiul tallajlo. (iWL) 

UhM kac iU*Mri. 
Aivkw atWillUii 

Mb pintalliKMii. 


PmwIviiiB ■■•( on iiiiitiui« 

man I'lW •■ An IniniliKL 

■■ W« will thai all nea olMcrr* muI munUiu llw 
>iH of kliiK Eilwtid. and timttm ftileh wu liiic 
ibUabad for Um «d<antu:« of tb* Eudiiti auJ 
nMnmrni (oal <rf Uiit whole lunsJinD>"' 
This v>Ib txpnwaloD, U# lau/f ej king Siteori, 
•• sU Ihkl t)i«DCcfonnid tvnitiunl to tlio Anglo- 
Suou nuiaa of iu indent OKlaUnr* ; tot tbo con- 
uf eiciy iudiiiiSiul in it had boon chanyriJ 
Vottaui CMiquott From the irii-ilal Iv 
U vtmy IndirUtuil of tho Fouqucint praple 
ik bolov liif fomuT coixlitiuu. Th<^ diirf 
1o« hit ponur, lh«il«htnftnlii« wt4lth.,lbi>(r«« 
I liJ4 indrpi-Dilcnco; and hr< wUii. icrnnlinf to 
Ike luuil cmCnin n( ibc limt. haA l>f ra liom a ilaip 
1^ MMidiet'a baaae< Imciuik the forf of a tatr^fpKJ, 
>|nd no longit otitiini'il tiioii^ liitlc indul^nm 
~luoh lk« baliil of liiing t'jgrllicr, and Ihi' coco - 
iiuiijr of kiiffu^tv. iMluirmL uu Uic iwn of hi* ulil 
The I-Uitclinh luivna and rUlagti wen 
icd QUI bj the (an^iicn «ounu and tliMimU to 
•oDiractun. olio miwlc Ibc nio«I of Umio •• jiri^ale 
\y, wiilKiiil exerciiiiig may ■diuiui*ti»liTe 
Uuui. 'fill- kiug t|K>eiilal«d in lik* niiumer mi 
Sh great citin aud iuiiumae lauili conipMing liii 
l^rmm* ' " He lul hia Initiia aiui tniuion," lay 
Uk obrcmictini " ut the ■mrj kuhtiit price ; divDi 
If BOfna uUMTcoiilTscUirc^imP aniT olT<-rail mar*, lb* 
km wa« mnloj ti-< him ; anil if, nflir all, a Ihinl 
)4 iwdii hiijhiT. It wu <li-iliilli>rl) adjudgml 
ImI. * lie adJuiJtfcd to liii'hiiihriit bidilrr. 
Umaclf uo imnccni aliout ihc cnDiinauii 

canniiltvd hj hi* nnfToal* in Icrjiiig ihr 

ill-m from Ih« |HMr j>««(iV. The kiOK ami hia 
were tiarldoiu l« i>m«m ; iDd, Iftiie} aaw 
oonht bciitaitf. tliejwuiiM(iuan}il)iug 
had. M hii tliare uf llioCuurgueiiti ueai'ljr 
kultdti.ll inacon ; hf wiw liiii|( of Kiiflaitil, 
etiu- anil >tT«v«cabl* fhipf of ihn rAtiiiiftiirt 
cf Eii(Iaiul : jct Ike wu nol hajipy. When, lu Ike 
nani^liMiUB tiarmtilifa nhicli, ivraitnn hia croim, 
time liinci «-]-ear, cilhci in I.otiiloiw M 
r, or al UlaucH(cri bia conpaDJont In 
•tul lb* pralatei nkom Ixt bait inililulfld, 
1MB« Mil pl&cMl thraitclna luuuuil him, hi* look 
vw •tarn aiMl ftlooui] :' beareuml full uf tnre nnd 
vniMittcM, for lila lalnd waa cmiitaull) torlurcd 
bj tbc puHibUIljr at a cLanKO of fortune. Uc 
|W III IM> tcUance on Lbc fliii'litj uf hu Nonnaiii, 
■or Ml the •ubDUauoa of the F.ii.jlii}t propU. Ho 
Hnaonbid himMlf aboul bii aw-a fuliiia j'cii* and 

I D 

■tola, adaudit ill niiai Tirnt^Hil mm ad iiillliilaBi 

'^n Ik* lllkfiuiit si( abifpiitEti. ■( Jua naailiiU <nauiiato' 
MM. (m»> lM»i Id AiQlLa.apid niiriLaa. 'Piaiat. Uiif. 
Nyt, S. !'■'<) 

■ U« (Ml* kb li*iiM> lod tiMMlaa ID IWniia ml lait*. 

(llolvtlattiIi><LmIsr't L't.DO,, |l. »;•- -d, llnnia ^ 

' TMM ^m pnUiii awUaiii .. . tuiin n(rTili*iH niliii 
Vtifitm qu r>a< ott.tlt ... . ■■»••• U pli4a nttelii, >l>|nr 
>*s t^T** i«k& Enilio.1 -]il[ o-DitiJ4B> jrliirtaaa aff>nr<»at 

^ El But fviik4E r>.ni <|npifit<. pfTvato pBfOiMl na^m k 
laa wrtV iMhioilmiiii. .miuiiirMnit .... Hm h ami tnnn 
'*tmim honlBc* i.ldJ .1 itiBlan — HUMi ■ml.t aigmti 
Ofartt «taD(. lAantlva V>'ii(iMe«iio, iqind trc. Aaflk. 
rilft-' ". IM. lat, («lr r— t'lr^n.-! . rltrrrr* p«b> oiaDia. aM 

f~ ^nHlctfiluaail. (Wia. Uilinnt, <la ■»>. n^.^HKl., 

liMll.. ay 14 Mt, Aaglie. guiH-, p 111, *d BUnle.l 

* T*# »«^ tUBiB avwdb angf 'ill. uiiil^ iCIut*. fWkgn. 
■d. CUva, r. Ifi.l-fi-rilnW qua raiilllaiidclMMi 4aniw n 
lamMiUUi. ( IfadBRi litA., f. l». rA. Mdaa.) 

tiu) fate of Ma children ; oiiil pOt quHf iooa cou- 
cin'uing hia pnmtntimvolt to ram rtpuled wiac, in 
Ha ai^ irhMi diijniliaii waa a rppuUU poniou uf 
wiHloin. An Auglo-Tionnun pool, aJmeat culnii* 

Kani', n-'inraouta him MMcd In tbc oililal of hit 
j(lt>h Buil Noniian fajahop*, and autieitiii^ of 
Uirm, trlth poFrile Inponunit}:, a il«dn<r« ospMi- 
tion of the fate uf hi* |KiilFnl}. ' 

A\ (he comwaicianrTii of ttip n«r 1087, haTtng 
rrJucrd to b nguUii if nol a lanlut onln>tb« tat- 
bul«iil and mjin^ r«*ult4 of ihcCoiuui^ WUIiant 
a tiilpd Itna iniittfil FnfUnd. uttl rrOMMl itw 
ChiniMd. loadvd. fay tliit old hlaiohana, with 1»- 
nvim«rablr maMlrliona. " lla croaam) It. im«ir 
iffaiu lo ratiim ; for dtatli detained tilm on ibe 
olber ■horc'. Among the lawa and ordliianc«a 
which hi! left ill England, on Ida embarkaliou, 
ih«rcat«lwu whii'hilptvrrtapvtknbrtuvniian, aa 
rap«ci>llr nlaiiuj; li> tl)« prrKirvallon of ibe onlci 
ntalillttieil ht tlK Coniiunt.* The Aral of ibne 
two law«( which b but n ronipttiiwutar)' ftntwal 
of the pmelalnitioii i(i'*ti in a prvwding nayo tf, 
Inilrcd, iJie prodatnation itaolf bt not a duplieilo 
*mi(in of the law.— 'tiail fur ita ubjorl to rcprea) 
th** aaaMtinatitiua cutnniillpd on nitrmboi of tbc 
lictoriou* ualivti. It wm couchtil In tbuat icrow: 
— " Wlun a Fntiehaiali i* kUUd or di*ci>T«ro<] 
iiLua in nnj hondrpd, the InhnliitiBta nf llw liun- 
t]r«il aball aeit* and bring uptbn mnrdorar nilbiii 
ci^Iil ilajn; olhenriae. tlirjr iball paf, altlidrcaai- 
mou <oi[, a fiucor^Tniiuki of lilier.''" 

All AiH|lo>NonDai> wrilprottlif Iwvlfib centtu} 
tnaJcea ths following «»^tli(<ii of th* notiva of 
iliii law. •• Id the etilj di)« of thr new otdtt nf 
tiling* whicli followed tlM Coaqunli aucb of the 
Enftikb a« wtia aulhied lo tin wert coitfiBiialljr 
U}in^ lunbuaho* (or the NormaM," and BUidsr- 
in^all whom tlict found alas* in deaettoraolliary 
pliiMa. In rrrengo fiv IhMc aaaualnalioni, king 
iVIUiam and lii« liarooa inflictnl on tbe nibju^ted 
ibv inuKl rrfiutd iiuiiufamrnla^ llie romt cxi|uui(c 
loiIurM i" bul ibcw chaalimnru'la bad sruicrlj 
anj effect. It wax lli*[i doetriil thai rtsry Jia- 
triel, or hundrvd, in which a Kornian ahmild ba 
found dffid. wlibmii »ay Indlrldiuiri britiH «u«- 
pcctcd of cotnnuctinK Uie WBM«inaliiiD, ahcdd 
nennbclfM paj a hnkrjr auin of monrjr to the 
ropd treoaar^. llw nlotarjr ttitx of llii* puniib- 
inimt, laAictod npoti all lh« inhaUlanl* in ■ bodj. 
■nufi, ll wnamiuiderMl, «nuiiv lhi> aafni] of jtk^ 
Kngen, by inducluK lb* inrn of ilir plnvc L> dr- 
nniinci; and jclTeup thrculUjpmioii, who atiinr by 
hiactiinooMaatoocd an enonnoo* toaa lo the whole 
IMigUUBifaoad."" The mm of th* hundred in 

• Av1hBTjjD>iauaIiaoAallnNibW'uiKpuaiiiaiMi)nw:' 
ChivnkiiM* ABtilA-V«nuadta, L W M *4. 

• la NnnaaBBiaai iDouiawla naMiraanfbnt taquiaita* 
ln>ulr>lA>il. <T. BullHna. hM. mt^ HintxO: Aoflia 
•u». i IV. I 

• U-kmtiBidaMiqBPonnM ABiHaMMrw) RMiMaU. 
lEada>-i.liiM. iwi-.u. (.*«.&MaLi 

>• KlKl«!.lanD>in,Ia»bamHd*tlnHlndnat|ifaB(«Met 
kmrcwnt .1 U JuiUm .... (LcifvWLMnu *)w4 I w rultod. 
Ilalf. I. »u.) 

■ ■ Qui fatML Anaal da Aa0Uk wUMIi^ la —pilaia tH 
•aowo libl NonnaBDaniai gnUrm. i Dtalos. d* Hhcw. In 
niMliailMalli.Paria.inl. i ul ibiUiw.) 

■■ Hi«<Bf«ianu> aAntrfri mt atlqnal aaan it»»> l» iat 
•uaWlblmMMoraBtaanilniaAulbna. (IMA) 

" U alUotl pwaa (nmltM Mttm j— uaat^l m a lo- 
dmiamiicB pniMnii^ m fauaam iiui^w .,.. iHbiio 

Jiidiclii prt !!■*■ ysi«aantl*>aBMm UitaB Ijidatal 'tiWr* 


m««k* ftf «*nipiBf llili peconiw}' loat thia tlikl ur 
dMirajtiy arrry oaiwud sutk ibst cuulit pntt 
0»» t«rpM to b* iImC »f K Fmicfaniiii : Ira (bra 
Ibc hiudred wm nol rapoOBibUi k»4 iLc If«t> 

nut Judfa did not Klik« Ihvir official tnqunl. 
But thr judge* fcir«Mir IKU utlfle*. knd fraainMd 
tl by ■ nnAgt \fgti ttotloa or pfMiimptleB. Anjt 
mtB ftnuul •JoaMbwiKl wai camddered a* Frentn, 
meM (hr huiidrn) judlcUilty prared tlMl lie vwt of 
Suoablrtbi which proof mut be Bit>ta before 
thckini^ii jtuiifc. oil ih« tMht of twtt Men ukI 
t«D irooWB. Ihi! mrnrnt uf kin lo the AwvMed.* 
Williaul lli»e r<ivl «riUiMeet, tiw dpMMKl'e qu»- 
lilj of &igUihaiui — tila Angiaitftrit or BncUilirj 
(m tbe Korai*B« esprewed ll) — ma uot niAcieallj 
Mt>blbii*d, and Ih* kradied Iwd l« fmy (be ftn«. * 
Uor* dun three cenlarie* eAer the tairwicia (•• 
tbe antiqiMnani 1e<Uf}) Ibb taiqoNt wu brld la 
Eneluid an tbe bodjr of CTcr; usuatniial mMi ; 
■Dd. in ibr Im] Unguue, It vraa ttlU talltd ^rw- 
>ra(M4W ■>/ Eiijfiuhry.* 

Tbe olbee Uw nf rlu< CMuiiiiireewu drdfned to 
lix H«M In an fimbiiant aefioa the ntbodlj- of 
the bUiOlM nf t^nf bud. Thne biahope were all 
Noniuu ; (hctr pontT waa lo be cscniM<l cn< 
llreljr foi the adrautage of tbt Cooqaett ; and, a» 
Uw warhor* wbo had Biad» (hat eonq[aMt nalB> 
taincd it bT tbe twoed aiid the laartt, aoil wm fbr 
tli« cburvfeKH-n to ii|>)»)td It by thi^ pollUeal ad- 
lima, and lit Ihr luiliirim of rcllipon. To thrae 
rca*vii« "f ([fivrral uliliir Tr»* added a iDorv prt- 
■oikU iHoliie aa regprdiMg ling Williaoi ; lot the 
MUiafM et EnglaMU llwiigb uuUlM b; the mo- 
mnn cnnncU ot aD the Narmui barumaud kiii^hk 
had been cboaen from amoiis tbp rbaplaiM, 11k 
■mnedial' depmdnMs. and Uir iBtinMtr fricndi of 
lb« kit>|[. * III Willian'a lifpllme no intiiKU* 
•liilurhMl ihla unu^tiianl ; hr nnvr net with a 
l;Uh(i(> irha had any other vill than hii. The 
(latr of ihliin. ll la trur, nlu-tvd imdrr thr kiiifa 
who *iicc<«dcd him : but the CMi^Bc(«r coald not 
beetee tbp fulnre ; andtbp aperience of hia irhole 
i«^ JfiatiSed Uin in making the fotlowiiy ordl- 
DanM: — 

"WiUiatn.bT(he(T««ofGod.Unxnf E^land, 
to tb* cuuitia, tlacoMBtit aiad all other idtd. Frcnrh 
and &cU>h,ofad En^aad, peeting : Il<- it knowii 
to J^>a, and aB oAeet m* ftitUul eabiecta. that, 
with the ad«i<e of the iiiUliiitw[M. liahop^ abbots, 
and Ipftb of my whule UngdotDi I bar* Uionitihi 
in to aiankd the eptirapal lawa vMclii liapropeMy 
aail lo coDtndktluta lo the caaeiM, vere> until the 
tUu* ef waj (anqoMi, £a fare* In Ihia eoonlry. * I 

.. . Dak MmCMm BM aMnl^ nataUHc, iM He 
■ahertl^'HbHertuMtaai.... « IWwa M eaMM 
wnW aa« ^fmmmnttm. Urn k^MjMaMIMaw. at fa* 
ea* *aaal« n |iut* |bmi> M far tew nalaat ea pai<a M- 

— *i<1w )m rfc aaallwn^. M.L nak m,i>. m. Lia<M. lau.) 

■ S>4U^Mmwa.Ui««ttE»< l iM Uri aiaaiifa a . {Ob. 
9|iliMiial, *aka Ka*'H«na.V-TtM SinnW -mfimm 
■■Mawi Jt w4. Sv'*^. •" jbfltt. ttmin, •«■ Jt^- 

' rWwai«n*M d-JUWlMMte. CM* HukMaM.t-Tkk 
!■■ *■> Mt •l(o«*u4 aa«t ia« jaar tat I. In ••Mat* at 
lUnMil lit. 

« \a|lu «Mia. tai tnikta' raarilla. 

* -'ll 11 nan rl laMd an Ua 

t«M i|aa aaa iMi*. mm ■laalliai mmu 

mak. ■■-•» iti mtm tam^i— la n*ii» AaaLiaa CMiuot, 

t I 1 jlU • i!<rUraiN>*»*4EB^W<.ht4.wv., 

(L laTJ-tlaaMa. MonaU. Uala:., In Xa. 

Oidain thai, l^ikcrfunflardt tuy bishop nor arcbdea* 
Mtt aball reanit I >> the tribunal* of yoMt* to pt*ail 
epiacopal t«iiaM, iior henteforth autuall to ih« 
Jud^iucnl of lecuUr men luit* rrlaiiaic to thr ft^ 
irmiBeut of aoida. 1 (HQ tktt irhMocttr rfiall br 
Miaitnnnnl, for whaterei (*ine. by the eplacofial 
Judleatare, ahall repair lo the biibop'* bouae, oc to 
aoch other pl«o» a* the blahop htaiwtr ihall chowa 
aod appoint ;* ihu lti> (hall there plead lit* ranae, 
and render nliu It neht to Owl and la the biiliop. 
— nolaccordtocla thelaweoflhrcouatty.but ar. 
eordtng to the eaaona asd eptaoopal decroea ; * — 
that if any oue, tbrongh an eueaa nf pride, r^Fvw 
to repair lu the bifbop'a fodtI. he ahall rerrire 
notice ovwe, (Kitir, vr Ihiice; and if. aflei Ibrrc 
autecaaiTD uotlcea, he deea imI appcw, be abtU be 
exMnniiiniealcd, and. If nawd ba, llw atrengih and 
JiMlee of the kii^ ar of the vlaMant ahaO ho tn>- 
plojti) ^;aiiut hini."* 

Uy virtue of thii law ma rSeeted In Enfland 
the aeparalfOB of the eccUaiaitintl Irom the eMl 
trihuBab; aad thiH wu ralablithed for the fimntv 
an abaohite lndpp*nd*ii» at all pollileal poveiw. 
an itidrpendriiro whirh thvj had nrier enjoyed in 
the dap of Anilo^Ssion liberty. In thnw day* tbe 
bnbopawereobUKedloi^tlolhcJnallcr inrclini hchl 
Iwire a-yenr in each ahi/e, or Ihiec tune* a-year te 
nthdialriel. TheyjoinMltlieirareu>atio>uiii.ii|iib« 
ehaf|tM laid by the onlinaty mapftiaiee. and gtte 
their Jodcmeut ivinjolnlly with them aul trlCk Ilie 
ffwaen of the dlatrlci on Iboic iiiaK In irhi<-h the 
oBsloa of the agt permitted them to iMerfctr — in 
the caoae* of widom, orphana, aMi ehttfehmru, and 
thoac reliiiug to tmrriife and diTorre. For ibeaa 
aulia, aa for idl atben, iherw waa bnt on* law, one 
JudpoKiit. and one tribunal;— the onhr dllhnem 
beluK, ibu when ibey c*Me lo be dcbUed die 
bialiup lM>k hU teal bnidr the (heriffand the aldr t- 
mta' at raUormam ot tbe *blr«: the (Worn wlt- 
neaipa nxiawf^ril lo the tti^m, and the jailgea de- 
cidcd on thr law nf the rur, aa ID rirtl caiMea." 
TbU change in the aaltonal nncra la i« be ilalcd 
only from the lime of the Naetnan Coo^aefl. It 
waa the Conqoerae who, breaking (htviwh tlie 
anclnit iiraclire of cItU eifuatity, raiaed Ibc niglier 
ricrxy of ^j■cland to the poavr uf holding a trt- 
buual in thtit vnii booan, and of diipocing of 
Ikv public foTCF lo drag thither ihoec under tltrit 
Juriadiclioti:!' he thua •objected Ike kingly power 

to the obligaiioB of eaecn li m the aenteneee gieen 
by the eecieai a atocal aulboriliea aecotding la a eoile 
iildch vai «Ucn to the land. TilUam Impoaed 



qan b4 t<|Imm aal—iiw piillual ad }•• 
n baa^aaa ailaart. ^1 inkaaMM 

« baa^aaa ailaart. ^1 inkaaMwa 

■foadan nnoovalca Utm, 4e qalmwiiae maid, fancrpilla- 
Mi tan*, ti Imn qona id hcv (fiwepai ataairll el ■tM' 
•■•nil. ..Tiui I i.W--. IbM -IKrtatc. I«*l.) 

' ¥.1 auo tmaOkm hundnl, k^ wca^im laii^ia et eale 
BoOias I'v~- •"*» Ihs *< >|te>apa fadal. (ra4«. IfeL 

•fTwrtah,*!.—! mt wM an <ljna«. - - ■ wrManaal- 

OMU, M ^ 0T» «^ «| bat itoMaMdaa. fcMlls4e •« .M- 

HUa Uerl'»l •tnenaM* •Oihwnr. (Clwaa nfl* #»• 

. fckal an-i. <>-d Wgklaa CmiOU Ifaw IVOm, T §*».> 

• (w Daoh B. a la. 

■* lla>W>»Baatt*mAfMrhMl«r«nieaKJhra>nni^ 
, wDlB.aa4aBBinBMaHaet*MTaadBrtaUanani.«nd 

I " <Ml<ni|a«n n m l> w rf li r aal»lt«»Je ■laM^e'iai 
< «aaaa n} ratfm la H if .r ^ia tliwn. t4 tam lyva m» i-v 
' iffc Bw aa > k|U« .e<niW'nW.wlt. (Chaik Wiltrl^ 
I i<^arMtafnaMadK*<BenhM.Ba>,t>.ifTO 


Pa»« Onvay Vlt. 

tnllMai Mtaaia l» da hoaux'- 

A4ifW>J4uL»in l&iDfliU- 



LIuMCM nuiKil In U)e CoDqiiuI . 

>*iU «t KncUnil. 


tluM A>^r« Ml bti loccpuoi^ knowingly kod 
«11Ui^f, ftaa poliUtrot motl»e*— mil lhn>iij[h tie. 
wtkui, DOT Ihroufh Uv ot tlic blihi>|Hk nhu n«r« 
MAitcIr miNerTlml to lilm.^ Nor hail fror "f 
pOp« Oregon Vn. anjr i^rMter inftucnic Id ilnlir- 
nlalBtf th* ^orauui ktuc to Iku mnvnire. For, 
uotwUmundin^ the nirrTiim vliich ihe court nf 
ttooM biid bniwrlj- iIopo blm. WiUinm ilic Xomun 
denied vUh hanfanen all tha tL'()ii«>U yitdch 
OngoTj made to him lb»l >liil ""t •uit hU own 
Tk«« : ka4 tbc tour of » loCtnr fn>m liim to th« 
potttUr Uiotn with ■bUfmdoin of Juilipiii'nl be 
BOlmUnl tha (trrlcndona f>( Home uul )ii< nup- 
poacd rtigftgniMTDU lo Ihn ihurdi. Tliv pop* ImJ 
Ut I iHlllllilll of tome ilrlny in ihi- ;iiirnipiit nf thi> 
hue (*tMdP*t*t'a-|>«n», thp r(>-<«l>nliiihniont of 
vUch had been ElipulBtvd for, In thi- tmtj con- 
dnded at Rome ii> tbc )«r ItHIR ; he wrote lo 
VUlinn to mnind him vfibkt niipulatioiit uid the 
tnoar^irv tatihMth tnuwmittc*) lo Roibf. Nwer- 
AflriK, l)iiii romplsiaani^t^ BfijNfKlvd Inauflklnnl : 
th* Coftnopror, in nbdng thu •untlard nf the holy 
•M for UM iRwion of Kngluid. hiul thrrrliy. to i 
entaia dcfttw, matle 1)10 rec«f7iliiuii of hi* bcinn 11 
twmI of tba cburcli of Borne ; Gregory, fouuiting 
lWi*WJimt a srw and Iraparioiu tiaim, did nol 
hMilftt* la ■imman thn ■uccrorful wtrrlor to do 
hnw^« to blm for Itie kmplotii hr hiul Minriui-rril, 
wud 10 tmke ihr cMth of fralty ui<l ya*ra.\ag<i b<-for« 
• CWdlHftl. WlllUin replied in lli<.-«r Irnii* :— " Tli j 
legXte Ini nolilScd to mr fmit: iNrf^ (hit I hnvi^ trt 
Mnd BOfii^ to tli« Roman rhoreh. uiil Uut I must 
■w««r IhlHIt^ (»llfv'>""'l to th«p niul Uiy tuo'n. 
■on. The llril of 1t>r«: >lrinBncl> I lutmil : u for 
ihi* arcend, I iMrllhor do nor irill admit iti I will 
■ot «w«*r Sdfrltly to U'«. for [ ticrrr promited it, 
aor dill aay of iny itr«dFee«Mr« pv«r tiTMr flil^lli^ 
to ihiae,""*" 

In t«nninalini th« ncilul of (he FTanla whfcli 
lwi« Jmt been Inid before tttc rvodec, tho cbrv- 
■irWcn of Urt^linh birth itivc way to deep and 
taachiii^ lamaut oter lh<T mi*eriM of their itktioTi, 
" It raiuiol be dDDbt^d." eiotaiin tume of thfm, 
" thai it I* Uod'a irill that ws tliaU no loiiirer be a 
pMpl»— tbal vre ahall no Ioi4(oc poww« our iia- 
ttotul honoilr am] •eturit;."' Olbora coinplaia 
thai th* tMt]i» nf Riifilialiinnn hai beentne a rft- 
ftoaeh i' Mor «w it froin th* pi'n* of eointMnpa- 
)ViM tlntio ibMt nieb eomplainioga cieaped ; tlw 
tMMinWmc« of a hekvy raUmity arid of a ^Tval 
iatl«aHl diivnce b t«iu>taitily tecurrins. from 
tiae lo tinw, in the wnrku writlm Iij' Ji'in-iiilaRrH 
of Ihc At)glo<Nason*. ilth<in(h in a lou ImprraBivn 
an him r aa lb* all-lnvaWlni tidn nf as"* *ve;4 
^■•1.' Rvpu M) rcecnllyoB the Hftccntli century, 
the itbdlMlion of rank* Iri Kngluid b ilwlnicd to 
bat* opnuig from the Corniuest ; and a nouutic 

■ CwWItMniiiMaBlfani* .... nra tuuilata aio itt- 

f^liiii. (MMh. ruv.. Vit> Abut. M. AltMoi, L4T.>— 
(M. tilMi. IlM eulniul. 

' l^fiiii* hl^ipi, 4ik«Tmi> MM feAnitd; flil<^HAl«a f%«tnt 
■dalMTHln. qiUnHivapianM .... (IWilBi tula ad 
t^Hnl hiA K1.. ;. ttt.; 

' tMalrttet kmwen izemti Anftamm «biUitml, et )ilk 
»<V*l*i* ■*■■< *** JiiH-rtl (("iifuii, Jtihan. Ilrmntiin. ■|-iiil 

fc«- liM. . a. sn. 

* lla ul lOftiiH iwarl brr4 opprotsiA. (Mttli, Piiii , i. 
> t«Mat AailwMa uma. rlprwIU iniilb 

Plllti>il«Mi e<M> sAW r'nwua •Mt4 fa-l«U4 nu* 

(Hntar. Hut* ihI Oull. KealiKii.. p. Tw.) 

writer wbo liu not lienn rlnrv«d n-ilh rst^rtaiiuDtf 
rerululioiiaiy ihenilr* wiole the tuUoninf remark- 
able woidi ; — " If ibcrc )* aiiinii]^ tn mi (mt a dif- 
fen-nee of eondiliim*, il ii nol |y tf nundrrci) al ; 
for thrr« ia a dltenlty of rftuea: aiid ■( tLcrc I* 
icioUK ua M lllU« inutuat eonHdeneo and aBeetiao, 
It la because wc ar« not ctoim blocid.'** FiBally, 
» writer who Bonrlahrd in ilie beginnine of Uic 
•e*<Tit»eiith ecntnry recall* to mind the Noman 
l-0)ii)Ue«l by Ibo cidMnalion mtmvrif of tturav; 
\if iiitaki tn (ermt of Mrnipauian nf the diun. 
herilcd and deairailnl familiini vjin Imd ih«n aunk 
iolo tb« flan of aniniw, at pcaanta, and miay of 
thriu of DBupetv' Thia ia the laM xinvwrul glance 
oaat looli, thr«URh Ibe ir;i«4 <if agea, on Uwl great 
tT«nl nhidi MtablUhtid in Ktigland a raee of king*, 
noble*, and KatriaraoTforrlifn catrneiion. 

If. nrllertiTii; In his own mind all ihc facta d*. 
toilrd ill the fun^gahiK uarraliaa, ibe rrMler wialwa 
t(. form a jml idra of ECnglotid Ti|K>a h<i rvnqucal 
by WiUiam of Nnnnindy, be muat %<ini tu lumtelf 
nnl a totre dianneof pnlilietil rule, nut (hii Irlumiih 
of one of two coiopeliEora, but the iiiirutl»ri ct a 
nation into tha boMm of anuUier peojile, which ll 
eani* lo destroy, and the (cattrnd fragment* of 
trUicb il nHaineil u an int<f^ poition of Ih* new 
lyvtem of torlniy In tlx* iMfu merely of perMinAl 
proi)i-rly. or. to ii»e Uw itrongcr lanfuacD of record! 
nnil derd*. vf a "dolhltt^ la the aoll."* He ciiat 
n«i picture lo hlniM-lf, OB it* one band, WUUan, 
th(i king uid dMpui ; mi the ntlirr, rimply hli *ub- 
Ji-cu. Iiiih uul low, rich and pnttr. til inhabiting 
Koj^larid. aiuj coniec|iieiitly nil l>i;:lith : lie nnat 
bear iB ininil that ihrrr were Ihu dialiiuM nauoai, 
tb« old Aiii:lo-Suan ram and The Norman la- 
Tad en, dwell tun iiiterninffled 0!t Ibo taiQC aoil; or 
rather ho rnljrht rnTitfiuplate In'a raiinlrlra — tha 
DDK iKiBeMrd bj ilii' Niimiani. Wealthy and m- 
oneruted front miiUaiii'ri and puhlli? bunjiftu; th# 
olhur, thni i* the Suoii, eiislHTn) and opprrBcd 
irilli ■ laiirl-tAa ; the foniirr full of ipadoui taan- 
■iani. of (vatled and m^Ued nuiin ; tlie Uller 
■cstlerrit orrr wltli thitdied nfaiiii and Biw4vn1 
iralU in a tfalc of dilapidaliou; thi > peopled with 
the happy and the Idlo, witli autdieis diuI riniiticn, 
with knl^l* and nobln ; thnt wilh men in nisciy 
and eondraned to Uba«, wilh praauili and 
arllaint : on the onv, he bcfaolda liraiiryr and inm- 
knc*,— «n the other, po^rrty and enry j nol ih« 
cot; of the poor at tlic aishl of tlir npulenn- nf 
tha*« born lo opulriiee. but that malleuani cni], 
allhough jii«liee be on iU «de, whlah tbe denpoilcil 
raunol but entertain in lookliif npon tile tpoilen. 
LmiIj.Io complete Iha plrlur*, lbn« two laiida 
arc In loiur dart inU-rwovenwltliracli other; ibej 
meet at ei try point ; aad yet tbey arc niomtit- 
linct, more eomplotely aqnr^led, Ibaii if the Mnti 

* V« Dirxiur quU rf nrtau* aulMnm IribatI twfrMif« 
vuiHlMaiuiBi. rt inAmnl Blnla AndoMiaaaBaratliiaaama, 
01 4111WI1IU wtiliilaM nlbual dlifMaiiD ii*dut!Ut> la iu*Ib> 
SHllkt.Ml» r« lUastMb. (1l*«, Ki»jtl<*'i>. ■■"^. 

■p«d liM . Anel ntpt.. II. nd. l»a. il. s.Uea ] 

' Tlw memoit* of •omm .... Uj vhlrfc r^nl vhi'nm-. 
■uMbIo uhI kanoUtl* iltaolntkni. ft amy *ei Ii»r m»f lu 
|iiMi I lilt nua^bnlBC atelMUIv ntihofvM Mil rlwrMi .'t 
fniiy wnortby A4a1tle*# J*v e^'m ft ^rln'n, Imiv Wbrv l«- 
i-Dinrphiraiitkmiui'l |na»1> { \ iniluiilnii •.! ii*.>i]ri>l 
luIeDijtirttn iu aal-auili-^ I.t IlU-IiMil V«iM*f iri, f. I*>. t1.i 

• VnOuntriMUaaannMacntbwaMlH. inM«iti>.t:iif«. 
■danliit mnll*«>iaBmi*laMdlatK «■*<■* 'Vva.i-CleM. 
SpBluanL ■eili>, Avafa. 



Diaiiutp mMi nutr I, 


wmUBlmnal MsMm. 
Ill lADfabW al BohS. 
Tiikta feat* o(Ua nw. 

rullrd lMllw*m,tli4tn. KiiJi has Us Unf;uairo, uiil 
«|i«aL* 1 lui^iatgf fernign to Ibe olhrr. Krtnrh ■■ 
Iht irourt tangua^fr, oiscd in all Ifac palactti, ciuUm, 
■ad mmttdont, la Uu kbtiin* omI mniuurin, in 
•II pluMwhiMentakli mud potm ulTcrlhoii ftl- 
innionii while iba mdcnl Imvui^V ■>[ lliv epuu- 
l(]r it heard oitljr At tlit ftrMKlk* nf Ihr poor and 
Uio •eib. Fi)( s toac tiinit tlMwi two tdiomi vrrr 
|i;ii {»](>( nil u'itlMUl Tiitcniiixtiiri-,— llicOD* being 
IliB uiMk nf nultc, ilic nilirr uf itimblc birtbi—na 
i( ca|>[cM<il nith billttDi-*" ia tbe folloning TtnM 
»( n pdet of Iht? oliiuii liini;, w!io coiiipluru Ihal 
Kiitt:l>iiJ in liit (U) tiihlbitcil lite •I'lTlnrle of a 
land ttiM liid rvpudiutcil it* lU'itlivMonjcui' :^ 

HiiUMa*, lol KnfnliiTiluulu Kormiuiilr* liiiotla. 

AvI thr F'oiiliUBa dd ranltiu tfuLii tlia bole lui ne 

And >m1w FmicK ■> dudr tttomc^ anJ licr 4h)Mr*n d«iU 

■bo iselv. 
&i llial IwnrBiif tbH liinrtlhildrhri btti PftOp 
llabUbaUHUulKcrrMhr IIidI liUnrhcn Doaasi 

Jc tavr am taklnh la Cuxlla 
•IKClw lal.> 

■ail bi b<r huDdu 


rsoM me DCkra or villiim thk conQL-snoii to 
niB uisT ocHKiuL coiisi'iuCT OF im saxoNs 


A.D. i(w7io na^i. 

Dritinu hi) lojcani in NonnuiJ;, in tbv flr«t 

■Tionllu oflhc jnir 10KT> I^Dg Williim ilirtrctii'il his 
titfiition to Ihc tcrniiiiUiiig of an an^ivnt iltijiutu 
nitli I'liilip I., kiug ot Fnun. Al lb* 11id« bf 
llioii; auiiBiiuii* willed ennicd upon tht decMM of 
BoboK-u-Dbbla dokc of Norananily, tbr county 
of Veala, liluatvd b«twMn tliu rlT«n Eplv osil 
01*c,waa diamembf r*d frosi Normandy and uuilod 
to Frutea. William riicmlicil Ihn Iwpn of n- 
cotwring, willioul nnr. thb jiuruon ol h» ImniiliUir; 
■telca; kD'l, wtiibt an-uliug the iisue of negocia- 
tlvna >cl «n fovt with ihat olijcrct, be wi«i rvpuiing 
hiniHtf «t Buuen: tli«ra h* ^tft lii> Usl li)- tlw! 
•dtin of phfddaiu^ rrbo w«re endMToiulnf, by 
nuHiu of tho airielMt dliiiaty n^mca, lo nntiuM 
(lie t'trcuitiT riiTpuIi'ncy «f tbi; nionajch. rbllip, 
liowprur, pictuBUu); tUm tbcco m» boi UlUs cauae 
for kl* ilrrMitiftjhp anprr ol ■ prtnoe lliaa rngagtd 
in lll« KiiiirrvaUuu of hi< bixUljr beaJtb, rrtumod 
nrnr but nwkvF aiiaiten lu Ike deutUMla ntada bjr 
till- Nnrmaii; bjuI ibe laiUr could but ill bnKik 
ihii deUjof ibequcHlionalbauu.* tl ao ba|i|iBUDil 
that king I'hilip cickinird 0D< lUj lo li» couT- 
tifn, InJMi, " By my fiilli. theki»|(t>f EiifU.iiil la 
Ivaii lyitig-iti: Ili«tc will doubtlcM !»■ a (-rri>nio- 
nloui cbunihlnu V Thia «p«ach, bslnir rcpoiif^ lo 
Wklluui, flunic li» piidr aa mach tlnl he fnrrni all 
Ol}iOT r<>brcm* hai bow Iin migbl b»l ttkt Vcn- 
f«*ii«: tar lh« iniiill. Ho Hwmr by bin gicalrcl 
oaths, Ht., tfca aplandour and thr iuli*Hy <J Uod, 
thai he would pt and bold hi* clinrchlni; at P>Air« 
Dane in Pvi% wiik ten tbonand Unrvs fur U- 

I Babnt aT GlMieaMM'a Ck««nM«^ -t Haams. n .lU. 

■ "-' --i1 - 1-"il[iiiinii^im trill • II r ill II 

tfut (OM. m. Namaao- »l ■ll.>-Ctdlll<Mi«Bi IMmiII* 

pen.' In Bti^oTituit* Bilb Ihia ilcclaration ht 
returned all bin nuatvil anitily, unaanbied bia 
Ibri'i-a, atiil, In Ihi' niontti of July, pnieivd Frant* 
tl} llul Ifirllury I" nliicb be bxl tiruti lajias 
claiin. TJic Yrlicul-'.'rupt wcir wtill in tlie flcliit. 
and lli« tiuvH n-vK' timdcil irilli Ihoir fruit. lie 
conuBUidoil that <iTrr^ihlnf sbnuld b» laU vraal« 
oil hia roiilc 1 bf mnrcbpil hli cantlf* otwr iha 
corn-Belda, biul the vuira lorn up and tbe (nill- 
tnca cot down.' Tbe Ant lawn he nin« towta 
Uaitlva, an tbc liitcr Seine ; it wna act on Art li) 
hit otd*v, and the king, promptod by Ibc mnonr. 
Iota spirll or dctitnivtioni bviouk hiiaiaelf to ibt 
ar«nc of conllaiinktion To Inal hia eye* villi (In 
•prrtai'lr, aitd utite on bin aolditry. 

An he wa> iftdlopiny utftc ilia rutna liii cLarett 
«L'C Ilia fore paxtPrtia Ujiaik •aliii' btimlng tinbet 
eonp*«U<t by aahn, B.nd fill, wonndiny Ih* kia|; tu 
the boUj. ill* vit«rlian In tidinir uid iboiitiag, 
together vrilh tbe heal of ihn lire aiiil of (bi< •••- 
suu> made bia wound fm\f. t)uif;<-'roui ;' ht waa 
cnrrfcd ndk lo Rouaau and fiooi Uicocc lo a no- 
naalrry without lb« walla of tlii? i ity, tb« noiiH tS 
nhirh b« roulil not h«ar.* He Ungujah«d ait 
nvpka, aar?aui)di>d by p)i}alclanaand prleau; tad, 
ilnillnii ibat hla malady Ini^tcaaed, h« aniit iMOnty 
to Blauira to mbulld tJi* chutctica be IimI bimMtf. 
U e tina 4cnt aaiiic to tbe cunTeUa and tli« poor of 

EngliDd, to puKboae rvniaMon (laya an oU Vaa- 
Ihli pcitri ) for ftil ibo tobberiea be liad t^a^)mlll«d.' 
Uf numVTtr ordered tbe Baxom and tbn Nomraa 
conltncil in hl« priaona to be tet at liberty. Amonf 
llin fnniifr wvrv Alorkar, Biwoid Hcont, and ktii( 
HiTolil'i broth«r I'lfnotb, one of tbe tvo hoMa|[*a 
for nltoae llberatlou Harold bad imde hb fiial 
Joiinvy.* .^iDunir (he Noruiana w«r« Kof^cr lb* 
former couiii of kI«reford> and Uilo bijiop of 
BHyrux, tVllilam't balf-bi«th*r. 

Tlie kinv'a two youngeit aoii*, Wllbam ■umunrJ 
Rofui, mid Hpnry. were eonatuitly at hi* bnlaUa, 
imintlDiitl.v awaitiiin Ihc annonnemipat ol hit Ian 
will. Boficrt. the eldeil of the lliirr, had br*a 
abvcDt ever tiner hix lait nniui^l with bia blben 
To bin il wnalbat William, with the eonacnl of 
lh« Nonnaa chitd, bad (onnurly bf^twatlied bai 
litleof dnk« of Nonnanily: and, nntwiUiatanding 
Ibe cvirae which he bad aflerwarda prauiivcMH 
acalnat Kobrrt, h* did not aeek lo dialnbrrit hin 
of tbia title, to wblcb II waa llio enoutry's wiali 
Ihat b« alioiild luoccnl.* " A* flot thi> LtiiKdoic ot 
England," he iiid, "I boqufaUi Ibe Uibtrlunct 
of ilia BO one, for the iiibniiauec therwof waa nM 
bequeathed to mf ; lacqulreilittayforawaiHlattlM 
waL of blocdi'" I karr It in tbe liuida (i( God- 
only witliiiti: that my bob William, wliu h»» btan 

• Cbimiiiu'< dr NunmuiUa. tfcotil im ht4. d( U naaat. 
xtll, ^40,— UiM>1- iiiiauilivmiiiiiHi k %nutriwiio vao letwrt , - - 
iiilUt'«KD4i«taB in t.*|;dei l-'miriir llluiiLuavvL (<3nvA. JuVhu. 
niDiuiniiUi i. ail. Inu, ni. IxUni.) 

• rMtPutallLnr.ia uintun M (aUtiXloot^ i-tawwiiM 
(Old. V,i.l, hw. voelnioA. 11>>. «U.. nfti taii».mr.S*r 
aubn , |.. C0^.) 

^ flliV lIll Cl DUdLl> ««tu air UlajTV I illJuJMfailll ITt 

Giiillf>liniii> Innimillunl (llilil. p. MO 

• UiiU onriiiu llb«laau(i talolaaUlit ml BfroaauU 
(ViiL ViuL. p. W*.) 

> TU hiW ifialke eablstit Iktl byni IbMlila b* baM« jt^ 
(InlMlurOli'nsHI, CWm., ■•,*«•] 

• a^ron. Haaan (d *jilMni.v. III. 

• tWDoohii. pp ll^- ■)■• 
" lilnifiiaAirlu <t iimm HTtiaioiv hunvii crum la. \WL 

Vlut. hM. airlinibl.. UU ill., apud Htlft. ht. ><«ai«aB.. 

IP. aw.) 



RllfUH HOM tb» n>}«l tIMUDUll. 


■vlimiMi''* (« mc is oU lUnc*, aay obtaUi It, if tie 
p Uw Cod nnd protper." " And whtl d» you 

en MU^fuhal" Mfeilf ukcd hit }'oiini[(«t lun 
■Bty.' " I ^t« UtcQ," «iuin>i«d ilic king. •■ flvo 
ibOTIMDd poond* of nlrer ftuut 10^ ttvuurr." 
•• VbH riiall 1 4a vritli thii liUer. 1/ I havi: Diillicr 
land bttr b*l>iUtlonT"> " B« <]uirt, m] un, tnd 
(natlBOod: l«4 tlif •Idtr tirothM*^ befnra Ui««: 
\ki] turn will (viiDL- aflrr th«ln." Holfj irame* 
triilidiar, 111 rcRriT* hl« fin tbuuniid 
; be tmi Ukcin rartfutlj' wolKbed. utA jin>- 
JMMtfwltli * ■tron* cbcib lut\^ pltMt of 
I ([ood locks on it.' Al l)u( iD«nicnl Wil> 
UuB Koftu deputed (at England, to li« frowned in 

On dW Kntti of SeptL-mbcr. x.u. XO&t.U wan- 
tiMt Uqc WlUlun ifu kmkciMid hj the •uund of 
hdU, and ankflil whil il mnnl. He wu lotd Ibil 
thff war* rlnxiog ri>r tlm raily tnitin Mttirc 
« St. Hw^'a eksrch. Ha llfl«d iin hli handt, 
myiag, ** I Mmnutid DifHirta idj ]adj. Mirj (lie 
balf Botber of Owl." anil almnat liiiUsUy ciiplrcd.* 
Bia nedUsl and Dilicr ■tlcudact'. who had pauti 
thr niithl with him, aM-in); Ihat lio wa« de«d. 

baUi)/ tMMintml lluLr IiontM, and roAe off to lalui 
euK Mtli«ir twopeny.' TIip avrilujf-uien anil vat- 
Mb of tafrflar tank, whea Uwlr aupcrian bad 
Onk cwtted off the anna, vtMtU, dwiaik linen, 
•ad other uonfalile*, and flod llkewlae loaijnn 
Ik* eorpM Bculjr ii^ed Ml Ih4 flivtr.^ Th* kio^a 
haif vu lull in ihii lilualioa for *FT«n] hour* ;' 
lor, thmushout Bouen, ritwy man waa avlwd wlih 
a nrt of Mupur. nrortiedjng not from grte£ but 
fmn fcor of tkefuinre: they w«v. *ayi an old 
hiitoriui, aa mtuh Itv-ublnl at If ihrj hid ■vcn ao 
FUriDy'i arany nl the ^t'o of theit cit)-.' Kacli 
<mr ««iit abonl n* thanea dlrrrin], uking sdTlr» 
•f hia Kife, hia friendi, or of ivlianuonvei hci fint 
net: each had hia gatkh concealed oi ronveyed 
• <*af, and eonc ttcate to acU thein«ta Iom." 

At IcDKth aan* of the dergjr, bolh prieati and 
noiik^ hariw ntowm^ lh« vm of their faeultini 
Hid recilUd thrlr (cnm^, imycd a pruwailoii.'* 
Chd in the hablta of Uielr KapcnilTt ordm^ with 
■juMia, taseti. aud cen>on, thtj approached tJto 
nrpM, and fnjtA for th« aoul of ibg ikMMed." 
Thr anfibtikop of Roncn, tiLmed GdlUaam*, «r- 
Afinl tlw kluif'i body to be eoiitrjed la C**ti, and 
f^kwieid In I]|« likailick ufSt. Slrphrti the am mar- 
tyr> which the kinr bad built ill hu liftlinic. Rul 
U) toM, U* ItvkbfU, all hll nkUrea, were afai 
af } not ono of hia oAeer* waa praaant ; not otic 
of all thaae edered ta takachantcnf hUoh»^quin." 
Jk emaitwy gouleninn namrd llprluin, tbrougli n 

■ CI Wlhl. l-aLn, -ivtil ltniui«> fUr-l. t'ibal. Mai. mxllf- 
— -* lib ril . ■nnil Hilirt. r«i. KAnnian ..u. at(,J 

• Bl liiaaM haUMtkiiiia n.ia linlHi<«t (Itilil.l 

* PUiaMUn ae inlil <W»(t noiWaiatr. Doiilniaiana nu- 
fbilMtaH «M tmniran' (ibU-l 

■ 1 

I .m W)«M J.1 inj IiiIju.I* wilpH»TWi»ii>. (IliliL) 

[r(l> n<U ntr |«nt na'to In arcd domto^ wfi^ 

,; < . .1 1 .l.p, Hl-I 

\ -.ruiii 'lafk* ad tMlluB. (hni."^ 

• IVu' ' qui«« tvtot abfll A*vt|iufr(lfil, ■« i4 millltrutill'iB 
b^i«~ IrnB-v >itM irtdhami, i'tU<>.> 

* (h*) M'-'^ * imiiua, wl ulniu wrUll. >rl amko. rnU' 

■' IUhiU I . il>a..tihiiiil,uN>, n)-l-l.l 

"VartBift- ■ ■■■-t»»'l lam nb g) im airiut, rt 

MnMMalHjt ■*■■... aw ttuualntamuiMt (ItM.) 

kiadncn of feeling, and foe tie Idtb of Oral, aaj 
(he hiitorioiii, look upon bioiMir tbe tmhic aud 
eifcate." lit engtgei the proper altradinta, and 
awiiii; he coiiipjcd th* kin^a bodj- ib^rvon to 
tbe banki ufthc Svlnr, and ftom lh*nc<> In a hnrn 
doutti tiic riier and its i-Muuy to the nfy of CiMi. 
GillicH, ■hiK't of Si. 8(«.|ihrn*«, with ill lii> icuokf, 
came lo meet Ih* Iwl), niiil i«-.i* j.-inoii tjy ininj 
clerki and Uymra ; liiil a iliiiiaM irf, aivldenlj 
appearing, broke up the pnictxninri. aiirl nI1«l 
awrajr loUi clrrKynnd laity tu omim in lia aup- 
pn^ion." llic nonlu of St. Stephen'* wrr* Irtt 
•toni>, aiul thry KinToyeif tli« kinj;** cciqiw Iv ihn 
ehurrh of (heir eonrMtt. 

Till' liihiimalioii of thp gtrtl vhief, lAeftmoui 
haran, u the hiuoriiuii of the time cill htm," v-aa 
tiilvnupt«tl by fHah ocrutrcuvca. Wicn all ihe 
blahoja aiul abbola of Nomiajuly had aatemblnl 
for tbe moiwnful e«rea)ODj', ibcy cauanl \hf gratr 
to br opened iu the diurch, hciwepn thr altar and 
thn tliulr ; iIil- iiiui uai diiiihe<I, and the body 
wai »bout III l)» lonerrd, wlim a roori, ailviiirlR)( 
from uoidil iJiv cn>»<J, aaiil nltb a lond toItv — 
" Cletka and biatiupa, Ihla nomid iitoice; upon 

il aloud ibc hoiiM! of my talbor. Th» nan for 
whoui jou prt> WTPiinl It from ms to build iberaon 
hi* rbvrch.'* 1 hsTC nclthei nold my land nor 
mortgand it. aoe hn«e 1 btfcllvd 11, nor madr any 
grant wnattoote r ofit. It ii my righl, and I tlaiin 
it.'" In Ihe name of Cod. ! forbid you tnlav (hw 
budy of th« apoiler tber«iu. or to mtrr it vtlln my 
Clebe."'* He who lliua lifted up hia tote* waa 
AaieUa icn of Aitliur ; ai;il M pmrni roaArtned 
the Iratli uf Ilia wvidt. Tbe bUhopi (old bUn lo 
approocli; aud, mikinit a bu^ia with bin,, dc- 
liieml to him liity mT« h the prity of the place 
of teputlurv only, inil «nita(t«d to iudemuify hitn 
equitably lor Ihe ml of the fTOunil." The king*! 
corpao had been drcMi^l iu iba lujil hiblt and 
robv, but waa not in a (ulfin ; on ill Wins flactd 
in lh« graro MQttnirled of ini»i>nr), wblrh waa 
found to b« too nurow. it nrtia Ihcii rrqiiiiile to 
forrr thrbod] lu, which cauwd it lo bunt." Tn. 
(enaii and perfume* wctc hunipd in abuDdanre, 
but nitfaout anil ; Ihe peupir di>[>imnl in duiKXial ) 
and Ihe pri«la lherntelt<4, hurrjlng thnyugn (be 
<*W'nuinj, aoon ilewfinl ihe chureh.'" 

^ViUinin tiufui, on bit wiy to Eniltnd. had 
be«it appriwd of hii falhrr'a dcaUi, at the port of 
Wiuuni, near Cilui*. Hi- ihrrvfoic »H aail and 
haalrocd to Wiiirli utter, whrre the loj'al trettaur* 
wni depiiutDil, iiiit, in'i'i'Ei^ uter by hii promiaM 
UuiLautQi! di- Tont- Jc-l'Arrhe. tJic kevper of the 
trejaurr, he <ibiiinpil pnwcMlon of tbe keya." Be 
biul il cvefuUy wci^wdtaadBulaiaiitoryiahmi; 

'■ tl>iluliii><iiii|^n>l*nni(a, oalnnlllnDtMr 
|im nnKn I Ifi . (Itail.l 

m f»mnf. 

■• rnlltnrtnr*, •* <*lu«uka>, iHRnIc •bmoHUxarkfU' 
lui,. (1141.1 

» Omiiiu ml i<unD nMBftlniFailuiKlntrl flin l>M>r<i. 
i.-iiTp'ruwI. n^'^l.) 

>* faumi tsninli. |1M>I.. p. 1*1.) 

• > IIk ton <M (vuiaUiM »> itoAi taUl* lael U»- 

>• Wm. Rnn,ia i.< bu, li its -Oiion. * KoltMMUa. 
mvi'tl i[» htM. ** la miK*, ibi. r*i. 

■* Eiiiutulir'i.|.riibi1««i-rui|4at)«**riiOpnlaLn(OT|4l* 
or* tOtJ. Vit. Vx, .-irr, Jl 1 
■* Piorrliriu* iiTJti'Ilutr mulp 

(ilpaIlca*w«tuaaL ([liUI.) 


*• Untdali.-. MoiiaA.knC'>..%.W. 




CbcncM <r WBItaM I. 



md finml «txt)r iboiHSBil pound* of &»e rihcr, 
with a Um qokiitttf af goU asd J«wcU.' He 
stst MSTCkMl »U Um pomtftil Kofnan booM »t 
(hM liaM Id Englua, acid uuk(him«4 U '*»■' 
iIm AetA at the CMMgofrvr. whwiBpaa h« wu 
dfMol king bj tbcn. tad wu UMtanod hj mnh- 
hiifcoy lAufimne in UTinfheMfr ^Ml«4nl, wUls 
Um tarww r— ■iniiig a Notaiudjr wen Umh 
bMUlog ft eousca iM lk« nmCMian.* Huy 
•f IMM wsre 6ttuom DM the two aantilM 
ttendi rmaaiii omIbt onK and the «a»r soran* 

lAfOtt Attil mrv aaiiua* to j rc f q |bc tynl aiifr- 

t i w i a n to duka Itobcit. who had ntmmti frMn 
oUat boL ihaactititjarwuUaalcnaiafMllwir 

( LD. lOST.) nu am act of n^ aHlbnltT wia 
to inp